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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 18, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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on vacation. that is going to do it for us. rick leventhal, arthel neville, we will be back at 4:00 and 6:00 eastern. rick: more news now from washington with leland vittert. >> searching for answers as divers find the bodies of u.s. sailors trapped in flooded compartments, just how and why did the filipino containership slam in the u.s. navy destroyer. elizabeth: plus, new tweets from president trump saying that make america great again agenda going very well despite the distraction. we'll be live at the white house with the very latest. leland: and it's father's day. we say a big thanks to his dad in a vital role in our lives no matter how our old we all are.
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nice to be with you on this father's day. happy father's day to all the fathers out there. i am leland vittert. elizabeth: i am elizabeth brion. happy sunday. the neighbors ask anyone to keep the families all the sailors lost in the uss collision and their thoughts and prayers. earlier today, divers found the bodies of several sailors in the destroyer is flooded compartments. meanwhile, investigators interviewing the crew of the filipino containership distractor fitzgerald off the coast of japan. lea gabrielle joins us from new york with the very latest. >> haik am elizabeth. seven u.s. sailors of the uss fitzgerald are not present that in the navy is not saying how many bodies have been found. a number of crewmembers remembered and treasured. the rest of the crew fought to save it. the commander of the u.s. navy seventh place as you could not even see the extent of the
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damage to the missile destroyer. most of it below the water line with a large gash. it was below the impact, not leaving much time in the space is open to deceive. the sleeping spaces for over 100 crewmembers. >> the western arctic as to how much warning they had, i don't know. that is going to be found out during the investigation. it was a significant impact that the crew had to fight very hard to keep the ship afloat. >> this collision between the fitzgerald and the ship about four times this site have been off the coast of japan. in the middle of the night around 2:30 a.m. on saturday when most of the crew was sleeping through the uss fitzgerald collision is the first mishap since february. that month, uss antietam damages propellers and spilled hydraulic
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oil after running aground off the coast of japan. uss lake champlain had a south korean fishing boat. it took 16 hours to get it back to its home port. one of the crew had to be airlifted off the ship, elizabeth, the commanding officer in the state ram and that was destroyed. >> thank you so much. >> on this father's day, president trump did not retreat from twitter during his time in camp david this weekend. the president repeated his claim that the russian investigation is a witchhunt. this after earlier tweets friday calling the justice department investigations into question. kristen fisher live at the white house with the president's spin on this in his administration spin as well this morning. reporter: leland, for the fourth time in four days, president trump is calling the investigation led by his own justice department a witchhunt.
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he said this morning on twitter, quote, to make america great again agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the witchhunt. many new jobs, high business enthusiasm, not the regulations have become a 30 or legislative bills signed, a supreme court justice and infrastructure health care and tax cuts in the work. meanwhile, the member of president trump's legal team to explain in person for the very first time since agreed on friday the president seemed to imply he was the target of an investigation in the member commented jacek k-kilo try to clarify that tweet. here is what he said on "fox news sunday." >> the president has not been notified by anyone that is under investigation. that tweet was in response to the "washington post" story that alleged that five unnamed sources, anonymous sources leaked to the "washington post" that the president was in fact an investigation. reporter: less than a minute later, he seemed to contradict
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his own clarification by sameness. >> said he's being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general -- deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended determination. >> what's the question? you stated some facts. first of all, you said he's being investigated. you just said -- reporter: things got a little bit heated there. the big takeaways president trump's legal team is saying that the president has no knowledge of him being investigated, but that doesn't mean that there isn't an investigation underway or that there couldn't be one in the future. in fact, as the sekulow said this morning i can't read the minds of the special prosecutor. the leland. leland: kristen fisher live on the north lawn for an inside analysis on the trump white house and russian probe. let's bring in whilst deana -- miles stand out. nice to see you.
