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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  June 17, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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see you next week same time same place. ♪ ♪ >> i don't personally know, i don't have a relationship with any of the senators on the intelligence committee. if you do, send them health food and vitamins. some of those creepy green juices or something. >> what is going on over there. [applause] [applause] the shock of wednesday's shooting had barely worn off before the fingers started pointing.
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>> america, we have a lot of guns and a lot of people with strong passions politically and this was a frightening tragic confluence of the two. >> somewhere in the '90s decided politics as personal destruction. >> some want to blame the left or the right or the media but too many people don't want to blame themselves. we are all to blame. >> i blame your goatee. [laughter] >> even after this attack, they still play the game with the democrats and republicans coming together. the democrats won 11 - 2. see what happens when hillary's not around. [laughter] >> it was a great game and i held a tailgate party nearby.
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[inaudible] we had a great time. [laughter] i'm going to miss them at the big question is will we finally now toned down our rhetoric? no we won't. it's like saying you're going to cut back on carbs. you do it for a few days and then you're back to eating pizza on the toilet. carbs taste too good and so does anger. i'm not going to change, but then again, i'm not the problem, and neither are you. the shooter was a bernie brother which means if you're a democrat, let's talk about guns instead. >> i think we need to do more to protect all of our citizens. i have advocated this is not what today is about but there are too many guns on the street.
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we lose 93 million americans a day to gun violence. i've long talked about this. >> he is not a bright man. by his math in three days, we would all be dead. enough. we should mark the sky. for issuing blame while the victims are still bleeding. as should the media be blamed who any debate about civility in politics begins with trump. no one has degraded discourse more, while embracing the french. fact, not opinion. sorry. that's a fact, not opinion. when the truth undermines the media narrative, they start saying don't rush to judge.
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even though they been judging us all along. if it weren't deplorable who had done this the left would go nuts. the media has been blaming trump all along for this angry climate. they wish the shooter had been a guy in a red hat. if you're ready you get accused of so many things. the left blames the right for everything bad. why not return the favor. it's their fault. they breed dissent. stifle discourse, intimidate people into silence. they worship violent radicals while threatening peaceful academics. they advocate destruction of private property. they fantasize about killing republicans in their president and actually others arm and sucker punch from behind. the media is surprised when one shoots republican? because it's the left, does the media even really care. they will just call it an exception and move on. what would cause them not to move on? how do you reach a media that is
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sympathetic to radicalism? i think about a horse. last week a goon attacked a police force. lisa simon showed up to protest. this is her you know she is a barrel of laughs at thanksgiving. [laughter] cops say she attacked the horse using a flagpole with the silver nail at the top stabbing him in the neck. the protest was against anti- women, anti-gay, anti- animal. they showed support by stabbing a defenseless animal. the horse is fine. in a world where the political is always personal and the left excuses violence against humans, what about an animal? maybe this act could make people reconsider their extreme views. the worst kind of person
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attacked is a defenseless animal. who wants to be linked to ghouls like that. that horse didn't even vote in the last election, which is good, he probably would vote n nay. [applause] all right, let's welcome tonight's gas. author of up in the air, walter kern. >> he is smarter than your dad and better looking than your boyfriend. he's the creator and host of the wonderful the ruben report, dave rubin. >> half libertarian, half librarian, cohost of the facts news specialist. [applause] >> the hoover dam is his next pillow, former bodyguard and my massive sidekick tyrus.
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>> walter, what i find interesting is the perpetrator flies in the face of every media stereotype and he is a white old man with guns but he supposed to be a red redneck not see but he's not. >> everything we been told about fascists apply to fascists. just because they pretend to be against authoritarian violence doesn't mean they're not capable of it for the world is upside down right now. i'm very disturbed because i live in montana among a lot of these guys. let me tell you how well armed they are. when they start fighting each other, it's going to be a big problem. >> right, but the guys you live among, they love trump. >> yeah they do, but they don't win much, the lower 20% of the economy or whatever who voted for trump. this was their shot, they thought. when he gets taken away from them by this type, i don't want
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to be in the field of fire. >> you're going to have a revolution no one expected. >> exactly. >> dave, you deal a lot with what's going on on the campus and aggressive left. am i wrong, i am i exaggerating, to look at the climate and see that these things are somehow related? or are they not. >> they are. first of all, these guys literally dress like cobra soldiers from g.i. joe. that's how you know they're the bad guys. that should be one thing. but yes of course, this is related to what's happening on the campuses. the biology professor there, he was going against racism saying we shouldn't have a day without white people, and since then he's basically been banned from campus and getting no protections from the university. who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? you could bring on any far left, destroy capitalism, you could
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bring anyone to a college campus and they would be cheered. you bring on a mild conservative like greg.feld. >> i have to try hard for that. have to wear satin bathrobe. talking about the heated rhetoric, you see it on every network and everybody's talking about words matter. in four days, that can be gone, right. >> of course it's going to be gone, and also, when a guy shoots a bunch of people, it's the guy who shoots the people fall. this is a 66-year-old man. it's not even like a confused kid. of course the rhetoric is a problem but it isn't going to stop. it's already ramping up with nancy pelosi saying shootings happen because there's too much fox tv. i've never had anything to do with the shooting, not to brag.
