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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 17, 2017 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> mistrial. after six days of deliberations ins bill cosby case, they were deadlocked. we're live outside the courthouse. leland: a major search underway for seven u.s. sailors missing after their boat collided with another off the coast of japan. what went wrong and where was the captain. elizabeth: fallout after president trump put on pressure on the attorney general, he's quote, being investigated because of firing the fbi director, and the calling it a
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witch hunt. and from the news headquarters, i'm elizabeth prann. leland: and good to you. i'm leland vittert. elizabeth: a mistrial in the high profile trial of actor bill cosby. the district attorney says this isn't over and they'll retry the case again. the jury said they were deadlocked on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault. our rick leventhal is live outside the courthouse and will be joining us, hi, rick. >> this was the longest jury deliberation outside of this courthouse, longer than the trial itself. despite 53 hours of questions and debate, seven men and five women bussed in from pittsburgh
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to sit on this jury could not agree on guilty or innocence of bill cosby on any of the charges against him. mr. cosby did not celebrate in the courthouse when the mistrial was announced. this is not over for the comedian mo turns 80 next month. the prosecutor says he'll move forward quickly as possible sometime in the next 120 days. >> she is entitled to a verdict in this case, and the citizens of montgomery county are entitled to a verdict in this case and we will push forward to try to get that done and get justice done. >> those three counts of aggravated indecent assault were filed against bill cosby after andrea constand went to authorities and convinced them that bill cosby gave her drugs in the home and knocked her out and assaulted her without her
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permission, but this took place back in january of 2004, some 13 1/2 years ago and the d.a. admitted the passage of time may have hurt their case in some ways. cosby has proclaimed his innocence throughout and his spokesman remained defiant. >> mr. cosby, the legacy hasn't gone anywhere. the attorneys who conspired like gloria allred, it he will -- tell them to go back to law school and take another class. >> outside the courthouse, wyatt's assistant read a statement by cosby's wife, camille cosby. >> how do i describe the district attorney, heinously and exploitively ambitious. how do i describe the judge? overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district
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attorney. how do you describe the prosecutors? totally unethical. how do i describe many, but not all general media entities that continually disseminated intentional omissions of truth for the primary purpose of selling sensationalism at the expense of a human life. >> there are at least 60 other women who allege that cosby drugged and then raped or sexually assaulted them over the past four decades. only one was allowed to testify at this trial and several have been coming here every day to show their support for the alleged victim andrea constand and one spoke outside the court after it was announced, said, we understand the blinding power of celebrity, but justice will come. and we'll see about that. elizabeth: rick leventhal reporting live. thank you so much. leland: overnight in japan as the search continues for seven
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navy sailors after an overnight collision last night between a u.s. destroyer and a container ship. the u.s.s. fitzgerald was moving along and another slammed it side ways. >> good afternoon, at this hour, the u.s. navy and the japanese coast guard continue to scour the ocean for seven missing u.s. navy sailors following the massive collision at sea with a 700 foot container ship about 60 miles off the coast of japan and flooded two sleeping compartments. there was flooding in an auxiliary space and radio room and commander's state room. they fought bravely in the dark for many hours to prevent the ship from sinking, i'm told. >> it's been a tough day for our
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navy family, it's hard to imagine what the crew has overcome, but i'm extremely proud of their courage and devastation. we have an active rescue mission for our missing crew mates so keep them in your prayers. >> it's not clear how many other ships are in the area. a short time ago president trump responding, quote, thoughts and prayers to the sailors of the u.s.s. fitzgerald and their families, thank you to our japanese allies for their assistance and leland, we're learning that another deadly incident today, this time in afghanistan where reports say an afghan soldier reportedly trained his weapon on a group of american soldiers in northern afghanistan, wounding several of them. and this comes a week after three u.s. army soldiers were killed in a similar insider attack incident. and comes as the pentagon weighs sending up to 4,000 more
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soldiers to afghanistan. leland: we're waiting for general mattis, now secretary mattis' decision on that, 1 a.m. in japan, if you get any more on those sailors, let us know. liz. elizabeth: the fallout continues from the president's latest tweet talking about the fired fbi director and while the president heads to camp david for the weekend, this is swelling of course in the numbers and challenges they face. live from the north lawn with the latest, hi, kristin. >> hey, liz. president trump just landed at camp david. he left the white house about 45 minutes ago and he is leaving behind a growing legal team to take on the special counsel. now, fox news learned last night that a source close to the legal team told us he's added another high powered attorney for the team, john dowd. known about the team he put
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together to ban pete rose for gambling. and complicating matter for the legal team. yesterday the president seemed to confirm on a statement that he was indeed investigated for firing former fbi director james comey. although the legal team said that tweet with as not a confirmation, he was referring to reporting about it and the tweet seemed to take aim at rosenstein, that the president told him that he should fire comey in an interview earlier this month. >> he made a recommendation, he's highly respected they good guy, very smart guy. the democrats like him. the republicans like him. he made a recommendation, but regardless of recommendations i was going to fire comey. >> so the question now, might president trump fire rosenstein as well or somehow force him to recuse himself. that's a question that came up in a hearing earlier this week. >> do you be terminated without
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cause? >> yes. >> and who would appoint your replacement in your position now deputy attorney general? >> president. >> so that's a possibility? >> anything's possible. >> in an effort to try to clarify things, the department of justice put out a statement yesterday, saying, quote, as the deputy attorney general has said numerous times, if there comes a point where he needs to recuse, but we all know everything can change in this town in a matter of mere minutes, especially in this administration. liz. elizabeth: isn't that the truth. thank you so much, kristin. with more details how the investigation process will continue. a former deputy assistant director for the fbi, thank you for joining us. i want you to sort of break this down to for our viewers. they've been getting a lot of information this week.
