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tv   The Five  FOXNEWSW  June 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the five are up next. they are life. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> high i'm greg, juan williams, jesse watters, and across me is dana perino. the five. polls are closed in georgia. we await results. the special congressional election in the sixth district is supposed to be a referendum on trump. the democratic choice, jon ossoff, rolled in the cash. it was impressive. until you realize that donations came from 7,000 californians, and only 800 from his own district. that tells you who is behind him. people who don't even live ther there. just like ossoff. celebrities like alyssa milano,
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chelsea handler, george tokai, they are all over this election. so is the media abscesses over his failed meddling in our election, how is this not similar. here you have one state meddling in another. how is california not russia, and georgia not america? the only difference are the celebrities who are way more obnoxious than putin. i get it, california, georgia same country. but still, you have aristocratic outsiders instructing the rubes on how to vote, undermining an election thousands of miles away. talk about interference, obstruction. why would these interlopers do that? it's an emotional thing. the trump election was humiliating, it was painful. so this election offers celebrities their psychotherapy. they are using the district as a giant valium to soothe their bruised egos. that emotion is missing on the other side.
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here's why. if you ask trump voters in october what would you prefer, to win the election with trump and lose the seat in georgia or toulouse to hillary and still have that seat, i think you know the answer. so no matter what happens tonight, no matter who wins or loses, it's only because of donald trump winning. that still has to hurt, and will still need more therapy. >> all right, you got hollywood, california, rich liberals. jesse, also new york millionaires colluding to steal an election. >> the carpetbaggers colluding with san francisco to hack this democracy. >> exactly. >> this guy is a puppet, he parachutes and with daddy's money, he is obviously a carpetbagger. he's handsome, nice head of hair, but he's a pelosi democrat. he voted for the iran deal, it's for care, but he had lobbyists in his free time. he gets a lot of his money from
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hollywood, a lot of it from the bay area. barely any of it is from georgi georgia. the democrats said they want money out of politics, but they are literally buying a congressional district. >> trying. >> listen, this is not necessarily trump country here. he only won the district by 1%, romney won it by 21%. i don't think a special election -- just because you are tv right now expect >> as of now, democrats 0-4 and special elections. they need this tonight. results all four have not looks good. >> it is tight. some show her up, some show her down. kimberly, this is pure collusion, to subvert an election. i'm going to keep saying it. >> and there's actual effects to prove it, that's the thing. when you think about it, when i used to live in separate cisco, when i was running for the officer i may have benefited
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from election dollars. but why are they dumping this money trying to buy a seat? can you imagine if it was the other way around? and how about the fact that he doesn't even live in his district? how about that? like two hours, somebody times it. >> he has an uber though. >> is that what it is? the problem is people need to care about something else, say we don't even want someone who lives in the district doesn't represent us just coming in to take a seat for no reason. to me that doesn't make any sense that he could be successful. i guess is he doing in the polling. they kind of picked amount of obscurity with very little background whatsoever and said "he will do." >> like a few other people i know, juan. doesn't smack of elitists putting their noses and other people's lives? >> no. i was curious about what you said, the supreme court said you can give money and that's free
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speech, and you have a situation here where you have foreign money, hacking, buying of u.s. officials, inviting charges after treason over people were not faithful to the flag -- >> are you buying -- >> that's like putting california into a georgia race. >> 95% of the money from outside the district. >> it's one situation where people were concerned about undermining sanctions against russia, trying to weaken america as a result, that's different than the hollywood elites saying hey, this is a very red district and we think it's time to use it as a stage that there is opposition to trump. >> i think you actually agreed with me in the sense that you just admit it it's a being invaded by blue people. the blue are invading the red. let's say they raise enough money and they win here. if they do this in every
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election, in 2018, get a bunch of celebrity millionaires -- she could get about ten millionaires, put all of their money, and they could win all of the elections, and the whole country could be run by left-wing millionaires. >> that would be a lot of money. >> a couple million. because it would bankrupt them, would that be beneficial? if one were thinking in one's way, how is this any different in scott brown special election when he was new hampshire, but really running in massachusetts, and all that national money went into that special election. the whole issue is about obamacare. this special tonight, obamacare, or the replacement, became a big issue. the interesting thing, the congressional leadership fund, which is the outside money group for republicans that paul ryan runs, they punched a hole money into there, and that's not coming from georgia either. the other problem for democrats
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is that while these suburbs -- they had to -- part of the reason is, too, they had one person that they wanted as her sacrificial lamb, and he actually did well. the republicans in the primary for this one have 15 candidates, so that's why he actually got all that attention. remember, three months ago, there was the special to see if he would go in. they are changing in these districts, if you look at the map, the electoral map, it's read almost all across the country because that the rural areas. suburban america is changing a little bit. so when the long run, i don't think there's a lot of lessons to be learned out of this special, but in the long run the democrats and the republicans are going to be fighting over those people. putting somebody like ossoff up, it's surprising that they gave him so much money because they care so little about principle. people in california were sanders supporters. and he is actually a very conservative democrat. basically he's running as a republican. >> that will change.