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>> you haven't cited me -- in cited me to stab. >> it's never going to stop because people have feelings and emotions. stop the rhetoric is only what they say when it's the rhetoric of the other side. you know that was switched, people are jerks and that won't change. >> if you keep calling the president a russian hitler and you say the nazis you think somebody might -- >> even if you talk about the health care bill, they say republicans, they don't to say they disagree with the policy, they say they don't care if you die. actually, you know, smaller government solutions are better answer to what were looking for. no, they want you to die. i think that's the kind of rhetoric. i understand how that can lead to hatred spee6 there pushing granny's off the cliffs a few years ago. what you think. >> about pushing granny's off
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the cliff? i'm against it. greg: okay we'll be right back. what you make of this. do you believe all of this stuff that's being said about trump is radicalized whack jobs. >> what that meant is he's a terrorist so that's what his distinction is. yes, he takes the rhetoric people say when you spew hate some people say that i was really hot about that and move on and some people say that's the truth and i need to follow that. unfortunately, that 66-year-old man, whatever reason he needed whatever reason he told, it's very easy to watch a tv show that bashes trump. he thanks he's a hero now but he's not a hero, he's a murder murderer. >> they will allow fascinations to be acted out in central park with no fear but they won't allow kids to smoke. >> a tell you what.
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the new york theater goer is not afraid that donald trump will be assassinated because of doing this in central park. they're just afraid they won't have tickets. [laughter] >> i think they should allow smoking on tv. >> i do too. >> we do in the movies. >> it's in every movies. your movie could run a mile and it's literally watching every movie, it's completely random. >> you know how much more we times smoking because of these people. if this stuff isn't radicalizing, why do we have advertising? it's half a trillion dollar business based on influencing people and that's what's going on. you are telling people trump is hitler, you're telling them everyone who supports them are nazis, you're saying you're having his head like this and you're telling me, why do we advertise for coca fat doesn't matter. this is advertising. >> i think our society is pretty
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clear on the don't murder thing. >> it depends on what your point of view is. if i got on this thing and i got on a rant and said some bad things about greg like # kill yourself and somebody took that and when did something bad to grade it would be like it's just my words but those are my responsibility. >> inciting it is just as guilty as the person pulling the trigger. >> they found a list of names inside the killer's pocket and they don't know what the list is. you can't say it's an assassination list but there is a list of names and their which i guess is not surprising. i don't think it was a shopping list. there is, maybe this is where i
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run in to some kind of controversy. the left is more emotional than the right. i think there's a specific type of person who sees the right as a heroic, the fight against the right is heroic like the west is eternally damned so it's a battle and that means all bets are off and you can do what you want. we just think our adversaries are wrong, but they think were evil. it's like "game of thrones". [applause] >> first of all right left on terms i like to use anymore but let's just use them. on the left, people have no healthy outlet for their aggressions. they go around pretending to be totally tolerant, going to yoga, it drinking green juices, putting coexist bumper stickers on the car. but, all that aggression they deny which the right gets out by
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hunting and going to wrestling matches and so on. [applause] all that aggression they pretend they don't have they either project onto the right thing you've got it when it's them and/or they acted out like alec baldwin. have you ever heard that tape of alec baldwin chewing out his ex-wife? now he gets to aim at the right. he is a very angry man. >> they want the purity test. i'm gay married. i not even gay. i just did it for social justice. >> it provides little cover. but that's the thing, mother jones which is a far left, wrote that i'm further left than breitbart. they want to strike the fear and everyone to the point that everyone will just be quiet and
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people have to learn that it shouldn't work. >> i think the whole trump phenomenon is showing that it's wearing off. i hear music coming. we have to remind ourselves, messaging works. the people committing a lot of isis atrocities have never met isis. that means you can influence people. this guy was influenced, but then that would be wrong or is it. i'm just rambling. we discussed the latest on the investigation with russia, coming up next.
