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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 18, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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out, paul. >> remember, if you have your own hit or miss, tweak it to us at jr. that's it for today show. hope to see you right here next week. >> reports of two people killed in a terror attack in the west african nation of mali. others may be wounded and hostages may be held, according to local officials and the un mission there. this is happening in the resort area. it's near the nation's capital and molly special forces have surrounded the area with un sources backing them up in local say they were shot fired and smoke could be seen rising from the resort, according to local reports. at least two people have been killed but as the situation is under control, will bring you more details. >> i'm rsl and welcome to
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america's news headquarters. >> and i'm rick here for eric. the u.s. navy is calling up the search for seven missing sailors after divers meet the grim discovery of bodies inside the uss fitzgerald. arthel: a raging wildfire claims dozens of life in portugal even as many of the victims try to outrun the flames. fire crews now racing to contain the inferno. >> the special election is two days away and both candidates are fighting for every vote. it's looking like a nailbiter to the very end. america's news headquarters starts right now. arthel: we begin with president trump spending the weekend at camp david for the first time since he took office. mr. trump also taking to twitter from the presidential retreat touting his agenda and lashing out at the russian
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investigation. christian is tracking all of this there from the white house. he questioned. reporter: president trump should be landing here at the white house any minute after his first trip to camp david. he spending his father's day with his son, baron and the first lady. even though his father's day, he still been very active on twitter. he said this morning quote to make american great again, the agenda is doing well despite the adduction of the witchhunt. nasa regulation cuts, 36 new legislative bills sign, great new spring for justice and infrastructure healthcare and health cuts in the works. now, that is the fourth time in four days that president trump has described the special counsel investigation led by robert muller as a witch hunt. that prompted democratic chrisman, adam schiff, to accuse president trump and his legal team of embarking on a scorched earth litigation strategy. >> what's happening here is the president wants to take down bob muller.
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his lawyer wants to take down bob muller and the question is why. they want to lay the foundation to discredit whatever bob muller comes up with. reporter: one of the members of the legal team hits the sunday shows today and to try to set the record straight. even that, it felt confusing. listen to mac i've been crystal clear that the president has not and is not under investigation. i don't think i can be clearer than that. >> you don't know that he's under investigation, sir. >> i cannot read the minds. >> we are in agreement. [inaudible conversations] reporter: the key word there is notified. they have not been notified that he is under investigation but that doesn't mean that he's not under investigation or perhaps could be investigated in the future.
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it just means, or maiming, that special counsel simply hasn't told him about it. arthel: christian fixture, tracking it there from the white house. thank you. rick: the congressional agenda and there's a lot of unfinished business for lawmakers ahead of their summer recess. what's on the to do list for the next few weeks and how much can they actually get done allison jones is from washington with the latest. reporter: congress has a happy to do list and one of the big items is of course, healthcare. senate republicans say they like to vote before july 4th in the legislation is not done. democrats say for starters, they need to see it. >> the american people would like to see, work together on healthcare and there are plenty of changes that we need to make to the affordable care act. do that doing this behind closed doors is actually not what we did with the affordable care act. reporter: the center publicans for the majority but just barely. not every republican is a definitive yes. according to the hill last week, senator iran paul told a group
