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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 19, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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too often a vehicle being used to mow pooh people down indiscriminately. this was targeted at muslims. just finishing ramadan prayers. being called a terrorist attack and being investigated by the counter terrorism yiewcket here. happened just after midnight near a muslim center just behind me. one man is now dead. over 10 injured. and it happens at a time when many muslims are out on the streets trying to celebrate the end of ramadan and now community members here trying to avoid division. but the stories that we hear are bodies strewn across the road. desperate attempts to save one person and still anger here. police arrested the driver as you say 48-year-old white man. weighs grappled to the ground by two by standards until police arrived. two men are being called heroes. eyewitnesses have also reported he said a number of times i have done my bit and i want to kill muslims. >> wait outside the mosque targeted muslims.
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he knew exactly what time finished prayers e as soon as people came outside the mosque, basically having a chat. plowed his van into us. people was moving out of way. people were screaming. >> people keeping the tensions low. trying to reduce the chance of anything flaring up. this is a city which has seen some attacks in recent months. police now coming out and saying that there are no other suspects. helicopters still circling above. a large police cordon trying to keep people away from the scene here. while some community leaders are pointing out this was an attack on muslims. this was actually an attack on all the communities here. but, still, real tensions. people calling this a revenge attack. back to you guys. rob: certainly appears that way. benjamin, thank you such. here to react to this is judy interviewezuhdijasser. you know it appears this might
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have been an aretaliation attack after we have seen a number of attacks called for by isis there. obviously not an intelligent way to go things. no logic to it. is it surprising to see all the anger that's in london right now? >> this is exactly why isis does what it does. why does it divert its attention to the war in syria and iraq to attack the west because it wants to recruit more jihadists the way to do it is militants stimulates other militants. what keeps our society free is our rule of law. when judge atlantays try to take things in their own hands and commit acts of hate and heinous violence, this feeds right into the playbook of isis. you know, we just heard there is imman down the street that actually when the perpetrator was found and being apprehended protected the guy to make sure the muslim mobs did not attack him as they were screaming things at him. we see that there are muslims that the majority of whom
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believe in the rule of law. and last week in the grenell fire, there were thousands that were possibly saved because muslims that were awake at this early hour called alarms, called the police because alarm system in that building wasn't working. so, we need to respond with being protecting religious freedom, not only talking about the militants that are the end points. heather: this particular mosque it, used to be associated with radicalism, but now it does claim to be moderate. tell us a little bit more what we know about this mosque and this specific neighborhood. >> well, again, the narrative as we see it right after 9/11, there were some pretty militant imams coming out of there, being it he will masri and others. shut down because it was raided and reopened with new leadership. i'm not ready to call it moderate mosque. there is affiliations with brotherhood and anti-israel issues that may have come out of there.
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hold on as we are barely 12 hours from this act. we don't fight even nonviolent islamism with the fact we are going to feed into the violent cycle isis wants. we defeat ideas that radicals feed into radicalism with light. we need to realize that islam is in that time in history that we have to defeat hec theocracy and at home. the isis separating us out of society is actually working to. break that cycle, we need to not only fight the end point of the terrorists when they put on that belt but before separatism of islamist theocracy. rob: if you are, as most are a good muslim and god fearing muslim, this is the time to just come out and say, you know, i join the rest of the world in condemning this. these horrible act of violence. they must be more frustrated than just about anybody else e doctor, thank you very much.
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>> exactly. thank you. rob: let's get to other news now a sailor's mother describes her son's urgent efforts to save his comrades abored a doomed destroyer. 19-year-old son brayden harr bon kept diving into the uss fitzgerald after colliding with a cargo ship with japan. he kept going until all of those areas ran out of air pockets. all seven sailors killed in the coalitio collision have been identified. all seven were sleeping when this happened. still no word on what caused this accident. heather: u.s. fighter jet shooting down a syrian warplane. the action was taken after the pro-assad military jet dropped bombs on u.s. backed fighters near the city of raqqa. the shootdown is the first of a syrian aircraft by the u.s. military since it began fighting isis in the country in 2014. it could bring more tension between the u.s. and russia
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which backs the syrian regime. and iran firing a barrage of missiles to get revenge on isis. iranian tv showing video of several medium range missiles launched into eastern syria. iran's revolutionary guard sis the large number of terrorists were killed and weapons destroyed. now, this was a response to the terror group attacking iran's parliament and shrine earlier this month. you may remember killing 17 people. rob: domestic politics now. president trump stacking up his legal team as frustrations with the russia probe heat up. heather: he is expected to address the nation this week as the president's lawyer denies he is under investigation. griff jenkins is live for us in washington, d.c. with more. good morning, griff. >> good morning. is he or isn't he incident investigation? rob and heather that is the question the white house is facing today.
