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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 18, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and you can download our podcasts. happy father's day, folks. back next sunday with the latest ""buzz." arthel: we begin with a fox news alert. military officials say the search for seven sailors are over after the divers make the discovery of a number of bodies inside the u.s.s. fitzgerald. this after it collide with a massive container ship off the coast of japan. rick: officials describe extensive damage. the crew had to fight to keep
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the destroyer afloat in the moments after the collision. what more do we know? reporter: the navy is not saying how many bodies were recovered. seven sailors who went missing are now presumed dead. the collision happened about 60 miles off the coast of japan. it was in the middle of the night at 2:30 when most of the crew was sleeping. take a listen to how the 7th fleet commander described the damage. >> it was a significant impact to the side of the ship. you can't see most of the damage. the damage is mostly underneath water line, and it's a large gash near the keel of the ship. so the water flow was tremendous. so there wasn't a lot of time in those spaces that were open to
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the sea. reporter: a number of sailors were injured. three had to be airlifted, that included the commanding officer who was in his state room when the collision occurred. rick: this isn't the first incident we have seen in the sea of japan. reporter: it's the third mishap since february. in february the u.s.s. a. and then in the case of the u.s.s. fitzgerald, the commander of the 7th fleet said the navy doesn't know how much warning the crew had and that should come out in the investigation. arthel: doctors say congressman steve scalise is improving.
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house majority whip wound in a shooting as the congressional baseball team was practicing in virginia wednesday. reporter: doctors say congressman sca his faces a throng road ahead. but he's alive. as are others who were shot. congressman scalise was upgrade yesterday from critical to serious condition. people are praising his security detail. >> i thank god every day those two capitol police were there to save us all. i hope and pray that we can take this day, this day, this tragedy that could have bench, much worse and turn it into an opportunity to come together as americans. because no one, i don't care what side you are on. no one deserves to have the violence that we all experienced
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just four short days ago. reporter: the gunman, a 66-year-old man from illinois was shot and killed. he appeared to have been targeting republicans. he was a volunteer on bernie sanders campaign. sanders said he has not been in touch with the investigators. >> they have not been in touch with me. i want to wish representative scalise a quick recovery. there should be no violence associated with politics in america. reporter: scalise is out of sedation enough to watch some baseball. the louisiana congressman was watching baseball on tv and cheering on his alma matre lsu in the college world series. arthel: go tigers and we wish steve scalise a full recovery.
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rick: president trump spending the weekend at camp david. chris 10 fisher is live at the white house. how is president trump's legal team reacting. reporter: for the first time since president trump's big tweet friday where he seemed to imply he was the target of an investigation. today for the first time a member of president trump's personal legal team went on camera to try to clarify that tweet. jay sekulow hit every single sunday show and said the same thing. that the president has not been notified he's under investigation for obstruction of justice or anything else by the special counsel. >> the president has not been notified by anyone that he's under investigation. that tweet was in response to
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the washington post story that alleged five unnamed anonymous sources leaked to the "washington post" that the president was in fact under investigation. so that tweet was in response to that. reporter: less than a minute later second low said something that seems to contradict that center clarification. >> he's being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general, deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the termination. chris: that's the question. you said he is being investigated after saying you didn't know. he's not being investigated. reporter: the big takeaway, i think, what the president's legal team is saying is the president has not been notified he's under investigation. but that doesn't mean he's under investigation or could be in the future as second lo -- as sekuld
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today. is the president saying anything about this today? reporter: yes, for the fourth time in four days president trump took to twitter to call the investigation that's being led by his own justice department a witch hunt. the direct quote, the make america great again agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the witch hunt. new jobs, high business enthusiasm. a supreme court just its, infrastructure, healthcare, tax cuts in the works. he left the white house for camp david yesterday is where he's spending father's day with his son barron and the first lady. rick: you may have the toughest
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job assignment at fox today. arthel: the senate gop trying to shift the focus from the russian investigation towards former attorney general loretta lynch. and questions of her involvement in the hillary clinton email scandal. lawmakers seizing on the testimony of former f.b.i. director james comey, that lynch told him to refer to the clinton investigation as a quote matter. senator cornyn says a lot of what hillary clinton was exposed to by director comey's misconduct and the way he handled the issue, there is a lot we can learn from that.