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>> exactly. but he's not going to win. she is going to win by a hair. >> he thinks of questioning >> i think she wins by a hair. >> i will be laughing my oss of off. [laughter] >> you know who's district this is in the congressional world? frank underwood. >> o. >> what dana was saying about diversity district is striking me because it's not only that it's becoming more diverse, more hispanic than black, but it's the most educated district in the country that's been a republican district. 50% college educated. the reason the democrats want this, they see an opportunity to peel away some of the republicans who are anti-trump concerned about the health care bill and the like. specifically because upper educated whites, suburban
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whites, are the targets for democrats from here on out heading towards 2018. >> i just -- south per my carolina went to the republican? >> i like the name ralph, you don't see it often anymore. >> guide with 21st names going to congress. >> yes. this is some interesting tape from a debate between karen handel and jon ossoff about where he lives. >> i would like to know, it is exactly who are you to vote for in this election? >> is that the question? okay. i think secretary handel is a friend to my residence which is a matter i have addressed trans apparently throughout this campaign. i grew up in the sixth congressional district. i was born and raised in georgia. unlike secretary handel who was born and raised in washington, d.c. >> is he old enough to run for congress?
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he looks like my son. seriously. the guy lives a two hour walk away, living at his dad's house or something? but then he got engaged to a woman in the district right when he started running. speaking of frank underwood, who really knows -- >> your terrible. >> i am sure they are very much in love, but the whole thing is strange. >> what's going on. >> john locke wrote a piece for fox news, he makes a great point that if government expands, there is more at stake. >> these are all national. >> so now everything is a national election. $30 million for one congressional seat in georgia because government has invaded all of our lives. government -- taken over health care. it makes people want to vote for more government or a liberal. >> the house republicans don't have a lot to worry about for 2018, i actually think that they wield to keep the house. i'm gonna make a production her here. you guys may have to hold me to
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this, but i think that the way the senate map is for the 2018 election, i believe that the senate republicans will actually pick up a seat or two, and they are going to lose -- they are going to backtrack. part of that is because if you look at a state like missouri, president trump has great support in missouri. and the democratic senator, she is running for reelection, she get very close to hillary clinton. trump's voters are engaged and i think you will have a hard time. >> i'm just proud if she wins tonight, she didn't even body slimy reporter. [laughs] that's a big a compliment. >> a lesson that we could all learn. >> price when this district less time with 52% of the vote. i think handel, looking good right now. >> it's tight. >> but the ideas, let's say she wins by one or two or loses by one or two, there will be this great hee haw about it. >> what you mean by hee haw?
