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tv   Watters World  FOX News  June 11, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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have a great week and we will see you next "fox news sunday." ♪ july 10, 2017. "watters world" starts right now. jesse: "watters world" is on. tonight ... >> the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the f.b.i., by saying the organization was in disarray, poorly led, and the workforce lost confidence in its leader. those were lies, plain and simple. i asked a friend of mine to share the memo. >> my only goal was to make sure he was laid to rest with honor. that honor has been insulted. only one possible motivation
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remains. to conceal their own disgrace. jesse: try bringing the swamp to new york city. "watters world" begins right now. welcome to "watters world." i'm jess he watters. the left's credibility crisis. how many times have the american people told one thing about donald trump only to have it been proven wrong. let's start with the most obvious, the election. >> no part of your mind or brain can you imagine donald trump standing up one day and delivering the state of the union address? >> i can imagine it in a saturday night skit. >> i just want to say, you are not going to be montana. all right? it's been fun.
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i love you. but, but come on, come on, buddy. jesse: fresh off that embarrassing prediction, donald trump quote hired a group of prostitutes to defile a hotel room where obama slept. it turned substitute to be fake news. february 14 the new york times flashed this so-called school. trump campaign aides had repeated contact with russian intelligence. james comey was asked about that and he said quote it was not true. he went on to say this about whether there was any obstruction of justice. >> did the president at any time ask you to stop the f.b.i. investigation into russian involvement in the 2016u.s. elections.
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>> not to my understanding, no. >> did any individual working for this administration including the justice department ask to you stop the russian investigation. >> no. >> this is the president speaking, i hope you can see your way clear to letting flynn go, you don't know anybody charged for hoping something. >> i don't as i sit here. jesse: it's revealed james comey was the source of the leak. lawyers are look into whether he violated his f.b.i. employment contract. >> the on thing that's never been leaked is the fact that the president was not personally under investigation despite the fact that democrats and republicans in the leadership of congress knew that? >> i don't know. jesse: even chris matthews said this about collusion. >> the assumption of the critics of the president of his pursuit
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you might say is somewhere along the line in the last year the president had something to do with colluding with the russians. what came apart this morning was that theory. jesse: is it any wonder the american people lost faith in the mainstream media. 65% of voters believe there is a lot of fake news in the media. so as the media loses credibility, the democrats conspiratorial agenda blew up that their face. obama official susan rice, james clapper and samantha power have all been slapped with subpoenas on the unmasking and we learn that two of the highest level leakers are james i'm and reality winner.
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then the comey testimony boom aranged on loretta lynch and the hillary clinton campaign. here is what the former f.b.i. director said. >> the attorney general directed me not to call it an investigation, but to call it a matter which confused me and concerned me. jesse: testimony shows there was no undue influence by the trump people on the f.b.i. investigation but there was undue influence by the obama people on the obama administration. everything we have been told about this entire story has turned out to be false or the opposite of how it was sold. in the president's first reaction to the hearing he offered to testify himself. >> yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction. it was just an excuse. but we were very, very happy and frankly, james comey confirmed a
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lot of what i said. jesse: this is why the left-wing media has been reduced to beheadings and swearing at the president. it's no wonder they remain out of touch and out of power. joining me with his reaction congressman jason chaffetz. i don't think this was a very good hearing for director comey. >> assuming he's telling 100% of the truth, one of the most troubling parts of this, he goes to loretta lynch and asks permission if he can talk about the fact that hillary clinton is under an investigation, and then the attorney general says, no, don't use that word, use another word. the director comey admits that that was not truthful. that was not an accurate representation. yet he does it anyway.
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that bothers me that he did it anyway, even though he was directed and he's supposed to be a man of great integrity. i think what donald trump did, what president obama did was very reasonable. he was proactively told by director comey that he's not under investigation. i think it's a natural reaction to say can you say that out loud and lift the cloud? jesse: it's been a cloud over his administration for the first part of the term. he take this memo, director comey, and shops it out to his buddy at columbia. he leaks it to the press. is that okay for someone to do? is he in trouble for doing that potentially? >> he created a lot of legal problems for himself, because
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people like myself on the oversight committee, there will be investigative bodies in the house and senate. he testified after his first meeting with donald trump he went down into his car and with a classified laptop pounded out some notes. those notes are somewhere. when i had a private conversation with director comey before he testified, i asked him very specifically, where are these so-called notes. when the "new york times" article came out, nobody saw it. he wouldn't tell me if he had them. he wouldn't tell me if the department of justice had them. these are federal records. jesse: they will get their hands on them eventually unless he wiped the server clean like hillary clinton did. comey was one of the leakers. he's not the only one sharing confidential information. the 25-year-old, the nsa
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contractor and bernie sanders supporter reality winner got popped for sending classified material to a news outlet. i have a list of dozens of other leak, the manchester bombing information, kushner's conversations. president trump's conversations with world leaders. this has got to be the beginning of a very aggressive anti-leak campaign be don't you think? >> there is classified information for a reason. i don't care which side of the aisle you are on. just because you wanted to get out doesn't mean you have permission to give it to a reporter or put it out there on to the internet. if you feel the need to share something with congress, you can do that in a legally lawful way. but you can't just put it out there. i'm not sucking this with director comey. but somebody like reality winner, a 25-year-old
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contractor, if the story is true, and the allegation is true, you ought to put handcuffs on her and she should be in jail. jesse: more shoes should drop on leakers soon, correct? >> we have been begging the obama administration to look at people's social media profile before you give them security clearances. look at their social media before you give them visas. if you are giving them the nation's secrets, they should look at what they are pounding out online. jesse: also something ignored this week. the report from your committee that said president trump and his a.g. eric holder covered up the murder of border patrol agent brian terry during the fast and furious investigation. what are we going to see with this?
