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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 20, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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media at specialistsfnc on twitter and facebook. 5:00 will never be the same. be sure to catch fox's continuing coverage of the special elections throughout the evening. "special report" is next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. when our authorities calling a botched attempt in a familiar place tonight. brussels, belgium, . man believed to have had a bomb. no casualties besides the suspect. the latest attack in a week of terrorist and extremist assaults in the capitals of europe. amy kellogg is watching the developments from london. >> belgian soldiers prevented what appears good have been a deadly attack at the central station in brussels. details are emerging but what it
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appears happened is that these soldiers approached a man who looked suspicious. he had a suitcase and an explosive belt. as they approached, he detonated the bag and ran. police then shot him. >> we do not know if the man is still alive or dead. there were no other victims. this incident is considered as a terrorist attack. >> the station was evacuated. eyewitnesses say the suspect shouted allahu akbar before he blew up his suitcase. police later carried out a controlled explosion on his belt. here's an image of the scene. this occurred in an underground part of the station. belgium has seen a significant increase in security patrols since attacks on the airport and the metro station in march of 2016 which left 32 people dead.
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belgium has come under scrutiny of several of those involved in the paris terror attacks on cafes, stadiums, and the theater in 2015 came from there. one of the key planners of those attacks hailed from a neighborhood in brussels which has struggled with a radicalization program. he had traveled to syria and back and across europe. even though he was on an international arrest warrant, raising questions about the viability of europe's visa-free system. one of the paris attackers, on the night of the paris attacks come across back into belgium where he remained in hiding for four months. one of europe's most high-profile man hunts. he was ultimately arrested and jailed. tonight, the attack in belgium luckily did not result in the great damage or injuries comes a day after a failed attack in paris when someone rammed a car
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into a police van that went into flames. there were guns and explosives inside but no one was hurt and of course there was the attack on the mosque here in london on sunday night. >> bret: dangerous time in europe. amy kellogg live in london. thank you. another fox news alerts, this one at home. an election alert, most polls in georgia's suburban atlanta was sixth district will close in about an hour. karen handel is trying to hold on to the republican seat vacated by tom price. democrat jon ossoff, boosted by millions of dollars in out-of-state donations, is threatened to pull off an upset. it could have repercussions here in washington and possibly set the table for 2018 2018 racist country where fox team coverage. kevin corke at the white house with what is at stake for the trump administration in georgia
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tonight. jonathan serrie in sandy springs, georgia. >> most polls will be closing at 7:00. this afternoon a judge ordered two voting locations in dekalb county to remain open until 7:30 because of technical problems. with campaign spending topping $50 million, the most expensive u.s. house race and history, georgia's sixth congressional district, is considered a must-win by republicans and democrats. >> analysts say it's going to be a coin flip at this point. it is that close. >> big change for a district that has favored the establishment republicans for nearly four decades, electing the likes of former house speaker newt gingrich and current health and human services secretary tom price who won the district with more than 60% of the vote. democrats see an. in november, president trump carried the district by a narrow margin. >> there are no margins to give.
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we have 1.5% to play with and we saw many precincts where trump won by a hair in november. ossoff won with an outright majority in the first round of voting. >> both parties waste too much of your money. >> john jon ossoff hopes to apo moderate republicans and democrats. >> georgia's former secretary of state, handel, getting support from steve scalise. the louisiana congressman tweeting "karen handel is a great candidate and team scalise is pulling for her." democrats see the district is their best opportunity to take a seat from the g.o.p. >> a win in the sixth district
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will show people will elect a moderate democrat like jon ossoff. >> voter turnout is reaching record numbers, and with all the money and national media attention, one republican strategist joked this is the closest georgia comes to feeling like new hampshire. >> bret: jonathan serrie, thank you. many experts viewing this race as a vote on president trump. kevin corke is at the white house where they don't necessarily endorse that view. >> good evening. it's no secret republicans feel like a win by the g.o.p. in the georgia sixth race would further their argument that the election in 2016 was part of a trump wave that continues. they cautioned that even a loss won't derail the president's plan. even on a day when the president welcomed his ukrainian counterpart to the white house he made no secret of his keen interest in the congressional race for the georgia sixth district.