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>> yes that's exactly right. but the democrats are going to make a big deal if ossoff wins and the republicans if handel wins, and i actually -- i don't know. >> can you imagine of hollywood liberals carried as much about national security or job growth or the economy as they do about -- cybersecurity -- as they do about a seat in georgia? something to think about. >> they must have money to burn. >> they need a hobby. >> a lot of money. >> all right, next. will the trump administration take action against north korea? senator mccain's are calling it murder. how should they respond? that's ahead. is that good? yeah it's perfect. bees! bees! go! go! go! [ girl catching her breath }
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>> welcome back. a funeral date is set for the american student who was sent home unconscious by north korea last week. a public service will be had for otto warmbier on thursday, and his hometown high school in ohio. 22-year-old died yesterday from injuries suffered while brutalized by kim jong un's regime. president trump addressed it. >> president trump: it's a total disgrace. that should never, ever be allowed to happen. and frankly, if you were brought home sooner, the result would've
6:17 pm
been a lot different. he should have been not president trump john mccain calls a murder. but will they pay consequences? well i appreciate the efforts, to help an art predicament has nest and help them. at least i know that china tried. greg, in the situation last night, i said this was a murder. this was a homicide committed by north korea. kim jong un and his regime should be held responsible for the heinous murder of an american, a united states citizen. >> that tweet is interesting to me. i think we're going to see the beginning of the gas lighting of north korea. he should tweet tomorrow "we are changing the executive order against assassination." and then with a little happy face emoticon, and a hashtag, say nothing more. it's refreshing to be the
6:18 pm
unpredictable force in this equation as an american. for so long we were the ones that were solving for x. trying to figure out the crazy people. now it's their turn to figure out what we are going to do next. i think we should target the countries that are doing business with north korea, and make sure they are not making any money and possibly losing money. just to mess with on all counts. do whatever we can to make their lives hell -- take it back to the neighborhood metaphor. if there's a creep in your neighborhood, tell your kids to stay away. that's what you do. and we are the parent here, week to tell these other countries to stay away from him. or else. >> there has to be sanctions. if not sanctions there should be repercussions. i'm confident that the president and his administration will do something about this. there are calls about restricting cap comic travel to north korea -- >> by the way, if it isn't restricted should not be already? >> there are travel warnings
6:19 pm
from the state department. you shouldn't go, and we can't guarantee what would happen, things like that. there's not a ban. but i guess that there could be. i'm sorry did you have a question? >> your reaction, about what the precautions should be economic and otherwise. >> the economic, you would hope that it would work. this is a regime that is willing to starve its own people. i don't know if we have any more intelligence, because it's difficult to get intelligence for north korea because it's such an opaque society, but i do think it's one way to do it. i think one thing president trump is doing in his tweet was try to set a china, because they are meeting with the chinese tomorrow, i know you tried, but you have to do something else. setting up that meeting that it's more successful. interesting to me was senator mccain. it is the man who obviously knows what it's like to be held by enemies. and tortured, and thankfully he came back to us and has been able to live a full life and give so much to his country through public service. but the fact that he is saying murder, i think that resident
6:20 pm
trump can utilize senator mccain's expertise and his support in order to try to push something. but then where do you go from there? i don't think a surgical strike is actually possible on nuclear weapons when they have weapons aimed at seoul, south korea, and what are the consequences of that. and containment strategy hasn't worked well. it's basically come down to the united states north korea unless the chinese decide to do something quite dramatic. i hope that they will, but i'm skeptical. >> you think that they should. jesse, your thoughts? >> i think trump came in here to do some things with the world, and do them quickly. he's tired of things getting worse and worse and worse, and i think that's why the american people elected him. i think that we basically tells the chinese, you know what, you tried but it's getting near the end and you better throw a hail mary here. because i'm going to start doing something and we are going to have to act without you.