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bush was in person, glad to have you on the show either way. as we listen to christian fishers report coming out with outside legal team who is having trouble getting on message. >> yeah, that's absolutely right. you look at this kind of verbal acrobatics that has taken place over the question of whether the president is under investigation or not. now some of that to paraphrase a former president on what the meaning of investigate is. but clearly present transactions are being booked out. but the white house and the president's own personal legal team seems to be struggling to get a consistent strategy to push back against the list. >> the strategy of the president himself seems to fold, which is intact the investigation which are seen him now use that term multiple times. at the same time, dividend paid by the way i'm doing greatest
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president. what is the administration, chief of staff, supervisors, how are they feeling about the effect of this tidbit if you will on their ability to get things done like health care this week. >> the people i speak to in washington and the general orbit of the president are concerned about this. their worry is this investigation really swallows up their legislative agenda, makes it difficult to get a focus onto this. only earlier this month they were trying to build a particular infrastructure week it became almost an in joke in washington. there is a real problem with the extent to which this issue is dominating the headlines and driving other things out of the headlines. >> this past week there was work training week and still on the sunday shows, you've got the headliner, jay sekulow from the
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president's legal team embroiled in this investigation. take a listen. >> uris which are trying to do -- >> now you're reading minds again. >> no, chris, idea with fact and law. >> .tommy what i'm trying to do because you don't know what i'm trying to do. i'm trying to get a straight answer out of you. leland: who does that trump legal team aside from the president view as their best spokesman or advocate for the president? >> that's a great question and jay sekulow just learned the dangers of quarreling with chris wallace. he didn't come off particularly well. the president has hired another washington lawyer, john dodd to add to his personal legal team. president trump is such a distinctive communicator himself that he considers himself the best advocate and it's difficult when other people did political
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people are members of his legal team try to take that on themselves. leland: how is the white house because every time the president tweets, every journalist rushes into the next briefing our gaggle and demands explanations on the tweet. it seems as though the answer that is now persistently coming out of, whether it is sarah huckabee sanders or out of the press secretary, sean spacer, is that tweet speaks for itself. is that what they had to keep her line back on, no matter what the question is, try to move on? >> to a large extent, it is. also trying to basically transfer all inquiries in the russian matter to the president's private legal team. but this issue is something that perplexes even strong allies of his because they worry that he trips himself up for the people in the white house having to explain tweets rather than
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putting forth their message and not the problem. leland: we've heard the president's message as it relates to something said wednesday he will be in iowa so he will have a bully pulpit as well. appreciate your time. elizabeth: congress has two big agenda items at the top of this health care list, striking a deal on tax reform. senate republicans said they would vote on a health care bill by months end. now that is rapidly approaching obviously. ellison barber has more. reporter: at this point, the to do list seems to be growing. of course one of the biggest items they have to tackle as health care that they say they will tackle as health care. senate republicans like to go before july 4th. the legislation is it done. democrats say that for starters they need to see it. >> the american people would really like to see us work together on health together on
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health care and there are plenty of changes we need to make to the affordable care act doing this behind closed doors is not what we did with the affordable care act. >> senate republicans -- not every said definitive yes. last week senator rand paul told a group of reporters, quote, i am more than willing to vote for partial repeal if they can't get a complete repeal, but i'm not willing to vote for a republican entitlement programs. in addition to health care, there's changes to the obama policy, republican senator jeff flake is calling on leadership to allow a vote on his legislation to lift restrictions that prohibit americans from traveling freely to cuba. some republicans say regardless of the issue right now, the senate is simply too slow. >> we passed numerous bills, lots the regulation, tax reform
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has 30 started in the house. they are slow and to get off of their tails and pass them in. >> fox news has learned senate democrats plan to get a series of speeches. we are told they could start tomorrow and go well into the night and they could last for weeks. they will focus on health care. >> not going to be a slow week, but it will be interesting. we appreciate it. brad blakeman coming democratic strategist who served in the white house. i'll matter is a strategist. thanks for joining me. i appreciate it. i'll come to you and i had this conversation. i want to start with you because we saw the president tweets and he mentioned health health carex cuts. at the same time, we see a lot of criticism, the fact that it is being drafted in secrecy and there has been no evidence in a bill coming forward any time soon. what are we going to see this week? >> well, it's really problematic
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in our perspective? even half of their caucus hasn't seen and it's going to be great for them in the room for rational budget office says it's going to take away 22 million people's health care. i don't know how that's going to help. elizabeth: want to bring in brad. we've been working on this for the past 70 years. >> uris is happening. a legislative process. the house passed a bill and now it doesn't mean the senate is going to take up their bill. they are going to form their own bill. once the senate bill is passed, there's a conference in both bills are discussed and will have a bill finally to be voted on and hopefully passed and signed by the senate. elizabeth: have a question for you. we heard health and human service secretary tom price interviewed by senator durbin a few days ago. not even he had seen any evidence of the draft of any legislation. does that make you nervous from the standpoint that this is how they draft legislation, but also can be done quite differently.
