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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 12, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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i also traveled. i got back from paris, where he met with the ocd and gol vote. the message was the matter of coming down. >> think a present. i can tell you that as i've been traveling internationally. optimism, from small businesses. continuing to the workforce to help small businesses are creating new jobs. while they are up, mentoring and outreach is being sensitive. we are on a good project sherry is a lot of work to do. >> we think of for the opportunity at last minute
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chance to serve your agenda and the american people continuing to work very hard every day. >> is your director of the cia, i'm happy to provide support for the people to give you intelligence. american's say a thing to the media. [laughter] >> mr. president. thank you for your support. i noticed a very personal too. >> for all others around, we are
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making tremendous progress. in converting to a business model and already seeing tremendous savings. this month is a national home owners month. they are ringing the bell. >> good morning, mr. president. i want to congratulate you on the men and women you've placed around this table, the whole team working for america is making results in each and every area. tom price, scott pruitt, this is a team you have assembled that is working hand in glove with the men and women of america. i want to thank you for that, these are great team members.
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>> thank you mr. president, it's been a great honor traveling with you around the country for the last year and an even greater honor to be here serving in your cabinet. on behalf of everybody in the treasury, i can assure you we are focused on creating sustained economic growth, fighting terrorism, and creating programs within our control. >> thank you all very much. thank you, thank you, everybody. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> and we are watching president trump with his first full cabinet meeting there. at the very end, if you couldn't hear the report is in the room were asking questions about the james comey testimony and a whole flurry of things. the president had already thanked everybody and was moving on. a couple of notes for you to know about the last 20 minutes or so if you are just in now,
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the president was there with his full cabinet. thinking the president for honoring parents through his focus is the commander in chief. also at one point, the ambassador to the united nations talked about her place in the world and think the president for a new situation for us. saying that people who now looked to the united states know what we are for and what we are against, america is back. the president acknowledged that he appreciated those words. also in the roundtable of people you saw, the person we are going to start our show on now, that is the attorney general jeff sessions. we will begin now on a fox news alert on what is coming up with him. the capital is gearing up for a big hearing again, attorney general jeff sessions has agreed to appear before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow. he is excited to answer questions about the firing of fbi director james comey and about the attorney general's meetings with russian officials.
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we are learning in just the past hour that his testimony will be public. per the request of the attorney general himself. that's an interesting turn. this is speed max "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. also today's #oneluckyguy, veteran of iraq and afghanistan, adam kinzinger is here, he is outnumbered. thank you for serving. in the military and now on the hill. >> i go from the chaos in d.c. to the calm, serene room of "outnumbered." >> it's early. >> now asking for it. >> let's start with the news, jeff sessions prepares to face his colleagues over his role in the controversy around ties between the drum campaign in russia. the attorney general be the
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highest ranking government official to testify on the russian probe so far. his testimony comes after james comey dropped him during his testimony last week that there may be more to his recusal from the russia probe. the intelligence committee announce that hearing will be open to the public. drug mech the justice department that "the attorney general has requested that this hearing be public, he believes it is important for the american people to hear the truth directly from him. he looks forward to answering the committee's questions tomorrow." a potential trap with the attorney general at tomorrow's hearing, watch. >> this is a very dangerous position for him to be in. he is not testifying as the chief law enforcement officer, he is testifying as a witness because he doesn't run the russia investigations, he is a witness. he has involvement in both, he is going to be accused of perjury, he's going to come to a
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conflict point where he has to decide if he is here to defend the president of the united states or himself. that's an awful position for him to be in. >> he says he wants to do it. the public can see it. >> it's the right thing to do. i guess the thing that's going to burn me the most in all of this, everybody is consumed by this russia investigation, every new piece of information that comes out, people are jumping to their own conclusions about whether it means trump needs to be impeached or if all news on it is fake news. i just want all of the news on it out there. my concern is about people having confidence in their government and our government's ability to police itself. i think part of this, the attorney general coming forward and saying what he knew, how he knew it and his role in everything related to russia will put more information out there for the public. >> congressman, i am just curious. are there is no evidence of anything so far.
