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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 19, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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is about a dog that served in afghanistan, met up with his handler, i will show tomorrow. >> kimberly: never miss an >> sean: thanks to our friends on "the five," welcome to "hannity." leftist rage reaches an all-time high as a liberal hatred towards the president is now spiraling out of control. newt gingrich, plus special counselor robert mueller, it has now turned into a political witch hunt. it needs to be shut down. we will cover all of that in tonight's very important opening monologue. liberal hatred toward president trump and republicans has now reached a fever pitch. it has become uglier, nastier than anything we have seen in modern political history. and now, it is becoming violent.
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just take a look at what happened. remember, a deranged left-wing ideologue tried to assassinate republican lawmakers. thankfully, to braved armed capitol police officers were there and they prevented this from becoming what could have been a massacre. what's even more disturbing, is that police have found a list the government had in his van, and it contained names of six g.o.p. congressmen. three of those republican lawmakers on that list will be joining us later in the program tonight, but here's the thing. at this horrific assassination attempt is just one example in a much larger pattern of file, disturbing, left-wing hatred, that now sometimes it is encouraging violence. fort campbell, here is a performance of shakespeare's "julius caesar" that is been going on in new york city depicting a president trump look alike getting brutally murdered. that's night after night. last night, a protester rushed the stage at the play and
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reportedly yelled, "stop the normalization of political violence against the right." that protester will join us also tonight. there was a theater company, they did use an obama-like character in the same play, but, can you imagine if the circumstances where the same back then if they are now? the mainstream media would be apoplectic, and rushing to blame conservatives and second amendment supporters, and they would be going ballistic over all of this. now, i hear on this program, have been coming under fire by those who say i am overreacting by criticizing this play, and i don't know shakespeare. really? this isn't about shakespeare. it's about glorifying, by the way this is for a liberal joe on msnbc. this is glorifying violence against the president of the united states of america. it looked, in 2012, if the obama version had gotten more attention, i would have taken the same position.
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it was wrong then, it's wrong now. this isn't even about freedom of speech, although, i would never call for anybody to be silenced. these liberal purveyors of hate have the right to say whatever they want, and i have a right to call them out for being beyond tasteless, vile, and disgusting. it let me them of the viciousness that has been spewed from the left in this country. here's one example that is so graphic we always have to warn you before we put it up on your screen. kathy griffin, posing as an isis fighter with a fake blood he severed head of donald trump. you know what, posing like a jihadist with something that looks like the president's head, is that the right thing to do? is that what we want in this country? or is it a threat potentially against the president? how about this from madonna at the women's march with thousands of left wing protesters. telling a crowd of angry protesters in washington, d.c.,
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that you thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. is that a smart thing to do, or can it be interpreted as a threat against the president? now, there are countless other examples of liberals making threats against the president, but here's the thing, this isn't really free speech. this isn't shakespeare. this is about a rage, a hatred of this president, and the left and liberals trying to objectify, dehumanize this president. they are trying to paint him as not human. a peaceful protest, that's not what democrats and the left have been calling for since the election. they've been calling for, remember the words resistance. let's be clear, i'm not saying that the left is responsible for what happened last week, or bernie sanders reporters are, that is not bernie sanders supporters what happened in alexandria, virginia. i won't say that, because you have to hold people accountable when they commit acts of violence. they are responsible. but you cannot deny there is this out-of-control rage and
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hatred coming from the left in america today. it is a very, very dangerous game that is being played out here, and it's one that the left plays all the time. remember back in 2008, president obama said this about yours truly. >> he can speak. i might have to put mr. burgess on fox news. i'll put mr. burgess against sean hannity. he will tear him up. >> sean: and obama said, getting their face. remember during the campaign, former vice president crazy uncle joe biden, said this about then candidate donald trump. >> the press always asked me don't i wish i was debating him? don't i wish we were in high school, i could take in behind the gym? that's what i wish.
