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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 13, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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terrifying. that is all for tonight. good night from washington. "the five" is next. they will have updates on the fire in london. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i am dana perino, along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld, it is 9:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." ♪ more high drama on capitol hill0 today as attorney general jeff sessions testifies under oath before the senate intelligence committee and push back hard against any suggestion he was colluding with the russians. >> let me state this clearly, colleagues. w i have never met with or had any conversation with any russians or any foreign officials concerningco any type of interference with any campaign or election in the united states. further, i have no knowledge of
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any such conversations by anyone trump campaign. i was here called a guinness body,i for 20 years, at least some of you, and the suggestion that i participated in any collusion, that i was aware of any collusion with the russianth government to her to this country, which i have served with honor for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process, is an an appalling and detestable lie. >> dana: after a series of combative accusations fromoc democrats on the panel, came to republican senator tom cotton came to his defense by mocking the accusations. speaker do you like spyti ficti? >> yeah. david ignatius. ignatius' book. speaker do you like jason bourne
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are jamese bond movies? >> no. yes, i do. >> have you ever in any of these fantastical situations heard of a plot line so ridiculous that a sitting united states senator and an ambassador of a foreign government colluded in an open setting with hundreds of other people to pull off of the greatest caper in the history of espionage? >> thank you for saying that, senator cotton. it is like through the looking glass. what is this? >> dana: were going to take on the table here. jesse, i thought this was a fabulous part of the hearing for attorney general sessions. one that was sort i s of modele. but the most important one was the first sound bite that we showed. t he was the first who had been accused of this collusion and the whispering around town in washington, d.c., and to say, how dare you question my patriotism. you have known me, i've worked here, i have dedicated my life to public service. how dare you. s i thought that was the best par
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part. >> jesse: it was a great part. the democrats are trying too paint jeff sessions out to be a traitor. the man is not a traitor. he is a patriot. he's worked in the attorney's office, he was a part of the department of justice. he's from alabama, he is trumps attorney general. as a red-blooded american as you can possibly there's no way that he would try to undermine our constitutional republic in broad daylight with a foreign power. it doesn't make sense. today was just another nail ini the coffin for the russia hoax. no one landed any punches on this guy. it was a lot of innuendo, not a lot of facts, and the reason they keep on shifting targets is because they keep whiffing. they keep coming up empty handed. the facts are, this guy, jeff sessions, did not meet as a surrogatee with any russian
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officials. he met as a senator twice laste year. once was just after a speech he gave at the rnc in cleveland with a lot of other people, and then, once he had a meeting in his office about the ukraine invasion. he's not trying to cook up anything, and after seven orup eight months, the senate intelligence committee has found zero evidence of any collusion between trump campaign officials and the russians. so, i don't know where the evidence is. it does not exist. the obama director of national intelligence, obama cia director, now the attorney general, say there is no evidence of collusion. there is evidence of collusion between the democrats and the media, but that's besides the point. >> dana: it's interesting, kimberly, attorney general by talking about russian interference and saying it is real, it is a problem. there was an attempt on at least 39 states.
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so, he is openly saying that we recognize that we have a w problem, but thee collusion pa, that is not something that i did. >> kimberly: right. i thought this was very good. it's sad that we are at this point where we have to waste taxpayer dollars. that is appalling and detestable because they deserve better of the time of the people on capitol hill, the senators, the attorney general, to be able to focus on issues that are real, not conjured up, genie out of a bottle, kgb russian fantasy, the likes of which you would like to read about a novel. so, i like tom cotton's point. and i like the fact that attorney general session was able to stand up for himself. enough is enough already. he was aggressive, good for him. if people are making false and serious allegations against you, and impugning your character and integrity when you have served with patriotism for 35 years, he deserves better and so do the american people. i'm glad he stood up for himself, he answered the questions, he's not a afraid of the truth, and he was honest
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when he said we know that the russians try to interfere, but that does not mean that there was any collusion. believe me, there are democrats saying there is no evidence of this. there is no "there" there. so are they going to conjure up something? because we had comey testified too. there was no evidence to substantiate any of this. enough with the witch hunt. >> dana: a credible witness to you today, greg? he was calm, cool, collected, genuine. >> greg: he's like a wingless bird.g? unflappable. [laughter] don't let his elfish qualities fool you. >> dana: just like you. >> greg: i am a woodland creature like him. he's scrappy. the one thing we learned today is something that we've always learned when we were children, the russians like to mess with us. that is a one-sided problem that we have to deal
