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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  June 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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i said what you mean. he said everybody that voted for trump is a sexist and racist. >> my exclusive interviews next week. for now, thank you for joining us and thank you to our panel, kimberly, jake and lucy.lllllll. >> stick around, kelly wright is up next with the fax report. >> a new day of blockbuster testimony ahead on capitol hill. the attorney general agreed to answer questions. the senate minority leader, it gets even higher stakes. i am kelly wright, this is the fox report. >> the white house is gearing up for what could be a huge week thursday. the supreme court seeks its newest member. the president could attend a chance to remind the public
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about that victory. we are still awaiting the court's ruling related to the president's travel ban. friday, president trump travels to miami to rollout his policy on cuba and this bill a campaign promise in that ground state. new testimony on russia and the 2016 election is threatening to over shadow all of it. jeff sessions and rod rosenstein both appearing before congress in separate hearings tuesday. both men have face scrutiny after the firing of james comey. earlier today chuck schumer called on president trump to take action. >> there is a cloud over the presidency, the president said. that's rightly so. there are two ways to clear up the cloud. one, if there are tapes that he alluded to, maybe as a threat or taunting, he should make them public right away. if there aren't tapes, let that be known right away. no more games. of course he said he would testify, so i'm inviting him to
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come testify. kelly: we have fox coverage on all of this. garrett is in washington with reaction from the hill, but first we go to kristin fisher reporting live from the golf club in new jersey where the president spent the weekend. any response from the white house about attorney general sessions testimony this week? reporter: no response from the white house about that. in fact, they didn't have any administration officials on any of the sunday shows today. the one person who has been speaking out publicly as president trump himself. he continues to attack his former fbi director james comey for being a liar and a leaker. he sat on twitter i believe the james comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone thought possible. totally illegal, very cowardly. that line that he was a leaker was repeated again on fox news sunday by the new chairwoman of
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the rnc. >> i think it shows how questionable his character is that he would take conversations that he had with the president of the united states which should be protected under executive privilege and he gave them to a friend to leaked to the new york times. i think it proves the president made the right choice in firing him. >> she also called for an end to the congressional investigation. she said the investigation should stop and the special counsel's investigation should continue. it most certainly is. kelly: what can we expect out of all of these events this week. >> last week with infrastructure week. this week is workforce development week. on tuesday president trump is going to be traveling with his daughter to milwaukee and she is really going to spearhead a lot of this effort. while there the focus will be on
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building up apprenticeship programs, extending access for stem cells and minimizing the skills gap. on wednesday he is set to deliver a major policy speech, on friday he is heading to miami to unveil his administration's new policy about cuba. he is expected to rollback many changes put in place by his predecessor, former president barack obama. kelly: what about reports that the president is considering postponing a trip to the uk? any truth to that? reporter: several senior administration officials are downplaying those reports. they told me the subject has not come up on any recent calls. the back story is that the guardian reported president trump called the british prime minister and told her he didn't want to go through with the trip
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if there was going to be any large scale protests surrounding his visit. now we have a spokesperson for the british government weighing in and that spokesperson is saying we aren't going to comment on any speculation about the content of private phone conversations. the queen extended an invitation to president trump and there is no change to those plans. best we can tell the trip is still on though the exact dates have not yet been nailed down. who knows if by the time the trip happens if the british prime minister will still be the prime minister. kelly: well said. we will stay tuned and watch the developments. kristin fisher reporting from new jersey tonight. thank you. the attorney general's contact with russia is expected to be the big focus during his testimony, including whether there are any more undisclosed meetings. the ranking member of the senate armed services committee spoke about that on fox news sunday.
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>> it's an open question, i think it's also a question that because of some of the reports it's inappropriate to comment on. kelly: we go to garrett who is live in washington. what other questions do we expect sessions to face on tuesday? >> a lot of questions will revolve around issues raised by james comey in his testimony about jeff sessions. not only have there been reports of another undisclosed meeting with russia but he indicated he couldn't trust the attorney general and that sessions didn't do anything when they raise concern about the president meeting with him alone. those are some of the top questions they plan to ask. that works out for jeff sessions because those allegations prompted him to come testify to set the record straight. there are a number of other committees that want to hear from him as well.
