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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 19, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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incident in east france. the security takes no chance and they are impressive to watch. what comes of this, we do not know. since a little bit of a shiver back in paris. nice to see you on a monday commission. we will see tomorrow. "happening now" is now. still it we start with the fox news alert. tensions with moscow spiking is a fighter jet should sound a syrian plane that has was attacking american backed troops. they will track all coalition planes and treat them as targets for good morning to you. i am to be 25. >> julie: and i am julie banderas. syria claiming the plane was on a mission against isis and not attacking coalition forces when it was set up your pentagon saying it will not hesitate to defend coalition forces against any threat. >> jon: national correspondent jennifer griffin is with us from the pentagon. jennifer.
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>> did defense ministry says in the wake of this weekend's escalate in syria, it will no longer use the deacon faked in the hotline to the u.s. military, hotline set up to avoid war planes coming into direct content in the very crowded battle space in syria. russian officials warned that u.s. coalition warplanes west of the euphrates river over syrian government will be tracked as potential targets. they have made threats before, only to continue using the hotline. the warning comes a day after the u.s. should done that syrian jet after the syrians bombed u.s. back forces near raqqa bay down the jet after they told the russians to the hotline to stay away. and after the syrian jeff bombed them on the ground, the order was given to shoot down the
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syrian jet. the pilot was killed. as the first time in 18 years that a jet has set down another warplane in air-air combat. the coalition does not seek to fight syrian regime russian or pro-regime forces partnered with them. they will not hesitate to defend coalition or partner forces from any threat. all this comes on the same day this weekend as the iranian revolution regards by seven missiles crossed iraq into isis controlled eastern syriac. retaliation for two recent terrorist attacks. one on anna ran parliament that killed a dozen people. the u.s. was not given any warning about the rainy missiles, just showing just how complicated the war in serious or not. john? >> jon: sells a casino. thank you, jennifer. >> julie: fox news alert.
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london reeling from another terror attack. event plows into people outside of moscow last night. the driver of the band said to have shouted, he wanted to kill all muslims. the prime minister, theresa may, outlining new steps to combat terrorism in the u.k. >> a new commission for countering extremism. a saturday body job site hatred and extremism in the same way as we avoid racism. this extremism is every bit as insidious and destructive to our values. in a way of life. we will stop at nothing to defeat it. see different more now i'm here with tom rogan who covers politics and foreign politics for the "washington examiner." we will get to london in second pair what is your reaction humming out of paris at this point it appears the attacker was in police custody in paris. your reaction to the attacker on
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a police vehicle and there is there? >> you know, it's still early, but i think the main take away is that it shows again in france, in western europe specifically come at the threat spectrum remains very great. as much as isis is losing territory in syria, it's also an organization that continues to inspire, continues to direct attackers. the challenge for french authorities and again british authority's, german authorities, is that you have to deal with individuals in these type of lone wolf attacks. you also have to deal with the kind of paris-style plot, where you have rolled rogue men. and counterterrorism agency. >> julie: i want to switch gears to london, because last night, another attack there. this being the third during the holy month of ramadan. it appears that one person in custody did in fact act alone.
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that highlights the fact that these type of attacks obviously far too common, it is nearly impossible to prevent these type of attacks. anyone can get into a vehicle and use as a deadly weapon. this one was a van, very similar to the last attack on the london bridge. prime insert theresa may will have a meeting tonight to coordinate the government's attack and response. how do you respond to these types of acts? >> one of the things they'll be doing which has really gotten much attention but behind the scenes is very important is to make it harder to hire larger body trucks or vehicles, the type we saw in this attack in london and the type we saw it for example in the attacks in italy. heavy loads obviously have more ability to kill people, but at the moment, it's not going to farmer going to start buying fertilizer which will ping