6:21 pm
just to tell the chinese, you know what, we have other options. we don't have to go through you, we can go through other leverages of power. i think senator mccain's statement was incredibly persuasive, strong, i think i will add pressure to the president. i think the security team will pressure him. and i think had feels the emotion from the american people who are outraged by this. i think you can slap slap shano make sanctions, electronic warfare is obviously on the table, some of our fighter jets buzzing -- >> kinetic access questioning >> exactly, that there are a range of things we can do short of all-out war. >> one, your reflections what do you think should be permissible? >> anything can be on the table. i thought that what senator mccain said, the murder charge, is also reflected in what you are reading, gordon chang who is quite an expert in this area, that basically there has to be a severe cause for
6:22 pm
harming an american citizen. so what is president trump going to do? today at the white house, lots of discussion about the fact that trump said he was willing to meet with kim jong un. people were saying if he still willing to meet with this man, in the words of john mccain, murdered an american citizen? that's the question. it was not a complete answer. it wasn't ruled out. the question is, what is he willing to do. i'll tell you what he was willing to do today, he was trying to slander president obama, if this kid had come earlier, all within -- >> not a slander. >> it is a slander. what happened, ten americans were released from north rio during president obama's tenure. >> but that is such a political blasphemy against the president of the united states. to say that president obama -- >> i didn't say --
6:23 pm
>> i thought he was rude and clearly the father is an emotional distress. >> he has every right to say that. >> but it's not true, and it's clear that president obama -- and i think every administratio administration -- >> he didn't say president obama, why do you attribute he's only saying that. you know how i saw it? i thought that north korea north korea should've released him in time so i should've had proper medical care instead of waiting till he was in a complete coma. they set up a release, and we should have done more. >> but that's not the way came across, let me tell you. there were 17 americans detained over the course of the last ten years in north korea. three of them still there. and he's gotta figure out how to get amount of their right there stomach now. that's the priority. speak if we haven't heard from them, i think he left north korea, he's in china for now. i wonder if he gave any of this a second thought while he was there? because while he was there,
6:24 pm
otto's parents are going to hell, and he has a little on trying to bring basketball than attribute out if you thought of this. >> he left with a t-shirt that said ambassador rodman. >> he is the winner in all this. >> something has to be done, and i had to, new tensions flare with russia as we try to take out isis in syria. the latest on that escalating conflict when "the five" returns. stay with us. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas. and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that? oorah oorah open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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it's just a burst pipe, i co(laugh) it. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it. this despite the fact that russia will now target american aircraft in western syria. the warning shout down a warplane that dropped bombs near
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u.s. fighters yesterday. that incident prompted russia to fly one of its fighter jets dangerously close to ours, coming within 5 feet of our spy plane in the baltic sea. greg, things are heating up. put in has basically said if you fly west of the euphrates we are coming after you. do you think he means a question mark >> it's like a bar fight in those old western movies. you don't even know who you're hitting. both russia and the united states share a common goal. can we just wait? can we wait until we eradicate isis, and then you can start maneuvering over the land. they are doing the maneuvering now, trying to figure out what is going to -- what are they keep going to control after ice is gone. isis isn't gone yet, and if we turn on each other because we have disappearance overseer, isis is going to be there longer and they're going to win. can we just wait, kill the savages first, and then we will have the bar fight. >> kimberly, we haven't actually talked about another country, and that is i
6:30 pm
helping them preserve syria and recreate the persian empire in their mind, that is what they wanted >> fantasy ally, everybody enjoys it i don't think they will be able to do that, i tell you what. this is a little bit of a blister on the part of russia. they've really gotten a lot of what they wanted to achieve there. they wanted to stabilize aside, they don't really care what happens in the eastern part of syria. they were able to establish an air base and have a military presence there. that's what they care about. they've been able to accomplish those goals. those of the big ticket items. do you think they are going to try to jeopardize all of that by starting to shoot down u.s. planes? not a chance. >> but that's coming pretty close. , sr., u.s. officials say that the armed russian fighter jets buzzed a reconnaissance aircraft coming within 5 feet of the
6:31 pm
aircraft. two u.s. officials, to me that's pretty risky. 5 feet is my height. that's not a lot. >> greg said it, russia is playing both sides right now. it's a proxy war, who will dominate the middle east. united states and saudi arabia, or russia and iran? they play both sides, they will help us fight isis while they same time fight syria and iran, talking out of both sides of their mouth. we care about fighting isis, but there will be this big power vacuum. everyone is trying to claim territory after we defeat them. i we going to let the iranians, or the syrians and the russians slide in and create -- like you said before -- this regional trade routes were these pipelines go through and business goes through, they have the access to the mediterranean. it squeezes out the kurds, and it squeezes out the saudis.
