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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 16, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> i am doing what i love. pick something what you want to do. >> you know how you can all say thank you to charlie daniels today, download some of his music. >> martha: congressman steve scalise still in critical condition after this hour. the lawmakers came together cancel at unity at last that's congressional baseball game in honor of the majority whip. democrats and republicans coming together and pray for those who perished in wednesday's attack. listen to that beautiful rendition of a national anthem as well. good morning. >> good to be with you as always i am kelly wright in for bill hemmer. a crowd nearly 25,000 gathered to watch the game, which raised more than $1 million for charity. many people holding up strong size as lawmakers morel is you have to honor his home state. the majority with undergoing
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major series brexiters in morehead. the video message before the game. >> tonight it's going is taking on a much deeper level of unity. beyond anything that we would have thought. by playing tonight, you are showing the world that we will not be intimidated by threats, acts of violence, or assaults on our democracy. the game will go on. >> kelly: our colleague is live in washington for the very wages to make latest. >> for the first time steve scalise was hospitalized, we are hearing our first touch of good news about his condition. it comes in the form of a statement that was issued by this hospital last night at 8:10:00 p.m. earlier today, steve scalise underwent a second surgery related to his internal injuries and a broken bone in his leg. he remains in critical condition, but has improved in the last 24 hours.
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repeat, has improved in the last 24 hours. he will require additional operations and will be in the hospital for some time. at the request of the family, we will provide periodic updates. it comes with what continues to be a recipient of numerous visitors last night. i ran into one of them in the hospital lobby and asked for updates. he was wearing a purple and gold jersey, as so many have in honor of steve scalise, his alma mater louisiana state university. he remarked to me house steve scalise is well liked by people from all political spectrums, despite his strongly held political views. he puts those assigned went to keeping friendships across the aisle. he also once held a seat, a congressional seat, that they credited that he now holds. for the first time, we are hearing from the wood out now deceased gunmen james hodgkinson. she had an impromptu press conference and was extremely
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rattled, upset, and uncomfortable as you can well imagine. she refused to answer any questions about her husband's political views, but she was asked about the people that her husband shot. >> is there anything you want to say to the victims? >> i don't even know who was shocked. no. i'm sorry he did this come up but there is nothing i can do about it. >> hearing nothing. got nothing. >> kelly: a little bit of audio troubles there, but he was telling is a story about what was unfolding was the congressman steve scalise. the good news is that he is improving. he still faces more surges to neck surgery but there is great news and was happy for him. >> shannon: lawmakers praying together before they came in honor of all of those wounded in wednesday's attack. both teams gathering at second base because that's where scalise was standing when he was shot on wednesday. that was in alexandria, virginia. the capitol police offer to neck
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officer among the injured was want to throw out the opening pitch. [applause] >> shannon: he is tough. his fellow capitol police officer being called heroes because of their quick responses to the shooting and bravery in the light a fire. they were both hit. the washington nationals allowing extra seats in their state and must act to make way for the thousands of people who wanted to attend the game. and wow. kelly, do you hear the audio of everyone singing the national anthem? thousands of voices coming together. it's so nice to see that in washington. >> kelly: it would be nice if we had more of it. it says a tragedy or a horrible situation that unfolded causes us to be that in joint. we got to get beyond the rhetoric. we will talk that throughout today's program as well. >> shannon: it was beautiful. >> kelly: scalise strong.
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remember. meanwhile, president trump set to roll back at president obama's signature policies on cuba. he is heading to miami senator marco rubio this morning. the president set to speak at 1:00 p.m. today and his announcement will be making good on one of his campaign promises. kevin corke it is live in miami. would it be fair to say that it's not much of a departure from president obama's era with his cuba policy? >> i think that's a pretty fair statement, especially when you consider the great concern that many people had, not only people on the island, but when you compare with the president is likely to go out here today i would think that this is more of a reframe it than a redo. very interesting the element that making sure the american tax dollars don't benefit them cuban military. that's something that the obama administration didn't probably hammer down as well as they should have, especially if you
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talk to the folks at the trump white house. they want to get the dollars into the hands of the cuban people. also this new policy will push for more internet access for the cuban people, more religious freedoms, release of political prisoners. i want to share with you a little bit of sound. this is the president back in september right here in south florida. >> all of the concessions that barack obama has granted to the castro regime were done through executive order, which means the next president should reverse that, and that i will do unless the castro regime takes our demands. >> meets our demands in the white house will tell you they are open to renegotiating and doing more. the ultimate goal, kelly, do something the cuban people. >> kelly: let's talk about another issue. what is the white house were saying about reports that robert
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mueller is looking into the finances now of white house advisor jared kushner >> let's make it simple for everybody at home. anytime you hear something about the ongoing russian probe into at the white house about it, they will say they will work for all questions to outside counsel. i do think it's an interesting switch, a new angle if you will, kelly. especially when you consider how far afield looking into jared kushner's finances might be from the original question. remember, the original question was, did the trump campaign have anything to do with russia and colluding in the 2016 election? none of which has i get to be proven. let me steer a statement from the kushner attorney. to examine financial record and anything related to russia. kushner previously volunteered to trick to neck share with congress what he knew about russia related matters, he will do the same if contacted in
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connection with any other inquiry. as an aside, i should also point out that the vice president mike pence has secured outside counsel as well to deal with the ongoing probe, picking up an attorney for mcguire woods, i name of richard cohen who comes with a very, very -- i should say well earned reputation. >> kelly: kevin corke reporting live from miami, thank you, captain. >> shannon: joining us now, matthew compton eddie, editor in chief of them washington free beacon. great to have you with us this morning. president obama had to say, that's what he made this historic change cuba. >> the best ways to help the cuban people succeed and improve their lives would be for the u.s. congress to lift the embargo once and for all. >> shannon: now we have this from a former obama administration saying this. i am sorry for the cubans who we
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hurt by a mean-spirited policy who is about keeping a political promise at their suspense. what do you make it this? >> i suppose ben rhodes is happy that a lot of money that is going to the cuban military because that's exactly what the policy is trying to dressed. i think a lot of the purports of this trump policy will overstate the impact. when you get to the nitty-gritty, it seems that this may affect some travel. overall, people who want to do airbnb for example, they will be expected. the real issue here is trying to limit the prophet the castro regime and its military make off of its people. it would make a on the population. >> shannon: an important policy measure today making changes and announcements, the administration is also dealing with a lot of leaks after trying desperately to crack down on them and think that there would be punishment. we are now hearing a couple of big stories. one of them is that
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jared kushner, one of the top of the fighters and presidents on emma, is now caught up in this probe. looking into his finances and business dealings as a related to russia. they don't know what it is about what they will opt to mark cooperate with congress and whoever else wants to talk to them. what you make of the latest news that it is in fact another week? >> exactly what trump officials and many congressional republicans are worried about, shannon, when they urged against the appointment of a special counsel. that was taken out of their hands after the president fired jim comey, he releases memos memos under his own admission after having a special counsel appointed. they appointed robert mueller. now they have a special counsel office who is -- has little oversight. many cases councils you find
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that they range far and wide from what they are initially supposed to investigate, which in this case was a charge of collusion with russia, for which no evidence has been found. >> shannon: that something the president is tweeting about this morning. we'll have more on that coming up. thank you for being with us. >> kelly: meanwhile, a warning from the deputy attorney general as the leaks keep on coming. >> whoever is licking this information is committing a crime, okay? that is illegal. you cannot do what they are doing. >> kelly: we will be focusing on the warning that deputy attorney rod rosenstein is putting out to all americans on these leaks. as well as a reaction from former arkansas governor mike huckabee right after the break. >> shannon: james mattis still deciding what it will take to get things done in afghanistan. new report suggests thousands more troops to be heading into that country. what we know now, a live report straight ahead.
