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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the rose. >> dana: update your game next week, k.g. >> jesse: never miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is up next. >> sean: thanks to our friends at "the five." welcome to "hannity." fox news alert.. president trump comes out swinging hard and s absolutely hammers james comey, calling him a liar and blasting democrats and the destroy-trump-media -- take a look at the president from earlier today. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he is a leaker. yesterday, he showed no collusion or obstruction. we are doing really well. that was an excuse by the democrats.s. james comey confirmed a lot of what i said. and just saying things that weren't true. can i take one of the killer networks that treat me so badly as fake news?
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>> reporter: did he ask for a pledge of loyalty from you? >> no, he did not. >> reporter: would you be willing to give your version under oath? >> 100%. >> sean: jay sekulow, anthony scaramucci, geraldo rivera, larry elder, lou dobbs, dr. gina loudon, gregg jarrett, ronna romney mcdaniel will all join us. liberals turning out to be dead wrong about the trump-russia collusion and their conspiracy theories. they have to admit they have been lying to you, the american people. >> the assumption of the president is that somewhere along the lines in the last year, the president had something to do with colluding with the russians. i a helping hand, encouraging them and feeding their desire to effect the election in some wayi some conversation he had with michael flynn or paul manafort.. and what camers apart this morng was that theory. >> sean: we will have much
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more on the massive media credibility crisis but first, former fbi director j. edgar comey has been exposed for what he really is. a snake who has slithered hiss way through washington, d.c., and the swamp for decades. that is tonight important opening monologue. and what we learned from his testimony -- he is a cunning, calculated, manipulative, and self-serving political operative who is out for revenge after getting fired by president trump for his disgraceful behavior as the head of the fbi. we will lay out comey's possible criminal conduct and the many double standards. he had to testify under oath that the president and members ofnd the trump administration never asked him to stop the russian investigation. james comey still claimed an alleged conversation with president trump about lieutenant general michael flynn left him so troubled. which prompted democrat dianne feinstein to ask this very
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important question. >> why didn't you stop and say "mr. president, this is wrong? i cannot discuss this with you?" >> great question. maybe if i were stronger, i would have. i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in. >> sean: maybe if he was stronger he would have said no? that is just pathetic. what a pathetic excuse. did anyone actually believe that? keep in mind, comey and his allies in the d.c. swamp have created an image that the fbi director is a champion of justice and beacon of truth. thatma explanation from comey proves everything that you've been told about him is a farce. the guy plays politics betterou than most politicians in d.c. and here's another thing, if he waser so concerned about the president and told attorney general jeff sessions
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he didn't want to be left alone in the room with him,, why did comeye take the president's cals after this happened? by not coming forward -- putting the law right up on the side of the screen -- james comey, as we have been telling you, may have violated 18 u.s. code 4. ife any of what he claimed happened was wrong, he has a legal obligation to immediately speak up. but he did not. then there is a stunning admission from comey that he gave his memo to a friend to. actually leak to "the new york times." this is breathtaking. watchak this. >> did you show copies of your memo to anyone outside of the department of justice? >> yes. >> to whom did you show copies? >> i asked a friend of mine to the content of the memo with the reporters. i didn't do it myself for a
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that might prompt the appointment of the special counsel. i asked a close friend of mine to do that. >> was that mr. whitted? >> no. a good friend of mine who is a professor at columbia law toschool. >> sean: he admitted he is now intentionally leaking information because he wants, he thinks, they need a special counsel. which happens to be led by his longtime friend, robert mueller. he was so quick to leak thatwh information.ha was he behind any of the other leaks of the deep state that were meant to selectively pick and damage president trump? that's incredibly troubling and it could also be a crime.ea look at this very important part of the property of records... now, if those memos were classified -- with several top legal experts saying they were, comey may have violated that law. he created those memos on
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he created those memos on government computers, making it the property of the united states government. not j. edgar comey. on top of all of that, their nondisclosures. fbi rules that comey also could be in violation of. finally, comey may have lied undererul oath about the hillary clinton email investigation. take a look at what he said under oath back in july of 2016. this is important. >> we did not find evidence to indicate there was an erasure to
