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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 14, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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in virginia. their actions getting a lot of praise. the two were treated at a local hospital. they're expected to be okay. here's bill hemmer in for shep. >> melissa, thank you. tracking developments in the attack on u.s. lawmakers from earlier today. >> heard a bunch of what appeared to be shots. pow, pow, pow! >> about 50 shots. >> the officers were receiving fire from the suspect. they returned fire. >> i heard the police saying to the gunman, it was like get down, put your gun down. >> a lot of us dove into the dugout. >> so the republican whip, steve scalise, dozens others wounded. the gunman is dead. in a moment, the investigation and a race to figure out the motive. you'll hear from those that were there in a blood-soaked morning
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on a baseball diamond in the state of virginia. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. good afternoon. amateur video captured audio from the shooting targeting republican lawmakers practicing for a charity baseball game in virginia earlier today. what you're about to see is two minutes of unedited video of the scene. this is the first time we've seen and heard this angle. here it is now for the first time. [gun shots]
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>> do we know where he's hat? >> he's behind home plate. >> i assume. people have been calling 911 already. [gun shots]. >> hey, is that guy okay out there? the guy shot, is he okay? anybody talking to him?
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>> stay down, stay down! [gun shots]. [gun shots]. [gun shots]. >> bill: "he's behind home plate." that was noah nathan. we assume the guy lived in the area. he was walking his dogs. this happened after 7:00 a.m.
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meanwhile, we're learning the shooter was a bernie sanders reporter that repeatedly slammed president donald trump and republicans on social media. that's all according to investigators that found his facebook page with the suspect's name on it earlier. all of that confirmed. a source confirming to fox news the gunman was james hodgkinson. home inspector bellville, illinois, which is east of st. louis, missouri. president trump says the suspect died after a shootout with security officers. witnesses say the suspect asked the lawmakers if they were republicans or democrats on the field. then opened fire spraying the area with bullets for up to ten minutes in length. happened this morning at a park in alexandria, virginia. he shot several people, including steve scalise and a police officer that was part of his security detail. first responders were carrying
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the louisiana congressman to an ambulance. the people ran for their lives. >> i heard a bunch of what appeared to be shots, pow, pow, pow. seemed like return fire. pow, pow, pow. i bet you 30 to 50 shots that i heard. >> bill: that's one witness. another witness saying he was across the street at the ymca when he saw the shootout between the gunman and the security officers were the congressman. >> he was crouched behind a wooden structure exchanging fire with police officers that were hiding behind a black s.u.v. one was shooting over the engine block. the other was lying down behind the s.u.v. one of the police officer's rounds passed through the ymca windows. two rounds hit the windows. one went through and landed in the pool. another lodged between two panes
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of glass. >> rand paul was at the practice. he told fox news that the shooting would have been a bloodbath if the security detail was not there to protect the majority leader whip, steve scalise. the number 3 house republican. >> one of the staffers climbed in about two seconds, climbed the fence, hopped down beside me. we're behind the treat. still gun shots are ringing out. representative scalise is down. we can see him, but can't get to him. nobody can get to him until the gunman was brought down. five or ten us were in the first base dugout. the gunman is behind the third base dugout. i believe without the capitol hill police, it would have been a massacre. we had no defense. >> bill: and on it went. rodney davis out of illinois spoke with me a bit earlier today in "america's newsroom." he said he was at bat when the shooting began.