6:32 pm
they voted for donald trump to get out of the stuff, and all of it it looks a quickening in the middle of the stuff again. if we can stay out of this region -- because it just a mess. speak out the problems go come to his desk. >> why can't we let radical islam be someone else's problem for once? after we get rid of isis, if you want to go in and deal with that stuff, deal with it, it's your problem. >> also -- >> after we kill isis. >> and i >> and the troop levels in afghanistan, our strategy with syria and isis, where does that go in the next six months customer >> jesse is concerned with, trump said we were going to get out of this, look at afghanistan where we don't have a strategy. everyone acknowledges that. we are putting more forces on the ground, it's kind of crazy. the problem here in syria -- we don't have a strategy. let's say what it is.
6:33 pm
he came in to office, wasn't going to -- yes, but maybe he was bluffing you because he didn't have a strategy. that's the point. the point to me is will trump stand up to putin? prudence has right now we aren't even going to talk to the u.s. about -- >> he just shut down a syrian jet. >> that's -- >> why is he shooting on their proxy jet questionnaire >> the point is that putin is threatening to shoot anything that comes into that area of syria, including american -- >> i would like to reverse that question. is put in that stupid? and that crazy that he thinks he could actually do that and not have massive retaliation against him? >> if anybody is bluffing it is prudent. >> i stand by my first statement -- >> in the military is not strong enough to when that fight, but is he willing to make a statement and tested trump's hand and say are you really willing to do this?
6:34 pm
this is a threat to the world, and then you have afghanistan -- seems to me like there is a lot of stuff here out of control by a guy who came into office saying i'm going to solve this right away, no problem. >> there were no problems before, right? there is no isis before that. >> it strikes me that the allies or play way. australia isn't doing anything more. that's scary. >> there's a lot to figure out there. we've got more, a lot more. a lot of americans don't trust the media. we've got another example to illustrate why next. (microphone feedback) listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies and data without insights. and fragmented care- stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention.
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it'that can make a worldces, of difference. expedia, everything in one place, so you can travel the world better. >> way of an update for the georgia special election. karen handel, the republican, up 52% over democratic challenger
6:39 pm
jon ossoff at 48% with 39% of the precincts reporting. very good news for miss handel who is facing a really big challenge with a lot of out-of-state money coming in. a lot of hollywood money coming in. and democrats really looking to make a point here tonight with an upset victory. it looks like karen is hanging on so far. up by four points with just other 50% of precincts reporting. >> and they have us on tv, did you notice that customer >> that's right. fox news peered >> that's exciting. >> should the mainstream media and stop complaining and do their job? i think you know the job. here's the latest example of why so many americans do not trust and should not trust what people here on other networks. like cnn. >> the white house press secretary is going to a point, brooke, worries just kind of useless. if you can't come out and answer the questions and they are just not going to do this on camera or audio, why are even having these briefings or these giggles
6:40 pm
in the first place? that's the white house. the white house. and it's just bizarre. i don't know what world we're living in right now. >> white house press secretary sean spicer responded today. >> i think that we have done a very good job of not just providing opportunities here at our daily briefing, but also making ourselves available as a staff almost 24 hours a day when it comes down to it. >> so, jim acosta, was the person that president trump called fake news, very fake new news. strategically. >> buddies answered his questions at other briefings. >> he calls on him almost every time. strategically it's the fake news media is the enemy. doesn't make sense to seed that emory on camera on a nightly and daily basis so they can just take that and treat you with that? >> i see it a different way. if you have something to share and you are in the white house,
6:41 pm
you have an obligation to talk and discuss with the media what's going on peered but then you have, i think the bank solution would be to have them -- you have to feel the put forward some things to be able to talk about. talk about the accomplishments. i wouldn't always be a event. come forward with ideas, give them something to write about. otherwise you're playing catch up every day when there taking shots at them. they have been pretty public and transparent saying that they are reworking their communications strategy. and their team. so maybe for a second they might not have as many briefings. president trump is somebody that tries things, he does things by a different playbook. he's not afraid to take chances or to make changes and approach things in a different way. i think we can give him the opportunity to do that, to continue the relationship with the press, and driving forward his agenda. i think it can be done in a better way, and i think they're
6:42 pm