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authority safety home owner caught the fugitives trying to steal his vehicle. he and a neighbor then held them at gunpoint until deputies could arise. >> we are very thankful as such the director -- we are very thankful that the cooperation from the home owners led to this today helping law enforcement to get the suspects off the road in custody. this ended as a great day in tennessee. they couldn't back went well and could have been >> kelly: they killed two cards tuesday before escaping from a prison. the incident happening just southeast of atlanta is the fuss was in route to another prison with 33 inmates on board. only wrote in two direct the victims are identified as 42-year-old sergeant christopher monica and 58-year-old sergeant curtis billue.
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>> shannon: the president is busy tweeting this morning and he just weighed in on the mueller investigation. moments ago on twitter and the latest of tweets, he said "i am being investigated for firing the fbi director but the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt! "all this comes in this morning as they say to exercise caution with all the leaks we are hearing about this case. joining us now fox news contributor. let's start with this tweet, it sounds to me that he is suggesting that former fbi director mueller was the one who told him to fire comey? >> i don't know if it was mueller or rosenstein? interesting with rosenstein's comment this morning and not taking all the stuff to be serious, the reliability today of the mainstream press, particularly "the new york times" and the washington compost as i like to call them, is somewhat between a ouija port in tokyo road.
6:18 am
that's how reliable these anonymous sources are. that's what we have to start questioning. who are the sources? if you can't name them, maybe you shouldn't publish the story because you get embarrassed time after time, caught with your pants around your ankles. it turns out the stuff that you are breathlessly putting on the front page is absolutely untrue. most of it has been. >> shannon: we have heard that from former fbi director comey when he was testifying. he said so many of the sources were out there and it's not my job to go out and correct the things that have been said. just a couple days ago, "the washington post" cited five sources that they say told them the president is now under investigation by mueller for obstruction of justice. that's five people. a spokesperson for mueller's office said we have been very strict controls in place and will deal with people who week, and yet it is still happening. >> whoever is still leaking this, inside government person, they committed a felony and should go to prison for a very
6:19 am
long time. i don't think that's where it's coming from. i think a lot of the stuff they are pulling out of thin blue air. people are just going up and saying, is this true? you can feel jet stadium with people who will be anonymous sources, but it doesn't mean that there is any veracity to their claims. we have lost the art of journalism in america when there is no checking of facts and getting it verified it repeatedly by many, many sources that are willing to go on the record. the result is i don't blame donald trump for being angry. i want the entire country to be upset with this kind of shoddy reporting because it's frankly disruptive to the work of our republic. >> shannon: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has issued a statement. americans should exercise caution for expecting any stories riveted to anonymous sources official, particularly when they do not identify the country let a little branch or agency of government with which the alleged source is. supposedly our affiliate's america should be skeptical
6:20 am
about anonymous allegations. they have a long-established policy to not confirm or deny these allegations. he's making that statement in a week we're getting all kinds of interesting revelations. >> everyone talked about russia and fakeness, how do we know this doesn't come from russian fakeness sources? people who don't know don't talk in people who talk talk don't know. that's a maximum politics. when i see people who are telling me something that happens, i feel like if they are talking, they don't really know. if they don't really know, they are talking. you don't get any circle of trust tomorrow is robert de niro line -- such a great movie. you don't get in that circle of trust if you can't be trusted. the people close to donald trump, if they are talking, they don't belong in the circle of trust. the truth is, that's not who's talking. these are people who are making this stuff up to make donald trump look bad because i am convinced there is an attempt to overthrow, and i use that
6:21 am
word purposely, overthrow this president and that is anarchy. >> shannon: we are out of time, but i have to ask you. he tweeted that robert mueller had called you. have you touched base? what can you tell? >> people don't normally talk. no, it's a joke. >> shannon: oh, fine. we just want to set the record straight here. >> liked it up. we will. we will toss it back to kelly. >> kelly: governor and shannon, thank you. speaking out against north korea. >> auto has been terrorized and brutalized for 18 months by a pariah regime in north korea. we are thrilled to have him hom home. >> kelly: saint sanford strategic is times and ambassador john bolton joins us to talk about that next.