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he blamed it on the rhetoric of america's political climate. >> this is what we have to do. we have to bind together as americans, not as republicans and democrats. to come together and say this type of activity cannot and will not stand. we can govern together. >> have you spoken with your family, sir? >> i did. i did. i called my wife and my children immediately when i got ahold of a phone. my phone is still hanging in a bag in a crime scene. >> what did you tell them? >> i told them "i love you" and "dad is okay." >> bill: a lot of reaction on that earlier today. president trump came out 11:30 eastern time and praised the heroic officers and said americans are strongest when we're unified. >> we may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's
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capitol is here because above all, they love our country. >> bill: former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders also weighing in on this condemning the shooting. the senator out of vermont said the suspect had apparently volunteered for his campaign last year. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. let me be as clear as i can be. violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society, and i condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. >> bill: so we have team fox coverage. their first-hand accounts are riveting. jack bergman says he was next in line at bat when the first shot rang out. he heard another and another. that's when he says he went into
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marine mode. the congressman bergman is with me now. sir, great to see you. what a day it was. >> yes, what a day it has been. i was just stark by saying please remember and keep those wounded in your thoughts and prayer. >> bill: no question. tell us what you experienced today. >> as you said, shot 1. what is that? shot 2. we're in a firefight. you know, shot 3, in marine mode. everybody scrambling for cover to try to get out of the line of fire. it was evidence that the shooter was behind the third base dugout. we had to get ourselves out of his line of fire. unfortunately those on third base, shortstop and second base were in the line of fire at the beginning. as he took a pause in his shots, it appears as though he began to move down the baseline, if you will, outside the field, moving towards home plate, which would put those of us behind the
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dugout in a clear line of fire. so once at that point the capitol police were engaging him and those behind the dugout scrambled into the dugout until the capitol police had taken him down. >> bill: two questions. how many people were on the field around this time? a number? >> about 25 people, congressmen and staff and other folks that were there for baseball. >> bill: so what happens then if those officers, if the security detail is not present? >> bottom line, i believe senator paul said earlier, would have been a massacre. my only option would have been to defend with a baseball bat. >> bill: you spoke about an hour ago and said the media is complicit in the unity of america what did you mean by that? >> what i mean by that, everybody has a dog in this fight whether they want to or not. i was an airline pilot before i
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changed careers in life. on 9-11, our lives as air crew changed forever. i would suggest to you the rest of the world because of what they did for a living or how they lived their lives, didn't have to face that new threat like airline crews did. so when we look at the evolving threat to this country, both within and without, nobody can sit at home anymore and just say we'll let the other guys handle it. what i mean by "the media", it's important to report the news, but we have to be very careful that no matter what the subject is, we don't incite people like the perpetrator today to acts of violence. we're better than that. this is an opportunity for us as a country to come together, whether it's the president, the media, the congress, the general public, to have that discussion
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as to what we're going to do going forward. this can't continue. >> bill: one last point on that. you used the word "incite" is. there any evidence that he reacted as a result of the media? >> don't know. >> bill: when you use the world "the media is inciting others" define that to be clear. >> choose your words carefully when you're reporting news. it was very interesting to stand here on the front end and listen to that tape the first time i heard the recording of today's events. that had a profound effect on me. >> how come? >> because it did. i was there. >> bill: thank you, sir. thank you for your service. a marine and a member of congress. jack bergman, the republican from michigan. ahead, we'll go live to the hospital for an update on the survivors of today's attack and how steve scalise is doing this hour. new details on the shooter from
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the chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge. she always chooses her words with care. she's next.
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>> we heard a loud bang. i stopped. said what was that? the next thing i heard is everybody said run, he's got a gun. we all ran into the dugout. dispersed from there. thoughts and prayers are with steve scalise, the staffers and those injured. i got to tell you, it would have
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been a lot worse without steve scalise's detail. those capitol policemen are heros. >> testimony from rodney davis. detailing his experience and his conversation with his family back home in illinois. new details on the shooter. catherine herridge is live in washington to fill us in on what she's learning this hour. good afternoon, catherine. >> thank you, bill. the "new york times" interviewing the suspect's brother. the 66-year-old was upset over the election of president trump. telling the newspaper that he had gone to washington d.c. in the last few weeks to protest. this account appears to be consistent with that of a neighbor reporting that they had not seen hodgkinson in months though his wife is still at the family home in illinois. the fbi, the lead investigative body, is at his home at this hour in bellville with a man that identifies as a friend describing hodgkinson. >> he was in a few fights and stuff like that. nothing that would demonstrate
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violence as far as what he did. >> what do you mean by that? fights with people? >> he never backed down from anybody. in a bar fight or whatever. he stood his ground. >> was kid stuff or was it political? >> no. something that most guys do. >> had nothing to do with politics? >> no. >> a local tv crew is reporting that the suspect had contact with police in march after using a high-powered rifle for target practice on his property, bill. >> bill: what about the gunman's writings? what are we learning through those now? >> well, an illinois paper is reporting that the suspect sent letters to ted or the five years ago. in the letters, he railed against republicans and tax policy. in this august 2012 letter, he advocated to raising taxes on top earners to 60%.