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first and foremost special counsel mueller is investigating the probe into russian meddling in the election, but we heard reports from "the washington post" that the president is being investigated on obstruction of justice. what's going on behind the scenes now? it's a lot for people to break down. >> it's hard to say, director muller has a very big job to do, the case, and as to whether the russians did meddle, he wants to look at obstruction of justice, and things that james comey brought up. these things, they follow the evident, and the comments of the president doesn't mean a whole lot to them. they're current investigators. mueller took over pretty good to take over the time of fbi agents that started this case. that's with iran-contra, during that case, an independent counsel took my case and testify it's going to follow the
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evidence. how long do they go? these things can be wrapped up quick quickly bob mueller is a district person, one of the most district i've worked with. and he'll get to the evidence and close it down when it's time to close it down and the grand jury, we shouldn't think because there's a grand jury that anybody is going to be indicted. i want to elaborate on that. there were so many headlines when there was a grand jury subpoena. and you need that to bring charges, if there are charges at all, that's the point. investigation. >> you use the grand jury to gather information, that's what their purpose is to give you subpoena power and much gather testimony. and i think it's important to understand that a lot of grand jury return depending on what bob mueller recommends to them. this fact finding, i think it's
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actually a tool and the only way to get to the bottom of these things. if you tried to do it without a grand jury, we'd have another case here. i like the grand jury. that doesn't need to be anybody charged at all. >> is it fair right now to be criticizing a team assembly? >> no, no, iran-contra we had lawyers, some republican, some democrat. it doesn't affect what they do. the fbi gives the fact, it's silly to complain about somebody's political bent. these guys are pros and they do a good job and they don't want to be criticized when it's over. elizabeth: "the washington post" reporting that the special counsel will be meeting with some members of the intelligence community.
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so we need to be reading into every interview that they do or learn about. it really should be shrouded in secrecy, correct? >> exactly. and as long as they have clearance, they can talk about anything they need to talk about in the case. iran-cont iran-contra, it's part of the process. we let it play out. let's see what happens. it's going to be fun. elizabeth: the former fbi assistant deputy director. >> thank you, i enjoyed it. leland: amidst the russia turmoil. the white house is committed to repealing and replace obamacare. it's up to the senate to offer their version of how health care in america should work, but like the house process, much of their work is shrouded in secrecy. that's where our conversation with south carolina senator tim scott began. >> well, i think that we have to take the act first and discuss where we are where we are today.
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number one, obamacare is broken. number two, the premiums are skyrocketing. number three, access to health care is plummeting. it's responsible for us to take the time and do it right. we've seen it wrong in obamacare. now we're going through the process of getting it right. as far as secrecy and a dlib deliberative process, and i've had town halls and we've had a seven year journey debating health care as a nation. this debate is closer and closer to-- >> you make an excellent point, we've had a seven-year journey here. republicans seem to all agree that obamacare is broken. and you used the words terminally ill, but in those seven years why is there not an off the shelf solution that fixes the problem that you're talking about. >> as you know, the republican party is entrepreneurial party. the challenge that we didn't
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have a replacement plan, we had multiple replacement plans and that's part of the challenge. good conscience senators, and other parts of the republican party with another replacement plan. what we're doing, we are owe coalescing one specific objective of providing greater access for the average american and taking the plans and created an outline. we've been to the cbo and we appreciate the economic impact of our plan. leland: there is a plan at least that the republicans in the house were okay with, not all of them, but enough to get it through the house and when it passed this is what the president said in the rose garden. >> this is a great plan. i actually think it will get even better than, make no mistake, this is a repeal and replace of obamacare, make no mistake about it (applause)
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>> there was the applause and this is what president trump said in a meeting with senators about health care a while ago from the associated press. one called the house bill mean, mean, mean, and we need to be more generous and more kind. are you worried no matter what bill comes out of the senate that the white house might change the goal post on you as they did the house. >> it's interesting to hear both comments from the president, if in fact, he is being quoted accurately. i'm sure he may disagree with the accuracy of that quote. leland: i haven't heard anyone disagree with the accuracy of it, but go ahead. >> i'm hope, he didn't say mean, mean, and add fantastic and you can't have both. in the senate we've had the house bill, a generous portion
9:17 am
as relates to the medicaid, and the state's dictating what they believe is necessary for their citizens and an insurance policy. you'll have-- >> so perhaps more generous and more kind to use the president's adjectives? >> well, i certainly think our plan is more gracious and put those together. and more flexibility. leland: the word. >> thank you very much. greater flexibility and certainly that the states will be in charge of health care decisions and not the long arm of the federal government. leland: senator, i've got to get you to the anniversary, two years since the charleston church shooting, something i know affected you deeply and personally, and after that, the state of south carolina really experienced a bipartisan renaissance that was incredible. do you think washington experiences that same kind of renaissance after the shootings
9:18 am
this week? >> well, let me just say to the families of the victims of emanuel the church shooting. god bless you all. thank you for rising up and leading the world in a conversation that love being more strong and powerful than hate. number two, washington take notice to the state of south carolina, and those nine families. number three, paul ryan, nancy pelosi, having a first joint interview just a couple of days ago, bringing congress together, this is what americans should expect of their government, to put labels aside and have a philosophical debate about what is in the best interest of america's future. leland: i think there's many americans who do expect it. whether or not we get it or not i guess is up to you and your colleagues in the senate and housement senator scott, we appreciate your time and enjoy your weekend. >> thank you, leland. leland: all the best. the conversation will continue tomorrow, of course, on fox news on a media buzz.
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howard kurtz talks about the coverage of the congressional baseball shootings, the latest on the robert mueller investigation and the controversial production of julius caesar in new york, a lot happened with that last night. chris wallace will sit down with a member of president trump's legal team to talk about the obstruction of justice allegations. that's tomorrow fox news sunday, check your local listings for time and channel. elizabeth: coming up, it's been the most expensive house race in history. voters in the 6th district of georgia, the race that both republicans and democrats want to win to prove they're on the right side. plus, will president trump retaliate against north korea after they sent back an american in a coma with severe brain damage. and the latest, outside of the washington month center right now.
