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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 14, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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best we can, and he was reassuring his family. >> bill: the president, >> jon: a fox news alert, we are continuing to follow the momentous events that took place on a baseball field in virginia at about 9 minutes after seven when gunshots rang out there. security in washington is on high alert, armed secret service agents are out in force at the white house. pedestrians have been cleared from pennsylvania avenue in front of the building. president trump responding to the shooting of congressman steve scalise earlier this morning. he took to twitter saying representative steve scalise of louisiana, a true friend and patriot, was badly injured, but will fully recover.
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our thoughts and prayers are with him. we have just learned that the president will speak about an hour and a half from now about these terrible events. at least five people were shot as a result of the gunman. i'm sorry, i misspoke when i sit an hour and a half, it will be 30 minutes from now that the president speaks. kevin corke is at the white house. what's the latest? the >> you hit the nail on the head. shortly after 7:00 this morning, we went right up to the press office to find out what they had to say about it and almost immediately, they were in action trying to figure out not only what happened on the ground, but also what the response would be. as you pointed out, the president immediately went to twitter to talk about his good friend steve's glaze. let me share some of what the president tweeted today, on a
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day when hartsell over the nation skipped a beat, worried about his safety and health. representatives steve's place of louisiana, a true friend and patriot, was badly injured, but will fully recover. our thoughts and prayers are with him. in the first lady, melania is also tweeting this morning. she said thank you to the first responders who rushed in to protect those who are hurt and alexandria, virginia. my thoughts and prayers to everyone. as you pointed out, we did see some visible signs of heightened security. right now, i do see crowds are across pennsylvania. pennsylvania is clear of pedestrian traffic, but they are over a cross in lafayette park which is not terribly uncommon. we do see that from time to tim time. meanwhile, on capitol hill, secretary rex tillerson is speaking at the house foreign affairs committee and had this to say and i think it really
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reflects not just what the white house is feeling, but the thoughts of the nation as well. >> we were all stunned by the news of the shooting involving your colleague, members of congressional staff, and capitol police. congressman scalise is a friend of mine, he's a friend and represents many friends of mine back in louisiana. my prayers and those of my colleagues at the state department are with the injured and with those members of law enforcement who responded to this morning's attack. >> indeed, big thanks to those who were actually able to get out there and try to protect those who were under assault this morning. as you pointed out, we expect to hear from the president and about 25 minutes from now. of course, we'll bring you coverage as soon as we get that here on fox news. i should point out one more thing from the white house. the president did have remarks scheduled at the labor department, those have obviously been scrubbed because of what happened today. >> jon: obviously when summing
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like this happens, there is a security blanket that envelops all of washington. we mentioned those pedestrians have been pushed away from pennsylvania avenue. it is close to pedestrians at this time. what else are using at the white house in terms of increased security? >> i come here every day, early morning. it's usually generally relaxed unless there's a head of state coming here or someone like the vice president making his way over from the observatory, but i noticed, even in the gravity of my time out here in the last 15 minutes, i'm seeing more assault weapons, quite frankly and that is uncommon. it's usually just a guy standing here making sure people aren't trying to get along the fence line, but i've actually seen that and i would say that is an unusual occurrence here. given what happened across the river, i don't think it's necessarily a bad posture to take. >> jon: kevin corke, if anything changes at the white house, please get back to us. thank you.
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>> heather: now we're going to the scene of the shooting. fox news has learned that they are continuing to look for information on what happened. garrett tenney is live on the scene there. what can you tell us? >> it is still very much an active investigation going on. they just moved us back from the edge of the outfield of the baseball field. this was almost four hours ago. they were doing hitting practice when some man began to shoot from the third base line outside the fence. the congressmen where they are on the baseball field. there are about 15 people in the dog park next door and are people at the ymca. this is very much a residential area where all of this was playing out. police are still piecing together exactly what happened. we are told that this lasted fo.
