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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 20, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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to get him back to the united states to be with his family but if we had been able to get secure that earlier, there could have potentially been medical help rendered earlier. i think the president worked really hard to do what he could to secure the release of him. it's a shame that it happened, i think he was very clear about that when he spoke to members of the media earlier today. >> reporter: also on otto warmbier, he says he thinks it is terrible what >> i do not we would not shed this point. >> reporter: second question. the reports they are role is changing here at the white house. join address those that they are true or not? >> i am right here. you can keep taking yourself and cover it. [laughter] look, it's no secret, we've had
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vacancies including our communications director. women seeking input from individuals for ideas. we've been meeting with potential people that may be service to this initiation. no surprise. we are always looking for ways to seek a better job of articulating the president's message and his agenda. we'll continue to have those discussions internally. we have an announcement of a personal nature, we will let you know. debbie hla in iowa in light of tomorrow's visit. >> your dimension at the president and longtime governor and alabaster to china will be with there with him. the president has already phrased the investors longtime relationship with the chinese president. as you know, the president has certain style, the way he tweets and talks, and that doesn't exactly mirror the way harry branstad has had his career. in light of that, i do see this
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dynamic plane out ambassador harry branstad's role with china? >> thank you come a day. tomorrow, the president will be joined by governor harry branstad and i like to discuss the agriculture aspects of what's going to be discussed but also trade. i think he is clearly impressed with the governor. he is been the best for ila for decades. i think the president believes those skills that's an understanding of china, it is dedication to help us work u.s. products and agricultural goods and services to china in particular is going to be a huge asset for that united states. he chose goernor branstad, because he was impressed with what he has done as his governor in iowa in the respect that he has and the people of iowa. to serve his country well.
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>> reporter: thank you. i will circle back on the georgia sixth district. will the president do watching with great interest? what's his message to the people of the peach state and they consider the direction of that particular district? >> okay, just to be clear, i'm not going to come in a political races. that being said, as i noted before, it's no surprise that the president will support republicans a been on the ticket, especially to maintain our majority in the house in the senate as we move forward. also as you noted, he is treated about that. it's a clear choice. i'll leave it at that. >> reporter: . let me ask you about the communications job here. i know you're wearing more than one had at the moment. there's been a great deal of unrest and perhaps other spaces about a lack of press briefings, communication outside of the office. i just want to know if you are
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unhappy? the idea behind you are on camera briefings. just to help make sense of what's going on. >> okay. when i will tell you, multiple times when taking the job in december and january, explainedo do what we can to communicate our message. we have a tremendous respect for the first amendment. our ability and your ability to do your job. to report and seek out ideas. we are going to work with you. i think the briefing is one aspect of what we do. we are here really early in the morning and late at night, available to all of your questions whether it is email or in person. this is one avenue to do that. as you noted, we have opened up skype questions to bring in more people. we have done multiple more opportunities for people to interact with the president according to several folks that have been here for several administrations. we've looked at a lot of data
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that suggested that when you look at the number of availabilities and interviews at their president has given, it is significant to past administration. i think what you guys will always advocate for greater transparency, more axis, i think we have done a very good job of not just providing opportunities here on a daily briefing, but also making ourselves available as a staff. almost 24 hours a day when it comes down to it. when you look at the steps that we have done to give axis to actual reporters, and i do think it's pretty significant. you always have issues. you always want more. and that is fair. that is your right. that is what a lot of the press is there to advocate for. i think that you will continue to fight for it and we will continue to do our job, and hopefully -- i think if you look at holistically, we have a stack that is very accommodating, very impressed to get back to your questions.