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alarms. they can rent a car very easily. because walmart difficult beyond that, the british government is pushing on two fronts to boost intelligent off the internet, and often to put in tougher measures to crack down on individuals that they believe are inspiring that terrorist. >> julie: is a talk about the static moments before and after. right after the attack, there was a crowd to having gathered after prayer services and atmos. right there on the side walk. they tackled the assailant, held him down on the ground until police arrive. witnesses said that the attacker actually shouted, and according, i did my bit. you deserve it. quote it's important to note that it was imam who prevented the crowd from attacking the attacker. this powerful act and example that many people need to take
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note of. of those in the muslim community that condemns any kind of violence in the name of religion. >> i think think you hit the nl perfectly there. it is necessary for us to be able to talk about, the vast majority, if there is politics and muslim, and that is why seymour violence in extreme muslim then christians. that is something we need to hold to, because those examples of individuals, again, if you talk about the imam same do not lynch him. they are very important, and we see that big tree does help anyone. >> julie: how do you help people who have become radicalized in your community? >> the important thing is that you have the foster more debates. i think that's important. in the united states, for example, it's very important when they have debates with extreme and moderate imam pilots. also showing the video that
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people in the local community, look, this is proof of what we done. they just murdered us for our beliefs, we are not lynch this person. we're going to natural law, that there is a beauty to that, any universal patriotism that should be invested. >> julie: tyrone, thank you very much. >> jon: some confusion about president trump and the russian investigation as the president seemed to confirm via twitter that he is under investigation. while a member of his legal team to clear that he is not. and we can talk shows including "fox news sunday" >>. >> does a response to "the washington post" right that allege that five unnamed, anonymous sources leaked to "the washington post" that the president was in fact under investigation. that tweet was in response to that. ceiling chief white house correspondent john roberts would
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live with more on this. john? >> pushing back hard with the legal team against its "washington post" report that the president is under investigation by special counsel, rob boulders team for possible obstruction of justice. there was that post last week in "the washington post." jay sekulow literature there appear five sources saying that mueller wants to conduct with the nsa and the recently retired, there is indication that he is under miscue for obstruction of justice. jay sekulow from the american center for law and justice says that reports show exactly the opposite. >> "abc news" reported yesterday that in fact their source, everybody's at the sources. i'm supposed to be talked about nothing, but everybody is sourcing and leaking. their source says that the determination had not been made.
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to investigate the present. so, again, you have "washington post" their source. abc has their post and meanwhile, we have not been notified of a investigation. bill and daniel alluded to this at the top that his legal team told fox news that he was not acknowledging, that he was under investigation when he sent out that tweet last week knocking the attorney general deputy. his other news of the lighthouses we, jared kushner is going to make another push to get the middle east peace project going on wednesday. he is headed to the middle east. he is going to israeli officials in jerusalem and palestinian officials. jared kushner may also be scouting for new personal attorney to represent him in the russia investigation. his current attorney who was a colleague of robert mueller. she told jared kushner that
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which he may want a new attorney because of the perceived closeness or connection between her and robert mueller. the present has a big afternoon. four hours, hard sessions on i.t., information technology, as well as digital security. ceos from a lot of tech companies, amazon, ibm, intel, google, they will all be there. ten breakout sessions again. four hours put some real tough work try to get american government computer systems up to speed. also security and cybersecurity. they want to know where he stands on visas, because they wanted bring in talent from overseas to fill a lot of positions here in the united states. >> jon: busy week ahead at the white house. john roberts. thank you john. >> julie: a dangerous situation unfolding at a massachusetts mall with reports of an armed model mcmahon hold up.
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we'll have this in more later. we'll get back to one of our top story today is the president attorney tries to set the record straight when it comes to the russian investigation. we will go in depth. next. >> known was to undermine the credit of the special counsel, but on the other hand, what the president has been accused in the media of doing or through the leaks of "the washington post" ," does nt constitute obstruction of justice. ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. you know new pantene.r tangles the minute you wash it? the first shampoo with active pro-v nutrient blends fueling hair 100% stronger that's instantly smoother and tangle free. because strong is beautiful.