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that is no collusion. what happened is we have them bothering us. this is what i like to call a nothing stroganoff. a little russian bear. i don't get the democrats definition of a so, you are in the same hotel, so, technically i have met with a lot of interesting people. lou dobbs. if you get outside of the media bubble, if you get out of the political bubble, no one gives a damn. i'm watching this, and i'm trying to take myself out of my -- >> this is a fox news alert. i am in new york. we are watching a very frightening scene coming on right now and the north kensington section of west london. 200 firefighters are battling a huge blaze, you can see it there, 27 story apartment building that has been burning for four hours now. at least 45 fire engines are said to be there on the scene. a number of people have been treated for injuries, as well as
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smoke inhalation. it is now about five in the morning there, as you can see, the light coming out. the fire is diminishing. it wasn't like it was about four hours ago when it was an inferno. as you can see, the building is engulfed in flames. the second floor to the top of that high-rise. eyewitnesses say little of the building remains. of course, the fear now from some is that that building may collapse. they are keeping a very close eye on it. the building has been evacuated. people are trying to find friends and family but we are told it hasn't been completely evacuated. they are still trying to get people out of there. when necessary authorities have cordoned off several blocks, pushing people back, telling people to get as far back as possible. the fire broke out about 1:00 london time. officials tell us the firefighters are dealing with very difficult conditions and are wearing breathing apparatus to help them fight that ablaze. the cause of the fire is not yet known but it is believed that it started on the 26th floor and moved down. talking to firefighters, they say some of the worst fires, they happen overnight, because
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people are asleep and that is when those flames come in and creep in on them, giving them little time to escape. a very scary time to be having a fire in such a large building. an apartment building come out that. again, repeating what we know so far, a massive fire has destroyed a 27 story apartment building, you are looking at it right there and kensington park section of west london. it is now 5:00 a.m. local time in london. it has been burning for four hours. 200 firefighters and 40 engines are on the scene. a number of ambulances were also dispatched. there is no reported fatalities at this time but there are a number of injuries. we are keeping a close eye on that. no word of people are still inside the building. we will continue to keep an eye on the situation throughout the night and morning and bring you updates as we get them. for now, we return you to "the five," which is already in progress.
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>> juan: you get to senator ron wyden, martin heinrich, all of them saying, gee, you are stonewalling. this is what happened with dan coats, this is what happened with mike rogers, the director of national intelligence, director of national security. you don't want to talk about what you are saying. >> greg: le harris t didn't want him to answer the question. she would cut him off at the point where it sounded like he was o saying something else. it is very clever but after a while, you realize how hackneyed it was. as for ron wyden, sessions was very generous to him because he handed his ass to him. >> juan: i don't think so. that goes back to the idea, i feel like sessions is not being responsive, if he had something to say, say it. get it out. when he testified, when he was being confirmed, and didn't reveal the additional meeting, that really openedl the door. that madeha him more vulnerableo democrats ks from the democrats. >> jesse: kimberly, real quick. >> kimberly: if people, like senator kamala harris, these are auditions for a democratic open auditions to lead the democratic party. they are playing foosball with anyone that is associated with president trump, trying to take
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wax at him, and see and make a big show. this is what happens. a worked out to be office. >> jesse: democrats had accusations at sessions, stonewalling, obstruction. let's play a little bit of that. >> i believe the american people have had it in with. stonewalling. >> senator biden, i am not stonewalling. >> you are not answering questions. you are impeding this investigation. >> senator, i am protecting the president's constitutional right by not giving it away before he has a chance -- >> sir, i have just a few -- >> you let me qualify it. if you don't let me qualify, he will accuse me of lying. i need to be correct as best i can. >> i do want you to be honest. >> jesse: the stonewalling charge seems to be the one thing democrats o have come away with, my question to you, juan, if you
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are a cabinet member, and you have a conversation with the president, and you get called into a hearing, and you just have to say whatever you have to talk to the president about, how will he trust in a cabinet official he brings into the oval? >> juan: the president has a right to invoke executive privilege. to your point, jesse, as i was reading about it today, people describe it as a gray area. as of the case that the congresa can say to someone with no executive privilege that is applicable, say, tell us what w you said to the president? or is in the case ofpr the official who represented the president says, i can preserve his right to exercise his executive privilege. >> jesse: deference to the privacy of the communications, he want to give the president the benefit of the doctor so he can invoke executive privilege later on if need be.ol rice, kimberly? >> kimberly: absolutely. it isll constitutional, it makes sense. good for attorney general sessions for standing up and doing the right thing and