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of reporters, quote i'm more than willing to vote for partial repeal if i can't get a complete peel. i'm not willing to vote for new republican entitlement programs. in addition to healthcare, there's tax reform, immigration and now it changes to the obama cuba policy, republican jeff slate is calling on senate leadership to allow a vote on legislation to lift restrictions that prohibit americans from traveling freely to keep you. some of them can say regardless of the issue, right now, the senate is too slow. >> is the senate. it's that simple. they are slow and they need to get off their tails and pass something. reporter: democrats are planning to go to the senate floor and give speeches on healthcare and were told those speeches could go well into the night. rick: allison barber reporting from washington. arthel: the search for seven missing american sailors off the coast of japan is now over. hopes were -- finding them alive
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after divers discovered a number of bodies aboard the uss gerald. the navy destroyer sustaining damage during the collision with a container ship four times its size, early yesterday morning. leah is life in our new york city newsroom with more. reporter: the navy is in the process of notifying family members of the seven sailors. it's not saying how many bodies were recovered until the process is complete. no official statement from the white house but yesterday morning president trump treated quote thoughts and prayers with the sailors of the uss fitzgerald and their families. thank you to our japanese allies for their assistance. this collision between the fitzgerald and the filipina size cargo ship happened close to 60 miles off the coast of japan. it was around 2:30 a.m. when the crew was sleeping. the commander of the us sub fleet says you cannot even see the extent of the damage to the guided missile destroyer and most of it is below the
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waterline. the gashes near the keel. the water flow was tremendous after the water packed and not leaving much time. those included two areas that were sleeping spaces for over 100 crewmembers. >> it was traumatic. as to how much warning they had, i don't know. that will be found out during the investigation. but, it was a significant impact that the crew had to fight very hard to keep the ship afloat. >> this is the third mishap involving warships in the region in that since february. it damaged the propellers and hydraulic oil that was built into the ocean after running the ground. just last month, we had a south korean fishing vote and while one of the injured crewmembers was the commanding officer, he had been in the state room which was destroyed in the collision, two other sailors had to be airlifted off the ship while the rest of the crew fought to save it. i felt.
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arthel: leah gabriel, thanks. rick: we are two days away from george's special congressional election and it's already set a campaign spending record. republican karen for the seat against republican untrained democrat. marianne rafferty is life with more on this story. >> rick, john is the democrat in this race and was more than $23 million and most of that coming from outside the district and in fact, spending from both candidates have eclipsed the previous records. the winner will win the seat in georgia congressional vacated by health and human services tom price at a rally saturday for karen handel and she was joined by porter former georgia governor sonny perdue along with the price. purdue is calling in the office session of his candidacy. >> they pick this young man
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charismatic articulate and they've taught him a few republican buzzwords to come into the six district and put all the money behind him so that they think he can fool you. it's not going to happen? no turning back. >> jon ossoff is hoping to pull off a big upset for democrats in the 2016 middle election. >> it's important to make your voice heard. whether you support me or not, we support the democratic process. let's focus on delivering results at home and focus on what's in washington. arthel: the latest polls having jon ossoff leading karen by a slight margin point of two-point
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into both sides are in it to win. if you're watching this race, you can bet it will be riveting with the race tighter than ever, just two days before the special election five. arthel: raging wildfires and killing dozens and many of them trapped in their own cars. authorities may have started the blaze and gop lawmakers are hard at work in obamacare replacement in the senate but will they make their fast approaching self-imposed deadline. senator marco rubio said that may not be the right question to ask. >> i would rather us to do it right then do it fast. the matter what passes, if it isn't good, or has some unintended consequence the president will be held responsible for that and republicans will be held responsible for that. ♪ runway models on the runway? surprising.
