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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 17, 2017 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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arthel: hello, everyone, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. gregg: good to see you. i'm gregg jarrett. top of the news this hour, the bill cosby sexual assault trial ended this morning, a hung jury and a mistrial. but cosby's legal trouble is far from over. arthel: plus, the first family spending the weekend at camp david. it is the first time in two years the president has visited the retreat. gregg: doctors making a startling admission about steve scalise's original prognosis. we've got an update on his condition now after the shooting. ♪ ♪
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arthel: we begin with the air and sea search underway now for seven american sailors missing for 24 hours after a collision between a u.s. navy destroyer and a japanese container ship off the coast of japan. the warship was heavily damaged in the crash, and crews still cannot reach parts of the vessel. lucas tomlinson joins us live from the pentagon. hi, lucas. >> reporter: hi, arthel. well, it's sunday morning in japan, just after dawn, and the search continues. but already some officials are fearing the worst, that some of those seven missing sailors were trapped and unable to escape from those compartments which flooded after hitting a 700-foot cargo ship which was headed into port before turning around for some reason. it flooded two birthing compartments where dozens of american sailors were sleeping at 2:30 a.m. local time.
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there was also flooding in the auxiliary space and the ship's radio room. the commanding officer's tateroom was also -- stateroom was also damaged. >> it's been a tough day for our navy family. it's hard to imagine what this crew has had to endure, the challenges they've a had to overcome. but i'm extremely proud of their courage and dedication. we've till got an active search and rescue going on for our missing shipmates, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: the collision occurred in one of the busiest areas in the pacific. it's not immediately clear how many other ships were in the area. of the weather was calm. president trump in a tweet said, quote: thoughts and prayers with the sailors and their families. arthel, aboard a u.s. navy destroyer there's two navigation teams, one on the bridge and one below decks, so it remains unclear how the u.s. navy warship was not able to maneuver out of the way in time.
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arthel: another big story we're covering, lucas, what are you hearing about another attack on u.s. forces in afghanistan today? >> reporter: well, arthel today there was another insider attack by afghan forces shooting and wounding seven american army soldiers at a base in northern afghanistan where u.s. forces are training afghan soldiers. this latest attack comes a week after three u.s. army soldiers were killed in a similar fashion. the pentagon is currently weighing a decision to deploy up to 4,000 more american troops, and secretary mattis expects to deliver a new strategy by mid july. and, arthel, the trump administration's already stepping up airstrikes in afghanistan. in april the u.s. military dropped more bombs in afghanistan than any month since 2012. arthel: lucas, thank you so much. gregg? gregg: president trump is heading to camp david, and this is the first time he is heading to the presidential retreat as
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he takes direct aim at the deputy attorney general, rod rosen tine, who is overseeing the -- rosenstein, who is overseeing the russia investigation. kristin fisher joining us live from the white house with more. >> reporter: hey, gregg. this is a significant statement made by the president on twitter because he seemed to confirm that he is, indeed, the subject of an investigation by saying, quote: i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. now, the president's heel team insists that that was not -- legal team insists that was not a confirmation, he was reporting about an obstruction of justice investigation. as for the man that he was referring to, well, that would likely be the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, who appointed the special counsel, robert mueller. he also wrote the letter that made the case for james comey's firing as fbi director. now his job could be on the line as made evident in a hearing earlier this week. watch. >> could you be terminated
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without cause? >> yes. >> and who would appoint your replacement as your position now, deputy attorney general? >> the president. >> so that's a possibility. >> anything's possible. >> reporter: and now amid reports that rosenstein might be considering recusing himself, the justice department put out a statement yesterday saying, quote: as the deputy attorney general has said numerous times, if there comes a point where he needs to recuse, he will. however, nothing has changed. now, something that is changing is the president's personal legal team. it is growing and gaining some high-powered talent. the latest name, john dowd. dowd probably best known for the dowd report put together for major league baseball which got former hall of chairman pete rose banned for life for gambling. so president trump is really slowly amazing his own -- amassing his own arsenal of legal talent.
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this is his first trip to the historic presidential retreat in maryland, and he took the first lady and their son barron along with them. you know, gregg, this is also the first time that a president has been to catch david in more than -- camp david in more than two years, so he probably had to clear out the cobwebs, though i'm sure he has somebody to do that for him, right? the u.s. navy. gregg: i'll volunteer. i'd like to see the joint. all right, we're going to be talking to an ethics attorney coming up about whether rosenstein has a double conflict of interest that demands he disqualify himself. kristin fisher, thanks. arthel: congressman steve scalise of louisiana recover anything a hospital in our nation's capital as the park he was shot in is, has been reopened to the public. the house majority whip expected to be in the hospital for at least weeks. surgeons saying mr. scalise initially was at imminent risk of death, but doctors have since added a more encouraging prognosis.
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meanwhile, the investigation continues into the gunman be, james hodgkinson, including a handwriting list of congressmen and their office room numbers which was found in his van. garrett tenney is live outside the hospital there with the latest. garrett? >> reporter: well, arthel, doctors certainly are feeling much more optimistic than they were three days ago when house majority whip steve scalise and was facing, in their words, imminent death. now, he is still listed in critical condition, and he remains in the icu, but we're told that he is improving after going through a number of surgeries and has stabilized. doctors say another searching is expected sometime this weekend and that he'll need at least several more surgeries over the next few weeks to repair damage caused by hundreds of bullet fragments still inside of his body. yesterday his doctors emphasized while he's already come a long way, he still has a long road ahead. >> i think that we fully expect
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him to be able to walk, to be able to do -- again, i don't want to speak to dr. golden, but my understanding is that he will being able to walk and, hopefully, run. i would encourage you to talk to your military medical colleagues about what it means to be shot with a high velocity rifle in the hip region, because most of us would not even think to consider that a benign wound. >> reporter: and as for the investigation into wednesday's shooting, fox news has learned that the gunman, james hodgkinson, had a handwritten list with the names and office numbers of six gop lawmakers. law enforcement officials tell us that it's too early to draw any conclusions about the list, but investigators are now working to determine what the the list was for and if hodgkinson was trying to visit the offices to meet with any of the congressmen. the six names on the list are scott desjarlais of tennessee, trent franks of arizona, jim
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jordanning of ohio, mo brooks of alabama and morgan griffith of virginia. all six are associated with the conservative house freedom caucus, and two were at the baseball practice of wednesday's shooting. arthel? arthel: garrett tenney, thanks. gregg: well, after six days and more than 52 hours of deliberations, the jury could not reach a verdict in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. the judge declaring, he had to, a mistrial. the prosecutor says this case will be tried again. rick leventhal's been doing a great job covering this from the courthouse in norristown, pennsylvania, joins us once again. you know, rick, i guess the deliberation lasted longer than the trial itself, right? >> reporter: it did, indeed. apparently setting a record here, gregg, thank you. this was, in fact, a significant disappointment for the prosecutors and for the accuser, andrea constand, and for the victims, other alleged victims of sexual assault who have been coming to this courthouse every
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day of the two weeks of the trial and deliberations. we have heard some cautious optimism from the d.a.'s office as well which will retry this case, and we've gotten a statement from andrea constand's civil attorney which reads in part: we are confident these proceedings have given a voice to the many victims who felt powerless and silenced. we commend the prosecutors who raised awarenesses, the effect drug has on the victim's memory and ability to recall, and and we're nonetheless willing to represent -- and we're, nonetheless, willing to present this evidence to the jury. >> obviously, you know, she's ready to go again. as i said, you know, she's a very spiritual woman. she believes things have happened for a purpose, and i think the purpose here is to -- as mr. steele said, it should encourage other women to come forward and have their day in this court. >> reporter: constand claims that cosby drugged her and took advantage of her in his home in january of 2004 after she was
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incapacitated and unable to resist. one of dozens of women to make similar claims. but this was the only case to result in criminal charges and serves as a reminder of how difficult it is to prosecute these kinds of cases. cosby has proclaimed his innocence, and his lawyer called this a victory of sorts. >> the judge is right, justice is real. it lives here in montgomery county. i'm proud to have been able to represent mr. cosby. we came here looking for an acquittal, but like that rolling stones song says, you don't always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need. >> reporter: the d.a. says he will push this case forward and get a retrial as quickly as possible, sometime in the next 1230 days so, gregg -- 120 days, likely be back near september or october. gregg: rick leventhal in pennsylvania, thanks. arthel: seven u.s. soldiers -- sailors, pardon me, are missing and five others injured after their warship crashed boo a container ship in the middle of the night.