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>> exciting moments overnight
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off the case of massachusetts when a ferry boat hit a jetty and ran aground. they rescued and airlifted and transferred all 57 on board as the ferry took on water. the ferry travels between hyannis and the island of nantucket. the massachusetts steamship authority has canceled all runs of the damaged vessel until further notice. >> steve scalise continues fighting for his life this weekend. we learned last night the house majority whip's injuries were far worse than originally thought after being shot at the congressional baseball practice. and garrett tenney joins us live outside the hospital. any idea if we are going to get an update today or not? >> well, it's possible. over the last few days the hospital has typically been providing us updates after
9:25 am
congressman scalise has gone through surgery or procedures. he'll go through his next surgery today or tomorrow. we're expecting an update after that happens. we do know that doctors say he is in much better condition now than he was three days ago when we were told he was facing imminent death and this is where he remains now, in icu in critical condition, but we're told he's stabilized and he's now able to communicate with those doctors and his family. he will need at least several more surgeries though to repair the damage caused by hundreds of bullet fragments still inside his body and the a the press conference, the head of the traumatic unit at the hospital described their current prognosis and what it is that scalise has been going through. >> my understanding is that he will be able to walk and hopefully run. in this case, the major initial risk to life is because of the
9:26 am
hemorrhage that results when that bullet travels through blood vessels. >> and we're told that the lobbyist remains in critical condition. and we're learning more about the shooter, james hodgkinson. fox confirmed he had a written list with the names and office numbers of six g.o.p. lawmakers. the names on the list are tennessee congressman scott des garlens. moe brooks from alabama, virginia congressman morgan griffith. all six are conservative members associated with the freedom caucus and at this time we're told investigators are not calling this a hit list, but something that they're investigating as they determine what his motive was. leland: more on that when we get it, garrett tenney outside the hospital where steve scalise is
9:27 am
still in the icu. liz. elizabeth: ahead, it's more than a congressional seat on the line when voters go to the polls in georgia. it's money and businessment a mistrial in bill cosby's aggravate the indecent assault case. the prosecution isn't giving up. we'll have a talk with gloria allred after the break. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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>> this is a fox news alert. let's return to our top story. the judge declaring a mistrial in the high profile criminal case of bill cosby. we're waiting for gloria allred and in the meantime, i want to play an assistant of the family who read a statement on behalf of camille cosby an hour ago. >> who do i describe the
9:32 am
district attorney, heinously and exploitively ambitious. how do you describe the judge? >> overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. how do i describe the counsel for the accuse e. >> totally unethical. >> how do i describe general media, blatantly vicious entity that continue actually had omissions of truth for the primary purpose of selling sensationalism at the expense of a human life. elizabeth: now, shortly after this statement was read, we did hear from gloria allred, she had two victims with her and she was with linda kilpatrick and kelly johnson and she spoke about a little about the fact that we can never underestimate the blinding powers of celebrity, but she says that justice will come. gloria, you can hear me, i do want your reaction to this
9:33 am
morning you said you find surprising, am i correct in that? gloria can you hear me by chance? >> i can hear you. elizabeth: gloria, i want your reaction first this morning to the mistrial, please. >> as i said earlier you can never underestimate the blinding power of celebrity, but justice will come. the prosecutor decided he will retry it case and what i think will be important in the retrial is whether or not the court will permit the prosecutor to you will ka -- will allow more prior accusers, or what are called more prior bad acts. the mistrial, the court just
9:34 am
allowed one to testify, kelly johnson, who is my client and very courageous in testifying, but the prosecution had sought 13, wanted to call 13 prior bad act witnesses to the witness stand. the court did not allow that. the court could have allowed that under pennsylvania law, but did not. we, the court did not state its reason for denying the prosecutor's request to call the 12 other prior bad acts. that will be reevaluated in this second trial because i think it may make an important decision and difference in this case. elizabeth: you know, that's what i wanted to ask you, gloria, if i may. you said, what you would do differently is try to get the voices of those 12 women to testify, but that being said, you know, the d.a., kevin steele said, and i could be wrong that he doesn't necessarily have any regrets, that was my
9:35 am
interpretation of the press conference that he does want to do this again. what would you do differently? because how do you know that the judge is going to allow those 12 voices to be heard, if this judge didn't allow it the first time around? >> well, we don't know. but what i'm saying is, i think it would be helpful to the jury if they could also hear from other accusers and the reason is, that when the prosecutor in this trial that just ended argued to the court, why he wanted to be able to call 13 prior bad act witnesses, he indicated because he believed that it could help to prove an absence of mistakes by mr. cosby, an absence of mistake, whether andrea constand could have consented. he want today prove or attempt to prove through the testimony of other accusers that mr. cosby had a common scheme and plan to provide drugs or alcohol in some
9:36 am
ways to incapacitate women and then to sexually assault them, and that if that was his plan and if he had done that with other witnesses, and if the jury believed the testimony of those witnesses, then he would know that an incapacitated woman could not consent to being sexually assaulted, having your breast r stroked or genital area, subject to digital penetration. elizabeth: i want to interrupt you respectfully. i want to ask you how you're feeling today and i want your reaction and what message do you want to be heard today? >> well, as i mentioned earlier that and may be paraphrasing and not quote word for word, in the words of the late, great, reverend dr. martin luther king,
9:37 am
jr., that in the surrounding times of disappointment, great disappointment there is infinite hope and so, i have infinite hope that we will prevail, we must continue, all of us however many times we need to continue to get it right, until we change society and end rape and violence against women and any survivor, any survivor. elizabeth: jewel alison, thank you for your bravery in speaking out and gloria, thank you for joining us. thank you, ladies, appreciate t it. leland: from the leak to anger. and how this young man who was
9:38 am
perfectly healthy to eventually a vegetable when he was released from a north korean prison. we'll be back.