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>> kelly: another report cleans 4,000 more u.s. boots will soon be on the ground in afghanistan. the pentagon says nothing is set in stone yet and the final decision will rest with defense secretary jim mattis. he testified before congress this week about where the war stands right now. lucas tomlinson is life. what is the pentagon exactly saying officially? >> officially the pentagon for saying no final decision has been made yet, but for months there has been reporting that three to 5,000 additional troops are expected to be deployed to afghanistan. this comes as president trump gave secretary c6b --dash congressional testimony, mattis were cutting trips to early reading to the setback. >> when we reduced our forces
6:26 am
there, i believed in what was probably a hindsight of misguided application of our forces being restricted from using our air support with some idea that we would wean them off the need of it. in the mountain country, they were often fighting at a disadvantage. >> before leaving office, president obama ordered 1500 u.s. troops home to his increase of american farmers, forces come apart to that. >> kelly: how likely is this that this announcement will come next week? >> secretary mattis told lawmakers last week that to expect them in afghanistan in mid-july but some lawmakers are impatient. >> do believe that we are not winning in afghanistan? >> sir, i understand the urgency and it's my responsibility. we are not winning in afghanistan right now. we will correct this as soon as possible. in >> in february, at the top in
6:27 am
afghanistan said he needed a few thousand more u.s. troops and i let help to help train the afghan army. later this night there was expecting the united states ask nato to help share the burden. >> kelly: lucas tomlinson from the pentagon. thank you. >> shannon: democrats and republicans putting aside politics last night as they honor the victims of wednesday's attack on lawmakers. how the annual congressional baseball game -- will the unity last? especially now as the health care battle is back on the horizon. in a criminal investigation no into a horrific fire in london. it doesn't still missing, it doesn't snow dead. several in critical condition. we will take you wife to london next. >> we always knew the number. unable to say at this point in time, we know that at least 30 people have died as a result of
6:28 am
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>> kelly: and emotional baseball game in washington last night as democrats and republicans put their differences aside in a show of unity. both teams gathering at second base to pray for one to colleagues steve scalise who is recovering after being shot in the hip on wednesday. nearly 25,000 people came out to witness the game, which raised more than a million dollars for charity. the crowd holding scalise strong sides and wearing lsu has to honor his home state. they recorded message that was played before the game. >> i want to take a moment to send our thoughts, love and prayers to congressman steve scalise and his entire family. steve is our friend, he's a patriot, and he's a true fighter. but we all agree that we are here to serve this nation we
6:32 am
love. and the people who call it home. that's the source of unity, and more than ever, we must embrace it. >> kelly: let's bring in juan williams, fox news political analyst. and rachel campos duffy, a fox news contributor. it's a very important topic. very sad topic that we are in the 21st century and disjuncture for political discourse and that this has led to some painful actions. rachel, you wrote in your common which appears on the fox news website that this ability to form a political debate that has developed since the election of donald trump at a breathtaking clip. explain please. >> it's devolved at a breathtaking clip. i want to first point out that the shooter was a bernie sanders supporter. had this been a trump supporter, make no mistake, this would've been the latest defeat of donald trump. he would've been 100% to blame nl because it was a
6:33 am
bernie sanders supporter, it is now a conversation about everyone coming together, everyone lowering the rhetoric. that kind of hypocrisy is also contributed to this atmosphere. i will say that i love what happened last night at the game. i think it was a beautiful moment. we are all praying for steve scalise to recover. what i will say is maybe not so popular. we are moving a little bit too fast to that happy place, that come by our moment. right now, what is required for the democrats to really take some time to reflect on how the strategy of delegitimizing this president and the selection is contributing to this action because if you think this president was actually elected in a fair and honest way, you're going to have people like this horrible shooter doing what he did. i think that's in large part what is happening. they need time to reflect and show more respect about that. >> kelly: let me get wanted here.
6:34 am
have we the people who forgot how to be the people speak across the aisle, talk to each other, and in a harmonious way or have we become so disgruntled with how this election turned out that we are picking sides and choosing sides, like we this particular shooter to expo >> kelly, i don't think there is any question that we've been on a trajectory of increasing bipartisanship in this country. i think it goes back to nancy pelosi, the house dating back to the clinton impeachment, but you come forward with some very polarizing events like the 2,000 election over the war in iraq. the kind of steps that were taking, and of course obamacare. right now, if you look at the polling, there is a a front-page article in "the new york times" today saying that at the moment, people in both parties have an unfavorable view of people and the opposition party.
6:35 am
that gives you a sense of how deeply the demark divided we are as a country. i would think, i'd really disagree with rachel's position on this. i don't think you want to ascribe the actions of this individual, who took a shot at representative speak 19 to any political leader and it was someone who was on the righo us committed such an act. i think given the kind of language, the kind of behavior we seek coming from this president, people would have -- a greater view of rationale, but i don't want to do that. i don't think anybody should be doing that. >> kelly: with me ask you a question to both of you. i want to get to this real quick. the american people really need to know, where did we get beyond the bigger point, the blame game, and where do we find the consensus for healing and reconciliation into consolatory remarks that we can really embrace each other across both sides of the aisle?
6:36 am
and move forward as a nation. >> we need to find common ground but we can't do it in these trite ways that are meaningless and don't come with action. >> kelly: what's meaningful? >> and a select election, people were whispering, i voted for trump. they were afraid to say they voted for donald trump. they were afraid to put signs in front of their home. there's a shaman going on about trump voters. hillary called them to pourable and racist and islamophobia for having a view on the federal government. this has to stop. we can't just hold hands at a baseball game and think it's all going to be okay. we actually have to force both sides can a lot of the vitriol is coming from the left and the intensity. they need to be really prospective and introspective on what they are doing. >> kelly: rachel, thank you. juan, i will give you the final word. >> we are all americans.
6:37 am
we have a common destiny and that is very important that our elections be held in a way that people believe in the integrity of the election, the integrity of our station, trust in our political process. i think we have to get back to knowing, rachel and juan were on tv this morning with kelly, and they were having a big discussion. they are both americans, they both believe red, white, and blue and love this country. we have to move on. >> kelly: we are all americans. i like that. juan williams, rachel, thank yo thank you. speak to the death toll continues to grow in london's days after a fire engulfed a high-rise building. >> sspeak to the death toll officials come from at least 30 people are dead as our writers continue to go through the smoldering rules of the grenfell tower. at least two dozen people were injured as well. they visited this site of the devastating fire as a criminal investigation gets underway. they are live from london.