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>> reporter: thank you shawn. two questions. he met with the governor of kentucky and -- speak i thought you said connecticut. kentucky. >> reporter: he's needs good quality aluminum. and softwood lumber. it surprised me that this argument -- >> in respect to canada? i think in the department of commerce has made a very clear with the softwood lumber company when you get a better deal for our country. i understand the governor's point. we're going to continue to work through the proper channels and dispute resolution settlement to get that to achieve our goals in maintain our goals through the mechanisms that exist. speaking of kentucky, yes --
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>> >> reporter: i am against an issue for the present? to be, you take an area like syria. he has been very focused on countries to agree and work together on creating safe zones. because, refugees for the most part in a lot of areas would rather be in their country where their there from, safely. give to family and not resettle. that is our number one goal for them. number two, i think the president has also been very clear. his number one goal as commander in chief is to protect the country, our homeland, and our people. he needs to make sure that people coming into this country are doing so in peaceful means. his number one priority, the number one priority of any leader, is to protect their people first and foremost. obviously, we look further in regions that need support, we try to work through diplomatic
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channels to create solutions. speaking of kentucky, i will go to will. >> reporter: thank you for taking my question. my question is about demonstrations position on coal. during the campaign, they said they wanted to bring back coal jobs to eastern kentucky. now there's a lot of coal miners in that part of the state that are saying that they want tech jobs. they're going back to college to get the skills for those jobs. does the administration still support the return of coal to those portions of eastern kentucky and into west virginia? what is the president's relationship to the governor? i know he was at the white house last week and was also at the nomination in cleveland. >> he has been here a few times. they have an excellent relationship. he is been a great advocate. he has done a lot in kentucky to grow jobs. he really fought for innovation on there. his ideas and input have been
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written very well received at the white house. and, we want to continue working with him. well, it is not a binary choice. i think the president wants to continue and has supported several measures to really restore the coal industry and bring it back. to touch on the theme of this week, we want to do what we can to really focus on technology. have our government bring back jobs. bring opportunities to our country for jobs. we talked about this couple weeks ago when we talked about workforce development a least a week ago, i guess. part of it is to make sure people have the training and jobs in need. whether exactly to a vocational school or another training opportunity, it gives them the skills in an area like tech and technology. to pursue a new change in life, out of high school or -- we need to add the training or the support, the loan system, et cetera, that will support people who want to go into a lot of these fields. i don't think it's a choice of one industry over another, and
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obviously the president will continue to support coal. especially the clean coal industry. at the same time, make sure we have opportunities to give the workforce of the next century or the americans, the skill sets to report compete, that's what the secretary spoke about last week extensively. >> reporter: has no caps present seen a draft of the senate health care bill? >> i know there was some tender today. i know the president has been under phone with the leader and with key senders, but i don't know if he has seen the legislation or not, but they have been working actually hard. the president has been given his input. he is very excited about where this is headed. >> reporter: do you know if anybody in the staff has seen the bill? >> i know they are working together, but to the extent. i don't know, where we are in
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terms of a final plan. i know that the staff has been working very closely with the leader staff with senate finance and others. i do not want to get ahead of an announcement on mitch mcconnell, and when that is done. i will refer you back to him. >> reporter: i have two questions. the first one is just as gary spoke an immediate laid his september timeline for a bill on tax reform. is that realistic as timelines go? it keeps getting pushed back, and we haven't gotten to a final vote on health care let alone all the other things that we've talked about. you think that's going to be a realistic timeline? >> i think use seen the speaker have talked about this. there's a strong commitment to doing it, and think frankly
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bipartisan. i've seen senator warner from virginia but his concerns with the corporate tax rate and needed down into the 20s. we would love his support. i think there is some very bipartisan for tax reform. as we move forward, the degree to which we get some of those individuals to join on an crafted bill will determine the schedule, but that it is mostly congressional timetable. >> reporter: will there be our rate may connect outreach from democrats? >> has been part of the plan. it's artie been part of the plan. they will continue to reach out to members of congress. >> reporter: today fortis announced nominees to build a factory in china. the president declared victory when this plan was not to be built in mexico. is there an administration reaction for them to go there? and also us, they wanted to get