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police were on the scene within 3 minutes. capitol hill police were here as part of security detail for steve scalise. they engaged in a gun battle with this gunmen who eventually took him down. we have spoken to people here, it is a scary scene, especially for the people who were out walking their dogs. one man described what he heard as he was lying there hearing the gunfire exchanged. >> i couldn't hear the gunmen, i heard the police saying to the gunmen get down and put your gun down and then i heard someone saying just shoot him. >> we are told that there are five people who were injured in this incident. steve scalise as well as three other congressional aides and then the gunmen as well. still a very much active investigation. >> heather: as we continue to
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await for more information, we will bring it to everyone as a comes in. as you said, five people being treated, we do know that the suspect is in custody. we do not know the condition of that suspect at this point. we are still waiting to hear on that. >> jon: jack bergman of michigan was on the field when the shots rang out. he joins us now. congressman bergman, set the scene for us, what did you observe? what happened? >> it was just towards the end of the daily practice. i was next in line to bat standing next to the batting cage when the first shot rang out. the second shot rang out within a couple of seconds. pretty obvious at that point that we had a shooter, so everybody started to scramble and we could tell that it was from somewhere behind the third base dugout. i kicked into marine mode and went to a low crawl, crawl behind the first base dugout along with a couple of others,
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not knowing how and in which direction the shooter was moving. within a couple of minutes, it appeared that the shooter was trying to work his way down the third base line outside of the fence and towards the backstop. we scrambled then into the first base dugout and at that point, the capital police were engaging him. they engaged him right behind the backstop. there were the true heroes because if they had not been there, this truly could have been a massacre. >> jon: you mentioned your marine training. you are a three-star marine corps general. i imagine that that served you well in this circumstance. >> ed served me well from the standpoint of where trained to be in this situation and maintain your cool as best and move forward and that's what you have to keep doing. there were a lot of people scrambling and you see the acts
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of good human behavior out there. a lot of my colleagues and staffers, they were all engaged from beginning to end. >> jon: what about the response from protective detail, the capital police? you tell us about that? >> the only people on site were's polices security detail and they acted appropriately with force, with good tactics and they were able to successfully take the shooter down. >> jon: we are getting an identity of the suspect, and for control room could help me out with that. james hodgkinson is the identity according to the associated press of the shooter here. there are reports that he spoke to some members who were out there on the field before hand, before the shooting erupted. did you hear any of that or did you see him talking with members
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of your team? >> i did not. the first time i laid eyes on him was doing a quick check of the wounded and i saw he had been subdued by the police. i walked about 20 feet to make sure they were secured and i turned around and walked back to again take care of my colleagues. >> jon: in terms of those who word were hit, it sounds like congressman scalise, was he hurt the worst? >> i don't know but the worst, but congressman when strip and senator flack were removing the top of his trousers so they could get eyes onto the entry wound and just for a couple seconds, i helped them remove his belt because dr. when strip was the lead medic.
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he could clearly see the entrance wound right on the left hip bone. >> jon: clearly, had his protective detail not been there and ready to return fire, this incident would have been a whole lot worse. >> it would have been. we would have had a choice to either duck and cover and hope he didn't hit us or basically take the baseball bats and engage him. >> jon: there are reports -- go >> once you hear the sounds you know what it is, .
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>> jon: do you know anything about the condition of the shooter, because authorities have been very tight-lipped about that. we know he was apprehended and taken away. >> i do not know. all i know is he was not resisting arrest. he was laying there and was totally subdued by the officers. >> jon: obviously is a retired marine corps general and a retired pilot for northwest airlines, you have handled a lot of emergencies. you have seen a lot of emergencies, procedures, rehearsals, the kind of thing. summit up for us, what's been on your mind after coming away from this terrible event? >> what's on my mind is very simple. we live in a world where you have to have to be eternally vigilant. we learned that on 9/11, especially as an airline pilot, you have to maintain vigilance. there are facts that there are people out there who wish to do harm to others and is the
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responsibility of everyone to maintain -- it was tom friedman that's a long time ago, if you see something, say something. i think you need to step it up a little bit. unfortunately, we live in a world that has taken on new security requirements. >> jon: congressman jack bergman, it's good for you to spend some time with us today. hopefully you weren't hurt and thankful you were there with the presence of mind to help out some of your colleagues. >> keep those families and those who were wounded and your prayers. >> jon: we will. thank you. >> heather: amazing to hear the stories of those folks were all out there helping each othe other. >> jon: to have the presence of mind to do what they did as shots rang out. >> heather: we are still waiting for the president to speak live. we were told that he would speak around 11:30. the meantime, chad bertram is on
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senior -- capitol hill. we are told that the shooter's name is james hodgkinson. he's 66 years old and he has one previous charge in april 2006 of battery and aiding damage to a motor vehicle, but that charge was eventually dismissed apparently. that's some new information. what do you have? >> what we are trying to assess right now is the conditions of those were injured, steve scalise. he was transported and is still in surgery at this hour. this is a pretty bizarre scene. you can probably see the baseball field in the distance away from me. we are on a bridge of just about half a mile away. this is a residential area. i live a couple of blocks from here.