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putting his foot down. he is the highest ranking enforcement officer in the country, by being the head of the attorney general's office. he knows h what he is doing, hes highly capable and qualified, and he was on pointt today. so, big rumors of a breakup between sessions and president trump. don't believe it. >> jesse: i think the democrats are being a little hypocritical here, greg, because when officials were testifying against the fast and furious scandal, the irs, benghazi, or the hillary clinton email investigation, over shredding of documents, invoking executive privilege, the democrats weren't saying that was obstruction. they were okay with that. >> greg: we have to be fair. the hypocrisy then becomes a two-way street, because now we are saying it is okay, but back then, we were saying it wasn't. >> jesse: he didn't take the fifth though.ay or shred any documents. >> greg: right, and nobody died. we are still learning the lesson of benghazi, which is when you don't blame the evil for evil,
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you keep getting evil. the lesson from benghazi is orlando, manchester, the london bridge. whenever you don't say that causes terror, you get more terror. >> dana: it san bernardino. >> greg: i wonder what's next, it will probably be cyberbullying. there was way more collusion under president obama. guess what, it was on tape. obama told the outgoing russian president that he will have more flexibility after the election. that was actually on tape! >> jesse: greg makes a great point. they shift their narrative when they are not hitting the target. they go from target to target, they goha from charge to charge, andg nothing is taking. we went on the collusion part -- i hope that bob mueller has an investigation on that and itga will wrap up soon so that america can move on. at that point, if it still bears out that there is no evidence of
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collusion, then, i hope the democrats can accept that. we have a much bigger problem, and that is as a country, when we have an election coming in three and a half short years. that one hasy, to be full of integrity, and we have to do something now to protect ourselves and all of the states. that's a huge undertaking that will require everybody working together on that front. >> greg: outsource it. >> dana: to robots, hopefully. >> greg: and they should also run for office. >> dana: absolutely. >> jesse: 39 states or something like that were allegedly hacked by russians but that was never brought up by democrats in the hearing, they were focused on trump. >> juan: i don't think that knowledge was available until recently. >> dana: it was available this morning, and attorney general sessions leadd with it in his opening statement. >> juan: i just wanted to make mention of the fact that there was also a question about, if sessions recused himself, then, how did he become involved in the firing of jim comey? >> jesse: because he said the firing wasn't strictly about russia, it was about his
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performance with the hillary clinton email investigation. followedand questions, that is where he had the most difficult time, basically being a little bit muddled. he wastl saying, at one point, we'll just love the president's words stand and the president had changed the explanation when he gave the interview to lester holt. >> juan: right, and at one point, he said he faced the firing on what rod rosenstein wrote. maybe it was the case, according to sessions today, that there were c discussions with rosenstn before, and that rosenstein thin new -- of course, what the president said to lester holt, because of the russians. so, it is kind of confusing, but i think people want to understand.nd if you recuse yourself from the russian investigation, how did you get yourself involved in the firing of jim comey? >> kimberly: because of the doj regulations that werere required him to do so because he was a campaign surrogate. >> juan: but the question is how did he become involved in the firing of the fbi director after he recused himself?
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>> jesse: it had to to do with the hillary clinton investigation. he overstepped his bounds with loretta lynch. >> juan: but i comey testified, there was never any indication that there was a problem with the fbi. >> jesse: comey also claimed that sessions never gave him a heads up, and sessions came out with the email to prove it. i don't think that comey came out looking very good after this hearing, either. >> greg: this is amazing, there's got to be 200 million americans, saying, this is all about a conversation? nobody died. this is about a conversation. it's about a party trying to prevent another party from succeeding in its agenda. the media spends 85% of its time. they are like those cats chasing laser pointers. that is all this is. their paws are hitting an ipad because there is an image there. but nobody gives a. >> dana: the laser pointer thing creates obsessive-compulsive disorder in
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cats. and in greg. [laughter] [laughter] >> juan: and epileptic seizures.pi there is ann alternative view. the alternative view is, if, in fact, you compromise the integrity ofin our elections, as dany was touching on, that is not good. >> greg: no, i agree. last year, when we first were stumbling onto the story, i was the loudest screamer about russian interference. >> juan: so they are not cat paws. j the seriousness ---- >> greg: the collusion piece is the catspaw. there is nothing there. >> kimberly: they want catnip. they want to president trump. >> juan: there is nothing we know about in the ongoing investigation. >> greg: you can say that until the day we die. >> kimberly: may be they all figured it out and something miraculously pops up after comey had been fired and between the time when mueller has taken over. i don't think so. >> jesse: the white house reaction to the sessions hearing straight ahead. and we are awaiting the arrival
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of an american student who had beeno held captive by north koa for more than a year. 22-year-old otto warmbier is on his way back to theon united states, but he is not in good condition. he is in i a coma and in need of medical care. he is expected to arrive in cincinnati very soon. we are keeping a very close eye on that. so, stay right here. new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one.