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no evidence that the president asked james comey to actually back off in a way in which james comey thought it was pertinent enough to report it. there is no evidence of that. when does this go away. if we see a third person go up there and we don't find anything, when we move on? >> i think we need to move on now. i think that's why i would recommend the president lay off twitter, talking about this, let this probe -- >> do you think he is propelling this a little bit? >> i think when you wake up, these use twitter effectively in some areas, but when you wake up and tweet about russia, that describe the new cycle that day. smd who has voted for the replacement plan on health care and is excited to get a tax reform and infrastructure, i want him tweeting about that. >> i pretty much disagree with you because you kind of talked about both sides of your mouth. you said we want more things out
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in the open, which i think it's what we want, but i don't think were actually going to get that. >> i want the information out there because people have legitimate questions about our democracy. my concern is, let's get everything out there. when it's all said and done, what appears to be more than likely is that president trump is going to be exonerated and everybody on the left that has been calling for impeachment is going to look really bad when they say there was nothing that rises to that level. let's get the information. let's look at our agenda and get this thing done, let's get health care and tax reform and every thing else. >> this is why the democrats are so wily and good at messaging, they know that the russia investigation, that narrative which was really introduced during the dnc down in philadelphia, there is no there there. that's going to be the increasing narrative.
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what's going to develop. i think jeff sessions is granted to >> julie: tomorrow. what about your relationship? he's going to get asked about that. and trump a seeing weakness in the attorney general because he recused himself? >> and i think rightly so. >> there is a gulf between them that jeff sessions might be able to bridge. we will see tomorrow. these are his colleagues. that he has worked with for years and years.
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actually, i think republicans enjoy this. it gives -- it is sad for us as voters. are there is such a chasm in the party. we don't get health care reform our tax reform. >> i fully disagree with you on that. we don't enjoy this at all. we passed it out of the house. the senator from kentucky rand paul is basically -- >> let but let's get it done. i voted for the repeal plan, now we have to move on to tax reform. but the idea that any of us want to be in washington d.c. not doing anything is ludicrous. truthfully, we all go into this
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because we want to achieve something, not because we want to hold office. >> over in the senate, people who are not up for reelection can kick back and not take ownership for trying to fix obamacare. >> and hollow out that bill. >> i am just curious, were you at that meeting and what was the temperature in the room? >> it has been extremely aggressive and good at reaching years. i met president obama twice, both times in a receiving line. he is doing away a better job than the prior administration. >> democrat chuck schumer has asked president trump to testif testify, interactions with fired fbi director james call me.
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>> i think we could work out a way that it could be dignified in public, the questions. we have to consult prosecutor mueller before doing it. >> president trump said he would be willing to testify after basically accusing comey of perjury. he demanded a pledge of loyalty from comey. >> did he ask for a pledge of loyalty from you? >> no he did not. >> he said these things under oath. >> who would ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath? >> the issue should not turn
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into a -- the president is welcome to address the issue is still lingering in the investigation. >> i think it is inappropriate for the president to testify publicly? >> there is a part of this that genuinely frustrates the president. >> i think first off, he is the president of the united states, it is the most important job in the world. i think what the president -- i don't even know if it's legal. everybody on that committee can get there youtube moment, every 24-hour news cycle is not
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good for the president, not good for our country. >> it is a terrible idea, he definitely should not do that. if you are going to testify, you have to be very careful with your words and that is something he doesn't do. you have to be so precise in everything you are saying. all they will trying to be doing is trying to get him on record and anything they can go back later about. >> if it's not about trapping him and getting him to perjure himself or say something stupid. it is a way for them to air our free campaign video. i am one of those people, i agree that this country can withstand transparency, we can handle that. i don't trust congress to grow the president. if robert mueller wants to put him under oath and a special counsel wants to interview him, that's something complete a different. they better have a specific set
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of questions like they did for hillary clinton. >> can we talk a little bit about hedging your bets? i don't want to put too fine a point on it, but i kind of agree that he is in the of any russian action. that is about as double-edged as you get. >> they are trying to cover their bases. >> why do they need to do that at this point? they are talking policy now. >> senator graham did not like trump, trump released his cell phone number to the american people. when i watched the comey hearing and those are republicans and not bear down at all, we were on the air. they did not hit him hard. if you are so uncomfortable when trump made that comment, to really press him on it and press comey on what we know about personality as being split
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political operator. to that point, chuck schumer is trying to bait the president, they know you like to talk. you can talk all you want on twitter and it is not perjury if you tell a little bit of a fib. >> from chuck schumer's perspective, he wants to make his highlight reel again because he loves that. >> and he's never on tv. >> because they are not doing anything. nothing for the american people. so that's what he does, he is trying to set up the president and make him look like a buffoo buffoon. >> president trump's perspective, if somebody asks if you are willing to testify to something under oath, you're not going to say no. >> you're the president, you can do whatever you want. >> he didn't say specifically where or when. >> couldn't you say yes, if you
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brought up topics that i wanted to talk about. >> bernie is busy that day, he's already got a plan on that day. are you going to take that, are you going to let that go? it's good to have you here. >> it's great to be here. >> lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle are now saying that they want to hear from former attorney general loretta lynch. really, since the plane meeting with bill clinton? now it's time. even democrats say they are troubled by james comey's testimony that she may have been providing political cover for hillary clinton. it's june, people. the f-bomb is it dropped by another democrat speaking for young liberals. and more "outnumbered" over tim
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>> the attorney general directed me not to call in an investigation, but instead to call it a matter which confused me and concerned me. it gave me the impression that the attorney general was akin to a line the way we talked about our work with the way a political campaign describe the same activity which was inaccurate. that me a queasy feeling. >> that was one of the big bombshells from james comey's testimony last week, the former fbi director saying he felt sick after then attorney general loretta lynch asked him to refer to the hillary clinton email probe as an "matter." lawmakers from both sides of the aisle demanding to hear from lynch, watch. >> i would have a queasy feeling too, to be candid with you.