6:38 am
we have any idea how high this this death toll will go? >> no idea at all. not even the authorities know that. the death toll currently stands at 30, but the press association is saying as many as 70 could still be missing and there is a great fear that the number of death could rise into triple figures. this grief is turning into real anger here. questions being asked about how come up why could something like this happen in a city like london? firemen continue to search the building. they have recovered fully six body so far. 11 others have been located, but that can't yet be removed. even the police commander says that he hopes that toll doesn't reach 100. family searching for their loved ones have blanketed the areas with posters, but still, whole families are missing. the eldest is an 84-year-old grandmother, the youngest a 5-year-old boy. he was separated from his mother while she ushered others to safety. many others have said that they were told to stay inside, they
6:39 am
were told the fire doors would protect them. that clearly wasn't the case and questions are whether that was the wrong information. >> shannon: devastating to hear that after the fact. it seems there's been a bit of a political backlash response as well. >> this is becoming very political now. a lot of these questions asked by safety regulates high enough, or warnings ignored by local politicians? she's been criticizing of failing to do so yesterday. that led to accusations that they are not engaging with this community. queen elizabeth and prince william did just that today. beginning in west london site and coming here meeting survivors and rescue workers and the queen has expressed her deepest sympathies to all the families and victims. engineers have been stunned at how quickly this fire spread, engulfing the building in less than an hour. it's the use of cheap aluminum padding filled with flammable information which is a major focus. that same siding is about a
6:40 am
thousand other buildings around the world. it's being blamed for other fires in dubai and australia. there were warning signals with the death toll holding up to triple figures. shannon. >> shannon: benjamin hall left for us in london, thank you very much. >> kelly: a blimp falling from the sky calls u.s. to make panic in the u.s. open in wisconsin. >> they just parachuted up. do you see it? hole >> kelly: horrifying. we have the latest on the pilot who survived this terrifying scene. >> shannon: otto warmbier's father speaking out about north korea. he said it's time to have any patients for the rogue regime to be over. what he said, president trump did make the difference. how he feels about the obama administration. we will have a breakdown coming up. >> we received a very nice phone call from president trump who
6:41 am
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>> kelly: a horrifying scene unfolding in the air near the u.s. open. >> oh, my god, ! they just parachuted out -- do you see him? they just parachuted out! >> kelly: many people yesterday witnessing the crash of a small blimp mary wisconsin golf course for the tournament is being held. the blimp going down about 35 miles west of milwaukee. investigators say the only person on board at the time was the pilot that said he managed to crawl away from the burning wreckage after the crash. he suffered serious burns and injuries but is expected to be okay. he's going to school >> earlier this year, cindy and i decided the time for strategic patience is over.
6:45 am
we made a few media appearances to travel to washington to meet with the ambassador at the state department. it is my understanding that ambassador and his team at the direction of the president aggressively pursued resolution of the situation. they have our thanks for bringing otto home. >> shannon: otto warmbier with strong words for north korea addressing the media time for strategic patience for north korea is over and how president obama could have done more to get his son back. you and john bolton will talk about this and more. ambassador, good to have you with us this morning. i want to ask you of what you think is the appropriate response from the u.s. to north korea about the way they returned this child in this condition. >> the whole history of his case is barbaric. we obviously still don't know a lot, but we know that what we have heard from the north koreans had spent a complete falsehood, there's no
6:46 am
evidence of botulism. this is a case where a healthy young man went into north korea, engaged in a prank, got sentenced to 50 15 years of had labor, comes back permanently damage. i think this demonstrates the character of the regime, there were other americans being held. there's political shifts. i wouldn't put any credence into what the regime says on their condition or anything else for that matter. i think it tells you something. in the face of one human being, they don't have the compassion to tell the truth, they don't even have that cold political logic to tell the truth. why should we believe anything they say about their nuclear weapons or ballistic missile program? >> shannon: it makes you call everything into question. this father yesterday was pressed repeatedly about the obama administration and whether it did enough. he said he went to washington a dozen times in talking to officials and that the strategy
6:47 am
at that time was to wait and that they were waiting on it. here is what happened under the trump administration. >> quite honestly, they wanted to know about otto and there was nothing forthcoming, and i am sure it was not unless i talked about otto. i think that our government forced north korea's hand and made them admit otto's situation. >> shannon: he's been very careful about characterizing the previous administration but the results speak for themselves. >> we don't really know what finally induced the north koreans to let otto warmbier out. this is a difficult circumstance when foreign governments take hostages and that is what's going on here, let's be very clear. this is a bargaining chip for north korea. you feel for the people who are in the circumstance, you feel for their families, but really the government's main responsibility has got to make it clear to hostage takers that there is no profit in this for you.
6:48 am
is the objective of getting our unjustly held people out could remain front and center, but not in a way to simply encourage in this case, north korea or others, to take more americans hostage. that just increases the agony for everybody. i think the real bottom line here is what this tells us about the character of the north korean regime, and when it gets down to it, character dictates how they act in a whole range of areas from this barbaric activity to the nuclear weapons program. the north koreans are not going to be induced in a civilized behavior by us making confessions. the only way we will solve the problem with north korea is by that regime disappearing from history and reunify korea's. >> shannon: that is a big heavy lift so we will see where that goes. meanwhile, the senate has 98-2 sanctions against iran and russia together. there will be strategic and keeping these countries together. the house will eventually have
6:49 am
to hit the white house, is it tough enough, is it stringent enough? how will it be different than other sanctions? >> i think it's a clear response to the russians that interfered in our election and entirely appropriate. i think it's finally honest with the rest of the world with the character of the regime in iran. the notion that the obama administration operated under for six and a half years until it signed the nuclear deal in the summer of 2015 is that you want is a normal nation. it is not. as a state sponsor of terrorism. as a world bank report. these are human rights related. it's the same kind of conduct they engaged in over in the nuclear program. i hope it irritates the iranian leadership to the point that they withdraw from the nuclear fraud in any event and get serious about their nuclear and nuclear programs. >> shannon: that was the fear that sanders had and that's why they voted against it. >> thank god for bernie sanders
6:50 am
honesty. >> shannon: good to see you, professor bolton. >> kelly: it's the moment he worked on for weeks, but a high school students and school administrators didn't want him to get his graduation speech. when he did it anyway, they brought the hammer down. violation of free speech? that's the question. we will debate it coming up. >> i only got one chance to graduate from my high school, and it was really an embarrassing moment. depend silhouette active fit briefs, feature a thin design for complete comfort. they say "move it or lose it" - and at my age, i'm moving more than ever. because getting older is inevitable. but feeling older? that's something i control. get a free sample at
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> i think my classmates would like to hear what i have to say instead of what you all have direct want. >> kelly: that is marvin wright in his high school graduation in north carolina.
6:54 am
the senior class president getting his diploma revoked then returned after he refused to read the speech already prepared by school administration. the school is think "the expectations that all graduation speakers read the speech that has been prepared and placed at the podium." it's very important that his diploma was pulled anyway and it should have not happened. an apology has been issued to marvin and his family. joining me now as a director for campus this young man has already invested in it. he gets in elegance macspeech can god and his mom encouraging his fellow classmates. what's wrong with that? >> he's already enlisted in the navy and he's not some young kid that is willing to fight for outright and protect out right to free speech but he's not granted that same right itself. an ironic point, the school's motto, if you go to the website, "to turn learners into leaders."
6:55 am
this is crippling people from how to become leaders and express themselves it seems like the part of school wants to control every bit of work that a student is pouring out. >> kelly: i have watched the speech and i thought he did a very good job, his mother was applauding him. he see the principal and other teachers actually looking disgruntled and almost a look of disdain. i was shocked. >> i think we all want a world where students are speaking out and they are proud of them, but that's not what we are seeing. we see teachers and administrators around the country so concerned about any idea out there that goes against the progressive worldview. any idea that gets out there they try to strut down. that doesn't prepare them for the real world. we want to -- encourage them to get your ideas out there whether they view them or not. be proud of that. >> kelly: marvin, if you are watching us, i sure would like to have you as a relative because he stood for justice and you talked about family.