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>> jon: a fox news alert in a standoff underway right now and it prints george's county maryland, as a police interrupted a robbery in progress. officers say they were called to a business at the capitol plaza shopping center along the 6400 annapolis road. about an hour and 45 minutes ag ago. they suspect the robber is still inside of the business when the officers arrived. no injuries have been reported at this time, but there is a standoff underway. we do not know at this time
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whether any hostages might be involved. we'll keep an eye on it. let you know what happens. back now to the president and the russia probe. with his attorney saying his client is not under investigation by the special counsel. explaining that there is nothing to investigate when it comes to obstruction of justice. >> according to "the washington post" theory, he is under investigation for taking the action that the department of justice told him to take. this whole thing. if you look at it in that way, laid a case like that, there is nothing to investigate. that is the constitutional rights and protections under the president's authority as commander in chief. >> jon: joining us now bill mcgurn, columnist for "the wall street journal" ." he's also a fox news contributor. so the president attorney saints he's not been under investigation. the president says he is been
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under investigation. >> i think what mr. jay sekulow is saying is that they haven't had any formal notice that they are being investigated. look, it's a giant mess, and i think that mr. trump has a legitimate complaint and saying that a lot of people are looking for collusion with russia during the election, didn't find it, and now they have moved on to obstruction. he's made a lot of his mistakes, tweeting things. just because you have the right to do something doesn't mean it's right to do. for the special prosecutor too, did he have to hire the attorneys that he hired with the trump connections and contributions so forth? >> jon: the people have donated. >> he was attacked by the new york observer for many years. jared kushner, he was the owner of the "new york observer." things have to be implicated in these things. >> jon: here are some examples
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of some conflicting stories as seen on fox news sunday with chris wallace in the presence attorney. listen. >> let me be crystal clear. you completely understand. we have not received or been aware of any investigation of the united states. >> just said two times that he's being investigated. >> no. the context of the tweet. i just gave you the legal theory, chris of how the constitution works. if, in fact, it is cracked that the president is being investigated, he would be investigated for taking action that an agency told him to take. that's an article on power. that's all i said. i appreciate you trying to rephrase it, but i'm trying to be. >> for itself, you said he is being investigated. >> boy, this is weird. >> is the under investigation? >> jon: that's an example of what's going on, and the present tense to add to the confusion when he tweets out that he is being investigated. >> i think what mr. jay sekulow
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was saying that rod rosenstein wrote a memo giving reasons why the fbi director, james comey, should be fired, but then the president tweeted out that he fired him because of the russia investigation. these things do not help, but i go back to the special prosecutor. i think he has an obligation. one thing, all these leaks coming out. i don't think he is leaking, but either someone on his team or i want to see it statement that leakers will be fired and prosecuted if that's possible. >> jon: there is way too much information coming out of that office. >> they have to be very careful. we're not trying to redo that 2016 election through the courts, and there's an obligation. >> jon: i want to based on another issue. the hot race in georgia that is nasty ahead of tomorrow's vote, what do you think the good people of georgia. >> does sixth district i think.
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i think it shows that if you dump 24 million into a campaign, you can make any campaign competitive. look, clinton lost by 1.5% ther there. it would be an embarrassment that the republicans lose a seat that they've had since 1979, but it would be interesting if the republicans win. that would be a real indictment of the democratic party that spent all these millions and still cannot win. >> jon: is president trump, the primary issue there? speak i think he's a primary issue for the democratic party. thus the reasonable thing to do. and as it shows that the dilemma that the republican will have a 2018. if they cannot get their act together on health care and tax cuts. this woman, karen handel, cannot point to a republican agenda that's been successful, so she stuck with just president trump in the personality instead of
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saying, this is the agenda, this is what we're doing for the american people and the people of georgia in sixth district. >> jon: but the lesson of politics or the old saw is that you had to be for something. you cannot just be against something. just before the republican party. >> i think the democrats are just against something. i think it's a short-term, long-term thing. you can't be for was stricken something, but in the short term, the energy is clearly on the anti-comp side. the democrats are trying to ride that wave in a district where they lost by 1.5%. in >> jon: the election is decided tomorrow. >> thank you for coming in. >> julie: congress sees mike scalise condition going from critical to serious. after successful surgery to repair the damage from a gun would last week. the majority weapon still faces a long and difficult recovery period will have a full update on his conditions. story had. and london reeling from another
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>> julie: welcome back. new information on some crime stories that we are watching for you here. the defense expected. mike mccarthy stands and accused of killing the toddler dumping the body in a garbage bag in massachusetts. the baby was identified as bella bond, and mccarthy's defense is saying that the mother, the ex-girlfriend, is the real killer. police and virginia charging a 22-year-old man with killing a teenager, who was reported missing over the weekend.
8:26 am
the 17-year-old girl, who has not benefit dinner fied was last seen leaving a mosque with friends. the body remains believed we hers found in pie. man with a gun inside a mall in saugus. the man broke into a sporting goods store there. he is said to be armed and dangerous. this continues to develop. we keep an eye on this as news comes in. >> jon: new information now on house majority whip, steve scalise, as doctors upgrade him from serious to critical as he recovers from more surgeries related to the blue moon from last week's shooting attack on republican lawmakers near the nation's capital. allison barber, live from medstar washington center in washington. >> good morning. that's right. he is in better shape than he was a few days ago.