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today on "face the nation", lindsey graham said james comey's testimony raised concern about the politicking of attorneys general. >> they suggested the current u.s. attorney general and the former attorney general were playing politics with the investigation. that needs to be in our committee. the me tell you this to the american people. if the attorney general's office has become a political office, that is bad for us all. i want to get to the bottom of that and it should be in judiciary. >> they still have full confidence in the attorney general. >> jeff sessions is a close personal friend of mine. he is someone whom i have a lot of confidence. i don't know what exactly happened or what meetings he had. i am confident jeff sessions would never intentionally
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mislead anyone or misstate the truth. >> as you mentioned he will not be alone on capitol hill. rod rosenstein is also expected to testify and he will face a lot of questions about the russia investigation. kelly: there is an investigation going on. how much are they going to be able to say about all of this in open forum? >> that would be interesting to watch. you have to remember, not only is it ongoing but it is one that jeff sessions has recused himself from. last week when he testified, we heard him say again and again he could not comment on various questions because of the ongoing investigation. while his hearings are expected to be public, the senate intelligence committee hasn't decided if that will be the case for sessions as well. whether or not he answers those questions, we may not hear. kelly: as lawmakers wait for the
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dust to settle, some might be wondering when they can get back to work. the rush investigation isa shady much everything. allison barber has more on that story. >> in between the hearings that hearings better grabbing headlines, congress is trying to tackle a significant legislative to do with list without a lot of time. it includes tax reform, immigration reform and healthcare. vice president mike pence the democrats are blinded by partisanship when it comes to the affordable care act. >> they gave us obamacare and now, as your congressman will tell you, they won't lift a finger to help us rescue the american people from this mess they created. >> republicans want to vote on something soon. they promised about by the end of july. democrats say republicans need
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their help. >> too do this in private, without hearings, without amendments, it would be one of the most outrageous examples of legislative malpractice in decades. >> some say the agenda is taking too long. the chair of the rnc pushback on criticism. >> healthcare, tax reform, infrastructure, these are huge issues. they don't happen overnight. we are five and half months in. they've passed a repeal and replace of obamacare but it doesn't quickly happen. republicans are doing it the right way. we are talking to constituents, were having a diverse discussion and were making sure we do it right. >> they move forward with legislation to place new sanctions on iran but the bill is not necessarily finalized for their also talking about adding an amendment to sanction russia.
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kelly: thank you. for more on all of this be sure to tune in for a can't miss interview on fox and friends tomorrow morning. it's a sitdown interview with ivanka trump. right now, puerto rico voting to become the 51st u.s. state. what does that mean, and controversy among the puerto rican day parade here in new york city. this is a huge party every year but why was a man who spent three decades in prison and has three decades in prison and has ties to
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kelly: welcome back. i've got a question for you. did the united states just get its 51st state? puerto rico just voted overwhelmingly to become a state. that is according to the local governor who said the island that is collapsing under its that is sending a strong and clear message to u.s. congress and the world. not so fast. brian joins us live from our new york city studio. what does this mean? >> know, puerto rico will not become the 51st date. this is the first time, the fifth time they have had a referendum on this. this is more like a pole. it's a nonbinding vote. people are given a choice to decide whether or not puerto rico should become a state, or remain a u.s. territory or become an independent country.
