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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  June 11, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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all right! thanks to tom, emily -- [cheers and applause] kat, tyrus, dr. bjorn, our studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. i because julie banderas is up next with the fox sport. eric: dropped my pen. arthel: dropped your pen. pick it up. see you tomorrow. haven't mike pence taking the mic just minutes from now. -- vice president mike pence taking the mic just minutes from now when he gives a keynote speech at a gala dinner in washington, d.c. the dinner wraps up a three day conference aimed at mobilizing religious conservatives. president trump meantime spoke at the very same conference on thursday while fired fbi director james comey was testifying on capitol hill. we will bring you all the news from the vice president's comments as it breaks. he will be speaking any minute now. stay tuned. a fox news alert, attorney general jeff sessions, it is in,
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agreeing to go before the senate intelligence committee, just one week after the blockbuster testimony of former fbi director james comey. i'm julie banderas. good evening everybody. this is the fox report. the attorney general set to go to the hill on tuesday. the very same day that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein goes before the appropriations committee. it is going to be another big week for politics, folks. garrett tenney has the latest. we begin in washington with our coverage. garrett, do we know why sessions has decided to testify? reporter: well, julie, you remember a lot of the big questions during james comey's testimony on thursday, think resolved on -- revolved around his one-on-one meeting with the president where he was allegedly asked to drop the fbi investigation into michael flynn and comey also asked why it is he never told anyone about that request, according to comey, jeff sessions played a big role in both. the former fbi director testified that sessions left him alone with the president in the
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oval office at the president's request and then did nothing when comey later raised his concerns about those kinds of meetings being inappropriate. as for why he didn't tell sessions about the president's request to drop the investigation? comey raised a lot of eyebrows during his hearing with this answer. >> our judgment as i recall was that he was very close to and inevitably going to recuse himself for a variety of reasons. we also were aware of the facts that i can't discuss in an open setting that would make his continued engagement in a russia related investigation problematic. >> now sessions ultimately did recuse himself when reports came out of his meetings with russia's ambassador, but that wasn't until several weeks later, so plenty of lawmakers have been asking what are those other facts that comey and the fbi were aware of? on friday, the department of justice aggressively pushed back on those assertions along with a number of comey's other statements, but apparently
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sessions wants to address those concerns himself in a statement to the house and senate appropriations committee today, sessions said in part in light of reports regarding mr. comey's recent testimony, before the senate select committee on intelligence, it is important that i have an opportunity to address these matters in the appropriate forum. the senate intelligence committee is the most appropriate forum for such matter as it has been conducting an investigation and has access to relevant classified information. therefore, i am pleased to accept the invitation to appear before members of that committee on june 13th. as you mentioned, julie, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will now be testifying before the appropriations committees on the same day as well, and several of those lawmakers have already said they plan to have a lot of questions about the russia investigation there as well. julie: and so then, garrett, what's the status of james comey's memos? reporter: well, the senate judiciary committee as well as the house and senate intelligence committees have sent letters to a number of
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folks, including james comey, his friend dan richman who received one memo to leak to a reporter and then to the white house for any recordings or records that it has of those conversations. fox news has learned that the senate judiciary committee is in discussions with special counsel robert mueller to get ahold of copies of those memos and mr. richman told us earlier today that his understanding is that the senate intelligence committee will be doing the same coming on monday. julie? julie: all right. interesting. this should get even more -- >> a lot more to come. julie: all right, garrett tenney, thank you very much. >> you got it. julie: sad news to report out of afghanistan, three army rangers shot and killed in afghanistan. one other ranger was wounded. the gunman an afghan soldier during a speech earlier today vice president mike pence mentioned the attack. listen. >> when heroes fall, americans grieve. and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these