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is this officially going to be reopened? are people going to have to pay a price here? because this is really bad. >> we have been pounding on the administration for 7-plus years. we know the attorney general eric holder almost on a daily basis was getting briefings of this. they are still holding these documents. it's disappointing that thus far in the trump administration they haven't released these documents either. we put out a 250-page report. the flame has got the right to understand what happened. we have a right in congress to know what happened so it doesn't happen again. but it's a great travesty and we are still on it. >> i believe if brian terry and his team had known this information, chances are brian would be alive today. >> only one possible motivation remains for all of those involved who covered up fast and
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furious, that is to conceal their own shame and disgrace quite possibly their crime. jesse: the information they were talking about is the fact that these mexican criminals were packing heavy artillery, so when they go up against someone like brian terry, he's not armed to the teeth like these guys are. >> the obama administration knowingly and willingly gave the drug cartel 2,000 weapons, mostly ak-47-type weapons. you have got to know that if you are the border patrol that these heavy weapons is what you will be going up against. jesse: we all want answers and i think the family deserves the truth. brian terry's cousin is going to join "watters world." the leader of brexit nigel
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safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. jesse: chaos in england after the election. nigel farage joins me. it seems to be that the brits are a little ahead of the curve. the last election you guys just had, what does that mean for us here stateside.
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any predictions? >> to be honest with you, it's good news that theresa may stays on as prime minister, though weakened, perhaps not for long. because to have corbyn as prime minister, that would have been a disaster because he's a marxist who is anti-american. jesse: is corbyn the bernie sanders of the u.k.? >> bernie sanders is a conservative compared to jeremy corbyn. this guy is way out on the map. what he does have is a bit of personality. so may is back. but i suspect that she is so badly damaged by this election that she might not last long. jesse: may was on the cover of
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"charlie hebdo" behead. what do you see that too represent. >> there are times when rub cases step over the line. "charlie hebdo" did something that's in very poor taste. it may be politically correct, but in very poor taste. jesse: a tweet was sent out by a british media personality. she says, quote, in the united kingdom you are more than likely to be killed by dogs than terrorism. fear mongering doesn't help. is she trying to say dogs are more dangerous than isis. i am totally blind.
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new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> at utopian university there are no vie he lent words to help me. >> we speak out against privilege. we checked our privilege. >> welcome to utopia u. >> a wonderful place to find that everything your parents taught you is wrong. jesse: these days it seems students are more concerned about running into their safe spaces than facing reality.
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in a new fill "no safe spaces," dennis prager looks at whether they are ruining the campuses. what is a safe space. >> a place universities around america have created for students to retreat to if they are disturbed by a visiting speaker, that speaker is one who does not take a left-wing view. they retreat to rooms. in order to bring to the american public and the world's attention what is happening. you would not believe it otherwise. you retreat to a room. you are given play-doh, you are watching -- you watch movies of frolicking kittens, you are given hot chocolate, and you are
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given stuffed animals. jesse: it doesn't sounds that bad. i might retreat to a safe space if i had hot chocolate, too. there is a poll, do you agree with safe spaces on college campuses. it's split. but it doesn't even seem controversial. that's probably the scariest thing to us. because it sounds insane. >> it's not controversial because the university which was once there to make boys into men and girls into women, in order words, into adults, is a place to keep your child infantallized. we have to drop the word p.c.