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>> sean: if i said taking uncle joe behind the gym, what would happen to me? were going to have more on this topic later in the program tonight. it's so important, but also tonight, special counsel, robert mueller's investigation is in fact now turning into a dangerous witch hunt by engaging what i've been warning about, investigation mission creep. we've been highlighting night after night exactly what's been going on here, and here are the facts. mueller, who has a massive, huge, numerous conflict of interest with his relationship with comey, is now hiring an army of people to look into everything else with trump russia collision, including jared kushner's finances. the fact that three people on mueller's team have donated to obama and clinton. does that sound fair, balanced, and partial to you? the fact that now they are investigating other issues like the objection. here's what happened? this whole thing was supposed to be about so-called trump russia collision. guess what, there is zero
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evidence. none whatsoever at this point, so now mueller is looking into other things. finances, business dealings, instruction, and we can expect it's only going to get bigger and more expensive day in and day out. you can bet one thing, he's not going to stop until he finds something to justify his existence. it's what i call investigation mission creep. and speaking of the facts, if mueller wants to investigate obstruction of justice, he should add his good friend james comey about loretta lynch influencing about the clinton email investigation, and meeting bill clinton on the tarmac and saying it's not not an "investigation" it's a "matter," and sarah carter investigating she might have put the kibosh on any potential indictment. if mueller wants to look into his finances, then why not investigate the pay to play scheme that was going on in the clinton foundation? remember the uranium one deal, there's a rush of conspiracy.
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hillary clinton, secretary of state, signing off on giving 20% of america's uranium to vladimir putin and the russians. by the way, all the while people involved in that deal, donating millions and millions to the content foundation. and her husband doubling his speaking fees in moscow. instead of creating crimes, mueller should be investigating the ones we actually know occurred, including the felonies by hillary clinton. here's a reaction, of the brand-new book bestseller, newt gingrich. you said, people are going to be indicted over something that has nothing to do with the original investigation. >> i absolutely believe that. you look at, it gets worse the more i've done research over the last three or four days. the state department, or the justice department, has 97% of
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its donations went to hillary clinton, 3% went to trump. that's the justice department. that was bad enough as a culture, now it turns out that the law firm that mueller comes from was 99.81% of their money went to hillary clinton. it was about $360,000 to a total of $678. you have this very biased culture at the department of justice, which is 97% for hillary in terms of donations. they then reach out to an even more biased law firm which is at 99.81% to find the lawyer to head up the nonpartisan, remember nonpartisan, investigation. he then hires for key lawyers,
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all of whom donated to democrats, as you pointed out. my favorite is the one who defended the clinton foundation against the freedom of information act. unbelievable! i don't know that i would have the nerve to write this novel, but if somebody wants to know what the deep state is, start up here with the justice department's 97%, come down to the law firm at 99.81%, pick a group of lawyers who are hard-core democrats, two of whom, by the way, also have prosecutorial problems. one of whom was convicted 920 by the court. this pattern is not defensible. >> sean: rod rosenstein wrote a two-page memo saying comey has to go. comey then links to
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"the new york times" ." comey then gets his bff to be the special counsel. rod rosenstein contributed all of this, and now he's talking about shifting from the russia collusion, a lie, to obstruction and finances. this is dangerous for this country. both of them need to recuse themselves, and get out of the way. why are they even still there? >> well, i mean, you have to question the entire special investigatory process that brings in these headhunters who are very high-powered lawyers. they are not going to leave until they get somebody. that was my point over the weekend. karl rove wrote a very good column last week in "the wall street journal," and he says you have to be very worried about special investigators running a muck. he cited, and his own case, he had forgotten one phone call. imagine how many phone calls someone in his position in the white house it was getting. he forgot one phone call that was months ago or a year ago.
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they almost indicted him for forgetfulness. that's how vindictive, that's how powerful these powers of state are. >> sean: by the way, i want to send our thoughts and prayers to the family of this young man, otto, who just recently returned from north korea and i tonight. i am so sad for this family. i want to ask you one final question. i think this is important. i really believe this rhetoric, this hatred i talked about in my opening monologue, shakespeare, the isis pose, the rhetoric, hate, the violence towards this president, to dehumanize him, is now extraordinarily dangerous. your thoughts? >> it's extremely dangerous, and it's much deeper than just trump. i talk to college students at the college republican national convention this week, i ask them, how many of you feel intimidated and your campus? a third of them raised their
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hands. i had students tell me that they are literally intimidated against saying they were for trump because they thought it would cost them two or three grade levels from their professor. this anti-conservative, anti-trump, anti-republican pattern is very deep, it's very widespread, it's in the newsrooms, it's in hollywood, it's in the academic community, and it's in the bureaucracy, and that's what the deep state is all about. that's why this fight is going to go on for all eight years of the trump presidency. >> sean: and the media colluding with them is even worse. 11 months of lies, no apologies, no retractions, no one is going to get this right. congratulations on the book, "understanding trump." thank you sir for being with us. coming up, late last week we learned a disturbing news that this left-wing gunman who tried
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to assassinate g.o.p. lawmakers had a list of his cart with the names of six republican lawmakers. three of those lawmakers will join us next. straight ahead tonight, and also, we will continue all of this hatred toward the president, and we will get into the other issues, including the woman who literally stormed the shakespearean play in the park over the weekend, peacefully, to say enough is enough. that and my commentary on megyn kelly, straightahead. while working on my feet all day gave me pain here.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the house majority whip steve scalise remains in critical condition. he is recovering from the gunshot wounds after a left-wing gunman tried to assassinate g.o.p. leaders last week. fox news has also learned gunman had in his van in a written list with the names of six g.o.p. congressmen on this list. the list contained their capitol hill office room numbers. three of the lawmakers on that list, congressman mo brooks, morgan griffin, are with us. i've known you for years, when you did radio down in alabama, i've known you all these years. you are a tough guy. this really impacted you, describing, putting the tourniquet on this young kid.
