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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  June 10, 2017 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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films. >> he's right, people like to go out, but it has stiff competition though. david: that's it for forbes. thank you for watching. have a wonderful weekend, keep is right here, the number one business block continues with eric bolling and cashin' in. eric: as lawmakers focused on all the hearings this week, it seems they're not hearing america's cry for help. take a look at the recent fox news poll. there are issues that americans are concerned about, most concerned about, look at this, government spending, the economy, infrastructure, north korea, terror and the job market. russia meddling, that's seventh on the list. while the politicians in washington are busy with russia hearings are they failing to hear the needs of the american people. hi, i'm eric bolling, welcome in our crew this week, jason, gina, juan williams and rachel campos-duffy. rachel, start with you. you've heard of dog and pony
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show. was this a dog and comey show and are americans suffering because testify? >> exactly. the only thing that people are concerned that we wonks are concerned about are the people insaid the beltway and the people in our business. people in kansas, in texas, they're concerned about, as the poll reflected, things they're concerned about in the election and it would behoove the congress and the rest out there. david: juan, look at this, russian meddling seven on the list. listen to democrats and mainstream media, it's russia, russia russia, like marcia, marcia, marcia on the brady bunch. >> i like that a lot, eric. 61% on the poll the american people understand that our democracy is based on fear, honest election, and not
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influenced with a foreign power. and what is wrong with the idea that congress can walk and chew gum. an honest election, i don't think you can get away from it. eric: stay with you for one second. a couple of days this week, the stock market made another record all-time high. if they're worried about russia, it's not playing out about mainstream america, not mainstream media. >> the wall street thing was evidence there was no compelling evidence presented by the fbi chief that would lead immediately to a total disruption of the political process, namely impeachment. eric: what about you, lisa. your thoughts on the mainstream media obsessing over russia? >> i think this is an issue with mainstream-- or with the mainstream media as opposed to congress because congress is doing its job. majority leader kevin mccarthy released information yesterday showing that the house has actually passed 158 bills, which is more than any other congress in the modern era.
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the president has signed into law 37 laws, as well. so, look, congress is doing its job. the administration also rolled out an infrastructure plan this week. so, things are getting done, it's just not getting attention. and in terms of the senate intelligence committee, look, it's that intelligence committee's job to focus on things like russian interference. they're doing their job and congress is doing their job. the media doesn't care and i think it's to the detriment of the american people, you're right, eric, they care about jobs, they care about the economy. they care about being able to pay their bills. when they get home at night, and the media just doesn't care. eric: let me bring it to rachel. your husband, i'm guessing is on board with the infrastructure plan, is that right? >> yeah, he absolutely and so are blue dog democrats that voted for trump. let me say this, this poll renews my faith in america. the number one issue that american people care about debt. they understand that an out of control federal government and
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out of control debt is the biggest threat to our democracy and to our security and to our prosperity. so, you know, the american people always know what's best. this senate hearing was a big waste of time. shame on the senate for having this hearing. there was no evidence of collusion, they knew that going into it and gave in to the pressure of the media. >> old on, rachel, yes there was. no, no, wait, there was a smoking gun. there was collusion, unfortunately it wasn't donald trump and russia, it was loretta lynch, james comey colluding to change the narrative of the clinton campaign. >> that's right. senate, wake up! do your job and focus on the things the house has been focusing on. they passed a repeal of dodd-frank and we should be having hearings in the senate on that and health care. the american people voted for this to happen and everything is gummed up in the senate. everyone call your senator.