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american heroes. julie: that speech earlier today in milwaukee. now the taliban is taking responsibility for these attack and bragging about infiltrating the afghan army. the attack happened in eastern afghanistan. that is the same area where the military dropped the largest conventional weapon in its arsenal, the so called mother of all bombs, and it all comes as the trump administration dramatically ramps up air power in the country and is also considering sending thousands of more troops there. let's get the very latest from our middle east bureau tonight. how did this attack unfold, john? reporter: well, julie, what we know is that afghan officials say that afghan troops and u.s. troops were on a joint operation in eastern afghanistan, in the area that you were talking about, when an afghan army commando turned his weapon on the same men that he was training with and then opened fire, spraying them with
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bullets, killing three army rangers and wounding another. we don't know specifics about this operation, julie, if it was some kind of military operation, a mission, or if it was a training operation, hopefully we will get more, you know, specifics on that from the pentagon. but that said, it happened in the achin district in eastern afghanistan, east of kabul, close to the pakistan board and it is significant because it is the same region where as you st julie where the u.s. dropped the moab, the mother of all bombs on an isis cave complex back in april. this is a violent mountainous region where not only are our troops u.s. troops contending with isis but also with the taliban that claimed responsibility for this attack, julie. >> so what is being said about the nature of the attack, the source, was it an inside attack? >> that's what afghan officials
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are saying at this point. you know, the taliban i mentioned claimed responsibility and released a statement saying that a taliban loyalist had infiltrated the afghan army to attack foreign forces, that's clearly what happened, and a senior u.s. military source is telling fox news that the u.s. military is investigating this as an inside attack or what's also called in this case a green on blue attack. green being those affiliated with afghan -- the afghanistan's military army, security forces; blue, those affiliated with the u.s., with nato, with coalition forces. if this is indeed an inside attack, it wouldn't be the first one. in march, you may recall, an afghan soldier opened fire on u.s. soldiers that were training, again, afghan soldiers at a base in kandahar, wounding three u.s. soldiers, before that shooter was also killed, like the shooter was today.
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so this wouldn't be the first of its kind, but it would be the first fatal, the first deadly green on blue incident so far this year in 2017. and as you said, it comes as president trump is weighing the option of deploying 5,000 more troops to join the roughly 8,400 already on the ground in afghanistan, a country beset by war and of course this region where three army rangers lost their lives tragically violently today. julie? julie: tragic story. john, thank you. the white house says president trump is following the developments in afghanistan from his estate in new jersey. he is spending the weekend there, a few days after fired fbi director james comey's testimony. kristen fisher is live near the president's golf club in new jersey. following both developing stories tonight. what is the white house saying about this attack? >> well, president trump has
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been briefed and is continuing to be briefed by his national security counsel. we haven't heard from him directly today, but the vice president spoke about it at an event in wisconsin just a few hours ago. >> on my way here, i was informed that u.s. servicemembers were killed and wounded in an attack in afghanistan. the president and i have been briefed. the details of this attack will be forthcoming. but suffice it to say, when heroes fall, americans grieve. and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these american heroes. reporter: in about 15 minutes, the vice president will be speaking again this time to the faith and freedom coalition, so he could address the attack again tonight. julie? julie: and so is there any reaction, kristin, to the news that attorney general sessions will be testifying next week? this is something that just broke this afternoon, before the senate intelligence committee.