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is being blunt about a witch hunt. special counsel robert muller, president trump called it a witch hunt like three times but is it? it sounds like a fox hunt. they are surrounding a wounded animal and trying to drive it into a hole to be ripped apart by dogs.
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is it really a big deal if he's investigating for obstruction? is and he just being thorough? if he finds out he didn't do it he's he will be exonerated. how do you obstruct a false story. also this week, the attorney general testified about russia but sessions made no concessio concessions. >> has the president invoked privilege in your testimony today. >> he has not. >> what is the basis of your refusal. >> they. [inaudible] >> i understand that but the president hasn't asserted it. what is the legal basis. >> i am protecting the right of the president. >> this isn't the first meeting between jeff sessions and angus king. we have uncovered video that shows their very first encounter
7:22 pm
it's front right, is this a witch hunt. >> they are going for impeachment either way. that doesn't matter. they want impeachment. >> i didn't vote for trump. i voted for gary johnson. the guy was terrible but i just wanted some of those small government principles out. >> it's not like i was out trump supporter but it's pretty obvious this is and attack on the system. if you don't like the system, if you don't like the results, then you fight for your candidate the next time around but you don't try to bring down the whole thing. there can ago after trump and if and when they get him he will have to take down pants because the russians must've put him into and then you have a year of paul ryan and they're trying to
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take down the system. truly, without going to conspiracy level. >> i don't it's just about trump, i think it's about everyone. >> first of all, this russian thing, it reminds me of growing up in small-town minnesota. whenever there was a crime in town, so he got killed or houses were broken into, it was always somebody from out of town, and intruder. some homeless person coming through. we in the united states, here in manhattan, they made donald trump and elected him constitutionally. it was not a criminal or an outsider who did it. we just can't deal with the fact that he is us. >> exactly. [applause] >> they were never happy once he got in. this is just going to keep going for four years. trump is in a video game called
7:24 pm
get trump. >> it started before that, it was called get obama and now the roles are reversed and the other side, the only differences they learn from what happened with obama so they're trying to use that stuff against trumpet the difference between trump and obama is obama was very good about going not to do it. trumpet feeds them which causes self-inflicted wounds. imagine where we would be if trump did not tweet back at all. we wouldn't be there. but they bank on poking the bear because he's going to yell something out and some aid will say let me fix this and say the wrong thing. the stories don't match up. we've got them on nothing. then they have a cnn special about what trump tweeted and how it affected and her children in kindergarten. >> i'm not a lawyer, i do know
7:25 pm
what a lawyer is. >> your specialist. >> what i generally heard about lawyers is that when you're under investigation you're not supposed to really talk about it. they don't say make sure you tweet about it so everyone knows how much worse what hillary clinton did them what you did. >> that was a great tweet thou. >> i missed hearing him say crooked hillary out loud. i'm not gonna lie. i'm sure he loved tweeting it, but man that makes it tough. what if we were in a situation where there's no collusion but he gets in trouble for the way he handled the no collusion, i could see him do something to stop his name. >> if he wasn't in a videogame what you think he would do. >> he would. [inaudible] before we go to break she said something interesting.
7:26 pm
>> once again, the white house faces tough questions from the press. as my duty as an american citizen, i want to watch it again to lend a hand. >> good afternoon. >> starting today the white house is replacing all flower arrangements with beef arrangements. there will be folate bouquets, what ribeye reefs. >> next question. >> what does he think about nominal, hold on one minute. once again, i'm impressed with that shirt and tie. would you call that fuchsia or magenta. not many men can pull that off. who can pull that off. i thought so. your amazing man. next question. >> where is song. >> he's in the back doing hot yoga. [laughter] >> does he have a new position now.
7:27 pm
>> i'm not a big yoga guy but he's probably doing the warrior pose at this point. how should i know? i been out here with you people. i just told you he's doing yoga. >> to question. >> two questions? i look like i have all day? one question. >> it's an open question. >> here's my new open rule. one question each. >> for the ninth circuit this came out on the travel ban. >> i'm not hearing a question. listen, i've got to go and he said he was down for some squats after yoga. i'm out. >> coming up, what superhero did hillary clinton compare herself to this week?