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the president's outside lawyer jay sekulow took to the sunday shows vehemently refuting the claim stressing the president is not under investigation. saying no one has notified him that the president is being investigated. in n. seeking to clarify that question in exchange with chris wallace, things got very testy at times. >> here is what you are trying to do, chris. i appreciate. >> now you are reading minds again. >> no, chris, i deal with fact and law. >> don't tell me what i'm trying to do because you don't know what i'm trying to do. actually, what i'm trying to get is a straight answer out of you. >> this comes after the president tweeted on friday that he was under investigation for firing fbi director james comey. and he continued to vent frustrations over the weekend with the russia probe calling it, quote, a witch hunt multiple times. the most recent yesterday quote the make america great again agenda is doing very well, despite the distraction of the witch-hunt. meanwhile the top democrat on
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the house intelligence committee, adam schiff is accusing the white house of leading a scorched earth strategy to take down and discredit special counselor bob mueller who is leading the russia investigation. >> if a foreign government, in this case russia, has something that they can hang over the head of our president or our administration that can influence u.s. policy, it is very much in our national security interest to know it. and we need to conduct this investigation. >> reporter: and remember those taping, we heard from jay sekulow also yesterday he says the president may address that later this week. guys? he. rob: the infamous tapes. heather: do they exist or not. rob: griff, thanks so much. heather: thank you. rob: congressman scalise continuing to improve. from critical to serious condition. shot at baseball practice in virginia last week. he sent this father's day message on twitter urging people to take the time to be close to the ones you love. republican congressman rodney
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davis echoing that same message. >> i can tell you this is the best father's day i have ever had to be able to come back home and see the outpouring of care and support from the people that know me best, including my family. it has just been a really humbling event and very memorable for me and my family. rob: davis also renewing the call for politicians to stop all this political rhetoric, violent rhetoric, come together. three other people were shot when james hodgkinson opened fire in what appears to be a politically motivated attack. heather: some of america's top tech bosses expected to meet with president trump today. our commander-in-chief inviting ceos apple tim cook and jeff bezos to the white house to talk about modernizing the government's technology. president trump has slammed the system as outdated saying that the nation is an easy target for cyber attack. rob: brook tepka probably
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never heard of him claimed first title at victory at u.s. open. >> koepka a champion. heather: able to grab 4 straight birdies on the back nine watching roy mcilroy record. finishing at 16 under par. rob: bonkers store for u.s. open. keopka. very strange time in men's golf. heather: beautiful course there time is 10 minutes after the hour. we continue to follow breaking news out of london. man following plowing through a van of muslims. that being called a terror attack. rob: also, cell phone crackdown. the state looking to ban preteens from owning a cell phone. should a 11-year-old a 12-year-old have a phone?
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rob: a van driving into a group of worshipers at a mosque just hours ago in london. police now investigating this as a terror attack. heather: here to weigh in national security analyst for the clarion project ryan morrow. thank you very much, ryan for joining us. >> thanks for having me. heather: the latest information that we have a 48-year-old. we have been told is he a white male who is being questioned at this hour. he is being given a mental health evaluation. what if this was a retaliatory attack? >> well, if that is the case, and indications are leaning in that direction, although there is still that possibility could be an attack inspired by isis because they hate muslims that they disagree with so much.
