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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and when we work together for the common good. >> martha: a happy 71st birthday today to president trump. we want to know your stories. tweet us at @thestoryfnc using #story. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." this morning, a gunman opened fire on a group of republicans practicing for the annual congressional baseball game, a charity. the shooter, a man called james hodgkinson skin, enthusiastic progressive and a bernie sanders of porter, who appeared to have dramas for ideological reasons. before opening fire, he asked whether the baseball players were democrats or republicans. [gunshots]
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[gunshots] >> tucker: at this point, the only death is the shooter himself at five other people were wounded badly. two capitol hill police officers, hill staffer, a lobbyist, and house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana. mr. scalise remains in grave condition and the washington hospital, there are reports that president will be visiting them sometime this evening. we'll keep you updated on that. this morning, and a depressingly familiar ritual, journalists and politicians wasted no time trying to score political points from the shootings, blogger and twitter buffoon david frum may have been the quickest to the scene, as the rest of the country was waking up to the horror of mixing. "virginia, no background checks,
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licensing, no registration, no permit required for concealing up carried long guns come up and carry long guns, and handguns." it would be funny if it wasn't so gross and absurd, a concealed carry permit for a rifle? what does that look like? by the way, virginia does require a background check to buy a gun. he was not alone. in a warning statement, virginia governor terry mcauliffe claimed that 93 million people die every single day in this country thanks to gun violence. 93 million? more than a third of the country murdered every day of the calendar year? the governor said that multiple times. this is what happens when ignorant liberals talk about firearms but it misses the point anyway. what happened today isn't horrifying because it was gun violence. it's horrifying because it was political violence. therefore, it threatens the basic stability of our country. that is by shooting a congressman for his party affiliation is a bigger deal than killing a man and a bar because he had on your wife. they are both bad and immoral but only one could potentially
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lead to civil war. some on the hard left understand this and that is why they support advocates political violence could lead to the dissolution of a country they despised. "huffington post" writer tweeted his approval of the scalise shooting. "the world would be a better place without him, end of story." his only criticism of the attack was limited scale. "for violent resistance to work, it would need to be organized. individual acts can be understandable but likely counterproductive or ineffective." whoa. on the other side of the divide, some are looking to blame the media or bernie sanders, and understandable temptation, but it is best resisted. the only person directly responsible for the shooting today is the man who pulled the trigger. there might be some lessons we can learn. one, in this volatile moment, it is volatile, people with megaphones ought to be responsible about what they say. that means never excusing political violence, under any circumstances. that means condemning shootings like this but it also means
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riots, assaults, occupations, threats, and the other attempt to achieve political goals through force ought to be condemned. being responsible also means being intellectually honest and not implying you know more than you actually do know. if you believe, for example, that russia had improper involvement in last fall's election, that is fine, make your case. but don't accuse your political opponents of treason unless you have hard evidence that they committed treason's. that seems obvious but there are big ratings and conspiracy theories and some can't resist. they should resist. above all, though, don't dehumanize your political opponents. the people who disagree with you are still people. politics is not a referendum on virtue. it is not a holy war. it's a debate about how best to run the country. reasonable people can disagree on that, they have for hundreds of years. the other side isn't evil, they are wrong. more than anything, they are fellow americans, akin to boss, and that means far more than any differing view on obamacare, marginal tax rates, or even