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with all of the advance technology onboard, how could this have happened? general jack keane is here with perspective. and the death toll rises in the london high-rise fire as angry protesters take to the streets demanding answers about how such a devastating fire could have happened. >> people are missing, people are dead. no one is telling us the truth. baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?
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gregg: well, the death toll is rising from this raging fire at a london high-rise. officials now say as many as 58 people have died, 28 of those victims are still missing and presumed dead. well, there you can see the protesters gathering today outside the office of the british prime minister, theresa may, as anger grows over the government's response to that deadly disaster. the prime minister is leading a government task force on the fire. investigators, though, say it could take weeks, even longer, to recover all of the victims from the building. arthel: the japanese coast guard is taking the lead in the search for seven missing u.s. navy sailors after their navy destroyer, the uss fitzgerald, collided with a container ship off the coast of japan. five people were injured including the ship's commanding officer.
2:17 pm
joining me now is general jack keane who is a retired four-star general, former vice chief of staff of the army, chairman of the institute for the study of war and a fox news military analyst. nice to have you here, general. >> good to be here, arthel. arthel: so this investigation, of course, is still very much underway. what, general, is your early summation of how could this have happened? also concerning the search and rescue efforts, are the families being kept abreast every step of the way? >> well, certainly, the navy's in contact with the families and likely they have very limited information to provide them, so it's an agonizing thing that they're certainly i going through. these accidents, you know, i've gone through scores of fatal accidents through the years, and one of the things you come to recognize that the military instruments of war are just as dangerous in peacetime as they are in war. the people who operate them are human beings, and i think what we'll find out here is likely, like all accidents i've been involved in, one, it was
2:18 pm
preventable and, two, there were probably a numb of factors that came -- number of factors that came together that helped produce this tragic, fatal accident. could be a partial mechanical failure, human factors enter into it, the amount of sleep people have had, the amount of stress they've had in their lives, what's going on in the immediate previous 24, 48 hours in their life. i will tell you, arthel, that most of our training accidents or accidents like this are caused by, majority of them by human error. that's the reality of it. arthel: and it did happen in the middle of the night. once investigators are able to determine which vessel was in the wrong and whether or not both crews were following international guidelines, once they have those answers, how does liability and penalty work in a case like this? >> well, we'll just have to see, you know, what falls out here. i think -- the way the navy will approach this, regardless of what the other ship was doing,
2:19 pm
they're trained and skilled enough to be able to stay out of harm's way from any ship, even one that has -- was menacing to them in terms of war-like means. we've seen off the coast of iran. but obviously that's not the case here with a commercial vessel. so they're going to look at in this as why -- at this as why did this happen. we should be able to stay out of the way of any ship with all the navigational aids that we have. limited visibility is not an issue because of the technology that we do have. so that's where they're going to go and look at this and get to the bottom of this, because you know, arthel, what's really happening out here and we don't think about it much, but the navy's on patrol 24/7, every single day, day in, day out. they are out there on patrol, united states presence, united states way of life is right behind them and what they're doing and the message they're sending to the world, this is the united states of america that's here, and we kind of have your back.
2:20 pm
and it's a great thing that we do, and hats off to those sailors and those leaders who are out there every day doing it. arthel: absolutely grateful for them and their service. i want to go to afghanistan now, general keane. four american soldiers shot and wounded reportedly by an afghan commando, which as you know, is a special forces soldier who was shot at the scene and died on the way to the hospital. but still another green-on-blue attack one week after a separate insider attack in afghanistan. and as you well know, two days ago the trump administration announced a plan to send about 4,000 additional u.s. troops to afghanistan to help the afghan army fight the taliban. so i ask you, does this latest attack derail those plans, or does it underscore the need for additional troops, u.s. troops in afghanistan? >> well, you know, afghanistan, arthel, in my mind is kind of the forgotten war. you know, barack obama, all he wanted to do was end it. he wasn't trying to have it come out on favorable terms to the
2:21 pm
united states, and here we sit 16 years involved in this, and this war should have been over on terms that were favorable to us and the afghan government a long time ago. all that said, i think what this administration is facing is a challenging problem. they know if they walk away, afghanistan will be a breeding ground for radical islamist terrorists which will try to come to europe and attack and some may come to the united states. so i suspect when general mattis finishes his review -- which he promises to have done by the middle of july and decides what the military strategy should be and the force level, i suspect it would likely be some kind of increase that hopefully brings this out on favorable terms to the united states. the real issue here is the taliban has gained momentum -- arthel: yeah, they're coming back. >> two years. arthel: yeah. >> they usually have operational success. they're still, something our viewers have to understand, the afghan taliban have two sanctuaries in back stand where they receive -- pakistan where
2:22 pm
they receive military assistance from our ally, the pakistani military. it's an outrageous thing, and it's been going on for 16 years. that has got to come to an end or the war will be protracted regardless of how many troops we put in, because that's where they refresh themselves, that's where their leaders are, and it's all off limits. arthel: and, general, i ask what i believe americans are asking, how and why do these insider attacks keep happening? how do we prevent them? who's behind it, what's the motive, and might it have anything to do with the thousands of additional troops potentially on the way there? >> yeah, that's a great question. our viewers should understand that the insider attacks are actually taliban, you know, who are conducting these takes. obviously, in afghan uniforms, they've penetrated the afghan military for a period of time, earned their trust, and now they're conducting attacks. and that's what they were intended to do right from the beginning. yes, i agree with the point you brought up, i do think they're coincidental with the fact they
2:23 pm
know full well the united states is considering adding forces to our already-8,400 forces that are there, and they're trying to undermine the will, the political and moral will of the american people and the decision makers here in washington, d.c.. and they've tried things like this right from the outset. arthel: general jack keane, i have to leave it there. it's always a pleasure to talk to you, sir. >> good talking to you, arthel. arthel: thank you. gregg: well, the bill cosby sexual assault case ends without a verdict. the judge declaring a mistrial after six days of jury deliberations. so what happens next? is it even possible for prosecutors to win this case? our legal panel is here to take a look at both sides. president trump getting tough on cuba as he a takes aim at another piece of president obama's legacy. >> we will not lift sanctions on the cuban regime until all political prisoners are freed. it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine.