2:15 am
if this was a retaliatory attack by anti-muslim extremist, then we really need to be on guard and disturbed not just how horrific of how the attack itself was. how it this play into the hands, the stated plans of isis. for example, i'm holding in my hands right now a 1-page article written by isis in one of their magazines where they said they had something called the extension of the gray zone plan. what that means is that they view the majority of muslims are living in the west. especially europe as being viable targets. that they are on the enemy's side as isis sees it those who support isis. gray zone in the middle. people haven't chosen either side. radical but not on the isis side. according to their thinking triggering anti-muslim responses is what will bring that radical gray zone over into their army. rob: i still think people are angry right now all over the world, and especially in england after the march concert attack seeing all
2:16 am
those kids killed. seeing newly wed couples driven apart or one killed in the bridge attack. there is anger there. and people don't respond logically. and some people make really stupid mistakes. this didn't surprise me at all. am i crazy for not being surprised that something like this has happened? >> well, if you look at online comment sixes, no, you would expect something like this to happen because there is a lot of hate out there. it's more than just responding to the jihadist' threat. at some point if this is anti-muslim extremist, he felt he would be celebrated as a hero for doing. this at some some point some influence came over him that said yes you are supposed to treat mussmentsd as a whole negatively and doing this is the right thing to do. he didn't read the news and say this is what i'm going to do. there is another factor in there. rob: it's just a shame all around and just a terrible story. ryan, thank you so much. >> thank you. heather: thank you, ryan. rob: 5:16 on the east coast.
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the navy dealing with a training stand still after pilots refuse to fly over safety concerns. heather: an exclusive look inside the training cockpit up next. >> i'm feeling light headed. severely uncomfortable. difficult to co concentrated. the future isn't silver suits and houses on mars,
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2:21 am
their petition needs 300,000 signatures to get the idea on the ballot next year. and there is now a smart phone app. to stop the wall. a college professor in puerto rico making a game in which players do everything possible to stop the construction of president trump's border wall. the game wasted on the classic at the timtetris taking stop mae america mexico again. it's being appealed on google play. rob? rob: happening today the air force is set to decide whether arizona will return to the sky. they still have not pinpointed why five pilots have reported oxygen deprivation incidents over the past five weeks. that's very dangerous stuff. this as the navy deals with a training stand still of its own after pilots refuse to fly over safety concerns the navy now ordering a full review.
2:22 am
our own leah gabriel seeing results of that review and spoke to the navy's number two officer about them. lee. >> a the bottom line the navy can't say when the t-45 the only jet trainer will start flying again. reports says finding a solution to the problem have, quote, proved allowive. in other words, there isn't one yet. the issue is with the basic life support systems with the t-45 trainer and f-118 hornet. reports of incidents where pilots and crew became impaired on the rise. increasing 90% in some models last year alone. i visited naval air station oceania in virginia beach for exclusive look at the latest technology being used to train f-1 pilots to handle aircraft system failures that have been plaguing the fleet. >> peel off the nose there. >> the breathing device allow he is pilots to experience
2:23 am
oxygen loss while flying but in the safety of the similarity. as a former f-18 pilot i gave it a trincht put this oxygen mask on and slowly decrease the amount of oxygen we are getting to simulate as best we can to experience what the pilot would experience in the airplane itself. >> pilots could become dizzy, euphoric, or even pass out. >> i feel light headed. very uncomfortable. can't concentrate. >> so far very successful in helping people recognize those symptoms before they experience any kind of cognitive or, you know, worse yet loss of consciousness. >> heart rate is coming up a little bit. you might notice that yourself. >> one training goal to recognize the symptoms and pull a green ring which gives the pilot up to 10 minutes of emergency oxygen. >> one of the reasons for all this training in the similarity is because pilots are reporting more problems in planes like these. when you are flying in the air in an f-18, it can be a matter
2:24 am
of life and death. in fact, we learned some pilots are more concerned about their life support systems failing than the risk of combat. the pilots we spoke with in virginia disagree. >> i see no problems operating safely under our current mitigation strategy that we have right now. >> the new year's eve review says it sees these episodes as number one safety priority and announced unconstrained resource approach to finding a solution. i spoke with admiral bill more ran who ordered the review. >> the system the aircraft ought to operate the way it was designed to operate. it's up to us to figure out how to get that airplane back to that level of performance. >> as you saw, in the case of a system failure, pilots have to manually activate emergency oxygen even if they are impaired. automatic system is the goal. rob, he tells me if they are not able to get those t-45 training flights going by the end of summer it will impact operational readiness.
