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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 15, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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being and not always throwing punches and being balls and partisan polarized america. >> greg: never miss an episode of the a-team. "hannity" is up next. >> sean: many thanks to our friends on "the five." fox news the lord. welcome to "hannity." we are broadcasting from washington, d.c., one day after a left wing assassination attempt on republican lawmakers. we were in the stadium talking to some of those eyewitnesses. republican members of congress. we will talk about those interviews later in the show. i'm not buying this national kumbaya moment. it's not true. it's not real. it's an outright illusion. yesterday was an assassinated n attempt on republican lawmakers. watch this scene.
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>> sean: that video from just yesterday, so hard to watch. steve scalise was badly injured and remains in the hospital. he still fighting for his life tonight. while tonight's game might be a nice attempt to be showing unity, let's not be deceived. the vice of rhetoric and vile hatred of the left, it's not going to end. it's only going to get worse. democrats, liberals, the media will not stop until they absolutely destroy this president's agenda. that's tonight's very important d.c. opening monologue.
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we are carried at our nation's capital because yesterday across the potomac river in alexandria, virginia, a radical left-wing ideologue tried to carry out a political assassination against republican lawmakers at a baseball field. investigators will still try to determine the motive of this sinister attack but we do know a lot, don't we? james hodgkinson was a bernie sanders supporter. volunteered for the campaign, apparently. he regularly expressed his views referring to president trump as a traitor on social media. writing that it's time to destroy trump and company. he also belonged to a facebook group called destroy the republican party. it's part of a much larger pattern we have seen from the left-wing democrats, the destroy-trump-media in this country. they have created this war text of hatred aimed at the presiden
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president. just before the opening night of shakespeare's julius caesar in central part, featuring a trump look-alike leader. we have to warn you every time we put it up on the screen. this is part of a vile ices style photo shoot, so-called comedian at kathy griffin posed with a fake bloodied supper hea head. and then this threatening rant from madonna. here's her, her dreams of blowing up the white house. >> and to our detractors, that insist that the smart will never add up to anything? [bleep] you. yes, i am angry. yes, i am outraged.
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yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white hous white house. >> sean: you think a lot about blowing up the white house? maybe you should be investigated and looked at by the secret service. before madonna's vicious attack against the president, there was rapper snoop dogg in a music video. he is pretending to shoot president trump with a gun. take a look. >> sean: really, imagine if that was president obama. how would the media react? it's not just hollywood liberals spreading this vicious, vile hatred towards the commander in chief. we have the destroy-trump-media
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and democrats doing the same thing every sense he won on november 8th. watch this disturbing many examples from the media themselves. take a look. >> i understand where you are coming from. i understand why you liked him. but this man is lying to you. >> trumps critics, those who are worried about this president and this white house saw a live special television event brought to you by narcissism, thin skin, chaos and deeply personal grievances. >> this was a white last. a white lash against the changing country. a white lash against a black president, in part. and that's the part where the pain comes. >> it was not just racial -- the hitlerian background to it. >> you can't polish this turd.
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>> he's there with his wife. his whole family. like the romanovs. jared, who might be a part of this story. a pinhead. his daughter ivanka. it's like a traveling romanov family. >> you can't defend what the president of the united states just said. >> sean: democrats have made it a priority to target, attack, dehumanize the president pretty much on a daily basis. >> this executive order... was mean-spirited. and un-american. >> republican leaders and president trump don't give a [bleep] about the people they were trying to hurt. >> i will fight every day until he is impeached. impeach 45! >> this is a bunch of scumbags.
