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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 17, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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legal team. the story with martha maccallum is up next, have a good weekend. >> welcome to "hannity" and this is a fox news report. a list containing a name of republican lawmakers was found on the gunman was targeting republican lawmakers earlier this week we have a group here with reaction. the deep state is trying to overturn the result of the election and throw this president out of the office. so how did these dirtbags get so much power, feel so emboldened who think they can undermine that the elected president of
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the united states. plus this week's left wing assassination attempt on republican lawmakers. this coming together is nothing more than an illusion, a farce to hide more intentions. we will expose all of this hypocrisy in my opening monologue. the government is now being aided and abetted to destroy trump media. this week alone, we seen unprecedented and potentially criminal leaks from the deep state to the liberal "washington post." the liberal smear machine is mass parading this as a news outlet. they are citing anonymous sources as a special counsel is investigating the president for possible obstruction of justice and that mueller is looking into jared kushner's finances. how is it possible that they
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leak information almost every single day without any fear of consequences? and they are wrong so often. present trump responded to that report. and he stated that he is being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. which on. he's referring to rosenstein who in a two-page memo laid out the strongest case of why comey needed to be fired. now he wants a special investigation by the council and why he fired comey, and whether or not this was the right thing to do. this is insanity. in the special counsel now has 13 attorneys, and on top of tha that, including hillary clinton attorney and other attorneys who donated to obama and clinton. the media is jumping all over this, and they're hoping that
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this will be to president trump's downfall. "the washington post" ," "abc news," "new york times," they've all gotten it wrong on this issue. they all at this point say the american public should have zero credibility. we have to take the latest so-called smoking gun report coming out late night every night with a grain of salt. last night attorney general rosenstein issued a statement about trusting the stories about coming out of the fake news media. americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous officials, particularly when they do not identify the country, branch or agency for which the alleged sources are affiliate. americans should be skeptical about anonymou. they have a long established policy to either confirm nor deny such allegations.
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i don't trust them either at this point. on top of that, james comey testified last week in the media has been so dead wrong when it comes to stories about russia. in all of that is alarming, it proves everything we have been saying on this program. this deep state, fourth branch of government as were calling it doesn't care about getting the truth. and of course the media, they are the willing accomplices. their goal is the exact opposite here, selectively leaking information, intelligence information that is meant to damage in this case the president of united states of america, which is exactly what we've been seeing now on a nightly basis. here's an example, james comey told president trump he's not under investigation. somehow that's the only one thing that never got leaked to the press. why? the reason should be obvious. what's worse is the growing
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targets for the deep state. they've been successful and totally slowing down the president's agenda. congresses agenda. so far they've not been able to stop him, which means that deep state is going after anyone who is close to the president. including his family, white house advisors, and even people in the media. the deep state plans to create as much collateral damage as possible, targeting everyone and everyone from the president straight on down. so what we're seeing now is this unelected fourth branch of government looking for retribution, overturning a duly elected election. and they're not going to stop until this president has either stopped or thrown out of office. here's the problem, where was leaking this information to the media, they need to be out arrested, they need to be prosecuted. everyone needs to be put in jail. why hasn't every obama holdover been fired? why have the leakers not been
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discovered and rested at this point? these people have now become a clear and present danger to this country and to you. and the things you care about deeply. because these people now have done this to the country, that raises a lot of questions. we have the left and their vicious and vile daily hatred that is now tearing this country apart and creating a climate where what we saw last week is now in some ways even encouraged by some. and that show of unity, i'm not falling for it even for a moment. at the congressional baseball game, it was nothing more than an illusion. this week left wing assassination attempt on republican lawmakers is a culmination on rage, hatred towards the president and republicans. i'm not saying anybody but this individual is responsible, but this atmosphere is so unhealthy and those that are unhealthy,
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are they susceptible to potential influence of daily lies, misinformation, conspiracy theories. remember the stunning video from this week. >> after everything we have seen, can anybody say that they are surprised that a left wing lunatic went on a shooting rampage? just this week, opening night performance of shakespeare and julius caesar, and a donald trump look like getting murdered. in this most tragic example, kathy griffin. posing like an isis fighter with
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a fake and bloodied and severed head of president trump. and that's just a few examples of the left wing actions. and madonna literally threatening and fantasizing about blowing up the white house. >> yes, i'm angry. yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white hous white house. >> thought a lot about blowing up the white house. they are not alone in attacking the president. now for months, 11 months almost, they've done the exact same thing if not a lot worse. take a look at so-called news looks like. it's real fake news. take a look. >> i understand where you're coming from, i understand why you like trump, but the man is lying to you.
