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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX News  June 17, 2017 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> log on to >> have a great saturday, everybody. >> lawmakers on alert after this shooting of skis scully's and three others. some are calling to beef up security for all elected officials. i am melissa francis in for dagen: mcdowell and this is bulls and bears. gary smith, jonas, john layfield, hadley manning and chuck roach. welcome to all of you. let me start with you. what do you think of this? boost security no matter the
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cost? >> there will always be a cost-benefit analysis but this week events, hearts and prayers go out to those who are affected and staff people on capitol hill. i spent a lot of time on capitol hill and you can tell the mood there is very somber discouraged feeling and naturally so. we do need to ask if security measures for every member of congress are adequate, do they understand how to properly hold public events where security risks might be present but it is also a good time to reflect on the tone of our political discourse, whether we are fostering the type of opinions of one another that are healthy so this is something we can look in the mirror but it is a good question we have to consider across the political aisle if security measures are adequate. >> when you look at the situation it is a balance between trying to keep our lawmakers safe but at the same
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time they are supposed to be out with our constituents, supposed to be accessible, that is what democracy is about. somebody coming up-to-the-minute -- how do you balance that? >> that is the tough part. it is not practical to give all 535 members of congress a security detail. this was a 6 am batting practice, last place you would expect, something that horrific to occur. hadley is right about the tone in america. couple things you can do. campaign-finance, you are not able to take campaign-finance for your security detail. that should be allowed for congressman worried about that. congressman serving the country should be allowed to carry a gun. a lot of people will disagree, morgan's is not the answer to gun violence but something needs to be done because what we are doing is not working and our
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country is not working right now. when you have businesses being by carted because you voted for or against the president there is something wrong with our country, when we can't get away from the fact we disagree with somebody who is another american without condemning them. this vitriol has to stop, civility has to come back to our country. >> there are two issues here, the idea of the security and cost and all that when you hear the stories about how this happened and if there hadn't been those police, the people would have been sitting ducks. could have been much worse than it was but it is also about the tone. what do you think? >> exactly. it is about the tone but it is about the cost. talking about 535 members of congress, congressman and senators and what we are talking about, they will never be able to go to baseball practice, never be able to walk to capitol
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hill. is it around-the-clock security. the cost could be tremendous. there is a simpler answer. i will go back to something john said. every one of these members of congress and senate travel with a staff. i think every person in congress, maybe every person in the senate should be issued a handgun. if not them, at least their staff, trained how to use it. have it concealed and then you effectively have a security force, not the police, not the fbi. i understand that but as a deterrent to the kind of incident we sign alexandria. number of congressman said if they were allowed to use their handguns, and have concealed carry, they had a clear shot at the shooter with their own 9 mm except they weren't allowed to use it. i know a lot of people won't like that but i think in this day and age it might be an answer. >> sound a little bit extreme,
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issue a gun to one person on every staff? >> i live on capitol hill and spent a lot of time in these offices, i spent a lot of time traveling with congress. in new york traveling as three democratic senators. what we need to think about is when groups of senators and congressmen and together, none are in leadership, thank god there was one person in leadership at the baseball practice so there was a security detail so next weekend 14 latino members of congress going to share ideas, we will be in one place, nobody in leadership, we can pay for security and maybe not if but one person. i understand that, we should debate the issues when it comes to one junior member flying back home but when groups of congressman get together there is a lot more vulnerability than some of these people who may be a little unhinged, gives them opportunity we don't want them to have. that is one thing we should look at when they are grouped together. >> is this the world we live in or is the temperature higher
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than it has been in recent emery, the rhetoric has gotten so out of control. we can only lead by example and try to tone it down. what do you think? >> i don't want to fall into that these are different times. people have been shooting at elected officials in this country for hundreds of years. they used to be radicalized more than it is today. the guy who shot lincoln, was he radicalized by the government press? there are crazy people out there in the real issue they are mentally ill and not getting the attention they deserve, it is off-topic to go into more guns. in this day a crazy person with a rifle, everyone will be hanged on the field, won't make a difference if they are far enough. ultimately we have a society letting mental ill walk around whether they are homeless or not and we don't address that until it becomes a problem and that is where it has to be spent
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otherwise you will be militarizing all the softball fields in america and if we have to go that route needs to be drones and robot cops. >> in this case in particular to minimize the damage and casualties when you have one person armed with several weapons. if there hadn't been someone there it would have made a huge difference. in this case someone else having a gun, a good guy with the gun made a big difference against a bad guy with a gun. >> absolutely, god bless the capital police that this is not an all or nothing question. a militarized state of constant buffer between constituents and lawmakers. we could be strategic about this. this is what i mean by cost-benefit analysis. are there new methods or strategies we can use to ensure safety and foster an environment where constituents and members of the public and lawmakers can all interact in an environment where they feel safe to express their points of view where violence is not an issue.