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i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. >> all right. it's the final weekend of the campaign before georgia voters turn out for what will be most expensive house rice in history. a 30-year-old democrat and political newcomer is hoping to take the house seat that belonged to now hhs secretary tom price. and republican karen handle is trying to keep it red. and let' go to the political reporter for this, greg, you talk about the big guns here, president, vice-president, speaker of the house and this weekend, tom price and sonny purdue out as well. does this show that republicans are nervous or simply want to close the deal? >> i think that it's accurate to
9:43 am
say that republicans are antsy about the race. poll after poll shows it could be basically a coin toss. he's up by two, by three, she's up by two or three, and it's down to the wire, today's defense with tom price and sonny purdue, the republicans are trying to rally the base around karen handel. >> you talked about the base coming out and typically the base comes out in early voting and that seems to be pretty strong for republicans so far. let's look at the latest poll from the atlanta journal constitution as it breaks down 51-44, ossoff in the lead. important to note that was taken last week, early last week. has a lot changed between now and then? >> i think it has. i think the race is tighter than that poll shows and so several other polls since then shows that neck and neck, and that explain why ossoff has sort of a
9:44 am
two-track strategy. he's talking to liberals to want to stand up to donald trump and also talking to moderates and conservatives who he says, hoe hopes will support his message of cutting wasteful spending because he needs a chunk of republican support, maybe 10 or 15% to win this district. leland: when we talk about the district, it was newt gingrich's district, tom price's district. it's heavily republican district, but it seems the democrat john ossoff has a chance, why? >> he does and i think it's because he's talking a centrist sounding message, he's appealing to two different audiences. there are flyers out there saying they'll fight donald trump and there's other flyers going to more centrist homes talking he will cut wasteful spending and work across the party aisles to shake up the washington gridlock. so i think that message is resonating in poll after poll poll that showed a decent chunk of moderate and republican
9:45 am
voters, 10, 15% are supporting him. if he gets that much then it will be a very, very tight race. leland: it's already a very tight race as your reporting points out. put up a map of what the georgia six entails and break it down for us in terms of the demographic here. why is this such an unusual district? >> yeah, this is a district that's one of the most affluent east of the mississippi. it's atlanta's northern suburbs, going from east cobb to north de kalb. republican strong holds that republicans have won for decades. republicans held this district since jimmy carter's era even though the lines have changed. tom price held it since 2004 and won reelection by 62% of the vote just in november. overall, it's probably 55% republican leaning district. that is a g.o.p. strong hold the democrats think they'll have to win in 2018 if they take back
9:46 am
the house and looking at districts like this one, fast-changing, suburban districts that are highly educated with a decent growing minority population as well and they're appealing to those skeptical of donald trump and donald trump only won by 1 1/2 in 2016. leland: that difference between what donald trump won by compared to tom price won the district by. real quickly, when things are this tight you often times have a monday surprise before the election. is your report showing anything on the horizon like that or have the battle lines been set? >> i think that the battle lines have been set and poll shows, 2, 3, 4% of voters are undecided. it's all about getting the base for both sides. leland: getting out the base is important in a special election like this where you don't have top ticket support. greg, appreciate you being here
9:47 am
and this race has a lot of implications hope any we'll have an answer next weekend. >> let's hope so. i will, thank you. leland: thank you. elizabeth: after the break, more questions than answers remain as to what really happened to american student otto warmbier in north korea. and how will the united states respond to the hermit kingdom? we'll discuss coming up.
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>> tensions between u.s. and north korea already high with pyongyang's ambitions, it could be higher after otto warmbier, he was a student returned to his family in a persistent vegetative state. how should the u.s. respond to this heartbreaking situation. and the showdown as north korea takes on the world. thank you for joining us and second of all, your reaction to the news this week and how you think the united states should respond. you don't have to be a parent to look at the story and find it gut wrenching, really.
9:52 am
>> this is important because it's not just americans being detained by north korea, this is also has implications for americans detained by hardline regimes such as iran. and that means that rex tillerson, secretary of state needs to be tougher on his comments largely because we need to deal with this issue and protect americans whenever they travel abroad and we can't think that the countries think they can harm americans, beauty them in vegetative states and brutalize them. elizabeth: you implied that they have-- when he was first in prison, was the united states, were their hands tied? could anything have been done differently? >> no, looking back at this. most people believe that the
9:53 am
obama administration should have done something more. their approach has really been not to create in the minds of the north koreans that otto warmbier and hours are bargaining chips so that was not irrational, but nonetheless, it was basically the parents going to tucker carlson and got otto warmbier released and we know that pressure works and we understand that. we have a lot of avenues to apply pressure to the north koreaens even though we don't have diplomatic relations with them. elizabeth: as far as what's going on in the hermit kingdom, much is a mystery. what is it in for keep him alive. >> probably in hope that over time he would come out of the coma. they did not want this story. now we're talking about harm to an american and we're talking
9:54 am
about permanent injury in all probability. so, i think that they were just trying, hoping, hoping, hoping that he would get better, and now, it's very important that his parents force the issues along with tucker carlson's pressure on this. elizabeth: you said this is not connected to obviously what's going on with their nuclear development. what can the united states do going forward and also, i had asked you this earlier, do you think it needs to involve china? >> well, it obviously needs to involve china. the reason is that china keeps north korea going. if china wanted to, within weeks it could disarm north korea. it could have gotten otto warmbier released earlier and they did not want to do that. we have sanctions on north korea, but not as tough as sanctions as on iran. we're not enforcing them. theres' all sorts of things to do, instead of just a travel advisory on north korea, it should be a travel ban.