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>> trumps critics, those who are worried about this president and this white house, saw a live special television event brought to you by narcissism, thin-skinned chaos and deeply personal grievances. >> this was a white lash against a change in, it's a white lash against a black president. and that's the part where the pain comes. >> when you say today, america first, it's not just a racial. >> you cannot polish this stirred. >> he's there with his wife, whole family, the romanoff's might be a part of the story. and he has his daughter ivanka. it's like a traveling royal romanoff family. >> you cannot defend what the president of the united states just said.
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>> and now we are supposed to believe all of these media folks, democrats, preaching unity. but they've done nothing but smear this president for months in case you forgot. take a look. >> this executive order, was mean-spirited and un-american. >> republican leaders in president trump don't give a care about other people. >> i will fight every day. >> this is a bunch of scumbags. that's what they are. they all organize around making money. >> i'm trying really hard to say something positive.
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this morning had a few tweets, that these things just come out at night like a vampire. he tweeted these things, and now it spreads to the morning. >> and after the left wing assassination attempt, take a look at the headline we showed you last night. impeachment is no longer enough. donald trump must face justice. here's the sub headline, impeachment, removal from office is not first up of america being redeemed and prosecuted for treason and convicted in the court of law and executed. but there are plenty of other examples. earlier this week, liberal actor and activist, called on his followers to sign a petition to demand nbc news stop hiring conservatives for on-air positions.
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we've seen people like robert de niro, mickey rourke and marilyn manson advocating for violence against this president. and then then you have groups like black lives matter. what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now. hillary clinton supported that group. they've been spewing hate for years. and where was their criticism of kathy griffin and her ices pose? take a look at this video. >> pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon. >> also we have all seen the out of control anger and rage that is springing up all over college campuses where showing you video, berkeley, california, earlier this year, protesters starting a riot.
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because a conservative was going to speak at a university, home of this free speech movement. they're not new. in the roots of rage go back decades if not further. it's part of the movement's dna. groups like the mayday labor movement, the weather underground, led by barack obama spells, the occupy wall street movement all started with subscribed radical left wing hate filled ideology advocating for using violence to their advantage in their political objectives. so the democrats on the left are putting their hate on pause for 24 hours last night, not even 24 hours. you can bet they're only getting started when it comes to the president, conservatives and republicans in this country. the reaction of the author of the brand-new book "understanding trump" fox news
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contributor newt gingrich. were not doing in this country. and we went to the 60s and is. of horrible assassination from martin luther king jr. and robert f kennedy, malcolm x, penn state and all these other cases. but in my lifetime there's never been anything like this. they will not accept this president is duly elected. and i don't think it stops at all. your thoughts. >> first of all, that's pretty overpowering. that's a lot of material and not stomach a lot of vivid proof. at a minimum, this resembles the late 60s or early 70s, the anti-vietnam. counterculture and free speech movement. all those things i came together
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out of great turmoil in that period. i think this is different. the frenzy on the left is deeper and more rapid than what it was. i think the strength of hollywood and the newsroom and campuses is bigger than what it was. so is a real fight. i was thinking at the beginning, when you are describing "washington post" story, it may be that the deputy attorney general has a new assignment which is to create a special counsel to look into leaks of the special counsel. it's illegal to be leaking. i don't understand what's rosen stein's memo was supposed to tell us. is he saying that "the washington post" lied and not true? i didn't find his memo and particularly enlightening. they once again have an unnamed source who makes an allegation which may be true.