8:27 am
steve scalise is still in serious condition. a happy note came yesterday from the louisiana congressman twitter account. he said this father's day message along with photos of himself and his children it said in part, steve's greatest joy is being a father to madison and harrison, a husband to jenna fair, this father's day has special meaning to the scalise family. be close to the ones you love. when they went to the hospital visit, he was in shock. doctors rushed him into surgery the first day. they performed two surgeries. he said he underwent another surgery on saturday. scalise suffered one gunshot wound to the left hip from a rifle. doctors call it a trans public room, because the bullet traveled across factory bones and fracturing. the loss a significant amount of blood. concern now is infection.
8:28 am
>> infections don't happen the first couple days, but now you enter a time frame where infections are more common. regardless of surgery yes or no. >> infection is a significant risk. >> he is an lsu graduate. he spent part of saturday according to his twitter account watching the lsu tigers play in the college world series. we apologize for some the noise out here. there always seems to be news on capitol hill or roadwork. jon scott, back to you. >> jon: thank you allison barber. it might have got lost in the weakened new cycle if you're not paying close attention. we live the suspect, james hodgkinson, was carrying a hit list of lawmakers that he wanted to kill. he had a note with the names of six members of congress. from the conservative caucus, also identifying information in each of them. they included congressman scott of tennessee, arizona, and jim
8:29 am
jordan of ohio. >> julie: hundreds of firefighters on the front lines in portugal. as you can see, the smoke there and orange flames burning in the background today. those first responders will receive some reinforcements. badly needed ones. plus, another deadly attack on the streets of london. a driver using a van to plow into some pedestrians. a former marine that shares his thoughts on stopping similar acts in the future. as counselor to the present comic kellyanne conway pledges support for europe. >> the president and his team i can committed to helping our british allies.
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>> jon: the political divide seems to be going right now in america. media coverage of president trump my play a role in that. could also go be stoking intolerance paired some say yes. they point to last week's shooting against republican lawmakers as example. the gunmen critically hitting steve cleese. tom brokaw come the former nbc anchor, advocating his stance against sunday night with megan colling. >> we cannot allow the agents of hate to go unchallenged and become the inference of our tim time. we'll always have our differences of course, but in
8:34 am
our finance moments, we are a public. it thrives when it recognizes common threats and takes them on. that time, is now again. this is a time of common threats requiring uncommon courage. it is a time to step up. >> jon: a fox news alert. president trump is outside the white house now along with the first lady awaiting the panamanian president very well-timed there. the motorcade is just pulling up. they will be discussing, rbc, issues in common with the two nations. president trump meeting with the leader of panama. i will be cursed to ago, the president was commenting on the fact that the america built the panama canal as one of the big achievements is one of them that the country does not do
8:35 am
anymore. you saw the first lady and now the president of panama being escorted into the white house by president trump and the first lady, melania trump. there will be an oval office meeting. they will pose for some photos here. outside the white house. these are very revered opportunities for the leaders of just about every nation. the chance to appear with the american president and be hosted in the oval office, debt is high currency indeed for most other nations. for the president of the united states, greeting the president leader of panama will serve him well as he goes back to his country and tries to twist some political arms. there is to be another appearance in the oval office a bit later. perhaps in our second hour of "happening now." we'll have that ready when that happens. back to our discussion with al weaver, political reporter for the "washington examiner" and katie glick, correspond or for
8:36 am
mcclatchy newspapers. we were talking about the political divide. if you're a member of the media, as you are these days, how do you try to bridge that divide? >> it is difficult right now. some say that that media has a moment of crisis. i don't buy that. i think it of it as a moment of difficulty for the media. a lot of trump supporters. i know katie does too, where they say, we do not believe that reporting. especially major reports in "the washington post" and "new york times" ." it is tough right now. they point to the president's twitter feed, and his inability to cut the clutter and essence. there are still problems at the media faces right now, but i think it is a challenge to be sure. >> jon: katie, the charge from many trump supporters is that the media will pick apart anything this president tries to do with relation to russia, and
8:37 am
you name it, but they did not use that same critical eye during the obama years. your response? >> while thank you to be with you. i actually just got back from south carolina, where he spent a lot of time talking with conservative activists. other very strong supporters of president trump. certainly, and unfortunately, there is a great deal of mistrust with the mainstream media. there is a disbelief of many of the things that are being reported. especially as it relates to more critical coverage of the president. and certainly, as a member of the mainstream media. many reporters, all the reporters i know and i work with do, they do their best job to be fair, provide as much context and accuracy as possible. the challenge here is that we are in such a fractured media environment right now. whether on the right or on the left, there are a lot of opportunities to kind of choose your news. whether that is the shows, the websites, and the results are