2:25 am
he says the navy is getting close at this point. >> serious stuff, yeah. very dangerous. >> lots of concern for pilots. hopefully they will get this fixed. time now 5:24 on the east coast. awful eyes on georgia this week where the high stakes special election is set for tomorrow. democrats hoping to pull off what would be a huge win. the record setting votes already pouring in. plus, top story. potential terrorist attack being investigated in north london. one person killed. 10 injured. at least 10. after a van slammed into a crowd of people right outside of a mosque. our live continuing coverage with complete analysis and some guestst coming up next. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ when heartburn hits
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rob: book now with a fox news alert london's mayor condemning the latest blood bath as a horrific terrorist attack. heather: police say a man used
2:29 am
a van to mow down a crowd of worshipers leaving a mosque killing 10 and injuring 10 others. he was arrested and being interrogated at the scene right now. details on the hunt for possible accomplices. benjamin? >> yeah. good morning, robb and heather. the attack took place behind me on the streets as you can see here. heavy police presence at the moment. this will not divide the community. this must bring the community closer together. this the is kind of attack we have seen numerous times the last few months. a vehicle used to mow down people. of course, what stands down for this one it was an attack on muslims in this very diverse neighborhood in north london. it had been called a terrorist attack and it's being investigated by the counter terrorism police at the moment. it happened just after midnight as worshipers were leaving the local muslim center following ramadan prayers. this van revving his engine, coming off the road and knocking many of them down. they have now arrested the driver. is he a 48-year-old white man. he was pinned to the ground by
2:30 am
bystanders until the police arrived. and those two are being called heroes. eyewitnesses were also reported of as he was being held down he was saying things along the lines of he wanted to kill muslims. >> he did what he did to hit and kill as many muslims as possible. >> all these groups, one of the key objections they have is to try and fuel division. there is far, far, far -- that unites us than divides us. >> so at the moment we are just hearing from the police that no other suspects are, in fact, being searched for. but the prime minister will be holding a meeting of cobra. that's special terror unit this evening. so serious implications here and real concerns this is going to divide the community. there had been uptick in anti-islam attack here. nothing on this scale but fears this is going to further divide communities. back to you i do guys.
2:31 am
rob: benjamin, thank you so much. heather: joint terrorism task force. thank you for joining us, steve. >> you're welcome. heather: one of the first things that came to mind as you heard what wars happening as events continue to unfold in london is that the suspect was being taken in for mental evaluation first. that. >> really caught my attention because a mental evaluation was probably prompted by his behavior when he he was in the custody of the police. a couple things are going to come out. if he is, in fact, mentally i will, imentallyill. if will lead the police in one direction. if he has no mental health issues, the plits will go in another direction. if he has a mental health problem, he probably agented alone, there is probably a lot of bias and anger towards the muslim community, and he targetinged them. if he does not have a mental
2:32 am
health issue, the question is who helped him plan this if he did not plan it alone? did he belong to a cell? did he belong to a greater group of people who are looking to harm muslims? rob: that's an interesting question we don't know yet. after march manchester, at the concert hall and london bridge attack, there is probably a left misplaced anger as well. was it only a matter of time until some unstable person took an action like this? >> absolutely. i'm not surprised that this happened. but i will tell you this, one of the highlights that i'm glad that you all have placed some attention on are the muslim men who came out and captured this guy. and held him for the police to come and take custody of him. that is a very significant act on the part of these individuals because it saves the police a lot of time, a lot of investigative rosenbacher when looking for a motive. so kudos to them. heather: do muslims overall
2:33 am