trying to do that. >> the relationship between the press and the president is a pretty bad one. a lot has to do with cnn. they broken scoops, like the president likes to scoops of ice cream, is he afraid of stairs. they were involved with the fake russian dossier, and the other day they had to retract the story about jim comey was going to come out and say that the president was under investigation. there's been a whole lot of these fake news stories coming out of cnn. if you understand the animosity coming from the white house towards an outlet like cnn? >> no. >> why not? >> like you really said, it seems like you would handle it in a more professional manner, make your point. but the idea of a briefing, it seems so essential and elemental to me. what's going on here, the white house had considered doing away with the daily briefing. just doing away with it. anna got resistant, mende's resistance, from fox news
6:43 pm
that's not kosher, you can't do that. now they've simply tried to, i think, slowly steadily limited by saying you can't have pictures, you can't have sound, only certain people are admitted in the gaggle. i just think it's not the way to do business in a democracy, and i know that the president and many of his supporters feel that there is an unlimited amount of criticism directed at him, you mentioned toward cnn, i don't care who else is doing it. the press is not the enemy of the american people. and donald trump is not and should not see himself as some authoritarian figure who is going to trample our first amendment rights. >> i don't think is trampling anyone's rights. i just think that 90% of the news media coverage about the president has been negative. that's where the enemy line comes in. when they don't give the briefing on camera, is that to punish the media for negative reporting? are they just want to put something out there that will be
6:44 pm
eliminated on life television. >> i think the white house benefits by having a daily presence on television to drive their story. but i also think the media is missing a huge story. and that's because they're so much of a hyperfocus on the white house, there's an entire big federal government out there and there are not reporters every day, like dealing with transportation, labor, sometimes the epa. you can even find any story about rick perry, there's all kinds of things happening across the federal government happening very quietly, and the media isn't focusing on it because they're so hyper focused on the white house itself. so if the media wants to broaden out and do its duty to citizens and cover the federal government, get out of the briefing room and go see some of those other places. >> stephen bannon said that they weren't doing on camera briefings because spicer had gotten fatter. >> he said it was fatter, but it
6:45 pm
was "phat" ." it does seem like they have the opportunity of the career, and he's basically relevance. he's the most transparent leader i think i've ever seen. he's doing it without them, he's doing it on twitter. if you want to know how the president thinks about anything, just go on twitter. and that frustrates them. he dumped to them for twitter. that's his new girlfriend. they are the ex-girlfriend, and they are like why don't you look at me? i'm here. that's what this is. >> there's a lot of fish in the sea. [laughs] >> americans on both sides of the aisle actually agree on about donald trump, we will tell you what that is when we return. . again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your
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>> a cbs poll shows the president's approval rating at 36%. the same poll shows that the same majority of publicans, democrats, and independence that he has received more criticism
6:50 pm
than recent presidents. what do you think? >> i think that he has, and he has unlike other presidents, they would ignore it. president trump is very open about talking about how he feels like he is being treated unfairly and his supporters hear that. i think even democrats would say, yes, that's true, because they are part of the criticism. for the white house, i wouldn't worry about the tracking poll for the next four months. i would focus relentlessly on getting a legislative way in which they think they will be able to have him sign legislation on health care before labor day, and they will be on their way to working on tax reform. if you can sign a couple of bills before october 1st, because the debt ceiling is think, i think those approval numbers will go up and obsessing about her right now instead of work focusing on legislative winds is like a dog chasing its tail. >> you have a situation where part of the decline in the president's ratings as among republicans. it was 83% in april, and now it's down around 72%. why are republicans all of a
6:51 pm
sudden starting to decline in support of president trump? >> i think what he touched on as he hasn't been able to drive through any legislative accomplishments the way that people expected to with the large majorities that they have. i don't put a ton of stock in these cbs polls, because they predicted hillary would win handily, predicted trump would lose north carolina, that trump would lose pennsylvania, and that trump would lose wisconsin. he won all three. i also don't understand, his approval rating is in the high 30s if you're going to believe the poll. but consumer confidence is way up. consumer optimism on home sales, wages, on the markets, things are on the right track. all of those at record highs. i don't see how that jives with his personal approval numbers. it does make sense to me. >> part of your answer -- >> 97% of the coverage is negative. russia, russia, russia. did i say russia? >> i was going to mention that.