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reporter: yeah, you know, nothing yet from the white house. keep in mind, this has been a relatively quiet weekend for president trump so far here in new jersey, but, you know, he has left plenty of work behind for his attorneys in washington, after what he said at that press conference yesterday, and you know at the top of their list is really president trump's unequivocal declaration that he would be willing to testify under oath to counter what comey said on thursday, that among other things, president trump had asked him to pledge his loyalty. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of -- >> 100%. i didn't say under oath. i hardly know the man i'm not going to say i want you to pledge allegiance. who would ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath? >> so somebody's lying, either the former director of the fbi or the president of the united states, but this he said/he said could all be cleared up if there
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are indeed tapes. >> are there tapes, sir? >> youre going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer. >> if there are tapes, the house intelligence committee is demanding that the white house turn them over within two weeks, then next week, you have of course sessions testifying before the senate intelligence committee on tuesday, so as much as this white house would like the russia problem to go away, it is here to stay, at least for the next few weeks, months, if not longer. julie? julie: well, if they do have tapes, it would change everything. we will have to wait and see. >> it would. julie: kristin fisher thank you. for more on this be sure to tune in to fox news sunday, chris wallace sits down with rnc chairwoman for an exclusive interview as well as democratic senator from rhode island ranking member armed services committee that and more on fox news sunday. check your local listings and times. right now demonstrations
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against islamic law sparking counterprotests of their own. >> find out why this is happening in more than 20 cities all across the u.s. plus president trump soon headed to cuba. and he's expected to make a big announcement. he's actually going to be heading to miami, but what are we learning about this trip? just ahead on the fox report. but first, the world has lost a superhero, actor adam west, tv's original batman has died. >> as i surmised an illegal projection cleverly camouflaged. >> wow, maybe the crooks left fingerprints on it. >> good thinking, robin. let's find out. >> west played the crime fighter for all three seasons of the late 60s show. he went on to appear in dozens of other projects, but he remained close -- but the caped crusader remained close to his
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unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three pampers. absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers. julie: fox news alert, and vice president mike pence now on stage at the faith and freedom coalitions road to majority gala in washington. it is the closing event of a three day conference intended to energize religious conservatives. we will bring you any news from this event as it happens. meantime, back here protesters marching against islamic law in more than 20 cities drawing out protesters.
2:17 am
>> the rallies were organized by act for america which claims islamic law goes against western -- western democracy. we have more now. what was it like first of all here in new york city? >> there were some clashes. as you know the n.y.p.d. always has these things on lock. there wasn't one arrest but everything all in all was okay. but that's a different story. we will get to that. the march in new york city was one of 28 taking place in cities across 19 states. the antisharia laws were organized. act for america believes sharia law or strict islamic law is a political ideology that's destroying western civilization and its values. they say they are not
2:18 am
antimuslim. they are standing for human rights saying sharia law is intolerant of freedoms for all people especially women. they mention female mutelization, stoning, no voting rights. they believe sharia law has gone unchecked for far too long and now threatens america. >> we see a problem occurring. we see what's happening in europe. we see what's happening in britain. it is unimaginebility and we're looking at -- it is unimaginable and we are looking at what's happening with them. they can't speak out against it. people who speak out and say no, sharia is the problem. >> counterprotesters say the antisharia law is a dog whistle, attracting racists and islamaphob islamaphobia, they say sharia law is not a threat to the u.s. constitution. >> muslims are an extreme minority in the united states. no one believes that sharia law is on the horizon and it's
2:19 am
simply a way to mobilize racists and mobilize people who are anti-immigrant, antirefugee, in a way that provides them cover. >> the antisharia law group asked a group to secure the event given what happened in other rallies. >> it is important to note that there was no violence that took place here in new york city anyway as the n.y.p.d. does such a great job at keeping these things at bay. what about other cities across america >> at least seven arrested in mnd mp as fights -- minnesota as fights broke out at the state capital in st. paul. in seattle about 100 counterprotesters met dozens of antisharia law protesters. objects were thrown. punches were thrown. several assault arrests were made. similar scenes in michigan and in austin texas where police
2:20 am
divided countergroups. unsurprisingly these protests morphed into other things which basically in a nutshell pro trump versus antitrump. pro travel ban versus antitravel ban. when you start to see these protests, everyone has their own reason for being there. it gets a little testy right away. >> i think people need a reason to go to a protest these days. anyway good to see that nobody was majorly injured anyway. >> right. >> thank you very much. fox news alert, we are awaiting for vice president mike pence to take the podium at a conference there of religious conservatives. it's happening in the nation's capitol. he should be speaking in just a matter of minutes from now. we will bring you the news from there as it breaks. plus, the states versus the u.s. government, the governor of california charting his own course when it comes to climate change. hear what jerry brown is doing to buck president trump.