7:19 pm
then, of course, what happened to steve scalise fighting for his life, and now you find out you're on a list to be murdered, to be assassinated. i've got to imagine that is tough, too. >> very much so, particularly for my family. what the public doesn't understand, we often get these kind of threats. members of congress or the united states senate, by way of example. at one time i had a bounty on my head of $21,000. if you were successful in killing me and some other members of congress, also had that kind of bounty. what happened last wednesday brings it home and sharper focus, however. it's one thing to get these kind of threats, it's another thing to have multiple shots at you and that your friends and colleagues. >> sean: again, having to jump and help these guys. congressman franks, it's also media figures. i have dealt with as my entire career. it's not fun. >> well, it really isn't, sean. i just have to say, as much as i
7:20 pm
want to say that the line that it is held deeply by all of us, we have to seek unity. there also needs to be an element of accountability. when you have the president of united states being treated by the leftist media as almost an agent of a foreign government, and you have major corporations like american express still sponsoring plays in the park that depict a donald trump look-alike being stabbed to death, and kathy griffin holding up a depiction of a bee had a donald trump, a duly elected president of united states, you can understand why it might appeal to the nut cases and the malignant in our society. it's time that the left calls this out, and we get back to principal persuasion and debating the issues like we are human beings, like the american people that believe that all of us are created equal.
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>> i think unless we do that, the president situation could evolve into very tragic circumstances. >> sean: congressman, i agree with congressman franks. i just think it has gotten so heated, and isis pose with a severed bloodied head of our president? a nightly murdering of our president? the rhetoric -- the russia trump conspiracy live told day after day night after night. you think it has had an impact in terms of delegitimizing the president, but also, objectifying him as the subject of evil. i wrote it down, and agents of the foreign government. i think that was a really good way to put it. speak out yet, i think he's right on that. i think we all have to be careful in what we say. everybody has to be careful because there is a heightened sense of emotion and frustration out there on the streets. a lot of it has been fed by a
7:22 pm
lot of groups on the left, but we have to be careful on the right too that we don't encourage folks who are our friends to go out and do something stupid. we have to be careful because you don't want anybody eating her by the violence that has already ensued, and could continue if we don't see a toning down of the rhetoric by the media and others. >> sean: mo brooks, what's your take on the rhetoric and association, isis poses, severed head, conspiracy theories. is it having an impact? >> it's definitely having an impact. it's a part of the demonization strategies of the democratic party uses on a regular basis. last year, by way of example, you sought with respect to our law enforcement unity. you saw with occupy wall street. i personally believe that what we saw in dallas where a gunman shot at and killed a law enforcement officer and caucasians, simply because they are law enforcement officers and caucasians, is in part because the democratic party strategy of demonizing the law enforcement
7:23 pm
community on the one hand, and also engaging in a strategy of racial division where they try to get block votes from minority groups by trying to portray caucasians as the enemy. it's not surprising to me that you see this kind of blowback as we saw in dallas, and as we saw last wednesday in the washington, d.c., area. >> sean: first of all, thoughts and prayers with congressman scalise. you come a long way way. i'm really proud of you. >> thank you, sean. you have to, i might add. >> sean: thank you very much. coming up, you're going to meet the woman who stood up this weekend, stormed the stage at the shakespeare in the park rally in new york city. she is calling for the leftist hatred to come to an end, and later tonight --
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>> i'm not prepared to say there is proof you can take to a jury. the ranking democrat on the committee, he now admits, no proof or evidence of trump russia collision. really? we will get reaction from jay secular. also sarah carter, and more tonight. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your summer vacation is very important. that's why has great offers up to 40% off now through july 4th. find great deals now at booking.yeah!