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>> when you are talking about militarized state, i don't agree with going that far but to gary's point, in 1900 we had no security around the president, not until 1901 when william mckinley got assassinated that a year later the secret service started guarding the president. sometimes you have to adjust to the times. talking about jones's point about the mentally ill, there are a lot of people that are unstable. that is why the tone has to stop. i can have a debate with my chuck here, we will have a what the ways of a burger afterwards and be fine but people hear the vitriol that comes out, politicians and pundits, people talking because they are so upset about politics in this day and age, some people are mentally unstable, that is why the tone has to change. >> things changed over the last 7 to 10 years, social media, i make political ads for a reason, to get in people's facing talk
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about politics, this is not the way to solve our problems, you need to be actively involved in holding your government accountable by an odd bike getting a gun or doing anything crazy. >> thanks. cavuto, 20 minutes from now, what is cooking? >> lawmakers unite for their charity baseball game. convey come together for more than tween 9 innings and passing legislation that helps the entire us team? amazon adding whole foods to its shopping cart, see you at the bottom of the hour. >> the russia probe, all the drip drip drip. that is next. when es to invest, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that
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>> fox news alert live from america's news headquarters, getting word of an apparent insider attack in afghanistan. details emerging, the incident occurred at camp shaheen in the northern part of the country, us officials say one afghan soldier has been killed in an unspecified number of american soldiers have been wounded, much more to come on this developing story. a desperate search underway for seven missing american sailors after a navy destroyer collides with a merchant ship off the coast of japan. after suffering major damage. 5 are injured including bishop's commander, three reportedly awake but they will remain observation. because of the collision is under investigation. thanks for tuning in. we now send it back to bulls and bears. >> another week another leak,
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this time the washington post reporting another unnamed official saying special counsel is investigating donald trump for obstruction of justice. donald trump slamming this as a witchhunt and his legal team calling leaks outrageous, inexcusable and illegal and john says they are costing the taxpayer. >> costing the taxpayer dearly. the republicans promised one thing, tax reform. they are not delivering it because they are blindsided, so -- with all this extra stuff going on about russia. find a leak, if there's any collusion or meddling. we got to get down to business. they mentioned july 4th, you have a better chance of a dinosaur walking through dallas, texas than a tax plan on july 4th. sorry about that but is what we need.
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we need repatriation of foreign money, it is not happening. >> steve mnuchin is and in the closet with a slide rule, everybody else is distracted by all the other garbage. >> all the people in the administration, like rats on the titanic, looking for safe harbor and the leaks are absolutely killing this administration, killing the republicans. no one wants to be around an administration that hasn't even a sniff of being tainted goods. they are looking out for themselves. in the end all these senators and congressmen care about one thing, getting reelected. once they are in their it is great, cozy, pass some legislation but who doesn't enjoy being in congress for 30 or 40 years? every single one, until we get past this, until it is like okay, donald trump is in the clear, there are no leaks, there
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is not going to be tax reform. there will not be tax reform by july 18th. >> the reason i disagree with that is if they want to get reelected no republican is going to get reelected if we don't see movement on healthcare and taxes. this is what they promised, they should be off in a corner with a slide rule and calculator getting it figured out. >> absolutely. i want to say the russia related investigation are important, it is important to ensure the integrity of our government, our election to restore public trust and institutions like our government but by the same token americans who went to the polls in 2016 when they were voting they were hoping to see change in our tax policy, change in our healthcare policy, we are not getting to the big-ticket items. not only do they care about political issues, these are personal pocketbook issues, people want to see big changes and haven't seen them yet.