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the most on demand, your entire dvr, top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. julie: welcome back. california governor jerry brown taking on president trump in the fight against climate change. the 79-year-old democrat met with leaders in germany and china to publicly oppose the u.s. president's decision to withdraw from the paris climate agreement. now he says that u.s. state governors will for now anyway take over that leadership role. >> it wasn't too many years ago that climate change could barely make it in the newspaper, with president trump taking such an outlandish position, he's actually heightened the focus on climate change. >> anita vogel has the story from los angeles.
2:25 am
so anita, what does governor jerry brown plan to do here? >> well, hi there, julie, essentially he's bypassing president trump when it comes to leading the way on climate change. it's pretty rare for a state governor to get a meeting with a president of another country and reports indicate governor brown and the chinese president spent nearly an hour talking to each other about climate change at a clean energy conference in china. they discussed global warming and green technology and brown also signed agreements with three southern chinese cities to cut green house gas emissions. and he said california will step in where washington has stepped back. >> it's urgent, it's fundamentally important, but extremely difficult and it requires heroic effort. >> and julie, perhaps interesting to note that energy secretary rick perry was at that same energy conference in china, but did not meet with with the
2:26 am
chinese president -- chinese president. >> what else is california doing to move forward with fighting climate change? >> right, well they have joined 11 other states which are vowing to still abide by the guidelines of the paris climate agreement and california is also joining another coalition of states, this is a new group, 12 of them you see here on the map and puerto rico have become members of something called the u.s. climate alliance. and they remain committed to achieving reducing carbon emissions. now, president trump says plain and simple, the paris climate agreement was a job killer. he vowed on the campaign trail to withdraw the u.s. from the agreement and he says he hopes to enter the u.s. into what he calls a better agreement down the road. julie? julie: all right, anita vogel, thank you. the secretary of state warning that increasing tensions in the persian gulf could affect the u.s. military. >> our expectation is that these countries will immediately take steps to deescalate the situation.
2:27 am
>> but president trump seems to have a different message. we will tell you what it is. that and new details tonight on the london bridge attack. police say the suspects wanted to do even more damage but were stopped unintentionally. we will explain when the fox report comes back. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia ♪ ♪ ♪
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big week on capitol hill with attorney general jeff sessions agreeing the news breaking this afternoon he will testify before the senate intelligence committee. that will be on tuesday, less than one week after former fbi director james comey's appearance. now during that testimony, mr. comey revealed how former attorney general loretta lynch asked him to refer to hilary clinton's e-mail investigation as a quote matter instead of an investigation. well, this afternoon i spoke with republican congressman about these revelations. >> credibility is always relevant. it's always material. and when comey said he kept -- he took a memo of what the president said because he was afraid of what he might do in the future, whereas you have the attorney general herself basically telling him to lie. she knew it was a criminal investigation. the fbi's not allowed to look
2:32 am
into matters. it's got to be an investigation. there's got to be a criminal probe that they are getting into, otherwise they have no business getting into fishing expeditions or fishing matters. julie: also this week the supreme court is expected to issue an order on whether president trump travel ban can be enforced while the case is being debated. that executive order has been blocked by the lower courts. now, the justice department requested the block be lifted and opponents of the ban have until monday afternoon to file a written response. and on friday, the president heads to miami to unveil his new policy on cuba. he is expected to call for more political freedom and the release of democratic activists in cuban prisons. he's also expected to roll back parts of president obama's push to normalize relations, like the easing of flight restrictions and the opening of embassies in cuba. now to a diplomatic crisis,
2:33 am