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>> bill: catherine, the motive? what can we say at this moment? >> law enforcement source telling fox news that the fbi steps in when police officers and members of congress are assaulted. this morning they really offered no specifics on motives for whether there was a threat reported. >> we had no prior information or believed anything like this would occur. we monitor all this. we had no threats before. >> did you know that certain members were being targeted? >> too early to tell if they were targeted or not. >> the former mayor of alexandria tells "the washington post" that he talked to the suspect at the y nearly every morning and he was homeless, keeping all of his belongings in a gym bag. >> bill: more to come, catherine herridge. thank you. today's shooting happened a few miles from the capitol. members are shaken by the attack
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12:23 pm
cameras with his democratic counterpart to talk about the charity game tomorrow night. arizona senator jeff flake said he and fellow republicans this morning were sitting ducks on that baseball field when a gunman opened fire during practice. flake came on tv almost immediately describing the moment when he was able to reach the injured house majority whip, steve scalise. >> she was laying motionless out there. i wanted to get to him. there were still shots going overhead from both sides. so finally when we heard the shooter was down, i just ran low out to steve and started putting pressure on the wounds. for 10 or 15 minutes we did that until medics aarrived. >> congressman scalise was playing second base. he dragged himself off the field after he was shot and left a trail of blood behind.
12:24 pm
alabama congressman, mo brooks, on scene saying that scalise left the trail of blood in the outfield. peter doocy live at the hospital in d.c. the victims and the updates are what this hour, peter? what can we say? >> bill, at this hospital, we can say from officials that there were two patients brought in sometime during the 9:00 hour or there abouts. officials tell us that one of those patients has passed away and the other remains in critical condition. they will not say which patient passed away, if it was the gunman or a victim. what we have confirmed just a few minutes ago, the house majority whip steve scalise is in critical condition but out of surgery at hospital for gunshot wound to his hip. he was in good spirits ahead of the surgery and well enough to speak to his wife. one of the other victims of the
12:25 pm
attack, matt mika. works for tyson foods for government relations. he's in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds. that's according to the mika family who is on their way here from michigan to be with him. one of the capitol police officers who was hurt, david bailey, did not get shot. he's expected to be okay. the other, crystal griner shot in the leg or foot and is expected to recover. zach barth works for roger williams. that congressman said that barth is doing well and will recover, too. >> bill: give us a sense of the scene at the hospital where you have been for some time. >> bill, when i got here a few minutes after the paramedics from alexandria came from the hospital, they were here on new hampshire avenue, the back side by the entrance to the emergency room cleaning blood off of a stretcher that they used to bring one of the
12:26 pm
patients here. doing it in the middle of the street on the back side. on the other side, the front of the hospital, i walked around and there were already vehicles marked, fbi here on official business doing some sort of investigation. we never noticed a major uptick in security at this location in terms of a flurry of activity. that came when the two black s.u.v.s with u.s. government plates pulled up in here where the ambulances normally pull up. we still have not been able to figure out who went inside. >> bill: peter, thank you. we'll be back when we get more developments. lawmakers on the hill calling for unity after the shooting this morning. democrats who were practicing together in a dugout to pray for the republican colleagues. in fact, ruben cuwin posting this picture. mike emanuel live on the hill talking to many folks there. good afternoon, mike.
12:27 pm
what are you hear something. >> the lawmakers on the field this morning seem understandably shaken up. they were in baseball gear preparing for an annual charity baseball event tomorrow night, which could raise in excess of $600,000 for a local boys and girls club and a literacy group. after the event, after the tragedy and the shock, there was a bipartisan call for unity. >> we are united. we are united in our shock, we're united in anguish. an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [applause] >> to my colleagues that hear me say something has he never heard me say before. i identify myself with the remarks of the speaker. we're not one caucus or the
12:28 pm
other in this house today. i speak for each other in saying that we send our thoughts and prayers to our colleague, steve scalise. >> these are very polarized times on capitol hill. you get a sense after seeing an incident like this, it's giving everybody a chance to pause and think about the rhetoric that's going around here on capitol hill. senator bernie sanders who has identified that the gunman was a supporter, a volunteer of his presidential campaign, he went to the senate floor to condemn the violence. he also praised the heros and prayed for a quick and full recovery of the members of congress, the staffers and also the law enforcement officials. still plenty of shock here on capitol hill. >> bill: let's hope they play that game tomorrow night and televised and raise more money than ever before. thanks, mike emanuel. more coming up.