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a couple of days ago, i was in a coffee shop directly across the street from the baseball diamond and i was at the gym when i heard this and i knew that the republicans were practicing because i had just talked to an aide a couple of days ago about the practice and in fact, i was asked to come out and watch. i had been to these practices before to do some feature stories. congressman scalise was at second base when he was shot in the hip. this was a dramatic scene here. if you look up and down the streets, there are a couple of cars across from the baseball diamond where the windows have been shot out. and about three or four minutes of the capital, there will be an all hands meeting. we are told that at noon, the house of representatives, the house speaker paul ryan will address the shooting and also nancy pelosi.
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chuck schumer said he was shaken, mitch mcconnell also extended his condolences and expressed concern about this. again, i want to focus folks on one thing that is notable. this is to members of the house of representatives who have been shot and six and half years. gabby giffords, the former congresswoman from arizona wished shot in the head. there was an aide who is killed, gave zimmerman who was shot and killed when she was trying to conduct a town hall meeting in 2011. there was a u.s. police detail here with scalise. he gets a certain level of security. they were here and they returned fire and engage the suspect. the alexandria police chief said that his officers were here in about 3 minutes and they engaged the suspect as well. that suspect was shot and is also at the hospital, but again, a shaking day on capitol hill. again, the fact that this
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congressional baseball game assuming that members really look forward to, they appreciate the camaraderie on both sides of the aisle, they try hard, they want to win. kevin brady who is the chair of the ways and means committee was injured a couple of years ago. they play hard and ironically, it was last year, just about this time, it was the day before the congressional baseball game at democrats took over the house floor and there said in to protest gun violence. republicans argue that one of the reasons they won the game is because they believe democratic members were tired occupying the house floor for more than 24 hours a day before. >> heather: it's amazing this regular practice that they have, they go out at 6:30 in the morning, they are concentrating on playing for this charity baseball game. it's definitely going to make them rethink their security because as you say, had it not been for his extra security, there would have possibly been on out there and we would have
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been told over and over again that the outcome would have been drastically different. chad, thank you so much and will check back with you. >> jon: a bit of good news. we are hearing that one of those who was shot was zach barth, a legislative aide to representative williams of texas. we are told that he is receiving medical care, he is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery. that according to a tweet from the representative's office. reportedly had been shot in the chest, so it sounded a little bit ominous, but apparently that legislative aide to congressman williams is going to make a full recovery. we are about 12 from the expected address by the president mentioning all of these terrible events that took place this morning and alexandria. senator rand paul is on the batting cage and waiting for his turn at the plate when the shooting began. he described the harrowing scene to fox and friends.
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>> at this point, the gunman's reloading, there is probably been about 50 or 60 shots. we can't really see him that well, but my gut feeling was, i've got to decide to stay or run in at this point, i think he is advancing towards us. people are moving behind different buildings. most everybody is closer to the gunman then i am. i'm at a distant point, but the staffer that made it over the fence, we are trying to decide to stay or go and at this point, the capitol police began returning fire. i do believe that without the capitol hill police, it would have been a massacre. >> jon: joining us now is jake sherman, senior writer for politico and co-author of politico's playbook. all of a sudden, you know that the testimony in front of the senate judiciary committee by the attorney general yesterday, all of that is yesterday's news when some thing like this happens. the >> i think the stunning thing for many members of congress and why people been talking about since gabby giffords was shot is most members of congress did not have
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security detail. they roam around washington and around their district basically on their own and is a huge problem many people feel because political rhetoric is hot and some members of congress protest. that's getting a new discussion right now. again, we don't know much about this shooting yet, but i can tell you from the people i've spoken to this morning, they kind of feel like we are walking around all over the place without big security presence and maybe we should rethink that. >> jon: this is one of those moments where everybody on capitol hill manages to come together. there has been so much partisan rancor lately and when something like this happens, people tend to throw arms around each other and remember we are all in this together. >> i think that's right. the congressional baseball game is one of those vestiges of old-school d.c. republican's at democrats kind of battling it out on the field, having a good time. president obama attended a few years ago. there were rumors that the
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president would attend again. i think this shatters that picture that we are use to of a moment where washington comes together and washington has a good time. i think it's going to alter how these folks practice in the future. a member of congress on the baseball team told me they've been practicing their for years. with scalise's detail was there out of almost luck. this was a moment to reassess and reevaluate, but you are right, people are acting as though they are friends today. >> jon: he is a member of the leadership team, he gets capital police protection and ordinarily, that would not have been the case. >> that's right. that's a scary thing to think about because you have somebody with what appears to be a high-powered gun. members of congress completely unarmed playing baseball at six