6:56 am
it can't go wrong with thinking mom and god for a great high school graduation. >> we should encourage that again. other stuff around the country is not isolated where students are having their own opinions. two students had their truck shirts photoshopped out of the yearbook. we saw another student holding donald trump and he was banned for that reason. >> kelly: thank you so much. shannon. >> shannon: president trump should be in miami any minute now. we will be live for his departure of airport direct air force one. they are going to go back obama era policies on cuba. we will take you there as soon as the presidential plane departs. and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. we are awaiting president trump's departure for miami, getting ready to announce
7:00 am
changes to the cuban policy. from senator marco rubio has been very influential with him on this and is expected to travel with the president on air force one. more on this later in this hour. brand-new details emerging about the man who opened fire at a congressional baseball practice targeting republican lawmakers. investigator is getting a clear picture of james hodgkinson as republicans and democrats try to come together in the wake of this tragedy. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" ." >> kelly: good to be with you. i am in for bill hemmer. we have a busy friday as always. a congressional baseball game taking on a whole new meeting as a show of solidarity following a shooter of congressman steve scalise and several others. kellyanne conway weighing in on fox and friends this morning. >> the shooter other day didn't hate baseball, he hated
7:01 am
republicans. for social media feed was a complete anti-trump, anti-republican created. for those in the media that are so obsessed with the president social media posting, why isn't everybody looking inside a little bit at what they are posting and what they are sayin saying. you can oppose policies, but with someone with such hateful rhetoric that active resistance becomes armed resistance in the case of this lone gunman. >> kelly: kellyanne conway following the story, live in washington. catherine, what is the latest in the investigation into the shooter. >> there is no evidence to suggest the weapons, a 9-millimeter handgun and a rifle, or bought illegally as peer for the first time from the suspect in his own words. >> 89% are getting pushed around and the 1% are just not giving a [bleep]. >> six years ago and occupied
7:02 am
protests in st. louis yet fbi have now issued a poster asking any information about them gun maker card. they spoke to his wife outside their home. >> i don't know what to tell you people. i had no idea this was going to happen, and i don't know what to say about it. i can't wrap my head around it, okay? and i just want my neighbors to be in peace. you guys leave them alone. i don't even know who was shot. no. i'm sorry that he did this come up but there's nothing i can do about it. >> not a lot of clarity as what he came to washington two months ago. >> kelly: you can hear the agony and the hurt in her voice and of the pain as well. what about the mother? are investigators getting any closer to find out why he did this? >> after searching the suspect's wife, agents recovered his
7:03 am
phone, computer, and a camera. they are hopeful that the digital forensic trail will reveal whether the shooting was premeditated or opportunistic. >> obviously, we are looking to glean what we can from the electrical devices that he owne owned. law enforcement has reason to believe that the shooter has been in alexandria, virginia, area since march of this year. >> investigators remain at alexandria, virginia, where the baseball diamond and immediate area it was turned into a crime scene with agents working on the ballistic edge investigating the trajectory of the shots. they are proceeding on multiple fronts, firstly whether he had any help in planning or executing the attacks. at this point, they are leaning toward the conclusion that he did act on his own. >> kelly: catherine herridge reporting from washington, thank you.
7:04 am
>> shannon: republican leaders in the senate want to bring their health care bill to the floor for a vote by the end of june. that tight deadline has differences among members of their own party will make it harder to cross the finish line with 50 votes they need to pass it. katelyn healy burns is national political reporter for politics and here to help us break it down. this is ambitious. even the majority leader has said i don't know how to get to the votes right now. >> certainly a heavy lift and division among the republicans when it comes to health care. yet senators from states that expanded medicaid who don't want to face it out as quickly as the house bill does. you have others interested and others think that they haven't even seen some of the legislation that is being talked about. there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of getting this legislation through. what we are saying to us that mitch mcconnell who is leading this effort is trying to lead back to have some kind of road
7:05 am
map for the republicans. they want to get this done quickly because they have an august recess and soon after that middle elections. it makes it more complicated to get that done. >> shannon: they've been doing this quietly having lunches and meetings in the senate. they want to do that because they don't want to do this in the media. they want to get this to the nonpartisan group that will score for the financial fallout. here's what house minority leader nancy pelosi has to say about how they are doing this. >> they are keeping it secret from the public, trying to keep the american people in the dark and it has consequences. if this secret trumpcare bill will be just as destructive as the bill that passed the house what we are hearing, senate republicans are making junctures any better. it will just be harder to have the consequences across america. >> shannon: a lot of things in there, a lot of people think the
7:06 am
senate bill will be very different from what we saw in the house. the president reportedly called a meeting with the senate leaders as we called the house built "mean" and he was the senate bill to be more generous. >> that's what they are trying to iron out. the president from -- they're all up for reelection and they are all going back to these town halls and getting responses from constituents, the ones that are in the difficult districts. senators also are concerned about not having enough time to process the legislation before voting on it. we saw some members of the house concerned about that process throughout. being able to then go back and explain what this legislation does, that puts them in a difficult spot. >> shannon: part of this is, as we said, the president is looking to make this more generous. cuts to medicaid expansion, how that goes back, all those cost money. now we are hearing rumors that these taxes that were built in with everybody seem to be
7:07 am
positive about getting rid of at least on the g.o.p. side that there is talk of keeping some of them because you have to find some of these other goodies that will stay in the bill. >> you have some concerns about the republican lawmakers that the bill doesn't cover enough. there are concerns that it is too expensive. there are a lot of different ideas going around here that there are only a few lawmakers really working on it and wondering what's in it. another interesting point is democrats who have really been focused on the russia investigation, talking to them who say we really need to focus on health care, that is the more potent issue especially midterm elections, something that really resonates with people that has a visceral reaction to health care as we know. they are concerned that some of this is being overshadowed. >> shannon: this is all coming at the same time that we are getting worried that a number of insurers are going to high premiums. this is in maryland. there average rate tight for
7:08 am
next year is 52%. they say that's in part because they can't get enough healthy people to sign up. >> this is the minute you are hearing for mike republicans who say -- and this is what we heard from president. part of obamacare are failing and we need to do something to kind of fix it. states don't have one insurer or the insurer has dropped out of the program. that provides them the incentive to work on this bill. then you have democrats who are saying that republicans have been undermining this bill from the beginning, the uncertainty around the republican legislation is leading to an uncertainty in the market. a lot of politics being played here without a lot of certainty about what the actual legislation will be. they will have to reconcile it with the house. >> shannon: that's when it gets really ugly i have a feeling. good to see you. kelly. >> kelly: defense secretary
7:09 am
james mattis says we are not winning in afghanistan. but the administration has plans to change all of that. the reported troop surge. a former green beret joins us live. >> shannon: a deadly explosion out of a kindergarten and we are finding out who might be responsible. >> kelly: american doctors say north korea's story otto warmbier about suffering botulism isn't true. they explain the real diagnosis for his family while they are just grateful to have their son home. >> last night, being able to see him for the first time in 18 months, it was fantastic. i was not in great shape right now. he's been through a really tough time, and it's great to have him with us.