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that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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>> kimberly: the liberal media and democrats keep pushing the trump conspiracy theory with zero proof of collusion, according to this former attorneytr general. >> i don't see evidence of any crime having been committed by anybody in relation to this investigation. no one has found investigation of collusion, and if there were, there would be a crime. >> kimberly: it's interesting, the left isn't paying much attention to this news. revelations that three members on the team's special counsel have donated to democratic presidential campaigns. newt gingrich is calling out the fairness of the investigation. ca says he spoke with president trump about it last
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night. >> he called me because i have been very clear about the fact that mueller hiring four democrats, his first four attorneys have all been democrats. one of them worked for the clinton foundation, but could not find a single pro-trump attorney to hire. i think it is a rigged game. i think it's a h mistake to pretend that this is going to be some neutral investigation. >> kimberly: so we are hearing a lot discussed about obstruction of justice, the shift has gone from collusion to obstruction. >> greg: it's fake news. donald trump reminds me of, he is trying to get all of those stuff done, it is like those old swashbuckler movies, the hero is up in the post, like this. then, he is down on a ramp, then, he is going through the streets. but he's going to get dinner. so, trump is all the time, has to be doing action while he is getting his other stuff done. so, he's kind of basically, they
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are throwing all of the stuff at him, but he is still trying to get through the side battles while trying to fight the front battle. it would be interesting if the democrats could just loosen up on their delayed release i convulsion. c that's what this is. it's a delayed release convulsion the election. it has never let go. they are still going through it. they've got to learn to live with it. >> kimberly: do you buy the theory, dana? >> dana: it's interesting, two weeks ago when bob mueller was announced, everybody was on the same page, saying, a great guy, amazing public servants. served in both republican and democratic institutions. he's not a showboat. now, all of a sudden, they are saying you should be removed. it is slightly ironic for republicans to be complaining that there were donations to democrats given that president trump himself have donated to democrats over the years many times. i actually think that people ca do their job in a nonpartisan way regardless of who they have
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actually supported or have given money to. if it becomes such an issue, then they want to hire a couple of pro trump lawyers. it's unfortunate that an independent investigation that should be pure of all of that is basically getting tarnished. i think it setting it up to be -- it is building up so much so that democrats then can say, oh, look, we told you all along that there was can look, collusion. or republicans can say, actually we told you all along that there was no collusion and it's a good thing robert mueller went our way. i don't like any of that, i think that people can actually be professional in washington. i still have hope. >> jesse: people could be working the refs a little bit, preempting anything that could come down against their wishes. i think a lot of people in the beginning thought mueller was the right pick, and an alarm bells started going on. it's a few things.
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one, if the former fbi director says that there is no collusion and there is no obstruction of justice, then what exactly isn mueller investigating, and notat only is he hiring 3 out of the five lawyers that are democratic donors, to the tone of $50,000, they are maxing out to the dnc, the hillary, it is not just a donation here, a donation there. one of these people actually represented hillary clinton's foundation. same woman represented her during her email investigation defense. one of the other lawyers that they just hired is representing or represented the guy that smashed hillary clinton's iphone with a hammer. the i.t. guy. on the other hand, you have the relationship between mueller and comey. they worked together for over a decade, they were close friends of the department of justice and the fbi, they were "joined at the hip." it was a mentor-protege situation. so, if he is going to come in
9:28 pm
and look at the dinner between trump and comey, and his good close friend is the star witness, or potentially the target, can he be impartial? those are the kind of questions people are asking, and like we said before, a lot of times these special prosecutors are like a hammer in search of a >> juan: i don't know how it'sti new information that robert mueller has some relationship with the former fbi director. >> jesse: it slowly came out. >> juan: they were in the same administration together ten years ago.ev everybody knows this. i think the root of this whole conversation is, chris ruddy says the president may fire the special counselor. everybody says, whoa, what you talking about? >> greg: which he denied. >> juan: now rush limbaugh and the chair of the republican party says there is nothing here. this is a politically motivated, illegitimate investigation. why do you need to have anes investigation?