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or 7:00 in the morning. some folks were leaving early to bring their kids to school so there could have been more people there. that's absolutely right. the fact that speech anyone's security detail, that was a lifesaver for many members of congress. spillman happens on capitol hill today? we understand that house business has been put to much. >> that's right. in about 40 minutes from now, at 12:00, speaker paul ryan and nancy pelosi will take to the floor and offer brief remarks in the wake of this shooting. we are told that scalise is now out of surgery. the republican leader, kevin mccarthy says he's out of surgery and is doing well. a politico, we are going to news shortly. there was another person who was shot. there's going to be a lot of developments throughout the day, there's a lot we do not know at this point, but we do know of the speaker and the house minority leader are going to take the floor in about 40 minutes. >> jon: i mention the good guys with guns returned fire and we understand that a female
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member of the capital police was shot and i don't want to be sexist about this, the good people returned fire. again, you mentioned that nancy pelosi and paul ryan will get together and make a joint appearance and front of the house floor? >> it's a couple feet from us here, the house is open for the day and although they won't be doing any business, they will speak at noon and they will probably give a separate remarks. they may stand next to each other or just feet from each other on the house floor. they will give remarks in the wake of this shooting. it's an unusual moment for both leaders to be on the floor, but it does represent the kumbaya moment we are in. they do conduct a lot of house maintenance, keeping the place open and running behind the
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scenes, so it's not terribly unusual. >> jon: thanks very much, jake sherman from politico's playbook. congressman joe barton is speaking right now on capitol hill are listless listen in. >> in doing so, probably saved many, many lives. this was a charity baseball game. we played it for almost 100 years. it's for a very good cause. i can only speak for myself. i hope we can continue the game. in some ways, this is what democracy is all about. my first thoughts go to the heroism of the capital police
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were there and responded immediately in a manner that saved the lives of a number of people, members of congress as well as the staffers who are out there each morning helping us. i just left one of our other colleagues. we were talking about where we customarily are on the field, he positioned himself in the visitor's dugout which is across the field behind it. across the field from her capital police generally set and it was fortunate because steve squeezes a member of leadership, he has a security detail, otherwise we would have been a bunch of guys on a normal morning practicing. i think the fact that we practice there every morning and it's a group of congress people together, sometimes as many as 25 people -- go >> there were 22 members today. >> ed may have been something in which someone was able to anticipate our being there and being vulnerable. >> our prayers are with the people who were wounded and our
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thanks are to the police officers, including the alexandria police who arrived very quickly. i cannot emphasize this enough, they attacked the shooter and that saved our lives. >> in doing so, they entered themselves. >> they were out behind the first base dugout. they were not on the field. the shooter was not on the field and never got on the field. he stayed behind the third base dugout and came around behind home plate, got behind the utility shed and then darted out and front of the utility shed and that's when he got shot. >> did you see the shooter and the weapon? >> i did not. i was getting down and making sure my son was down. i do not see when he was an active shooter. >> jeff was leaving with another
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member, who would have all been positioned in the infield. as is customary, we all have responsibilities to get back to, so some people will finish what they are doing. as jeff was walking out, he saw the shooter who spoke to him and said, who are those guys? he said, that the congressional baseball team he said what are they republicans or democrats? he said they are republicans. that was the conversation he ha had. >> he said he acted a little weird. we need to go inside, thank you. >> jon: that is the first confirmation that we have heard of a conversation that took place on the field. more on that in just a second. i want to mention that president trump will be speaking in a couple of minutes from the white house, addressing the nation and the legislative
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branch about this terrible shooting. there is the first official confirmation we have heard, that the gunman walked up to members of the republican congressional baseball team who were getting ready for their annual game against the democrats and said to one of them, who is this out on the field? is that congressional baseball team was the answer. are the republicans or democrats? the answer was given that this is the republican team and it was shortly after that that he opened fire, wounding two capitol hill police officers who are the heroes in this. and wounding a congressional staffer as well as congressman steve scalise. the majority whip for the republicans in the house of representatives. again because those two capitol hill police were there, members with scalise's security detail, they were able to return fire and as you heard, charge of the gunmen essentially and take him down. we do not know yet what his
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condition is, but we do know the name, james hodgkinson number that has been confirmed by fox news. we are waiting for the president to step up to the microphone momentarily. >> heather: he is a 66 years old. rhonda santos witnessed the shooter who asked whether they were republican's or democrats. he did say that the suspect was kind of sauntering about slowly. he also said -- >> jon: john roberts is joining us right now. >> as we wait for the president and the next few minutes, we can tell you that the president has been working the phones busily this morning. he called steve squeezes wife. the vice president has also been making phone calls this morning, speaking to speaker ryan, kevin mccarthy, the majority leader