9:24 am
>> publican lindsey graham who also sits on the senate judiciary committee echoed that remark. >> you have comey suggest that the current u.s. attorney general and the former attorney general were playing politics with investigations of lynch and sessions. the attorney general's office has become a political office, that is bad for us all. i want to get to the bottom of that and it should be in judiciary. >> is this surprising to you? i feel like we all feel like it has become politicized. through all the things that we've seen. what is alleged here is shockin shocking. i don't know, i guess we have that. >> which is sad to me, it is very sad. that's got to be an office that rises above republican or democrat politics, it needs to be something that people can have faith in. especially with loretta lynch, there saying she verbally downgraded this matter.
9:25 am
that is nothing short of playing politics because you are in the middle of the presidential election and that's a major problem. look back at some of the questions of prior attorney general's under president obama, whether it is issues of fast and furious, anything like that. these are real questions that i think have an impact on democracy beyond what it means for the next election. >> this is the one thing that makes me take a pause and think "hillary clinton might be coming back." the democrats have now shifted to supporting more than ever james comey. he throws a loretta lynch back into the mix and democrats are saying "james comey are is wonderful, it must be loretta lynch that is the problem." let's get her on the hot seat. it's interesting, i know it's a lot of looking at the tea leaves, but we are also hearing the drumbeat of her trying to explain away why she lost.
9:26 am
you haven't seen another name popped out of the democrats, they know they've got to come. it is interesting. >> she can't be attorney general again, it makes perfect sense. why not sacrifice someone like loretta lynch, that is part of the hillary clinton playbook. in most cases for them, it is a fall girl. susan rice or loretta lynch. >> i would like to see attorney general lynch get grilled about that meeting on the airplane with bill clinton. we know they talked about more than golf and the grandkids and breakfast which is what she said in an interview. every interview she has done was completely -- more folly than the james comey hearing. why did the obama administration tomorrow to stop the russian meddling in the investigation it was so detrimental to hillary clinton?
9:27 am
>> asked the question of the da day, where is the -- >> where is the loretta lynch- lynch-bill clinton -- >> can i remind people, we would not even know what happened if not for a local "abc news" reporter? reporter on the ground who is taking stock -- >> that means whatever you do, i think we've learned it is not secret anymore. with transparency, we have seen a festival of bad behavior. what if we are learning is that everybody did something they shouldn't have. it's kind of insane. if there was so much bad behavior on every side. >> i want to ask you because we are running out of time, it seems as though on capitol hill, senators and congressional leaders always jockeying to get the big interviews and their committee.
9:28 am
you see lindsey graham there and he is trying to get someone in judiciary and away from intelligence. >> they compete for jurisdiction, i wish i didn't happen. i have so many democratic russian hawk friends. >> special counsel robert mueller was chosen to oversee the russia probe without bias but now former house speaker newt gingrich is raising concern about a possible conflict of interest. ahead, why he is calling for an end to that investigation.