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mr. trump tweeting: karen handel for congress. she will fight for lower taxes, great healthcare strong security -- a hard worker who will never give up! vote today. white house officials were reluctant to weigh in on the race itself. they did acknowledge the president would be paying attenti on. >> the president is going to support republicans up and down the ticket, especially to maintain our majorities in the house and senate as we move forward. he has tweeted about that. he believes there's a clear choice. >> the outcome could have a significant impact on the white house's bid to advance its agenda on capitol hill, including major policy initiatives. some political experts suggest the race could be a referendum on the presidency, others caution reading too much into the outcome. >> we will read an enormous
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amount into the result. some of it will be justified, most of it probably won't be an a month from now we will be talking about something else. >> the president has lumped the georgia contest in with a south carolina race, saying a win by democrats in either case would mean more obstruction and fewer accomplishments. something polls suggest the white house needs to do more of. the latest cvs national survey more on the referendum aspect. the divide that sees the president is doing a poor job and the other that she's depressed as being unfair to him could play out at the ballot box with an implication that reaches far beyond georgia. >> bret: kevin corke, thank you. as kevin mentioned, voters in south carolina's fifth district are going to the polls,
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replacing the president's new budget director mick mulvaney. ralph norman is favored over archie parnell in a race that has also been a lot about president trump. >> i appreciate what donald trump is done. i support the president and i want to bring his message to the fifth district of all that he's accomplished great he's done a great job. started off right with neil gorsuch and he's continuing in the economy and what he's doing for business. >> the only thing i can agree with my opponent about is the fact that we are so starkly different. he has given president trump a grade of a+ plus. i cannot agree with that. it's the one we will have the results tonight on our election special, 11:00 p.m. eastern. what do you think? do you think the special elections are that important? let me know on twitter at @bretbaier. use the hashtag #specialreport. or on facebook at we will have the results at
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11:00 p.m. eastern. news overseas, a russian warplane armed to the teeth came way too close for comfort to an american reconnaissance plane over the baltic sea yesterday. it's the latest escalation in the skies over and near syria. jennifer griffin is monitoring the situation from the pentagon. >> good evening. russian fighter jet armed with air to air missiles flew within 5 feet of a u.s. spy plane in the baltic sea monday. the russian fighter jets wings were dirty, meaning it was armed with missiles under its wings. pentagon spokesman geoff davis said the russian pilot had poor control and was coming in at a high rate of speed. this happened one day after a u.s. navy f-18 super hornet shot down a syrian jet near the isa stronghold of raqqa which led to the russians issuing a warning to u.s. warplanes flying west of
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the euphrates river in syria. during our recent nato military exercise in the baltics, russian warplane's bomb these american bombers. monday's incident in the baltic comes a month after a russian fighter jet caused a u.s. navy surveillance aircraft over the black sea. in february, russian jets buzzed a u.s. navy guided missile destroyer in the black sea while the u.s. army was unloading dozens of tanks and 500 american soldiers arrived in romania. the same destroyer later fired tomahawk cruise missiles into syria. >> it's a great honor to be with the president of ukraine. >> white house, president trump met the president of ukraine and raised eyebrows when he called his country the ukraine, a reference to pre1991 when
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ukraine was soviet territory. a slip of the tongue that's fraught with meaning, given russians invasion of crimea and eastern ukraine. on capitol hill, john mccain had harsh words for president trump's pick for deputy secretary of defense. >> the answers you gave to the questions, whether intentionally or unintentionally or condescending. defensive weapons for ukraine, something we ought to discuss. >> mccain is a staunch defender of ukraine and has been frustrated with the last two administrations for not helping it stand up to russia. he asked the nominee to resubmit his answers. >> bret: jennifer griffin, thank you. let's get more on the tensions in the region and the meeting
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with petro poroshenko. >> the meeting was great. it's a very special day of the ukraine-u.s. relations. first meeting with the american president and i see a real leader. we enjoy strong message. our fight for freedom and democracy. we really enjoyed the support of president trump, and vice president pence. >> bret: have you seen a change? we talked a year ago, the position of the u.s. and supporting ukraine? >> we really have two sides of