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arthel: is this a justification of former a.g.'s tarmac conversation with bill clinton or is it a distraction from the russian investigation? >> i think it us justified. it's not just republicans calling for an investigation of loretta lynch. democrat diane feinstein suggests she needs to come in and get to the bottom of this. it is new information we got from james comey's testimonies. because loretta lynch directed him to call it a matter and not an investigation which sounded an awful lot like the hillary clinton talking pointed, that made james comey very uncomfortable, concerned. but he followed the order anyway. since we have this new information under oath, you have republicans and democrats saying they need to find more information about this. arthel: what is the likelihood
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of loretta lynch testifying before the senate judiciary committee? >> i think republicans will want to be pushing him to do that. but i think loretta lynch really probably has no interest in testifying because democrats think this is old news and irrelevant. sow i think it remains to be seen. i don't think they will want to be forthcoming. we'll have to see if chuck grassley makes that news. they will there are why didn't they go after loretta lynch six or seven months ago? >> we didn't have this information. we had a "new york times" article back in april that touched on this issue of calling the clinton investigation a matter. what was also in that article revealed when loretta lynch and the justice department first started looking into the clinton
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email scandal in july of 2015, they also used the same language to call it a referral, but it's not a criminal referral, it's only look at classified information if that was abused. that from the very beginning, we are learning that the justice department under the obama administration was using language that was not typical for justice departments to use. the f.b.i. are the federal bureau of investigation. it's not matter, it's not a review. it sounded lining the clinton talking points. arthel: the reports i read miss lynch said these are terminology so as not to inflame the situation. >> right. she was saying we don't confirm or deny investigations. but at the same time they are so eerily similar to the clinton campaign talking points, and you had james comey, his friend tell the "new york times" tel new yo"
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what are we the federal bureau of matters? arthel: the justice department leaning toward political matters. how do lawmakers correct that. >> they need to get to the bottom of what happened and know what the facts are and put a stop to it. if this was political then and political now. the facts need to come to light so people can be held accountable. rick: the case of the american tude now in a copa after spending months in one of north korea's torture camps spark concerns about the three americans the rogue regime is still holding. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving.
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inside and outside government in which he might help push president trump's agenda. severe thunderstorms sweep through part of missouri overnight downing trees and power lines in the kansas city metro area. many homes also damaged. he can tear year paneling banned in the u.s. may have been used on the london high-rise where 28 people died in a fire. the banned material was used in part of a renovation last year. rick: a new report saying there is disagreement in the trump administration on how to handle iran's influence in syria. defense secretary james mattis reportedly rejected that idea. joining us now is ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations
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and fox news contributor. iran is believed to have thousands of militia in southern syria propping up the regime of bashar al-assad. and they have been firing on u.s. forces. so why not go on the offensive as the staffers urged secretary mattis to do. >> if that report is accurate they have assessed the situation correctly. but what our response is need a little bit more study. the fact is we have been following a policy under barack obama now in the current administration of supporting the government of iraq's evident to push isis out of western iraq into syria. i think that is not consistent with american interest because as we increase the space controlled by the baghdad government where increasing the influence of iran. what the iranians are trying to
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do with shiia militia from iraq and hezbollah coming out of lebanon and syria and with the assad regime itself is get a continuous space controlled by iran and it surrogates stretching from iran all the way to the mediterranean. this is a big problem because this is laying the foundation after isis is defeated for the next war. our assistance for the baghdad government is facilitating that. and i think that's a big problem. we do not appear to have a strategy to handle it. rick: why u.s. forces are having to defend themselves from attacks, why wouldn't they take it to the enemy. >> i don't think we have the capability unless news reports about our level of strength in syria are inaccurate. we are supposed to have a couple
9:20 am
thousand primarily advisory troops in the region. i think that's why we do need a reconceptualization of what our anti-isis strategy ought to be. i don't think we should be relying on iraqi forces or shiia militia or anyone associated with him. even though our objective today quit properly is the speediest destruction of isis possible, the next conflict is waiting in the wings and being orchestrated by the iranians including the militias attacking our forces now. rick: president trump said he want to take a tougher stance on iran. wouldn't this be the way to do that? >> if this report is correct, that would be tough to do if the secretary of defense opposes it. i don't think we should get lost in a tactical issue of do we attack today or tomorrow
9:21 am
iranian-backed militias in syria. i think we need a larger iran strategy and post-isis strategy to put our friend in the region to deal with the threat the iranian-led axis poses. iran has long been the central banker of international terrorism and the iranian nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. despite statement from the state department, i think they are going on unobstructed. the destruction of isis is necessary to prevent them from recruiting terrorists around the world. right now the president has asked for it. and i don't think it exists. rick: we just saw the president reject a deal president trump made with cuba.