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russia. to keep that in mind, you want to lose your decency. congressman mo brooks represents the state of alabama. he was an eyewitness today, right in the middle of it. he joins us. congressman, thank you for coming on tonight. set the scene for us. you are practicing and what happened? >> i was on the third-base side of home plate. we have a batting cage that has a cover on it to prevent foul balls from leaving the field. i was on deck. congressman rodney davis was actually hitting. a fellow by the name of will fats and from the tennessee valley, was picking on the moun mount. all of a sudden, i hear this loud explosion, bang. first i thought it was a car back fire or something of that nature. turned around and i saw the gun. it was a rifle. i saw the barrel. it was pretty close to the chain-link fence, shooting through the holes of the chain-link fence at the time. the shooter was aiming toward
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shortstop, second base, right field. it occurred to me that if i could see him, he could see me, if he shifted his focus a little but to his rights. that prompted me to realize i was not -- i had a baseball bat. that wouldn't be very good against a rifle. i needed to find some kind of cover, so come i ran around the batting cage and face first inte ground on the first base side of the batting cage, where he couldn't see me but all i had was a plastic shield around the bottom of the batting cage that was preventing them from seeing me. >> tucker: how long did this go on? >> i thought it was 3-5 minutes but i have seen video that's at least 6 minutes. it was probably in the neighborhood of 6-10 minutes. the number of shots fired, at least 50, may be at least 100. things are happening so fast when you are in that environment, it is very difficult to accurately calculate the passage of time or to keep track of the number of
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bullets. at some point, there are about three or four of us lying on the ground near home plate on the first base side of that batting cage where he can to see us but it's plastic, he can shoot through it. it occurred to me, i imagine it occurred to some of the others, that we would not be in a very good position if the shooter walked around the third-base dugout towards home plate on the outside of the fencing. we would be lying on the ground with absolutely no defense. ten to 15 feet away from a guy with a rifle. we made they collective decision to sprint into the first base dugout, fortunately, it is recessed. we were driving and not dugout, just as fast as we could. when i got down there, i didn't even remember that it was jeff flake flake next to me. i was there, jeff flake was there. zach, who got shot, was next to jeff, and then coach roger williams from texas also a congressman, was on his other
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side. i said, you are hit. we thought we were immortal, he says, it's on the big deal. i said, you've been shot, it's a big deal. to be one where was he taught? >> he was shot and the calf. apparently, it gone all the way through. i took off my belt mindset, you got to have a tourniquet. reached over there, i don't remember if jeff took it for me, but eventually, the three of us, it got placed on his leg near his knee. later on after everything was over, it looked like he was still wearing that belt to provide a tourniquet to help minimize the blood loss. >> tucker: that is just remarkable. very quickly, where was congressman scalise during all of this? >> when i ran to get around behind the batting cage, the first thing i heard,
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simultaneous with the first half dozen shots, taking two or three seconds, was active shooter, active shooter, man down. steve scalise yelled something, i don't know if it was a shooter or i am hit. i recognize his voice in that chaos. and as i am running around the batting cage, i see steve on the ground in the second base position on the infield dirt. he was trying to pull himself on the ground toward right field. of course, there is not much we can do when all we have are baseball bats and gloves and baseballs. we are trying to secure ourselves. fortunately, the shooter did not seem to shoot anymore at steve scalise, although he did hit one person, matt, number of times. one of the other startling moments, i am on the ground, we have a tourniquet on zach, i am right next to the exit to the dugout, where there is only one
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entrance and exit, we have a 10-foot fence around this place. if the shooter gets to that exit, we are all boxed in with no place to go. i am lying on the ground eating dugout dirt, along with some of my comrades. all of a sudden, bam, bam, bam. i am thinking, oh, my goodness, another shooter. i look up, and it was capitol police officer by the name of david bailey. he was using a cinderblock dugout as a defensive position. it was a tremendous feeling of joy to see a good guy shooting back. it seemed like it took forever to engage but want once the engagement took place, the police officers who were excellent, with a hurrah work. if they had not been there, it could have been a massacre. we were pinned inside what was basically a 10-foot fence. to be when i cannot believe you are a u.s. congressman telling me the story and it's real. the whole thing is totally