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that's what they are. it's because those are strong words. >> organized around making money. >> i'm trying really hard to find something positive. i was thinking it was more of a creature that stopped the night. that these came out at night like a vampire. now, it has spread into the morning. >> sean: democrats, the left, the destroy-trump-media -- they hate this president. they will do and say anything to delegitimize and destroy him. for months, they have been trying to outdo one another. one black helicopter tinfoil hat conspiracy theory after another. for months and months, night after night, new antifeminist attacks. after yesterday's shooting, "the huffington post" had to take down a disgusting article
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that actually called for president trumps execution. take a look at the headline. then the sub headline. donald trump must be prosecuted for treason and if convicted in the court of law, executed. really? pretty disturbing. that probably would still be up tonight if it wasn't a democratic assassination attemp attempt. palen had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened to gabby gifford. that's why "the new york times" had to issue a correction. earlier today, sarah palin is talking to an attorney and exploring legal options, which, by the way, she should be doing. government sarah palin, that's my advice. everything we have shown you --
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100-0000% of the divisive hateful rhetoric that is no the left in america. we can spend an entire week playing tapes, example after example. no one on the left has the courage to speak out and stop the hatred. that's because democrats use this kind of vile rhetoric every single election. they are racist, sexist, misogynist, republicans want to throw granny off the cliff. that's part of their political playbook. islamophobic. xenophobic. homophobic. the left turns us into something we are not. they know the truth and yet they contribute to this atmosphere where republicans -- we are not even human. if you are conservative like me, god awful. how do you speak on radio? i know there is a kumbaya moment for the country.
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i'm not buying it. how do you feel about it? joining us, radio talk show star -- >> probable. excellent, excellent modeling. >> sean: i'm not going to forget all the crap. and the truth. >> you know and i know, and i think most people watching fox and most people that are sentiment human beings know what game is being played. this has been going on long before donald trump. remember condoleezza rice, what they said about her? she was a house slave? remember what they said about colin powell, he's in the house of the master? they were doing assassination plays about ronald reagan a couple years ago. this is a deranged left-wing media that is completely off the rails and enjoying somewhat of a
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renaissance during this period. they are making money off of it. they are certainly not condemning the type of speech that maxine waters and the dnc chair and respected celebrities are engaging in. how many people criticize some of the things maxine water has said about poisoning the water? she will not even go to the white house to meet with the president, because she does not recognize him as a legitimate president of the united states. say what you want but if president obama invited us to the white house, which he didn't do, but if he did we would go. >> sean: i would have been there in a heartbeat. i would've loved it. first thing i would have said? i've been right about you from the beginning. >> exactly. you don't engage except in this politically vile and terroristic
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approach. >> sean: this is what people are going to say about us tonight. really, you can't stop for a night? >> if this had been done to barack obama where this had been done to nancy pelosi, i'm talking about the mock beheadings, the shakespeare in the park, you would have democrat congressman on television 24/7 putting pressure on all of these entertainment companies and all of the celebrities and everyone who is propping them up. we don't even hear many republicans tonight speaking about this. >> sean: everyone got sucked in. >> a kind of... i don't think it's actually helpful for them to do what they did. it lulls people into the sense that oh, it's okay. we are putting our arms around each other. we are wearing the lsu shirt.
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no, you know it would be great? to actually stand up and call out the people in your own caucus who are spewing this file rhetoric that deranged individuals are marinating themselves in 24/7. >> sean: there was no prominent democrat with kathy griffin -- obama, hillary -- any prominent democrat that said that's over the line? >> not one. >> sean: by the way, i'm glad they are raising money for charity. >> that's great. i'm talking about a systemic viciousness. those who claim that those on the right to it and those on the left, no. at the stuff that's happening now, at town hall meetings -- where congressmen are called every disgusting word and then go home and find out later on there is a chalk drawing on their driveway. their children are threatened. there is never any violence in
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the tea party. >> sean: you know what's really important? we are just to reality-based. i can't sit here and be a phony and a fake and a fraud and act like this is real. it's not. >> nancy pelosi was on attack again today. >> sean: i am d.c., your home turf. laura ingraham stays with us. she's going to sing kumbaya. >> we are going to lock arms. >> sean: president trump fires back against the attacks. another deep state attack, jay sekulow and sara carter, john solomon is back. i did stop by the game. you can see me right there. i spoke to several lawmakers. several eyewitnesses. i asked them about yesterday's left-wing assassination attempt. that's a part of the story that you need to hear. tonight on "hannity" ."