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joe barton, and the staffer that is the coach that you saw on television just a few minutes ago. the immediate effects at the white house was to lock down pennsylvania avenue to anybody but passholders here in the white house complex. it's usually packed with pedestrian traffic. a lot of tourists and d.c., especially at this time of year. it was open a little after 10:00, but it's a scene that we don't usually see here. the last time i saw it was on 9/11 when we had the uniformed secret service officers standing at the intersections carrying automatic rifles. it showed you that the white house was concerned that this fellow might not be operating alone that there might be other people around, but quickly the alert was dialed back and pennsylvania avenue filled up full of tourists. the president is expected -- he's canceling his day. the first lady was supposed to be doing a workplace development
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event, she will stew that event, but that is now closed to press. again, we've got the president's statement coming up. steve scalise was a primitive figure at the white house. last week he was here with the leadership to talk about the ways forward on tax reform as well as some of the other authorities. the president tweeting out this morning, congressman steve's glaze of louisiana, a true friend and patriot who is badly injured, but will fully recover. our thoughts and prayers are with him. the first lady melania trump also tweeting out this morning, thank you to the first responders who rushed out to protect those were hurt and alexandria, virginia. my thoughts and prayers to everyone. we should also mention that the president -- it will be on the occasion of his 71st birthday. it's his birthday today. the president also tweeting out this morning, birthday wishes to the u.s. army which turns 242 years old today. this bill or not the way the president would like to celebrate his birthday, i'm sure. again, the fact that it appears everyone who is a target of this
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shooting is going to survive and apparently survive and relatively good condition, amazing given what could have happened. >> when you consider how many shots were fired at that ball field and how vulnerable the players on the field and in the batting cages were, it's extraordinary. it is short of a miracle. thanks to the fast work of capitol hill, as rand paul said this morning, it would have been a massacre had they not been there. >> jon: there have been some allocation words this morning about the need to ratchet down the rhetoric. >> we are getting some details on james hodgkinson and i don't want to go into those yet because they have not been fully
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confirmed. politic is very much at play here, i would suspect. >> jon: we are trying to run that down as well from our end. john roberts, as we wait the president there at the white house. you mentioned the president is canceling other events today, does it look like this is likely to be a one-day event or? >> it depends on what the outcome is with the surgery of congressman scalise. it looks like everyone is going to survive, we don't know the condition of the shooter. we assume that he was the fifth person transported, we don't have confirmation and we don't yet know the gravity of his wounds either. it looks like by the end of the day, everyone is going to pull through just fine and there's no reason to think that that will
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be the case. it's quite likely the president could resume his schedule tomorrow. he's got a few events on the calendar heading into the week including a trip to miami at which he will unveil his new cuba policy. the white house right now has everything on hold. apparently, a bad injury to the hip, but the hospital he is at has some very, very, good orthopedic surgeons and that will determine what the president does. >> jon: he was conscious when they carried him off the field and even speaking, so that's good news. john roberts, busy day at the white house, busier than usual, thank you. >> heather: we do have some information about his detail agent who was injured. she was a shot and the foot and is being treated at the same medical center where congressman scalise is being treated right now. >> jon: again, our hats are off to hear.
8:35 am
jeff duncan isn't speaking on capitol hill. >> he proceeded to shoot republicans. take that for what it's worth. >> do you think it's the shooter because of the description? >> yeah, the picture that's being shown on tv right now. >> did he have a t-shirt on that had any partisan? >> i didn't see anything in his hands, i didn't see any partisan stuff on his body or clothing. i saw the individual, i know what he asked me, i know how i answered, i know what happened. i'm making the assumption that he was targeting republicans based on what he did. this is an exercise area, there is a ymca there. we practice there for like seven years. there are a lot of citizen activities. it's early morning, 6:30 in the
8:36 am
morning. alexandria is coming alive and people are exercising. is not uncommon for us to have interactions with citizens who look in the fence and watch us practice a little. for seven years, we've had that. nothing was out of the ordinary for the stomach coming up and asking a question. >> how much time elapsed? >> it was at seven: zero two >> how much later did the shooting occur? >> do you worry this is going to be politicized? >> it really depends on how y'all reported. >> jon: jeff duncan spoke to the shooter, let's listen to the president. >> as you all know, shortly
8:37 am
after 7:00 a.m. this morning, a gunman opened fire on members of congress and their staffs as they were practicing for tomorrow's annual charity baseball game. authorities are continuing to investigate the crime and the assailant has now died from his injuries. the fbi is leading the investigation and will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available. congressman steve scalise, a member of house leadership was shot and badly wounded and is now in stable condition at the hospital. along with two very courageous capital police officers. at least two others were also
8:38 am