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shocking, even now. congressman, thank you for your account. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: for more information about what happen, we are joined by mike tobin. >> hey there, tucker. angry little man, pushy little bastard. that is the way one person described the shooter, hodgkinson. he had his run-ins with police. the sheriff was called because hodgkinson was around his house firing a rifle. >> he pointed the rifle towards the senator, the timber back there, shooting across the fiel field. it was a high-powered rifle. i thought good grief, their houses over there. i yelled at him, i said, hey, stop shooting over there. i didn't get any kind of a notion from him that he heard me or that he cared. >> when the deputy arrived,
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hodgkinson produced a valid firearm owners i.d. the deputy just told him to stop. an extensive report from 2006, apparently hodgkinson's daughter went to a neighbors house and refused to come home. over the course of two days, according to police records, hodgkinson went to the house, brocade, punched a woman in the face, fired a gun, pulled his daughter to the floor by her hair, attempted to drag her from the car. there were also charges and separate instances, resisting arrest and drunk driving. hodgkinson also had his political side. he wrote letters to a local paper, ranting about taxes, that the rich and he didn't pay their fair share. his facebook page is taking down but it was riddled with anti-trump, antirepublican comments. his page had a big picture of bernie sanders with the slogan, "democratic socialism explained in three words, we the people." senator sanders reacted. >> let me be as clear as i can be. violence of any kind is
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unacceptable in our society and i condemn this action and the strongest possible terms. >> the illinois policy institute dug up a hodgkinson voting records. he voted democrat in 2008, 2012, and 2016. tucker. >> tucker: mike tobin, thanks for the background. congressman roger williams represents texas. he is the coach of the republican baseball team. one of his staffers were shot today. the doctors say he is expected to be all right. congressman williams joins us tonight. congressman, thanks a lot for coming on. first to the man on the staff who was shot, can you give me an update? >> zack barth was shot in the leg as you heard from congressman brooks. we have his father in houston. he just got released from the hospital. so, he is doing well. our prayers are answered, that he has made it through this. we are happy for it. >> tucker: how old is he? >> he's probably about 25 years old, university of texas graduate, works in my office, it is a really good job.
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>> tucker: that is unbelievable. there were security at the scene for the members there but i can't imagine, how did it ever occur to you that something like this could happen? >> no. we had been playing out there at least since i have been in congress since 2012. we've been out there every morning, 6:00 to 8:00. never thought about anything like this happening. of course, when it happened today, i was over there on the third base side by the batting cage, hitting ground balls to trent kelly. not knowing that the shooter was probably 20 feet, 20 yards away. when i hit my last ball to kelly, i went around and started hitting two steve scalise. when i hit my first one to stev steve, the shots went off. i come like while brooks, thought it was a car backfiring. but then they started coming at such a great pace, everybody yelled come he's a shooter, start taking cover. naturally, i charged toward the dugout, which is about 6 feet deep in the ground. if it hadn't been 6-foot deep in
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the ground and flat, it would have been a whole different story. i drove into the concrete dugout, tore my leg up, but when i landed, i was there with blake and i was there with mo and all of a sudden, zach comes in from the outfield, and he jumps right in. we are holding each other, he's bleeding. that is when mo gave the belt to us to make a tourniquet to keep the blood down. if we held on. it was a moment, i will tell you, as we've already said, without the capital police, without the bravery of these capital police, i think there would have been a good chance we all would have been killed. the other thing was, the third base side, he tried to get in the field, the third base side gate was locked. if i'd not been locked, he could have just come into the field. >> tucker: you must have been completely confused when this
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happens. >> it happened so quick. it was long. it seems like it went forever. i have seen it reports it is probably 60 rounds. there was a time before we could hear friendly fire, jeff flake and i were totally together. the shots were coming one after i could see the capitol police were standing right above the dugout. they started firing. we were yelling, is that our fire, is that our fire. shortly thereafter, it got quie quiet. then, the capital lease products and put us in a staging area to make sure everyone was safe. the rest is history. it's a sad, sad moment for our country. the baseball game must be played tomorrow. i talked to speaker ryan, we need to play that baseball game tomorrow. we need to let these people know that they just can't change the way they live in this country. >> tucker: amen.