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works for roger williams. at the of the team. his foot is getting operated on. this kid was shot in the calf. he was the one the print the tourniquet on this kid. he broke down on my radio show. it's so dramatic. i was watching this kid, he got shot in the calf. i'm all right. he's texting his mother. such a testament to who he is. is this connect connected to te rhetoric? >> every word and image, which is so disturbing, the type that we have just been discussing, it creates a desensitization and a numbness to test how hateful and
7:20 pm
vicious and vile they are. when someone like james hodgkinson ghosts of these rallies and hears terminate the republican party -- treason, execute the president. it also becomes for a deranged segment. in their twisted thinking, a moral duty to act for their own survival against trump supporters, against media people who have supported the presiden president. obviously and steve scalise in the crossfire. at this young man. the capitol police. it's directed at every voter. every conservative. everyone in the school who wears a trump t-shirt and his graduation picture. just tonight in indianapolis, make america great again flag flying from a truck was shot at.
7:21 pm
this is not fun goofing around disagreeing with each other. >> sean: the reason i brought up -- every election cycle, racist, sexist, homophobic. >> they have the menu. it's a tired menu. >> sean: on twitter alone, assassinate trump -- over 12,000 times. and then the madonnas. >> people have to start going to jail and being prosecuted. there has to be repercussions for this type of behavior. people cloak themselves in the first amendment. you have a right to say a lot of things. when this becomes an incitement of violence, that is not protected speech. you have to but there at least should be wide spread consummation. not the type where everyone does this and everyone -- no one is
7:22 pm
severing the head of barack obama. >> sean: if you think about blowing up the white house. we are not going to fall in to the trap. i blame rush limbaugh for the -- i'm not blaming bernie sanders. this was one not. >> a deranged subset of radicals who believe they should stop speakers on college campuses. if it requires burning cars, shooting at police, they will shoot at police. from berkeley to ferguson to baltimore. to what we saw in middlebury vermont. middlebury, vermont. the violence. there is a lack of disrespect across the board. i love spirited debate. but the lack of respect -- i think you have tagged it. once someone becomes less than human, you can do a lot of things to them. >> sean: we are going to get
7:23 pm
hammered. oh, those two, not joining the kumbaya. >> send me a memo when i care. >> sean: [laughs] we will talk a little bit about the heroism of these two d.c. capitol police. they were in an open field. you put your life on the line right there, knowing you are going to die. amazing courage. also, the deep state strikes again. anonymous sources once again, late at night, leaking information about president trump. tonight they go after collateral damage, his son-in-law, jared. jay sekulow, sara carter, gregg jarrett, they will break it all down. highlights from my visit, the horror of left-wing assassination attempt on g.o.p. lawmakers. remember our special night? abdominal pain... ...and diarrhea.
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>> good evening and live from america's news headquarters, i am jack ibanez in new york. steve scalise still in critical condition tonight following another surgery tonight but doctors say he has improved in the last 24 hours. this as republicans and democrats come together for the annual congressional baseball game. they paid tribute to scalise and the other victims shot. meanwhile, investigators continue to look inside the possible motivation of the shooter. they continue to look at his cell phone, computer, and social media presence. bill cosby's childhood keep delivering, after jerry being deadlocked. fourth day of deliberation. drugging and assaulting a woman in a philadelphia home back in 2004. i'm jack ibanez, now back to "hannity" ."