9:55 am
no tour group should be allowed to operate in the united states or use dollars. we should put north korea back on the list of state sponsors of there are things to do to put pressure on north korea and convince other states they cannot harm americans. elizabeth: thank you for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: we appreciate it and obviously our thoughts and prayers are with the warmbier family. thank you, we appreciate it. leland: seven navy sailors are still missing off the coast after a navy destroyer crashes with another ship. where the destroyer's capital was when it happened. and bill cosby's mistrial. why the d.a. says he'll retry the comedian for sexual assault and thinks he might win this time. anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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9:59 am
>> fox news alert. we are 21/2 hours since there was a mistrial in the bill cosby sexual assault case was that along with other news. >> thanks for joining us. bit of breaking news, rick leventhal, and we first heard about a two hours ago but thank you for joining us, what is the latest? >> a significant disappointment for the alleged victim and a
10:00 am
hollow victory for bill cosby because even though the jury cannot agree on his go back about agree on his innocent. when the trial was over, cost is not an issue, this is about getting justice done. >> she's entitled to a verdict in this case, montgomery county, where they are entitled. we will push forward and get that done and get justice done. >> the trial lasted a week and so did the deliberations with 5 men and 7 women on the panel spending more time in the jury room than in the court room. they interrupted a dozen times, most for read back of testimony focusing on the words of bill cosby and andrea, that cosby gave pills and take advantage of
10:01 am
her. cosby admits giving her the pills but says what followed was consensual and the jury cannot agree on who was telling the truth. >> the legacy didn't go anywhere. it was restored, they conspired like gloria allred to tell them to go back to law school. >> bill cosby's team was prepared to appeal a guilty verdict but now they have to prepare for another trial. the da will push it forward as quickly as possible, sometime in the next 120 days, we will likely be here again in september or october. >> we appreciate it. >> the very cold waters off the coast of japan the search for missing crewmen in the uss fitzgerald, the navy destroyer
10:02 am
and japanese container ship four times its size collided last night probe -- quite a lot of injuries. monitoring developments from the pentagon, the rescue effort continues. >> a short time after that, twitter american sailors were thrown off of the destroyer, the executive officer is now in command, i am told seven navy sailors remain missing as the search continues led by the japanese coast guard. 16 after the collision the uss fitzgerald into a homeport after striking a 700 foot cargo ship that struck the right side causing flooding in two birthing compartments where sailors were sleeping at 2:30 a.m. eastern time and flooding auxiliary
10:03 am
space, the warship's crew fought bravely in the dark, might prevent the ship from sinking. >> hard to imagine what this crew had to overcome. i'm proud of their courage and dedication, and active search and rescue going on for missing shipmates. keep them in your thoughts and prayers. >> event place leading up to the collision remain unclear. it occurred 60 miles southwest of japan, one of the massively trafficked ports in the pacific. a short time ago donald trump responded in a tweet, quote, thoughts and prayers for the sailors of uss fitzgerald and their families, thank you to japanese allies. >> a little bit here, we know secretary matus is about to make a decision about us troop levels heading into afghanistan, possibly increasing those troops, at the same time the
10:04 am
serious question is how safe even on their own bases as they train their afghan partners. another attack today and how many americans were hurt. >> us official telling me 7 u.s. army soldiers wounded in afghanistan, a similar incident, and insider attack. afghan forces supposed to be friendly. the pentagon, secretary matus, 5000 more us american soldiers, to defeat the taliban and. 16 years of war. >> thank you. >> donald trump's decision to scrap his predecessor's cuba policy and set a new course drawing praise and criticism on both sides of the aisle.
10:05 am
>> by and large democrats are not thrilled with this but some republicans are also hesitant, the new cuba policy is going to hurt us businesses, nancy pelosi called a disaster for american workers and a shortsighted job killing policies that is destroying newly created american jobs and hurting american farmers. and republicans like jeff flake seemed to agree, he criticized the policy writing, quote, any policy that diminishes the ability of americans to travel freely to cuba is not in the best interest of the united states or the cuban people. donald trump announced this new policy in miami's little havana and announced it to applause. >> i promise to be a voice
10:06 am
against repression in our region. remember, tremendous repression and a voice for the freedom of the people. you exercise the right you have to vote, and here i am. >> after trump signed the memorandum directing his administration to channel funds away from the cuban regime, with strong ties to the cuban military, intelligence and secret services and prohibiting direct financial transactions, marco rubio and mario face -- say it is an excellent move. >> we always thought and said it makes no sense. if you believe you are helping the cuban people like president obama did by helping to fund the repressive machinery and intelligence services repressing
10:07 am
the cuban people. >> this is not a complete cancellation of what president obama did. the embassies are going -- people can still travel to cuba, they can't go individually, they have to go from people to people tool groups to take a listen. >> thank you for the latest. greg: let's bring in frank calderon. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you for inviting me. >> why are you happier with these changes than what was happening under the previous ministration? >> to begin with the previous administration worked out a deal with raul castro in secret. the cuban government knew what was happening, the american people didn't know, the u.s. congress doesn't know what happens. secondly because this is not a
10:08 am
question of prophets. it is a question of principle. one of the things the president asked yesterday was for raul castro returned. leland: i understand what the president asked to have happen but what is the better way to get that to happen? to use the old metaphor my mother used to teach me, you get more bees with honey than with vinegar? >> president obama new the approach, he went by to the old credit approach, embracing latin american dictators, at the behest of american financial interest. president obama did not try to get anything in return. if raul castro send those killers to america to face justice, if role castro no
10:09 am
longer allows soviet spy ships to come to havana, if raul castro doesn't try again to send warships and missiles to north korea, donald trump is willing to talk. >> cuban-american friends happy with what i signed today, another campaign promise that i did not forget. the cuban vote was critical for the president, how does this affect florida politically going forward? >> the cuban-american community, not only miami, in the country -- very concerned about american national interest, the cuban-american community is not only concerned about cuba but cuban troops in venezuela. the cuba committee is concerned about russian ships coming up on
10:10 am
the east coast monitoring american military communications. jewish-american community like the black community like the gay community, part of the local process. >> what is the hope here? by virtue of donald trump's strategy, on the castro -- raul castro, the finances he succumbs to the pressures, wants him to do, the obama administration, the trump administration going to the same policy towards cuba that hasn't worked for decades either. >> saying to raul castro, to support the military.