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ rick: deadly wildfires raging out of control in portugal and at least 62 people are dead after flames swept over a road in central part of the country have been many victims in their car. hundreds of soldiers and firefighters are struggling to control the flames but hot, bone dry weather is only making things worse. investigators say a lightning struck likely triggered this inferno. portugal has declared three days of mourning for the victims. arthel: frightening detailed and
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covered by the investigation into last week's deadly high-rise fire in london that killed at least 88 people. the trade minister is saying that the exterior paneling on the building may have violated regulations and may have helped for the flames so quickly along the outside of the building. investigators still don't know all the details on what paneling was used when the building was renovated just last year. rick: senate republicans are racing the clock to get a deal done on their version of the obamacare replacement. gop lawmakers setting a deadline for the end of this month hoping to have a bill in place before the july 4th recess. on sunday morning, senator marco rubio pointing out that even if that happens, there is still a long way to go. >> even if it passes the senate, he has to go to back to the house for them to debate and look at it. so, people are pretending around
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here like it'll go from some the back room in the senate right to the president's desk. there's a lot that will happen in between and people will know everything that's in it and there will be opportunities to change it if someone doesn't agree. rick: keith from the member financial services and republican policy committees, congressman, thanks for being with us. perfect thanks for having me. happy father's day to everybody watching. rick: this was priority number one. repeal and replace obamacare. why is this proven difficult? >> your sine process workout, legislator path, we took our time in the house and we came close to a vote in march but then a couple back the people had concerns and there's a give-and-take. we presented to the senate a preconference package and the senators have taken a look at it, our plan does not take anybody off the plan they are on, provide protection for those with pre-existing conditions and i think the senate is right to take its time and i think senate rubio said something to the fact
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that it's more important to get it right then to hit an arbitrary self-imposed deadline. a lot of people are hurting under obamacare, don't forget, 120% increase in premiums in pennsylvania and up to 53% increase last year. racine insurers continue to drop out of the market and has been the case for the last three years. we have a better way to present it to the senate and i'm waiting to hear what the senate does the fight that may or may not be true. there still complaints about secrecy. the bill is being crafted behind closed doors and legislators and others are haven't had time to review her know what's going on. rickarthel: as senator rubio sa, there will be time for that. we want to know how they will vote and my answer is, look, i'm still studying this. i'm studying the proposals for weeks, you can take a look at the copy i had in my office, highlighted and dogeared. it's important to get this thing right, a lot of work went into the house version, again, provides a better way and it
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does not take anybody off medicaid, contrary to what people have been saying and it provides a way to make the program sustainable and saw that going into the 2020s pictures there for the people was greeted for five the president called your version mean. other have labeled it destructive. is your version mean? will it be a destructive healthcare bill? >> our healthcare bill is not mean. it's wondering if the president saw the fake news. the president lauded the bill a couple of weeks ago. a lot of work went into our bill. we have collapsing obamacare markets across the country and the bill has not turned out as it was proposed, just look at the premium increases we've seen, skyrocketing deductibles, lost insurance plans, the last doctors, in newington where i had to switch a plan because we cannot afford what was coming down through the exchanges.
1:19 pm
i'm among the individual market myself. i don't get my health care plans through congress and we went to the slasher with a near 30% increase and we look for another plan and my wife lost her doctor as a result. that's happening to families across the country enough for you to take action to fix this family law. rick: washington post talked about the tension between the repealing and replacing obamacare and the growing sense that enacting legislators that million americans off insurance is politically treacherous. is a severe point? >> we have to look at the bill and understand that it does it not people off. rick: but we can't see the bill yet but you look at what the cbo and what most most of the people would not have interest in the future with people who choose not have insurance. again, take a look at the mandate that was embedded within the affordable care act. it was unprecedented that the federal would require every single american to buy a product. i still contend that that's not within the scope of the
1:20 pm
constitution and that the supreme court, what i can thing is the biggest big bait and switch entered into a tax penalty even though the people who passed obamacare said it was not a tax penalty. again, nobody will get kicked off if their health care plan under the proposal from the house of representatives. rick: senators working on the version and senator mitch mcconnell says he wants to vote before july 4th recess. is that realistic smirk. >> i'll leave that to the senate. there is a process that goes back and forth between the two chambers and that's how the legislative process works. i think that we've been looking at this for years, certainly, we been had dozens, if not more hearings over the last four-five years of the feelings of low obamacare legislation including secretary prices and empowering patients first act which has been out there for a long time. elements of that work. is the american health care act
1:21 pm
that we put through, the house of representatives. there is give-and-take going out there in the senate needs to do it the right thing give-and-ta give-and-take. rick: give-and-take would be a step four. congress, there is zero democratic support for this bill. you just had this baseball game. i thought you were good now. >> unfortunately, people get stuck in their tracks. if you take a look at the bill the house put out and taking a look at the medicaid spending that will be in there, their significant medicaid spending and shows you how far the needle hasn't moved over the last couple of years. after 2020, we take a look at the one part of the medicaid expansion under the apa essay basically people come in after 2020, not those who are in before, but every person who is grandfathered for those who come in after 2020 in the expansion class would be reimbursed at the same right as the elderly, disabled, other traditional medicaid population.
