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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 19, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we are back in an hour. "outnumbered" next. >> harris: fox news alert terror in europe again. the man who drove into a police squad in paris is dead. one of those cars caught fire. police say the attacker was from a paris suburb and had been fight for extremism. no word of any injuries to bystanders. and in london, another vehicle attack. please call in an inactive terror. targeting muslims. a van barreled through a group of worshipers outside a mosque, killed one person, and wounded several others. a 47-year-old is in custody under suspicion of a tendon murder here's a witness. >> as he came inside the mosque,
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the people swinging. it was chaos. people laying on the floor. there's blood on the floor. >> see a lot of it underground. i've never heard people screaming and moaning in that nature. some were just on the floor not moaning. i thought they were dead. >> harris: from london, benjamin. this is a daily basis now. >> the paris attack, two in the last two coweeks. three in the last three months. and the use of a vehicle as a weapon. the striking difference that today, it was at muslims, and it is being scrutinized as a terrorist attack in counterterrorism police will investigate moving forward. it began just after midnight in north london, and a very diverse merrier. people were finishing robin up prayers and it seems that the attackers knew when prayers were going to end, and he was waiting. muslim leaders are saying to stay calm and avoid divisions in
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the community. there is tension certainly. please have arrested the 47-year-old man. he was wrestled to the ground by two passerby's coming those two men are being held as heroes. eyewitnesses also report that he's had a number of times, i've done my bit, and i want to kill muslims. politicians responded today with theresa may, the prime minister, speaking out. >> this was an attack on muslims near the place of worship. and like all terrorism, in whatever form, it shares the same fundamental goal. it seeks to drive us apart. this morning, we have seen a sickening attempt to destroy those freedoms. >> video has also emerged showing the attacker apparently blowing a kiss to passersby in the back of a police van that he was being taken away in. he is going to the hospital for psychiatric treatment, but when he is released, he will be charged. of course, that tension on the street. many people are saying this
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could create further divisions, and if anything, it plays right into the hands of isis. this narrative of driving communities apart. striking you have an, another carrier attack. this one, aimed at muslims. back to you guys. >> harris: so sad. they're hitting in places that we are hitting them in syria as well. benjamin, thank you very much. in this fox news alert is not under investigation. as a went to one of his attorneys. denial after tweet from president trump that confirmed the opposite. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. here today, meghan mccain, kennedy herself. also from spn, trish regan. and #oneluckyguy. chris stirewalt. >> chris: right here. i was so excited that it was
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like in a beer day, because, casillas taiga, and i was with human beings who can have a smart conversation about it, this is the place to be. >> harris: you're welcome. >> harris: all right, let's get started. a member of president trump's legal team said several times over the past weekend and again to this morning that the president is not under federal investigation. this habit after "washington post" cited unnamed sources, claiming that the president is being investigated for obstruction of justice. the president tweeted with his attorney and saying that it was just response to that report. here is attorneys be 23. >> what the president is being accused of in the media of doing or through "the washington post" doesn't constitute as a function of justice. there's no need to engage an investigation of something that if the fact were to be proven, it would not violate the law. according to "the washington post" theory, he is under investigation for taking the action that the department of justice told him to take.
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this whole thing. if you look at in that way, and laid a case like that, there's nothing to investigate. >> harris: congressman adam shift suggested, otherwise. >> i think there is evidence. i cannot go into the particulars of our close investigation, but i also think there's evidence of obstruction. the fact that he can't fire someone for good cause or fire someone with no cause, doesn't mean you can fire someone for malicious cause. i'm not prepared to say that there is proof that you could take to a jury, but i can't say that it is enough that we ought to be investigating. >> harris: i think there is evidence, although many have said there is none. will get that in a moment. although sparks treats from the president on friday which says, i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt!
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some republicans are coming to criticize the president with the tweeting. >> chris: everybody, but maybe an overwhelming majority of americans are saying that the presence treaty is not a good thing. democrats and republicans. it is funny. people are saying that the president or he himself says, the mainstream media doesn't want him to tweet comic because they don't want him to talk directly with people. quite the opposite. the mainstream media -- i love that the present tweets, because instead of me getting the spin from his spin doctors that carefully manage to keep him on message, i get whatever the present is thinking at 645 in the morning and how does he feel. is unfiltered. it comes right from here. as a journalist, tweet it up, but i can see why republicans and especially people who work for them say tony done. >> harris: so megan, there is no evidence. >> meghan: listen. i've been off-line for a week.