10:11 am
mister trump wants to help cuba do business. all those businesses for the most part up to now have been by the military. we have to get away from the narrative presented by the obama administration, what we do hope is because of the leadership of the government, and release political prisoners to be peaceful demonstrators. the united states can do that. for millions of dollars, cannot get castro, to stop it beating up innocent peaceful women who go to church calling for freedom. >> it is certain the human rights abuses in cuba continue to this day. frank calderon, appreciate your insight and talk to you soon. >> we are set to learn about
10:12 am
russian interference, the senate intelligence committee hold an open hearing next week. it takes place days after the senate voted 98-numtwo. foreign affairs correspondent at politico. thank you for joining us. i want to get your reaction that the senate voted almost unanimously, this has to go to the house, i want to get your reaction to do that. >> donald trump a force for bipartisanship in the capital, a rare occasion on both sides of the aisle, they feel strongly russia needs to be punished. >> what cripples that attempt? >> additional sanctions, weakening the russian government
10:13 am
officials, may have interfered. >> this is what happens when you interfere in the democratic process. >> through rex tillerson and others, we are a little worried, the trump administration looking at ways when it goes to the house. >> we don't know. sarah huckabee sanders, maybe enough. the administration signing on if it goes to the house? >> it depends what the house comes up with and you might see the senators being very unhappy. it is as much about republicans going against their own president is the democrats. >> can you give us a forecast?
10:14 am
>> it will be a fascinating situation, people trying to find out more about exactly what the trump administration knew about the russian role, and how -- is that using twitter, and against him including the deputy attorney general or is he going to hold back and stay calm that lawyers are advising. >> i'm totally blinking on this, a number of key people. >> senator richard burr said the investigation is more transparent than ever before. i am curious what responsibility the senate intelligence committee has going forward.
10:15 am
it is -- what responsibility do they have? >> they want to get down to the details of what the campaign new, what the russians did, how far this extended. putting aside whether trump ades played a role or not, it is hard to prove, they will find out how far this went, do the russians try to go after state elections? a propaganda effort, how far does this go and how can the us deal with this in the future? >> what is an end game? >> really good question. i think a lot of it will depend on what they learn along the way and how they can get along with an administration that seems unlikely to want to support this. >> very interesting. every week we learn something different. >> it is like a puzzle. really fascinating.
10:16 am
>> to donald trump's suites help or hurt the case in the court of public opinion. and his russian reaction matter? growing anchor following a horrific fire. if cleaning up in the heartland after hurricane force winds blasted through areas in nebraska. where this storm is heading next. >> reporter: this what is on the move and we could see more severe weather before the day is over. i'm tracking and when we come up on the other side of the break. (vo) gentlemen,
10:17 am
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how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. teams tornado warnings across nebraska. the storm rolled in last night bringing flash floods, hail and strong wind. at 87 mph these wins took down trees and power poles leaving 70,000 houses in the dark. >> the fox news weather center, the latest. >> this is a progressing system moving a little farther to the east. we may see more severe weather before the day is over, the
10:21 am
evening and overnight hours, running into the midwest, this orange area is where we are concerned stretching back to illinois and missouri through kansas city. anywhere around this, severe thunderstorms possible and occasionally an isolated tornado. we haven't been seeing that so far today. so far we are looking at general thunderstorm activity clear across the southwest, we will talk about the southwest in a minute but we are seeing rain across upper portions of the country. heavy rain, nothing severe as of yet but take the daytime heating for that the fire up. we are looking at soggy conditions up the east coast, heavy rain in new york city, areas of boston, stretching into the mid-atlantic farther to the south as well. here are your temperatures and it is warm, that will fuel storms in the middle of the country a little later, temperatures in the middle 80s, 90s in several cases, back to
10:22 am
the southwest, in the phoenix area, that is the spot we are paying very close attention to the next couple days. highs running around 110 in phoenix, 109 the next couple days, it gets even hotter. look at these numbers, 121 by tuesday. incredibly warm weather into the southwestern the next couple days, it will be a very hot one. a lot to pay attention to as we wrap up the weekend. >> never want to see those triple digits. thank you so much. >> earlier this hour i mischaracterized otto warmbier's condition with insensitive wording. i apologize to anyone who may have been offended. as we continue on the show donald trump is not happy with the investigation being run by robert mueller but should the president fire him? our political panel is here next
10:23 am
to weigh in. as you can tell, in the united kingdom after a fire tore through an apartment building, killing and wounding dozens, we will tell you who is taking the blame and who is feeling the pressure. >> she died with her mother on the 22nd floor of the building. it breaks my heart.