that is threatening to destabilize the middle east and impact the largest u.s. military base in the region. several arab nations cutting ties with their neighbor qatar. accusing the tiny and wealthy nation of supporting terrorism in the region. president trump taking a hard-line approach in his comments yesterday. listen. >> whether it be financial, military, or even moral support, the nation of qatar unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level. julie: just before the president's comments there on friday, the secretary of state had this to say. >> the blockade is also impairing u.s. and other international business activities in the region. it has created a hardship on the people of qatar and the people whose livelihoods depend on commerce with qatar. the blockade is hindering u.s. military actions in the region and the campaign against isis. >> ellison barber has more from
2:34 am
our washington bureau. >> well, julie when it comes to qatar there are two fairly different messages coming from the administration, one trying to ease tensions in the region. the other, from the president himself, singling out one side and arguably emboldening the other. >> i decided along with secretary of state rex tillerson our great generals and military people the time had come to call on qatar to end its funding. they have to end that funding. >> president trump's comments came an hour after his secretary of state made this plea. >> we call for calm and thoughtful dialogue with clear expectations and accountability among the parties in order to strengthen relationships. >> the blockade started last week, six arab countries, saudi arabia, egypt, bahrain, libya,
2:35 am
the united arab emirates and yemen cut ties with qatar, stopping flights and closing borders, because of qatar's alleged support of terrorism. the qatar ambassador told fox news he welcomed tillerson's comments and is willing to work with the secretary to resolve these issues. the issues here aren't new, but this is the most significant diplomatic conflict the area has seen in years. secretary tillerson called on qatar to do more when it comes to preventing the financing of terrorism, more than anything called for deescalation. the u.s. has roughly 10,000 military personnel stationed in qatar. tillerson says the blockade is hurting their operations and the broader fight against isis. julie? julie: ellison barber, thank you. more fallout from the british general election, the two top advisors for prime minister may both stepping down after their conservative party lost its majority. the prime minister now working
2:36 am
to form a new government, but vows the brexit push will continue. the bbc meantime reporting the prime minister faced a leadership challenge unless she got rid of the two advisors. well, meanwhile more arrests in the investigation into the london bridge terror attack. police are now saying the three attackers tried but failed to rent a large truck instead of that van. mike tobin has more from our london bureau. >> one thing is clear from the evidence these attackers had their sights set on greater bloodshed. one of the attackers attempted to rent a bigger truck, 7 1/2 tons. that truck is similar to the one used in nice a year ago. that attack killed 86 people. his credit was declined and the attackers had to go with a sm l smaller van. investigators found molotov cocktails, also gravel inside the van, investigators speculate that may have been for traction. and office chairs, those may have been a diversion so the
2:37 am
attackers could claim they were renting the van for a move. although all three attackers are dead, investigators continue to conduct raids believing the attackers had help. two more people were arrested last night. >> we have seen 18 people arrested various parts of london and outside. that is all trying to understand whether anybody had knowledge, whether in fact they assisted or supported these tli attackers and i -- three these attackers and i fully expect arrests and searches to continue. >> red cross working with local businesses has set up a fund-raiser in which proceeds from foods, even cab rides will go to victims of the attack one week ago. the mayor says that shows the world how londoners respond in the face of adversity. the head of the police says don't give into terrorists go about your business. in london, mike tobin, julie back to you. julie: thank you. a sign of the increased
2:38 am
tensions in europe, a car slamming into a wall near amsterdam's main train station and police there saying there is no sign that it is an attack. of course when this news broke, a lot of people concerned that it could possibly be the worst. instead they say it appears the driver was ill. it was just an accident. the crash did hurt, though, at least eight people, two seriously. the whole thing does remain under investigation. well, the american military is launching its latest airborne tool, the f-35 stealth fighter, one of the most advanced fighter jets ever. our own jon scott got to take the controls in a simulated flight. want to take a ride? you will after the break. and from the skies to the sea, america's newest warship the first to be named for a living woman since mrs. washington, a woman whose life and perseverance is an inspiration to all. >> this is a credible honor.