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it doesn't help us any to have page one making allegation, and bureaucrats of justice piously explain they can't tell you whether or not it was probably leaked from one of them. it's true. i think it be serious about stopping weeks, maybe not this first round, but at a time we have three or four leaks which we will get from the special counsel's office, i think will be forced to create a new special counsel to look into the special counsel. >> think about with the president treated all today. being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. ingrate specific detail in a strongly worded two and a half page statement. that's insanity to me. >> i don't blame trump for being frustrated, but i think he be better off to's stomach shift g.
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the left is effectively getting him sucked into this fight where all they talk about every day is. and despite all that by the way, trump today still was at 41% approval despite barrage of lies and into innuendo. when you have an individual act like that, it's responsibility of the individual and i think they should focus on him. background noise in effect is scary. the number of people willing to say, i forgot that madonna said she thought about blowing up the white house. which normally by the way would
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be considered a crime. we were very strict about protecting the presidency no matter who you are. managing the tea party movement, had a tea party movement person talked about blowing up the white house with barack obama in it, the media would've gone crazy. >> we are talking about twitter and talk about assassinating our president. >> if russia was interfering with our election, and he was in on it. >> yes, the queen of propaganda, rachel maddow now sing is axley possible that trump trim paint did not collude with russia.
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the house newt gingrich. loretta lynch on the tarmac with bill clinton. loretta lynch then tells james comey, it's only a little matte matter. and then at some blockbuster report that comey told lynch that he was never planning to indict hillary clinton. >> was amazing about the republican passivity here is that the ranking democrat in the intelligent committee said that we really have to look into exactly what was going on with loretta lynch and president obama. i was waiting for one of the two intelligence chairman to open a new investigation on exactly what loretta lynch said to call me, put in writing, and had to
2:24 am
do with president obama. i don't understand the republicans allowing the left to define what these investigations are about, particularly when you are the ranking democrat, who is saying, this is so weird. we have to look into it. let's look into it. >> so you have rosenstein we talked about earlier recommends the firing of comey, and now investigating the ins obstruction. and the clinton foundation to deny information. and so many donated to clinton and obama. now why do i think the deck is stacked? should mueller and rosenstein
2:25 am
recuse themselves. to me, absolutely yes. and their connections to comey. who leaked it to the special counsel. >> first of all, under the justice department's own rules, mueller has his own obligation to recuse himself with anything involving comey. this makes you wonder why would you pick a close friend that involves comey. this whole thing stinks. in addition, i think you have to look at this and recognize, they're going to get somebody, i don't think they're going to get the president, but they're going to get somebody. and the probably going to go to jail. because they're too too many lawyers that are high-powered. this is like watching an old-fashioned western movie. this is an indian hunting party. they're looking for a couple scouts and they're not going to go home until they get somethin
2:26 am
something. go ahead. >> why has the president gotten rid of -- there are a ton of obama holdovers. we haven't gotten to the leakers, having gone to the people do this day in and day out. why not? >> even though i wrote a book called "understanding trump," i don't understand. think about it. this is so obvious. you assign one person, give him the list, and they don't get to go home until they finished the job. it's not that -- this has been a puzzle throughout government. the number of bad decisions being made in the departments because you still have obama holdovers making them, is very
2:27 am
discouraging. the president has done a lot of great things on a very big level. but they are not very good at cleaning it up. >> mr. speaker, you have your new book out. it's on i think it's newt for your travel schedule. thank you sir. up next on his busy breaking newsnight on friday night. >> just last week, reporters report on 18 new contacts between the russian government and trump. rachel maddow now backtracking on the russian collision and why. it will tell you about that. and later tonight, michael myers and others weighing in on a deep state trying to take down the
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now back to "hannity." >> hannity: fox news has confirmed the report that the left wing gunmen who targeted republicans earlier this week had in fact a list containing congressman. the person that is been leading the destroy trump, rachel maddow would fan the flame of the trump russia collusion narrative. >> just last week, there are 18 new contacts between russia and trump.