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>> they care about change, they don't care about these investigations. this is nothing new. when you have an administration there's constant investigations, you had hillary clinton with the hammers, this is how politicians behave. where did i go wrong? >> the bill clinton nixon situations were blatant witchhunts full of leaks. i don't know if this is any different or more of a witchhunt or more leaks but i'm starting to think this sideshow is not really why the two big things, and that is continuing to get on but the big ones, the tax reform or cuts or repeal in place. if russia never happened. the slide rule doesn't work because the math is in there. trump is coming into a situation beyond his control. he doesn't have the room to do a
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bushel reagan which were the last major tax cuts, cut taxes or spend the debt, can't just do a program like medicare part d, no room for that, it has to be more complicated and they can't do it and the minute they appeal, nothing to do with russia and these distractions. >> if there are 30 republican lawmakers, nancy pelosi complaining she is not being allowed in the room, why are we sure 13 guys resting on their hands and not doing anything? >> my good buddy john layfield, not to pry getting nothing done and i'm a democratic consultant. let me tell you the reason from donald trump, ahead of the republican party whether you like it or not, he's the guy everybody looks to as a barometer where the parties, 23, doing numbers there, 23 congressional district out there hillary clinton won where there is a republican congressman in the midterm elections, already shortly approaching, people are worried, they are not worried about the well-being of the
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government with well-being, they are worried about getting reelected so steak is far away from this is they can so they can get reelected. >> that is my point. >> you have the right point and the wrong conclusion. they are worried about getting reelected which is why they have to get something done and they actually will but time will tell. we will discuss it. thanks, guys. caching in just over an hour from now, what is coming up on cashing in today? >> examine the media coverage of this shooting rampage against republicans. how does it compare to coverage when democrats like gary giffords are attacked? billy joel stays out of politics because his fans want him to entertain them. should other entertainers shut up and sing too? we will see you at 11:30. >> thank you, we will be watching. up next, high school graduation across the nation doing one
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>> this is a fox news alert, breaking news. the trial against bill cosby is declared a mistrial. we moments that is learned moment ago. mercedes, what can you tell us about the decision we are just hearing which was a deadlocked jury, now declared a mistrial? what is your reaction? >> it is not a surprise because it has taken so long. a 6-day deliberation, multiple attempts by the defense to get a mistrial declared, the judge tried all he could. the final attempt by reading what is called the rulings to go
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back in, come to a determination. it is not a surprise. such a dichotomy between his public persona versus the predatory person being portrayed. >> what we heard initially was as of yesterday more than 50 hours and deliberations, they had gone back to the judge, if i'm not mistaken a dozen questions. in that time can you walk through the process, you don't have a crystal ball but at that point what can you learn from what is going on behind the scenes. >> holdups among the jurors, that is happening. group of jurors whether it was
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for convictions or exoneration, trying to convince, usually the handful of folks, less than the majority have to be convinced that the majority is on and they do exactly that. they kept pinpointing testimonies they were asking for the testimony about the relationship bill cosby had for the purported victim, what had been said, declared under oath. those were really focusing on whether there was consent or bill cosby was the predator the prosecution would want to be leave. those are key reasons for the defense. >> when we hear there has been a mistrial declared can you explain to us what went on to make that occur? a couple questions came into my mind. when i hear the word fatigue,
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what happened behind the scenes for it to be declared a mistrial. >> it didn't matter how long they deliberated. and come to the conclusion, not a majority but unanimously. what happens is that gerri continues, a unified conclusion and in 6 days, one juror at least was saying she had sleepless nights, was crying all the time, circumstances on appeal, there had been a conviction and it was overturned because what occurred during the deliberations, jurors come forward saying they were coerced
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against the defendant. >> those are clues to the judge that if there is any coercion happening, the jurors not thinking clearly, if it was a conviction, that was ultimately going to happen it could be overturned on appeal. >> a little information for viewers at home, 7 men and 5 women were part of the jury pool. i want to ask as we look forward, what do you think we will be hearing from the defense after we heard the mistrial? >> i am sure the defense will say we told you from the beginning that this was never brought against will cosby, he was innocent of all charges. this was a witchhunt that shouldn't have happened, jurors believed -- the full indication,
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there are jurors willing to convict him but this should not have been brought, 79-year-old man with perceived background should never have been brought but just to move forward. the danger of course is prosecution may say we have to try this again. they might. they bring the jurors in, and see if the prosecution ultimately decides, ultimately it takes something huge to the state if they move forward with the trial. >> we will hear the defend claim victory here but that doesn't mean we have seen the last of it. this could be the beginning. >> certainly having had situations like this, you learn a lot from when you try cases in circumstances where they drag
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in. that is what you are willing to walk away from. >> reset for some viewers today, day 11, day 6 of deliberations, now been declared a mistrial in the case against bill cosby, mercedes joining us, an attorney, i know you had a reaction when we broken with breaking news where you say you are not completely surprised. can you elaborate on that for me? >> historically it has been difficult for prosecutors to get convictions for celebrities. you have such a diametrically opposed view of bill cosby, this is doctor huxtable, the great comedian we loved and adored, juxtapose that with the prosecution, have to prove to
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these jurors, and it is really difficult for jurors especially when talking about celebrities and set aside what the person was and public persona versus what they are accused of. historically you have o.j. simpson who people loved, adored. he was exonerated. robert blake, another soldier, very difficult for jurors to convict celebrities. it just is. >> thank you very much. standby, we are going to go to rick leventhal who is outside the courthouse in pennsylvania with the latest. what can you tell us? >> not surprising, this jury has been added for 6 days, more than 62 hours of deliberations. they told the judge thursday
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morning they were deadlocked and the judge ordered them back to work. they enter deliberations, numerous testimony, and the alleged victims of interviews with police officers, and police officer testimony, on and on throughout the week, 52 hours, the previous record for jury deliberation at the montgomery county courthouse is 14 hours so clearly taking a long time to come up with some kind of verdict and we were hearing from sources in the courthouse that there were one or two holdouts, presumably people would not render a guilty verdict on indecent assault charges, and come over the verdict and told the judge they no longer


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