1:22 pm
otherwise, it's unfair to the more traditional medicaid population. rick: a long way to go and we appreciate your time on the subject today. expected to be with you, thank you. arthel: steve's police is still recovering after he was wounded in that shooting as the gop congressional baseball team is practicing in virginia on wednesday and will have an update on his condition i had. plus, more on that contentious race in georgia for a vacant house seat. we are less than 46 hours away from a vote that could update the balance of power in congress with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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switching to allstate is worth it. rick: doctor safe give. steve scalise is recovering from his gunshot wound and they've upgraded his condition to critical from critical to serious.
1:27 pm
he said to be more responsive after the shooting, at a republican baseball game to practice in virginia. ali is live at medstar washington hospital with more. reporter: is a different kind of father's day for the house majority whip. he's a father of two and he's here at the hospital behind me and doctor state congressman steve scalise will face more surgeries and a long road to recovery including rehabilitation. he is alive as are the others were shot with him. he has been upgraded from critical to serious condition and many are praising the armed capitol police officers who are part of leases security detail. >> i thank god every day those two cabinet placement, agent bailey and greiner were there to save us all. i hope and pray that we can take this day, this day, this tragedy that could have been much worse and turn it into an opportunity to come together as americans because no one, i don't care what site you're on, no one deserves to have the violence
1:28 pm
that we all experienced just four short days ago. reporter: the godman, 66 -year-old man from illinois was shot and killed by police. he appears to have targeted republicans. had been a volunteer at democrat socialist bernie sanders presidential campaign and he said today that he has not been contacted by law enforcement about the shooter. >> i am not aware that they been in touch with my staff. i just want to wish representative steve scalise a very quick recovery and what happened was a tragedy, unacceptable and it should not be any violence associated with politics in america. reporter: he has been out of sedation enough to watch baseball last night, according to his twitter account, the louisiana congressman was watching his alma mater play in the world series. rick: thank you, mali. arthel: go tigers.
1:29 pm
we are less than full recovery to congressman steve scalise. we are 48 hours away from george's special election to fill the house seat vacated after republican doctor tom price became the health and human service secretary. democrats desperate for a win after losing a special elections in kansas and montana putting a record amount of money behind jon ossoff in the race against republican business from karen handel. the vote looking too close to call. the latest politics holes they show jon ossoff slightly in the lead within the margin of error. brady is now stuff is al weaver. he's a political reporter for the washington examiner. let's start here. sunday before the tuesday election where the candidates out campaigning today. that's always a tell us which voting group they feel they have to make that last minute push for.
1:30 pm
>> he's been going on for the young voters. young voters are good what when him or loses the selection for him. he's a 30 -year-old candidate and he's freshfaced, he's got a lot going for him. the democratic establishment is coming out heavy for him. he's raised over $23 million and put over $67 million and they see this as a big chance to strike back at president trump. it's the young voters for jon ossoff. he needs them to top karen handel and in a district that's very republican, it's been republican-controlled since newt gingrich was speaker of the house. arthel: what do you think? what could give karen handel the edge and what could push jon ossoff across the finish line. >> for karen handel is all about trump. he's the character in this whole election that's driving everything. right now, yet the russian investigation of propagated
1:31 pm
things, he of the health care situation on capitol hill, a lot of moving parts right now but the last couple days he showed a more measured temperament especially after steve scalise shooting. that something that could give her a bump in the fence. it remains to be seen even without a win, jon ossoff has already upset the apple cart and you laid it out why you think the race is so close. how will the outcome of this race of the special election reverberate beyond the state of georgia smart. >> it will take some time to see that. there are many elections coming up. odyssey, there's the one in south carolina and is happening on tuesday and is also a factor to remain in public control. it will take some time. a lot of things happen in capitol hill and yet the health care situation. arthel: what i mean is folks were looking at the 2018 midterms are going to be watching this perhaps is a foreshadowing of white may be to come back i think it's too early to say. the only race you have between
1:32 pm
now and then is yet the virginia race in november. virginia is a big one that people are looking at but there's a lot of time between now and 2018 obviously. things are moving at the white house and it remains to be seen. arthel: al, as you know, a relaxant recount is not automatic. in georgia a recount of an election may take place under certain circumstances and they are the difference between the vote totals must be 1% or less. a recount must be requested by two business days after the election, a recount must be requested by an election superintendent or the losing candidate. so, do you think will have a clear winner tuesday night, wednesday morning? i'm not sure. it will be close. jon ossoff basically said as much that we won't know until later in the night whether he wins or karen handel winds. it'll be an all night affair and, i think, those campaigns are gearing up for that.