12:29 pm
this horrifying scene in london. searchers are looking for more victims after a towering inferno overnight. the numbers on those killed will probably go higher. we're on verdict watch in pennsylvania. there's a jury debating the phase of the comic legend bill cosby as we await news from the jurors. here's a live look at the scene. the captains of each team, the managers, will give us a preview of what will happen tomorrow evening. when they get together with that, you'll see it live. back in a moment with more after this.
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12:31 pm
>> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. more of today's headlines, a spokesman says bill cosby is" confident" on day 3 of jury deliberations. he could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.
12:32 pm
he's charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home in pennsylvania in 2004. cosby said it was consensual. jim mattis telling lawmakers the president has given him the power to decide troop levels in afghanistan. u.s. officials said they could send up to 5,000 more troops. secretary mattis says he's not decided. he says the u.s. not winning in afghanistan. america's longest war. police in london say 12 people are dead after a massive fire engulfs an apartment tower. crews still searching for victims. the fire broke out around midnight. witnesses say they saw people throwing kids out of windows to try to save them. the news continues with bill hemmer after this. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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>> congressman scalise is a friend and a very good friend. he's a patriot. he's a fighter. he will recover from this assault, and steve, i want you
12:35 pm
to know, that you have the prayers not only of the entire city behind you but of an entire nation and frankly the entire world. >> bill: that from earlier today. we're going to the white house right now. chief wife house correspondent john roberts. >> bill, the president gave that address from the diplomatic reception room before noon today. he said his thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the shooting and their families and giving high praise of the actions from the two capitol police officers that put their lives in the line of duty to protect the lives of congressmen and the others today. the president during the campaign and as president repeated over and over again his high praise for the men and women of law enforcement who do take those actions every day
12:36 pm
laying their lives on the line to protect the people of this country. that's what the president did again today. listen here. >> many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two capitol police officers that took down the gunmen despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a very brutal assault. melania and i are grateful for the heroism and praying for the swift recovery of all victims. >> senator rand paul has said because of the fencing there, that whole playing field could have turned into a killing field if it wasn't for the heroic action of the two police officers. you played the video. you know how many shots the gunman got off before you heard the reports of the hands guns of the capitol police. he could have done a lot of damage. >> you're right, john. the president talked about the
12:37 pm
police call discourse in the country today. how did he address that? >> he didn't talk about it in the stark terms that rodney davis did. he said we have to do something to lower the temperature of the political rhetoric out there he called it political rhetorical terrorism. the president didn't really get that much into the political environment. he did urge unity across the country in the wake of this. listen here. >> we can all agree that we are blessed to be americans, that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace. and that we are strongest when we are unified. and when we work together for the common good. >> in the wake of the shooting, the president cancelled his schedule today. he had an event at the labor department regarding apprenticeships.
12:38 pm
we expect the president will resume his regular schedule tomorrow. >> thanks, john. let's go to pennsylvania avenue and bring in a congressman that was there. mike bishop out of michigan. you said you felt like you were being hunted today. share us your experience. >> well, we were locked in a cage. we had a chain link fence around the field. the shooter had direct shot at us, all of us, on the field. we had no cover whatsoever. he could have based on the amount of ammo he had, he could have taken out every one of us. the only reason why i'm standing here today and my other colleagues are here today is because of the heroics of the capitol police. scalise's detail. he did beyond anybody's comprehension of heroic activity to try to make sure that we were safe. >> bill: we led the hour with new video and audio of what -- i
12:39 pm
think it was 2:15. honestly, felt like a lot longer than that, just the repeated gun fire. that was clearly your experience also. >> it was. it seemed like an eternity. i don't know how many shots were fired. they asked me that question. as i watched him -- when i hit the ground first, i saw him directly and i watched him with the weapon and the way he would point, focus and shoot. put it down. look for someone else. point, focus, shoot. that was double tapping the whole time and firing over our heads. i was doing the best i can to try to get out of harm's way. bullets all over the place, hitting the chain link fence. that ting, ting sounds will emanate in my mind. >> bill: so you saw the shooter then from behind the third base dugout. >> he was next to us. there was no way you couldn't see him.