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you'll have more people watching that than ever before. congressman, thank you for coming on tonight and telling us what you thought. i'm glad your staffers okay. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: a few sick people on the left have defended the shootings today, even those who haven't have defended mock beheadings and campus riots. are they connected? marc stein joins us in a moment to talk about shifting attitudes towards political violence in this country. also, will talk to a former mayor of alexandria who spoke with the shooter countless times at the ymca in alexandria, virginia. our life coverage of the congressional baseball field attack continues. >> many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two capital police officers, who took down the government despite sustaining gunshot wounds. during a very, very brutal assault. melania and i are grateful for their heroism and praying for the swift recovery of all
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>> tucker: most people on both sides have the sense to condemn today's shooting for the atrocity it was. most people's and everybody prayed earlier, we showed you a you a "huffington post" writer who praised for shooting today in public. there are more people like him and there are far more people who have been seduced by those who were a political violence because it is easier and emotionally satisfying. among them, kathy griffin. in new york city, new yorkers are enjoying julius caesar, that shakespeare could come over a trump look-alike is stabbed to
5:22 pm
death. mark stein has been warning about the political violence on the left that he joins us tonight. mark, is it too simple to connect the dots between this growing rhetoric of violence and what we saw today? >> i don't think it is, tucker. what they all happen, going right back to the dawn of this administration, is that the left wants to do you normalize and dehumanize coming to use your words, it's political opposition. they do that in a variety of ways. for example, when charles murray wants to give a speech at middlebury college, they have to have a riot way they don't have a debate in which they demolish his arguments. they don't want to win the debate. they want to prevent the debate from taking place. they want to label somebody a hater. if you happen to think that obamacare is not the best public policy, it is because you want grannies and urchins to die.
5:23 pm
once you do that, you're basically saying, there is no form of civilized political discourse possible with your opponent and the logic of that is that instead to you right yet and you beat them up, as they do at middlebury. you poison them, as happened to robert spencer, who is well-known to this network, when he gave a speech in iceland recently. or you open fire on them. you make politics impossible if you do that. >> tucker: he you are not debating someone who disagrees with you, you are debating somee who is immoral. the faithful versus the infidel. there is a religious quality to the way they approach politics. you notice that? >> yes, i think so. if you have people like the southern property law group, which has become fabulously wealthy by labeling everyone they disagree with as a hate group. if you keep calling everybody a hater, and in fact, if your organization calls people haters, you are the hater. i would like to disagree with
5:24 pm
the tone of what we have heard today, including in the last hour for martha maccallum and brit hume, when they were talking about unity and will this unity last. obviously, the unity won't last because ultimately, rand paul has very little that unites him with bernie sanders. we don't actually need unity. we need robust, civilized disunity. people honestly recognize that they disagree with each other on health care, on immigration, on islam, on transgender bathrooms, and a bazillion other things. but that doesn't make the other person a hater. simply put, the left has to be willing to actually engage in debate with people that disagree with them. >> tucker: i wonder if that reflects, the reflex to debate, his atrophying on the left. i remember liberals as champion
5:25 pm
and skilled debaters. now, it is hard to find one who will defend his position for you i think you get out of shape. if you watch these bozos, they talk a good talk, and then, the minute they are up against some feminist muslim from belgium, the bozo imam is reduced to nothing. he hasn't held an honest debate in his entire life. i think that is the problem here, is that simply by pointing fingers and labeling people, your own skills or atrophying. we see that on the left. they have to own this. it is not edgy comedy to hold up a severed head of your political opponents. there is a very useful american -- i think it applies more to the left, because they are so invested in big government. politics is everything. when you're out of power, it is not just the spring of the pendulum and the other guys are
5:26 pm
in for a couple of years. it is the end of everything to you. there is a useful american expression which always brings a little odd to my foreign ears. and that is "get a life." actually, "get a life," is good advice. if the person you want it didn't make it to presidents, tough. you can have another go in four years. in other words, take up flower arranging, take up tap dancing, dog sledding, get a life. it won't be that big a deal. >> tucker: that is very deep. i want to see the imam versus the belgian feminist. next time, give me the web address. mark stein, great to see you. >> always a pleasure, tucker. >> tucker: another shooting means another chance for the left to push for gun control. of course, happen within minutes of the shooting. up next, we'll talk to the new york city councilman who has that position. stay tuned. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable.