9:29 pm
to me, now, they are starting to attack the people who are doing the investigation and suggest that they are illegitimate and politically motivated. remember, the justice department looked into whether mueller, because he came from a law firm that had represented trump's family, would have any conflict of interest. that would benefit trump, by the way, jesse. they said, no, nothing is there. and then, the question is raise raised, what about the fact that some of the people he hired have given donations to democrats? they are finding that, no there is no reason. we've had previous investigations done by people who have made political contributions. that does not mean you areha incapable of rendering an impartial judgment. >> jesse: i would agree with that. maybe they can find any trump lawyers in washington, d.c., that want to hop on board. who knows. >> kimberly: this is interesting. this is what yous do, you get people on obstruction or lying when you can't get them on the core crime. it is like martha stewart. there was no evidence of
9:30 pm
collusion, so, they have changed the tact to obstruction. >> greg: comey! comey's biggest crime was putting poor martha stewart behind bars. >> kimberly: she is knitting ponchos. >> jesse: but hillary gets to walk. >> kimberly: unbelievable. another big story of concern is the revelation of james comey that former attorney general loretta lynch told him to downplay the clinton investigation. and gave hillary clinton a free pass and protection. totally illegal! dana. >> dana: there's a frustration from the republican side saying why isn't this story getting more attention? part of it is becausee hillary clinton lost.ry they were looking for her in the woods. she is still trying to figure out what to do.
9:31 pm
she just started a pac. once the administration moves on it's hard to go back. but the story line actually sticks. it does muddy the waters for the democrats, and they are not pure. >> kimberly: difficult indeed. jesse. >> jesse: three things with her. one, she allegedly told comey to downplay his language, in order to jive with hillary clinton's rhetoric about it, which she found to make them queasy. he is very queasy, he is always getting queasy. hesa did listen to her, he said that in front of the congressional hearing. also, the secret meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac, also very troubling. apparently,y, they were talking about their grandchildren for 4. they must have a lot of grandchildren, who knows. there is a new report from circa communicationsy went to loretta evidence, conversation between two top
9:32 pm
democrats that were alluding to the fact that the hillary clinton investigation ever rose to a certain level, loretta lynch would spike it. he confrontedo her with it, and she just sat there and stared at him in cold silence. >> dana: like in a move movie. >> jesse: yeah. a lot of drama with comey. >> kimberly: queasy, nauseous. juan, what do you make of this? >> juan: again, i think it's a distraction. >> greg: wait, this is a distraction? [laughter] >> juan: comey, by his own admission says, there was no evidence, no crime committed by hillary clinton. that was his finding. he said because of the prosecutor -- >> jesse: correct. he said that wasn't his job to announce. >> juan: he said there was no case, jesse. there was no evidence that would justify bringing a criminalif prosecution of anybody. that's what he said.
9:33 pm
so, all we are talking about -- >> jesse: would you like to hear about that? >> kimberly: i don't know, your cheeks are up here -- he is like this. >> jesse: i will interrupt briefly. he contorted the statute to say thated there was no intent. it didn't need intent. she violated the law,sh and have her name was in clinton, she wouldhe have been behind bars. everybody knows it. >> juan: oh, my gosh. get out of town. >> kimberly: she would have been a goner. >> greg: this is the confirmation bias of two sport politics. you have two perfect examples here. you look at loretta lynch, and you say absolutely there is no there there. you look at trump and say there is no there there. but, at least comey actually saidct that loretta lynch pressured him to use campaign language to help hillary win. he's actually saying that that happened, and the only reason it it is being ignored -- >> kimberly: there is proof of that! >> juan: that is what he said. >> kimberly: now, you don't want to believe it.