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7:29 pm
others injured when a van plowed into a group of muslims during evening prayers. 47-year-old darren osborne. that's a look at news, now back to "hannity" ." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" ." despite the vicious assassination attempt on republican members of congress last week, and new york shakespeare in the park continued their production of "julius caesar" which depicts the killing of a trump look-alike everything all night. the show did close last night as planned, but our next guest felt she had to do something of the depiction of violence against our president. lauren loomer stormed the stage in the middle of a poor performance, and following the interruption, loomer was arrested by the nypd. she joins us now wire it to a claim why she did this. thanks for being with us. >> thanks so much for having me,
7:30 pm
sean. >> sean: you know if you did this, you're putting yourself at risk. you're probably going to be arrested. you were arrested, you are charged, you're going to have to appear in court park. but you knew that, right? >> yeah, i knew that would be a consequent. >> sean: why was this so important to you? >> this is been really important to me because the left has systematically and programmatically used free-speech and artistic expression as a pretext to incite violence against the right and promote the assassination of president trump's, and that is really problematic. you can see the consequence of this play and just the liberal mainstream media using political violence against the right of this past week. when representative steve scalise was shot in in assassination attempt on the publicans. this was carried out by a liberal who watched msnbc and a fan of the mainstream media, and who knows, maybe he was influenced by kathy griffin and "julie caesar." >> sean: by the way, this was nonviolent, and it's funny.
7:31 pm
the left has been preaching since donald trump is elected the resistance. obama wants to get their faces, and biden once talked about taking trump behind a schoolyard and kicking the crap out of him. robert dinero wanted to punch him in the face, jim carrey wants to use a golf club on the president. then we got isis poses and everything else. of course, the infamous madonna. listen to this. >> yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white hous white house. >> sean: you know, speaking about you, wait a minute, i thought the left like peaceful protest it in some cases, they don't even speak out against violent protest. i know republicans, they have been critical of you, and never chompers are critical of you. this was nonviolent. you are tired of a president look-alike getting assassinated
7:32 pm
on stage. a why would they be so critical when they support will when liberals do it, and what if it was against certain historical religious figures. what he think the reaction would be? >> this is assassination porn. at the left is taking pleasure in watching an assassination attempt on president trump. shakespeare once said that violent delights lead to violent ends. when you're going to delight in the assassination of our president, it's going to have a violent end. why are never chompers supporting me? do they have and, with the liberals? they are both unhappy with president trump in our president. they haven't accepted it. the only way that would be resolved if he was eradicated. people like ben shapiro are going to criticize me because i am protecting the president's life, i am protecting our constitution, i'm using my constitutional right of free speech and protest to protest against
7:33 pm
the best it is asian and the normalization of violence against the right. it is absolutely absurd. >> sean: in light of what happened last week, you took a very courageous clinical stand. it was nonviolent, you're making a strong point, i applaud you for what you are done. you did it knowing what the risks are, and good for you. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: up next and i, on this busy breaking news night. >> i'm not prepared to say there is proof you can take to a jury. >> sean: and now, even liberal congressman adam schiff, the latest democrat to admit there is no evidence of trump russia collision, and why is this still a story. we will talk about investigative of robert mueller. why do we move from russia and tromped to obstruction of justice and finances? sarah carter, gregg jarrett, weigh-in, straightahead. trated, so i get a better clean.
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7:38 pm
coordinated those efforts. now, the fbi open investigation into that issue in july, well before congress did, but i am not prepared to say there is proof you can take to a jury, but i can say, there is enough that we ought to be investigating. indeed, it would be negligent for us not to investigate. >> sean: jay, i want us to get into this, because this is become like russia trump conspiracy, like a truther's. it has gotten so bad, every intelligence official, every democratic congressman, nobody has any evidence of collusion. 11 months of media lies. why now are they moving on to, what, obstruction? and if that doesn't work, there move on to financial issues. at what point does this investigative creep and?
7:39 pm
>> what the president said is actually correct. this is a witch hunt it's as if you have a false narrative being compounded by another false narrative, except you've got a committee of the house, committee and the center, a special counsel, and everybody is looking at this. here's what you just heard. do we have evidence i can go to a jury? no. and then the other senator saying we have not seen evidence of pollution, and all the intelligence official saying no evidence of collusion. no evidence of russia collision. so, what is this at the end of the day? what's really at stake here? this is what's at stake, the constitution is at stake. what you have right now is these multiple prong investigations that i've been going on. when people think of special counsel appointed in the middle of may. this has been going on for almost a year. ten months. and what is the evidence said? even the members of the democratic party have acknowledged, nothing. we have seen no evidence.