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my boyfriend is out of the country and it happens on what's well. >> harris: recognize it. >> meghan: this is what i don't understand about this. everybody knows how i feel about the president tweeting. he tweeted that he is under investigation. his lawyer says no he's not. with kellyanne conway going on to be sane, he tweeted this ironically. i don't think she knows the definition of ironic. that seems weird to me. [laughter] how i live my life and how i like my politicians and part the reasons why i do like president trump and his direct approach to politics, you know where he stands, but when there's too much interpreting, trying to read the tea leaves a big deck when he is sane, incorporated it becomes a confusing and gets us away from the agenda that we have with repealing the placing of obamacare, and i'm at the point now where i'm like -- the self-inflicted wounds. how had they not load these lessons. just what life is good to be like? we are not can it accomplish
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anything because will continue to obsess over this ridiculous tweets in the perceivable futur future. >> kennedy: i know where it's coming from with the treats the number of sources whether at the white house or the intelligence community, or the special counsel investigation, if i were being wrongly accused and that is how the president is framing this, then you'd want to respond. having said that, that is what he is doing, he has to say, i am responding to the leaks. he has to say, i am not under investigation, but if i were, it would be a witch hunt. has to qualify somehow, or otherwise it turns into big as though he is submitting he is under investigation. his personal lawyer gets himself into a pickle with a verbal sparring match with chris wallace. now we have to look at what we're doing right now. what are we talking about? we're not talking about how we can to keep the country safe about types of attacks we are seeing in europe, and we also not talking about tax reform in health care. those are more critical to
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americans right now. >> chris: each obedience before going going on "fox news sunday" ." >> kennedy: with 2% milk. no skin. >> trish: people are believing what "the washington post" has written. this creates a problem. if you are not under investigation, why is he moving forward in a tweet insane, look, why is he taking this on. he's taken his own grave to a certain extent. don't even go near. there is no evidence or to kennedy's point, reference what you are talking about. the problem is, if you have 27 characters. it's hard in twitter, which is why this is a vehicle, yes and enables you to talk to the public. maybe you need to send out one, two, three, four, five to eight and clarify yourself as much as possible. >> harris: i have two questions. i don't think sarcasm always translates in a hundred and 40 characters. also when you're talking about the fbi director. when you extrapolates out with message and takes away the
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personal attack, he might have enough room to talk about what he wants to. all water all the people that are watching is tweets that he ? where are the war room? i thought we saw one or two. we have a much people here why is he still able to hijack the message, even when it is untapped to help him think he gets off course? >> chris: you try to explain to your client, you're an attorney. doesn't matter how good you are. you slain your client, look, you are not under investigation for obstruction of justice, but you could be. it could end there. of course it could. if they found criminal wrongdoing and he worked to block the investigation, of course it could be. he could get impeached, and then he could be charged critically. do not get in that space, your lawyer would tell you. don't put yourself in peril by talking about it and gabbing on. come can't resist. the whole story for this presidency so far is that given the massive headwinds it faces and resistance from democrats,
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obstruction from some republicans in a car that is devoted to seeing it be a total blog, the president just gives them wood to put on this fire every day. >> meghan: add to that judges that have used some of his statements on the campaign trail, and from social media, against him in their ruling. so that is all now legally within the threshold, and we will see you when finally makes it to the supreme court, but i don't think it's going to neutralize with the federal judges have said in the foundation they laid out for future presidents. very dangerous. >> meghan: is very simple. if i work in white house, i would make a poster, "game of thrones" style. pretty soon, you have to how to play. midterms are coming. if you do not pass something, something i can go to our constituents and say, this is why you elected president trump, because i know it's russia,
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russia, russia. >> harris: i only see twitter highlights of "game of thrones"" the present action had a good week last week and in terms of things are getting done. if we saw outside the tragedy that went out on the baseball field practice, and that is hard to do, republicans had some things done. dodd-frank, the choice, and that big board, the can the president put good days and this week and can concentrate on tweeting that out. that's just an idea. >> kennedy: and i would come in handy in the white house. he does not trust his team, and if you do not trust your team, i don't think he does. i think this is the problem. he's always intervening try to get his point of view across, and it's turning problematic. >> harris: okay. we cannot. we pray about it. steve scalise is still recovering as are the others and was a shooting.