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the conversation. first that would be a great deal of peace. today, exactly three years. on the 20th of june 2014, there was declared a cease-fire waiting until russia will stop killing my soldiers and civilians. unfortunately we don't deliver any results but we demonstrate the presence of peace. i am confident that when president trump, the real leader, the charismatic person, can help me to bring peace to my land the same way like reagan brought victory in the cold war without a single shot. it's a great story of success. we speak about the effective
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cooperation between ukraine and u.s. and economic sphere. call from pennsylvania to ukrainian power stations. many, many others. >> bret: last year when we talked it was in the middle of the presidential election. i asked you about russia specifically. take a listen. how many russian troops do you think are still in your country? >> we know for sure that now it's above 6,000 regular troops in the occupied territory in the east of my country. more than 50,000 troops in crimea plus 40,000 troops, local militiamen. this is a huge contingent which is more than the army of many
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european countries. this is very simple situation. putin is a president of the country who is an aggressor of my country. if you ask me if i trust putin, no, i don't trust him. >> bret: still don't trust him. >> we have now after a year a better understanding of the situation. putin, very important, strong message for us that the biggest tragedy of the 20th century for him was the collapse of the soviet union. he now tried to undertake the enormous efforts, tried to rebuild russian empire or renew the soviet union. we don't give him one tiny single thing. the last two months, we received, the ukrainian nation, 45 million people received a
3:17 pm
visa-free for european union, and that was the final farewell to the russian empire. and president putin. >> bret: how many russian troops, russian militiamen if you want to call them, are still in your country? do you know? >> exactly be -- because we have an exchange with intelligence data with nato, u.s., european partner spread we have more than 3,000 regular russian troops on my territory plus the russian operated proxies. altogether more than 40,000. we have more tanks, more forces and artillery in the occupied territory. >> bret: has there been direct fire incidents? >> definitely. two days ago we captured two
3:18 pm
russian military people with russian passports. we are confident russia should withdraw their troops from our territory. withdraw artillery, tanks, and everything. without that, sanctions should continue. this is the method we hear today from the president from comeau vice president pence. >> you heard that? >> full of meditation's -- full implementation. it >> bret: when see the coverage into investigations between collusion between the russia and trump campaign and investigations into obstruction of justice, how do you look at it? what's your perception? >> doesn't look like a person
3:19 pm
who has any special relation indefinitely. i hate the idea to influence on any -- >> bret: i understand. >> my personal perception this is a great leader with great charisma, great political will and he is a strong friend of ukraine who helped me to bring peace in my country. this is extremely important, and we have a very effective negotiation for defensive weapons. we don't need to attack anybody but we want to have an effective mechanism to defend by drones, everything, defend our territory from the russian offensive and present to the world objective information. who is killian perko killing ukrainian civilians, soldiers, and who is responsible.
3:20 pm
>> bret: what's the most important challenge? >> i want to say two things. i want to bring peace to my land in the occupied ukraine and i want to make a reform, strong reform. if you allow me, ukraine is born right now. my team, i would be proud if we can have a unique opportunity to be the founder of the new state, ukraine. >> bret: we appreciate your time. when we combat, republican senators feeling the heat as they approach summer without them without a health care bill. ♪ ♪
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>> bret: an american fighter jet shot down an armed iranian drone today as an advance on coalition forces in southern syria. the second time in less than a month the u.s. has shot down in iranian drone. comes one day after american warplane destroyed a syrian fighter jet that had dropped bombs on u.s. backed syrian opposition forces. we are getting considerable reaction to the death that american student released recently from captivity in north korea. south korea says the u.s. flew to cosupersonic bombers over the korean peninsula today initial force following the passing of otto warmbier. house intelligence ranking member adam schiff renewing his call for a ban on tourist travel to the communist country. john mccain said americans should have to sign a waiver absolving the u.s. government of blame if they want to go there, calling them "stupid.