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>> this is a fox news alert. the u.s. navy reports seven sailors missing from an early morning ship collision have been found dead in burning compartments on board the ship. it collided with a merchant vessel in the pacific ocean off the coast of japan early
7:32 pm
saturday morning. four sailors were injured including the captain who had just assumed command last month. the cause of the accident is under investigation. prosecutors in pennsylvania plan to retry bill cosby after a mistrial. the jury deadlocked on all three charges against him after six days of deliberation. cosby was charged with drugging and molesting and the temple university employee at his home. he said it was consensual. he remains free on $1 million bail. back to greg got felled. >> she will never surrender her obsession with gender. a video message presented at a woman in film event in l.a. this week. hillary clinton compared herself to wonder woman. >> i haven't seen wonder woman yet, but i'm going too. someone tells me that a movie about a strong powerful woman trying to save the world from an international disaster is right
7:33 pm
up my alley. greg: . i have to say she is like wonder woman in one specific way. she is not real. [applause] greg: the remarks were part of a tribute to elizabeth banks. that went well. still, like my love handles, hillary keeps coming back. like my love handles, every time she returns, she stays longer. luckily there is a cure for that. >> are you the last person not a party? do you struggle to know when it's time to leave? >> now i wish i had flown in from the white house but i am just as happy to be here anyway. >> do you offer to wash the dishes, unaware the host just want to out.
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no need to suffer any longer with linger ask. it sends signals to the brain responsible for those embarrassing urges and replaces them with self-restraint. >> i take responsibility for every decision i make. >> stop living in the past and move the hell on with linger a ask. greg: all right you kind of know, ask, is this an insult to wonder woman. >> i just don't kind of know, i do. if you're going to compare yourself to something, watch it first. you didn't see it did you. >> no i didn't. that kind of thought process. greg: it's like saying i thought deliverance.
7:35 pm
it's a great outdoor movie. >> right, you obviously didn't see it. it's a slap in the face. you didn't even take the hour and 45 minutes to see the movie but you want to take credit for it. where i'm from that's a [bleep] move. [laughter] greg: walter, what you think? is there any similarity? [inaudible] [applause] there was a tv show back in the 70s of wonder woman and she rode on and invisible jet. i wish hillary would get on the invisible jet. she also had a lasso of truths which hillary could use on herself. [applause] think about it. just biologically, she shouldn't be trying to turn back, she should be rolling into her betty white face and instead.
7:36 pm
>> that's such a good point. go away zombie politician. >> what is she talking about? how is she like any of those things. she said she's a strong powerful woman. strong women don't blame their problems on everyone else but that's a sign of weakness. what is she fighting for? she spent half of her time blaming other people for her problems and the other time hanging out in the damn woods or what whatever she's doing. if you're going to be a fighter for a cause, you have have bare minimum, one suggestion. >> she's like bigfoot but she's like big pantsuit out in the woods lurking about. we've got to move on. we have more exciting stuff in a
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(dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. greg: he demands a ban on the white man. a speak of the actor mark ruffalo. he recently called for msnbc to stop hiring white conservatives. it's got over 178,000 signatures. the same number of lou dobbs signatures. it even threatens the network saying why on earth are they pushing out black and brown voices and filling its network with hard line extreme conservatives. hardline, wow. we need to let executives know there will be a sharp backlash if he becomes another platform
7:42 pm
for hate. what you make of this idea? is it bigoted or stupid? >> so a white guy who plays a green guy doesn't want other white people to get gigs because of the color of their skin. >> exactly. >> wouldn't someone who had gangrene be appropriate? of course it's stupid. it's prejudice. that means prejudging. he is prejudging based on the color of their skin. that is actual racism. greg: walter, in his short career he has had over 70 plus films. shouldn't it live by its own code to stop taking jobs. every job he takes could go to a minority.
7:43 pm
they have a saying i don't have to be faster than the grizzly, i just have to be faster than you which means when the grizzly chases you, i just have to be faster than you. mark ruffalo thanks when the revolution comes for white men they won't come for him because he pointed at me first. what gives him the right to set himself apart from his very race, gender and so on and sit in judgment of other members of it. i don't get it. it's guilt. greg: it allows him -- >> i don't understand why you would want to watch a network there is not a single person that disagrees with you on anything. sit in the mirror and talk to yourself then. that's, not that i'm slamming that at all. it can sometimes help. why? otherwise there's no did debate. shut up about that.