need to be more vocal in their opposition or does the media need to give it more coverage if, in fact, that is happening and we are not covering it as much? what needs to happen there? >> both of those things need to happen. i personally would like to see more muslim leaders come out and really speak out against these attacks, against these incidents and the media, yeah, they have to do a little bit more coverage of getting these leaders on and who are speaking out against them. so those of us in the viewing audience, we don't know if they are speaking out unless the mainstream media begins to give them the air time they need to help settle the waves if you will. rob: first thing i thought of, too. you had a mosque here that had ties to violence and terrorism and extremism years ago. they cleaned the place out. they cleaned it out and brought it back and now it's fully functioning healthy place in the community from all the reports i have read. this is the time for the good muslims in every community who are the majority and a strong majority at that come out and
2:34 am
say listen, these people are nuts. we are not a part of this. we want nothing to do with this. we join with the rest of the community. we just need to figure out the venue to do that. >> you are absolutely right. the heroic acts of those two muslim men this morning capturing this individual kind of says it all, doesn't it? rob: yes. heather: thank you so much for your insight again. we appreciate it. >> you are welcome. heather: at least two people are dead after a holiday hot spot is stormed by jihadists. police say four gunmen shouting allah akbar taking dozens of people hostage with western resortie. popular with tourists. killing three attackers and others managing to escape. one other at least. all the surviving hostages have been rescued. no word if any americans were in fact injured. rob: branding the united states as a lawless and felonious state. erratic dictator kim jong un says his diplomats were,
2:35 am
quote, literally mugged by police at new york's jfk airport according to the communist nation the officials were returning from a u.n. conference and, quote, a gang of cops took a package from them and north korea demanding the u.s. apologize or face grave consequence he is. so there you have it. heather: a deck collapse at christian collapse now rising to more than 50 people. two victims are in critical condition. the frightening incident happening during memorial service at the glasure camp in montana. most of the injured being taken away in ambulances or helicopters. witnesses saying that the deck felt quote sponchy on one side just before collapsing. police are still investigating. rob: protecting our lawmakers at any cost. that's what one congressman is vowing to do after being on the baseball field the day the gunman opened fire on lawmakers last week. mo brooks saying he will
2:36 am
introduce a bill to allow congress to carry guns. >> right now when we are in washington, d.c. once we are off the capitol hill complex we are still congressman, senators and still high profile targets but we have absolutely no way to defend ourselves. have you a situation where, yes, this one shooter has been killed, but is he a member of an organization that applauded what transpired on wednesday. rob: brooks said the administration would allow members of congress to be armed in places throughout d.c., where most citizens typically cannot carry a gun. there you go. heather: talk about the weather forecast and possible tornado outbreak in the northeast. rob: certainly hot enough for it seems like it's going to be a stormy one. janice: it seems like it. we could potentially have fonders east coast major cities. current temperatures very warm and humid along the east coast. a cold front moving through, powerful cold front going to bring the potential for hail, damaging winds and, yes, even tornadoes.
2:37 am
also a lot of gulf moisture. we have two tropical systems we are watching right north dakota that could potentially get named today or tomorrow. so a lot going on. severe threat through tonight e millions of people potentially affected by strong to entry storms. not only that but flash flooding will also be a concern. a lot of rain in a short period of time. a lot of people affected here. tornado threat for all of these people, i mean, it happens. it's fairly rare, but people need to be on alert. other big story across california and the southwest, we will flirt with record highs today. 120 degrees in phoenix, arizona. this is going to be a big deal as well. finally watching the tropics. this area of concern moving into the gulf of mexico. they have just under this to a 90% chance of permission to in the next 48 hours. so already talking about the tropics. heat across the southwest, severe storms across the northeast. and the potential for tropical storms. back to you.
2:38 am
rob: look at the yucatan getting crushed by the storms. letter, janice, thanks so much. >> you got it. rob: here on the east coast 5:37. steve sca scalise still on the hospital. >> steve scalise has a history that we have all been forced to sort of ignore on race. he did come to leadership after some controversy over attending a white nationalist event. rob: have some from the far left learned nothing? we'll debate that coming up next. heather: plus, this father's day, this vice president got a very cute furry surprise. middle east the newest member of the pence family coming up ♪ you got a friend in me ♪ that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing.