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>> i want-- >> hold on, gina, your thoughts on-- you watched these other networks and it's like -- anchor are upset, they're mad that there's not a connection between russia and donald trump. they should be rejoicing there's no evidence of colluding. >> that's why the media is changing rapidly because the media is tone deaf to what the american people are concerned about. we've seen it over and over again. and that's why newspapers are failing. i looked at the headline in the fox green room, it's not what the american people saw take place yesterday in those hearings, there's a massive disconnect between the media and the american people. and you look at president trump, he's on agenda and things are moving forward and american people are come on, come on already. >> hang on a second. >> we had a hearing because comey had his feelings hurt. he's america's oldest millennial. who knew that in the fbi, we needed to therapy dogs and safe
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spaces. eric: hold on, guys, let me get juan in here, he's been sitting nicely for a long time. >> well behaved. you know what? i listen and i think to myself, wait a second, not only is president trump's approval rating down in the mid 30 according to gall lup. the american people are like what is going on? he's not advancing an agenda. the republicans control the senate, house and white house and not getting anything done. in addition to-- >> lisa-- >> hold on a second. right now we've got i think 46% of americans in the politico poll saying it's time for impeach. they take this matter seriously and comey called the man a liar. eric: comey did call him a liar. we're talking about the labor market, stock market, the housing market. they're making new highs and getting bigger and stronger under president trump and you can't give this to president
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obama because these policies are-- these rallies are really on the basis of all the rolling back of regulations that donald trump has signed into law. >> a couple of things here, you know, one in terms of the things that americans actually care about. look, it's incumbent upon republican members and members of congress who are running for reelection, these races are going to be won locally, they're going to be won by focusing on the local media, by focusing on the issues of their district and our state cares about so that's incumbent on those members to convey the things they're working on in congress. to those, to voters. and secondly the point i was trying to make earlier, i agree with rachel to an extent, but i think it's the intelligence committee's job to focus on some of this stuff and i think that chairman burr actually did the president a great favor. what did we find out? we found out that president trump was truthful when he said he wasn't under investigation and i think that comey hurt himself. now there are questions raised by liberal law professors like
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jonathan turley, if he leaks classified information, how can we trust the former fbi director. eric: let's be accurate, i think it's awful that he leaked this information, but it wasn't classified. >> thank you, thank you. >> that's not what jonathan turley-- eric, jonathan turley was raising the fact that this was on government-- >> yes, government, but not classified and comey specifically said he made sure there was nothing classified in the memo. hold on, but let me ask juan this, if it was so innocuous this information, this memo, why did it give it to a law professor to leak to the new york times, why didn't he do it himself. >> the president issued a tweet, i've got tapes, i got tapes. the president didn't put out the tapes. the suggestion is something he's got something to impugn comey's reputation. eric: why didn't comey say, new york times, i had this memo and
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instead when is perked it to a private colleague and it seemed sneaky and underhanded and undermining. >> i'm a creature of washington, but, yes, what he did was avoid a media frenzy, saying here is comey now before testimony releasing this information. he did it in a way to get the information out, but not put the spotlight on some confrontation prematurely between himself and president trump. eric: all right, coming up, move over wikileaks, here comes tr p trumpileaks. here comes michael moore. will all of this put america in danger? i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it. z286oz zwtz
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i can't wait for her to have that college experience that i had. the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise >> as the government is spending time and money busting a federal contractor who leaked classified intel this week, film maker michael moore was busy encouraging more leakers by creating trumpileaks, about the
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president and his administration. the government using money and manpower to plug the leaks. now your reaction to this? let's be clear, we're all in favor of whistle blowers, but when you have a situation like this, you have to distinguish between whistleblower and traitor. >> yeah, i think that michael moore is a partisan hack who would exploit tragedy or encourage people to violate the law for his own personal notoriety and to get attention and i think that's what he is absolutely doing here. it's a good thing that reality winner, which amazing that's her name, the past year and all the things going on in the country right now, who would have thought her name is reality winner, but, no, it's important to go after the leakers. look what happened recently with the u.k. temporarily wanting to suspend intel sharing with the united states at a time when we're facing increased threats globally from isis. it's important that we have robust intel sharing with our allies, yeah, we should absolutely be going after these
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people. eric: let me go to juan on this thing. do you think that reality winner, one point we understand she said "i want to blow up the white house" among other things. if reality winner had gone to trumpileaks and would he turn her in to intel or trash trump? >> i don't think there's any question that michael moore is a provocature, he's not a friend of donald trump. he would have relewased the information. i think it's important that we have leaks, i don't know to have them politically directed at any president, but if some people see that there's something corrupt in our government or done incorrectly, that they should silence or zip their lips. eric: juan, we are-- right, right. >> see something wrong, say something wrong. eric: we have laws of accountability against
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retaliation against whistleblowers. my problem, rachel, it's specific to trump. how about a whistleblower hotline, website, rather than trumpileaks. >> it would have been nice to have a whistleblower with lois lerner or with the fast and furious. sorry, i couldn't get na out there. i expect this website to be flooded by trump people with false leaks and pranks. this should be a warning sign to trump. he has a lot of appointments he has not expedited on many of the positions he needs to fill. those positions are right now, still have obama holdovers, they have deep state people who are deeply and never-trumpers deeply against this election and want to undo this election. he needs to move much quicker to fill these appointments with his people and i bet he'll see a slowing down of leaks. eric: and take a look at the website, one more time, it's
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amazing. it's so specific to donald trump. how about just a government leak watch dog? >> well, we have that in place, eric. that's the whole point. here is the funny thing that michael moore is so naive how government actually works because he should shut up and be hollywood. people are going to be watching him. they're going to be watching this site. people within the government are going to have eyes on him. so, i think it's great. i encourage him. i hope they haul him in and investigate him and i hope they waterboard him or something and make him an example of the hollywood people. [laughter] >> shouldn't there be a hillary clinton leaks site? oh, that's wikileaks. and what's the difference between whistleblower or traitor. >> i think that michael moore-- how is michael moore and whoever is running the website decipher what's real or not? if you want to look at fake news, take a look at this website and what he's trying to do. eric: rachel?