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tougher on china, the administration. i begin to see that? >> with respect to your first question, secretary ross has put out a statement with respect to ford's decision and i think that contention is that the present was to create a tax system that brings backed companies and manufacturing to the united states. once we can pass that plan that you just asked about, it really gets our companies more competitive. it doesn't leave them with the highest tax rate, it also deals with a lot of other aspects about our business tax code that puts them at a disadvantage to the foreign competitors. then i think you'll see more and more companies, not just go to other countries, but come back to the united states and grow, manufacture more in the united states, and i think that's overall, we continue to see the need for tax reform to achieve those results. >> reporter: the president today said otto warmbier should
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have been brought home sooner, and the results would been better. does the president believed that the obama administration is partly responsible for what happened to otto warmbier? >> the president was pleased that he was able to work with state department to get him home as soon as possible. i think when you realized what happened, the president believes that had it happen sooner and quicker, potentially there might have been additional medical resources that could have been provided. he's obviously saddened by this entire situation, it would have hoped that it could've been resolved earlier. >> reporter: i just want to ask, with the g.o.p. senders ss
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with the bill with health care health care -- coat >> i think that is up to the house and senate. normally we do not get involved in the schedule. i will let speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell talk about what is appropriate. >> reporter: is a president happy with the pace of congress? >> if it is going to go as we have been told, it will be great. we have priorities. we went health care done. we want tax reform done. i would say, the president spoke very extensively about infrastructure. if we get that done, we feel really good. we will go as quick as congress wants. that's out of our hands. as soon as congress can do it, we will do what we can. you saw the president when the
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house had the bill, the president worked feverishly to get everything he could to get over the finish line. he will do the same for all the scenarios as well. >> reporter: i like to follow-up on health care. you're around when republicans were criticizing democrats. it was jammed on people's throats. that was the christen. how what is happening now with this bill being put behind closed doors any different from when republicans criticize democrats. >> i think we wanted to be a part of the process back then. when schumer said, they're going to be no democrats i go near it. in may 9th, he said to no democrats will go to do anything to repeal and replace obamacare. they put themselves do not be a part of this process. when senator mcconnell brings the bill to have the debate in the senate, there are always
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plenty of time to debate -- i am knocking to get ahead. i will let senator mcconnell run the senate as he sees fit. listen up for ourselves on how they go about the cells. they made a very clear at least two separate decisions that they did not want to be a part of this process. democrats do not want to repeal and replace obamacare. they were happy with obamacare. we believe obamacare is failing. we want a better system for the american people, a patient- patient-centric system and gives more to people. they gave and made a very clear that they did not want to engage in this process. to turn around now to second-guess -- that is something they should take up at their own leader. >> reporter: will the president support the travel band to those heading to north korea? given senator mccain's comments, and does he believe that otto warmbier was murdered? speak on the first one, i think the state department is
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mulling advisories. that is how they handle restrictions. i refer you to them. and again, i do not want to say anything further in regards to him. i am knocking to comment on whether or not he situation, how it was handled, until we have more information. >> reporter: from the perspective of the administration, how could lawmakers been better on making this health care bill. how transparent? speak i think we've had a very robust discussion with lawmaker. who have ideas coming in at the end, each of those bills is a product of their own chamber. the house, we obviously had plenty of sessions as members of the house. as they move forward come we've done a lot in the senate. each of those chambers runs their own chamber respectively by the leadership they have. it is not our job to go in and dictate how they do it.
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we had tried to be as helpful as a canter of this process. we highlighted the need for otto repeal and replace obamacare. it's not up to me to tell them how the process works in each chamber. >> reporter: on russian sanctions, very plainly, a "yes" or "no" answer, it does president trump believed the russian government interfered in the 2006 elections? >> we've been dealing with a lot of other things lately. generally speaking about the russian interference in our elections, there is 16 intelligence agencies that say, they did. the former fbi director said without a doubt, they did. >> i've seen the reports. >> reporter: does that president share these views? >> i have not asked him about these, but i can touch base with you later. >> reporter: regarding the
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cuba policy, cuba said that it is a grotesque spectacle. does it the present have an answer that? >> it will help the cuban people. stop making encouraging payments to the military, and help them economically bill themselves out. that is a great its form of human rights that we can move forward with right now. those efforts that we do and as the american citizens who travel or do business in kubo follow the law. it is our goal that the policies from this government first and foremost help the cuban people, i think that is what the president has done and will continue to do so. >> reporter: between the president james comey, where those tapes made? do they exist? will he release them? >> the president said that he will make an announcement on that. i expected this week.