8:38 am
that people have widely diverse views of what actually is happening. in >> jon: but are all sides getting equally covered, i guess? often at the big networks, they will look at "the new york times" or "the washington post" ," see wht is above the fold, and that is the leads story on the evening newscast. >> you're right about that. one thing i would mention is that not a lot of trump supporters, they don't necessarily look at the global news or the national news like "the new york times." they're looking to other sources right now. they stick to twitter feeds. they have an ability to personalize the news you like, that is what you see from a lot of trump supporters. i think also on the left too. it's really the type of news that we see today. it is very personalize, and that caters to political beliefs and each side. >> jon: more voices, katie, allow more news to be covered,
8:39 am
but if you immerse yourself in one viewpoint or the other, you might not be accepting or exposed to the other side? >> certainly. of course, i've make the case here form mainstream media, which i would argue does do. it does make a big effort to cover the big stories of the day while driving coverage in washington and around the world. certainly, a lot of people on both sides of the aisle do see and have the opportunity to focus coverage that does tend to reflect their views a little bit more. our challenge is to break through that tendency. perhaps on both sides on the aisle to choose the news that supports their viewpoints, a breakthrough that, and offer more context. >> jon: controversial coverage. our former colleague here, megyn kelly, she interviewed alex jones, the famous conspiracy theorist about things like sandy hook massacre and so
8:40 am
forth. she took a lot of heat for the interview. katie, what you think about how it all came out, because that theater started before the interview aired. >> this was a very controversial interview. leading up to it, there is many people who felt that alex jones is someone who pushed a really harmful plane and perhaps, megyn kelly should not be giving him a platform. i was from her critics. if you look at the actual interview, she did ask some prehard questions, and there were a lot of people coming out from washington who said that she did do a good job. shedding light on someone who is influential in some segments of society. her segment in fact played out two times when he had influence over president trump over the last two years. certainly, she ended up coming
8:41 am
out of it coming have been receiving more plot that she did going into it, but ibc she felt she could've gone gone further in her questioning. >> i think megyn kelly was right in her segment which said alex jones is knocking to go away anytime soon. he is lot of listeners. his youtube channel is lessened by millions throughout the right wing, and he is not going away. he's not going anywhere. i mean, he had an audience right now it is pretty steadfast in their beliefs, and it like the salt and pepper media, for better or worse. i think she did a good job last night. she pressed him where she needed to come especially in the sandy hook issue and on pizza-gate. i think the outcry against her and even interviewing, was a little unfounded. >> jon: the the show did not wn the hearts and minds of the american people.
8:42 am
3.5 million homes that the show was being. 0.5 in 40 and older. now i'd be are tuned in. thank you for being with us, alan and katie. >> julie: aviation kicking off in paris. there is a big unveiling by one major aircraft manufacturer. we'll tell you what is next. ♪ let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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8:46 am
listen. >> we don't want to feel that anything like this is the new normal. we remember how they felt. people have encountered that in the western world. you do not want to turn on the news, of course, another week, another attack or such. as events unfold, we will carefully monitor them. >> julie: for more, i'm doing now by johnny joey jones, a tech who served in iraq. thank you for coming with us. let's talk about how my mr. theresa may will encounter yet another attack driven by terrorism and extremism. she dealt with leaders of many faiths at the finsbury park mosque including the chair of the mosque. what should mosques take away from these attacks taking away during the month of ramadan? >> i think another tragedy, and another opportunity to create unity among citizens of a country. not just persons of a specific
8:47 am
fate to make faith or politics, this is an opportunity that will happen at a baseball practice or alexandria last week, an opportunity for people to see each other as human beings and come together. when i was in afghanistan, the taliban created an opportunity to get the local people to throw stones and us one day, we had various marines entered, and is a perfect opportunity to create more unity before the people and unity, but instead, we stood fast and took care of people around us instead of retaliating. we brought trance and soccer balls the next day. this is an opportunity for tragedy to create unity in those areas and the people in those areas that are worried about radical islamic terror. >> julie: the cowardly act took place as they were on the sidewalk. they were trying to help an older man who had a heart attack after prayer service leno. that man was the sole victim of the scene. now the fear is this. you talk about attention, talk
8:48 am