1:33 pm
we'll have to wait and see. arthel: you're right, will have to wait and see for not only the result come tuesday-wednesday morning and again how this will send shockwaves, if it does, throughout the political system. right now, as we say here, at 4:32 p.m. eastern time what are your thoughts on all of this perspective not just the rate in georgia but everything happening inside the tie in between the two? >> i think the one thing is healthcare. democrats keep pushing that issue even more than the rest issue right now. healthcare is what will win or lose the elections and i'll help win or lose moving forward in capitol hill. i think that's a big take away. it affects healthcare situation going forward and how it affects future races. arthel: if president trump is watching this, perhaps he may or may not be, if they are having a relaxing weekend i'm told. if he's watching this, what do you think he's been attention to in terms of what's been said all
1:34 pm
day long regarding that race they are in georgia? >> it comes back to his impact and what voters, what brought voters out to the pool. whether it was healthcare or the russian investigation. i think it's less than the healthcare situation or the economic situation, jobs, that's what he'll be looking at as we near tuesday night into wednesday morning, possibly. arthel: al weaver, we thank you for your analysis and president trump may be meeting kim david shortly happy marine one and if you're still watching, president trump, happy father's day. thank you. rick: them and more bloodshed in afghanistan. the taliban launching another deadly attack at the pentagon signals thousands more us troops may be headed there.
1:35 pm
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switching to allstate is worth it. rick: iraqi troops are supposedly closing in on the last ice struggled in muscle which is old city where a narrow winding streets and a dense civilian possible publishing armies came for fierce combat. the city has been isis control since august of 2014 and it's where former isis leader first declared isis territory and islamic caliphate. the operation to retake the city began eight months ago and is already cleared isis from most of the cities. arthel: the taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack in a police headquarters in eastern afghanistan. militants using car bombs to strike the building before rushing into the compound. at least six police officers killed, eight more wounded, along with nine civilians.
1:40 pm
connor is live in jerusalem with more. connor remarked it's been a deadly few weeks in afghanistan and today it was no different. the taliban using car bombs to attack a police base in the province along the afghan pakistani border. after that bomb went off in front of the gate, six militants iran in and got into a large gunfight with the police that were there. several firefighters were killed quickly but a couple were able to get into a kitchen and barricaded themselves. about seven-eight hour gunfight that lasted for most of the day. it took security forces pretty much the entire day to finally repel the attack and in the end, six police officers were killed, dozens were injured, including civilians and people who were in the area. this type of attack were seen
1:41 pm
regularly in afghanistan. now that the taliban are putting pressure on afghan security forces across the country. yesterday, of course, us soldiers were injured in a green on blue attack and insider attack were afghan security forces opened fire on us troops there. the overall security system in afghanistan is deteriorating greatly in the pentagon is finding sending 4000 us troops to afghanistan in the coming weeks and months to help stabilize the security situation. most us troops that will be headed to the country will be there to help train and advise the afghan security forces and their hope is to get down into the lower levels of the afghan military. for the most part, us forces that are there are training at the higher levels, core levels and the hope is to get them at lower levels to help them train the afghan security forces. a lot like being seen done in syria and iraq where there are us troops embedded with local forces. that's something that hasn't happened in afghanistan for several years. that is the pentagon plan to help stabilize the afghan security forces so that they can
1:42 pm
begin more effectively battling the taliban. arthel: indeed, connor, thank you very much. meanwhile, we do have the fox news alert. brand-new video into the fox news room of the terror attack we been reporting on in the west african nation of mali. at least two people killed, according to a un mission official. this is happening at a resort area, very popular with westerners near the nation's capital. mali special forces have reportedly surrounded the area with un soldiers backing them up. local say they heard shots fired and smoke could be seen rising from the resort according to local reports. a security ministry spokesman said at least two people have been killed but add the situation is controlled and that is a direct quote. we will bring you more details as they develop. rick: mixed messages from the white house.