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conceal things of any sort. we did not find any evidence of evil intent or intent to obstruct justice they are. >> sean: no intend, the email server and a bathroom closet of a mom and pop shop with top secret special access program? really? no intent? seriously? to mishandle classified information? no intent by destroying 30,000+ emails?wa comey testifies again that there wasn't any attempt -- yesterday, he said something entirely different. watch this. >> the clinton campaign was using all kinds of euphemisms, security review, matters, things like that for what was going on. we were getting to a place where the attorney general and i will bothth going to testify and talk publicly and i wanted to know if she was going to authorize that we had an investigation. she said yes, but don't call it that. call it a "matter." i said why would i do that? and she said just call it a
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matter.eses >> sean: just call it a matter? so it looks like comey may have committed perjury on top of everything else. we will have much more on all of this with our legal panel in just a few minutes. comey'sn revelation about lynch is just one of his many massive double standards. he kept quiet about former obama attorney general loretta lynch trying to influence his investigation into hillary clinton. which is the very definition itself of obstruction. but now he's trying to destroy president trump for allegedly saying i hope you can let flynn go? it was pointed out yesterday, saying "i hope" never led to an indictment for obstruction of justice on anybody. the loretta lynch situation is far worse. why didn't comey come forward earlier? was he trying to protect hillary clinton and the obama administration? >> this investigation is full of leaks left and right.
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we've learned more from the newspapers than our open hearings sometimes. of all the things in this investigation, the only thing that has never been leaked is the fact that the president was not personally under investigation -- why was that, despite both democrats and republicans having known that for weeks? >> sean: the only thing.ha anyway, comey had told the president three times he wasn't under investigation, so why couldn't comey have let you, the american people, know the truth? instead, comey sat by and watched democrats and the destroy trump propaganda media endlessly push and advance their black helicopter tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about russian collusion with trump and the campaign. which we have now found out is completely untrue. comey let this liberal, insane feeding frenzy spiral out of control for months. but if you remember back in june
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of last year, he felt compelled to clear hillary clinton of wrongdoing despite the fact that she had top secret -- that's right, top secretgd -- special access program, classified information on that email server. we can't forget that up to five foreign government agencies hacked into that server. and likely have everything on that server. comey doesn't care about the constitution, as i've been telling you. he doesn't care about equal justice under the and he proved that by not doing anything about hillary's emails. obvious felonies were committed in this case. of course, he didn't investigate the clinton foundation. uranium one deal. 20% of america's uranium are in the hands of vladimir putin and the clinton foundation got millions from people associated with that deal. here's the bottom line. jim comey is a skilled political operative who navigated his way
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to the top of the deep state by doing whatever is necessary. that's why i gave him the new name: t j. edgar comey. jay sekulow, the founder of skybridge capital, anthony scaramucci and gregg jarrett. let's start with you and let's go over these issues in terms of the legality. u.s. code 4. 641. >> yep. gregg has done a great job on reporting on 18 u.s. code 4. he had an obligation to go to the department of justice to at least have a file open and report this. if you don't do it, it's a crime. obviously he did not think it was obstruction of justice. number two, let's look at what
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took place here. the director of the federal bureau of investigation has a meeting with the president of the united states. he takes notes from those meetings and does not release them to anyone at that time. he putss them in the drawer in his office. he does this in his fbi vehicle on an fbi computer. and it saves it. puts it in the drawer. it is going to save it for later. he gets terminated. left and right, we are calling for his termination. we were in the middle of the election. what he did with outrageous. take it a stepe further. he sensed the memo to a friend of his who was a consultant to the department of justice. to leak it to "the new york times." he said he did that because on the friday -- the president said you better be careful, you better be careful what you say. talk about the tapes. all of b the contents of that memo, the substance of it was already reported in
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"the new york times." he goes under oath and says i did this to get a special counsel. by the way, it's impaneled the next day. >> sean: outrageous. >>d it's more than outrageous. it's a crime. then he shared this information. could you imagine if an fbi agent did a 302, the form that no one has seen but if he leaked it to "the new york times"h customer they would go to jail. >> sean: you are 100% right. gregg, jay, you're both right and have done great work here. you agree with jay's analysis, is it that serious and do you think something will happen as it relates to the comey and the law here? >> comey said these are his personal documents. no, they are not. they are government property. read the federal records act. the privacy act. which is actually published on