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♪ ♪ arthel: president trump partially undoing another piece of his predecessor's legacy, outlining a tougher policy against cuba. in a speech made in miami, mr. trump slamming the deal made by president obama that reopened trade and travel to the communist country saying it only enriched the castro regime and does nothing for the cuban people. allison barber has more. >> reporter: u.s. relations with cuba and the u.s. are changing. president trump says he's rolling back the engagement policy started by former president barack obama in 2014. and the reactions to it are mixed. >> a year and a half ago a president, an american president landed in havana to outstretch his hand to a regime. today a new president lands in miami to reach out his hands to the people of cuba. >> this is about pandering to that republican section. and this does nothing to benefit the american people in a very realistic sense.
2:29 pm
>> the dnc says the new cuba policy is going to hurt u.s. businesses. in a statement, house minority leader nancy pelosi called it a disaster for american workers, a short scythed, job-finish shortsighted, job-killing policy. president trump announced the policy in miami's neighborhood of little havana. [applause] shortly after the president signed a memorandum directing his administration to channel funds away from the cuban regime by identifying businesses with strong ties to the cuban military, intelligence and secret services and then prohibiting, quote, direct financial transactions with those entities or subentities. on the republican side, there are supporters. >> it's good for the cuban people. it's also good for the national security interests of the united states. and if you believe in the rule of law, this actually enforces the law. >> reporter: and a few critics, like senate jeff flake. in a statement, he criticized the policy writing, quote: any policy that diminishes the
2:30 pm
ability of americans to travel freely to cuba is not in the best interests of the united states or cuban people. some things are not changing. the 'em bass is in washington and havana are going to stick around. americans can still travel to the country but only with a regulated tour group. arthel? arthel: allison barber, thanks. gregg: the sexual assault trial of bill cosby ending today with no verdict. the judge declaring a mistrial after the jury said for a third time that they were deadlocked. does this mean that cosby off the hook? no. he remains charged. the case is far from over. >> i hope that the prosecution will try this case again and that the next time court will permit more prior bad act witnesses to testify as the prosecution had requested for this trial.
2:31 pm
for the trial that just ended, the court only allowed one such prior bad act witness. gregg: well, let's bring in our legal panel to talk about it. doug burns, defense attorney, keisha evan is a former prosecutor. good to see you both. the d.a. immediately said we're going to ore try this case. well, i think i'd want to find out how split the jurors were. if there were 11 for acquittal and only one for conviction, douglas, i think i'd want to rethink that notion. >> gregg, i've been in multiple situations where, you know, prosecutors are running hot when there's a mistrial -- gregg: right. >> -- and they puff the chest out. your honor, we're ready next monday or a week from monday. gregg: right. they should talk to the jury. >> exactly what you said. the public statement should be we're going to try to speak to some of the jurors, regroup, but this thing we're trying it
2:32 pm
monday, you watch. maybe it won't happen, gregg. gregg: what may have troubled the jurors, and i took a look at it again, you know, she testified on croos-examination. -- cross-examination that she met repeatedly with bill cosby, the man she claims victimized her, after she claims she was assaulted. over and over, she met with him. i wonder if the jurors said to themselves, you know, is that really the behavior of a victim? >> absolutely. one of the things that is key to sexual assault cases is the credibility of the victim and the credibility of the defendant. and, because there's usually not enough evidence. there's no dna evidence in this case. so i think her continuing to have this relationship with mr. cosby after alleging he sexually assaulted her definitely destroyed her credibility, and there were some inconsistencies in her -- gregg: yeah. and that's always the case. on cross-examination sometimes you really get nailed on that. doug, there was another part of
2:33 pm
it in which the jurors heard a telephone conversation between the accuser's mother and bill cosby in which he agreed to pay for a free trip down to florida, her tuition and counseling. i mean, these jurors might have concluded, wait a minute, is she really motivated by money? >> no. in my experience, 31 years, jurors are amazing on so many levels, because you take all the fancy legal terminology, all the fancy principles, throw 'em out the window can. i think back to my grandparents, they would get right to the core of common sense. so to repeat your points, exactly right. my grandfather would have said, wait a minute, she called him multiple times after this happened? gregg: and she went to his concerts. >> again, they wouldn't prejudge anything, they weren't against victims vindicating their rights. they would say from a common sense standpoint, that doesn't sound like a victim. >> right. and one of the things to think about as well with criminal cases, the jurors have to consider all the elements of the crime. so there must have been some
2:34 pm
missing pieces for them to be deadlocked like they were. gregg: cosby never testified. >> right. gregg: however, the jurors did hear him say under oath in his videotaped deposition that he plied women with quaaludes to have sex with them. but the jurors were kind of left to determine, okay, did he do that all the time to incapacitate them so they couldn't consent? that was never part of the testimony. >> what became a little unfair, i suppose, for the victim is the idea -- but i could see jurors focusing on this -- which is they're having a a glass of wine, let's just say, and he's like, here, take these pills, and then she takes them. under pennsylvania law, apparently -- and i'm a new york lawyer -- you have to drug the person without them knowing about it. so i think that was a problem for the prosecution. gregg: yeah. but on the other hand, you could just see the jurors debating this behind -- >> oh, yeah. >> right. gregg: saying, are you kidding me, he used this as a course of conduct. he drugged the women.