7:29 pm
>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the deep state is out for revenge yet again. using one of their favorite liberal outlets, "the washington post" trying to destroy president trump and everyone else around him to get as much collateral damage as they can. now they are out for blood. their goal is very clear. overturn the election results. forcing the president out of office and stopping him from fulfilling his agenda. that is tonight's mini monologu monologue. earlier tonight, once again, gee, another late late drop by "the washington post" which has another long track record of being absolutely positively dead wrong and the things they repor report. again, officials, familiar with the matter. they can't mention names ever. it sounds so trustworthy. and now robert mueller is investigating. kushner. this comes out after another late night drop by
7:30 pm
"the washington post." no sources. anonymous sources reporting special counsel was investigating president trump for obstruction of justice. let's explain point by point. no one else in the media will. "washington post" is nothing more than a liberal smear machine with an awful, god-awful track record. rod rosenstein threatened to quit because of james comey's firing. actually said in an interview the exact opposite. he said it on camera and they never apologized. the post also was flat out wrong about james comey. just before he got fired, he was asking for more resources. well, then, it was debunked by the fbi director andrew mccabe who testified under oath. sorry, that never happened. "the washington post" is not the only member of the destroy trump media that has gotten these
7:31 pm
things wrong. abc, cnn. one of the tops of the list, "the new york times," they evolved on the same thing. it's now very clear what is happening. there is a fourth branch of government. it is called the deep state. they are working day in and day out to destroy president trump. they have targeted him and frankly, anyone who dares to be associated with him. anyone that works around him. they can't get the president but so far, that means they will go after his family. his wife. his daughter. his 11-year-old son. and anyone that works for him. it's playing out in this case, after jared kushner and the deep state and the media can't take down kushner. they will move onto the next target and go right on down the line. one by one until they find somebody that did something wrong or they will find some kind of perjury trap.
7:32 pm
the deep state is purposely leaking information to destroy the presidency of donald trump. it's the biggest act of retribution we have seen from the deep state in the history of this country. it's a clear and present danger. thankfully, president trump is fighting back on twitter writing... nice. he also tweeted... and then later, he tweeted about hillary clinton and her obvious questionable activities writing... and of course, by the way, it's so true, right?
7:33 pm
she had her husband meet with the attorney general days before she was cleared. but they talk about obstruction? they want retribution. they are not going to stop until the president is gone out of office or worse case scenario, nothing he wants to accomplish, nothing he promised gets done. whoever leaked this information to "the washington post," everyone else who is leaking classified information, every single one of them now need to be arrested. prosecuted. those are the people that must be in jail. they are trampling on our constitutional rights. it's time to get rid of every obama deep state holdover. it needs to happen fast. these people now become a threat to this country. a threat to the promises that were given to you back in november. joining us now with reaction, gregg jarrett. sara carter. also works with the president,
7:34 pm
jay sekulow was with us. big, broad question. what is going on here, in the best way you can explain it to the american people? if you think i'm wrong on anything, please tell me. >> this is a constitutional situation. people ignore the fact that what we are talking about is a special counsel. investigating the president of the united states. these are leaks coming from hutu who? i don't know if the leaks are valid and i certainly don't trust "the washington post" on any of this. if what they are saying is true, if he's leaking this informatio information, what the constitution -- that's a serious issue. i kind of alluded to this last night. there is a constitutional issue here. i spent my career on this. some criticize the legal team. representing the president here. they don't know the scope and nature of the cases and what i
7:35 pm
have done, this is a constitutional issue too. >> sean: we have jamie coming worked for the clintons a lot of years, it would be standard prae for the special counsel to examine financial records to look at anything related to russia. kushner previously volunteered to talk about what he knows about russia. >> they are leaking something that doesn't exist. there is no controversy. there same sources are telling us. >> sean: unnamed sources, jay. >> we could even tell what department they were from. >> >> sean: the president makesa great point. i think hillary's crimes are so beyond the pale. you've done a great job, the
7:36 pm