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>> it doesn't make me nervous at all. i know from colleagues of mine on the hill what is going on. the relevant committees in the senate are working very hard and once they are satisfied with the bill drafted, it will be shared with other republicans and democrats. it would be great to get democratic votes on our bill. something democrats did not seek or want from republicans in a jam their bill through. you have to pass it before you knew what was in it. >> that is just flatly not true. >> leader pelosi, speaker of the house. elizabeth: you want to bring you in because we heard from senate minority leader chuck schumer last week drafted a letter to mitch mcconnell, the majority leader asking that he wanted to have a more robust debate. that is not really how the democrats did it. do the republicans have to have that responsibility? >> to be fair, lives, there were hearings, markups. hundreds of amendments.
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this is legislative days. 87 senators have no idea within this bill. that's not a process. that is hiding facts from the american people and their own colleagues to rush something through. he says there's going to be a conference. there's not going to be a conference. they will pass something under legislation and in secret in the house has to decide we pass this or not. there is no working together here. elizabeth: bring up a perfect segue for me and i want to bring u.n., brad. are we wasting our time talking about democrats? should we talk about the bill satisfying the most conservative senators like senator mccaskill and senator rand paul. they are very different viewpoints on what this bill should look like him especially with the medicaid expansion. >> republicans make the mistake and we don't try, at least in earnest to bring democrats then. democrats should want to replace an repeal upon the care because the disaster we created we give them a way out.
10:16 am
we are in power. we control the house and the senate and we control the white house. it is our obligation, our promise made in 2016 that we would do this. we can do it alone or with democrats. my advice is never give up on the ability to seek bipartisan support. >> out, i want to give you the last word in your prediction on what we may see in the next week or two because we've heard a lot of hopes they want to get something passed where they distracted by the fourth of july. >> you will see the democrats from the speech process trying to delay things and really shed broad light on the senate. republicans will be successful at janitors campaign, telling people it's good for them but taking away millions of people's health care which is politically problematic. elizabeth: al mottur, brad blakeman, we will seek her predictions come true. thanks very much. you saw the exchange between chris wallace and jay sekulow.
10:17 am
you can see the interview, the full group of president jones legal team. chris wallace airs again at 2:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel, a very heated exchange. leland: you don't want to miss that. chris has some great questions and jay has some interesting answers. moving onto this week, democrats need to flip 24 seats to win back the house in 2015. they are hoping that comeback starts on tuesday. georgia special election, the most expensive house race in u.s. history is set to finish as a nailbiter. polls show karen handel and 30 rolled john ossoff locked in a virtual tie heading into tuesday's final bow. within 140,000 ballots have already been cast early. the district is considered a tossup and safely conservative since 1979 thinning both news country newt gingrich and tom price to washington.
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results coming in on tuesday night. elizabeth: coming up, treacherous weather in the heartland. millions of americans or affect did. the very latest forecast from our fox weather center. plus, the president spent father's day weekend at his other son camp david, we will speak with dr. robert jeffress about the importance of our fathers throughout the lives of their children no matter what age. we will also get an update on majority with steve scalise. outside of washington hospital center with the very latest. hi, molly. reporter: hi, elizabeth. a different kind of father's day. the father of two, steve scalise, senator of louisiana. the latest on his prognosis just ahead. whoooo.