7:40 pm
so, at this point -- coat >> sean: i want to stay focused on these constitutional issues here. richard armitage, patrick fitzgerald, new early on that he was the leaker, but he stays on this for literally, three years, and all he comes up with is a perjury trap for scooter libby at the end of the day. at the start of the russia trump collusion, why is this special counsel still here? how does the guy, how do we move to obstruction, how do we move to finances? to me, it seems like a constitutional crisis now created. thoughts? >> it's a fake constitutional crisis, because if you look at the constitution, of course, the president could not have obstructed justice and the termination of james steve come. the whole basis, by the way, all we know our leaks coming out of suppose it agencies going to "the washington post." we don't have evidence of
7:41 pm
anything, a leak, or a series of leak, and they don't identify the agency. but what is the purported violation? this is where the constitutional issue arises. here is what really happened. the president takes an evaluation of the conduct and activities of james comey asked the director of the fbi. he comes to the conclusion based on consultation with people that he trusts in his administration, including the attorney general, deputy attorney general who recommended removal. he was already thinking about it before. they made a big deal about that. but what james comey date in the middle of the last election. so you take that, what's the action based on? he takes a recommendation that now the attorney general and deputy attorney general have made, and he took action to remove james comey as the fbi director. now, he is supposedly, and again is no evidence, supposedly if it was true what they are leaking, he is being investigated by the agency who told him to take the action that he ended up taking, and now they do that to the
7:42 pm
office of the special counsel who reports to the deputy attorney general. this is the problem, the constitutional problem is they are creating something that is contrary to the way the constitution is structured and the powers of the president. >> sean: the really important thing is, now the president doesn't deal with russia threatening to shoot on our planes, or the insanity of north korea that we have to deal with, or isis that is a big problem, or getting people out of poverty come off of food stands, and into the labor force and buying homes. now, this is 80% of the president's time, which in part, is part of the agenda. >> i call that a media filibuster. what the president isn't doing his work. he's doing his job. absolutely. >> sean: now, it has taken on, we got to talk about the investigative creep next. what is this mission creep, investigation creep.
7:43 pm
if they don't have evidence of collusion, why they still there? should robert mueller and rod rosenstein resigned? i say yes. i do wrong, my take on megyn kelly's interview with alex jones. the commentary you don't want to miss. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." joining us now to talk more about mueller, and rosenstein,
7:47 pm
and of course comey and investigation creep as i call it, from circa i want to go to both of you. we started out, trump russia collusion, reason for investigation. okay, and somehow rod rosenstein, the guy that recommended in a two-page brutal takedown on why you should fire comey, is now saying that firing comey is obstruction. then we going to finances, then we go into mueller literally leaking daily, or somebody to his office to "the washington post," this to me is beyond dangerous. once it's been proven that trump russia collusion doesn't exist, why are they even still working on this? >> that's the question that everyone has. it's a question that i have. if there's actually no evidence that they had as of yet, and they haven't had in the past seven months, that trump or his team colluded with the russians.