8:26 pm
it am not p.c. it's left. we have to identify the source of the problem. that's what it means. there is no right p.c. con there are students don't have safe spaces with regard to all of their left-wing professors who say how awful america is. jesse: conservatives need a safe space on college campuses. >> that means the average american kid will leave much more mature and capable of deeming with life than the left. they are ruining their own. jesse: let me show you what things may look like if we continue to go down this left-wing road. >> we judge people based on
8:27 pm
color and history progression. jesse: i think we may be too far down this road. i'm look at the crazy examples. in harvard no more library fines because it nation students nervous. >> 50 cents a day. jesse: black studentsn that ucla want their own safe spaces. and in california they are creating safe spaces for illegal immigrants. really? >> there is no way -- as my colleague says, there is no way to parody because it is already reached the level of such absurdity. but it's not funny. hollywood will not make this film, but we are, and people should go to see this trailer and help us make it.
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i think it can have a tremendous impact. americans don't know what happens. they pay $40,000 a year and their kid comes home and has contempt for them. that's what they know. jesse: that's an expensive contempt. "watters world" is a safe space. so if anybody is troubled or trauma tights they can come to "watters world" and feel happy and at home. republicans looking back into the fast and furious scandal. up next, brian terry's cousin joins me with the families reaction to these damning allegations. >> donald trump is the president of the united states.
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with 2 times the cooling boosters enjoy the comfort of the #1 selling coldest air. nothing cools like a/c pro. live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. the u.s. strikes a terror training camp in somalia. at least eight militants died in the strike. it was the first such attack granted by authorities by president trump in march. it was in response to al-shabaab's recent attacks in syria. in just a few hours, church bells will ring remembe remembeg those skilled in the pulse nightclub terror attack. special services are taking place throughout the day in orlando. thousands rallied for lgbt rights and to remember the pulse
8:33 pm
nightclub victims. forty-nine people died and dozens more were the city of pittsburgh is celebrating. the penguins win their second straight stanley cup defeating the national predators 2 - zero. back to "watters world" ib world" >> i have not apologized to the family of brian terry. >> i regret what happened to agent brian terry it's not fair to assume the things that happened in fast and furious directly led to the death of agent terry. jesse: that was eric holder in 2011 refusing to apologize to the family of brian terry who was murdered by mexican cartel
8:34 pm
members using weapons president obama let loose. but there is information that the obama administration withheld information and even called the terry family a nuisance. robert, let me get your quick reaction to this report. apparently the department of justice and eric holder said your family was a nuisance. >> i had to smile when i read that email. i'm surprised they didn't use more descriptive language to describe our continued pressure for information and facts in the matter. this was a dirty little secret that the government was keeping from the american people and from the terry family. we knew something was being withheld.
8:35 pm
jesse: the facts of the program were in order to track these weapons, they let these weapons get into the hands of bad guys, and they were supposed to track them. it turns out they lost track of them, they wound up in the hands of drug cartel members. but when they found out about the murder, they immediately knew it was traceable back to the same weapons they let loose and hid that from the american public and were more concerned with spinning the story to deflect attention away from themselves. is that your understanding of this new report? >> that's exactly it. 259 pages by the house oversight committee. and the extensive investigation, the third in a series of investigations. this report clearly documents obstruction of justice and obstruction of congress' investigation into the operation
8:36 pm
fast and furious and their orchestrated efforts among top members of the department of justice, and headquarters atf to disguise the fact that their ill-fated drug trafficking investigation was tied to the murder of border patrol agent brian terry. jesse: the phrase obstruction of justice has been used a lot with donald trump and the russian probe with know evidence. but in this case there seems to be a paper trail evidence of obstruction of justice. eric holder, president obama's chief law enforcement officer was held in contempt of congress for refusing to answer direct questions by investigators. how did that make you feel? >> well, i'll tell you what, i spent years and years looking into this investigation and
8:37 pm
watching and being on the receiving end of the way the united states government and our top officials treated the terry family, and gave total disregard to the oversight mission of congress. and i'm disgusted by it. it's sickening. i saw a continued level of incompetence and arrogance by members in the department of justice within atf. and the u.s. attorney's office in arizona who are particularly responsible for the blood of brian terry and his death. jesse: allegedly there were some agents trying to speak out publicly and be whistleblowers, but the department of justice was stonewalling and not allowing these people to speak. actually putting fear into these people so they wouldn't come out publicly. also sickening is the media's non-coverage of the fast and
8:38 pm
furious scandal. they buried it then when it broke, and they buried it this week. i didn't see a lot of play in the press when this report came out. >> i sat in the oversight room for the hearing. obviously i testified and i counted a total of three reporters in the room. compare that with what we saw yesterday during the house judiciary committee meeting. jesse: i can't believe there is no appetite for a story like this that involves corruption, mismanagement, lawlessness, i don't understand why more and more people aren't outraged by this injustice. thanks for coming on, i have a lot of respect for you and the family. prayers go out to you guys every day. you have a lot of support here on "watters world" and fox
8:39 pm
family. >> it's journalists like yourself who remain the main source for keeping our government accountable. it's an important role in our democracy. so thank you. jesse: i talk trump with swamp people's t roy in new york city. my real news update of the week including news on jerry seinfeld, colin kaepernick and james clapper.