3:25 pm
." james rosen is at the state department. good evening. >> it was during this afternoon's state department press briefing that president trump tweeted out what could prove to be a major shift in the u.s. approach to the entire complex of problems presented by north korea. "while i greatly appreciate the efforts of president xi and china to help with north korea, it has not worked out. at least i know china tried!" the tweet comes following the death yesterday of otto warmbier, the 22-year-old ohio native held hostage by the regime in pyongyang for 17 months. returned to u.s. soil last week in a comatose state. let us state the facts plainly, said senator john mccain. otto warmbier, an american citizen, was murdered by the kim jong-un regime. in the final year of his life, mccain added, he lived a nightmare in which the north korean people have been trapped for 70 years. forced labor, cruelty, torture,
3:26 pm
murder. does this administration agreed? >> i am not going to comment on what senator mccain said. i'm not familiar with what he said i'm not going to characterize it. we can't comment on the circumstances of his death but we remain in the secretary remains committed to hold north korea accountable. >> white house said president trump was deeply troubled by warmbier's death and that it was less likely that he would meet directly with kim jong-un. in remarks with his ukrainian counterpart, the president called what happened to warmbier a total disgrace. >> he should've been been brought home that same day period the result would have been a lot different. what happened to otto is a disgrace. i spoke with his family. his family is incredible, what they've gone through. >> three other americans remain captive in north korea and several americans are being held in detention in iran. >> bret: james rosen,
3:27 pm
thank you. u.s.-led coalition forces say they've killed two people, in an heir's track -- air strike on may 31st in syria. the claro's main role was recruiting terrorists. on capitol hill, we will get our first look at the u.s. senate's opening bid for an obamacare repeal and replace bill. mike emanuel is on the hill. >> mitch mcconnell says he plans to release a discussion draft of the senate republican health care bill thursday, setting the stage for a vote likely next week. >> the status quo is simply unsustainable. as our members have pointed out,
3:28 pm
to ignore that that status quo is imploding is to ignore reality. >> g.o.p. sources suggest that mcconnell is eager to get this done with issues like raising the debt ceiling, the budget, tax reform on the horizon. mcconnell can afford to lose two in order to pass health care reform. most expect rand paul as a "no" and conservative sources suggest likely and ted cruz might be leaning that way. crews suggested what's expected to be in the package must be improved. >> if we focus on lowering premiums, we can bring together conservatives and moderates, unify republicans and fulfill the mandate of the american people sent us here to do. >> senate democrats delivered speeches last night, trying to fire up their base and make it more difficult on republican senators. >> i would urge my democratic colleagues, on behalf of the american people, the vast majority of them know how bad
3:29 pm
this legislation is, that we've got to stand up and fight in an unprecedented way. >> senate republicans don't dare let the people back home see this bill. they don't dare let voters see this bill. >> democrats took an additional step using a procedural tool to shut down hearings afternoon. >> we need to fight this tooth and nail. if the republicans were proud of what they were doing, they would be telling the world. >> we are going to get this done in 2017. >> house speaker paul ryan has turned the page to tax reform. >> we will eliminate harmful, burdensome taxes. >> ryan laid out his vision in an address to the national association of manufacturers. >> we will consolidate the seven brackets into three, double the standard deduction, and simplify things to the point that you can do your own taxes on a form the size of a postcard. this, instead of the 1040 form.
3:30 pm
>> vice president mike pence reiterated the need to get tax reform done this year. i'm told there are regular meetings between the players in the house, senate, and white house focused on accomplishing that huge item. >> bret: mike emanuel. thank you. more on this with the panel. o.j. simpson will get april hearing next month. the football hall of famer will be before a panel in nevada. he could be approved for release october 1. simpson is serving a nine to 33 year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping break he's better known for being acquitted for killing his wife and another man in 1994. stocks down today. gasoline prices do not appear to be up for the summer travel season. some leaders are feeling confident enough to try to raise
3:31 pm
their own gasoline taxes. teresa knew money for their states. one of those places, california. that's where william la jeunesse is tonight. >> you want to have a screwed up state with a bunch of potholes? go ahead. >> california governor jerry brown leading a pack of states raising their gas tax. >> roads and bridges are aging. >> the federal government imposed a penny a gallon gas tax in 1932. today it is $0.18 but hasn't increased in 24 years. 28 states raised their gas tax in the last five years to an average of $0.31 a gallon. the lowest, alaska, $0.12. pennsylvania, $0.59 grade followed by california at a soon-to-be $0.58. >> if lawmakers are removed over
3:32 pm
this tax increase, that will send a message. >> in california, 58% of voters oppose the increase. >> [indistinct] >> slimy position. >> out of here. >> when gas prices topped $4 a gallon, a tax increase was political suicide. today a group in the house, chamber of commerce, and labor support and increase. something the president said in may he would consider. >> bret: thank you. emergency services in portugal reporting progress against a deadly wildfire. 60 people have died. 1200 firefighters and nine tankers involved in fighting the flames. temperatures were forecast to reach 109 degrees today.