wounded. many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two capital police officers who took down the gunmen despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a very, very brutal assault. melania and i are grateful for the heroism and praying for the swift recovery of all victims. congressman scalise is a friend and a very good friend. he's a patriot and he's a fighter. he will recover from this assault and steve, i want you to know that you have the prayers, not only of the entire city behind you, but of an entire nation and frankly, the entire world. america is paving for you and
8:39 am
america is praying for all the victims of this terrible shooting. i spoke with steve's wife, jennifer, and i pledged to her our full absolute support. anything she needs, we are with her, and with the entire speech anyone family. i've also spoken with chief matthew, he is doing a fantastic job of the capital police to express our sympathies for his wounded officers and to express my admiration for their courage. our brave capital police perform a challenging job with incredible skill and their sacrifice makes democracy possible. we also commend the brave first responders from alexandria police fire and rescue, who
8:40 am
rushed to the scene. everyone on that field as a public servant. our courageous police, our congressional aides, who worked so tirelessly behind the scenes with enormous devotion, and our dedicated members of congress who represent our people. they may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's capital is here because above all, they love our country. we can all agree that we are blessed to be americans, that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace, and that we are strongest when we are unified, and when we work together for the common good. please take a moment today to cherish those you love and
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always remember those who serve and keep us safe. god bless them all, god bless you, and god bless america. thank you. >> jon: the first confirmation there from the president of the shooter has died, a man who went to the congressional republican baseball practice, the baseball team is planning to take on the democrats tomorrow and eight charity baseball game that has been a fixture in washington for decades. just after 7:00 this morning, he walked up to congress, said who is this, was told that it was the congressional baseball team, he asked if they were republicans or democrats, he was told they were republicans and shortly after that, shots rang out. we are told that this is the driver's license of the shooter, james hodgkinson from illinois, according to that license. this is the first word we are
8:42 am
getting, first picture we are getting of the shooter who according to the president is now deceased. two members of the capitol hill police force happened to be there because they are assigned to the security detail of house majority whip steve's police. had he not been there, it was likely there would have been no police presence whatsoever. there is are not just members of the house where they are. senator jeff flake was there. we are told that upon hearing the shots, he took cover in one of the dugouts and when the shooting stopped, he went out to congressman scalise and applied pressure to the bad hip wound. he had been shot in the hip and then grabbed congressman's police as a cell phone and dialed his wife so that he could tell mrs. scalise about what had happened to her husband before she heard about it on the media. a momentous and terrible morning in washington, but again, things
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could have been a whole lot worse were it not for the actions of capitol hill police officers who were there, took on the gunmen, and he is now deceased. >> heather: we can also confirm, doug mckelway confirmed that the suspect was a member of the trade association of home inspectors. he dropped out in 2015. a little more information coming out about him. authorities say that the house majority whip steve's glaze was shot in the hip and that could mean a lengthy recovery time. >> we had some sound from that, but it's really dramatic listening to these people describe trying to get to their colleagues and provide some help.
8:44 am
thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> heather: a doctor, analyst brings back memories for you. let's start immediately with the fact that you were the attending physician when gabby giffords was shot. a situation like this when everything is changing by the minute, talk to us about the timing and how important that is. >> that's a very important point. with gunshot wounds, the main issue is the bleeding, so you want to get to them in surgery as quickly as you can. time is critical. >> heather: that's one of the things we are going to listen to at the top of your interview. congressman mel brooks describes some of the scene. he said that congressman scalise was over near second base, he heard him scream, i'm quoting now, while all of this is going on, steve scalise was lying on
8:45 am
the ground near the second base position crawling into right field, leaving a trail of blood. what you were just saying, important to try to get to the victim and stop the bleeding first. >> when you're there waiting for the vehicle to come and take you away, you need to put direct pressure on the source of the wound as much as you can and try to stop the blood from coming out of your body. >> heather: once he arrived at the hospital, the importance of a team that is put in place and how they handle the situation. we have five different victims here, only one of whom was shot in the hip, but there was also a second person taking to the medstar center. i understand it's a level one trauma center. the team is in place they are to treat both of these people immediately. >> i worked at medstar myself and they have an excellent trauma team there. it's about as good as you can
8:46 am
get. they will bring down the number of doctors and nurses and techni to meet the patients before their arrival and be fully prepared for this event. it's not something they do on a regular basis, but they practice for a mass casualty basis like this. >> heather: i want to correct myself, to gunshot victims that were taken there specifically, one of them being one of the female officers tasked with protecting congressman scalise who was shot in the foot and we do have another account from another congressman there at the scene where it happened, rissman mel brooks who reportedly used a belt as a tourniquet to try and stop the bleeding on that aid who was shot. >> if he did that, that's a very wise maneuver. if you cannot hold direct pressure for some reason, a tourniquet who would be very effective. it all depends over the bleeding is from. >> heather: i want to ask you one additional question.