2:35 pm
>> right. just by the fact that they took over 50 hours to deliberate on this case, they really looked at every single thing, which is what they should have been doing as jurors. clearly, there were too many things that didn't make sense. gregg: you know, what struck me is camille cosby, wife of bill cosby -- who never bothered to show up until the end of trial -- >> right. gregg: -- she issues this inflammatory statement, she calls the judge arrogant, collaborating with the heinous d.a., that's got to be a really bad idea. >> you can take my criticism of the prosecutors and multiply it by ten, because the last thing, repeat, you want to do on a mistrial on the defense side is either, a, start gloating and celebrating -- gregg: right. >> -- b, start criticizing the very judge who's going to preside over the resenile that's not very smart. gregg: this from a woman who
2:36 pm
heard her husband testify under oath that he cheated on her -- >> he had sex with numerous women. gregg: and he plied women with drugs, yet she's blaming the d.a. and the judge? >> right. one thing she has to realize, the jurors' decision had nothing to do with the prosecutor and the judge. those jurors were in that room alone. they were not swayed by the judge. gregg: but she's lashing out at them for bringing the case. >> i mean, congresswoman on, all these victims -- come on, all these victims, she needs to look at her husband and say what kind of person are you. >> the judge made a huge ruling in the defense's favor allowing one other victim when there was something like 50 of them. gregg: is it the same judge in this next trial and is he going to allow -- >> that's the single most important question to be asked. if it's the same judge and nothing's going to change, i don't see him changing the ruling. >> right. that ruling was for a reason. bringing in all the alleged victims was probably considered
2:37 pm
highly prejudicial -- gregg: only one, if there is really a pattern of conduct that he's always plying women with drugs so that they can't consent -- >> right. gregg: why not allow two or three or four? >> i agree with you, but the judge is in such a tough box. whatever he does now, they'll be like, see that? he adjusted that prior bad act -- gregg: was he wrong to begin with? >> i think he was possibly wrong and, frankly, not to, you know, second guess the judge, but he should have let in three or four. >> i think the prejudicial effect of that was too high. gregg: appellate courts hate it when trial court judges do that -- >> as an attorney -- gregg: but it's allowable under the law. >> it is, but you have to be very careful, and that's the first argument an appellate attorney go after. gregg: all right. doug, keisha, good to see you both. thank you very much. arthel: gregg, thousands of angry protesters in minnesota marching through the streets of st. paul after a police officer
2:38 pm
charged with shooting death of a black driver is found not guilty. we're going to have details of that case coming up. plus, doctors treating house majority whip steve scalise now saying he was near death after being shot in the left hip, but that prognosis has changed. we're going to talk to a neurosurgeon about mr. scalise's long road to recovery. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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2:43 pm
>> reporter: hi, gregg. protests shutting down an interstate and also resulting in 18 arrests overnight. demonstrations there began as soon as officer was cleared of man slaughter the fatal shooting of philando castile. castille's family stormed out of the courtroom, his mother believing justice was not served for her son. >> keep thinking with my common sense that we would get justice in this case, but nevertheless, it never seems to fail us. the system continues to fail black people. >> reporter: but jurors who deliberated for more than 29 hours over five days say even after the verdict was read they were still very much aware of their impact -- of the impact of their decision. >> we all bowed our heads, not one word was said for at least five minutes. we were very, very compassionate
2:44 pm
about the castile family. >> reporter: the city of st. anthony quickly announced plans to dismiss him from the police force despite being cleared of manslaughter. and with the city planning to offer january necessary voluntary separation, the public will be best served if he's no longer an officer there. we heard from the prosecutor in the case who says even though the verdict is painful for a lot of people, it has to be respected. prayer meetings and more protests are planned in cities around the country. gregg: marianne rafferty, thank you. arthel: doctors say congressman steve scalise could be facing a long road to recovery. the house majority whip likely to spend weeks in the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries. his injuries worse than originally thought. >> usually the initial period is about hemorrhage control, and i feel like we've made a lot of progress about that.
2:45 pm
and hope friday, that is not going to be -- hopefully, that is not going to be our biggest end enemy any longer. other things to worry about include infections and other complications that come about from intensive care. arthel: to discuss this further, i'm joined by dr. paul sapphire who is a neurosurgeon. dr. sapphire, clearly the latest prognosis for steve and scalises definitely more encouraging than it was at first, but talk to me more about the medical hurdles he's facing short term and long term. >> sure. so, you know, the kind of injury, the gunshot wound that he had, we call it a trans-pelvic gunshot wound, is a very serious injury. a lot of people typically think of gunshot wounds to the head and chest as being very serious, and they certainly are, but essentially when the bullet comes in one side of the pelvis and travels across the pelvis and exits on the opposite side, a lot of vital structures can be damaged. bones can be shattered, nerves
2:46 pm
can be severed, massive blood loss can occur, the colon can have leakage of toxic substances. is so just as you heard from his surgeons, the primary goal initially is to stabilize the patient. that's often times in shock, as he was, controlling blood loss, doing emergency surgeries to assess the damage, stabilize bleeding if possible and sometimes numerous subsequent surgeries are also required to assess further damage and also help repair additional injuries. arthel: so you explained why there more than likely will be further surgeries. i read that the doctors are going to not remove all of the shrapnel finishing you will, the gun pieces. >> right. so often times these bullets, when they enter, it's not just i one small bullet that stays contained. it actually sometimes will shatter itself and throw debris that causes lots of damage. sometimes delayed, subsequent
2:47 pm
surgeries are necessary. you can't -- you know, we know by doing one long surgery may not necessarily be in the patient's best interest right up front. arthel: what are surgeons up against? we understand that you're dealing with vital organs. what's going on? what are the challenges for the doctors. >> so up front, again, stabilizing the patient. as we heard, making sure that blood loss is controlled and subsequently we have to make sure that secondary injuries like infections are controlled or headed off as best possible. with regards to -- i don't know the exact injuries that he suffered, but certainly there's a possibility of injury to the gastrointestinal system, the bladder -- arthel: but are these things that doctors can repair to get him back to, on the road to recovery? >> for sure, they can. it's just a lot more involved than we may classically think or, you know, for people that are not familiar with it. you may think getting shot in the hip doesn't sound that bad, but the reality is this could be a long process for him to go through in terms of surgery and recovery.
2:48 pm
but, yes, he can recover from this. arthel: and there's going to be, of course, the physical therapy after, etc., right? >> oh, for sure. arthel: our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, jennifer, and their two children, wishing him a speedy and full recovery as well as say thanks to those capitol police officers, chris call greiner and david bailey -- cristal greiner and david bailey, who saved a lot of lives. the coroner is now saying that carrie fisher died of sleep apnea. how does that happen? i'm assuming partially it's because of lack of oxygen. how often does it happen, and can it happen to anyone? >> sure. so what the coroner published is that there was a build-up of fatty deposits within her arteries as well as the relationship of sleep apnea -- arthel: is that like cholesterol? >> essentially what we say, cardiovascular disease. and it's the number one leading cause of death for both men and women in the united states. actually globally, throughout the world. there's a strong relationship
2:49 pm
between what we call sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease as well as stroke and other issues, and sleep apnea there's obstructive and central, and with obstructive, you're not able to breathe as well normally when you sleep. it can happen for, from lifestyle reasons, cigarette smoking, alcohol also if someone is overweight, certain body characteristics, if you have, you know, heavy, short, thick neck, a big tongue, big, you know, other oral issues as well that can cause difficulties sleeping or difficulty breathing while sleeping. arthel: but is it common for people to die from sleep apnea? >> we do know there's a strong relationship between sleep apnea and a lot of other diseases like high blood pressure, like cardiovascular, like stroke. and often times it is underdiagnosed. we think there's aboutbe 3-7% of people in the united states that have sleep apnea.