7:10 am
7:11 am
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7:14 am
down in miami. they see, marine one, we understand that marco rubio who has been very influential and pushing him on this change to cuba policy will be traveling with him down to miami. there have been critics of the president's change, mainly coming from those in the obama administration believing that the policy that they took was the best one. it's interesting because both sides say what they want is that the cuban people and want to make sure whatever changes to policies happen and will happen won't simply benefit those who are in control of that country, the government and others in the military. they may not have the people's best interest at heart. as he watched marine one coming in here, it could be a big day, kelly, as we watch the president go make a significant announcement. >> kelly: you are right it's a big day. there are quite a few people there and then the latin quarter of miami, cubans who are basically saying -- they are
7:15 am
actually stating that they applaud the president for making this change to the obama policy because they feel that the obama policy was giving way to too many concessions to oppressive regime who did not want to change its culture and developing tourism to the military. the president will probably try and strike a new deal with cuba as it moves forward. >> shannon: what we are hearing as part of the policy that the president wants to restrict the flow of money to oppressive elements of the cuba regime. he wants to end individual people to people travel designations, as according to his senior administration official. essentially, that allows people to travel to people alone and not have organized tour groups. that has the highest risk of abuse. there are so many other ways americans will be able to travel to cuba if they choose to do so legally, but the real trouble there is trying to make sure the money doesn't get to the wrong place and it is benefiting the people there.
7:16 am
there are different types of currency for different types of the community in cuba. the way those are used can really benefit or harm very specific categories led to back living in cuba. >> kelly: some of american farmers have complained, will they be able to do business with the cubans because where were they get the money from from what they would export to cuba? the president will likely try to address that as he moves forward with this policy. quite a few people say it's a redo of the obama policy and of the president adding his own touch is it to rename it and reclaim it and do things he felt should have been done long ago. he thought this was a bad deal to america and now he is trying to make a better deal for americans, as well for those cubans who still have a humanitarian interest in their homeland to be able to travel back and forth. the president will be able to address that. this is going back to the fact that the president is following through on a campaign promised
7:17 am
that he made. critics that criticize him is saying he's trying to do this in a tumultuous week where he is under investigation. it's been confirmed that he has been and the president tweeting about that and perhaps throwing some shade to his deputy attorney general rosenstein. the president again addressing what he talked about during the campaign, staying true and loyal to those who followed him and supported him, particularly in this policy to change the obama policy three years ago when he opened this up to cuba, the former president received a lot of criticism as well for those who said no don't deal with the castro regime. deal with the people. put something in place of the people can benefit from and not the military. >> shannon: that's exactly what it looks like. that will completely roll everything back and be able to keep a part of those policies
7:18 am
into a motion by the administration. but to make his own tweak to it as you are looking here live at marine one at joint base andrews and we are waiting for the president to get onto air force one and head down to miami. he is barely going to direct the commerce departments to put regulations in place that would prohibit direct financial transactions with cuban military intelligence and also security services. some worry that this may have some ways to have a hotels caught up in restrictions that there were rv exceptions to things like airbnb, which is a little bit less corporatized and more the hands of the people. the overall goal of these policy changes officials they will steer the money away from the cuban military and for the cuban people, u.s. apparently not going to be restricted on the cruise ships. there is a method to this strategy and it is a very precise in trying to gain and keep the good parts and gained
7:19 am
most of the momentum from what the obama administration placed into place. the rollback of things that this administration believes will benefit the wrong people and as we watch now, we have them departing from marine one and the marine salute there we see the commander in chief. the president heading down to miami where there is a gathering underway where vice president mike pence has been down there this week, a gathering of latin america countries and others who have been discussing trade and other important topics relating to the u.s. and now. we see the president heading to u.s. one and miami. >> kelly: we talked about cuba and we have not physically seen it there voice had a curiosity of it and since this week i spoke to business leaders who have gone down there to try and figure out how they could create business ties with the cuban people. not the military but the cuban people. she explained that there are still some difficulties because of the way people are still so
7:20 am
under that oppressive regime. she basically was stating that one thing can freeze that up. there might be ample opportunity for more diplomatic dialogue as we see the president ascended the steps to air force one and turning around to way to those who are watching, notably to those with cameras that are there and people who may at joint base andrews to watch it. the president getting on air force one and departing for miami. >> shannon: we will keep an eye on that. meanwhile, the senate slapping sanctions on vladimir putin and getting pushback from the trip administration. how does that affect our relations with russia? >> kelly: hitting the ground in afghanistan, will they make a decisive difference against the taliban? defense secretary james mattis says the war is not going well. >> do you agree that we are not winning in afghanistan? >> sir, i understand the urgency
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> i'm not looking for lesson, i want to support otto, i want to support my other children, my computer ready to community i'm so grateful that otto is it with us. >> kelly: touching comments from the father of otto warmbier, last night talking to tucker carlson about his son's release from north korean priso
7:25 am
prison. they say the 22-year-old is in state of under responsiveness and has suffered severe brain damage. >> the most important diagnostic test thus far was a magnetic resonance imaging scan of the brain. this study and extensive loss of brain tissue in all regions of the brain. we have no certain or verifiable knowledge of the cause or circumstances of this neurological injury. >> kelly: the professor of medicine of nyu medical center and member of the fox news medical aid team. doctor, i hear this story and obviously all of our hearts collectively go out to the warmbier family. he is in a state that is very difficult, what can we expect in terms of his progress?