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the fbi web site. and you, importantly, you put on the screen code 641. it's a crime to convert government o property and convey it to somebody else. that's punishable by ten years i think comey is actually looking at serious legal jeopardy here himself. in addition to that, he signed a nondisclosure agreement that said "i will not disclose records or raw data." well, he did precisely that. at the end of the disclosure agreement, it says if you break this contract, you could be suee for money damages and surely they should dodo that. and you could be criminally prosecuted and that doesn't matter that he's been fired and is no longer the director. >> sean: 18 u.s. code 641. 18 u.s. code 4. let's go to a different issue41s
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it relates to this. this to me is now the biggest opportunity for the president ts clean out every obama holdover. all of these deep state leakers i have great faith in the intelligence community. we need that tool to fight back isis and iran and china and russia. very key. but for those that have been abusing and using it as a political weapon -- they allve have to be weeded out and they need to be gone sooner than later. some of them prosecuted. >> i think it was damaging but what i am worried about is when you listen to the testimony, you can clearly see why the president felt vindicated by the testimony but then minutes after the testimony, the mainstream media drops this cloud and fog around the situation. the front page of "the new york times" was the
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most disturbing. it was totally disconnected, sean, from what actually happened in the testimony. >> sean: did you actually read that, anthony? >> i glanced at it in the gym, sean. i had a little bit of vomit in my mouth. >> sean: [laughs] >>h. these guys surround the narrative and they try to change it on the president. this is something he is adjustably upset about. >> sean: harsh words for the fbi director james comey. he said he would be willing to speak to give his version of events.. we will have more with jay sekulow, anthony scaramucci, and gregg jarrett. that's coming up after the break. and also on this busy friday breaking news night... >> many, many stories partly based on classified information about lots of stuff but especially about russia that are justst dead wrong. >> sean: geraldo rivera will weigh in on james comey crushing whatever credibility the media has left. all of that. plus, the rnc chairwoman, ronna
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>> no, he did not. >> reporter: would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version? >> 100%. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the president hitting back hard against james comey's testimony. back with us with reaction, jay sekulow, anthony scaramucci and gregg jarrett. never under no obstruction. comey is the leaker. then he goes on and says "let me go to one of these fake news guys in the news media" and then he said i never asked for a pledge of loyalty. i never met this guy. the gospel truth since comeyy started in his angry, vindictive way because he's a fired, disgruntled employee. >> sean, this is the complete collapse of james comey and the comey narrative about this case. there's no case there.
10:22 pm
when you have people like chris matthews and respected people saying there maybe a violation of law, it should be james comey -- look at the response. to dianne feinstein, when she asked the question correctly, -- maybe if i was stronger, i would have. it's ridiculous. >> sean: if you gave me that answer, you would never be back on the show. so pathetic. >> all of this is a distraction. >> sean: i agree. the president addressed that today. 80% of his time has been used for this. gregg, what is your take on this in particular? >> somebody ought to get this guy an x-ray and make sure this guy has got a spine. he came across as wendy whiner.
10:23 pm
"i was scared." a cowardly answer. the cowardly lion. the american thinker actually called him a 6'8" pajama boy. a snowflake. that's not far from the truth. i mean this quite sincerely. every time he opens his mouth, he contorts the law. he absolutely mangles it. i seriously wonder how this guy ever managed to pass the bar exam. he pointed out that hillary clinton case in which he said he wasn't going to prosecute her because she didn't intend to break the law. my goodness. that is not the legal standard. legal standard is -- did you intend to commit acts that broke the law? and she did. >> sean: just put it in a private server and i just happened to delete 30,000 of them. anthony, the question that was most shouted in the rose garden
10:24 pm
today was what about the tapes? he said well, i will tell you in the very near future. a lot of you are going to be disappointed in my answer. my interpretation is he put out the suggestion, in comey's mind "don't lie." i don't think there are any tapes. thoughts? >> what they consistently underestimate about our president is how quick he is on his feet and with strategic thinking. the next move, sean, is to clean this out. i think he tried it the washington way for at least the first four or five months. he will say "we tried it the washington way. it did not work. we are now going to try at the donald j. trump way." i think you will see very positive results and a lot of effective change coming from the president over the next two or three months. >> sean: guys, you have all been amazing. analysis people cannot get anywhere else, because the media is so corrupt. they colluded with hillary. thank you. when we come back on this busy friday news night on
10:25 pm
"hannity"... >> there have been many, many stories partly based on classified information about lots of stuff, but especially about russia that are just dead wrong. >> sean: one thing j. edgar comey did do is he crushed whatever credibility of the media has left yesterday when he declared they get stories wrong often. geraldo rivera joins me next and lou dobbs and much more, straight ahead.