9:34 pm
>> greg: what happened at the mayflower hotel? >> juan: it is not just the meeting between the two of them, but a group of people come together, and she says, the fbi doesn't disclose that we are doing an investigation are not doing an investigation. >> greg: how would you feel if the deaths were's fault? >> kimberly: how do you explain snakes on a plane? how do you explain the whole thing teaming on a plane? >> greg: it was snake on a planent. >> dana: bill clinton is involved. >> greg: i am saying snake on a plane -- it was snakes -- there is only one snake on that plane. [laughter] >> greg: never mind. >> juan: oh, my goodness. [laughter] >> kimberly: long, the point is, there are actual statements to back this up. the problem is that when you look at this, and i want to talk to you about comey for second,
9:35 pm
is he literally laid out as the prosecutor everything that shows that hillary clinton was guilty of this, and then at theha end,e takes the role away from loretta lynch and says that there should be no further prosecution. over stepping his bounds, and saying that there should be intent and that the statuteha tt requires intent is totally erroneous, untrue, and not in the statute. >> juan: he said there was no evidence, as i remember. >> kimberly: he listed the whole thing. and said, wow, this is going to happen.ha thatna: i wonder about in some ways, because he knew that loretta lynch had the tendency to pressure to use the campaign language, i wonder if he did that press conference, when he laid out all then terrible things that hillary clinton has done and then doesn't recommend prosecution. remember during that time, the investigator usually just turns over the document and lets the doj decide.. maybe comey was thinking, if i do that this will never see the light of day. he knew they were going to bury it.
9:36 pm
that's a possibility.d >> kimberly: there is a great "washington post" article about this.port >> juan: is in the bottom line, in fact, jim comey, by his own testimony, says, no evidence, no case, apart from whatever language and talking about, do we describe this as a matter, confirm there was an investigation. when he looked into the matter, his investigators at the fbi could not find any evidence of wrongdoing. >> kimberly:u intent. intent is required. >> jesse: all of a sudden, susan rice gets a subpoena, or loretta lynch gets in trouble. reality winner is in handcuffs. it keeps coming back to the democrats, but no republican is ever doing anything wrong. >> dana: the other thing that robert mueller is looking into is the unmasking issue. that is been a shifting u narrative as well. the republicans were focusing on that about one month ago. but that has been the focus of the entire investigation. there are things to be learned, even if there is no collusion,
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and hopefully there is not. let those chips fall where they are. the unmasking issue that the republicans are demanding some sort of explanation on. >> kimberly: shouldn't they, though? >> dana: the republicans should want bob mueller's investigation to continue. we will let them do that, focus on doing the great things we want to do for america. in the meantime, we have that not only what they look into this come about but they are also considering what the obama administration did with him asking, because we need answers on that, too. >> kimberly: that should be the most concern to americans, in terms of the violation of privacy, the unmasking of citizens. that should be thet big story that should be at the top of everyone's list. >> juan: there is no evidence of any wrongdoing. by the way, kimberly, they said they keep a record of everyone who requests a name. i don't expect that. i will say this, today, the speaker of the house, paul ryan, the house majority leader, kevin mccarthy, both said there was no reason to fire bob mueller,
9:38 pm
which i think, basically, put that up as a trial balloon for president trump. >> kimberly: by the way, no one is objecting to a fair and impartial investigation. >> greg: i am. >> kimberly: because you have ayo lot to hide, sunny. other than that. >> greg: think of what a waste of time this hash been. you start with all of the stuff about collusion, and then you get obstruction, and then you go back on lunch. it just keeps going around and around, and the great thing is, all of it leads back to hillary. if it wasn't for hillary, there would not of been a loretta lynch meeting. >> kimberly: if she hadn't made that decision about her private email server. >> greg: that is far worse than trump. >> kimberly: if she had just like joe biden run when it was her turn, this would be a very different show. >> greg: he might run again. she was entitled to it like she was entitled to everything. >> kimberly: there you go. she really wanted that commemorative desk. up next, what did the
9:39 pm
white house think of the attorney general's hearing on capitol hill? we are going take you there live. we're still keeping a close eye on the expected arrival of an american student freed from north korea. otto warmbier is flying home to cincinnati in a coma. tucker carlson is going to have an exclusive interview with his parents tomorrow night. please make sure to c watch that on 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. back in a moment..
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[sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues] >> jesse: back mount to today's big hearing on capitol hill. attorney general jeff sessions came out swinging against >> juan: back now to today's big hearing on capitol hill. attorney general jeff sessions came out swinging against a firing squad of democrats. they were skeptical about his answers on the russiaus collusin inquiry. reactions from the white house. let's bring in chief correspondent ed henry. ed, after comey testified last week, the president said "vindicated" in a tweet. what is he saying tonight? >> there is no briefing here. the president just came back from wisconsin.
9:44 pm
on air force one, are the way back here to the white house, sarah huckabee sanders briefed reporters saying that the president believes that jeff sessions did a "very good job." she went on to saysi something else that is kind of interesting. you were just talking about with robert mueller, at this point the president has no intention to fire the special counselor. you can bet democrats are going to jump on the word no intention. to say that the door is still open.te clearly, the white house trying to tamp down any speculation that was put out over the last 24 hours over the possibility for the president firing robert mueller. they certainly know here the political firestorm that was created by him firing james comey. >> juan: question now from jesse. >> jesse: two part question. one, do you think this is going to be the blueprint for dissenting against the russian attacks, because sessions was very strong in his rebuttal.