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you need one of these. you wouldn't put up with an umbrella that covers you part way, so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. >> tucker: today's shooting, like every shooting that makes the news, produced fevered calls for new restrictions on gun rights. a member of the new york city council joins us. after the shooting, you asked for common sense gun laws. councilman williams joins us tonight. i get the obvious -- i guess the obvious question is, what gun law would have prevented the shooting today? >> i think it is a combination of things. first, my prayers are representative scalise and his
5:31 pm
family. >> tucker: amen. >> i think it is a confluence of things that we need in preventing this type of supply. the supply side. the supply of gun is going into communities. we need to prevented. this man apparently had a criminal history. why did he have access to the guns so readily? we also need to prevent gun laws like the ones the nra -- >> tucker: he bought his gun legally. he had a federal background check. he was not convicted of any crime. of course, you can't punish anyone without convicting them. he lived in a rural area, it's not like guns were flooding into his community. he bought it at a gun shop, as he is allowed to do. again, since you used this shooting as a way to promote your political views on gun control, what gun law would have prevented this shooting? >> my answer this question, the supply and demand by the supply-side is all of the illegal guns that we talk about, they were legal at some point.
5:32 pm
too many points of purchase and too much ability to get unfettered access to guns. i believe that he had two guns. i don't know that you need two or three or four guns. >> tucker: he had a rifle and he shot a lot of people with a rifle. five people with this rifle. he got it legally. i guess the point i'm making is, there are hundreds of millions of firearms in the united states. the second amendment guarantees the right, as translated by the supreme court, for people to buy them. how do you stop gun crime are shootings like this short of confiscating every gun? >> you don't have to confiscate every gun. >> tucker: how would you have prevented this crime? >> there are laws that could be put in place that minimize the access to guns, minimize access to semiautomatic weapons that people won't even entertain. there is research that can be done to see with those rules are. but the republicans in the nra block that -- >> tucker: i don't know why you are waiting for the nra to do the work for you are the cdc.
5:33 pm
you are an elected official and you are using the tragedy, you are leveraging a tragedy -- >> no. >> tucker: of course you are. you are sending out a press release and people are still being carted to the hospital. >> you were speaking to a council member who is a proud member of the city council, who has had a voice in helping new york city be one of the safest cities in the country. there should be people listening to what is happening. >> tucker: congratulations. we are talking on a day about a mass shooting which took place in alexandria at 7:00 a.m. this morning and will use the education -- for the fourth time, what law would have prevented this? >> we are talking about the 459 other mass shootings -- >> tucker: he will concede that nothing you're proposing would have stopped this? >> we are talking with a 27,000 americans that have died since the beginning of this year alone. i am saying that the gun violence is occurring because of the supply. when i am saying, there are combinations of gun laws that we should put forth and discuss. i'm saying that we should be allowed to research --
5:34 pm
>> tucker: you're allowed to say whatever you want on the show, any crazy idea. i am going to talk for a fifth time and then i will give up. i would like to bring it back to a very specific thing. >> it has to be brought to a general. >> tucker: you don't have a real answer, that's why. >> this is one incident that you want to focus on. >> tucker: there are millions of high-capacity so-called assault rifles, perhaps a rifle used -- >> no one can say that there is not too much access to guns in this country. the correlation to how many peop this country is huge. we have to have a discussion of gun laws. >> tucker: i'm trying to have a discussion right now and i'm not making much headway. you are bringing it back -- what you do about the millions -- >> access to high-capacity weapons, access to purchase weapons, if you have criminal history, --
5:35 pm
>> tucker: you are not hearing me. what do you do? do you ban them? >> how about we have a stop gap and the discussion. >> tucker: we can have a discussion. >> the cdc can't even do the research to answer the question because the nra and republicans want let them. how about we allow the cdc due to research? >> tucker: you know, i invited you on hoping you would have something interesting to say. you are giving me the same talking points about the cdc. the last question, we have all these rifles out there, should be confiscate them or not? >> that is not the question. the question is how to prevent the supply of guns into these communities. >> tucker: okay. mr. williams, i appreciate it. up ahead, two more congressman will join us to talk about today's shooting and its aftermath. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: "the washington post"'s reporting a special counsel robert mueller is now investigating president trump personally for possible obstruction of justice in his
5:40 pm