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when he is ready, we will let you know. how is that? thank you. see you tomorrow in iowa. >> that was press secretary jean spicer wrapping up the daily press briefing. it is the first by the way in eight days. hello everyone, i melissa francis. we are pushing on health care tax reform and addressing tensions in syria. as well as north korea. he had a couple of topics as well. asking about sean spicer's future in the white house. he is a mere debate, he talked about there were several different positions in the communications department that needs to be filled, and he will do basically whatever the president asked. another big question was about how often we are seeing those press conferences. as i mentioned, we have not seen one in eight days. he said this is just one avenue, where the press is employed about what is going on. we are working here all the time. we are answering emails. we are doing one-on-one interviews. we have skype interviews. we we do everything we can in
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the press conference is just one way we answer questions. that was a big one. people were listening for it. let's bring in ed henry right now, to talk a little bit about what we just heard. ed, i'll ask you. why do you think about wages are? >> john spicer's future is obsolutely hanging over this entire briefing, it was a question that he got very early on, when he walked up to the point. here is feeling questions making making as if you want to answer. he is not been there and as sarah huckabee sanders has said for televised briefing, he is not another in a daze. to talk about transparency, now it's out there fielding question. it is fascinating because the run-up to the briefing, you had reporters in the room tweeting out pictures of myself is a one not. we are still waiting for sean spicer, h john spicer himself seemed to have notice of
11:23 am
selfies. you can tell the criticism of the time gets to him. he kind of lashed out at the reporters little bit as he talked about openly his own future. listen. >> you can keep taking her selfies. [laughter] look, it's no secret, we've had a couple vacancies including our communication director for a while. women seeking input from individuals as far as ideas tha. we been seeking people who may be of service to this admission should be of no surprise. we are always looking for ways to do a better job articulate the president's agenda and message. we will continue to have those discussions personally and internally. we have answers come we will let know. >> continues to be a speculation here in washington, who will be the new white house press secretary. lauren green keeps popping up.
11:24 am
also john roberts. lauren says she's not, but may be in a senior role. and sarah huckabee sanders, as you can see at the role at the podium a lot, she is the deputy press secretary, and she could step up and out. >> melissa: was your response as the many different avenues? the podium is just one. they've complained that they are in a position that they are criticized that they do come across as if they don't. you know, at when they are out there, they can be a distraction as opposed to doing something different. what you think? >> as i travel the country, here for a lot of our viewers say that they are tired of these briefings, because i think it's just a game of god-you. it might be positive. true to a point, every administration is done with that, batted that question, and then gone on offense about what
11:25 am
you want to talk about. i found it instructive that at the top of this briefing, the first subject that sean spicer wanted to talk about was tax reform. an important issue on the president's agenda? yes. paul ryan rolled out info on it today. also there's a major health care fight that present is trying to break through. >> daigle. ed henry, think of that. meanwhile the death of otto warmbier, days after north korea released him from 17 months of detention. people are wondering, it will this the administration deals with the regime? he returned last week in a vegetative state, saying that he somehow lost a lot of brain tissue. some even calling this murder. >> murder committed here by the north koreans. they usually take our people as hostage as our guest just said, and use them as a bargaining chip, and something went wrong here, i suspect. they overstepped their bounds.
11:26 am
they killed this youngster. nonetheless, i believe that the one thing that will help us from his death, it will strengthen our resolve that we really need to do something once and for all about this regime. >> melissa: strong words. joining me now is governor bill richardson former um's investor in front you ask a peer about what general keene said. >> this should be a response from the trump administration. i think their policy of helping otto warmbier, getting him out, being aggressive was good. i give him credit for that. but i think we have to be realistic. we still have three more american hostages there. there's one canadian. we need to get them out. we have the demand a full investigation of what happened by the united nations. we need to get north korea to discuss and disclose, why would
11:27 am
this man, otto warmbier, a young boy actually in a coma for a year. it was not botulism. it was not a sleeping pill. he might've been tortured. he might've been abused. we do not know the facts. we need to get to the facts. >> melissa: you mentioned getting the other three hostages out, and there's not a lot of americans who know that, that there are three other americans still being held. what is the best way to do that? because obviously the last administration thought that it was a good idea not to, you know, angered the north koreans by talking about this. lee says is what the family sent. president trump, if he moves quickly to get otto warmbier out, it wasn't the outcome that this family wanted. what is the right action for the three remaining? >> melissa, i've been trying to get otto warmbier out for you a year. i had close to 20 meetings with the north koreans in the last year. i sent a delegation there.