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it's you. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better. julie: fox news alert, and a busy weekend for the vice president. mike pence speaking at the faith and freedom coalitions road to majority gala in washington. that after meeting with some employees out in milwaukee today. busy day for the vice president. let's listen to what he has to say. [applause] >> it really is remarkable to think about everything the faith and freedom coalition has achieved since your founding in 2009. in just eight years, you have built chapters in all 50 states. br million members and grassroots activists. there's a lot of reasons for
2:43 am
your success because while this group may be young, the values you stand for are timeless. let me express a special thanks to a man who made tonight possible, a leader i've known for many years who literally has devoted his extraordinary talents and his entire life to defending faith and freedom in america. ladies and gentlemen, would you just give a rousing round of appreciative applause to ralph reed? [cheers and applause] julie: there you have it. vice president mike pence there talking and of course if there is any breaking news coming out of this gala, we will bring it to you here on the fox report. u.s. forces and those of our allies continue to take the fight to isis, al qaeda and other terrorists around the globe. now those forces are getting another high-tech tool in their arsenal. it's called the f-35. it is one of the newest warplanes. it's been basically ten years in the making and lockheed martin
2:44 am
calls it the finest aircraft they have ever built. just imagine what it's like to be at the controls. fox's jon scott didn't have to. he found out with a rare opportunity to fly an f-35 simulator and he takes us along for the ride. >> afghanistan, iraq, syria, the middle east in crisis, flashpoints around the globe. the u.s. military at war for almost 16 years. now a state of the art warplane could help u.s. forces decisively win these and future conflicts. the f-35 stealth fighter. >> we've got over 70,000 flight hours on the f-35 a model right now. we've even got f-35s deployed today in the u.k. to reassure our allies as well as everybody in the world that the f-35 is here and it is here to stay. >> the world can be a dangerous
2:45 am
place. >> it is a very dangerous place. that's why we need an airplane like this. >> but the f-35 doesn't come cheap. the pentagon recently announced it will spend nearly 8.5 billion dollars for 90 of these single engine stealth jets that can take on competitors in the air as well as targetses on the ground. -- targets on the ground. >> you know it's been criticized for the expense, the cost. >> it surely has. >> is it worth it? >> i think it is worth every single penny. i have flown f-16s for 26 years and i have flown the f-35 and this is the airplane i would want to take to combat with me. >> why? >> it is because of the stealth and the advanced technology. the stealth gives you the ability to be in a place and nobody knows you are there. >> do you think americans should sleep better at night knowing this thing is out there? >> absolutely. i believe it will take us into the future not just for us but for our allies and partners. >> talk about the fact that it is used by all the services that fly? >> you have all three of the
2:46 am
services the marines, the navy and the air force are all buying different variance of the f-35, but they are all basically similar. we actually do pilot training together at luke air force base in glendale arizona so we actually start our training as f-35 pilots together. when we go into a fight, a joint or coalition fight, we already speak the same languages in most cases we have actually flown together before. >> any nation out there have anything like it? anything that can threaten it? >> it really isn't anything out there. the chinese and russians right now have prototypes of a 5th generation fighter but they are at least eight years behind us. that also means that they are trying to catch us and they want this kind of technology for themselves. the f-35 is so fared a -- for advanced over everything they have they are scared of it and they should be. >> i was able to get a taste of it in the simulator. >> welcome to the f-35.
2:47 am
>> cool. >> show maneuverability of the airplane. your nose approximately 35 miles and because of the stealth of the airplane, you know everything about them. they don't know you are there. >> all right. there it goes. >> there goes the missile. impact. you just shot down your first. you have plenty of air speed. you can do a loop over the top. >> all right. let's go back home. >> a little more, a little more. >> looking good. is the throttle back all the way? go all the way to idle? >> nose up to level and it will just keep coming down. there you go. nicely done. welcome to the air force base. >> all right. experiencing the f-35 first-hand
2:48 am
you can get a sense of what a game changer this plane is, but is it worth the billion dollars price tag? >> the most basic cost benefit of the airplane is its survivability. you can spend a lot of money on a cheaper airplane and you are going to die. and that's just as bold as i can be. war is an ugly business. and when we want to fly these fighters, we want not only just to go in and do our mission, we want to bring the airplane and the pilot home alive. >> that was jon scott reporting. thank you very much, very exciting stuff. a new invention by a young air force grad could soon make a difference on overseas battles. >> this is what we have been using. >> it doesn't look that intimidating. >> no, of course not. >> it is really unassuming. >> how this new breakthrou my belly pain and constipation? i could build a small city with all the over-the-counter products i've used. enough! i've tried enough laxatives to cover the eastern seaboard. i've climbed a mount everest of fiber.