3:33 pm
portugal's prime minister has ordered and ordered an investigation. up next, the panel on the election in georgia and what's happening on capitol hill. first, what some of our affiliates are covering. fox 35 in orlando. city workers begin taking down a confederate statue located in the confederate veteran section of a cemetery. the city will install what the city describes as an appropriate education educational panel. fox 5 in san diego. the dea makes fun of the largest seizures of fentanyl. drug traffickers use the substance to increase the potency of heroin or manufacture counterfeit opioid painkillers. three people charged with possessing almost 100 pounds of the drug. live look at phoenix from fox 10. the big story there, the day
3:34 pm
before the first day of summer is so hot in the southwest, some airlines are canceling flights because of the extreme temperatures. forecast high today in phoenix, 119 degrees. they say it's a dry heat. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way.
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track-tuned handling, so you can conquer corners. aggressive-styling, so you can break away from everyone else. experience the exhilaration of the bold lexus is. experience amazing. >> i think everyone should watch me putting on my stickers since my opponent can't do that. >> it's an opportunity for georgia to elect fresh leadership. >> the democrats through mac the kitchen sink at this. we're doing well. we have not lost one of these special elections yet. >> no surprise the president is going to support republicans up and down the ticket.
3:38 pm
obviously he has tweeted about it. he believes there is a clear choice. >> bret: it is election night at least in georgia and south carolina. a couple big elections to fill some house seats from people who went on to the trump administration paid first in the sixth congressional district of georgia, we have the seat open after the health and human services secretary tom price left the seat open. john office, democrat. karen handel, the republican. the seat traditionally is a republican seat as we look at the history here, newt gingrich, johnny isakson, tom price. this is a very, very close race. the other race tonight, if you want to call it george of the prize fight, south carolina may be the undercard. south carolina's fifth congressional district, archie parnell and ralph norman fighting for the seat left open by by mick mulvaney, the budget director. let's talk about the special elections and begin with the
3:39 pm
panel. michael crowley, senior correspondent for politico. mercedes schlapp and charles krauthammer. we've seen it blown up about how important it is. >> these are generally not predicted. in 2010, there was no indication you'd have a republican sweep, as you did. i can't predict who's going to win that i can predict with absolute certainty what the headlines are going to be. if the democrat wins, the headlines are going to be "a referendum on trump." guaranteed. if he loses, the headlines will be "in a race that doesn't mean anything, and a special election with special circumstances, turnout problematic." they will say of course the
3:40 pm
republicans won deceived by 23 points last time so what do you expect that this is how it's going to be played. everybody is waiting. if there is a stumble by the republicans it will be hyped from here to sunday. i think these special elections are very special. where else are you going to pour in $25 million into a house rac race? saying that 2018 elections are more than a year away, a year and a quarter away. a lot will be read into it but that's because there's a lot of dead air time. >> bret: the most expensive house race ever in georgia but across the nation, most expensive ever. the president weighing in. democrat jon ossoff who wants to raise your taxes to the highest level, doesn't live in the district. karen handel for congress. strong security, hard worker who will never give up.
3:41 pm
president trump factoring into both of these elections tonight. >> there were some mixed reactions about the president tweeting about the race. there is they desire or strategic thinking among republicans that you don't want to nationalize this. you don't want to make it a referendum on donald trump. his approval ratings are under 50% and it might be better to keep this election on the local level. when he tweets like that, inserts himself in the race, there some people think that's not the best idea but maybe it does rally the republican base and we will see whether it winds up being a plus. i would say generally the way i think about it is the ancient romans used to sacrifice animals and pull out the entrails to find clues about omens for the future. i think the special elections are a similar ritual. the entrails are often wrong but we gather around and do it anyway. charles was right. we read too much into it. >> bret: for all of you enjoying dinner...