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10:23 am
doctors say he is showing signs of improvement and has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. in fact, he was able to watch some lsu baseball on tv last night according to his twitter account. lsu at his alma mater. all four people shot by the gunmen are alive. one member of congress who is at the wednesday baseball practice said he was not shot spoke to something that fell out of his baseball back a day after the shooting. >> this is a piece of shrapnel from a mad man who came to logically kill innocent people. this is the reminder that all of us have that we have to take a step back in this country. we have to tone down the rhetoric and come together as a nation as americans and say enough is enough. reporter: at wes cooley says armed capital detail that shot and killed the gunman before he could do any more damage. the gunman was targeting republicans. a charity baseball game between democrats displayed the next
10:24 am
night and here is how one democratic senator described it. >> i went there with the 25,000 people that joined in. all four leaders were on the field looking like they liked each other. at the end when the democrats won the game, they gave the trophy to the republicans and asked them to put it in representative scully's office. we need to take that spirit and go from two teams to one team for america. >> the gunman apparently had been a volunteer on bernie sanders presidential campaign which today sanders called distressing and he wished congressman scully's a very quick recovery. elizabeth. elizabeth: molly henneberg with the latest. great to see you. thank you very much. opening fire on republican lawmakers wednesday is now completely open to the public. authorities as you can see here, move and police tape after the fbi wrapped up their investigation and the city clean
10:25 am
up the area. the baseball field has also now been reopened. leland: strong storms and high winds left thousands without power in the weather is not over yet. up next, what part of the country is in the bull's-eye. president trump tearing up for a trip to the heartland and a return to the voter base that helped clinch the white house. what to expect when the president visited. >> for $1.3 billion -- step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. i'm proud to make dog chow in (vodavenport, the
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10:30 am
but homes are damaged in for safety reasons. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking all of this extreme weather at the fox weather center. any relief for these folks? these are some dangerous storms. reporter: they really were, kansas city out of the woods. take a look at this. we are stretching across the south into portions of texas and oklahoma to arkansas. we went through the midwest and into portions of new england. a large slow moving cold front throughout this region we could see again possibly severe thunderstorms and isolated tornado or two aren't out of the question although we are in the lower end of the possibility. certainly heavy rains as well. everything in front of it, temperatures getting close to 90 degrees said the memphis area. with a cold front has moved through, temperatures cooler.
10:31 am
76 degrees in chicago. i want to point out what is happening in the southwest. the desert is going to be really hot the next couple days. 95 degrees currently in the phoenix area. triple digits before you know it. a big part of the story the next couple days. it is right along the frontal boundary. we will have to wait a little while, and maybe some of this rain, the storms will really get going once again. take him out to the desert southwest. before the day is over, 115, in the phoenix area getting up to 114 in those numbers will only get higher. 118 on monday. 120 on tuesday and this time of year would be 104. we see these numbers run up and getting close to record-breaking highs. what they would be in the phoenix area. one in 22 is the record. forecasted high on tuesday so we
10:32 am
are getting right in that range. likely getting even hotter than 120 degrees. as a result, the heat advisory stretches across the entire southwest and back into portions of nevada, new mexico, nevada, arizona and all the way up the coast. a lot of areas where folks are really dealing with some hot temperatures here the next couple of days, guys. elizabeth: all say. i cannot even imagine. reporter: 120. elizabeth: i'm klotz commit thank you, appreciate it. leland: even worse are the firefighters taken on these blazes. the fast-moving brushfire in san bernardino county is spreading through 1000 acres. there is a voluntary evacuation for one community near a lake there. all of this deals with not only a heat advisory, but a dry heat as well. it's all dry across the temperatures heading into triple digits. fueling the fire, making it
10:33 am
harder to fight the fire and also we have to wait and see if we get any wins and with the fire out and see them burning along that line out of control. >> international news. headquarters in eastern afghanistan this morning killing at least five officers and wounding at least a number of people in nearly a six-hour standoff. this just one day after an afghan commander fired on u.s. troops and an insider attack. pilots all in all this unrest from a mideast bureau had what can you tell us? >> officials and taxi a province, almost at the entire day to kill all the insurgents bear that attacked this space. according to afghan security officials, the attack again with a car bound that exploded and firefighters rest into the base. most of the fighters were killed very quickly, but several were
10:34 am
able to get into the kitchen on the compound. they barricaded themselves and how the spot for several hours. there is a huge fire that took place. several afghan security forces, the number is now up to six. dozens were wounded, civilians in the area. today's attack comes after seven u.s. troops were wounded on saturday by an afghan soldier in an apparent green on blue attack in northern afghanistan. but we've seen in the last few weeks as a rash of attacks. some carried out by the taliban. some claimed by isis in afghanistan. others by afghan security forces working with u.s. troops there. the security situation is really deteriorating and in response the pentagon said they will send some 4000 extra troops to afghanistan to help. many troops will be there to train security forces. others in the field to help the taliban.
10:35 am
jim mattis had said the goal is to reduce the threat to the afghan government to a zero level. elizabeth, the question is whether that can be accomplished. the u.s. has been very very long time trying to reduce the threat to the afghan government both the political but also security forces so far have not had much luck. elizabeth: conor powell reporting live. thank you so much. elizabeth: after the break, donald trump got a warm welcome from iowa in the 2016 election. now was the president deals with the russia probe in gridlock in washington, he is heading back to the heartland to the hawkeye state. we talked to one local radio host about what folks they were thinking about. months i'm accid. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom?