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[♪] ess type for real news you may not have heard this week. former director of national intelligence james clapper claimed watergate which took down a sitting president pales in comparison to this administration. >> i lived through watergate. if you compare the two,
8:44 pm
watergate pales really in my view compared to what we are confronting now. jesse: i guess clapper forgot what he said on "meet the press" and testified to in a senate hearing in may. >> we did not include any evidence in our report, nsa, f.b.i., and cia with our office, the director of national intelligence that had any reflection of collusion between members of the trump campaign and the russians. there was no evidence of that included in our report. >> i understand that. it doesn't exist? >> not to my knowledge. jesse: the senate passed new accountability rules for the department of veterans affairs that will give department heads the ability to pull backbone uses for individuals found
8:45 pm
guilty of violations. if you see jerry seinfeld on the red carpet don't attempt to hug him. >> i love you so much. >> thank you so much. >> give me a hug. >> no thanks. >> a little one. >> no thanks. i don't know who that was. >> you can't approach jerry that way. >> hi, jerry. >> hi, mary. >> i decided i can't kiss hello anymore. it's nothing personal. it just makes me uncomfortable and i can't do it within i'm sorry. jesse: black lives matter wants
8:46 pm
black america to boycott a league dominated by highly paid and highly successful black athletes. let me know if you guys can figure that one out. a local tv reporter in philly was arrested and fired from her job after verbally assaulting a police officer for five minutes. she was kicked out of a comedy club after she allegedly disrupted the show. outside it didn't get much better. >> you can't videotape. that's why everybody hates you guys. because you can't prove it. you wanted to arrest me from the minute you got here. >> i just wanted you to leave. >> colleen released a statement
8:47 pm
saying i believe i may have been unknowingly drugged at some point that night. 12 employ yes of an indiana group tied to former senate minority leader harry reid were charged for submitting fake voter registration form before the 2016 election. a bernie sanders supporter charged with leaking classified material to the press. cbs had an interview with her mother. >> she was scared they were going to make her disappear. jesse: neither network even challenged this dangerous allegation. that the president was going to
8:48 pm
make a leaker or whistleblower disappear? nbc news put out this tweet, exclusive, putin does not deny having compromising information on president trump. but that was fake news. 40 minutes later they sent out this tweet. correction, putin denies having compromising information about president obama, calls it nonsense. it had already been retweeted 800 times so the damage was done. for the first time ever, new carrabba's trios starting at only $14.99. choose one of three pastas...
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fish out of water when i traveled to texas to visit t-roy from "swamp people." of course was happening it up a little bit for the camera. i was. after that adventure i wanted to pay t-roy back in the big apple. roll the tape. t-roy! >> what are you doing over here? jesse: i'm getting my shoes shined. we have to get you a metro card. do you know what that is? >> is it a name card? jesse: real then wear pink.
8:53 pm
you ready? here it comes. my friend has never been on the subway. >> everybody is looking at me. do you think it's because i voted for trump? jesse: you have got trump written all over you. >> i think i want to touch the grounds. jesse: you do not want your lips touching the grounds. they are talk about impeachment now. >> to call for impeachment of the president of the united states of america. >> my greatest desire is impeachment. >> he has done a number of things that legitimately raises
8:54 pm
the question of impeachment. he's not getting any help. and people like me wants to step in there and get in the fox hole with him. the establishment is not helping him. they are not standing behind him. they are turning against him left and right. trump needs to make a 1-2 punch and get red of the stabment and the snowflakes. i think president trump should make me the swamp czar. i'm here because i'm a swamp guy, and i'm here to drain the swamp like donald trump. >> it's time to drain the damn swamp. >> are you a drain the swamp person? >> tino a little bit about the swamp, i'm from florida. >> it's like we are sisters from
8:55 pm
another generation. do you think donald trump is receiving fair news from everybody, the harassment he's been getting? >> donald trump? >> he's the president of the united states. >> there it is, snowflake number one melted. i'm from texas, am i dressed appropriately for new york? >> anything is acceptable. jesse: me up man t-roy needs a little in the clothing department. can you help him out? some skinny jeans. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm not made for skinny jeans. >> do you have a little bit bigger size than this? >> no.
8:56 pm
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[♪] jesse: t-roy made me pick up that nasty rat a few weeks ago in texas, i had to find a way to get back at him. roll the tape. put that on your mouth. >> what is that? jesse: it's wasabi.
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you mess with me in the swamp, i mess with you in the city. he washed it down with saki. remember, i'm watters and th


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