1:43 pm
if president trump is under investigation in the reservoir. earlier he said it made no bones about it treating quote i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. today, a member of the present legal team contradicted that and said mr. trump is not under investigation. on "fox news sunday", chris rawls, grilling him for a clear answer. >> he's been investigated for taking the action that the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the termination. so, that's the constitutional threshold question here. as i said,. >> what the question chris marquis stated facts. first, he said he's now been investigated after saying he wasn't. >> no, he's not been investigated. rick: spokeswoman for the cia military alice, tara, is he or isn't he?
1:44 pm
>> there's a lot of wordsmithing going on. that was a fabulous interview from chris wallace. the contention is we don't know whether he is under investigation or not. he tweets that he was under investigation and now his attorney is saying he is responding to the washington post article. we then have the attorney flipping the terminology saying they haven't been notified it about an investigation and at the end of the day, not aaa matters. i say that because he might not be under investigation today but we know his associates are that we know the investigation contains over time. whether he is yesterday or next week for hours, if the situation. when comey was leading the investigation, but that can change if they review more documents. that's how investigation works. rick: early stages of the process, things are fluid and changing. >> very early stages. you're just having the witness was put together, you're just the request for documents and i say this not just about special counsel muller, but the house
1:45 pm
and senate investigation. we are still very early and we know that close associates of president trump and those on the campaign are under investigation, general plan to being a primary example. president trump, whether he is risen, the focal point undoubtedly is his conversations are going to come under scrutiny. his documents and finances are going to come under scrutiny for the purposes of the resolution, right now, that's all that matters. rick: possibly, takes. the president hinted at tapes. we want to play what the president said and get your reaction. >> when will you tell us benchmark. >> a fairly short time. you'll be disappointed when you are the answer. don't worry. rick: we don't know if there are tapes, is it legal to have tapes smart is it legal to demand the status of the existing? >> i'm not a lawyer, i would imagine if there are lawyer that it would be through some system in the oval office itself or recorded on his own on a
1:46 pm
personal device of some sort. i have no doubt those tapes will be requested by the committee, as they have been already has a deadline on friday. if they are not turned over, they will be subpoenaed. again, this is if there are tapes. if there are tapes, the president owes an expiration about why he would say they we were, it's been flippant but this is an investigation with national security at its core. at the heart of this is russian collusion in our election and we forget that in all of this stuff, obstruction of justice, potentially, and all these other ongoing parallel investigations but i think he's going to need to turn them over if they do exist and i think they will be subpoenaed if they're not turned over. again, if they exist. he said he'd have a response and it's been some time now and we haven't heard again. rick: i wonder why he would say they were tapes if there were tapes unless he's implying that there are tapes of the comey would be careful about what he says. >> either case, it could be
1:47 pm
problematic. if he was trying to influence comey's remarks our testimony, that stands problematic and this is the president of the united states. i hope they wouldn't just be trying to make the course of statements on twitter but who knows. rick: tara, comey call the president a liar and the president called called me a liar. how do we know who's telling the truth and will be evernote? i think we will know because i have faith in our intelligence community and i faith the investigation will run its course and that's how investigations work. everyone is innocent until proven guilty and the associates are being looked at. honestly, the president himself having said that, everyone's framing as a he said, he said we heard from comey in terms of his testimony and we heard the president accused him of lying
1:48 pm