7:44 pm
>> his problem is a white conservatives, he doesn't want black conservatives. >> that's the point. that's the real point. he would be calling him and uncle tom. that's why this is racism. >> only black conservatives and white liberals? what you doing. i have to say, i do see this on the right. if you have somebody on a show who deviates from a topic you could demand that person to be fired. it's this instinct thing. he's organizing, he's pushing petitions. this is what leads to discussion so that nobody talks to each other and then they go after each other and shoot each other.
7:45 pm
>> i guess, as a black man, it hurts my heart to see white on white crime. stop fighting with each other. your war of words hurts everybody. here's a tidbit, msnbc, they go by ratings. if the white conservatives put asses in their seats, they're going to get the job over the fight the fight brother who can't put brothers in the seat. that's just entertainment. sorry bro, trust me. it's good for me. although fox gave me a job, the others didn't even holler at me. >> and you know why. >> yeah, i'm a black conservative.
7:46 pm
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greg: if it's possible, katie. got dumber this week. [laughter] she apologized by appropriating black and japanese cultures. once working as a geisha for a live performance, she was promoting her new album during a four-day internet live stream. we pause now to watch all four days of it. >> i've made several mistakes, even in that this is how we do video and how i wore my hair and having a hard conversation with one of my empowered angels cleo about what does it mean. she told me about the power in black women's hair. i will never understand some of those things because of who a.m. >> so she's railing about that while sitting indian style. the worst part about this,
7:51 pm
people actually issued a press release about this. it really was about getting good pr. walter, everything we do is from another culture. it's from a melting pot. i would see this as evolution. the better stuff people take and they use it. if you have tacos it's because tacos are great. it's not because were stealing anything. this afternoon, i went out about a block from here and there was a food truck. they had philly cheesesteak appropriated from philadelphia, hamburger from germany, falafel from israel or wherever, and then this big sign which is
7:52 pm
islamic food preparation. cultural preparation is culture. culture is nothing but the mixture. without it we've got a blank white state. it's about finding the stuff you like. it's a complement to appropriate. that's what america is all about. the whole point of the melting part is you come here and you become part of the tapestry. they think victimhood is virtue and it's not. >> you appropriate all the time. >> yeah, i was pocahontas hollywood of 92. she had four days to apologize which is pretty bad. wearing braids is pretty bad. i think i might need to take
7:53 pm
some time off and explore why thought it was appropriate to dress as this cartoon character that i saw as a disney movie. i should just burn all the pictures. this is just not going to happen. >> when i was young, i was a hobo back when you major halloween costumes yourself. >> you know what else i did. >> so you're going to me on transient culture. that's great. so what did you say, a plain white slate with katie. , she is apologizing for cornrows and eating watermelon. last time i checked that wasn't on my christmas list. this is what i have to look forward too. i had mooned walked from the bathroom, i am so sorry. we accidentally said my bad. please don't apologize to me.
7:54 pm
>> all right. you won't want to miss what's next. stick around i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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greg: so much fanfare over an armchair. last week this happen. >> is a former wrestler. >> do you still wrestle. >> an armchair, i've been asking for an armchair. you know every week i give this. why is that i can't get an armchair. >> is not gonna happen. >> you got it show, you've got the show, all i want is an armchair. >> when he wants and armchair he gets an armchair.
7:59 pm
>> look at that. [applause] >> wow, look at that it reclines, that's cool. >> i've got a white mama. that wouldn't fly at home. i'm speechless. >> thank you. wow. this feels right. will it change you? >> i feel more confident now. i feel both arms can rest equally. i'm afraid of heights. if you fall once off the edge of the couch on a tv show, that's it. i'm happy your happy and i'm
8:00 pm
glad we've got part of the outnumbered bench moved away. >> thank you walter. awesome. i love you america. jesse: "watters world" is on. tonight -- is the left-wing media radicalizing angry americans? pat buchanan on the plot to bring down the president. snowflakes melting down on college campuses. shakespeare at the park still murdering president trump even after a congressman is shot. >> what was your reaction after president trump was shot? >> it was one of the highlights.


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