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and now is the best time to buy one. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at >> good friday evening and at life from america's news headquarters, i am jackie ibanez. the u.s. and russia are holding secret talks about de-escalation zones in syria. the most recent meeting was in jordan about two weeks ago.
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i am jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." in a shocking turn of events, one of the biggest losers from yesterday'sn: much-anticipated comey testimony was the destroy-trump progranda media. we will break down just how jamesed comey humiliated the mainstream press and how they are facing a massive credibility crisis in tonight's mini monologue.he yesterday, the former fbi director james comey, j. edgar
10:31 pm
comey, told the senate intel committee that many of the russian collusion stories in the media are just dead wrong. watch this. >> t there have been many, many stories partly based on classified information about lots of stuff but especially about russia that are just dead wrong. the challenge and i am not picking on reporters is theou people talking about it often don't really know what's going on. >> sean: even mr. throw up his leg, chris matthews, came to this stunning conclusion. i was even shocked. look. >> the assumption of the president's critics are that the president had something to do with colluding with the russians. a h helping hand, encouraging tm and feeding their desires. some role they played, some conversation he had with michael flynn or paul manafort but was came apart this morning was that theory -- >> sean: the black helicopter crowd, the tinfoil hat russial conspiracy theories, the
10:32 pm
destroy-trump-media has now come apart at thehe seams. they have been lying to you, the american people. msnbc was not the only outlet having to backtrack. hill is reporting that cnn issues correction after comey's statement contradicts their reporting. even abc was forced to update a story following comey's remarks and then of course, the so-called paper record, "the new york times" were singled out for being flat out wrong. i would argue again. take a look. >> that report by "the new york times" is not true. is that a fair statement? >> in the main, it was not true. >> they published a story, the headline of which was repeated contacts with russian intelligence. you were asked earlier if that was an inaccurate story and youi saidte in the main. would it be fair to characterize that story is almost entirely wrong? >> yes. >> sean: "the new york times"
10:33 pm
are desperately trying to save face and tweeted... later, publishing a full article titled comey disputes "new york times" article about russian investigation. where they tepidly stood by their reporting and ultimately wondered why comey rebuked their coverage. we won't be holding our breath. or el a full retraction or apol. despite some widespread embarrassment in the .destroy-trump-media, do think e can ever expect them to stop spreading their fake news? in other words, land the black helicopters and get back to reality? or will the crisis continue to grow? joining us now, "geraldo at large." this is a personal thing for meo i don't think the media vetted obama like i did.
10:34 pm
never gave the full record of obama and now this ten month witch hunt. they are barely, barely wanting to acknowledge how long they have been. >> sean, the media tends to slant left. they tend to be liberal. that's part of the landscape of thea american pop culture. that's the way it is. but this is different than that. this is a meanspirited -- almost a hatred that comes from trump's surprise election. the official having contact with the trump campaign aides is a gigantic story. do you remember when it hit the front page. they put the trump personnel in the kgb, in moscow. they put them right with the prime operators of the anti-american -- it really was a very unsavory scene. it was a huge story. and guess what?