8:47 am
in terms of dealing with the media, when you were the attending physician with gabby giffords, there was a lot said about how you handled the media. you're a very blunt, you told them what was happening and you had no problem doing that. what type of training do you go through to deal with the media like this? obviously the media is all over this today, we will be again tomorrow. >> actually, the amount of training though we do formally is probably minimal. my approach to that was just to be as open as you can and as honest as you can and is forthright. that's what the media is trying to do is get the right information out to the public. >> heather: is served on the battlefield also. thank you for joining us and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> jon: what a morning and has been. we now understand for the president of the gunman who a member of congress as well as
8:48 am
one of his aides and to capitol hill police officers, that gunman is dead, identified as james hodgkinson of illinois. chuck fleischman joins us now. it's my understanding that you were there today as this whole tragedy unfolded. >> yes, sir. where the conclusion of our normal practice. it was a routine day and then a single shot rang out and then multiple shots. it was a horrible, horrible day. >> jon: jeff flake described hearing roughly 50 shots, does that sound about right to you? >> yes. we go to practice together. he's a dear friend and a great baseball player. he's absolutely right. there were at least 50 shots. at first, a single shot. at that point in time, i didn't realize it was a gunshot. in the ensuing moments, all of a sudden, there is a barrage of gunfire and it was chaotic, it
8:49 am
was horrible. people were shot, people were hurt running for cover. it was not a good scene. >> jon: where were you in the first shot rang out? >> i was very fortunate because my back had to be to the shooter because i was between the third-base side where the shooter was shooting and home plate. when i heard the shot, i didn't react because i didn't know it was a gunshot. after the bullets started flyin flying, my friend, larry hardy who is one of the coaches and i immediately went down to the ground, laid by the fence and then the gunshots continued and jeff is right. it had to be about 40 or 50 shots, it was very loud, very chaotic. all of a sudden, i decided to make a dash for the dugout where other members were and fortunately, i made it to the
8:50 am
dugout and got there and it was not a good scene in the dugout. there was blood on the ground of the dugout, some people had been shot there, people had been injured getting in there. very chaotic until they subdue the shooter. >> jon: scalise had his security detail with him, were you able to see their response because they are the ones who went after, took on, and ultimately took on the shooter. >> they actually saved our lives. i did not see them because i was in the dugout. i heard them return fire because it was very apparent that all of the fire was coming from the shooter's direction from the shooter. while i lay on the wall in the dugout with the other members, i could hear the return fire from the capitol police and i want all of our listeners to know that two very great heroes were injured, where shot up by the shooter, saving our lives.
8:51 am
these are truly american heroes. but for them being there, you have seen a lot more members of congress severely injured and shot by this gunman. >> jon: one of your fellow congressmen, we have the account just a couple minutes ago, one of your fellow congressman was departing the practice and apparently spoke to the shooter. he asked him who was that out on the field? he said it was a congressional baseball team, he said of the republic and for democrats, and it was shortly after he was told it was the republican team that the shots rang out. did you happen to pick up any of that conversation? >> i did not, sir. my entire time was spent on the field hearing the single gunshot followed by multiple gunshots and then the ensuing chaos. after they got the shooter subdued, we had a situation where we all tended to one another, we prayed together, we realized that not only whip scalise had been shot, but
8:52 am
others had been shot. people had been injured running for cover and we came together immediately, consoled one another, and widow in the first responders. >> jon: how long did all of this go on? with 50 or so gunshots as he reported taking place, was it a minute, was at less than a minute, was it 3 minutes? >> it was easily a few minutes because i was very concerned, as i lay on the inside of the dugout that the shots were continuing to ring out. after the attack it, i spoke with some of the members who were running across the enfield and who are fortunate enough to dodge the bullets. they said it ensued for quite a period of time as well. the shooter had ample time to get off several rounds and did tremendous damage to a lot of people. it's very, very sad. fortunately though, there was return fire and we had law-enforcement show up, subdue
8:53 am
the shooter, and it's my understanding that the shooter now has died from his injuries, so i don't know if we will ever know what motive caused this, but it's a very, very sad day. >> jon: the shooter has died, as confirmed by the president, but there are indications that the motive here was political. what do you say to that? >> very sad. let's face it, america is a great nation because we are a diverse nation. i'm a conservative republican from east tennessee, i have friends on both sides of the aisle. i give credit to president trump, i just heard his speech. we really need to honor all of those who are willing to step up and serve. not everybody in congress things like me and i understand that, but we need to come together as americans. we represent the american people. the iraqi people are a great people, we are good people, giving people. our values of the best values in the world.