11:28 am
the obama administration did try to get him out. susan rice tried to help, but there was a transition that north koreans were waiting to deal with. they wanted to go downtown. the problem is at the north koreans are a closed society, and there is no transparency. there is a a cult of personality. >> melissa: m1 ascii before ask you before you run a time. i want to go back to what you said. what changed if you are working on this effort so hard? what your opinion changed? >> i think president trump deserves credit. the trump people, the state department, they realized he was in a coma, and sent an airplane, that they demanded that he comes out. they agreed, because they knew they had a disaster on their hands. they did not want the young man possibly to die in north korea. it was still a major crime, what they committed. i think they have to pay for
11:29 am
that. >> melissa: absolutely. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it much. now the possible legal troubles facing president trump. with law professor, jonathan turley saying this about the president and obstruction of justice charges. i do not agree that a president is a categorical matter would never be criminally charged with obstruction. it would mean that a massive immunity prison vision is part of the constitution without a single express word or any record of such an intent in the constitutional convention. president trump would be far better off contesting the fact of the crime rather than the ability of anyone to prosecute him for. joining me now is alan dershowitz, thank you for joining us. >> jonathan truly is a bright lawyer. he is credit gourley wrong. he is nice to trump and his interpretation of the constitution.
11:30 am
the justice department has twice ruled in a memo, then i just read this morning for the second or third time, stating clearly that the president cannot be indicted, prosecuted, and tried while serving in office. the only mechanism the constitution provides is that he could be impeached, and once impeached and removed from office, he can then be charged with a criminal trial. a sitting president cannot come according to the justice department, be tried, in the president would be making a terrible mistake by getting into the weeds of arguing the facts, rather than sticking with the conceptual constitution issues. mr. president, do not accept jonathan turley's advice. when it comes to this issue, he is not giving you good advice. >> melissa: is a your opinion that he's already gone to the weeds on that with his response? going on the legal response testimony. >> he always gets into the weeds, because he is always
11:31 am
tweeting. if i was his lawyer, first thing i would do is bring some masking tape and a pair of mittens. so the president could not tweet, could not todd. >> melissa: oven mitts may be. >> many of them don't listen, because my clients and other lawyers who represent prominent people, represent very successful for people, and they got to where they are by doing what they do. this president got elected by tweeting. no president is going to tell him to stop tweeting, but of course, it would be best if he didn't get in, because he gets contradicting his own lawyers for not tunic serious extent. he is under investigation. he is under investigationish. >> melissa: he cannot it obstruct, he cannot be prosecuted. while i sit in the office, he would have to be impeached first, and then there would be that opportunity. is that your argument? >> that is what the justice department has concluded.
11:32 am
that's a broad statement. >> melissa: that is our queue. thank you, sir. big money it may be even bigger stakes that the voters are now at the polls and george's sixth district. we are live at the poll. you can. glucerna. everyday progress. hi..and i know that we have phonaccident, so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> melissa: senate republicans insane their health care bill will be released. a small group has been working on the legislation behind closed
11:36 am
doors. democrats are calling the secretive process a joke and demanding open hearings. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel joins us live from capitol hill. mike, are republicans sure they can pass it? that's number one question. >> melissa, it is not clear if they have the votes to pass health care reform, but mitch mcconnell clearly is hoping the deadline pressure will help. he can only lose to republican senators in order to pass health care reform, but all indications say that mitch mcconnell will move forward on the debt ceiling, the budget, and tax reform on the horizon. right now, they are counting votes to see if they get to 52 pasa. >> we are not there yet. the current draft does not do enough to lower premiums, but if we focus on lowering premiums, we can bring together conservatives. we can bring together moderates. we can unify republicans, and actually fulfill the mandate that the american people sent it us here to do. >> a discussion draft would be
11:37 am
available on thursday. they will wait for this goal, the price and impact from the compressional budget office, express about next week. right before the fourth of july reese's. >> melissa: how are democrats expressing their unhappiness with the way republicans are doing all this? >> we seen them on the senate floor late into the night last night. just after midnight, making speeches complaining about the republican process, complaining about the republican expected legislation. they are also basically shut it down hearings this afternoon. >> our job right now is to make sure this disastrous republican proposal never sees the light of day. i would urge my democratic colleagues on behalf of the american people, the vast majority of them know how bad this legislation, we have to stand up and fight in an unprecedented way. with the make sure that this legislation never sees the light of day.