2:50 pm
often times it's noted by people with fatigue in the morning, headaches in the morning, their sleeping partners may notice that they're snoring or having periods of toppage of breathing during the -- stoppage of breathing during the night, and if that's the case, they should bring that to their medical provider. arthel: dr. paul sapphire, thank you very much. we'll see you again. gregg: well, you've heard it all the world's a stage and we're all merely players. one protester taking that scene literally, stealing the spotlight from that controversial new york play to make a political statement. >> this is violet -- >> security, please. ♪
2:51 pm
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skin smoothing venus razors.
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2:54 pm
♪ ♪ gregg: and welcome back. protesters crashing a controversial production of julius caesar in new york city. cell phone video showing a woman storming the stage, berating the actors accusing them of inciting political violence because the play depict it is assassination of the title character who is dressed up to look just like president trump. lauren green is live in our new york city newsroom with more on this. hi, lauren. >> reporter: thank you so much. well, you know, the show will go on, and despite a week of sponsor pullouts and protests, the production of julius caesar will give its final two
2:55 pm
performances of its limited run this weekend. last night the bigger performances happened off stage as the two protesters that you saw denounced the production. >> political violence against the right. this is unacceptable -- >> reporter: two people were arrested after their rants temporarily stopped the show, one woman, as you said, stormed the stage saying stop the normalization of violence against the right. another man shouted this is violence against donald trump. audience members reportedly booed the disruption. the play is set in modern times with the main character depicted as a donald trump-like character who is assassinated by his closessest advisers. -- closest advisers. the web site saying the play does not advocate violence and a cautionary tale about not using undemocratic means to defend democracy. earlier this week the director reiterated the theater's disclaimer while defending creative license. >> anybody who watches this play
2:56 pm
tonight, and i'm there's a couple of spoiler alerts here -- [laughter] will know that neither shakespeare, nor the public theater could possibly advocate violence as a solution to political problems -- [cheers and applause] >> reporter: despite the disclaimers, critics say the creators do protest too much and this add toss a growing tide of ideological anger. gregg: lauren green, thank you. arthel: a desperate search is underway to find seven u.s. sailors who went missing after their warship crashed into a cargo ship in the middle of the night. plus, the judge declares a mistrial in the bill cosby sexual assault caseful we'll have more details on that. ke an. xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and joint damage, even without methotrexate.
2:57 pm
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3:00 pm
>> welcome back to another hour. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's. >> hello gregg and hello topping the news this hour, a hung jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial forces the judge to declare a mistrial. the prosecutors are planning their next moves sgregg getting details about the gunman who shot the republicans in d.c.
3:01 pm
>> arthel: protester up over the vertex of the trial of the police officer charged in the shooting death of a black driver. america's it news headquarters starts now sgregg an urgent search mission is underway for seven american sailors missing for 24 hours after crash between the new it u.s. navy destroyer and a container ship off of the coast of japan. the uss fitzgerald was badly damaged. several components were completely flooded. search crews are trying to reach those areas of the trump. we are at the pentagon now, lucas what can you tell us about the search? >> officials are now fearing the worst that some of the missing seven sailors on the destroyer were trapped inside this compartment which flooded and were not able to escape. after that u.s. navy destroyer collided with a 700-foot cargo ship which was headed to port but turned around for some reason before colliding with the
3:02 pm
ship, flooding two compartments where dozens of sailors were sleeping at 2:30 a.m. local time. also flooding in the auxiliary space and in the radio room. the state room was damaged. the warships crew worked in the dark for hours to prevent the ship from thinking. >> it's been a tough day for the navy family. it's hard to imagine what the crew has had to endure the challenges. i am proud of the courage and dedication. we have an active search and rescue going on for shipmates. these keep them in your thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: president trump responded in a tweet saying that the prayers of the sailors and their families, thank you to our japanese allies for their assistance. gray, the collision happened about 60 miles southwest of japan. a board you would have to navigation teams, one of the bridge where the ship is steered, the other below deck. it is not clear at all how the collision was able to take place.
3:03 pm
sgregg there are seven missing sailors, do we know how many others were injured? >> we do. the u.s. navy says three of the sailors were airlifted off the u.s. navy destroyer, including the ship's commanding officer who are being treated at a local hospital. dozens of others were wounded and hurts but remain on board. sixteen hours after the collision it went back into port under its own power but assisted bite talks. divers inspected the damage which extends below the waterline. the navy will search the flooded compartment, drained the water and look for the missing sailors. the fitzgerald was recently assigned to a strike group to join others with the north korean area. it is part of the u.s. missile defense ships needed to shoot down potential north korean missiles. currently the forecast in japan is for rain which will hamper
3:04 pm
search efforts sgregg thank you very much. >> arthel: the with bill cosby failed. the 79-year-old comedian may not be off the hook. the prosecution is pledging to try the case again. rick is live with the courthouse in pennsylvania. >> a tough day for the prosecutor. a disappointing outcome for the accuser and a somewhat hollow victory for the defendant, bill cosby. the jury cannot decide on his guilt or his innocence. while this trial is over, there will be another. the da says cost is not the issue, this is about getting justice done. >> i do not look at this as anything other than a jury that deliberated over a long time.
3:05 pm
we are confident in the case that we put on and we hope that we will be in a position where a jury will come to a unanimous verdict time around. >> the trial lasted one week and so did the deliberations with the seven men and five women spent more time in the jury room than in the courtroom. interrupting deliberations a dozen times of questions, most for reback of depositions or testimony focusing on the words of cosby and andrea who claims that cosby gave her pills and then took advantage of her when she was knocked out. cosby admitted giving the pills but said what followed was consensual and the jury could not agree on who is telling the truth. cosby spokesperson was defined after the mistrial was declared. >> the jurors, they use their powers to speak and mr. cosby
3:06 pm
powers are back. all those attorneys who conspired by gloria, tell them to go back to law school and take another class. >> they told me the team is absolutely prepared to appeal a guilty verdict but now they have to prepare for another trial. the da says they will move it along as quickly as possible. >> arthel: thank you rick. >> gregg: an update from the hospital on steve scalise, he is now in serious condition. garrett is outside with more. >> after several days of being listed in critical condition, he is now listed in serious condition. we're told by the hospital that he did undergo another surgery today. at this point he is now able to communicate with his family and friends. he seems to be improving by the day.