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10:40 am
difficulty with this legislative agenda here in washington. doug wagner, am 600 on your radio dial for an cedar rapids, iowa. happy father's day, dad. >> dance, leland. glad to be in the program. leland: nice to have you as well. the parker from iowa, how is the president doing, what do they want to hear from him on wednesday? >> right now the president is doing a b. in iowa. there's issues with regard to immigration. one of the things i would have been home to the emigration read a few years back, so they are still looking for movement. >> you mean more aggressive enforcement or something else? >> most been on the wall, but in addition to that, you see more aggressive enforcement hearing about that all across the country. legislative action to reform immigration miss something critical.
10:41 am
so far the president and his office have not put anything forward to this point. that is part of it. like the rest of the country, we are a divided state, pretty closely divided. a couple of the big things when you look at terry branstad as his new ambassador to china, there's a big focus on agriculture because we are the world's largest -- the country's largest corn state. trade is a huge issue in getting trade deals taking care of on an international basis is critical to the agrarian department economy. leland: we've seen the president answered his commerce secretary talk about the farm economy, the effect on the farm economy when they talk about trade deals. you brought up the legislative agenda. the wall is probably third afford at first you got to get their health care, tax reform if they keep the current schedule and under budget comes the wall.
10:42 am
health care tops the list and that's a huge problem with obama carries the president would say dying there. >> one of the last exchange members pulled out and did not renew for the coming year. there are people in a rural state like iowa, there are people who are up in the air. they feel unsettled about it. leland: do they blame the president, congress, democrats? were they focused their anger if they don't have health insurance? >> yes, i won't say anger, but yes focusing on everybody. you had the obama administration coming in the democratic congress to shove something through, there are making changes, unconstitutional changes and then you come back with the hca the republicans just passed and it's maybe 15%, almost bare, but not quite there. take a look at the president and the congress as well as the
10:43 am
democrats. >> is a radio man, you understand what i'm up against. i have a hard break. i want to get this question in. this is from mike allen here in washington. little marcoux, "crooked hillary," lion ted, low-energy chat, and lucy elizabeth moran and now forced into his indiscretion has officially branded the investigation by his own justice department, noting in the campaign mode to be a campaign mode rally. do your listeners care about what the president calls the witchhunt or do they say to you, really want to know what's going on with the russian investigation? >> like everything else i think it's 50/50. it's right down the middle and people do believe the witchhunt that this is a witchhunt. he was 18th on my list of 17.
10:44 am
i'll admit that. but now it's in their nic with the general duty is doing to him. it's remarkable that people are starting to solidify. >> it's not necessarily a believer, at least to become a defender. >> exactly. he's been doing things. call them out when he does bad things, but maybe we need someone more eloquent and that little bit less twitter study in the white house. what he's doing is taking care of a lot of things molly scott hangs over year and taking care of a lot of things on the other side. we appreciate you answering the bell on short notice. next i will give you more than a couple hours heads-up for my friend. >> no worries. thanks, leland. have a great day. leland: thank you. lives. elizabeth: after the break, member and why it's so important to be a dad and say thanks after this special father's day holiday. ♪
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elizabeth: today is all about celebrating dad could according to the national retail federation, the arch personals than 100 or $2 on gifts for dad
10:49 am
today. father's day is much more than just lighting up the grill and getting bad every necktie. here to talk about the importance of fathers in the family, contributor and senior pastor or stop his church at dallas, dr. robert jeffers. thank you for joining us. first and foremost, i want to get your take on the message today. i know you've had a very busy morning, but before we focus on the role of the father, a macro view of how he plays into a family and the importance of family today. >> that is right, liz. nobody doubts mom and rearing children, that god plans for fathers is to be more than donors. god wants a father to be involved in the physical, emotional well-being of children. unfortunately, 40% of children in america today will go to bed where there is no father prison. they are not always emotionally present.