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♪ >> well, there are new questions over special counsel robert muller ability to stay fair in the rush investigation. this is former house speaker newt gingrich: republican to abolish the special counsel pointing to the friendship with fired fbi chief james comey as
9:33 am
just one factor. >> comey said i deliberately leaked through intermediary to create this counsel who happens to be one of his closest friends. look who miller is starting to hire, these are people who frankly look to me like they are setting up to go after trump. i distrust independent counsel's, i think the people mueller are bringing in are dangerous people in any republican who thinks this counsel will be neutral are crazy. like the post of "the new york times" to be accurate. >> wow. meanwhile, member of donald trump's legal team will not rule out the possibility of the president firing mueller. watch. >> the president of the united states, as we all know, is a unitary executive. the president will seek the advice of his counsel, and inside the government as well as outside, and i will not speculate on what he will or will not do. >> so, you cannot fire
9:34 am
everybody. >> no, and you cannot fire bob mueller now. whether it is fire or even get rid of him simply because there are so many unanswered questions. judge napolitano, i have heard him discuss this famously nixon ordered the attorney general to fire the special counsel, special prosecutor, attorney general. the deputy attorney general refused to do it, quit. it was a saturday night massacre, but be careful what you wish for because the replacement of the watergate hearing was somebody more dog than him. he actually went to the supreme court to get the tapes, so it's not a good idea. karl rove said a dark cloud will be hanging over this of administration until the final days if you get rid of mueller. >> if you leave this in place it will be a short tick-tock until we know what mueller has, or no?
9:35 am
>> had somebody who kind of knows mueller. robert mueller is not young, he was enjoying retirement, he wants to get this done. he doesn't feel like hanging onto a paycheck for three years, he wants to get this done, he wants to get the answers. i think it is unfortunate the administration mentioned that about firing. i don't think president trump anywhere in his mind is thinking about firing robert mueller, i think they know better than th that. even by somebody having said maybe he should fire him, puts the cloud over the president where they are thinking he is thinking the same. >> the special counsel doesn't serve at the will and pleasure of the president like the fbi director. to dagen's point, that person can't be fired without cause, there has to be because in order to remove that person from their position, that is what makes it an apolitical situation.
9:36 am
james comey himself said how difficult it was for him to take over for mueller as the head of the fbi because he was truly standing on the shoulders of a giant. that is faster to station of isaac newton. >> they talk so lovingly about each other. >> when we talk about these investigation machines any time you have a special investigation, it never goes away. i don't think it is going away anytime soon even if you wanted it to. they just change topics and this is what i found. i think this is just inviting investigation for the entire left. >> not to go too far back on the hearing, which was just last week, we followed a little bit with comey when he was asked about if there was collusion. >> taking away from the conversation with the president, he started talking about his feelings on the matter like that
9:37 am
would matter, like they will bend for that. a little bit of value to that. >> this has been 150 some days with president trump, people are exhausted to the max on the right, the left, or the middle. i think it will be obvious i hope, but i think it will be obvious if we continue to jump to the next new question about president trump when people will finally say enough, let's move on. >> comey is talking about his feelings because he is working on the material for book. >> so, today the first time under the trump era, they say a call mine in pennsylvania, that is not what is being talked about a lot in the media, most of the media. some of the things that are happening that have nothing to do with the testimony on the
9:38 am
hill. just the latest democrat to let the f-bomb slide when slamming president trump and the republicans. is it all part of a larger political strategy? and for whom does this work? >> any of these promises? no. [bleep] no. you don't let anything
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9:43 am
sorry. i understand this is a younger audience, okay? fundamentally if we are not helping people, we should go [bleep] them. >> wow, slow down, sister. becoming something of a trend, you know. we cannot forget tom perez who has gone on numerous cursing tirades in recent weeks. now, okay. >> we could not even play it. a family show. so what happens? you run out of ideas so you just have to use filthy, foul, dagan and i have mouth so salty we can cure bacon with it. >> it is because the democrats have leaders that are really up there in age with no new ideas, we have a lot of veterans,
9:44 am
extremely young group for instance in the house of representatives, so the way they tried to compete with us is not by recruiting younger candidat candidates, it is dumb and unprofessional. >> this is the equivalent of a 3-year-old who learns how to make the flatulence noise under the armpit. it just to get attention. they stopped doing it. they do it during cocktail parties because it makes them the center of all things. >> it is a lame, cheap stunt. next they will move up to lena dunham. >> is this to express anger in some way? what is the point? >> what are they doing? >> she got a laugh, she loved it, so she did it again. she revealed in this moment why she did it, this is a younger audience, i am so cool. but when you do this, it is so
9:45 am
lazy. jerry seinfeld always said that, when you stoop to swearing because you have run out of other words, you run out of ideas. it is so easy, is lazy in your work. >> somebody starts to really cuss you out, oh, i am winning. >> the democrats were running around talking about the presidents of filthy language the past. >> apparently in private they were sewing a new sweater that said on it. >> there is research that shows when you use a harsh word it shows authenticity of the reception of it. i read this study, so my guess is they are sitting around saying throw in some bad words occasionally because frankly we have no idea if we are being
9:46 am
legitimate. >> i have been on air 15 years and i said one curse word that i thought was okay to say. >> it is the gasper rule. >> it wasn't the bombs you're getting from the dam dems. >> she wants to be president, she is talking like a sub-18-year-old audience. i take my fourth grade or sometimes two things. how is that okay? >> what if there is a 14-year-old in the audience, an engineering student who will someday heal the world of the mechanical ills, speaking of the young people that we love so much, one high school student wanted to make his yearbook picture great again until the finished product revealed the photo had been altered. he is not the only one, the school's response, we will give
9:47 am
it to you after the break. during your period?