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2:42 am
polls opening tomorrow in a very heated house race that has now set a record for early voting. jackie ibañez is joining us now with that hey, jackie. jackie: early turnout 130,000 people casting votes signaling interest the in election. republican karen handel and john battling out to battle out the seat left by house secretary tom price. nearly dead locked. the polls set to open tomorrow. a real clear politics average shows ossoff 49% with handle 47%. hit the final stretch on the campaign trail. ossoff joined by congressman john lewis urging folks to make a change. >> it's important to make your voice heard. whether or not you support me, got to participate in the democratic process. an opportunity for georgia to elect new leadership and focus
2:43 am
on delivering results for folks at home. and focus on holding folks accountable in washington. jackie: joined by the man whose seat she is looking to fill tom price making schuyler voters there turn out to vote. >> this has been one crazy race, has it not? >> yes. >> i'm telling you, the money is crazy. which tells me we have got to have a crazy high turnout for election on tuesday for karen handel. >> democrats have raised a record $23 million for a race. calling that referendum on president trump. heather? heather: thank you very much, jackie. well, how about some good news? congressman steve scalise does remain in serious condition this morning. that's an upgrade. is he unable to defend himself though from attacks like this from the left. >> there is a whole country out there. and a lot of people, at least in my twitter time line, and it's a delicate thing because, obviously, everybody is wishing the congressman well and hoping that he recovers. >> sure, sure.
2:44 am
>> but steve scalise has a history we have been forced to ignore on race. did he come to leadership after some controversy over attending a white nationalist event, which he says he didn't know what it was. heather: have democrats finally gone too far? here to debate liberal analyst and executive director at julie and republican strategist and chairman of go pac david owevel la. thank you for getting up early for us this morning. >> good morning. heather: david, i will start with you. steve scalise did speak before a series of groups. he talked about tax legislation that was back in 2002. and he has he repeatedly condemned the group in question. so, is it fair for these type of allegations to be made where he cannot defend himself now? >> this is exactly what pro-progressives want to hear. it's why jon ossoff and georgia special election is able to raise almost $23 million or more than $23 million from people outside his district more than
2:45 am
inside his district. it's why candidates for state legislature in virginia this year are raising money from states far away from virginia. look, progressives have a lot of time on their hands. republicans dominate at the federal and state level. and they know what their activists want to hear is vilification and attacks like this on a guy who is recovering from just being shot last week. heather: it does seem to be just flowing back and forth though from both sides already. as you mentioned, this was just last week. we couldn't even wait a week until this already started happening. julie? >> i have no way really for the way that joy read approached this particular segment. i think there was one tweet that went out about this that felt a little bit taunting almost of scalise because of his record. buff as far as talking about his record, i do think that, you know, she spent a lot of that segment in addition to talking about his complicated history with race, talking about how he voted for the
2:46 am
ada, talked about co-sponsor marriage between man and women. heather: as you talk about that let's bring up that tweet as you continue to discuss it. this tweet by joy read. representative scalise was shot by a whited man with a violent black ground and saved by a black lesbian police officer and yet -- >> that felt tauntoning and felt nontd. talking about voting record when it comes to the aca and comes to co-sponsoring a bill that would have marriage be just between a man and woman. when it talked about his record on gun control, she is saying he votes like a republican generally. so i personally adamantly disagree with steve scalise's policies and i still hope him a full recovery. heather: david, what are your thoughts? >> we didn't talk about the fact that steve scalise has voted to keep people both economically and personally secure over the last couple of years whether it trying to get
2:47 am
more money in people's pockets and get regulations that the obama administration put on that hurt job creation. whether it's trying to make sure we continue to fund the military so it can take the fight to people around the world who want to do harm to us. joy read didn't bring those votes up. she brought the votes up that gets her democratic base the most fired up so they he will put money into campaign so they can try to take back congress. heather: leading off the fact that the lesbian officer served was part of scalise's specific and individual detail. so he worked with her one-on-one on an individual basis. julie? >> i agree. as i said, i don't think that these things are necessarily worth bringing up right now. i do think that the gun control debate is specifically worth bringing up. i'm curious given that steve scalise was shot by somebody who i don't believe was properly vetted to have a firearm and both sides of the aisle are talking about what the answer is here is the answer to be with the good guy with a gun or to not have a shooting situation in the
2:48 am
first place because the person with the gun has been properly evetteed. i do think the gun control debate is one worth bringing up right now. i am curious to see if his position has evolved after being the victim of a shooting. heather: we expect to hear more about this today with the movement to allow legislators in washington, d.c. to carry firearms themselves. >> individuals that want to do bad will find a weapon to use. this gentleman used a gun. we saw in london yesterday someone used a van. people who want to do bad, will find a weapon of their choice to be able to do that. a protected personal is the best way in having good strong law enforcement as steve scalise was very fortunate to have with his security detail and making sure americans can protect themselves and are aware and report bad things. that's how we keep americans safe. heather: all right. our prayers continue to go out to the scalise family and he himself. we hope that he fully recovers. thank you both for joining us today, julie and david, we
2:49 am
appreciate it. >> thanks. heather: let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." good happy monday morning. steve: coming up on "fox & friends" a big program. we are keeping eye on breaking news out of london. and joining us very shortly governor mike huckabee. special advisor to the president kellyanne conway. from the world's most famous attorneys allen dershowitz, senator jeff flake who is actually in arlington virginia last week when that guy started shooting at those congressman and jay sekulow, one of the president's attorneys will be joining us live. we have a busy three hours, heather, that kicks off just about 10 minutes and 40 seconds from right now. heather: 10 minutes and 40 seconds. enough to i think it's 29, 28. thank you very much. wiehl be tuning in. we'll be back so stay with us. i love that i can pass the membership to my children.