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
>> the first time in his presidency donald trump is visiting the rustic retreat of camp david as his frustration over the justice department's handling of the probe boils over
10:28 am
on twitter for the world to see. kristen fisher has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: very significant statement made by the president on twitter because he seemed to confirm that he is indeed the subject of an investigation by saying, quote, i'm being investigated for fiery be fbi director by a man who told me to fire the fbi director, witchhunt. the president legal team insists that was not a confirmation, he was simply referring to reports about this investigation, he was likely referring to rod rosenstein, robert mueller, and the letter that made the case for comey's firing, job could be made on the line earlier this week. >> could you be terminated without cause? >> yes. >> who would appoint your
10:29 am
replacement as deputy attorney general? >> the president. >> that is a possibility? >> anything is possible. >> the permit of justice put out a statement that the deputy attorney general said numerous times if there comes a point - nothing has changed. something that is changing is the president's personal legal team. is growing and gaining high-powered talent. john dowd is best known for the dowd report he put from major league baseball which got pete rose banned for life for gambling. donald trump is slowly amassing his own arsenal of legal talent as he left the white house for camp david, his first trip to the historic presidential retreat in maryland and took the first lady and their son baron along, this is the first time a president has been to camp david
10:30 am
in two years. >> hope you enjoy the time, thank you so much. >> let's bring in our political panel for reaction. josh, talk radio host in south carolina, and vice president and principal in washington with the obama campaign. nice to see you. washington was for lack of a better term aghast at the latest wes from the president. >> are your listeners aghast or concerned about other stuff? >> listeners are aghast, the investigation is going off the rails a little bit. the president says he's under investigation production of justice, we don't know if he's under investigation production of justice or not. maybe he was referring to a washington post report. i don't think that weing is helping him but i do believe robert mueller's investigation is to find out if there was
10:31 am
collusion, we are talking obstruction of justice. >> there is lots of time the cover-up, not the crime, get everybody in trouble. it brings up an important point. in terms of does donald trump's most loyal fan, he has many. are they concerned about this or not? >> i'm not sure they are but they should be. the point, this investigation could be about collusion with russia. primarily it is whether russia interfered with the election process, whether democrat or republican or independent. if possible, they tried to mess with the electoral process with trump being part of the collusion, that is a problem we need to find out in this country. what is concerning is jeff sessions, mike flynn have lied about their meeting with russians.
10:32 am
donald trump has fired folks investigating at every level and -- >> so far he only fired one person. >> sally yates, mike flynn. >> committed insubordination, the situation is they brought that to life. it interfered in the election, there is no evidence donald trump, had any kind of collusion, now talking about obstruction of justice, it is worse than the crime, go back to watergate. there was a third rate burglary next and had to cover up and no evidence that existed at all. >> mike flynn was paid half $1 million to lobby, did not
10:33 am
disclose it. he did this and under the transition, stop the isis raid in turkey, if donald trump put mike flynn in the position of knowing that, whether -- >> we are far away from the politics of it. it is fun in washington to talk about the machinations of these things, $500,000 consulting fees and everything else but what i asked in the beginning, do your listeners who voted for donald trump, do they really care about this? is this what they are talking about on your show? >> it slows down -- we want obamacare repealed, we want to move forward on repealing and rolling back dodd-frank. strengthening the military, cutting taxes and getting the economy moving. this is a distraction we are
10:34 am
concerned about because it is holding back the agenda and people in south carolina are concerned how the real the agenda has become because of this sideshow and the president is not helping himself by tweeting about it talking about it. i believe it is a nonstory in the end, don't think he obstructed justice but he needs to let his defenders defend him and get back to the agenda. >> in some ways it is a great politically for the democrats who clearly are not happy with his conservative agenda josh once implemented and you don't have to fight that hard against the agenda. democrats on capitol hill jumping up and down yelling about russia. >> rod rosenstein, bob mueller, republicans are asking these questions. >> to your point politically this is a problem, a huge problem. fleeting flames of incompetence, lack of judgment that the ministration is not focused on --
10:35 am
>> i democrats blowing winds or pouring gasoline? >> democrats don't control the senate or the house, they are appointed by donald trump. cheese we believe on the republican side, putting gas on the flames, fanning the flames, to overturn the result of an election, stop the conservative agenda for being of limited and that is the concern -- >> so far it is working. >> we have to get back on track. >> healthcare is headed to the senate. they may be able -- there we go. see if anything comes out of that. appreciate your time. thanks. >> they must go! they must go! they must go! >> protesters demanding answers to the cause of a high-rise fire in london the killed several low-income residents, one of the most affluent areas.
10:36 am
dozens still missing in what is described as a horrific scene. >> no idea how many people -- some were trapped. i can tell you the screaming, children screaming, residents, one kid's voice got higher pitch than others screaming for help. they probably had some sort of hope like you would do. >> queen elizabeth ii was among those visiting with first responders to thank them for their service. this is the third major tragedy in less than a month. the concert bombing in manchester, the attack on london bridge and now this. leland: president obama's achievement back in the crosshairs but health insurance facing their own deadline. they have until next week, should you expect sticker shock? how much it might cost you coming up.
10:37 am
supporters of donald trump making sure their voices are heard in a shakespeare production. we will tell you what this is about coming up. you don't let anything
10:38 am
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so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. >> donald trump's campaign rhetoric on repealing and replacing obamacare but it is still the law of the land and health insurers have until next week to cut rates for 2018. we have seen some states propose a 20% increase and some areas only operating one insurer. there could be serious sticker shock. here is jennifer, thank you for joining us. first and foremost, what deadline our health insurers up against, folks are wondering about 2018. what does that mean?