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after last week's horrific shooting played out in regina, the house majority whip undergoing another surgery. we knew it was coming. what the doctors are saying now. and a showdown is looming over that you p health care bill. they are planning a protest tonight. and they may block routine business in the upper chamber to stop the overhaul. could the move help republicans? we will talk about it. ♪ you don't let anything
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♪ stick of the health care battle is heating up. they plan to hold the floor until midnight. republican wants to have committee hearings. democrats are reporting wayne routine visits in the center. >> meghan: people in the party i seen it could backfire and make democrats appear obstructionist. bernie sanders essay democrats to do whatever they could do to stop the obamacare overhaul. >> chris: i may take that lesson democrats speak what you want to bring senate democrats to bring it to a halt. >> i am in favor of the american people and members of congress to do everything that we can to
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defeat that horrific piece of legislation. it will hurt tens and tens of millions of people in our country. >> meghan: meantime leaders are pushing for a vote by the july 4th recess. bernie sanders, laughing with. >> kennedy: is the emphatic that she does not pause for a syllable or any nuance. a massage every part of the word. he just hammer sent home, because it's horrible, and the american people are just going to die. >> meghan: it's almost as good as nancy pelosi impression. you know i cannot stand bernie sanders, but i just read a poll, chris, that he is the most popular politician in america. i don't know how it's possible. >> chris: that's not fatal. being the most popular politician rates politicians. >> meghan: that being said, i also agree, what you make of what's going on? we have to get back on track. what you think about what he is saying. democrats are's really good i
9:19 am
fearmongering, especially to come to obamacare and the informal care act. when you make of that? >> chris: and republicans are get a fearmongering. there just taken the up republican playbook and fina right back to republicans on this which is, we are not in it. big and try to blow you up. we are and try to stop you come over and tell everybody you are killing people. they one of the problems we can bump the discussion a little bit. one of the reasons things don't get better is because of the automatic assumption since the beginning is, you hate america, you're trying to kill people, you heard what bernie sanders said. it's not that, i think the publicans have a bad idea on how to improve the health care system. instead, you want to take health care away from people. you are mean. you try to hurt these other people. we started that point, is calculated to find common ground to begin with. cut to the chase, and says, drop dead. >> harris: this is the same party that is cutting people at the top of their lungs. the democratic party thinks it's a good idea to cut you out if you don't agree, he cuts anybody out if they think they get to
9:20 am
millennials on board. it is quite confusing to me. is that party, but with bernie sanders, he is just heated up. if republicans don't take a swing at that ball, i don't know what it's going to take. look, they have points on this. what has democrats done? the last president, who is the king of their party, had to executive order to death obamacare. upwards to 30 times to try to fix what was broken. we know, it is broken. he knew it was broken. they knew it was broken. they have the talking points. queue it up. let's go. >> trish: it will be a good thing for the economy and small businesses. it would be good, because it will set the path forward for tax reform, which we desperately need. it will grease the wheels a little bit of this economy. democrats may be fearful of that. i'll say this. if they are that worried about repeal and replace be that bad, then they should welcome this. they should say, go for it, republicans. because that would theoretically help them get themselves back
9:21 am
into office, right? people will be upset with repeal and replace. they're worried, because they know repeal and replace will be good for the economy. >> harris: why are we not hearing that from republicans? where is drumbeat today? >> kennedy: they're not doing a good on messaging at all. to your point, it's unfortunately if obamacare employee's, if republicans cannot get it together in the senate and this thing dies, and it doesn't make it to the house in any sort of acceptable shame, then that means that we are going unfortunately into a single-payer system, and i think that is ultimately what democrats want, especially as the party is being pulled leftward. it's either good to be completely free market are completely single-payer. that happens if it implodes coming there so many people that are now invested in the idea that health care is a right, that they are going to go the single-payer route, and that is a great disturbance, and injustice, for this country. >> kennedy: dam. >> chris: gimmicks before we have to move on. we had to find out if there's
9:22 am
any tapes with james comey. president said he will address the issue in the coming days. what can we expect? plus, a push from loretta lynch to testify about her actions in the hillary clinton email. can you finally put the republicans on offense and democrats a defense? >> *>> michael: egchris:
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manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects were nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix had no significant impact on weight in clinical trials. ask your healthcare professional about trintellix. ♪ >> harris: a fox news alert. dr. saying jay sekulow's health is improving. he is recovering from a shooting in alexandria, virginia. doctors upgrading the majority house webs condition from up to critical. we are told that a news conference on friday that it was coming. doctors are saying that he is more responsive in speaking with his family. hopes are high that he will be able to make an excellent recovery. we'll bring you details as we get them. speak on the top intelligence
9:27 am
committee threatening a subpoena that they don't respond by friday if president trump has tapes of fired be a director, james comey. speak i would say by the date that in our letter, the white he responded that, yes they have tapes, and they will preserve them as we have urged. and yes, they will turn them over. or, no, they are note tapes. it was an idle threat. either way, we have to get an answer, and if we cannot get an answer, then ultimately we will need to subpoena those potential documents to make sure we have them. >> kennedy: stop talking your ear. jay sekulow says he will talk about any alleged tapes in the coming days. >> he's an address in the week ahead. there is a lot of pieces this past week. he gave a major address in cuba. where the assassination attempt
9:28 am
of steve scalise. there are a lot of factors to the issue of the tapes. i think now, it was not priority number one. the present has a lot of issues and it shows that he is concentrate on governing. this is what will be addressed next week. >> kennedy: allegation that tapes exists. dems call me, better hope that there are no tapes before a search leading to the press. those after james comey leaked to the press. chris stirewalt, is the president going to make good on this implication. do you believe that there are tapes exist? >> chris: , my gosh, i hope so. i would just love to hear what goes on in that white house on a day-to-day basis. but, remember, james comey's actual direction. there has been leaks from his associates that have a talk to them to reporters.
9:29 am
the leak from james comey came in response to that tweet. that tweet was what james comey told the senate intelligence committee that, i don't know what i was going to do. i saw that tweet, and realize i was going to be in a he said, he said with the present, and i needed to get it out, that's when he instructed his friend to characterize the memos and notes that he wrote after the meeting. the first thing that that tweet precipitated was the movement towards a special counsel, robert muller emma whose office is growing, and they are expanding the scope of that, i think you should never treat. >> kennedy: i think it was you freebies you said that. >> trish: james comey did not do his job? the question eyes will have that if you write up dinner in the president is making you feel comfortable and ask you questions that you think are illegal or obstruction of justice, why did you immediately
9:30 am
alert someone to the fbi? that continues to be a question. we find a from the james comey hearing that president trump is not under investigation. he said it several times. when you have people like david brooks who is the never-trump. it looks more like russian collusion, you're really losing a lot of people. if you have any democrats are taking your advice, which i've had from day one, pick your battles wisely, if you keep ringing this gong and it's not based in reality, i am someone who still wants to know something happen, but all indications right now are pointing to know. whether those tapes exist, i think anyone who takes everything that goes on. i know people do this. it's bizarre to record every conversation you have it. but if you do, release it. if you've nothing to hive and you've done nothing wrong, great. i love to hear the tapes and what you talk about at dinner. >> kennedy: that's a good point to perhaps or other conversations at the president with james comey, that we are
9:31 am
not aware of, in the context of those conversations would be a little bit golden. >> trish: absolutely i agree with you. if there's nothing to hide, and you have the tapes, then those could actually help the present quite a bit. if you got them, you may as well release them. it is a slippery slope right no now, because the left is so rapid. the media is so much in cahoots with this narrative. they desperately want to take this president down. the idea that muller is expanding his team. why are they not expanding their team to her leaking her stuff to begin with? give a real problem in the white house, and i don't think it's going to get fixed unless he really steps up to the plate and demands more of the people working there. >> harris: i made the point last week that former president obama really went after leakers. his administration did. if this administration were to do the same thing, we might even see some people we recognize as
9:32 am
leakers. >> meghan: what? maybe there's something from loretta lynch. it's going to want to talk to her right? having a conversation with loretta lynch now is part of this investigation. remember, there were six total investigations going on. do we pick any over the weekend? well, there are several. if you do step up and demand more, and get the leaks, and the leakers out there. this could really spin on its head. it's got to come from him. he could treat that. >> chris: he could treat that. >> meghan: were hopefully getting a testimony from loretta lynch. they are hoping to get more information about her handling of hillary clinton server investigation. james comey is reviving a controversy during the testimony of his own. he said that loretta lynch wanted to call the investigation a "matter." it's also about his meeting. check radley, lindsey graham, and alice are.