10:50 am
today is that they not only to honor god, but a day for those of us to step back to the plate and start honoring our port responsibilities. >> i read a statistic where now more than other, parents are working, parents are busy and if they are home, but we are social media and phones, so at times as a parent you can be absent. what advice do you give for fathers out there to really take advantage of the time their children are children. >> when you are home, and remember to go home at a certain time. make sure you are emotionally present. had dinner with my daughter, she's an adult now, but i had dinner through the other night and i said i can't believe for the last hour you haven't looked at your phone once. he looked at me the whole time. thank you. we just need to be careful that we are with their children physically as well as emotionally. many people who had died would've been the number one and
10:51 am
then i would say there is only one perfect father. find something good to think her father for her. maybe talk to the value of hard work of our high standards. third and most important, give your father and herself the best fathers get other and that is the gift of forgiveness. when we forgive, with we set the prison are free and the prisoner we set free as us. >> we all know parenting can be challenging sometimes but at the same time it's really a plague, a snapchat. to empower fathers and tell them it can be frustrating when you're tired when you get home from work, and that's not going to last forever and kids grow up and they don't need you as much as they do when they're little. >> that is right. one father said i realize how short a time i have with my children. i don't want to take one moment for granted. it is over very quickly. we can teach our kids and fathers imported my skills. the most important thing we teach our children is to love
10:52 am
and follow god. how a child feels about god largely determines how he feels about his earthly father in that it's a very important thing to remember when we are very children. leland: i want to ask you which you heard from fathers today. i'm sort of curious as we celebrate this holiday which you heard from others about generations today. >> what i heard from fathers as we all realize we are flawed. a lot feel like they have fallen short but the good news is god does forgive us. he gives a second and third chances. it is never too late to start doing the right thing. start spending time with your children today. elizabeth: i know i said i was running on it time, but we see these viral videos of military fathers coming home. i wanted asserted kitcher personal reaction what it's like for you when you see these
10:53 am
moments of time when a dad comes back from serving the country and he sees his kids for the first time. it could be a month or even a year. >> that's right. those families will remain in our prayers. they are under special stress when you consider what they're doing to serve our nation. we have to pray for them regularly. elizabeth: thank you for joining us on this important day. we now you have your family and are very busy. we are grateful. thank you for a match. leland. leland: has her father's day celebration continues, some of our favorite bat sera fox news. a special picture coming out. imagine looking out your window and seeing the sky. in your yard. you will see how the story ends coming out. you don't let anything
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: here's a story that you don't see every day. one massachusetts police officer got a little more than he bargained for when responding to a call about a lost pig. the officer said the 1,000-pound giant pig wasn't what he was expecting to find when he arrived. he says he returned the pig, i'm not sure how, by finding someone who knew someone who knew the owner.
10:58 am
yes, you heard correctly, found someone who knew someone. the hog's name is bruno, and his owner says he's very famous in town for breaking things. leland: you know, being -- elizabeth: breaking free. leland: making a run for it as a pig on father's day weekend when everybody's barbecuing, that's dangerous. that's a big pig to break out. elizabeth: a lot of hungry people out there. leland: we want to wish all of you a happy father's day, especially to our fathers. there's papa vittert happening out. you see where i got whatever looks i got, especially the hair. elizabeth: he's also a friend of the show. leland: he never wears a northwestern shirt showing he is most proud of my sister -- elizabeth: i can understand. that. leland: we're heading out to golf, i may even let him win. elizabeth: and this is my dad with my daughter claire. that's papa prann.
10:59 am
my husband plays for the baltimore orioles, and as long as papa is around, mom does not exist. leland: papa gives ice cream -- elizabeth: constant flows. he always has chocolate on him. he usually comes with his two doggies and with nana who is also her, just the light of her life. she just pent a week with them, and i still don't exist a week later. leland: well, i don't know. you seemed to enjoy the week, right? you got a little bit of a break. [laughter] with that, a thanks to the fathers out there. this is president trump's first father's day, he's on his way back from camp david in just about an hour and a half or so, and this is the president, the first lady and barron, the president's youngest son, heading out to camp david yesterday morning. we don't typically get a readout of what they do while they're there, enjoy some time together -- elizabeth: yeah. they had some other members of their family, so it was nice for them to get away. like you said, this was the first time that he went to camp david as president, so it was a big deal. leland: beautiful place.
11:00 am
with that, hope you guys have a great week. a lot of news coming up, and we'll see you back here next weekend. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. happy father's day. ♪ ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. the political rage in america escalates, leading one man to violence. ♪ ♪ >> and it takes some kind of stamina to keep your thoughts together, and i'm very worried about his fitness. >> we're not allowed to punch back anymore. i love the old days. do you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. >> shut your mouth! >> hey, hey! >> this political rhetoric and political discourse that has led to hate has led to gunfire. chris: we'll discuss how the partisan climate has grown so to


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