10:42 am
>> insurers tell the federal government how much they want to price their plans for next year and if they want to participate in the obamacare market. the states have seen insurers say they want to hike rates 20% where they don't want to participate next year. by next week they need to signal what they want to do. >> what goes into that decision to give if you're a health insurer what goes into that? >> they want to know is the affordable care act going to be around cost-sharing reduction payments, $8 billion in payments. this is cost-sharing reduction payments to help low income people pay for their co-pays, this is focused on a lawsuit the house brought a couple years ago, the obama white house, the trump white house continuing the lawsuit and what donald trump has said, he hasn't said much. he said they will continue the
10:43 am
lawsuit and the payments and at any point trump white house could say these are gone and that scares insurers because they want to know if this $8 billion will be around next year. >> why are we seeing in some areas just one insurer offered? you don't have a choice. >> insurers don't want to be in those days, some areas of the country where they don't want to play, they haven't been there in the past but also the uncertainty. going into a new area of the country is hard for an insurer from a business side of dad all of these, that is compounding it making it hard to get anyone coverage. >> what is taking place in the senate? they set deadlines for themselves may be quite difficult if they want a cbo score. what is taking place right now? >> mitch mcconnell has said he wants to vote by the fourth of july, two weeks from now, very quick turnaround. there is no bill in the senate,
10:44 am
not one that most republicans have seen. they have a big policy, there are some moderate republicans that are very concerned about revealing the affordable care act and the perception of insurance coverage and conservatives who argue this is the opportunity to repeal obamacare and they want to go ahead as aggressively as possible. mitch mcconnell hasn't figured out how to keep the senators in line yet. to do that by 4 july, the cbo score, that seems like it is out of reach. >> what i folks at home supposedly? they hear what is drafted behind the scenes, 13 lawmakers, there is not a woman or minority, not a democrat, at the same time democrats say we are willing to participate but are they? what are people supposed to
10:45 am
believe? >> there is a lot of partisan talk. i have been covering this for eight years and it has reached a point where people are not talking to each other, democrats say they want to be in the room but don't want to repeal the affordable care act it is president obama's legacy and they won't be a party to bring it down. republicans are taking a partisan stand, trying to repeal this law. there is a 13 member group, mitch mcconnell has expanded it to anyone in the republican caucus including women, but even lauren hatch on thursday said he hasn't seen the text yet. it really is behind closed doors. >> we hope to have you back, thank you so much. >> six months later, the los angeles county coroner reached a conclusion on what killed carrie
10:46 am
fisher, that next. >> political violence against the right. >> the borders of donald trump states their own protest in the park after shakespeare in the park sparks outrage. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow...'s how well you mow fast! they're not just words to mow by, they're words to live by. the john deere ztrak z345r. it's about moving forward, not back.t. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion. in body, in spirit, in the now. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein
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10:49 am
10:50 am
be changed just after christmas, fans around the globe, concluded it was sleep apnea and others that contributed to the death of beloved actors carrie fisher. no exact cause of death rendered and no toxicology reports released. the star wars star suffered an emergency aboard a flight from london, she died at the age of 60. a short time later her mother, debbie reynolds, died the following week. >> in new york the shakespeare in the park performances have been controversial to say the least especially over the past week. last night somebody decided to do something about it. a protest in the park if you will, one person arrested. lauren green in new york with more. >> the show will go on despite a tumultuous week of sponsored pullouts and protests, the
10:51 am
controversial shakespeare in the park production of julius caesar will give its final performances this weekend. the bigger performances happened off status two protesters denounced the production. two protesters were arrested, there rents temporarily press stopping the circle one woman stormed the stage thing. the normalization of violence against the right. this is violence against donald from. audience members blueed the disruption. from the production of shakespeare's play set in modern times with the main character depicted as a donald trump like leader who is assassinated by his closest advisers. >> they played pretty hard on what is happening with trump at the moment.
10:52 am
>> the actor looks similar to trump and. from his hand gestures, on his phone at times. >> the public theater does not advocate violence and it is a cautionary tale about not using undemocratic means to defend democracy. the director reiterated his theater's disclaimer while defending creative license. the director said anybody who watches the play, sorry about the spoiler but they will know neither shakespeare or the public theater could possibly advocate violence as a solution to political problems, certainly not assassinations. despite the disclaimers critics say thes creators protest too much and the production add the growing tide of ideological anger. >> you saw this play recently. did you get that this was an interpretation? was this clearly meant to make a political point? where does this fall on the spectrum? >> they were playing to a very
10:53 am
liberal audience. no doubt when the first character, the julius caesar came on stage this was donald trump, no doubt about it. the one thing i thought was overblown is they had 50 or 60 young people as protesters coming on stage and it mirrored similar protests we saw after the election of donald trump. mirror of what happened. clearly this was a political statement they were making about the election of donald trump. >> we will see where it goes. protests as old as art itself. appreciate your time. interestingly there is a lot of controversy now on the internet about who this protester was. you have to weigh both of this. >> when it comes to safety if you are getting on stage you can see where there would be concerns. >> everyone yelling security and
10:54 am
also you don't know if you are sitting in the audience, someone runs on stage whether their intention was to make a political comments or do some harm, very difficult to tell in those seconds. >> when we come back we will talk about the bill cosby mistrial and where prosecutors say they want to go from here. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases.
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>> new developments in the past little while on the mistrial declared of bills cosby's accuse etc. so by 58 women, this related to just one woman. the mistrial declared this morning around 10:30 a.m.. the woman who is accused mr. cosby of sexual assault, drugging her and assaulted her to the prosecutor's focused on, her lawyer has issued a statement. andrea constand lawyer says the troll has quote - given a voice to the many victims who felt powerless.and silence. we heard that in the interview with gloria and some of the people she represented. cuesta held a press conference which recovered. and they said that there was some good outcome. the defendant was able to face a perpetrator in court and they went on to say she's entitled
10:59 am
to a verdict that he wants to push forward in this particular case. and the evidence is powerful but there is still a case going forward and will be continuing to push there and work on that. >> it is amazing that we don't know in could have been 11 to 1 to convict, or 11 to one to a quit. we don't know what happened in the jury room, we may never know. we do know that only one to 57 other accusers were allowed to testify. they're called bad act this is. >> they wanted 13. >> we will see if the new trial perhaps can change a little bit. wesley talk about the jury pool, there were seven men and five women. what gives an indication that this could possibly be the outcome is that they not only did they deliver it for six days but they went to the judge 12 times. with several questions on the definition of reasonable doubt,
11:00 am
definition of it without her knowledge. so the handle of questions like you said whether it was one juror six jurors we don't know. but they had a lot of questions going back and forth before they decided this. >> certainly, the defense and prosecution both now go back to look at the questions and had to get a sense of how to retry this case. rick leventhal and her team in new york will be talking about that next. >> and mistrial in the bill cosby sexual assault case. the jury failing to come to a unanimous decision but the prosecutor says that the case is now headed for a retrial. >> welcomed to "america's news headquarters" i am kelly wright. >> this morning the jury told the judge for the second time they could not reach a verdict. because the family expressing relief and lashing out. the district attorney saying he will push for a second trial. rick leventhal


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