7:48 pm
>> sean: wright, ten months! >> right. there is no evidence that he colluded with the russians, why are they continuing to push for an investigation? you brought it up, mission cree creep. there are a lot of questions as to the people that mueller has hired. democratic donors, backers of hillary clinton, the clinton foundation, connections to the clinton foundation, especially with ray, and what we are looking at is a serious problem. particularly, ethical conflicts. this is coming from people within the fbi, who are very concerned about the relationship that mueller also had with comey. this is something nice to be taken very seriously, and there is reason why the trump administration, why president trump would be and should be concerned about this. >> sean: concerned, i mean, greg, here you have comey leaks
7:49 pm
to "the new york times" for the very purpose of getting a special counsel, rosenstein wrote the letter that comey should be fired, and now is helping to get the bff of comey, mueller, in there. then he hires hillary's attorney on the clinton foundation to avoid lawyer requests and donors to obama and hillary. wow. could there possibly be any more conflicts, which is why mueller and rosenstein need to go, in my opinion. >> there is a cancer within, except the cancer here is within the special counsel office. mueller is violating the law, comey has violated the law, rosenstein continues to violate the law by refusing to disqualify himself. these are the three central figures in all of this. there is a reason why ethical rules exist to prevent favoritism and precious, and yet
7:50 pm
all three of these individuals are ignoring the law with impunity. i have a theory here. they know there is no pollution, so they can't prove the case there. what prosecutors, in my opinion, experience as a defense attorney, they try to conjure criminality where it doesn't exist. >> sean: they are justifying their existence. >> there contorting the law of obstruction to try to make a case when under the statute, he cannot exist given the fact that we know. >> sean: wright, that is exactly -- -- >> there would have to be a threat or bribe. >> sean: that's exactly what alan dershowitz said. and then this raises other questions. why are we investigating loretta lynch and her obvious obstruction, and did she put the kibosh on any potential
7:51 pm
indictment on hillary. hillary clinton's obvious felonies, mishandling, destroying of classified information? then, of course, we've got the foundation of hillary clinton and bill clinton giving 20% of american uranium to vladimir putin and getting kickback millions from people involved? >> there are so many questions that haven't been answered with regards to the uranium one deal, with regard to ukraine, with regard to haiti, with regard to the clinton foundation. none of them saw a special prosecutor. i think the big concern here is, especially for lawmakers, is what happens with loretta lynch. it right there, we know that loretta lynch asked director comey to call the investigation a "matter" not an investigation, and furthermore, that there was an email that director comey obtained between two political
7:52 pm
figures that serve adjusted that loretta lynch was going to put the kibosh on any indictment against hillary clinton. those are questions that need to be answered. >> sean: to me, there is collusion, there is obstruction, there are felonies committed, and there is a conspiracy theory, because hillary conspired to give 20% of uranium to vladimir putin for money. >> to people and which there is some evidence of the legality, loretta lynch, the former attorney general, and hillary clinton, are not being investigated here. all you have to do is go back and look at the torture interpretation of the law that comey offered last july, and any lawyer will tell you there are plenty of prosecutors who would have brought that case under the espionage act, and here you have loretta lynch, politically
7:53 pm
interfering with an fbi investigation and comey at the time was so upset about it, he was thinking of calling a special prosecutor himself. >> sean: all right, guys. great work. we will keep reporting, i know you guys will. what the rest of the media is ignoring and frankie has upside down and backwards. thank you both. when we come back, i want to give you my take on megyn kelly's interview with alex jones. and we need your help with a very important question of the day. straight ahead. ♪
7:54 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." abc news aired melon -- nbc ned megyn kelly's interview with alex jones. the interview was highly edited. raises a question, do networks in the day and age of having websites, do they have an obligation to release the full interview? that is tonight's mini monologu
7:58 pm
monologue. during last nights interview, megyn kelly, my former colleague, pressed jones on some of his conspiracy theories but out of the hours of video they taped, nbc only aired a few minutes. jones has called for nbc to air the full version. in this case i have to agree. whether you agree or disagree, this is the right thing. i am in no way being critical of my colleague and someone will have been friends with, megyn kelly. she was doing her job. but i do believe nbc news should release the full tapes of the alex jones interview. let americans decide. isn't that what websites are now four. shouldn't nbc let you let the american public see everything that was said and they can decide for themselves what to think? i am a little sick and tired of the mainstream media, news media
7:59 pm
editing interviews to fit a predetermined narrative. i am not saying megyn kelly did this. i hate to disappoint all of you people in the media that would love to see a battle break out between megyn kelly. that's not happening. i truly wish her the best. you may remember just a few months ago in march i was the focus of fake edited news. i had agreed to do an interview with cbs and with ted koppel. the interview lasted nearly 50 minutes as we discussed in great detail many things, why there is such a great divide in america, politics and media. the interview airs and i get 70 seconds of the interview. i called for cbs to release the full video which they refused to do, and that brings us to tonight's question of the day. should nbc release the tapes, especially in the day and age where these news organizations have websites. all they have to do is put it up
8:00 pm
there. go to, @seanhannity on twitter. thank you for being balanced. thank you for being with us. fair and balanced always. see you back here tomorrow nigh night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." most people were horrified by last week's assassination attempt on republican members of congress, which wounded five people and nearly killed houseee majority whip steve scalise. but most people apparently does not include some people, including new jersey democratic strategist jim devine. d after the shooting, he tweeted this, "we are in a war with selfish, foolish, and narcissistic rich people. why is it a shock when things turn violent? #huntrepublicancongressmen." after many people reacted, he did not back down.