relation to firing of fbi director jim comey. they said that investigation was not underway until comey got fired and now it is. we know this, you won't be surprised to learn, from unnamed officials familiar with the matter. in other words, leaks. unlike past leaks, there is no evidence for crime, just the innuendo. we asked film director oliver stone about this actually during a conversation we had right before air tonight for this is what he said. >> the investigation into trump, headed by former fbi director robert mueller, apparently fbi agents are leaking details to the press. you are seeing leaks from all the different intel agencies against the administration. it seems like they are trying to change their policies. does that surprise you? >> well, the overtness of it does. if the investigation are to continue, which it probably will, i think they have to go back to the origins of that week in january. who put out that information? who gave it to "the new york times" or
5:41 pm
"washington post"? you have to ask these questions. >> tucker: that turned out to be a far more interesting interview than i anticipated, speaking for myself. we had a long talk. the whole thing will be airing tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. it is worth watching. the republican baseball team was not the only one practicing for tomorrow's congressional game. at the time of the shooting, the democratic team was holding his own practice. when the word of it happen reach them, team members huddled to pray for their republican colleagues. this congressman was at the shooting, he provided first aid to steve scalise. both of them join us tonight. thank you both for coming on. first to you, senator. how is congressman scalise tonight? >> we just got back from the hospital. he has gone through surgery. his wife just arrived from louisiana. he is still in critical condition. they want him to speak with his family before they talk about his condition to others, that is
5:42 pm
what hospitals do. i think we ought to respect tha that. obviously, it was a serious injury. he is in critical condition. obviously, he's a tough guy and a fighter. >> tucker: poor guy. he's a nice man. congressman, you will write to nearby practicing. can you set the scene for us? where were you relative to this? >> the republicans practice in alexandria, and virginia. democrats, we practice that valued at university, which is in d.c. we were in the outfield, and our coach, mike doyle, congressman from pennsylvania, he called us in. we hadn't finished our rotation for batting practice yet. we are an end, thinking, why is he calling us in already. he told us there had been shots fired at the republican practice and they wanted us all to huddle up by that i got to be safe. then, someone on the team pulled their cell phone out and was on twitter and said that steve scalise has been shots. it was a very sobering, sad
5:43 pm
moment. we all wanted to pray. we are still are praying for steve scalise. we hope that he get through this. i know steve well, have met his family. i am hoping and praying for him right now. >> tucker: i think it is fair to say that the nicest members of congress play baseball. i have always noticed that. senator, you provided first aid to people who were shot this morning. what happened? >> we wanted to get to steve earlier. it one of the most difficult parts of that horrifying 10 minutes was being in the dugout. we were providing first aid to one of the staff members who had been shot, mo brooks had a belt that he took off. we fashioned a tourniquet to try to stanch to bleeding there. knowing that we needed to get to steve, he had dragged himself out of the infield about ten or 15 feet into the outfield to try to be further away from the shooter.
5:44 pm
we couldn't leave the dog out because bullets were going overhead of the whole finally, when somebody yelled, "the shooter is down," i ran out. another member followed, who happens to be a surgeon from ohio. we administered first aid for another ten or 15 minutes. >> tucker: i am just getting in my ear now that we have news of president trump has arrived at the hospital where the majority whip steve scalise is, apparently, with his family. he has pulled up. there is a crew with him. we have a camera there. did you know this was going to be happening, senator flake? >> not when we were at the hospital. i heard that when we got back to the capital that he was going to go. i think it's a great adjuster. i'm glad he is there. the weather was another man who works for tyson foods, who was k hit a number of times.
5:45 pm
do you have any updates on his condition? >> we don't. >> tucker: matthew mika. >> from the looks of it, on the field, he really took the brunt of it. a couple of shots to the chest. he was fighting and i think his condition was critical, as well. we'll see. obviously, great surgeons and great medical personnel are treating it. >> tucker: congressman, are you are playing tomorrow? >> yes, playing tomorrow. our first time playing in the game. i am really happy that speaker ryan and the leaders of congress decided that the gave needed to go on. we need to show america that we need to come together, do this by partisan event come and play baseball. we will be competing against each other very hard tomorrow. i do think it is very important that we go out there, show solidarity commercial that we are together on this, and have a
5:46 pm
good time playing america's pastime. >> tucker: good for you guys were doing this. thank you both very much. the shooter today was killed by police. we are still trying to learn as much as we can about him. up next, we'll talk to the longtime mayor of alexandria, virginia, who as it turned out, saw the shooter almost every morning for weeks at the ymca. a first-hand account. we'll be right back. ♪ we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want.