3:07 pm
this is very good news after several days in which doctor say he was facing imminent death due to his injuries. there's still a long road ahead for congressman, over the last few days he has been going through a number of the surgeries. doctor say he will have several more over the next few week to repair damage to his hip and by the bullet once inside. >> i think his risk of death now is substantially lower than when he came in. certainly, whatever you think of the word critical, he was as critical as you can be when he came in. there is no controversy about word choice. i've not counted but i would guess that there hundreds of fragments, usually there is more risk involved in trying to find and remove those than benefits. >> as for the other two shooting victims were hospitalized, capitol hill police officer
3:08 pm
crystal reiner is in good condition and is expected to make a full recovery. the ap is not reporting that the lobbyist mike micah has undergone more surgery and will make a full recovery. the investigation into wednesday's shooting continues as well. fox news has learned that james had a list, handwritten list with the name and office numbers of six gop lawmakers, all six associated with the conservative house freedom caucus, two of the names were the congressman set the practice. the six names on the list arse got days of tennessee, jeff duncan of south carolina, jim jordan of ohio, bo brooks of alabama, and morgan griffith of virginia. law-enforcement officials tell us it is too early to draw any conclusions about the list. they had that investigators are working to determine what the list was for. and if hodgkinson was trying to go to the offices of these
3:09 pm
congressman to have some interaction with them. >> gregg: thank you. >> arthel: a potentially new legal heading for president trump as he faces lawsuits accusing president trump of violating the constitution by accepting gifts from foreign governments. do the allegations have any merit? plus, protesters gather in london outside the prime minister's office. why they are venting anger against the government. protesters filling the streets in the u.s. when a police officer was found not guilty in the shooting death of an african-american driver. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
3:10 pm
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or visit
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3:13 pm
>> gregg: officials now believeg fire at a london high-rise. twenty-eight of the victims are still missing and presumed dead. investigators say it could take weeks or longer to find the remains of all of the victims. protesters were unhappy with the government's response to the deadly disaster gathered outside the office of the prime minister, tresa may. she is leading a government task force investigating the fire. also, she announced a $6.4 million emergency fund who are now homeless.
3:14 pm
>> arthel: time for a quick check of more headlines we are following today, isis claiming responsibility for attacks in jerusalem that left a female police officer dead. both israel and the palestinians deny the claims. the german chancellor is meeting with the pope and the vatican. the two discussing climate change in combating poverty and terrorism of the world. queen elizabeth ii celebrated her 91st birthday today in the sunny day in london. her highness was actually born in april, but traditionally celebrates and you. when the weather is a bit nicer. >> gregg: president trump is facing two lawsuits accusing him of violating the constitution. the lawsuit filed this week centered around his business dealings since taking office. all of this is the new report suggests the fbi special council
3:15 pm
could be investigating the president for obstruction of justice. joining me now, richer, former chief ethics attorney for george w. bush. a professor at the university of minnesota. it's great to have you with us. the founders did not divide an emollient it in the constitution. the supreme court has done so. describing it as using your office to confer benefits in exchange for money. so how is trump using his office that way? his business predate his taking office. there's no evidence he is benefiting from a foreign government in exchange for money. >> the supreme court in that case did not define emollient for all purposes but in a particular context. the johnson english dictionary 1755 refers to it as a profits or benefits. the word has a latin root related to profits and benefits.
3:16 pm
>> but it has to be a nexus to conferring benefits. there is no nexus here, the businesses predate is taking office. >> that is not correct. it has nothing to do with office. it's profits or benefits. the word in latin derives from the word for profit or benefit. it would make no sense to simply limit the payments to payments for foreign governments. >> white versus the united states, when a prophet is dry from a discharge of duties of office, and that decision they did not just limited to a single scenario. that was the general definition of emolument. >> that's an example of an emolument. the founders who were just stupid to have a provision in the constitution and limit only
3:17 pm
to payments. >> arthel: if they were so stupid why did the first five presidents have ongoing businesses while they served, they were plantation owners and farmers, five of them. several of them sold their crops, tobacco in particular to foreign governments. those were not emoluments. these are not stupid men. >> there's very little evidence with foreign governments. they're free to transact with under individuals overseas and second, just because you can find examples of violations of the close with her 200 plus years of history does not mean that the founders did not mean or attend what it means. profit or benefit from foreign government. there is good reason for that. no point about bringing king george's tea in the boston harbor if the president is doing it. >> gregg: on three occasions the
3:18 pm
emoluments are ordinary busine business, are not ordinary business transactions. not ordinary business transactions. is in a diplomat paid a bill at the trump hotel and ordinary business transaction? >> the supreme court did not say the emoluments quote clause did not cover that. it has not interpreted the emoluments clause. you're wrong. there's no case law in which the supreme court has interpreted the clause of the constitution. your talk about other cases another context. >> gregg: let me turn to the other issue, president trump is tweeted out that rod rosenstein has a conflict of interest. does he have a valid point? rosenstein seems to be playing three roles. he's overseen the investigation, he might decide whether charges should be brought and he is a key witness. the judge, prosecutor witness
3:19 pm
all-in-one? >> the investigation is being carried out by bob mueller. what role mr. rosenstein has brothers and the justice department is not for them to decide where they need to recuse. the bottom line is that if mueller is fired, it is very clear that mike pence is going to be the next president of the united states in very short order. that may be the best thing that could happen to the republican party. this is getting out of control. hit the president's tweets are out of control. he needs to focus on running the country now to try to obstruct justice. this could change things. >> gregg: it sounds like you have drawn an adverse conclusion about the president's conduct. let me ask about robert mueller's conduct. doesn't he have a disqualifying conflict of interest, the special counsel statute says you
3:20 pm
shall not serve if you have a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the investigation or prosecuti prosecution. it then defines what a personal relationship is,). miller and comey are close friends. is it mueller conflicted? >> they work together in the fbi, the bottom line is whether the president obstructed justice and why he fired comey. indeed, what is important is what the president said to lester holt what he said to the russian ambassador what he said to other people that he fire people because of russia, if you did he's guilty of obstruction of justice. that's it. it doesn't matter if mueller knows comey works with comey. it's the president's conduct that's relevant. did he fire mr. comey because of russia. if not, then he did not.