10:35 pm
itce was not correct. the story was wrong. almost entirely wrong is the way senator cotton asked and james comey responded. this is a very big deal.on an ideological slant. this is a vindictive effort to kill this president or this presidency and a lack of the kind of professionalism that it takes to apologize when you are wrong. >> sean: here is the thing. they are so often wrong, geraldo. they were wrong on obama. hillary. they never did their due diligence on emailsli and the uranium oneea deal. they never did their due diligence, they never thought trump could win. they were also wrong on the zimmerman case. trayvon martin. ferguson reporting. baltimore. they have been wrong so often to
10:36 pm
advance their political agenda. i'm not looking for props being right but if i get one little itsy-bitsy thing wrong, geraldo, they are ready to get all out wanting to fire me. >> i got your back all the way. you know that. this is talking about people's backs. trump has a bull's-eye on his back this big. every day this man wakes up knowing he has 20 of theha best reporters in "the washington post" newsroom waking up saying "how am i going to screw the president today? how am i going to get the president today?" it turns out, look at where we are right now. this is the only network that is really slowing people down and saying where are we with this? what did they have? they have general michael flynn, the national security advisor who apparently lied to the vice president and others. he's in deep doo-doo.
10:37 pm
not because of what he may have done with the russians but because he lied about any contact he had. when you go beyond that, what elsed. is there? any evidence. the answer is no, there's no evidence of collusion. >> sean: geraldo, thank you. great analysis. let me come back on this busy breaking friday news night, tonight on "hannity"... >> a democrat looking for the smoking gun behind us. you didn't get it. >> sean: even the t gdestroy-trump-media is begrudgingly now having to admit the russian collusion narrative they have been advancing for ten months actually came apart aftev thcomey's testimony. they are still going after the president with a vengeance. the rnc chair, ronna romney mcdaniel, and also tonight... >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leaker and frankly, james comey confirmed a lot of what i said. and some of the things he said just weren't true. >> sean: president trump comes
10:38 pm
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g>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the fired fbi director james comey confirmed what i had been saying all along. your media in this country has been dead wrong and lying to you, thel american people, for months about so-called trump-russia collusion and their theories. that is not stopping the
10:42 pm
destroy-trump-media from going after the commander in chief. take a look at this. >> the president trying to stop an ongoing fbi criminal investigation is textbook obstruction of justice. >> classic obstruction of justice in the mold of watergate. >> democrats looking for the smoking gun, you didn't get it. atmospheric light, big picture, this is still a horrendous day for this president. >> he refuses to accept the limited powers of his office.. presidents are not dictators. you are not the leader of zimbabwe. >> sean: textbook not obstruction of justice. not at all. they are lying to you. joining us now, rnc chairwoman, ronna romney mcdaniel and dr. gina loudon. it's the person or persons that
10:43 pm
james comey protected, like hillary, if we have any felonies. >>ct no obstruction of justice that was proven yesterday. listen, the only group that is less self-aware than hillary clinton is the media. it continues to throw story and story after another that's not true. that's against the president. all through the campaign when he was candidate trump. now they are doing it as the president and underestimating the american voter. we see through it. i we recognize that this president is fighting for the american person. for jobs and wages and better healthht care and national security. the media can continue to lack self awareness and continue to lie and be dishonest but middle america knows the president is fighting for them. >> sean: we saw the poll, 60% of americans don't trust the media.or
10:44 pm
great to see you, by the way. one of the more important aspects here -- they were so not prepared for him winning. i think the president was right today. this whole russia thingar is because he won and they lost and they need excuses. it may will tap in to your psychological mind here and your expertise. this is beyond derangement syndrome. this is an obsession. waking up, "how can we destroy the president?" >> an entire cultural psychosis. i've never seen anything like it. this is how horrendous things happened in history. they believe their own lives ane they are willing to lie upon my just to continue to confirmed the lies. the media's approval rating, hello? it's far lower than it has been. >> sean: ten months, they haveo?