11:38 am
>> democrats do not have the power to defeat the bill on their own, but they can fire up their base and makes it more difficult for the republican colleagues to vote for it. >> melissa: sounds like everyone is getting along just like usual, mike emanuel. let's bring in simon rosenberg, president and founder of the new democratic network and former campaign advisor for president bill clinton. and met that, the chairman from the conservative union and former white house political director for george w. bush. thank you both for joining us. matt, let's start with their strategy. it was a republican strategy about bringing a couple groups of the party behind closed doors to hammer this out. then bring it out? >> i think mitch mcconnell knows the senate better than any human being who is alive. i think he realizes this is only way to try to fashion a republican alternative, and i can get to the senate, is to
11:39 am
work his conference. member by member. try to get a tough pass, but is probably his only pass. if they do not get it done, i think the consequences are very severe for the republicans. >> melissa: absolutely. simon, from a strategic point of view. if you're looking at it on one side or the other, but do think the way they're going about it makes the most sense in terms of getting what they want? >> no. because we have not had since the end of world war ii, there has been no legislative process like this and any major bill. there's been no hearings in either. no public discussion. we don't know what's in the bill. this is not the way democracy works. this is the way other political or other kinds of organizations work. >> melissa: in response to that, republicans like last time around it was jammed down their throat. >> sure was. >> that's not true. >> melissa: democrat said, like chuck schumer, that you are knocking to get any democrats or
11:40 am
matter what. this is the response. >> are you asking me? >> melissa: yes, i am asking you. is that the response? >> the point i am making is that in fashioning legislation, we did not shove it down the republican's throat. there were many republican amendments i cap put on the final legislation. it was over a year of debate. this is the darkest way legislation has been promoted in over the 70 years, and i think it is wrong regardless of what you think of the bill and the end product. i'm going to be against it, they don't think we should take away pre-existing conditions and health care from tens of millions of people. the way we are going about it now, right, is not the way democracy is supposed to work. they should be ashamed of themselves. >> melissa: let matt respond. >> the only thing i disagree on is having had the process. when the draft comes out, there will be a score, and then a debate on the floor.
11:41 am
rules demand a vigorous debate, amendments will be allowed. >> melissa: do 20 hours or less in those 25 days last time? none of that has been determined yet. >> 20 hours on the senate floor will take place over a series of days. we've been having this nationwide debate about health care. it is unfair to say that we haven't had it. we been having had it for near addicted. every day of the administration of obama, republicans or democrats, and obamacare lost an election after election, and its put up or shut up time for the republicans. >> melissa: i think we can all agree on that one. thank you both. some key special elections today. we are live in georgia. that is next.
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>> melissa: the special election and georgia is expecting to close in a few hours, but all eyes on this high-stakes race.
11:45 am
between democrat, jon ossoff, and republican, karen handler. it is the most expensive race and congressional history. jonathan serrie is alive in atlanta with more. jonathan. >> high, melissa. let's give you a little show and tell. this is one of the polling places in sandy springs. it has been raining on and off, but that is not keeping voters away. there's been a steady stream of voters flowing into this polling place and all day, most indifferently, more than a hundred 40,000 people pass their ballots before this election day. more than a quarter of all registered voters in the six district have already cast ballots in early voting. both parties believe this is a must when election. if democrat jon ossoff can win this that favors establishment republicans, it will be a blueprint for his party's efforts to take back during the 2018 mattress.
11:46 am
as karen handler returns, then publicans will feel safer. they will view the outcome as a referendum on president trump and the g.o.p. in general. >> melissa: all right, thank you so much for that. where is all the money for this special election coming from? karen karen handler making mosts money there, but jon ossoff is raking in out-of-state cash from california and new york. i'm joined by congressman, steve stivers of ohio. he is chairman of the republican national committee. thank you so much for doing this. let me ask about this fact for it. the numbers are really staggering when you look at so much of her money coming from out of state, california, 1.2 million. new york. when you look at that? >> jon ossoff is running the national campaign. they're taking money from all around the country, and that is
11:47 am
why the democrats have $33 million on this race. it's not money from georgia. 97% is from outside georgia. >> melissa: if you want to pick that apart and say, what does it mean, does it tell you that there's a lot of democratic enthusiasm around the country, that they are willing to sit in money? he can even vote in this election, because he does not live in the right district. all of his money is coming from somewhere else. not all of it, but a huge portion. the tell you that democrats around the country are that much more engaged than republicans right now? >> i think of what it tells you is that democrats know, if they do not win this race, they really have no shot of taking over the house next year. they need to win this. it's a must when seat for them. spill what about republicans? it's in a must-win for republicans as well? >> i think we prefer to win. i think we will win. if we lose this, we are 3-1, and if they will win it, they are
11:48 am
0-four. they need to win a more than we do. i am confident we will win. the excitement on the ground is there. early voting numbers are more republicans than the april general election, so i think the runoff is moving in our direction, and it's obvious a competitive rates. with the $33 million, i think we are going to win. >> melissa: one thing that republicans have going against them if you look at how much the president one in these runoff states. there is just huge margins for president trump. you look at kansas, 27 points. montana, 20 points. even south carolina. we're not talking about that race as much, because the thought that republicans would not win there, and he won by 18.4. the present in your state only got 1.5% more. >> and georgia sixth district, the president did only win by 1.5%.