6:52 pm
because a third of americans say that his approach to the russia investigation is hurting him. only 20% of republicans agree with the chair of the republican party that they should stop the investigation. you think that's the problem? >> if the problem is we are where we are, and they are going to see this through. it's unfortunate, he can't discuss all the positive things that have been happening with increased values in 4o1 kays and the stock markets and jobs, and we are hearing about that because there is a flood in the mainstream media about negative stories, 97%, and there really isn't much air or oxygen left for accomplishments, so that's when you tie this into the key medications as well, they need to get the stories out there and put forward the president's agenda is that people actually e a clear understanding of what's going on besides this whole russia storing that there is no evidence or proof. >> the president hasn't had a press since february.
6:53 pm
right now, america, there's a contingent that agrees that there is interference. i never hear and answer those tough questions. >> looking at the results in georgia, looks like john is getting his ossoff handed to them. [laughs] >> thanks you got that >> does popularity actually matter? could you not like trump would be okay with what he's doing if you focus on the economy and that is populated? you are going to vote for them. i don't like the guy, kind of rude, but you know what jobs, jobs, my 401(k) is doing pretty good. on employment is down. isis is gone. russia, north korea, they were all stepping back. but i'm saying -- unemployment is down right now. isis is being cornered and is
6:54 pm
being annihilated. they are taking any prisoners, your joy to see these guys in gitmo. their heads will be on states. >> gitmo was closed, is that right? i must have missed that. >> that was obama's promise. trump would expand it and make it a chain and put a t on it. >> one more thing is up next. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd,
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>> this is a fox news alert, that looks great. in a crushing, humiliating, soul destroying defeat probably would with 75% in we have karen handel 52 to 48% over jon ossoff in the sixth district district of georgia. i feel very bad for lena dunham right now. . towing it, while democrats blame russia? >> they will probably bring pressure but they will also blame the rain, that was something they had. early voting for months and there was a lot of rain today and especially in that county. you know the democrats were in trouble when they were early on complaining that the rain really dampened our turnout. what dampened the turnout is that you are running in a district that is not ready for you yet and it was faked. we love that you are watching us, that's great. i would say most valuable player to go to the congressional leadership fund, which is the
6:59 pm
third-party entity that raises a lot of money for these candidates and also to republicans, and unity in the primary and immediately afterwards will prevent a lot of heartburn and wasting a lot of money like this. >> it crushes all those people that focus -- they've never even been to georgia. >> this is a big defeat for jane fonda and chelsea handler. think about the millions of dollars and she's bankrupt, now she's even more bankrupt. millions of dollars on this race went nowhere. >> it goes to show you what you can't come in and buy georgia, the voters came out, they wanted to have somebody who represented their state, their district and it looks like they got what they wanted. >> just to calm you down in your moment of great exuberance, let me just remind you that she will win with 52%. i don't even know she's going to win. >> what happened to the
7:00 pm
resistance, juan? hannity up next. never miss an episode. ♪ >> sean: a fox news alert, welcome to hannity, america is at a turning point, a soft coup is taking place in the country, in an effort to remove this president from office. our must-see opening monologue is less than a minute away but first we get an update on the special election in the georgia congressional sixth district. >> the fox news election or come up to go special election sigh, one in south carolina, the other in georgia to fill the health seat vacant by jumped on my tom price. at this hour republican karen handel is ahead by about 10,000 votes and republicans are increasingly confident that a strong election day turnout even in


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