9:22 am
what about the deal president trump made with iran. trump criticized it relentlessly. is this the next deal to fall? >> i certainly hope so. it's a terrible deal from america's perspective. it's the worst international agreement we negotiated in our history. i don't think iran has the slight left intention of complying with it. and i think that the risk we are going to see throughout the region is only increasing with time. rick: can he reject that deal? >> of course he snaps his fingers and said we are out of a deal. there is no deal that can't be rejected by a subsequent leadership. he needs to explain to the american people why it harms our interest and threatens our friend like israel and the arab states in the region, why iran is not complying with it.
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and i think he could lead us into a position where we could deal with this threat by iran and also north korea which is growing ever more imminent. arthel: deadly wildfires raging out of control with flames trapping people in their cars. the congressional to-do list. and healthcare reform is only one big ticket item at stake for the gop. >> i would rather do it right than do it fast. if it isn't good or has an unintended consequence. the president and republicans will be held responsible for that. let's not repeat the mistake the democrats made. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced.
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officials in portugal say 52 people are dead after a wildfire dropped hundreds of people in their cars. investigators say a lightning strike likely triggers this inferno. >> i'm not looking for a lesson. i want to support otto. i want to support my other children. my community. i'm proud of the way everybody handled this. and i'm so grateful otto is with us. he's with people who love him now. that means a lot to us. arthel: that's fred warmbier, the father of the american college student otto warmbier. however, otto warmbier was
9:29 am
released after apparently suffering severe brain injuries in captivity. that is raising serious questions about what happened to the exchange student after his arrest in 2016. and about the remaining three americans we note rogue regime is currently detaining. let's bring in frank levin. author of home front to battlefront. thanks for joining us. have you spoken to otto warmbier's father or anyone connected to the family? >> i have not. but all over the nation today we are celebrating dads and kids and celebrating father's day it's got to be a poignant day for that family. that son has suffered grievous damage and it has to be a painful moment for the father
9:30 am
and the whole family. thearthel: what was your initial gut reaction answer to the political calculus behind the timing of the release of otto warmbier. >> they realized otto had serious medical issues. e might even be facing death. they wanted to make sure he was transported out of the north korea. so if there is an ultimate consequence it doesn't take place physically in their country. they have to bear all responsibility for the medical condition of this young man 237. arthel: how do they pay for that. >> it behooves the u.s. to make this a global human rights case, not just for otto but the other three americans who are prisoners in north korea. this ought to be a u.n. issue, amnesty international, to sigma ties north korea and isolate
9:31 am
them to make sure they fully understand if they monkey with americans, they are going to pay a price. point number two. we need to shut down these tour companies that take college kids into north korea. they earn money off these trips. there will be more ottos if we don't do something to stop it. it behooves the u.s. government to go after the airlines and travel agents facilitating these journeys. arthel: this raises the issue of not paying ransom for american hostages. >> if you do pay ransom, you are incentivizing the seizure of the next american. they will find an american hitchhiker and grab that guy. i would be careful about going down that path. arthel: if politicians continue to fight about which side has a bettering record or will to
9:32 am
negotiate the return of american hostages, doesn't this display and give leverage to potential hostage takers. >> i don't think this is a partisan position. i think the u.s. has the moral high ground here. we have the political high ground. we do need to play some cards. and i'll tell you a point we need to make. this feeds into our general representation to china that they are providing assistance to a bad actor. normally we talk to china. but these fellas are a repressive regime. they are bad news, and china needs to step up its responsibility as north korea's largest trading partner to show some responsibility in that relationship. arthel: you and other leaders
9:33 am
keep saying this same thing and it doesn't seem to be completely work. while we are on kim jong-un, does this have anything to do with his concern the u.s. may take military action against his nation? >> i think that's really in the political military space. when we saw the missile test last week, that was a military messaging. i think what happened today was this where ottos condition was deteriorating. by suspect one of the reasons he was in a sort of coma or bad shape for an extended period of time. the north koreans wanted to wait until whatever bruise or physical evidence of mistreatment fade from his body. they couldn't return him to his parents when he was still black and blue where there was evidence that he had been beaten or abused. arthel: that's disgusting.
9:34 am
these are real people, real families suffering and grieving over their son's condition, and we wish them well. and hope this an end to this matter. >> i agree wholeheartedly. arthel: thank you so much. rick: now to the congressional agenda. we are live on capitol hill where there is a lot of unfinished business for law makers ahead of their sum several recess. what's on the to-do list and what can they get done. >> reporter: the senate says they will like to vote before july 4. the republicans are the majority and not every republican is a definitive yet.