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julie: former congresswoman gabrielle giffords being honored by the u.s. navy today. the uss gabrielle gifford is the newest active warship commissioned today in galveston texas. giffords as we all remember who could forget was badly hurt in the 2011 shooting in arizona. she officially retired from congress in 2012 this after that assassination attempt that almost took her life. well, at today's ceremony she honored the navy for their bravery. >> i thought of you in my darkest days, the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines of the united states of america. we ask so much of you, despite danger, you say yes. you make me proud. you make america proud. >> the ship is named for gifford
2:53 am
making her the first living woman since martha washington to be the namesake of a naval warship. a young graduate of the u.s. air force academy already making a significant contribution to her nation's war fighting capability. fox's correspondent alicia acuna has more. >> this is what we have been using. >> it doesn't look that intimidating. >> no. >> it is really unassuming. >> unassuming is part of the brilliance of a concoction made by air force academy cadet and her instructor dr. ryan burk. this could one day save the lives of those in combat. >> the concept of going out there and stopping a bullet was something that we had made in a chemistry lab. that's what really sparked the interest for me. >> she got the idea in a chemistry class and went to her then advisor at the academy's military and strategic studies department. >> naturally pretty skeptical. i said i'm not sure this is going to work. >> convince him she poured water into a bowl of corn starch and asked him to put his finger in
2:54 am
the mixture with force. >> i jammed my finger into this bowl and almost broke my finger. i did not penetrate into the liquid. >> thickening fluid, a powerful concept that the unlikely pair took in using plastic forks and knives, a wal-mart mixer, and super simple yet super secret ingredients came up with a paste that combined with other antiballistics does this. a quarter inch thick fabric that when tested stopped a 9 millimeter bullet. >> a safety officer pulled this 44 magnum and he said this will fail. we loaded it in and it stopped it. and then it stopped it a second time and then a third time. >> her ultimate goal is to lighten the load for those in combat, a full kit is 26 pounds with the ceramic plates. you replace those with this new material. it could lighten the load by 2/3. at a fraction of the cost. more testing will prove whether this new product could be used to replace or reduce the heavy steel plating on material vehicles and aircraft and first responders.
2:55 am
>> the pieces are not new. everything that we use in there has been researched in some capacity for ballistics protection. >> the air force was so impressed it's sending the new second lieutenant on a full ride to clemson university for her masters in material science and engineers. upon graduation, she heads back to the military to help further develop protections for those overseas. >> i'm just trying to do what i can with what i know. i don't think it's really all that special. >> it is special. >> the team has applied for a patent and will share in any future sales of their invention with the air force which is funding the research. in denver, alicia acuna, fox news. julie: a family breathing a sigh of relief after finally figuring out why their american flags kept disappearing from their house. >> we were just confused because we're new to the neighborhood, and we didn't know if somebody did it or what happened. julie: the tiny culprit next.
2:56 am
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poirn julie: mystery solved and furry bandits are busted. a texas veteran figures out who has been stealing american flags from his yard. apparently a neighbor caught them in action ripping the tiny flag from its post and carrying them away.
2:58 am
they are using the flags to decorate a nest nearby. >> we finally understood it wasn't someone, it was something. they use their resources, found something new, figured it would work and used it. julie: that's adorable. talk about a patriotic nest. good to see that they are in good spirits. that will do it with fox reports ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
2:59 am
♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
3:00 am
[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leaker. >> just one week after the block buster testimony of former fbi director james comey, the attorney general set to go to the hill on tuesday. >> the fbi director gave this information to a third party to leak. so i think that james comey has serious legal exposure. >> spent a lot of time talking about your emotion. >> makes me mildly nauseous. >> that gave me a queazy feeling. >> that's why i was so uneasy. >> i was so stunned. >> were your feelings hurt, jim? >> man, are you dramatic. he is that guy, but he is not strong enough to say something that he believes is right, that he goes aroun a


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