7:26 am
>> good to be with you, it is a very sad situation and we can hope for a medical miracle here. but the problem is as the doctor you just had on said, loss of brain tissue in all areas, that speaks to insufficient oxygen in the brain that occurred many months ago in north korea, probably occurring due to breathing stopping and something that he had been given to stop his breathing. the neurological testing that they did -- >> kelly: how do they care for him in this particular state that he is in? >> he is breathing on his own, they don't have to supplement his breathing. he is certainly not awake or responsive, his eyes being open unfortunately is not that great of a sign at this point because we see that a lot. the problem is the loss of brain tissue and the lack of responsiveness. they are going to have to feed him and hope for a miracle.
7:27 am
>> kelly: the fact that he is home now and his family is gathered around him, albeit he is unresponsive, in certain situations we have seen where unresponsive patients have come back from the brink even being diagnosed as severe as the situation is and just having a family, we can see from fred warmbier, how much he loves his son, how much his family loves him. they are being realistic but hopeful, one can argue how much that might help in some situations. >> with your religious background and my spiritual back on, i deeply believe in what you are saying. we can't be inside his brain, we don't know what he is feeling or if he is feeling or thinking anything. unfortunately and tragically, we can't get around the medical facts here. it we can't get around our anger for what has been done to this child, this young adult.
7:28 am
>> kelly: speaking of medical conditions, let's talk about the medical condition of congressman steve scalise who was tragically wounded well practicing for a baseball game between republicans and democrats. resident from basically stating in the video, passing along that we must get along, we must learn how to work together and the baseball game would be played. what about his condition right now? there are signs that he is proving. >> president trump said something else that is relevant here, he said that he is a fighter. mind over matter promotes healing. the fact that he is a fighter and doesn't give up will help him. we also heard some encouraging signs from the hospital last night that he is doing better. the key was to stop the bleeding, the pelvis where the bullet entered is rich with blood vessels, organs that lead. we had to stop the bleeding, had to make sure that they went back in and stop that, they fixed our fracture.
7:29 am
>> kelly: prayers going out for congressman scalise as well as otto warmbier and his family. >> shannon: president trump pushing lawmakers to send him a health care bill. >> millions of american families continue to suffer from obamacare while congressional democrats obstruct our efforts to rescue them. i'll tell you, that is exactly what's happening. the democrats have let you down, big league. if >> shannon: congresswoman marsha blackburn of the g.o.p. is going to join us live. >> kelly: deliberations of the bill cosby trial as the jury tries to break a deadlock. the live update coming up. >> the jurors have shown that, the jurors have been going through the trial, they have done the trial in the deliberation room. they were deadlocked.
7:30 am
you can't get any more fair than that experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard. experience amazing.
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7:33 am
>> shannon: of push to pass the senate health care bill before lawmakers at home for the fourth of july, can they get it done? >> no matter how good it is, if it's the greatest health care plan ever devised, we will get zero votes by the obstructionists, the democrats. it's time to give american families quality, reliable, affordable health care and that's what we are working very hard to do. we'll get it done. >> shannon: joining us now, republican congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee. if they can get something together which of the majority leader has expressed doubt about, how does it coalesce with the house in congress so you can
7:34 am
get enough votes? >> we will see what they are going to send back to us, our expectation is it will make some changes to the house bill. we will put it into conference. i think the senate wants to spend more, we want to spend less, we want to give more power back to the state. and also to make certain that funding is going not too big abortion, but to women's health care. what do you make of this talk that we had a little earlier. there is talk of keeping some of the obamacare taxes at least for a certain period of time to help fund with the senate puts together? 's that's something i could get boats in the house? >> that is going to be problematic in the house, if you are going to eliminate benefits, you have to eliminate the tax revenue that is there. we have to get the cost of premiums down for hard-working americans. they want to have more control
7:35 am
over their health care, they want to make decisions with their money as to how they are going to access health care. that is why we passed our bill out of the house, we are turning our attention to bucket three, which is met now across state lines, health insurance, which is my legislation and we are pushing forward with those concepts. >> shannon: that package comes together. the administration is dealing with a lot of other fires they are going to put out including number of leaks that again this week, we are having revelations from anonymous sources, multiple people speaking with knowledge of the mueller investigation. of the has said they have stringent control of the place. it's still getting out.
7:36 am
>> he talked about how he initiated a leak very methodically, put thought into that process in order to achieve an outcome. you see these leaks coming agai again. he sets the standard or he set the environment, his seal of approval or his permission for this environment to take place in the organization he left. it is unseemly and unfitting, it does not serve the country well. it we need to find a way to keep the public trust and keep the trust of those we are working with. and to do what is right for the american people. leaking does not help that, it's a way of cheating. >> shannon: rod rosenstein
7:37 am
putting out a memo that americans should be very conscious when hearing about these leaks. what are your hopes moving forward for any kind of patching up of differences? not on policy, but on relationships. >> it is something that has to happen, the vitriol, the death threats to individuals, the personal harm that you get any emails and threats against your staff, your family, concerns for individuals in the public sphere that want to come meet with us are interfaced with us. what we would like to see is for that hateful rhetoric to stop. for they are to be a true desire to return to robust, bipartisan political debates which have served this nation in a two-party system so very well. we need that in order to reach consensus. we know we are not going to get everything we want.
7:38 am
but we will stand with our principles and we will focus on policy, not on personal attacks. >> shannon: if that can be done as a silver lining to this, that would be a great accomplishment. always great to see you, have a great weekend. >> kelly: fox news alert now, the associated press reporting that the trump administration will save send about 4,000 more troops to afghanistan, looking to turn the tide in a war that has dragged on for nearly 16 years. the pentagon tells fox news that "no decisions have yet been made." then collins is a former green beret who served three tours of duty in afghanistan, good of you to join us today. do we need to move forward, do we need to add more boots on the ground in afghanistan to stop this war. >> we do need to add more troops, but i think the most important thing is not so much the number of troops but how the troops that are there and what
7:39 am
is added, how they are used. the fact of the matter is under the obama administration, our troops were under very severe, strict rules of engagement, they were kept inside their bases and unfortunately the afghan military is not yet prepared to conduct unilateral operations. operations without us. i think if they are able to let our troops go out there and take the fight to the enemy and bring out airpower capabilities, i think it will certainly change the tide. >> kelly: general jim mattis went on to say that we are not winning the war, but we are looking to change that. it seems to me that they are going to get this job done. >> absolutely, the important
7:40 am
thing to me is that they recognize that this is a regional problem. >> kelly: give me her last final words, we've got to go. >> i have every faith and confidence in our soldiers and i think if they are given the wherewithal to make decisions on the ground and take the fight to the enemy, we will see a significant change. no better person then secretary matus mattis to lead that effort. >> shannon: president trump heading to miami to make announcements on policy changes in cuba. will it help or hurt the people there? our panel will debate, but first here is kellyanne conway. >> if he has welcoming the cuban regime to be better to its people, to meet basic requirements of a free and fair society that treats its people well and gives them basic freedoms and human rights. and welcoming that to the table to get a better deal.