12:40 pm
particularly when he started shooting his weapon. it was -- this was clearly a rifle and a high powered rifle at that. >> ron desantos. he saw an individual there and he asked him if they were republicans or democrats. can you add anything to that? >> i have heard the accounting. i can't add anything to it. i was on the field. so i didn't encounter the person at all. i don't know what that exchange was about. >> bill: what about the game tomorrow night? we're about to get a press conference here. joe barton, from texas and mike doyle from pennsylvania. the managers for each team. does the game change at all? >> well, clearly we're going to have a different mindset. this game is important every year. we raise close to $1 million for
12:41 pm
children's charities in the area. the game must go on. the victims of this terrible tragedy today would expect it to go on. i'm sure steve scalise would expect it to go on. my hearts and prayers go to those that have been injured today, any particular matt mikah who was previously winded. he's still in surgery now. i can't tell you how much my heard goes out to him. >> bill: can you update our viewers? >> i can't. he was in surgery and critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. i saw him there when i was -- during this whole thing. it was clear he was hurt badly. >> bill: we're hearing from the hospital that he's out of surgery. that does not end the prayers for him and his family and colleagues like yourself. you say you raise a million
12:42 pm
dollars at this baseball game? it's extraordinary. maybe tomorrow night you can raise $2 million. let's get that done. >> that would be a great thing for the media to do, to support this charity baseball game and maybe raise some money on behalf of these victims. really on behalf of america and bringing this country together. >> bill: sir, thank you. mike bishop, the republican from michigan. good to know you're okay. >> thank you. >> bill: more in a moment on today's shooting. or senior producer chad pergram was there to report the incident. he will share his story as our coverage continues live next. >> my first thoughts go to the heroism of the capitol police that were there and responded immediately in a manner that likely saved the lives of a number of people. steve scalise is a member of leadership. he has a security detail there. otherwise we would be a bunch of guys on a normal morning
12:43 pm
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>> bill: it was 7:09 a.m. east coast time. the first shots ringing out in virginia. republicans holding their final practice before the benefit game. they raise money and a lot of it. chad pergram said he was close by working out this morning when it happened. he arrived within moments and alerted the rest of the world. the first to report of the shooting and the information that congressman scalise was among most injured. he's live on scene in alexandria, virginia. yeoman's work for you today. you get to the scene and you experience what there, chad? >> well, a little before that, i was able to put together where this location was. i live nearby. i said that's an odd place to have an incident like this, bill.
12:47 pm
i said okay, this might be where the congressional republicans were practicing. i talked to a couple aides that were involved in the game doing some research about the history of the game. i said that might be where that was. i was able to reach out to a couple sources and learned that multiple people had been injured and steve scalise, the whip, had been shot. i motored over here and saw the police activity. >> bill: chad, how would people learn or the killer, how would he know that they were having a practice in the morning? >> well, there are a couple of things that we've heard that some people believe that they might have seen him standing outside the y over the past couple weeks. it's odd to have a baseball practice as you know, bill, at 6:00 a.m. the reason members of congress do this, they have a heavy legislative schedule with votes and hearings and press conferences and constituent meetings. that's the only time of the day that they can get out to
12:48 pm
practice. >> bill: understand. but would the gunman see this on a newspaper? how? >> it's not really advertised. there are obviously people involved in the game. the democrats practice at one location. republicans at another. so they would -- they send out internal e-mails what time the practices are. but might just come down to somebody being observant and might have had a political grievance and say are these democrats or republicans practicing here. >> we're seeing a split screen of the fbi on scene. looks like they're in the third base or first base dugout. have you seen them? >> yeah, that's just over my shoulder. they've been going around, putting up markers, evidence markers, where they're funding bullets or shell casings. i was told they were going through the dugout looking at evidence in the dugout.