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>> it is monday people, "outnumbered," more of it and just a moment. jon scott, what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now"? >> jeff sessions will testify tomorrow. plus, another arrest and the deadly london bridge terror attack. what we are now learning about the killers. a young woman accused of manslaughter for encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide via text message. is it a case of free speech or will the judge find her guilty? our legal panel weighs in at the top of the hour. >> that is so interesting, will see you then. >> a new jersey high school under fire after two students realize their yearbook photos had been altered to remove president trump's name from their clothing. a student war eight make america
9:52 am
great again t-shirt while another wore a trump sweater vest. the freshman class president who submitted a quote from president trump to appear below her yearbook photo noted that that was missing as well. here is a reaction from one of the students earlier today. >> when you put the stories together, there is something going on. if there is a deliberate attempt to censor and a silence freedom of speech. i think it would be fair to make sure all the yearbooks are reissued with our photos fully intact as they should be and with my sisters quote in the yearbook. and the people or person who did this should be held responsible because it is a violation of mine and other peoples first amendment rights and that's wrong. >> the high school sent a letter to parents, reading impart "the high school administration was not aware of and does not condone any censorship of political views on the part of our students. of the actions of the staff involved will be addressed as
9:53 am
soon the investigation is concluded." how is this any different than book burning? >> it is not. the idea, and you see it on the left all the time, they are all about freedom and freedom of speech until it is offensive from them and then you go to your university and you have a safe space from people who are saying things offensive to you. i had an experience like this, i wore a reagan/bush t-shirt to a farmers' market in burlington vermont. bernie sanders territory. i had more people yelling and screaming and pointing at me then i thought i could've imagined. >> this is a step further, now you are telling people that what they think and believe can just be erased. if they can erase it in the yearbook, maybe they can erase it altogether. that is really disturbing. >> it is pure censorship. now we know where the indoctrination is starting. it's not just in college,
9:54 am
potentially with high school teachers who are so in this push back against the first amendment. the first amendment is about tolerating odious, offensive, repugnant language. this is just the name of a president. >> to contact teachers from different political stripes and asked them how difficult it is to have a political conversation with their coworkers and peers. it is one thing for people and high school and college to be liberal, you haven't paid taxes it yet, you are full of creativity and idealism. in them and the government truly impedes on your life and takes all your money, until we have fantastic tax reform thanks to congress. i expect that. from these adults who are allowing the indoctrination and disallowing free speech, it's an incredibly dangerous precedent but it is also so much fun to poke a horn hornets nest and we
9:55 am
trump stopped even if you don't like the guy. >> there are a lot of people out there poking the bear and wearing it on purpose because they want to elicit that response. if this is going on everywhere, and you have to take the onus on yourself as a parent to talk to your kids about free speech at home because they are going to be from barden when they go out there. i love the assumptions that are made in public when somebody makes an anti-trump joke, they assume the entire audience is going to laugh along with them. >> i didn't know we needed to homeschool the idea of the constitution. that also is disturbing to me. it should be a part of their daily lives anyway. this is the current president. can i tell you how many things we saw with obama's name on them? i don't understand it. >> my grandfather fought the
9:56 am
nazis in world war ii and the greatest generation was out building america and now we are teaching kids to be offended by shirt that says trump. >> the other side is going to try to shut down your speech if you are not careful, be careful. more "outnumbered" in a minute. ♪
9:57 am
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thank you for being here. >> this is fun. >> you ready? >> facebook live is where you can watch this, our handle is outnumberedfnc for the cool kids. "happening now" now. >> the white house briefing set to begin just minutes from now with the russian investigation, should be a major focus. >> the attorney general prepares to take questions from the senate intelligence committee and a hearing tomorrow. we are covering all the news, "happening now." >> not yet do you have a single senator saying there is definitive evidence that there has been any collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. that needs to stop. >> the republican national committee calling for an end to the investigation into the trunk campaigns ties to russia. even as capitol hill gears up for more drama with the attorney general set to testify tomorrow.


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