8:54 am
we come up here and represent the people of the united states and adds a very sad that someone would take it upon themselves to open a weapon and fire upon anybody of any political party or any persuasion. it's very sad. >> jon: just so you know, there is a new picture of the gunman, the deceased james hodgkinson, this is a picture confirmed of him wearing -- carrying a poster that says tax the rich like congress dead for 70 years and then it goes on about the reagan's tax reform and so forth. apparently, a political motive to this shooting today. congressman fleishman, i'm sure you need some time to gather your thoughts and continue to make phone calls to those you love. we are happy you could spend some time with us today and we are happy you were okay. >> thank you, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in this and we hope for
8:55 am
a brighter and better day. >> jon: absolutely. again, what a scene. members of congress just practicing for their annual charity baseball game that was to take place tomorrow and gunshots rang out, perhaps 50 of them, according to congressman fleishman, as you heard there. it is absolutely an unbelievable scene, but it could have been a whole lot worse. lawmakers who were there this morning describe a terrifying experience. we have with us a member of the senate leadership, south dakota congressman john cohen, senator, i know you must be stunned as the rest of the nation's this morning. >> we sure are. as it has already been stated, our thoughts and prayers go out to steve scalise and his family and the others who were injured
8:56 am
there and just want to express our gratitude to the capital police for acting in a way that saved a lot of lives. >> jon: senator flake was one of the first to provide first aid to congressman scalise, helped try to stop the bleeding at his at second base position and help them get back to the dugout, as i understand and then called his wife. it really shows the concern that members of congress have for one another and a fork, and human decency in a situation like this. >> it really does. as we get more information, stories that come out that show the heroism and bravery of our colleagues as well. what started out today is a very lighthearted thing, this is a bipartisan charity event that goes on every year here in congress and an opportunity for publicans and democrats to come together and raise money for
8:57 am
good causes. these practices carry on. it's really unfortunate that this happened today. it's a senseless act of violence, but obviously what started out anyway that was lighthearted and fun, but in the end, acts of heroism and bravely for which we can be very grateful. >> jon: i know basketball is your game, but i gather you are not a member of the congressional baseball team or is it a sometimes yes, sometimes no situation? >> i used to play at that game. i'm very familiar with those practices and attended those on many occasions and i think again, we were very fortunate that in this circumstance, congressman scalise and his security detail as they and responded so promptly. of course, other members of congress, colleagues were out there for this event responded in the same way.
8:58 am
a lot of lives were saved. it's really unfortunate, the damage that was done, but i think what we saw today was people pulling together and hopefully what comes out of this is a greater sense of unity and recognition that we may be republicans and democrats, but we are all americans and we need to come together and try to solve our problems in a way that maintains a civility and does not lead to these senseless acts of violence. >> jon: there is a photo beneath you as you are on screen of the gunmen, now confirmed to be james hodgkinson of illinois, carrying a placard that says tax the rich like congress did 70 years ago. there are other postings on his facebook page that make it pretty clear, he had some strong political feelings and you need to assume that was the motive behind this. what do you say to people who might disagree with the party and power or disagree with the
8:59 am
president at a time like this in our nation's history? >> the investigators are going to get to the ultimate motivation. as you say, there's a some reporting about that, but i think right now, what's important is that we recognize that while we have differences in democracy, the freedoms that we enjoy, their freedom to assemble like those people did this morning is not something we can take for granted. when we have these differences and some are profound, we have disagreements about policy appear, but we can't let that lead to these types of senseless acts of violence. i think public officials, people who are associated with the work we do here need to make it clear to the american people that this is something that is totally unacceptable and let's come together, let's talk about our differences and solve problems for the american people. >> jon: thank you. please stay tuned to fox news
9:00 am
channel for continuing coverage of this story. i'm jon scott in new york. thank you for joining us, "outnumbered" starts right now. the >> sandra: fox news alert on a shooting at a congressional baseball practice just outside the capitol. a top house leader was hit and three others. the suspect identified as james hodgkinson, a 66-year-old man from illinois. president trump saying just a short time ago, he has died from his injuries. i'm sandra smith. this is "outnumbered," house majority whip steve's glaze shot in the hip and airlifted to the hospital for surgery. three other people were also shot including a staffer and two capitol hill police officers. we are told mr. scalise is in stable condition at this moment. congressman palmer says he was about 20 yards from the shooter. >> i heard


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