about tension in the muslim community. the fear of a retaliatory attack is all the victims, eight and all hospitalized, are muslim. >> in every town there is an attack by islamic extremists, the muslim community has to distinguish for those that are susceptible to be bigoted or rash ideas, being muslim or going to a mosque is not being radical or militant or being unpatriotic. in this situation, that is important but it is also important for londoners and people of any country to say, we are not at war with muslim. we are at war and fighting for the stability of our country and society. we are fighting technology right now and the ability to leave an impression or inspire bad people or mentally unstable people as much as anything right now. so the narrative and how they treat each other's most important. >> julie: i want talk now about tensions with moscow, and
8:49 am
that is of course spiking after u.s. fighter jet set on a syrian warplane. apparently, it turns out that syria claims the plane was on a mission against isis. in fact, that is a bit of a contradiction, because the pentagon is saying that it's not going to hesitate to defend coalition forces from any threat. is there a mixup here? what you believe happened? >> i believe that it's advantageous for the assad regime to squash the rebels a chance they get, and that's what we've seen. i think it's hard to see that this was a omission against isis, when the target was the rebels of that area. they were helping and fighting with us to fight isis and raqqa. try to buy that narrative. what it shows is a promise kept. our president is going around the world now, promised our allies that we would come to their defense, and in syria, our allies are those fighting isis
8:50 am
on the ground with us. when the syrian plane bombs them, we have to show that we are there for them. unfortunately, it puts us in the middle of a civil war that we shouldn't really need to be in. really, what we need to do is clearly defined are objective in syria, how we are going to defeat isis, and in a year to that, rather than picking sides of a civil war, is a hard total line. >> julie: thank you johnny "joey" jones. >> thank you. >> jon: new concerns in the battle to repeal or replace obamacare. will this end senate vote before congress goes to its die for three says? we are live with more than that. >> that's a quick deadline, but we are trying. i would say, we have to fix it e. that's why you drink ensure. e. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love.
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♪ >> julie: trump's attorney says his client is not under investigation for obstruction of justice, but the president tweeted the words, i am under investigation. at the heart of it, a media report citing anonymous sources. those of the facts. what's the whole truth? meantime, polls show a dead heat and george's house election tomorrow. the most expensive house race in history. mcats desperate for a win. what will the outcome tells lenexa's midterm? >> harris: yet stay tuned for "outnumbered" and arik #oneluckyguy will deal with everything at the top of the hour. >> julie: it right now, the deadly wildfires in portugal becoming the country's worst forest fire tragedy on record. the european union holding a moment of silence for dozens of victim. more than it 755 try to bring it under control with the high
8:55 am
temperatures and high winds and smoke, i was sleep time again >> jon: chris fox news alert a coe minutes ago, the panamanian president is in the oval office. let's listen in. >> >> president trump: we have many things to discuss it where it has been quite a bit of time today. the panama canal is doing quite well. i think we did a good job building, >> president trump: we have right? a very good job. things are going well in panama. the relationship is very strong. we are developing new things to do, and only getting stronger. we are also have a friendship with the president is very, very good. i want to thank you very much and is an honor to have you at the white house. thank you. >> reporter: i your investigation by the special counsel -- >> i would like to thank president trump for inviting us
8:56 am
to the white house. it's an honor for me to be here. a long friendship between panama and the united states, and we face the same challenges in the region. the idea of this visit is to work closely together to face the challenges that we have in the region of central america, latino america, and i am happy to be here today and will spend four days in washington. i'll have a meeting with the other directors of the agency's tooth do work together. thank you. >> president trump: thank you very much. >> jon: remember, it was less than three decades ago that the united states invaded panama to oppose the strongman who just died a few weeks ago. there's president trump meeting with the president of panama in the oval office. >> julie: next hour of "happening now," the assault
8:57 am
trial of bill cosby. declared a mistrial when the jury could not come up with a unanimous decision. do not think that's the end of it. the prosecutor is already gearing up for round two. and department of justice, robert muller, what he's up to. next. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. z282uz zwtz y282uy ywty you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain.
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>> we are back in an hour. "outnumbered" next. >> harris: fox news alert terror in europe again. the man who drove into a police squad in paris is dead. one of those cars caught fire. police say the attacker was from a paris suburb and had been fight for extremism. no word of any injuries to bystanders. and in london, another vehicle attack. please call in an inactive terror. targeting muslims. a van barreled through a group of worshipers outside a mosque, killed one person, and wounded several others. a 47-year-old is in custody under suspicion of a tendon murder here's a witness. >> as he came inside


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