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half a million votes were cast for statehood. 7000 voted for independence and 6000 to remain a territory. it doesn't mean much. it's up to congress to make the final cal call. there was low turnout, only 23% of the country voted. that was the lowest turnout in 50 years. partly because three opposition parties boycotted the vote calling i into question the validity of the vote. the vote today happened among great economic turmoil. 12% unemployment. and cropsey's, tens of thousands of people fleeing the island. some believe statehood could add the relief they need to help a crippling debt. >> it's heartbreaking when you see what's happening with the unemployment rate. puerto rico, like d.c., wants statehood. that's opening up a can of worms
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politically. let's talk about the parade that took place in new york city. it wasn't without controversy. >> it was not. they are in a constant flux of identity crisis and at the heart of it is victor. [inaudible] who is a convicted terrorist. he was the leader of the armed forces of national liberation, a terrorist group responsible for at least 120 bomb attacks throughout the u.s. in the 70s and 80s. he was riding on a float today. he was convicted of conspiracy against the u.s. government in 1981. he served 36 years and was accused of being a bomb maker. the blast in new york in 1975 killed for including joe connor's father. >> to think that oscar lopez would be considered a hero of
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freedom, it is so insane. you can't even get your head around it. >> his involvement caused corporate sponsors to boycott the parade. several leaders in york set out as well. mayor diblasio marched and the parade committee stood by their decision to honor him with the national freedom hero award but there was a mixed response from the crowd. >> i'm a little disappointed that they became so political. this is about music and culture and it shouldn't be about politics. i'm glad he's out. he did his time, but that doesn't mean that everybody has to support him. >> all of this happening on the 100 anniversary of the u.s. granting citizenship for puerto rico. kelly: thank you. the survivor from the orlando
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nightclub attacks beats out one year after the worst mass shooting in our country's history. >> they never said i'd walk again, but i'm walking and i'm very thankful to be here. kelly: the city of orlando reflecting on the 49 lives lost that day as thousands of people rally for lgbt rights. and, a successful story that helped one man overcome drug addiction and homelessness to go on and get his college degree. >> it's not easy turning your life around. you put in a lot of work but it can be new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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kelly: the pentagon investigating green on blue attack in afghanistan in which an afghan soldier opened fire and killed three army rangers. it happened yesterday. the afghan soldier opened fire during a joint afghan u.s. military operation. the taliban and is claiming responsibility for the attack thing one of its fighters infiltrated the afghan army so he could target foreign forces. now to the latest on the london bridge terror attack. british police say the attackers used fake suicide belts made from water bottles and duct tape to create as much fear as possible. this, after three terrorists use a ban to plow down pedestrians before going on a stabbing frenzy at crowded bars and restaurants in the market.
10:24 pm
eight people died. that area reopened today after cleaners, painters and shop attendance worked to clear the streets. mike tobin has the latest from london. >> images of blood's laddered fake bomb belts are the latest evidence to be released in the wake of the attack one week ago. they are not sophisticated at all. they are disposable water bottles wrapped in duct tape. each of the attackers were wearing a fake suicide belt when they jumped out of a van and began slashing people in london. investigators say they were to maximize fear and speculate they may have been intended to help with hostagetaking and hesitation before the attackers were shot. yesterday they released images of petrol bombs. those were very real. it is not clear why they were not used in the attack. we're hearing from one of the first metropolitan police officers that responded.
10:25 pm
jim tells a harrowing tale of sending a medic into the basement of a pub for triage. >> a gentleman had been stabbed in the stomach. he was taken downstairs to see the medic and, at that point there were still shots ring out in a string of people came out the market running and screaming. we literally just pushed them into the basement and it seemed like the safest place to put a large number of people at that time. three days later there was an attack in france. we have video of the man who attacked a police officer outside the notre dame theater. the video went viral. there is no indication the two attacks are linked. the prosecutor said the 40-year-old student from algeria was radicalized and had the profile. they charg charges an amount tor
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of a police officer and conspiracy. back to. >> capitol hill is bracing for another potential day of bombshell testimony. attorneys general jeff sessions is set to testify on james comey and russia. one top democrat is expressing serious doubt on whether that will actually happen. plus, president trump campaigned on a promise to empower the forgotten man. one of the biggest names on the left is accusing him of doing just the opposite. >> today in the white house, we have perhaps the worst and most dangerous president in the save big on great father's day gifts at bass pro shops. like this igloo 48 quart cooler for under $20. new balance 608 trainers for under $50. plus, free catch and release ponds and giveaways this weekend.