3:21 pm
>> gregg: thank you for being with us in your point of view. we appreciate it. >> arthel: police in minnesota arrested at least 18 people after angry protesters shut down a major highway in st. paul. this comes after a jury found a police officer not guilty of the fatal shooting of african-american motorists, for lando castille. his death was live streamed on facebook by his girlfriend last summer. marianne's life with the latest. >> protest in st. paul minnesota shutting down an interstate and resulting in 18 arrests. this started as soon as the officer was cleared of manslaughter. casteel's family stormed out of the courtroom after hearing the verdict in his mother believing justice was not served for her son. >> i'm so disappointed in the state of minnesota. my son love the state. my son love the city in the city killed my son.
3:22 pm
>> arthel: jurors who deliberated for over 29 hours said even after the verdict was read there were very much aware of the impact of their decision. >> it was very hard to come to a conclusion that we did. it was very hard. the law was in favor of the officer. >> arthel: even though he was acquitted they announced plans to dismiss them from the police force despite being clear. they offered him a voluntary separation. according to their views the public will be best served if he is no longer an officer there. the prosecutor also said even though the verdict is painful for a lot of folks, it must be respected. there are prayer meetings of protest planned around the
3:23 pm
country. >> arthel: thank you marianne. >> president trump heading to camp david for the weekend. the first visit of his presidency as the russian investigation continues to grow. we will have a live report just ahead. another insider attack in afghanistan just one week after an afghan soldier killed three u.s. service members there. full details from our middle east bureau is next four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. message from the international fellowship of christians and jews. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union.
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3:27 pm
>> arthel: the russianinvestigae complicated. president trump adding another high-profile lawyer to its legal team. shortly after he posted a tweet saying that he is under investigation for firing fbi director, james comey. the president lashed out at deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein. kristin fisher's life with the details. >> sources close to president trumps legal team say it has added another high-powered attorney to the team.
3:28 pm
john downs who investigated pete rose for major-league baseball and he also represented john mccain. as president trump left the white house this morning for camp david, he at the same time he could be complicated matters for that very legal team. yesterday he seemed to confirm the statement on twitter that he was indeed being investigated for firing former fbi director, james comey. his legal team insist the tweet was not but he was just reporting about it. it also took a method deputy attorney general and told the president that he said he should fire comey in an interview last month. >> he made a recommendation, he's highly respected, very smart a. the democrats like him, the republicans like him. he made a recommendation. regardless of recommendation i was going to fire him.
3:29 pm
>> the question now is might present trump fire rosenstein as well or convince them to recuse himself? that's a question i came up in a hearing this week i capitol hill. >> could you be terminated without cause? >> yes. >> who would appoint your replacement is your position? >> the president. >> so that is a possibility. >> anything is possible. amid reports that he was considering recusing himself the department of justice put a statement out that as the deputy attorney general has said if there comes a point whether needs to eat recuse he will. keep in mind, there is still a very long way to go. rosenstein could end up becoming a witness in the special counsel investigation. if that becomes the case you'll almost certainly have to recuse himself. >> arthel: a lot of head on this
3:30 pm
case. thank you so much. >> gregg: military official said seven military soldiers have been injured after an afghan soldier was under fire. they have been airlifted to a nearby hospital in afghanistan. >> both afghan and u.s. officials are investigating the latest attack on u.s. troops in afghanistan. the second in a week with u.s. soldiers coming under fire. pentagon officials and afghans soldier shot and wounded seven u.s. shoulders at the military base in the northern afghan city. an afghan soldier was killed and another wounded. the shooter was killed. afghanistan's ministry of defense as it is investigating the latest incident. it follows another green on blue attack last week when an afghan soldier opened fired on u.s. troops during a joint operation in eastern afghanistan, killing three army rangers.
3:31 pm
the taliban claimed responsibility for last week's attacks. and while they praise this attack they did not take responsibility for. a green on blue attack has decreased in recent years but remain uprigh problem. most of these attacks stem from cultural misunderstanding or grudges between afghan and foreign troops. not necessarily a tell a better terrorist plot. whatever the case it comes as the trump administration is considering deploying 4000 more troops to afghanistan. the spokes person said the seven u.s. soldiers wounded in today's attack were medically evacuated our are recovering in hospital tonight. >> arthel: emancipation park in houston has undergone a massive renovation is being rededicated by houston mayor. the park was once a gathering place for former slaves to
3:32 pm
celebrate their freedom. today's rededication is just in time for monday's juneteenth celebration. the 152nd anniversary. it made it to texas to have years after president lincoln's executive order. sean had this to say about the parks feature. >> i think the location and all that is happening is going to be a change agent. if you look around people of all cultures are participating in the event. i hope -- >> to talk more about the significance i am joined by the texas congresswoman. it's so nice to have you here. if you is start by sharing your personal emotions and perspective on what this rededication means especially
3:33 pm
the third work. >> this is the sacred ground and somber moment. it was really to acknowledge that freed slaves only a few years organize that have been such a pillar to this committee and the reverend who had been a wonderful man who had the wisdom to buy ten or 11 acres in the third ward taxes where free slaves came. little did they know their vision would be expanded today to symbolize what freedom is about. that is what juneteenth is, even those two and half years after the emancipation proclamation that major granger came to galveston. at this day the mayor of the revitalization scott davis and
3:34 pm
other elected officials and of course the very special jackie was a great granddaughter. >> say the last thing. >> it jackie was the great granddaughter of jack gates. >> arthel: i know you have a long list of people to think. when asked about juneteenth. i have been there many times myself. it has long been a celebrated date with a focus on self-improvement and education. will the newly renovated park help provide pertinent history to the younger generations? >> it's a beautiful park designed and he was there today, what a very special occasion. it has a blessing theater if you can imagine, what a wonderful name. it has a founders plaza where all the names of the founders are. a beautiful playground in which my grandchildren played and then
3:35 pm
open green space. i like what you said, it is a park in third ward. the street front of it will be named emancipation street. it's a park not only for all of houston but all of texas and all of the nation because of its great symbol. i announced today that i am writing legislation to establish an emancipation trail, all the way from galveston texas to houston and other historic aspects of it. we want this to be a great teaching tool for the young people and many people to come from over the country. >> arthel: is there an admission into the museum? can anyone go? out is that work if folks watching would like to go to the emancipation park. >> the great news is that this is a gift to the community. we think the city and all the elected officials it is a gift.
3:36 pm
that means it is free too. that's why it is so very special. the slaves bought it for $800. this gift now is free to the nation, free to the state and free to the local community. i know that you know the name of a representative and he is the father of juneteenth. so there's three activities this week. and then monday on juneteenth. we hope many people will come for free with their family and fellowship and enjoy the beauty of the park. the wonderful design of the park. and including a beautiful pool. >> i congratulate you, you have personally worked very hard to get this park there and rededicated as well as many of your colleagues. did you say that you have grandkids? you don't look like you have grandkids. >> can you keep talking?