9:33 am
they are considering her witness. i did this another pipedream? >> chris: in the end, i don't think either bill clinton or loretta lynch i can say, ask now that you mention it, i asked her to hold investigation, and i regret it enormously. she's not going to say that either. i think her husband was on the plane too. i think she should make him whatever, take him wherever he wants to go for dinner for the next week. keep him happy, then you have no witnesses that are going to say anything about it. i think it's helpful for republicans in this clinical since two pointed out. >> harris: actually. >> chris: say, yes, yes, come try to prejudice his associates? what about this. and james comey, one thing that goes to his credit and a trick or methods that he has used over the course of his career, he pops on both houses. republicans did that, democrats did this. >> harris: it's a trick if it only benefits him.
9:34 am
if this turns out to be the most political creature in that position ever, and that is what some are saving. >> chris: j. edgar hoover did a good job. >> harris: if it's politically benefits you, then it does feel like a trick. >> trish: about loretta lynch, after the press can fence on the tarmac, she said, why do i wish there was an internal lock on that door, and i wish i knew how to use it, saying that bill clinton forced himself on her, on that plane. politically of course. >> meghan: the other thing is i may say to see a change of venue. i'd love to see from the intelligence to the judiciary committee, because it's full of lawyers, and not do so the politicians. people who had a craft before they are voted into office, and of course, if they are gun flapping, show borders, but at least they know how to paint a witness down. i think that is something that has been lacking in some of that
9:35 am
congressional testimony that came from benghazi to james comey. >> trish: hillary clinton was under investigation. present time, we don't know right now. will get more clarification at some point, but his lawyers are saying that he is not under investigation. this is a woman who is running for president of the united states, who absolutely wasn't under investigation, and you have loretta lynch wanting to call it a matter. hopping on a plane with bill clinton. none of this looks good. when you think of what the allegations are against president trump, you compare it to what the allegations are against loretta lynch, if the loretta lynch stuff is not good. i'm a republican rhino, i want that story out there. i want them to go after the hypocrisy. if they don't know exist, she was under investigation. >> harris: when he puts together his war room, battles with the g.o.p. there? you need all hands on deck. you need a section that is doing that in a section over here that
9:36 am
is beating the drums on what they're doing well. i am wondering, it does the g.o.p. members have enough cohesion at this point to help the president out? to help themselves to move forward towards a mentor? >> chris: to a broad belief in washington is by the time the investigation is on, there will be some damage to the president as he reported late described. james comey is a satellite. are there any satellites that did anything wrong, i want to know about it. he did not consider it obstructive, because the president was saying, i want to know if someone did wrong, i want to know about it so i can deal with those people. the broad assumption what it wanted to comment there will be a price to play, if anyone can get it, it is robert mueller, the best law enforcement person in america. there is a that hangs over. the question is, can present from his stop acting so guilty to reassure people that come at there may be something, but i am really innocent here. this will be fine, sir put things together. >> kennedy: and thinking of
9:37 am
matrons, we are 24 hours less away from george's six district house for the most expensive in history. their neck and neck were looking for clues in shape for next year's mentoring pier will talk about next. >> we are going to rock nancy pelosi's world. -what? -we gotta go. -where? -san francisco. -when? -friday. we gotta go. [ tires screech ] any airline. any hotel. any time. go where you want, when you want with no blackout dates. [ muffled music coming from club. "blue monday" by new order. cheers. ] ♪ how does it feel the travel rewards credit card from bank of america. it's travel, better connected. pain is sometimes in my hands, d be a distraction.erica. right before a performance especially. only aleve has the strength to stop minor arthritis pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. this is my pain.