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>> tucker: is a fox news alert. president trump has just arrived at the washington, d.c., hospital were congressman steve scalise was being treated. his family is there as well. scalise was shot in a baseball field this morning, apparently in the hip. capitol police entered the shooting rampage by taking down the shooter. his name was james hodgkinson, who died at 9:15 this morning.
5:51 pm
we are still trying to learn more about this man. a quick look on social media reveals a passionate hatred for republicans. he joined a facebook group called "terminate the republican party," had a history with violence of the several arrests, including one in 20064 punching a woman in the face by the mayor of alexandria for a long time, from 2003 to 2015. he was frequently come almost every morning come at the ymca in alexandria, where he ran into, repeatedly, hodgkinson. he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on, mr. mayor. >> glad to be with you. under the circumstances. >> tucker: this is an amazing story. you're a very well-known figure in alexandria, i can say. you go to the y every morning. how did you end up meeting this man? >> as circumstances would have it, i'm a 20 year regular member of the y, everyone knows me. i ran into him no more than a
5:52 pm
month and half ago. when i finished my workout routine, every morning, i would see this gentleman sitting at a table on the laptop. i concluded that he was obviously someone new to the y, hadn't seen him before. after a couple mornings, when citizens and members of the y would walk by me and said, hey, mr. mayor, good morning, we miss you, are you going to run again, and all of that, then, some would say, i have a question, can i chat with you? they would sit and have a conversation. finally, maybe a third or fourth day, he came over and asked, he said, are you really the mayor? i said, yes. i introduced myself, we shook hands. he told me his name but i didn't her member it. from that day forward, that point forward, the many days and weeks later, as i would enter the the morning between 7:15 and 7:30, he was always there. he would either have already completed a workout or whatever he was doing there, sitting at his laptop, working constantly
5:53 pm
on edge. when i finish my workout, 45 minutes to an hour later, i would come up and grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and he would engage conversation, hate, mayor, how's it going. he asked me, he said, i am looking -- i am new here, where would you recommend me to go for breakfast or lunch? i identified some places in his initial response was, well, something within walking distance. that caused me to conclude he didn't have transportation. i said, go out to mount vernon avenue, lots of places there. i couple of days later, he said, hey, i'm looking for a job, do you know anybody hiring? i said, what do you do? he said, construction. i said, i'm in construction. what are your skills? i learned that he worked for housing builders and contractors. he said, i am a housing inspector. home inspector. i said, okay, let me see what i can find for you. i recommended he go to the city's website.
5:54 pm
those were the type of conversations we had. >> tucker: interesting that he seems so normal when obviously he wasn't. mr. mayor, it is remarkable you being that close to what appears to be a mad man. i'm glad you made it out. >> i sat next to him every morning. in my own personal opinion, i never saw anything that was gnawing at him. >> tucker: unfortunately, we are out of time, mr. mayor. thanks a lot for coming out tonight. we will be right back. ♪
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5:59 pm
case the attention it deserves, so we will be airing that interview tomorrow night. here's a preview of that. so you said this process is over in the next couple of days, you hope to get back to doing family things and living a conventional life. what you think the lessons of this are? your son captivity in korea? why did this happen? >> being in the wrong place. in north korea, that's going to be for others to decide. these b-17s have been living with the situation for 17 month months. there is no meaning here. this is a rogue, parietal regime. they are terrorist. they are brutal. there is no sense to anything here. they have crossed the line with my son, so, it would be very
6:00 pm
difficult to look for a lesson here among this insanity. "the sean hannity show" fred warmbier, a remarkable man. the rest of that is tomorrow. that's it for us right now. >> kimberly: this is a fox news alert. hello everyone i'm kimberly guilfoyle and this is "the five" ." political violence broke out in a separate stress out of washington, d.c. a gunman named james hodgkinson, a 66-year-old from illinois who belong to a facebook group called terminate the republican party, open fire with a rifle at a group of republican members of congress. the g.o.p. lawmakers were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game, which will still take place tomorrow night. five people were wounded in the shooting, including steve scalise, the number three house republican leader. he is recovering from surgery


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