12:49 pm
gloves, bats. things of that nature. cleats. people running out so quickly. one thing to indicate, bill, that is important, had the shooting of gabby giffords in 2011. there were incidents like this historically. members of congress were wounded in 1954. they tightened security. every time we have an instance, they tighten up security more. there was some thought and conversation, some members of congress after giffords was shot in 2011 that maybe we should all have a police detail. it's not practical with 435 members. >> bill: great work, chad, in another day in our nation's capitol that you have seen so often. chad pergram on the scene. a man killed three on the west coast and shot himself at a ups
12:50 pm
warehouse, san francisco, california. police say the gunman shot and injured two others. investigators say the shooter and all the victims were ups workers. witnesses say they saw police storm the building and a mop of ups driver ran from the scene. police say the building has been secured. that happened three hours ago. for many, today's shooting brought back memories of the attack on gabby giffords. she sent out a statement that read in part -- >> throughout the history of our democracy, criminals have targeted our leaders. in a moment, a look back at some of those attacks today.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
>> bill: a moment ago, word in from the fbi, a long statement in part concluding the following way. "the fbi actively investigating the shooter, hodgkinson out of illinois, to include his associates, whereabouts, all social media impressions, potential motivations." the atf is running a trace on a rifle and hand gunn. catherine herridge says the mayor from alexandria says he was living out of a gym back. the handgun is peculiar. possibly two weapons at the scene. more in a moment when we get it. clearly the attack today is not the first time that members of congress have been the target. trace gallagher has more on that from the west coast newsroom live. trace? >> bill, two dozen members of congress have been attacked in u.s. history.
12:55 pm
11 were thwarted and didn't result in injury. congressman scalise is the ninth member to be shot. the first was in april 1905 when john pinkney. september 8, 1935, huey long was shot in baton rouge. long died two days later. he was the first sitting senator to be assassinated. on march 1, 1954, on the floor of the house of representatives, five members of congress were shot by armed attackers from the puerto rican nationalist party. all five congressman survived and the security apparatus in the house was forever changed. senator robert f. kennedy was campaigning when he was shot at the ambassador hotel by a
12:56 pm
palestinian arab. a diary was found saying r.f.k. must be killed. we're mentioning gabby giffords. and now we're told some congressmen will carry guns. >> bill: the news conference beginning now. joe barton from texas and mike doyle from pennsylvania. they're the republican and democratic managers of a baseball game for tomorrow night. >> we're going to confirm we are going to play the annual charity baseball game tomorrow at the normal time at national stadium. the nats park. we do have one new charity that we have added. the fallen officers fund. in addition to the boys and girls club of washington, the washington literacy council and
12:57 pm
the nationals dream foundation. people that attend the game can make a donation to any of those charity at the game or they can also do it online. this is a game that has been played off and on for 100 years in its current configuration. it's been played since the 1960s. it's currently tied to 39 wins for each side, plus two ties. congressman scalise will not play tomorrow night since he was shot this morning. i did tell congressman doyle that it would be only fair that the louisiana democrat that was supposed to play shouldn't also play. happened to be their best pitcher, cedric richmond. mike says he loves us and he wants to show support. that's asking too much.
12:58 pm
so basically we're playing the game tomorrow. we're united. not as republicans and democrats, but as united states representatives. i believe cspan will televise the game. so we'd ask the american people to pray for those that were shot. both the congressmen and the volunteers and officers. it will be play ball tomorrow night at 7:05. >> thanks, joe. we on the democratic side when we heard this news, we were practicing at our field. we can only imagine what our friends were going through at that moment. we felt helpless to help them. we went into our dugout and huddled up and started saying prayer force them and that nobody would be hurt seriously.
12:59 pm
joe and i talked. we decided that we're not going to let incidents like this change our way of life our daily routines. we're going to go ahead and play the ball game. players on both sides want to do that. they think it's the right thing to do. i did tell joe that i love him before the game and i love him after the game, but during the game, we're going to play to win and i know joe's team will do the same thing. charities will benefit. our thoughts and prayers are with the two officers. had steve's personal detail not been there on the field with him, this could have been much, much worse. even as they were being shot, they continued to fire and bring the gunman down. the two staff people -- these guys get up like 5:30 a.m. as volunteers to help us with batting practice and whatever we ask them to do. it's not something they have to do. they do it because they love the
1:00 pm
game and enjoy the comradery. our thoughts are with them, too, obviously. and to our colleague, steve scalise. hopefully he can watch the game on television, if cspan is televising it. we're thinking of him, too. you know, shouldn't take an incident like this to bring us together. i know in times of tragedy, we have -- americans do that. joe and i have been reflecting a lot lately just on how we can still maintain our principles and our legislative agendas and do it in a more civil way. when the leadership of this country is civil towards each other, maybe the public will start being civil to one another, too and the news media will be civil towards members of congress and the public. we can change the mood in this country so people don't get filled up with this kind of hatred. but tonight we wanto