3:42 pm
[laughter] mercedes, what about this race specifically in georgia. they had some bad weather, turnout is a big deal. but the conventional wisdom about democrats -- you had events. you had kathy griffin holding the head up and that kind of turned the tide. that unfortunately you have the shooting with republicans targeted, including scalise. did that change the dynamic late in the game in this race? to go i think it definitely benefited handel in that sense. i think ossoff changed his narrative from being "make trump furious" to be more about matter it -- moderate candidate. he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, that's clear. i'm getting real-time information and right now what we're seeing is presidential level turnout for republicans.
3:43 pm
there is an encouraging sign on the republican side that democrats are running out of voters. 59,000 registered voters are republicans. 31,000 are democrats. ossoff was hoping there would be crossover, why he shifted the message. looks like so far what's coming in right now is the republicans are feeling a bit positive it's going to work in handel's favor. >> bret: were going to let this play out in the polls close in about 45 minutes across georgia and south carolina as well. a couple of the polls are open until 7:30 because of technical issues but charles, does it make an agenda, a statement about the trump agenda on capitol hill of karen handel pulls this out? i know you said it doesn't matter in 2018. doesn't matter now on health care and tax reform? >> i doubt it will have any
3:44 pm
effect, unless it's an unexpected, huge margin that surprises everyone. in the absence of that, i don't think it has any effect on what's going to happen in congress. i have heard a rumor that on the special tonight you are bringing on a goat. >> bret: it may happen. >> a goat? >> bret: back to the entrails. >> i get it. >> company is going to have to bring a knife. >> i think there could be some short-term effect. charles is may be right about the headlines and maybe they won't be totally fair. the reality, psychologically is i think it will give momentum to the push to repeal and replace obamacare if republicans get a win and it's going to be harder to do if they don't. i think it's going to be easier
3:45 pm
to recruit candidates and start raising money for 2018. >> the swing districts, this might being example for them of getting more moderate candidates as opposed to having a bernie sanders, progressive burned down the republicans. they are going to want to go with someone like a ossoff in the swing districts. those are the type of candidates they are going to want to recruit. >> bret: there's no way to capture the house if they don't have these candidates. quickly, this hide the ball by republicans on the actual details of the health care bill. brilliant or running out of steam? >> i think it's necessary. it's not a brilliant idea. alienates a lot of people but it's the only way to do it because of the open of the process in the beginning or the middle, you never get to the end. you have to present something and you have to do it behind closed doors. you presented and then you fight
3:46 pm
it out. it's the only way mitch mcconnell could have done it, and it's the way he's doing it. >> bret: we here we will see some kind of draft tomorrow or possibly thursday. health care bill, trying to pass something through the senate before july 4. we'll keep you updated. "special report" here at 11:00 p.m. eastern time. live coverage of the results, no goats. next up, a russian warplane comes too close for comfort to an american aircraft. what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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3:49 pm
>> it would be wonderful, as we were discussing a little while ago, if nato and our country could get along with russia. right now we are not getting
3:50 pm
along with russia at all. we may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with russia. this has built for a long period of time. we will see what happens. >> yes or no, does president trump believe the russian government interfered in the 2016 elections? >> i have not sat down and talk to him about that specific thing. we've been dealing with a lot of other issues today. >> bret: a few headlines today, that answer about whether russia interfered at all. this, as russia has threatened u.s. aircraft after the shootdown of the syrian fighter jet in syria. >> mr. secretary, what is your response? >> are you confident u.s. forces won't be shot down? 's big i am confident we are still communicating between our operations center and the russian operations center.