9:35 am
senator rand paul told a group reporter's quote i'm more than willing to vote for partial repeal. i'm not willing to vote for new republican entitlement programs. find votes among democrats isn't going done easy either. >> i think the democrats in the congress should do everything possible to defeat that legislation which is to my mind unspeakable. how do you throw 23 million people off health insurance. reporter: threats also immigration and tax reform. there's a component of it that i'm working with ivanka trump on, the profamily component of it. we will have a meeting with her in a number of senators and house members who layout that portion of the agenda. tax reform, these things work simultaneously. you don't have to wait to finish health care before you formulating ideas on tax reform and that is happening right now. >> some republicans say
9:36 am
regardless of the legislation, right now the senate is simply too slow. >> the house of representatives, we have passed numerous bills, lots of great deregulation, tax reforms already started in the house. they are slow, get off their tails and pass them if they appear to >> fox news has learned democrats are planning to take shifts giving speeches on health care. they speeches could go well into the night and last for weeks. rick. >> now they played baseball together, so everything should be fine. >> new plans for afghanistan ramping up with president trump giving defense secretary jim mattis the authority to set troop levels they are. are we winning this war? we talk about that, plus senator john mccain on the high price already paid by u.s. forces.
9:37 am
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taking tzds with insulins, like toujeo®, may cause heart failure that can lead to death. find your rhythm and keep on grooving. ♪ let's groove tonight. ask your doctor about toujeo®. ♪ share the spice of life. arthel: there's an officer involved shooting on the bay bridge of california closing several east towne lanes this morning. we are told highway patrol officers were responding to an accident when another car approached and did not slow down. forcing one officer to open fire. the suspect was hit at least once and was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. rick: the war in afghanistan is ramping up with president trump giving the authority to set retrieved levels there. the pentagon will send 4000 more
9:42 am
troops to the front lines. this would be the largest deployment of american manpower under the charm presidency. all this has defense secretary jim mattis told that we are losing the battle bear. joining us to discuss lieutenant colonel mitch utterback from a special forces officer in the u.s. army. thanks for joining us. i want to start with this. another unfortunate green and blue attack. afghan soldiers trying to help and wounded seven of them. how does they shake the resolve of our men and women on the ground there? >> right, it doesn't. it means you've got to watch your counterparts a little closer. we have duty positions called "the guardian" angels, troops dedicated to watching the afghans. that's never been a problem in iraq. i know our men and women over there are paying attention to this, but there's guns everywhere in an afghan could easily pick up a weapon leaning against the wall at a median and opened fire. they get to drop on us a little
9:43 am
quicker than we can get the drop on them. hundreds of americans have been killed this way over the last several years. rick: is awful. senator john mccain, back to this troop surge, he says to me to strategy. is there one? what is the goal at this point? >> this last week they are not winning in the pentagon is putting together a strategy this summer, a strategy of whole of government strategy, diplomacy, information, military aspect come as something we haven't known that we've had in the last several years. we have to be patient to see what the whole of government strategy is, but it really has to be a reconciliation with the taliban. afghanistan is so remote. it's like the far side of the moon in some places. they need to have a reconciliation and come to some kind of an agreement. we need to be there to help them. >> you have specific ideas on what these troops should be doing in terms of taking the fight to the taliban.
9:44 am
>> that's right. you wouldn't recognize afghanistan from the times you've been there. it's almost like a ghost town, barely enough troops to keep the lights on. i left there in 2015 with less than 10,000 troop statements had the bases only special forces leaving the buyer to take the fight to the enemy. a brigade plus side this element is going to advise that a more tactical level. we need to get shoulder to shoulder doing the fighting to call in airstrikes for them, and colin medevac. afghanistan hardly has any of this. afghans fight harder when there's an american adviser sitting shoulder to shoulder bring in all those combat enablers to bear against the tile again. >> afghan forces last night that the man last year alone. general mattis said the taliban had a good year and they are on track for another good year. so where are these new afghan troops coming from and at what point do we say enough is
9:45 am
enough? >> ray, during this administration, we have to say enough is enough, but we do have to give an opportunity for the secretary of defense and the administration to come up with the best strategy we've ever had. afghan troops, you know, they drive down to rosen ford ranger pickup trucks. they don't have the protection tremendous firepower that we are loose to seen her mother conflict specifically what the iraqi forces have dared at the very, difficult area to feith. some of these guys live in another part of the country and they are not fully invested to fight and die on the other side of the country with their families on on the eastside in there fighting in the west. afghans from the local area are brought into the military in posted there will help them fight harder. >> commitment is an issue. what is the worst thing that can happen if we did leave? is afghanistan become another back on isis?