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♪ rob: google promising to take a tougher stance on extremist content online. heather: carley shimkus with 24/7, 115 here now. how the tech giant is cracking down. what are they doing? >> calls tore fox news deck companies to stop the terrorist content online are at all-time high. google is responding with a brand new plan. a google executive released a statement on the subject saying while we and others have worked for years to identify and remove content that violates our policies, the uncomfortable truth is that we you, as an industry, must acknowledge that more needs to be done. so now google is going to make it harder for terrorist related videos to live on youtube by increasing the technology involved in upping the number of people to working to flag videos and then listen to this: google
2:54 am
will also try to reach tout to potential isis recruits through online ads and redirect them towards antiterrorist videos in an attempted to change their mind about joining. that sounds like fantastic idea. theresa may blaming tech companies for not doing enough to stop the spread of terrorist content online. rob: sure. switching gears here. collin kaepernick needs a job. he is not making it easier. >> there is he kneeling during the national anthem. criticizing police officers once again. he responded to the acquittal of the police officer in the shooting death of casteel with this tweet that shows a police badge next to a fugitive slave patrol badge and includes the words you can't ignore your history. always remember who they are. well, guys, social media on not impressed by that comparison. one woman says i'm a cop. this guy just can't stop. another tweet coming in saying shocking why teams aren't
2:55 am
clamoring for this model citizen to represent them in their communities. and then another tweet from jack says just what the world needs more extremists. you will never replace the police. i don't think anybody wants to replace them, right? heather: they don't want the drama and distraction in the locker room. >> i completely agree. heather: speaking of a cuter distraction. >> cuter distraction indeed. the pence family got a couple new additions. karen pence honored the vice president on father's day with this really sweet tweet saying happy father's dated to husband. yat vtp. he's been the best dad to our kids. two cute pets. sprifdz the vice president with a new puppy. his name is harley. i don't know how they are going to take care of all these animals he is busy
2:56 am
running the country. can i bear live put dinner on the table at night but good for them. rob: now he has to clean up dog poop every day. heather: but not the kitty litter. rob: we'll be right back. you know how your hair tangles the minute you wash it?
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new pantene. the first shampoo with active pro-v nutrient blends fueling hair 100% stronger that's instantly smoother and tangle free. because strong is beautiful. heather: before we go, we wanted to introduce you to the newest member of the fox and friends family alex butler and beautiful wife jessica welcome ago baby boy. rob: remi james butler
3:00 am
weighing in 6 pounds 12 ounces. also a awesome eater and good sleeper. mom and child doing great. heather: congratulations to abby huntsman she and her husband expecting a baby girl due by thanksgiving. rob: see you later. heather: bi. >> the fact is london is falling. >> a van plow looking in a crowd of people at a mosque in northern london. heather: one dead and a dozen others injured. >> hero actually donating to isis. >> we can't let this relationship us apart. relationship -- rip us apart. let our rule of law turn into an eye for an eye. >> president trump is calling the investigation a witch-hunt. >> no notification of any investigation. not a target or subject of investigation. nothing has changed.


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