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kelly: and kelly right in for harris faulkner. this is the fox report. here is a look at the stories we are following. jeff sessions is scheduled to testify tuesday before the senate intelligence committee. they were real him on russia and the firing of james comey. diane feinstein said the appearance is not a sure thing. >> i don't know whether it will happen or whether it will be public. meanwhile president trump is facing more scrutiny after james comey testified that the
10:31 pm
president pressured him to end the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. some republicans chalk it up to political inexperience. chuck schumer reacted to that. >> the fact that he's new and he may not say things so seriously, that's not an excuse. he is the president to the united states and he has to step up to the plate. as committees on capitol hill ramp up their investigations into possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign, chairwoman ronna mcdaniel argues that it's all much to do about nothing. >> i am calling to an end for the investigation about president trump campaign colluding with the russians. there has been no evidence. i don't think that should continue. of course we need to figure out what russia did with regard to the election, but not yet do you have a single senator saying
10:32 pm
there is definitive evidence of any collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. that needs to stop. kelly: let's turn to bring in evan, republican strategist and author of gop gps as well as democratic strategist, senior director of research at and a fox news contributor. here we are. a very busy week. before we talk about james com comey, he was fired by president trump, let's talk about attorney general jeff sessions going before the committee on tuesday. what can we anticipate from him as he speaks to the senators about james comey, and his relationship with russia. >> i think you will see democrats come out and try to hammer him as hard as possible. what we actually saw on his testimony on thursday was camel harris set the stage for democrats to call for an
10:33 pm
investigation into him. he is now the scalp democrats want. they see an easy opening because there are three undocumented incidents where he met with the russian ambassador. >> i think there are multiple scalps the democrats would like to seize. jeff's session is one and some are eyeing the president. i'm not going that far myself but if you are watching the james comey testimony and what happened the day before with andrew mccabe, it's clear the democrats have their eye on the prize. they want to have definitive evidence that there was collusion between the trump campaign and other members. kelly: those are the satellites of the president of the united states and the president of the united states, according to his particular stance is that, go after the satellites but let the people know, i'm not a part.
10:34 pm
>> he did do that but that doesn't mean his narrative was that he was totally vindicated is close to accurate. i don't know anyone watching that testimony would feel good about what happened that day. >> we are also seeing a lot of republicans go out and defend the president but not under his own talking points. they are defending him saying he didn't know any better and this was errors of a new political. [inaudible] >> as we know he was a real estate mogul and now he's working as president of the united states. >> of course there is a learning curve, but to think about the fact that the president asked certain members of the cabinet to leave the room to have private members of the intelligence committee, we will find out what happened in those conversations. >> that is the point, that's one of the reason why jeff sessions wants to come forward to set the record straight. >> i don't think he wants to
10:35 pm
come forward. he has his back up against the wall. >> it's a crisis management position for him to go out and say i'm willing to testify. he has no choice otherwise he looks like he has something to hide. lindsey graham and peter king stated that as many republicans are calling for the former attorney general, loretta lynch to testify as a related to the tarmac meeting she had with bill clinton about hillary clinton, and then telling, according to james comey's testimony, going on to tell him don't call it in an investigation, call it a matter. >> should loretta lynch come forward as well? >> i think so. everyone who needs an investigation should get an investigation. that was certainly a big surprise that that happened. i just take issue with
10:36 pm
republicans running with that as the main message of the day when james comey sat up there and called president trump a liar several times. >> that was the only new revelation to come out. we already knew what he was saying. >> he was not personally under investigation. >> the reason i say hold that thought, that james comey called the president a liar, he responded to that by saying i am vindicated and he basically called james comey a cowardly person and he went on to say he's vindicated, but let's get to another point. president trump wants to move forward with a very aggressive legislative agenda. we are talking about infrastructure, workforce development, tax reform, the repeal of obamacare and healthcare, all of this ambitious agenda is not being tabled. people are working on it but no one is hearing about it.