9:45 pm
kind of like, how dare you question my integrity? at the same time, are we getting to the point where the white house feels it has turned the page on this? a lot of the serious testimony, are they turning the page on this or not? >> they haven't turned the page with robert mueller in business. really, just tapping up, as you were talking about a moment ago. this is around for months or even years. you can't turn the page completely, but the advisor toha the president that i have talked to in the last couple of hours believe that they are starting to turn the page, i guess you would say. they certainly feel better. i think you hit on an important point. jeff sessions not just playing defense, but also going on offense. saying, i am sick and tired of it, don't question my integrity. frankly, what took sofr long? we have not heard people around this president really speaking out in that way.. part of it is that others have not really testified up there. james comey has had his chance, the president's inner circle hasn't really had their chance to push back. this idea of a war room being
9:46 pm
created around the white house never really materialized, so there's been a vacuum, and what it has been filled by is the president and his tweets. maybe now, sessions will say, is a playbook. get out there and don't just play defense, get on offense.n >> juan: get ready for cross examination from counselor guilfoyle. >> kimberly: don't be afraid. it seems this has stabilized a little bit, especially with theh relationship between attorney general sessions and the president with sessions performing so well today in terms of being a bit defiant, almost insulted by what he's being accused of. with good reason since he has served this country so admirabl admirably. what do you think the white house is thinking of in terms of next steps going from here? maybe they don't need a war room to deal with the russian situation if things are going to continue in this way.
9:47 pm
>> two important points. first of all, with jeff sessions, the fact of the matter is, this isse somebody who got t there and showed that maybe it has been fake news or a fake narrative, this idea that he and the president are at each other's throats. yes, they all but confirmed a few days back that jeff sessions offered to resign some a few weeks back before the president's foreign trip, because he believed thew president was very frustrated that he recused himself. that opened the door to a special counsel being named, but i think you're right. based on his performance today, jeff sessions did not look like somebody who was uncomfortable, he did not look like someone who was at odds with his president. if anything, he didn't just stand up for himself, he stood up for the commander-in-chief and the entire administration. that narrative out there, seems somewhat ridiculous. msnumber two, look what the president was doing. he was in milwaukee talking, about jobs this afternoon and evening. if they have sessions playing both defense and offense and the president getting back to what
9:48 pm
he was elected to do, they may t have a playbook. >> juan: get ready for sean spicer's role model, dana perino. >> dana:an may be the other way around. the workforce and vocational training, i wanted to ask if you could talk about things that happened that the president didn't get a chance to talk about. one, the house passed the veterans affairs bill, which allows them to be able to fire people that are civil servants but we need to be fired so they can start those va reforms.e that bell is headed to the president's desk by next week. in additionat to that, the president met with g.o.p. senators, he talked the health care bill, and said it was mean and he wants them to fix it. apparently the president is going to allow general mattis to make a decision.nt there are all of these things going on in the senate intelligence committee.
9:49 pm
speak of the veterans bill, allowing them to fire workers who should beou fired, with the fact that secretary shelton has been pushing hard to modernize their system, so, veterans get the benefit of the health care they need. this president can rightly say that he is out there innovating and doing some of the things that he was elected to do. on the other hand, you mentioned health care, yes, he shows that maybe things are getting back on track to come up with a comment about the house bill is kind of mean, you have to fix it -- let us give toou democrats. it's another self-inflicted wound because you have all these house republicans who went out on a limb to vote for this bill and they celebrated it in the rose garden. now he is saying it is mean. >> dana: i do think that thatge give them a chance to get some thing together that they can all support. >> juan: greg has been busy all day, he was helping to prep that man.y he was helping to prep that man, jeff sessions.