2:34 am
in maybe he is not under audit r other things. but what would change the world as if russia was interfering in the election and they were doing it on their own. the fbi director being fired by the president to try and change or stop an fbi investigation into the president's campaign and top staffers, that is a big deal. >> big deal. not true. in a new interview, rachel maddow seems to be back trackin tracking. she says it is possible that it's possible that there was no knowledge. and there's a lot of circumstantial evidence that points at a lot of unexplained and false contact between trump people and russian people.
2:35 am
circumstantial evidence is circumstantial evidence. this is a serious thing. even chris matthews after comey testified said that it's dead. this has gone on for nearly 11 months. what's your reaction to what's being said now after all that bad reporting? >> i think rachel maddow must be riddled wrapped because the tinfoil had is through the roof. it's not going to convince conspiracy theorists like her to stop. her number one goal is to bash and obstruct the trump administration. it has been from day one. and they're going to beat that dead horse until they can't do it anymore. i think it's especially ironic that this interview she gave
2:36 am
that you quoted from his in "rolling stone" magazine which apparently is billing her on a trump cover as the most trusted name in news. could there be a bigger joke? the fake news purveyor. we talked about this so many times, you and i are always transparent about what our biases are, what our ideology is, what our perspective is. we put it all on the table, and we asked people to do their own homework and verify their own facts. anybody can commit journalism. there are double standards of the left and rolling stone. who was founded by one of the democrats biggest donors. they are a propaganda machine for the liberals just as rachel maddow is. >> what i'm having a hard time to coming to grips here, we
2:37 am
pointed out every democrat in all these names, no evidence of collusion. yet they still keep going with the innuendo. and it's gone on for months, and months, and months. how do they get away with basically lying? that's basically what they're doing to their audience. we got them tonight, and we have them the next night, and next night. never a retraction or honesty. >> yet, and you would think that what she told rolling stone was something she views as a preface in front of every show. but it is an illusion factory, echo chamber, and donald trump doesn't have to just deal with the previous swamp, she has to deal with these festering fever
2:38 am
swamps that feed at this conspiracy machine and people are sick and tired of it. there's so much real news that's going on, and it's an insult and slap in the face by rolling stone. and by the way, they had to settle a lawsuit by those guys at the fraternity in virginia. fake news allegation. this is their going. >> they pay all the money for the favors of the left wing tinfoil hat conspiracies. pushing hosts to say anything they want in the news. we are fair and balanced air. the people are getting -- we are reporting things that nobody else does. we're looking at the deep state that nobody else is. we will over time be proven to be right. thank you so much for being with
2:39 am
us. coming up, talking about the deep state, is out to get the trump administration. how bad is it? how dangerous is it? reaction and more breaking news tonight. >> this is the world we live in now. >> kellyanne conway today talking about how vicious this country has become, with a history lesson on the left and their anger, and called them out in detail this leftist
2:40 am
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>> president trump is called a special counsel on the russian investigation, saying that is a witch hunt. he and his team have a massive conflict of interest, like mueller and james comey, and they even hired one of hillary clinton's lawyers. it's time for him to recuse himself. joining us now with reaction, american conservative union, . you call yourself a liberal, you are not a liberal.