10:37 pm
the swamp is so murky. >> certainly it's getting in the way of getting the message out about infrastructure, tax reform and so on. the president had its infrastructure week last week and nobody heard about it and nobody in the senate or the house put forward a bill to work on infrastructure so we just talked about it and got no action. the american people voted to have action and see tangible results. right now the only tangible results that republicans can give is judg the new supreme cot justice. the republicans are very worried and the president should be worried because in order to get this aggressive agenda passed he has to rely on democrats and
10:38 pm
republicans. >> he should do a better job of courting those democrats. >> what should he do. >> he should try not calling them names and being a little more peaceable. i don't think it's smart for him to be on twitter the way he was this morning. i know he took the the day off
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this inspirational story, a recent college graduate, congratulations for the great things that has happened in your life. can you tell me what it feels like to know you have gone from homelessness, you worked hard, you develop a great and you worked both of those elements to become the man you are today. >> it's been a great journey. i was making some really tough decisions, some bad decisions and by the grace of god, he has brought me out of that and through some awesome programs, he has been able to bring me from a broken, destitute man to a new creation in christ. going to school for ministry
10:47 pm
leadership and a degree in seminary at some point. it's just been an awesome journey to see him work in my life and i'm grateful today. >> i take it your inspiration stems from your faith in god, but it's something you haven't given up on because you intend to go ahead and finish all of your studies and become a pastor. what will you be able to impart to people that you work with on a daily basis. >> the experience of being on the streets, just what the lord has brought me through will give me a certain kind of experience to speak to people who are broken in general, emotionally distraught. god has ove allowed me to overce so many obstacles and show me along the way what it entails to overcome those things.
10:48 pm
>> at all mean to cut you off, but it wasn't easy for you to get to that point. once you discovered your faith, and had to have been a difficult thing. you're a married man, moving forward with your life. what would be your advice as people who are going through this especially in this age of opioid abuse. >> that's a pretty unique struggle. i would say humble yourself before the lord, i would say repent. >> what about those who don't have that kind of faith. >> i would say don't lose hope. hope is the answer. god said the plans i have for you, declare future and declare hope. you've got to cling to the hope that you have in your heart and
10:49 pm
just look at the next step in dealing with your life issues and pursue it. don't lose that faith and that hope. >> you can overcome this. it can be done. >> a lot of people are proud of you, northwest university in particular and your wife and your family. i'm proud of you. i think america is proud of you. brent for from seattle. >> congratulations. thousands marching in pride parades. that's coming up next ♪ ♪ >> the annual event comes as the country prepares to mark one year since the deadly orlando nightclub attack. plus they rocked a suburban neighborhood in southern illinois. >> i came down the stairs, the
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firefighters responding to the scene of a devastating home explosion in northern illinois. the blast happened early this morning destroying to neighboring homes and damaging more than two others. crews pulling four people from the wreckage of one of those nearby homes and taking one of them to the hospitals. officials think it was caused by a gas leak. live pictures now. president trump is heading back to washington after a weekend in new jersey. this is andrews air force base.
10:54 pm
he has a big weekend ahead of him and a huge legislative week as well. >> gathering across the country for pride parades. this year politics was a big focus. will joins us live from los angeles with more. >> this is all being part of the resist march. here in los angeles an estimated 100,000 people showed up for march that turned into an opportunity for gays and minorities to voice their disapproval and concern for the trump administration. many believe they are all under attack. they showed up to resist moves made by president trump and to say that love is love. one called for president trump to be impeached.
10:55 pm
>> in peach 45. in peach 45. 45 some are questioning the politics on a day that is meant to celebrate who they are and what they stand for. many took time to remember the 49 people killed in the pulpits nightclub that took place one year ago tomorrow. that occurred in a gay nightclub in orlando. >> we are survivors of the pulse incident that happened one year ago tomorrow night. we don't have too much to say but we wanted to thank everybody for coming out. thank you for your support and thank you for supporting the people who can't be here today. >> they said i wasn't going to walk again but i'm walking and i'm very thankful to be out here. >> representatives from planned
10:56 pm
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congratulations. make sure you spend it wisely. i am kelly right, in for harris faulkner. have a great week. >> thanks for watching. chris: i'm chris wallace. now that former fbi director james comey has told his story. where do the investigations and the trump agenda go from here? ♪ >> i don't think it's for me to say whether the conversation i had with the president was an effort to obstruct. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he is a leaker. but we want to get back to running our great country. > chris: we'll discuss comey's damaging testimony with rahm immanuel and ask how the white house and the g.o.p. can rebound. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, questions still linger about


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