10:45 pm
been advancing lies. when i do something wrong, i feel guilty and terrible. they just keep going on with theirlt lying. they don't correct. they don't try to makeee it rig. >> a circus side show, sean. this president is head down. keeping his promises to the american people. it talking about the things that matter, to the people in mid-america. he's going to continue to do that. it's a good darn thing that this man has been an executive his entireg life. he knows how to focus despite the storms going on around him. he's chilling, relaxing, having a good time. having a great weekend. >> sean: ronna, no wonder they want to destroy on the left,ng r the 2018 and 2020 elections. we are the only ones left telling the truth to the
10:46 pm
american people. they just lie with regularity. >> we need to. there's no fairness out there. no balance in the media. i was watching a media showw lat night. they had nine contributors, all democrats. all left leaning. had one republican guest. i'm from michigan. we see it. we know it. at the american people are smarter than you are giving us credit for. that's why president trump won. it's unfortunate we have a media that refuses to report the facts. >> sean: i promised this audience, just wait. we are going to expose all of this -- every person that has lied to you, we will show you and remind you. ronna, thank you. dr. loudon, thank you. coming up on this busy breaking news night tonight on "hannity"... t >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leaker.
10:47 pm
frankly, james comey confirmedda lot of what i said. and some of the things he said just weren't true. >> sean: the president hammering the former fbi director over his senate testimony. lou dobbs is here with reaction and much more, straight ahead.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." earlier todaerence with the pref romania, the president slammed the fired, disgruntled former fbi director, james comey. >> yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction. we are doing really well. that was an excuse by the democrats, frankly, james comey confirmed a lot of what i said. and some of the things he said just weren't true. >> reporter: wouldn't you be willing to speak under oath to give your version? >> 100%. >> sean: joining me now with reaction, our friend lou dobbs is with us. i've watched this and we've been talking about this. the president speculates -- my buddy says oh, obviously he says, "i've got tapes. you better not lie." lou, i think comey and a lot
10:52 pm
of the things he said yesterday -- maybe in the back of his mind he was thinking there our tapes. brilliant play by trump and likely nonexistent. >> i think you are right, some falsehoods as well. the financial times -- as a result of comey's testimony, they headlined that trumps character is on trial. left wing nut job publications. this is over the. to see that happen, this much we know for a fact -- trump was never under investigation. the president did not collude.. there's no t evidence. and to get intelligence agencies pursued this investigation and
10:53 pm
they were egged on by president obama, who we do know was spying. his national security apparatus was spying on the trump transition team. this is upside down and the fact that the senate intelligence committee -- with senator burr and warner pontificating -- they know damn well there's nothing to this. there's nothing more than afi sw trial. they should be ashamed and the american people should demand their heads. >> sean: so much duean deference. and the fake news reporter, about this whole issue of yet, will you testify ? yeah, okay. by the way, this is his word versus my word. i have been consistent here and i was proven on the issue of collusion, corruption, i was never being investigated and now comey has been exposed as a
10:54 pm
leaker. the whole loretta lynch and hillary clinton issue. i have to tell you something here, this is really important. if he's willing to testify against comey, then we should gm back the legal issues earlier in the show, what do you think about that?? >> that's fine except for this, sean. there should be consequences for what is happened here. the testimony of comey yesterday reveals there is no substance, no possible way for the senate intelligence committeece because these crimes -- they've all been committed by the investigators. loretta lynch, telling him not to call the investigation into hillary clinton an investigation but a "matter." he rolled over like a trained dog. if you are not already fired, he should be fired again.
10:55 pm
>> sean: lou dobbs, have a great weekend. congratulations on the great new when we come back, we need your help. an important question of the day. and the funniest viral video about president trump and james comey. that's next. you don't want to miss it. video video i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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>> time for a friday question of the day. do you think the president was indicated yesterday big time. go to hannity. we want to hear from you at sock sean hannity on twitter. i saw this on twitter earlier today. a hilarious video about the comey hearing and president trump. i love this, very funny brad watch this. >> donald j. trump is not going to jail. call me wasn't about nothing.
11:00 pm
>> it actually goes on a little bit longer. it's on my twitter account. thank you for being with us. unfortunately, that's all the time we have this evening. we hope you have a great weekend. i know donald trump well. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," president trump is watching yesterday, he has rendered his verdict. he said a former fbi director james comey's testimony is a major victory for the administration's side of the russia story, in effect a complete vindication. >> president trump: yesterday it showed no collusion, no obstruction, that was an excuse by the democrats who lost an election that some people think they shouldn't have lost because it's almost impossible for the democrats to lose the electoral college as you know. you have to run up the whole east coast and you have to win every thing as a that's just what we did. it was just