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♪ >> harris: it is a peach state time. all eyes will be on georgia tomorrow night when the most expensive house race comes to an end. latest polling shows that democrat, jon ossoff, and republican, karen handler, locked in a dead heat to replace tom price, who is now in the health and human secretary. sticks are high for democrats after losing special elections in kansas and montana. georgia sender told fox news earlier, he expects karen handler to income up but the
9:42 am
take away if the democrats win, here's his answer. >> at the democrats win, i think it's a wake-up call, and in that district, is that district first of all, president trump did not come to campaign. we advice them, because he is going to win this state big. he never had a chance to defend himself a lot of the accusation. after one. number two, this is not a referendum. george is not moving to a red state. or a blue state. this elections can approve that. >> harris: you're not buying that. >> chris: politicians have to say something. it's their job. >> harris: oh, ouch. >> chris: the funny thing about this district. is newt gingrich's old district. it's been in republican hands since since then, 1979 or something. from time immemorial. it should not be this hard for republicans to hold this district, it's a reflection of the struggle the party is having with college-educated voters in more affluent voters, because their demographic base is going
9:43 am
to more white, working-class that help them when wisconsin, west virginians on. if democrats lose, and the funny thing about life and politics as, expectations game. the democrats now have been leading, jon ossoff has been leading in the poll by a few points. if they lose now, this is so funny. it would be a humiliating defeat for democrats to lose in a district that they were never supposed to win anyway, just because of the hype. you can tell you one thing though? >> trish: >> chris: i am outnum. >> kennedy: is interesting, is it. i say then? it's hard with the two into. he's a pretty boy, silver tongued, young matter. a lot of people in that part of the world are kind of fed up with that person. i don't think he is great for
9:44 am
the democrats, and if he was so great, he should win the election and not force a runoff, he could not seal the deal. also, i think some of the discontent in this country actually favors her. when republicans are being targeted, and they were, in the way they were by that shooter in alexandria, i think it makes a lot of people wake up and come together. republicans may be a little more interested in party unity than democrats and some independent s are in discord. >> chris: some votes were cast before election day. the turnout in the early voting has already outstripped the total vote in the first round that you mention. so i think -- >> harris: who's that benefit? >> chris: democrats. the missing voters in every special action, congressional action, are generally younger voters and poor voters. and minority voters. generally. we look at who votes at the lower frequency it, it's those super high turnout.
9:45 am
democrats are hoping they get a lot of votes in the bank already before the in person voting starts tomorrow. >> trish: don't underestimate his base. it is to live and a well in georgia and to kennedy's point, all the things that have happened recently, you think of poor congressman steve scalise, this helps motivate them. there's a lot on the line right now. there's a lot at stake. when push comes to shove, in part because of the hype, chris, they will be out there. they will go to the polls. i still think the situation in the news flow actually benefits her. i'd be very surprised. >> kennedy: ended race has tightened. he was up by 7.3 weeks ago, and now it's mueller. >> trish: don't underestimate how it nationalizes has become. this is not about jon ossoff being a great candidate. this is a referendum on front. he's a 33 euros documentary filmmaker, who is as far as i'm concerned, cannot be any more random. good for him getting the ball. he is not great coming, the next
9:46 am
bernie sanders at the party's looking for. he is symbolic of the anger at the democratic park which is why he has samuel l. jackson making calls and why is ray so much money. it's his town. chris, the political tradition of reading the tea leaves of special ed elections is something i always think, this is not indicative and midterms. >> chris: whether you think this can be like midterms or not, when it comes to recruiting candidates, when it comes to raising money, and when it comes to the attitude that your team takes into it, at this comes out and the democrats when this seat. along republican hold, there will be people who are thinking about running for office as a republican deco, no. there can be donors they say actually, this is looking like a bad year. this is in the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy. if people, enough people say this is a harbinger of what will come, then it will be a harbinger of what comes. >> kennedy: less the money is spent and he loses.