3:51 pm
view unconventional wisdom in the u.s. forces is that it's bluster from the russians. but is still tense. back with the panel. >> dangerous situation. it's ironic because when donald trump came into office, at least foreign policy hawks in washington were worried he was going to cut a deal with vladimir putin that would be to stuff. -- too soft. now tensions are escalating and we may be stumbling into an unwanted confrontation with russia. the trump administration is under a lot of pressure not to be seen to be reaching out too much. no communication i am aware of between rex tillerson and his counterpart, no phone call between trump and vladimir putin since the infamous day in the oval office. you're having close calls, in eastern europe, baltics. nato doing big military exercise, essentially simulating warner between nato and russia.
3:52 pm
major exercise in belarus this fall. opportunities for miscalculations in the big -- trump is likely to see vladimir putin at the summit next month. >> it shows that the trump administration, russia has been getting away in terms of syria and with president assad. what you're seeing is they are sending a warning. they warned the pilot several times, do not get near our forces, countering on i think s a direct message. something that we saw when there was a chemical attack in alaska for months in syria and we sent tomahawk cruise missiles into the area. i think we are seeing is the trump administration is not afraid to take action. this is something, at least this
3:53 pm
administration is showing strength as opposed to what we saw with president obama and his lack of action. >> bret: the reason that i say it's bluster likely, they are looking at the turkish situation where the turks shot down a russian fighter jet. couple weeks later, russia and turkey were a-ok. >> when we did the tomahawk strike on the airbase, the russians said we are ending cooperation appeared we are going to have a free-for-all in the skies. didn't happen. the cooperation continued. nonetheless i think we're headed into a much more dangerous. back, the reason is that the isis phase of the syrian civil war is going to end soon. isis is going to be dealt with. they are losing muscle, they are surrounded in raqqa. if and when that happens, could
3:54 pm
be within six months or year, what is left on the ground is iran, russia, hezbollah, assad and the saudis, egyptians, jordanians, rebels on the ground and us on the other side. there is no third-party who can get together. it's us and them. the iranians and russians are looking at a prize, winning syria, keeping syria. the russians being the dominant power in the region. putin hungers to recover great power status. i think he's willing to risk more than we think. not now. it's early. you knocking to go shooting down airplanes but with isis illuminated it's going to be even more dangerous. >> bret: hearing the talk of sanctions. >> it's encouraging. everybody, what we are getting,
3:55 pm
was the trump campaign negotiating in advance of giving up sanctions? no indication of that. perhaps putin is pretty disappointed in his pal, trump. and that's one of the reasons he's taken a tough line. >> bret: i want to turn to the aftermath of the death of otto warmbier. the president said today it should never have happened, total disgrace, should have been brought home sooner. is there followed here that potentially is another tension situation with north korea? >> absolutely. it increases the pressure. i think it galvanizes public opinion. north korea is a problem that foreign policy insiders obsess about but i think a lot of americans feel like it's not really a kitchen table issue for them. when you have a american college student paraded out, sobbing on camera, sent back to his family in a coma, it brings it home for people in a new way.
3:56 pm
there are no good options on north korea. donald trump may be invigorated to crack down and do something tough, but what is it? no good option. >> bret: obviously he doesn't think china has done enough. he said they have tried but it hasn't happened yet, today in a tweet. when we come back, a politician opens his mouth once too often. i and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is rdy for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. when it comes to reducing the evsugar in your family's dietom.
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>> bret: finally tonight, politics can be tough to swallow sometimes. costa rica's president learned that firsthand as he addressed reporters. a wasp flies into his mouth before he swallows it. he then goes on to tell the reporters "i ate it" ,." i ate the lost." he even called the snack pure protein. some water to wash it down, they are tough there in costa rica just eating wasps.
4:00 pm
that's it for this special report, fair, balanced, unafrai unafraid. see you back your 11:00 p.m. for live election coverage of the congressional races, here's martha. >> martha: breaking tonight, how is the president doing out there, we may find out, but not in washington, the answer might lie in georgia for the president brought congressman tom price to run health and human services, that seat has opened up so can the g.o.p. hold onto a? for the people that district happy with the president or do they want to send some kind of message perhaps by turning this historically red, red district of blue it is razor tight and that is the story tonight. good evening tonight, i'm martha maccallum. early numbers starting to come in, former georgia secretary of state karen handel taking on 30-year-old filmmaker and former congressional aide democrat jon