but we haven't heard what the present account of the conversation was. why did the president take individuals out and want to speak to comey alone why was he bringing up flynn and what was the nature of that conversation? not to refer to both sides yet so the human response when someone is telling the version of events in human reaction, when you don't agree with that action is to offer your own. the president didn't do that in his first comments. he sat down comey's version. rick: and seems like poets are trying to use this to israel comes trance presidency and i'm wondering if this is about opponents smelling blood. is there more to this? >> this has become political but in some regards, it's bipartisan. the central senate intel committee is a bipartisan natu nature. muller is not really a partisan tech for this kind of investigation. he was picked by rosenstein, the president's own justice department tech, i think, basically, be it run its course. i faith in the investigation and i think at the end of the day, the truth will come out, whether that's regarding financial
1:49 pm
investigation or whether that's about collusion potentially or whether it's just more information on general plan and other associates that were perhaps engaged in wrongdoing. then, of course, objection of justice charges. rick: take you for your time today. arthel: we have another fox news alert. we have new video in a president trump back from camp david. back to the white house. in fact, he answered a shouted question before walking back into the residency. there, you see him in the first lady. they're getting off marine one. the president says regarding camp david he says he's incredibly beautiful and, as you know, this has been the present first week and at camp david as president. you saw barron and he just stopped. this is cool, i'll take a picture of marie one before i leave. okay, very cool. the first family, back in the white house and they are touching down a few minutes ago, 30 minutes ago on this steamy sunday. rick: .-ellipsis look like a make america had again. arthel: he knows his branding.
1:50 pm
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rick: tens of thousands of people losing power as major storms barrel across the country on this father's day. part the missouri head with severe flooding in some areas even under tornado warnings. people work to recover the
1:54 pm
storms. let's get more of this rocky father's day forecast with adam in the fox extreme weather center. back this storm continues beyond the move and covering a large portion of the country. look at this. this is the possibility conditions are right, stretching from new england back down into oklahoma and texas and all areas we could see severe weather for the day is over. already beginning to see fire up into portions of getting down into york stretching back into pennsylvania. let me take you closer. each one of those highlighted polygons from the buffalo area off to the east of buffalo, running down to pittsburgh. those are areas we see severe thunderstorms, wins getting up to 60 miles an hour an hour, hail and very heavy rain. that will stretch either to the south and will see more of these along this line to pop up to the overnight hours. there's your future radar. you see on the move, this is what will be watching, stretching all the way into the american southeast here throughout the afternoon.
1:55 pm
and then early on monday morning. i want to point out, big one in the next couple days, incredibly warm weather piling up in the south, take a look these numbers. daytime highs for today, already running up to 115, 114 and it gets warmer. phoenix arizona is getting close to 180 degrees in the next couple days. those are borderline record breaking temperatures for phoenix. rick: looks hot. thank you adam. we'll be right back and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day.
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five it's not unusual for political or religious leaders to give commencement speeches but the graduating class at the university of california san diego got someone out of the ordinary this year six oh yes they did, the dalai lama addressing the seniors with words of wisdom on the power of compassion, of course, the importance of finding inner peace. very cool. >> ultimately, very much different in our inner peace. so, inner peace, is mere education, not to bring inner peace. arthel: i love that. that's awesome. the university awarding the dalai lama with a school medal for his humanitarian work. it's father's day, happy father's day to you, you have beautiful girls.
2:00 pm
rick: i am indeed lucky. arthel: happy father's day to my dad and i want to say happy fathers to erin, he's in columbia, maryland performing. rick: doctor alan, happy father's day don't have a relationship with any of the senators on the intelligence committee. if you do, send them health food and vitamins. some of those creepy green juices or something. >> what is going on over there. [applause] [applause] the shock of wednesday's shooting had barely worn off before the fingers started


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