9:47 am
which shows you, you cannot buy an election. >> harris: i think that point is made. i would quickly say this. it's election day tomorrow, and you talk about turnout, and how so many people voted before they actually go to the polls. that seems to be a trend across the country. even international election. we do not know. >> meghan: the writing on the wall with young people in different social economic is the siren song we should be looking at forward. especially one that is a big warning for republicans. >> harris: classic play. disrupted twice this can, because the title character who gets assassinated was made to look like president tom. whether the protest are right. is rhetoric getting out of control? >> this is violence. [boos]
9:48 am
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♪ >> more "america's newsroom hq" coming up by the second half of "outnumbered." >> breaking news out of paris as please spoil what is another terror attack. we have more news about the terrorist attack in london. here at home, major drama unfolding under the senate.
9:52 am
democrats are planning a slowdown what they call a secrecy of the republican plans for repealing and replacing obamacare. it's going to get interesting. clinical implications ahead. "outnumbered" ." space bar thank you, jon scott. >> kennedy: a very controversial production of "julius caesar" by protesters who strummed the stage. the issue, the scene in which the title character played by an actor made to look like president trump is stabbed to death. watch. >> political violence against the right. this is unacceptable. >> kennedy: that woman recorded by man in the audience both were escorted by security. then last night, two men strummed the stage. claiming liberal hate kills. this is the assassination seen. they didn't like it. it was written more than 400 years ago.
9:53 am
there's a long-standing tradition of depicting the title character as the current president, as it was with obama appeared they said it does not advocate violence towards anyone paired they said, shakespeare's play in our production makes the opposite point to those who try to defend democracy by undemocratic means made terrible price destroy the very thing they are fighting to save. so, chris. people who are protesting this production. are they being stifled? >> chris: sure. we're doing a very poor job as a civilization right now. this is almost as disheartening to me attempting there is what's happening when people can't have a lecture i college campus paid what's happening in all of these spaces, there is no mute function on life. there is a mute function on twitter. you can mute something on twitter and say, i do want to hear about anymore. you can change the channel on television, but there's no mute function on life. the reality is, you can hear
9:54 am
things that you find offensive, and that is the cost. that is what comes. that is the price. our supreme court has just taken one of the strongest stands ever on the first amendment. this is the strongest first amendment court. we are hearing today, hate speech is protected. the washington redskins can call themselves the redskins, and you cannot stop them. all the things are coming from a supreme court that's trying to affirm that he hate people in a free society, you will be offended. you have a right. the government cannot infringe your speech, but you do not have a right to not be offended. cut it out. >> and ann coulter is shut down at uc berkeley, elizabeth warren comes to her defense and it seems like we're having this conversation about free speech, does the alt-right undercut the ultimate idea that people have to be heard, and they have to be here some of these messages that could be considered offensive that chris's dogma? before you have to go back to
9:55 am
the yale protest about hollowing protests and how the student body. absently hysterical how people would dress up like a native america i think was the issue. we've got to a point that is absently out of control with free speech. that being said, i am not a snowflake. i am not. nobody some thinks i'm a snowflake. with the third most powerful tribesman in a hospital because he was shot from a crazy person. i don't like images of politicians being assassinated or kill pet i did like it under obama and not now under president trump. out of courtesy and respect for the violent, polarized time, we need somebody you hate, use of figure everybody hates, like a side of syria. >> chris: do not interrupt the performance. >> harris: the kathy griffin with the blood he had come up which is isa style. it's on the heels with that. it makes me uncomfortable to see
9:56 am
anybody put hands on somebody in berkeley when they don't agree. makes me comfortable to see people walk up onto a stage that they are not performing on, because things can go south in a hurry. my dad has said, as a former colonel, i do not fight in wars for you to need a safe space. i did fight for you to use the space between your ears and do the smartest thing with your free speech. >> trish: there is a thing of having class, and the producers had neither of that. if an advertiser, you do not have the backache, and somebody who's going to the theater, do not have to buy a ticket. >> harris: thank you to chris stirewalt. will bay back at noon eastern tomorrow. "outnumbered" after the break. "outnumbered" "
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>> fox news alert, new details on an attack on one of the busiest boulevards in paris. >> jon: french officials say the driver had been flagged and was no stranger to security forces. we are covering all the news, "happening now." >> there has been no indication of any investigation, nothing has changed since james comey said the president was not a target. >> jon: the president's legal team in damage control mode after mixed messages on the russia investigation. now russia issues a warning for amer


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