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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  June 10, 2017 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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she's hacked by the rest of it i'm not not hillary clinton talk about penny spears and that's why the cyber security will be up to 50%. dagen: john the five we need to ask about nude pictures on their phone. neil: comey and the contractor, he admits to leaking details of a private meeting with president. she is accused of leaking secret intelligence in hopes of bringing down the president. same president, two very different strategies. if you think about it, same results. they were both entrusted with looking after us and now they are spilling the beans to us. who is to say, not on a specific keep in mind they both worked for us. welcome, everybody. i'm neil caputo and they let you decide if they went too far and on your dime.
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kennedy, along with ben stein, glad to see him back and adam luzinski, kind of glad to see him back. [laughter] the leaks come out and they come out and all of a sudden the common scene is still in the line of stuff. >> they have created a lot of problems. in fact, let's face it. leaks are now right up there with clear and present danger, blow the war in terrorism and the bad actors like north korea. what i find amazing is that both sides of the aisle -- we heard that both love fisa and i'm hearing nothing on domestic spying. someone is to lessen the amount of people he could do these leaks and monitor this whole thing better. it's a disruptive practice. >> know, charles is right. it was incredible to see particularly on wednesday before the senate intelligence committee when the four members of the demonstration and acting
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fbi director were extolling the virtues of section 702. you wanted to shake them because the president should be the one that comes out against this. what surprises me is that it's taken this long to have another snowden as weaker from the nsa. we have yet to see if reality winner has in fact downloaded documents and disseminated them but she also starts a really important conversation is there too much stuff that is classified and what is whistleblowing? went to the american public deserve to know something? >> it's been somewhat there leaking. if it's disparaging. >> if it's me, i want that leak. i think the last thing we should be doing is attacking people giving us information i think there is something good that was done by leaking the pentagon papers. it was good. i'm sorry. the vietnam war stocked. that told the public something. to be honest with you, this stuff with comey isn't so bad.
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the fact that he is the most sanctimonious goody two shoes guy and tries to come across as goody two shoes when he's this shark political operator. >> as a journalist, i'm sure you'd be happy but do you find it odd, do you find it odd, that the information that gets picked apart here isn't necessarily the stuff that leaks badly for donald trump but the other stuff? >> i think this, as a journalist, i'm coming the time administration and i want people to leak to me. i think i'm fair enough to know where to draw the line. i wouldn't have written the story about the russian dossier 500. neil: leaks on hillary clinton ignored. >> there was perjury coverage on the hillary clinton e-mails coverage. neil: we worry democrats about where these leaks are coming from and now that's not a concern at all in the case that -- smacked the republicans
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care. it's different public politics. i don't want you in my colleagues here to attack me first will never get another. neil: leaks are dangerous. we can't put our own self interests ahead. we shouldn't be reporting about troop movements before the battle and most news does that spec certain newspapers that they were on of the time before the normandy invasion. neil: adam, what do you think? >> there is a huge difference between the snowden leaks and the comey leaks. comey didn't put any intelligence officials in danger troops or anything, nothing about policy either. he was playing the sharp clinical games. neil: so you can delineate whic? >> i'm saying that if you want to have a conversation about prosecuting people then, yes, we
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would have that conversation. neil: ben stein. >> this is the bottom line that trump didn't do anything wrong. they can make up all the links they want but he didn't do anything. he did not owe me order call me to stop the investigation, the bottom line is that these leaks are all bs. [inaudible conversations] this is a 25 -year-old woman and because she's not a fan of donald trump and getting anything and everything she could on him now they do delineate our separate. neil: she has evidence that she wanted to join a tele- man. by the way, she was out in the open. anyone who is around her new that there's something wrong. she wasn't hiding her animosity and in fact deep-seated hatred for donald trump.