meeting on the tarmac, with loretta lynch. of course, would you mind not referring to this as an investigation but a matter? and then your breaking story, did she put the kebabs on anything regarding to the evidence? >> i think that's what sources and lawmakers want to find out. there's enough evidence here to say that loretta lynch needs to be questions. there needs to be a moment where she has put in front of everybody to answer these questions. this communication, that apparently comey briefed lawmakers on was on to political figures. it basically stipulated, don't worry about anything. loretta lynch will basically put the kibosh on any kind of indictment if it comes to it on hillary clinton. my question is this, everybody is going after this obstruction of justice story on the president. what about the evidence that is pointing right in the direction
7:37 pm
of loretta lynch? and even further, sean. >> the bureaucrats. >> these leaks are coming from people that are supposed to be impartial and doing an investigation. but they have an agenda and that should concern everyone. >> sean: gregg, you wrote a great column today about robert mueller. he needs to recuse himself. >> all the president's tweets, he's never tweeted that robert mueller is hopelessly conflicted should resign and the president should demand that he resigns. the american people demand that he resigns. he is violating the special counsel law which says you can't serve if you have a close relationship with a central witness. which is james comey. we all know about their long-standing close personal relationship. the president can't fire him but
7:38 pm
rod rosenstein can and should. the moment he fires him, he shod himself recuse from the case because apparently now, he is a key witness in the firing of james comey. do we really expect bob mueller to judge the credibility of his close friend and protege, james comey versus the man who fired comey? theater of the absurd. >> sean: more with gregg, greg, and sara. prior to tonight's congressional game, i spoke with republican lawmakers. many of them eyewitnesses to what happened during yesterday's assassination attempt. we will play some of those interviews, straight ahead own fighting robots. destroy.
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we continue with gregg jarrett, sara carter, jay sekulow. i will go to gregg first. bring in the whole issue why, if we start comparing and contrasting with loretta lynch and hillary clinton, how is it possible when we do have overwhelming incontrovertible evidence with laws broken and that never gets talked about? >> it's bewildering and compounding.
7:43 pm
obstruction of justice doesn't apply to the president because there's no evidence but if you apply it to loretta lynch, there's a good case that she not only engaged in obstruction of justice because there was a lie attached to what she was insisting comey say publicly but there's also misconduct of office. using federal agency for political purpose. that should be investigated. >> sean: let me go to jay. she bleached it. she destroyed -- she signed off on 20% of uranium going to putin. >> and the fbi didn't do anything about it. they cleared her. >> sean: statue of limitations, my friend. >> james comey became judge and jury in that case. the attorney general is not capable.
7:44 pm
while it should have gone to the deputy attorney general. it should not have been the fbi director. what did james comey do? he decided he was going to take it upon himself on whether there should be litigation or not. you know what the problem is? i would have filed a motion for it to be dismissed. the attorney general of united states, you make that decision. not the fbi director. >> before director comey made that decision, while the rest investigation, and those who are handling that investigation were irate. angry. they can talk about this openly because they were bound by the investigation and the classified nature of the investigation. it eventually came out. so much so that mccabe had to admit it in his testimony. he made that decision, the
7:45 pm
entire investigatory part of the fbi that was handling the hillary clinton investigations that we looked at it, nothing here. move on. that's not true. >> gregg raises a really important point here. people are getting caught up in the what f and the leak from this. i think these are significant. yet the look at this in totalit totality. where this is going. >> sean: just because you argued before the supreme court and i didn't, it's just so cheap to bring it up. >> every case has a theme. >> sean: i'm kidding. >> every case has a theme. one of supreme court justices were doing this? these are interesting things but i'm going to decide before the briefs. >> sean: i've got to roll. we will have you back tomorrow. all of you. i promise you, no one else is doing it. the national park earlier today, i spoke with some of the eyewitnesses about yesterday's horrific left wing assassination
7:46 pm
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7:50 pm
beyond anything that we would have thought. by playing tonight, you are showing the world we will will not be intimidated by threats, acts of violence, or assaults on our democracy. the game will go on. i leave you with three great american words that for generations have torn down barriers, build bridges of unity and it defied those who have sought to pull us apart. ladies and gentlemen, let's play ball. >> sean: played at the annual congressional baseball game for charity, it went forward tonight just one day after deal g.o.p. congressmen were brutally attacked practicing for this very game. i went down to the stadium to speak with some of the republican lawmakers and people that were eyewitnesses to all of this. watch this. >> congressman johnson gave me an entire tour of the field.