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>> he has a new movie coming out. this is just a media ploy. eric: juan? >> i think that might be right, but i must say, i am tuned in to the idea if somebody is betraying the interests of the american people, behaving criminally, we want to know about it. eric: yes, we do. how about you, gina. >> yes, we have mechanisms in place for that. it's not the place of michael moore, he needs to stick to his lame socialist documentaries. eric: an attack is igniting forbe a push of a travel ban in the idea. do we need one and will it help keep us safe? when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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prudential. bring your challenges. >> coming up, president trump putting aside political correctness and calling for a travel ban again after the manchester terrorist
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>> a fox news alert from america's news headquarters in washington. good morning to you. i'm leland vittert. protests against islamic law taking place across the country. live now to new york city. the controversial group act for america is hosting demonstrations in 30 cities, talking about what they call human rights violations committed under sharia law. critics say the demonstrations are just anti-muslim and are holding counter protests back to new york or cities across the country as news warrants. two u.s. soldiers have been killed in afghanistan in what authorities are calling insider attacks. it happened in the enchen district of the andhar province. liz prann and i will be with you on news headquarters.
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now, back to cashin' in. >> president trump doubling down on his calls for a u.s. travel ban in the wake of the u.s. terror attack in london. his new push comes as we learn one of the suspects attempt today travel to syria before carrying out the deadly attack. and reportedly met with isis in libya. rachel, is president trump right to revisit this temporary travel ban? >> absolutely, and by the way, syria and libya are not hot travel destinations. these people should have been under extreme vigilance. i'm all for a pause. remember, this is not a ban, it's a pause to look again at how we're vetting people from these countries. we need to take political correctness out of national security. we need to return to common sense profiling, good police work and only letting in people into our country who we know love us and love our people. that's why this president was elected.
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it's a shame that we don't have that pause in vetting. eric: gina, take a look at the map. these are the countries of the proposed travel ban. the common denominator, sudan, yemen, syria, these are failed governments, failed states. there's no recourse. you can't say to their government and say, hey you sent these people and what are you going to do about it? and a lot of times there's no documentation in the people coming over here? >> and this is obama's list of the most threatening countries that president trump used for this temporary travel ban. but here is the thing, you know, if you poll-- everybody loves to talk about polls all the time. if you polled the american people and said how many of you think we should have more extreme vetting? it would poll at 90-plus percent. the only people holding this back is a small cadre of swamp monster, activist judges who don't want the rules changed. eric: the swamp monster, the lower left of your screen down
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there. [laughter] >> oh, juan. >> by the way, i'm looking forward to reading the "the swamp" by eric bolling. that was my segue. >> how long has president trump's administration had. we're the 130, 140 days, guess what still no change in terms of vetting procedures and that a was the reason and-- >> juan, the 9th circuit put a stop on that and a stay they can't revamp the vetting process, not allowed to legally right now. >> they can look at it. they can't change it, but they could look at it. the key point here is, people still coming on visas, people still coming in legally to this country. if you want to stop this kind of terror you really also have to look at home grown terror for the reason of most of the terror activity in the u.s. eric: opening up a can of worm right before lisa has a chance.
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go ahead, lisa. >> this is a nothing-burger literally talking about 90 days to 120 day, pause, ban, whatever you want to use, semantics. it's 90 days or 120 days from countries either state sponsors of terrorism, the obama administration and congress both side there need to be travel restrictions from these countries. the former obama administration officials saying we can't vet people from syria. the attorney general sessions says there are 300 refugees under suspicion from the fbi of terrorist-related activities. so, i think when you take all of that into account, it is crazy not to support the ban, or the pause, whatever you want to call it. it doesn't matter. eric: i'm going to give one more second. juan. this 90 days would have already been up if they'd let it go through by now. >> yeah, well, that's what i say. i don't get it, you've had this time. even if your point is correct, eric, you know the 9th circuit
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say, wait, hold on. they can go ahead with the review and not make changes. the key point here to me is stop the terrorists, but i don't see it. >> we all agree on that one, juan. the wait is almost over. what everyone has to look forward to in the coming days. unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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>> i wanted to say thanks to our cashin' in crew. great week, everybody. time to wake up, america. we spend a lot of time week after week on cashin' in, we don't like it when democrats or republicans line their own pockets and use their power to set themselves up for life for money and power at yours and my expense. in a word they're swamp creatures. my project "the swamp", hot off the press, it outlines the lift of the d.c. swamp, lobbyists who take millions from corporations to those who sell their
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influence for corrupt reasons to fistfights, arrests, sex scandals and even murder. there is no shortage of stories for the books. pre-order "the swamp" at eric and have an amazing week, everybody. ♪ >> america's industrial heartland, nowhere was the loss of jobs from manufacturing more apparent than boarded up homes and factories of detroit. now there are amazing stories of rebirth and renewal in the motor city. proud americans taking charge and turning the city around. we're going to introduce you to amazing men and women throughout the show today. leland: we'll take you to coal country in western pennsylvania, for the first time in years a new mine is opening, giving new opportunities for men who just want to get back to work. firstoa


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