3:37 pm
they are two years old. i can brag about them because their little ones and i can say you can see how young i am. it's the little kids, big kids and grown-up kids. i know i have been thinking people but can i think joe turner? he is the former parks director who really loved this like a little baby. i know there are people all over the community who hell. more portly i want to answer your question with a big yes, you can come for free for this park all weekend long and ongoing. >> arthel: i've had the pleasure to meet mr. joe turner. he was very compassionate about that project. thank you so much. >> gregg: a quick follow-up to my interview a few minutes ago to richard paynter. the professor from minnesota. he has sued president trump accusing him of violating the
3:38 pm
emoluments clause. certainly relevant. we should disclose that but did into it. you should know that he has sued the president so you can take his comments in that context. the shooting has left the house majority steve scalise in serious condition and prompting calls for both unity from both sides. we have seen this happen before the wake of tragedy. what makes this time many different? we'll be asking a congressman, coming up next.
3:39 pm
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3:43 pm
we have seen calls for this before. lawmakers say this time it will be different. >> join me to resolve to come together. to lift each other up and to show the country, to show the world that we are one house. >> we do have our differences. and so, i pray. my prayer is that we can resolve our differences. >> gregg: congress doug -- joins us now. some people are doubting that calls for bipartisanship will be heated or last very long. maybe that is cynical, maybe it is realistic, born of previous incidents were pledges of unity were quickly broken. what to think? >> let's define unity. people in a district like i have send me here, send me to washington to vote and legislate in a certain way.
3:44 pm
not based on what names we call each other, but what the values are in the policies going to be. my colleagues on the democrat side of the aisle, their constituents elect them in a majority to represent things there. we get an room a try to hash it out. what the bad part is the vitriol. then it becomes a name-calling and personal, you have outsiders looking at things on the internet or maybe folks within the party system seemed to target people in certain ways. you get irresponsible discussions happening outside to make a much more personal. i don't know of anybody on either side wants to harm americans. as a republican where hashing to the healthcare deal. we think obama care is feeling it will hurt people if we let it go down. we tried to put things together to help with some of that. >> gregg: amid the calls for bipartisan unity, there have
3:45 pm
been accusations on both sides, summer accusing democrats for the rhetoric but isn't there plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the aisle? >> maybe that depends on what the season is. it seems like on january 20 it has been a jihad against republicans. to i want to go down this path, not really but we have to acknowledge that those that are holding up president trumps had been a joke there's extreme things going on that i have never seen people on my side doing. disable back seven years ago they're doing stuff, i don't remember it with the anger like that. on one level you will have a fringe group on the healthcare side of everything that tries to commit and join a more mainstream group. those are the ones that generally get the camera action.
3:46 pm
>> gregg: you bring up a good subject. a person with a platform holding up a depiction of the president beheaded her shows him being stabbed, you have madonna big rally saying i think about blowing up the white house. that is language that is provocative of violence. people on the edge response words, don't they? >> they do. people see that i might emulate that. the three things are still being sorted out but it keeps getting ratcheted up higher and higher. were further out on the plane. has it always got on? yes. i do not remember it being a mainstream thing where people were actually getting away with it in public just a few years
3:47 pm
ago. it takes an effort to call out kathy griffin now but she's painted price. ten years ago nobody would have gotten away with that. this is not the message i want to be part of. we need to have the robust debates on the house floor but stick to the truth. when i hear some of the speeches it's really not the truth. it comes about name-calling. i don't use partisan words on that floor. i tried to talk about the policy and why we need to go in a different direction. i had the republican were get thrown out a lot by the other side. is it going to be perfect unity? i think we sought on the other side where they all lined up, they prayed together, i like the image of us when we are praying together. what is going on with people attacking prayer. there strange stuff happening
3:48 pm
now. >> gregg: you hear people say were praying together and we are friends but we are policy and issue differences. that is not going to change the equation of votes when it comes to things like healthcare and tax reform, is it? >> the votes should not change much other than may be there's a good idea and let's take the low hanging truth and agree on that. were doing our appropriations bill and we can probably grant 70% of the budget. let's get that done. we will battle over the other stuff and have disagreements. nobody wants to take away food stamps from people who are eligible, nobody wants to take way benefits for people who deserve them. but we have an obligation to check in and see if the mission
3:49 pm
statement. >> gregg: congressman, thank you very much for your thoughts. we appreciate it. >> we can get there. thank you. >> gregg: thank you. >> arthel: it has been two years since a gunman opened fire in a church and killed nine innocent people in a racially motivated attacks from african-americans. up ahead, the new plan to honor the lives lost. plus, severe weather leaving behind crushed cars. all finished.
3:50 pm
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or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. >> arthel: work will begin on a memorial in the honor of nine victims killed in a racially motivated shooting attack on mother emmanuel church in charlston. they have chosen michael a rad to design it. he also designed the 9/11 memorial. this is coming two years after the attack. the gunman killed nine worshipers during a bible study at the manual matthew episcopal church. >> gregg: cleanup is underway in nebraska after severe weather cloud pulled apart parts of the
3:54 pm
state. hail, high winds and it was in the town of beatrice. the weather damaged homes, uprooted trees and carry down power lines. the meteorologist in the extreme weather center with a look where the storm system will be headed next. >> this system we are tracking from last night is beginning to shift further to the east. stretching from the chicago area back to kansas city. an area where highlighting a chance for severe weather throughout this evening. it will take the daytime -- were seen some of these showers fire up and northern illinois in the rockford area and stretching back in places like devonport and iowa. it is this line where we might still see severe weather in the overnight hours. that will settle south.
3:55 pm
for folks on east coast we have seen off-and-on showers from new york city down to atlantic, georgia. temperature rise the storm system in the center of the countries been fueled by warm air. 91 degrees. by stretching back to the phoenix area, 109. this will be a big story in the coming days. some of these are very impressive right around hundred nine or hundred and eight. average high would be one oh four. by tuesday 121. as a result we are under big-time heat warranty. it will be close to record-breaking temperatures. we are going to be close to record-breaking heat i know it is a dry heat. >> thank you very stick around, we will be right
3:56 pm
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>> gregg: take a look at the giant duck. it is six stories tall. it is made of vinyl. the yellow duck is taking part in a festival in washington state.
4:00 pm
the largest tall ship event in the region. >> arthel: the giant duck has a busy schedule. after this festival it will travel to toronto to celebrate canada's 150th birthday. >> gregg: what a crack. >> arthel: you are such a quack up craig it. i'll be back at noon eastern tomorrow. >> gregg: julie banderas is coming up tomorrow. >> deadlock, builds cosby's trial ending without a verdict. they will try again. >> the judge declaring a mistrial this morning as jurors deadlocked on the charges following six days of deliberating. cosby is facing three counts relating to the case of a formal -- who accused him of dragging and sexually assaulting her. hers is the only want to go to trial. there are dozens of accusations. lawyers say it's far from over. mr. cosby's attorney think the jurors for their work and said ju


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