7:41 am
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>> shannon: spinning it farewell to tvs batman. a tribute to actor adam west, star of the campy 1960s series "batman." his wife and children attended the event along with the actor who played his faithful sidekick robin. >> let me tell you, he was a great family man, wonderful husband, wonderful father to his kids. he loved humanity and he loved his fans. we don't have him here physically but let me tell you, i think we've got him here spiritually. >> shannon: west passed away friday after fight with leukemia, he was 88 years old. >> it's a very exciting thing for the cuban people. our unity is with the cuban
7:45 am
people not the oppressive regime that has benefited from the changes in the obama administration policy that helped the military, security and intelligence their benefit from u.s. derived funds. that has to stop. >> kelly: kellyanne conway talking about policy in cuba, setting a new course on our policy towards cuba. mercedes, let me start with you. you have had some personal experiences dealing with cuba, tell me how you feel about this new policy the president is pushing forward? >> is the daughter of a former political prisoner of cuba, my father was thrown into jail by the dictator ship and we lost all of our properties in cuba, i
7:46 am
think the policy is a step in the right direction. i think it is very clear that we do not want to be negotiating or giving funds to the state owned conglomerate where you have military and intelligence officials, the ones who basically control the cuban economy, and the cuban people, we want to see more of the direct contact with these emerging private sectors in cuba with the cuban people. "the wall street journal" just reported today that in terms of reservations, the travel agents have changed from the cuban military run hotels to hotels that are not a control of the cuban military. this is a very important step, it is sending a clear message to the dictatorship that if they want to negotiate, they need to bring some meaningful changes. >> kelly: christopher, your
7:47 am
reaction to what the president is going to do today? >> this is about american jobs, rarely am i on the same side as the chamber of commerce for what we are learning at this point is upwards of 12,000 american jobs can be lost. upwards of $6.6 billion in u.s. wealth could be lost. of the second major point here is what we have learned after 50 years of an embargo is that it strengthens the dictatorship and strengthens the regime. it rolls back human rights. >> do you understand about what has happened under the obama era? under the obama era, the number of political dissidents that have been thrown into jail, beaten, women and men have increased over 10,000. when president obama went to go have a hot dog with raul castro in the baseball field in cuba, they had a cuban official releasing 50 of these political
7:48 am
prisoners. and then when president obama left, over 100 of these dissidents were thrown back into jail. >> kelly: let me bring in a question here, we can see how heated this issue is and how we can understand the emotional aspect of this. mercedes has a personal situation that took place with that. you can see how this is an emotional issue even now. former president obama tried to normalize relations but still kept ties with the dictatorship and the military regime. >> pope francis traveled the region, worked behind the scenes to negotiate this with the administration, with the cuban regime to make sure we were able to bring into the religious organization, human rights activists and american businesses. those things are necessary for democracy to take root in cuba, that is how we are going to a
7:49 am
stand human rights in cuba. i think we can all agree that sunlight is the best way forward -- >> the only way for democracy to come to cuba is for castro to leave. this is about a dictatorship that has been in power over 50 years and they have a stranglehold on the cuban people. the cuban people can barely feed themselves. this is an issue that is problematic from the island, not from u.s. policy. >> kelly: i hear mercedes loud and clear, christopher i hear you as well. you look at this in the glare of sunlight as you mentioned, at how that will affect human rights. the bottom line is if you are still dealing with the military regime in a dictatorship, aren't they the ones meeting that economic growth that president obama hopes to accomplish. president trump is saying let's
7:50 am
redial and direct and get this in the hands of the cuban people and not the hands of the cuban regime. >> american businesses and civil rights organizations don't agree that this is going to be helpful to the cuban people or to american orders. >> the cuban dissidents believes that we need change in the cuban policy. those of the people that are suffering every day of after the castro regime. >> kelly: thank you both, we have to end it there. thank you both for sharing your insights. >> shannon: coming up, the bill cosby jury still deliberating, asking the judge about reasonable doubt as they try to break a deadlock, can they reach a verdict? a live update after a a week of deliberation, next. >> if they don't have a verdict by now, we would release them and just say this thing is a deadlock. whoooo.
7:51 am
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>> kelly: welcome back, a verdict just minutes away in the teen's before trial. a woman charged with manslaughter for sending her suicidal boyfriend a barrage of text messages encouraging him to kill himself. michelle carter could face up to 20 years in prison, live coverage of the top of the hour. >> shannon: brand-new developments in the bill cosby trial as the jury resumes deliberations and the sexual assault case against him. we are live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown pennsylvania. is this jury going to set a record? >> this may be the longest to jury deliberation in the history of the montgomery county courthouse. we are at 42 hours and counting
7:55 am
now. clearly these ten men and two women in the pittsburgh area cannot agree on the guilt or innocence of bill cosby. they interrupted deliberation yesterday to tell the judge that they were deadlocked. they wanted to hear sealed testimony from cosby about giving another woman quaaludes, they also wanted the definition of reasonable doubt. cosby admitted to giving one of the women tells at his home, the testimony of two police officers officers, and the definition request of "without her knowledge." it appears this is a question the jury cannot answer. >> the jury came back and said they are deadlocked. we are in the 40th hour. we are asking for the answer right now. >> if you want more information about how the justice system works, there are a number of
7:56 am
lawyers including me in the hallway, you can come over and i'll be happy to give him a class. called at law oh one. >> bill cosby faces up to ten years in prison on one of any of the charges against him. >> kelly: a show of solidarity in washington as lawmakers try to put partisanship aside and move the good feelings from their baseball game last?
7:57 am
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>> kelly: this one is definitely not for the faint of heart. the wife of daredevil nick will linda successfully hanging by her teeth 300 feet over niagara falls. she is pulling off this stunt exactly five years after her husband walked a tight rope over the falls.
8:00 am
in 2011, he hung by his teeth 250 feet in the air. the >> shannon: we'll see you right here on fox this weekend. "happening now" starts right no now. >> jon: as we await the judges verdict and the trial of a man accused of manslaughter for encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself. michelle carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter for sending comrade roy a series of text messages back in 2014, urging him to commit suicide. police later discovered him inside his pickup truck instead of carbon monoxide poisoning. if convicted, carter could face up to 20 years in prison. michelle carter waived her right to a jury trial, a strategic move, to be sure. we are expecting the judge


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