11:49 am
this is the most competitive of any of the special elections, because it is so close in the race. the republicans are very excited. they're showing up to the polls. there is great turnout today where we needed. i feel really confident that karen handler will win this race, and it is a clear choice between someone who is going to vote with nancy pelosi or someone who is going to represent the sixth district of georgia and i think that people will vote for karen handler today. we will see in about six hours. >> melissa: do think the democrat is the mold of what you will see going forward from the outside? >> well, and issues, may be. cannot replicate this. they spent $33 million. if they want to spend $33 million, it would take $2 billion to do that in the races across the country that they say they are going to spend in. they do not have $2 billion. of course, they cannot replicate the spending that they had in
11:50 am
this race. >> melissa: congressman from ohio, thank you for joining means, sir. a scorching heat wave hitting the southwest with temperatures near one to 2 degrees. we will look at that in the southwest. it is having a major impact on air traffic. mmmm. mmmm. mmmm... ugh. nothing spoils a moment like heartburn. try new alka-seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews. it's fast, powerful relief with no chalky taste. [ sings high note ] ultra strength, new from alka-seltzer. enjoy the relief.
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>> melissa: fox news alert right now and a scorching start to the summer in the southwest. temperatures are expected to top out near 120 in phoenix. wow. it's apparently too hot to fly. american airlines canceling the regional flights from phoenix. all bombardier, crg and aircraft are grounded. the maximum operating temperature is 118. who knew? from our affiliate in phoenix is
11:54 am
live at sky harbor international in phoenix. and steve, why can't these planes handle the heat, but apparently you can? >> we have learned how to keep cool out here in the desert. i did not know about the technical specs regarding these commuter gents either, but i have learned, these conditions where the hot air isn't dense enough and that engine is not strong enough, and the runway is not long enough, once you get over 118 degrees, it is not a good idea, not reliable to have those planes take off. so had to be cautious and guiding those planes. between 3:00 p.m. at 6:00 p.m. today. as when the heat is peaked when it should have potentially 120 degrees. other aircraft can handle hundred 26, 127 degrees. they are good to go. not these commuter jets. >> melissa: do i dare ask how hot it supposed to get today? where you headed to?
11:55 am
>> go ahead and dare to ask. the weather services telling us 122. we've been using a thermometer, and i am on top of a parking structure here. it soaked up a lot of the heat in the concrete, in the buildin building, and people are able to deal with it here. just like folks that live in international falls, minnesota, they can handle the winters and we laugh at them. we laugh at the hot weather here. >> melissa: good for you. you are my idol. thank you, sir. get a glass of lemonade or something. barbie has changed, but can can? not so much. he looks about the same when he was invented six years ago. now he is getting a major makeover. wait till you see the aftershock. this is before. it is coming next.
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>> all right. the holiday season could be getting even pricier. ups plans to charge an extra fee for orders placed around black friday and christmas. the shipping giant says they need to add more delivery vehicles to the fleet to keep up with demand. the fees it would be between 25 cents and a dollar per package. so move over, barbie. it's ken's turn for a makeover. he will have 15 new looks. how high maintenance? with various skin colors, body types including a man bun and a dad bod. he will sport fashion trends like skinny ties and fashion tees.
12:00 pm
keep hasn't had a facelift in awhile. i'm melissa francis. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house where sean spicer held his first on camera briefing in eight days. he covered a lot of topics including his own job security. and senators say north korea murdered otto warmbier and john mccain says there should be consequences. how should the white house respond? could this affect the already tense ties between the two nations? in syria, rising violence and fears of a wider war. in the past few days, american jets shot down an armed iranian drone and a syrian war plane. the aircraft


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