2:44 am
>> i'm a classical liberal who believes in justice through process, fairness, and the elected president of the united states. the people decided the election. to resist the movement has organized now to make sure he goes out any means necessary. this is the resistance movement and what shocks me is the government, that we have so far failed to drain the swamp in the swamp is fighting back, the government itself now is leaking. the government is becoming the surveillance state. liberals like me used to be opposed to those surveillance state, we believed in privacy. they are on the side of the trump resistance movement. they are not any longer nonpartisan. >> and not caring about several liberties, constitution, the fourth amendment protections that we have against
2:45 am
unreasonable searches. >> they are raising millions of dollars opposed to trump. they are the trump resistant movement. that's their literature are not my rhetoric. >> we haven't been getting along a lot over the years, but he's been so dead on factually, legally on all this. where are the rest of the liberals like mike? >> when you take on the swamp, the elitist, people have been writing things for decades, they fight back. donald trump is a victim of that, even the republican lawyers are afraid to step in because they know jim comey is going to play a big role in the d.c. bar, so what you have is a lot of conflicted people and as you know, we have seen zero
2:46 am
evidence of any collusion and people, have made it very clear, there is no obstruction of justice. but that side is not conflicted. >> we are at war in the civil rights movement. it is time to choose which side are you on. we are at war, we have to fight for our national identity, our culture, in the 2016 was the last chance to save a nation, save our culture, and therefore we cannot be conflicted. >> the other thing, the department of justice and counsel on hillary clinton, there's no evidence on collusion, they going to go to inappropriate contact, that's exactly what we had with loretta lynch, president obama, hillary clinton and other people
2:47 am
involved, and they need to put a cap on that immediately. the skin on offense and find out where the real crime occurred. >> it's time to fire some people in the swamp, the nerve of them. and that becomes the agenda of the special counsel? are they nuts? >> well said, thank you both. as we continue on this breaking friday news edition on "hannity "hannity." >> kellyanne conway explains just how vicious the left wing just how vicious the left wing hate has become in this i just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance with geico. just how vicious the left wing hate has become in this huh. i should take a closer look at geico... geico can help with way more than car insurance. boats, homes, motorcycles...
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>> if i ever shot or killed somebody, half of twitter would be full of excitement. that's the world we live in now. it's one thing to say i disagree with you on health care repeal or on taxes are on your plan for national security. but you can't attack people personally in a way and think that tragedies like this won't happen. >> that was kellyanne conway
2:52 am
earlier today describing the vile language coming from left today. we will detail the long history of the vile behavior of the left wing in america. good to see you. i love your knowledge of history, nixon white house, reagan exiles, you've been at the forefront of debate. you are a pioneer but have you ever seen it this bad as you look at history? >> no, i have not. it is been vile to attack the president of the united states. they were bad times back in the 1960s, richard nixon coming down for his inaugural yelling obscenities. cheering on communist killers of american troops. this is almost like that, it
2:53 am
puts americans against americans. i think the levels of hatred of americans for other americans, there's not been an example like this in my lifetime. >> i was go back to the predictable talking points of the election, homophobe xenophobe, you may have been called one or two of those names in your career like i have been. but to me, it's add a new low. now it's worse than ever. >> when hillary clinton just said the trump supporters are a basket of deplorable. xenophobe's, as bigots.
2:54 am
if america were a couple, and so many things to disagree on, we would have been divorced longtime ago. there's a lot of succession taking place all over this country. >> i guess is this whole thing. then you have the occupy movement, and now the targeted assassination. what was your reaction to the targeted assassination in alexandria? >> it took me back to a time when i was a kid, my parents came to visit me in a hospital where i and a broken leg, and said, a puerto rican terrorist tried to shoot harry truman in the white house. and in high, five puerto rican terrorists just shot up the house of representatives. it is appalling.
2:55 am
when i was with nixon, martin luther king, john f. kennedy, bobby kennedy, milken malcolm x, the violent nature is unbelievable. >> this is not a healthy environment in any way. thank you. when we come back, a very important friday night, breaking important friday night, breaking news
2:56 am
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>> question of the day, a very simple one, is the left of america trying to destroy the president's agenda and america in the process. go to that's all the time we have left on this evening. hope you have a great weekend, and will see you ♪ ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
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♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
3:00 am
♪ >> brand new details emerging about the man who opened fire at a congressional baseball practice targeting republican lawmakers. >> fox news confirms that james hodgkinson had a list of republican lawmakers written down on a piece of notebook paper folded up in his pocket at the time of this attack. >> the u.s. warship has suffered a coalition at sea. collided with a merging ship 50 miles southeast of a naval base in japan. total casualty count is still be determined. seven sailors are still missing. >> we have seen unprecedented and criminal leaks. >> these are pplwh