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>> yeah, here's the difference in nowadays the nsa knows what to look for. the second that document went live on the intercepts back she was sloppy. >> she was sloppy and young and idealistic but you have to look at the intent. there are people that if you take a step back for a second and you take reality winner out of it and what her political motivation might have been they say that the information we deserve to know. why is it classified right we should know that the russians were tinkering, through spearfishing. neil: she did not put anybody in jeopardy. it's one thing if she uncovered or unmasked back where do you -- >> the pentagon papers were great and they didn't unmask anybody but they showed that we conducted this ridiculous secret war. for a journalism organization to attack leaguers --
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>> she was denied bail because she didn't put anybody into pretty yet but you don't know what the ultimately could have done. neil: ben. >> you are conflating as a left winger says two entirely different things. it's one thing about leaking data about war and i agree, the pentagon papers were a good thing and by the way they deflated the democrats and republicans. these people are leaking that make it seems like they're deflating something important and in fact, there deflating the most common -- nothing happened. neil: the bottom line is were getting from these leaks is information about the process of government. i think comey is a grandstanding, comes across -- here's the thing, i thought it was fascinated this is how the president describes the president of the united states ask and when it comes to his
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investigation. that is information which may not be illegal, i agree with you, but it's information i like to know and most americans. >> why did james comey feel it was up to him? that he had the moral response ability to start the avalanche that is special counsel. why did he feel that was his j job? i agree with adam shift at this point. he was the fbi director who was fired? same reason he used on july -- >> what you agree with the ranking member -- >> there were avenues for him if he really thought those conversations were so egregious, he could've started congressional investigation in congress and notified the appropriate people instead of cowardly having his friend. >> i think it's stupid what he did but how is it a coward? >> he has a different role because as head of the fbi he is the one who's supposed to do it fair apply the law.
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>> he was a private system and when trump allegedly defamed him and said the whole agency is against him, not true by the way, he came out and bought fire with fire back at him, the only thing i know in the battle over this as we pick and choose over which leaks are good and bad. any democrats, for example, want to know the source of these leaks that were bringing down hillary clinton and were not at all concerned after the fact when they were concerned where it came from so all i'm saying is there's no consistency on this issue. >> i say our country is great because were having this conversation. neil: i know our country is great and i agree with you. will take a quick break here. where do you see the real tweaks?
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>> forget what former fbi director comey is saying about present trump but what the gop leaders are saying about tax cuts is the real worry.d toni i'll explain. amazon offered to service for american on food stamps that has some here saying we need to cut food stamps and will see you at the top of the hour
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neil: a fax i'm leland bitter. protests right now are heating up against his alive look at what's going on in new york right now. the controversial group act for america is holding demonstrations in 30 cities, speaking out against what they call human rights violations committed under islamic law known as soraya law. they say those are anti- muslim and their holding counter protests. life coaches coming in. back to you, as news breaks. two us soldiers have been killed
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in afghanistan in what authorities are calling an insider attack. it happens in the district of the bank our province, two other service members were injured when an afghan soldier opened fire. back to those protests as news warrants. i'm leland in washington. now back to neil on business. neil: all right, now, if the president wanted i preferred to start focusing. what you think of that? 's back as a journalist, i'll speak my book. i like his tweets. it's a constant fodder for more mysteries and it keeps adding confusion and as disarray. neil: i disagree yes it does. we all love that sort of stuff that you're so full of it. when stuff happens at apple, your all over it. we go nuts about the stuff.
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as a journalist, we love it. as an american, he is delaying his agenda. his agenda is -- that's my point. every time you do that, first of all, i don't think it's the wisest strategy to take in the middle of this terror attack in the latest one in england. and you're tweeting awful things about the -- it's off-topic and it's pushing down. if your agenda isn't you can argue the specifics but it's getting you off book. >> it is and it's really more headache than it's worth. i agree with charlie that the president actually got off twitter, journalist would implode and they would have no stories to follow and they would do real journalism and they would need -- having said that i actually think the president avoid a very different strategy after the hearings.
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he was off twitter for two days and let his lawyer come out and then it friday morning that's when he unleashed a little bit. that's what people were waiting for and allowed comey to be the main story. >> he kept it within the subjects and passion of the moment. adam, where do you distinguish on this tweet and we all like a president. i heard someone on cnn who normally rips the president would love the fact that it provided constant fodder but he was very condescending about it. >> i think it's great entertainment, sure. i'm far less interested in the journalistically that i am as an american. neil: you are so full of it. >> no, i am not. i think if we had a survey about who is more full of it, charli charlie,. >> i think real journalists are more happy to finish on the president's economics and would
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be happy to write about he's doing himself a disservice and you said it perfectly, neil. neil: of course i did. then stein, what you think about this back and forth on tweets? it is what it is and it got the president to the oval office but i think he uses this tool wisely, that's all. >> i think he's used it brilliantly. here he has a free gigantic major super networks against him and with a few strokes of the keyboard can overcome them and control the media and dominate the media. i is a genius in understanding the media. these trump tweets take five-six minutes of the day and has lots of time to work on his program. i would love to take some of that time to fill the vacant spots in the government and the 650 office and the government like 550 are unfilled. he's got to bear down on that. he's got to realize president is not a part-time job.