7:51 pm
you showed how devastatingly dangerous it was. >> it could have been a massacre. had it not been for the capitol police, we would be talking about a lot of funerals. >> that's so scary. you met him. and he was the one -- go ahead, tell the story. >> we had a meeting to get back to on the hill. i encountered this young man in the parking lot. he said excuse me, whose practicing today? i said that the republicans. he said thanks. he turned around and headed back towards home plate. to get the weapons. to go out behind the third base dugout and attack my colleagues. >> sean: i knew when the secret service and fbi came to you, you identified him immediately. when you thought about it later and the question he asked you, did he want to know it was republicans? i know that's an opinion. >> no doubt he wanted to know. i think he was targeting
7:52 pm
republican members of congress. what makes me have cold chills as he could have started with me, sean. point blank. had he chose to start his act of violence right then. my staffer, thomas, who is driving us, no doubt in my mind he was targeting republican members. that's why he asked the questio question. >> sean: you were all really close. this comes down yesterday. it's got to devastate all you guys. >> it's like a brother. when you have the stress we have, when we are away from our family and we go home and can talk and share stuff, it's having some of your immediate family harmed. >> sean: everything that everyone said, all my interactions, he's a strong guy. a fighter. >> [laughs] he's been a fighter from day one. he is insisting we play this ball game tonight you've known him from his heart. what about the rhetoric that we
7:53 pm
have heard? >> this has been building way too long. when you set the wrong environment, bad things are going to happen. maybe this is a wake-up call. >> we need to learn to disagree without being disagreeable. come on. this hurts the republic. this course. debate. this is the result of that getting out of control. >> after you digest it and go through it it time and time again, quite frankly, we were very, very fortunate that i have more injuries than we did. so many things could have gone wrong. capitol police, the courage they showed, the perseverance, protection for us, duty. one of the things i will never forget is one of the capitol police officers having been shot, after the shooter was taken down, he came out to steve scalise limping, injured, he has been shot, he refused to leave. >> we offered 88 to him.
7:54 pm
we were all out there take give aid to him. he would not do it. >> dedication. the kind of law enforcement we have here. >> rep scalise, let the good times roll. in new orleans. >> sean: is this an opportunity for the country to examine the hate and vitriol, the conspiracy theories, the meanness, the desire to not let this president do anything without attacking him? >> we are overdue. i've never seen anything like the angry vitriol and the circumstances based on rumor and some eyes rather than hard evidence. >> it's all our responsibility to change. >> sean: you see all the partisan and assassination attempt, what you think? >> it's hard to believe. my heart just sunk when i heard the news. this is i hope and experience
7:55 pm
that says hey, check the rhetoric. all of us want to get us back on track. we need a shot to do that. >> sean: we really do. has it ever been this bad from years perspective? >> certainly not from this perspective. although our colleague, gabby gifford was shot. >> sean: the rhetoric, the contents the desire to not even let this guy -- >> a part of this is, even if the object with the abuse, they just want to talk over you. >> sean: "hannity" continues from our nation's capital tonight. stay with us. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust.
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>> sean: welcome back to the nation's capital. that's all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being with us. always fair, always balanced. we'll see you back in new york tomorrow night.
8:00 pm
nationals park on this beautiful summer evening as we celebrate summer evening as we celebrate ♪ >> tucker: good evening, everybody. >> welcome to tucker carlson. i'm not tucker. i'm ed henry. we are broadcasting from nats park at the site of the national baseball game. the game is going on despite yesterday's attack on g.o.p. lawmakers. the staff of steve scalise, the wounded republican leader said they believe he wanted them to go forward. we'll show you tucker's exclusive interview with otto oo warmbier -- exclusive interview with fred warmbier, the father of otto warmbier. he was detained in north korea and releasedleasedleased in cini now. listen to this