9:46 am
does this mean we can't leave there and are stuck there for decades? what do you see? >> if we decide during this administration that enough is enough and the american people decide enough is enough, we will have to maintain a special operations presence with the ability to continue to take out high-value targets to not allow terrorists and terrorist organizations threaten europe, the united states never to rise again like al qaeda once had. we make it to the point where afghanistan has to manage its own internal security. something else, we need to relocate our relationship with pakistan to provide safe haven for the taliban. he don't have an insurgency without a safe haven in pakistan as part of the problem. >> lieutenant colonel mitch utterback, thank you for your time. we appreciate your insight. >> thanks, rick. arthel: the family of the missing pearl harbor taylor finally getting the answers they
9:47 am
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rick: the family of the missing pearl harbor sailor finally laying him to rest after waiting more than 75 years. memorial service for robert temple was held yesterday in illinois. temple went mia after the pearl harbor attacks in 1941. whose loved ones say they tried for decades to find out what happened to them. they were finally able to bring about when u.s. navy representatives made dna match. the other members are comforted to have some closure. >> back to politics now. georgia's record-setting election for a vacant house he does just two days away. democrats desperate for a win after losing daschle elections in kansas and montana with john on both running against republican businesswoman karen handel for the seat vacated when republican tom price became the health and human services secretary. mary ann rafferty is here now with more. hi, mary ann. >> high, our cell.
9:52 am
it's a hotly contested race in georgia and not the most expensive race in history. the sixth congressional district vacated by health and human services secretary tom price at a rally saturday for karen handel. she was joined by former governor current agriculture secretary sonny purdue who stressed the importance of getting out to vote. >> it's time to be sending us e-mails to my making certain that you are asking every single individual you see within the sixth district, have you voted? >> john awsat campania civil rights leader congressman john lewis who represents a district. ossoff helping nepal off against the -- whether or not you support may come you got to participate in the democratic process. it's an opportunity for georgette to focus on delivering results to folks at home.
9:53 am
arthel: the latest hearing shows someone with a slight -- both candidates, both sides are rented to win. if you're watching this race closely, you can expect to be on the edge of your seat on tuesday. barthel. arthel: mary ann, thank you so much. rick: difficult day for the u.s. navy and seven missing american sailors and then tragedy. pain rel investigation. why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. it's looking up, not fit's being in motion. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink.
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rick: a major heat wave gripping the southwest. if you are there, you know it. adam klotz and the fox news extreme weather center. how hot is it? >> it's really hot. only hotter the next couple days. the big story as we head into the middle of the week. a lot of detail enough in the southwest early in the day. 95 degrees currently in the phoenix area. triple digits in no time. there's a more in the eastern half of the country. close to 90 degrees in memphis. you see work was done and they appear the frontal boundary will see some thunderstorms across the region stretching all the way across the country, perhaps getting up for extreme levels. it's really going to take the unit a day, but we will see some of those thunderstorms firing up, stretching all the way to the middle last and running his way towards the east coast overnight tonight. running towards tomorrow. the big story today and early next week, near record-breaking
9:58 am
temperatures piling up in the extreme southwest, out in the desert today top enough close to 115 degrees and it's only going to get hotter. take a look at these numbers. numbers up to 118. 120 on tuesday. 118, 113. the average close to 104. we are way above average. already a hot one today. only getting hotter. we look at these numbers, bright in the region, 122, a forecast high of 120 for folks that will be on tuesday. a real heatwave heading this way. you might also hot up to as much as 124. again, right in that region. as a result, the entire southwest is looking at some real heat advisory conditions. watches and warnings from portions of nevada after arizona and portions of california as well.
9:59 am
a very hot couple of days heading that direction. and i know people are going to say it's a dry heat. 120 degrees, no such thing. it's like being in another end. >> at the afghanistan hot. >> the colors on the map, if those were a piece of art, i would love that map. >> that was that the bread. really too hot. we have this wonderful story to tell you about now. a world war ii veteran from connecticut just received his medals for the second time. >> i really appreciate that because i never thought i would see them. the thank you, very much. >> joe noble in a first received the honor more than 70 years ago when he received -- and africa and italy during the war. they were stolen two decades later when someone broke into the surgeon's house while he was
10:00 am
on vacation. that is going to do it for us. rick leventhal, arthel neville, we will be back at 4:00 and 6:00 eastern. rick: more news now from washington with leland vittert. >> searching for answers as divers find the bodies of u.s. sailors trapped in flooded compartments, just how and why did the filipino containership slam in the u.s. navy destroyer. elizabeth: plus, new tweets from president trump saying that make america great again agenda going very well despite the distraction. we'll be live at the white house with the very latest. leland: and it's father's day. we say a big thanks to his dad in a vital role in our lives no matter how our old we all are.


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