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>> that's my only argument is you know what you're president of united's. thirty plus million followers and all of a sudden you are tweeting on a subject is going to cause this whole new storm like when he went after london air. if you want that, that's fine, but it's getting away from some of the stuff you're pushing as well. >> if he stops the 1:00 a.m. tweets, that's okay. >> when he didn't tweet, put more pressure on republicans to get stuff done and what do they do? we saw frank dodd frank done. >> use it to your advantage. >> exactly. [inaudible conversations] >> this great equalizer is moving on to the white house this wednesday, millennia. it shall provide the necessary
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barrier between him and social media as only your wife can smack when the british minister said enough is enough. voters responded by saying enough is enough with you. >> we are honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meetings looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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neil: so much were rallying around the leader after terror. prime minister barely surviving and i mean ever so precariously, barely surviving an election she was supposed to swamp but don ear got swamped.
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that, despite a wave of terror attacks, that is the past has rallied voters including our own to their leader. maybe because british voters blame those terror attacks on this one. charles, what you believe? >> i hate to say this but the brits, to a degree, may become sanguine might be the wrong word but they're getting accustomed to this to the degree that's worrisome and alarming. the other side of this is the young voters showed up and i love that jeremy korman, bernie sanders were going to give you -- they showed up and said yeah, we want to get out of the debates a little longer and we need that bridge and the bridge. >> i think it was such political ineptitude. you look at something like this and this is one of the great missteps of modern politics. maybe worse than hillary clinton. hillary clinton had some bad moments between your server and a basket of deplorable but teresa may brought this all on herself. this was in a stumbling -- she had job security for the next
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three years but for some reason, decided to pull the trigger only 11 months in and i will not be surprised to see her fall by the wayside. neil: what did you make of the liberals did extremely well, picked up a lot of the seats and some of that is a preview of coming attractions. right after the election people are angry and we should of voted and said we had to rally and remember to vote and next time they did. what do you make of that part of it? >> they have a similar situation to what we saw in the united states where it yes, these people are hurting economically, despite the economy being in decent shape and what's going on on the left in britain is similar what's going on in the right in our country. it's hard to generalize because it went exactly the opposite for macron. he benefited from being strong in the face of terror and she didn't. neil: you emmanuel macron in france? >> yes,. >> that was the main thing she
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was running on. >> she didn't get the votes, he did. he represented the establishment. >> maybe french people are just weird smart total complement [. neil: been signed, is there something going on if you're a jan young legal person and you resent and hate donald trump and all this other stuff, but as we've seen, that you are looking at what happened in england and what they almost pulled off and saying, will do it here? >> i think they're looking and saying that was really some fine news and let's get some more. that's what american young people are saying. i don't think american young people are thinking at all, frankly. they don't have the first clue jeremy korman is and he is a dangerous instrument. he's very, very scary, anti- west in a dangerous guy.
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theresa may is the most un- charismatic woman in the world. if it's possible to make angela merkel a charismatic, teresa may does that. [inaudible conversations] >> is a deeply split, age wise, ethically is a different brand from winston churchill. neilshe. >> she iran on nothing. >> are dumber numbers go to hell here. neil: up next, stocks are ready to sizzle this summer. stick around
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>> stocks that are heating up this summer, charles. >> i like hanes brands, oversold, looks like it's going higher. >> adam. >> xlk, a basket of tech stocks sizzling. stick what what's working. >> big names. all right, ben. >> as always spy, the spdr's,
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done well the 150 years, stick with it and you'll do well over the next 150 years. >> and ben was in it originally. [laughter] >> david asman with business. david: just about everybody was glued to this to week former fbi chief james comey was saying, but some say we should be more glued to what establishment g.o.p. leaders are saying about tax cuts and might have our economy coming unglued. hi, i'm david asman, this is forbes on fox. let's go to find out what it is with steve forbes, elizabeth mcdonald, john tamny and you say that g.o.p. leaders need to stop talking about how to get tax cuts passed and get it done. >> the economy needs the boost. if not, the economy will stay in a rut.


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