9:50 pm
>> greg: i have a fact and a question for you. in fact, i did and nine anagrams of your name and my favorite one is "hey nerd." my question when will these stupid, vacuous story finally end? >> i thought long and hard about this because i knewt you were going to throw me a hard ball, and i think today was a nothing frankfurter. [laughter] >> greg: very good. i know you've been on the nothing burger, i'm going with a >> i know you've been on the nothing burger, i'm going with a nothing frankfurter. >> greg: you are in everything henry. >> juan: i see that the poll numbers are indicating that the president is at 37% in gallup. what is the reaction to that? >> he's got to getgo those numbs up. this is a president who in the campaign talked about the polls constantly. they eventually went his way, now he's got to get them back on his side again. >> juan: ed, you are the best. thanks so much. demands from actoror mark ruffa,
9:51 pm
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♪ >> kimberly: so aggressive. >> greg: potato faced actor mark ruffalo is demanding msnbc stop hiring white people. he actually tweeted a position,
9:55 pm
saying, "tell msnbc and nbc news to stop the white conservative hiring spree." the petition implores "don't promote white wing hate." how cowardly to cast divergent opinion as hateful. they smear other voices as evil to eliminate actual diversity of ideas. so, who are these hateful people that these networks are hiring? george will, nicole wallace, real alt-right goons. greta. real alt-right goons. if only mark had the guts to focus on the violent fascists on his side, this, who throw urine at protesters, those that demand days to celebrate racism, that is your people, mark. he is not that bright. so, he masks his insecurities in social justice tantrums. but isn't it time to asks. hollywood to stop hiring white actors like him?
9:56 pm
seriously, why doesn't ruffalo accelerate diversity byac rejecting roles and allow people of color to replace him? this guy has been in like 70 movies. ruffalo's own selfish desire tos saturate the marketplace makes him an obstacle for diversity. he is racist. in fact, all of those roles were opportunities for gays, lesbians, men and women of color, that he took for himself.t his callous appropriation of such roles deprived others of meaningful work. he's a selfish selfish old white male, and hollywood should stop hiring him. i would circulate a petition, but unlike marco, i have a life. shouldn't he live by the sword, die by the sword, dana? >> dana: it was a great suggestion. he may be wearing a hair short tonight, saying, greg gutfeld is right. he is and probably realize that about himself. >> greg: exactly. you actually feel that there are too many people and a certain
9:57 pm
occupation, mark, it's on you. he is in like five movies a year, jesse. he doesn't need to work that much. every role he takes means a person of color doesn't get to that rule. he played the halt. he didn't have to be a white guy to play the halt. >> jesse: that's a lot of rage for a potato phase. >> greg: don't you like potatoes? 's before that a compliment. >> jesse: i like when the left eats the tone.t could you imagine if a conservative hollywood actor y said fox news needs to stop hiring liberal blacks. could you imagine the outrage oa something like that? >> greg: juan would be outraged. [laughter] >> jesse: with msnbc, that is two conservatives for mark ruffalo? >> greg: exactly. >> juan: talking about potato phase, i was reminded that manuel noriega was called pineapple face. i don't understand how this
9:58 pm
green guy suddenly gets into this racial s conversation. but i will say that there is a legitimate conversation going on about the fact that you have people like cameron hall no longer working there, melissa harris a perry, and it seems li, what is going on? are they making a decision to move away from the left and move towards the more centrist approach? >> kimberly: they made it very hard on megyn kelly when sheel moved over there. the press and the media. because tamara holder went off the air. >> greg: i've never heard of these people. >> juan: yes, you have. >> jesse: what is is msnbc you speak of? >> kimberly: they were on cnn. >> greg: oh, "the cycle." they were trying to imitate "the five." >> kimberly: it worked out well. >> greg: it's like a child dressing up as's a cowboy on halloween, you're not really a cowboy. u >> kimberly: she's on here
9:59 pm
now. >> jesse: yeah, krystal ball. >> greg: this is an example of a personea who doesn't want any opposing views. he doesn't realize that can make them stronger. >> kimberly: get some elevation if you will. get up on a step ladder. >> greg: i did not deserve that. this show is over. >> kimberly: but, when you thing about it, the discrimination and prejudice that is being exhibited by thehe altdar left is unbelievable. if you don't agree with them, then everybody else is racist and sexist, and they get to preach and pontificate and ban people from college campuses from speaking at venues. it's what they decide has thepe purity and the moral objective. that is what i find extremely limited and small minded. >> dana: the other thing that msnbc has decided, they realize that the diversity of thought is better for their bottom line. iea think they have made a marketing in a business decisio
10:00 pm
decision. >> greg: people like to be challenged. that is why "the five" is the most successful to show in history of television. >> kimberly: exhilarating, thrilling! we could get when any authorities appearing to get a handle layer. renouncing more smoke and flame flames. it wasn't that case about five hours ago. it has been burning for five hours. the mayor of london calling it "a mayor stomach major incident." a number of people have been treated for injuries including smoke inhalation, but so far no word of fatalities.


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