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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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ey say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia >> sean: this is a fox news alert. welcome to "hannity," america was at a turning point. osofsky was taking place in the country, wide overturned election results in an effort to remove this president from office. the must-see opening monologue is less than a minute away. first we have the update on the special election in the georgia congressional sixth district. >> the sixth district will remain in republican control. karen handel beating ossoff in the most extensive recent history. held by tom price who is serving as president trump secretary of health and human services. while thanking her supporters, handel says she is ready to get
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work. >> we have a lot of work to do. a lot of problems that we need to solve. we need to finish the drill on health care. [cheers and applause] we have to do a better job for this economy. so that we can create more jobs and better paying jobs. speak of the president reacting to republicans, winning all of the special elections tweeting... all the fake news, all of the money spent equals zero. i am jackie ibanez, back to hannity for all of your headlines. log onto >> sean: of course we will have updates on that race throughout the hour, also tonight a soft queue is underway right here in the united states of america in an attempt to overturn the november results, and forcibly remove a duly elected president from office. sinister forces quickly aligning and what has become now in my
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mind, a clear and present danger. that is tonight very important opening monologue. ♪ here in america we are at a turning point tonight with the force is now forming an alliance to try to remove president trump from office. it is that serious, here are the five dangers we are facing, especially the president. if you have the destroyed trump media that has been lying to you now, provable lies for 11 months. nonstop. trump-russia collusion. black helicopter theories. no evidence whatsoever. a two, the deep state. a selectively leaking to damaged the president and anyone associated with him. three, special counsel the investigation creep i have been telling all about. now turned into and out of control, what is a political witch hunt, and it needs to be stopped. four, all of the manufacture turmoil putting president trump president trump's term in jeopardy. impacting everyone of you out
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there as the american people. five, the effort to override the will of the american people, change the result of a presidential election is now creating a national security crisis. america is now suffering from a massive informational crisis, because i call them the destroy trump media, routinely expose now. agenda driven, propaganda, more than happy to push, debunk, tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. the media peddling one of the biggest lies in american history, that is that the president colluded with the russians. that is because members of the media are nothing more than left-wing ideologues trying to be journalists. remember, they are the ones i colluded with hillary clinton exposed by wikileaks in the 2016 election. the media has one clear shared goal in mind, and that is too damaged, stop, and destroy trump's presidency. sadly, it appears by any means necessary.
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we have been highlighting on this program night after night how unhinged these people have become. they do not care about facts. they do not care about the truth. that is why "the washington post," "the new york times," abc, nbc, cnn, all exposed as having gotten there reporting wrong. the destroy trump media, not the only ones who collusion is narrative has crumbled. take a list at the long -- take a look at the long list of democrats with no evidence in collusion. zero, zip had to take a. >> the allegations with the russians and the hacking of documents, dumping in the election had essentially relationships with trump campaign people, but i am not prepared to say that there is proof you could take to a jury. >> do you with the conclusion that the president reached with no evidence of collusion? >> we have not seen any of that whatsoever. we have been looking and seeing everything that they have had.
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that is not led to that. >> sean: the next threat, perhaps the most dangerous, the deep state. that is the unelected, the fourth branch of government, consisting of a lot of obama holdovers, anti-trump brooke coutts who are now routinely targeting the president, his administration with selective l. at the deep state works closely with the destroy trump media to disseminate false information about the president and his administration. what is even more sinister about the deep state is that they are willing to break the law. leaking classified information like in the case of general plan. then you have the former fbi director james comey manning under oath that he had the memo leapt to "the new york times." he had a goal. he owned at the appointment of a special counsel. the prime example is the unmasking of general plan. that was a violation of the espionage act. that is a crime. a felony by the way. in his fourth amendment rights by the way, totally trampled on. you have heard nothing about it.
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no investigation there. why? the deep state does not care. only concerned with taking down president trump and his associates. number three, the special counsel, look at the mission creek investigation, remember president trump has called this the greatest american witch hunt. he is worried. the sole purpose was to investigate so-called trump-russia collusion, but now he is expanding the investigation and digging into finances, jared kushner, extraction -- obstruction of justice, not going to stop there. because there is no trump-russia collusion, he has to move on. what is most alarming, mueller is having massive conflicts of interest. he should recluse himself, he is carrying an impartial investigation. now mueller needs to end the witch hunt right now. he is best friends with james comey. they have been best friends for a long time, and who do you think mueller is going to side
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with when it comes to the president and his word versus james comey? pretty obvious, pretty unfair. then there is the fact that the mueller lawyers, many of them donated big, big bucks to barack obama, hillary clinton, and on top of that, perhaps most sinister, one of the lawyers that mueller has hired was clinton's attorney at the clinton foundation defending the clinton foundation against getting you information and preventing freedom of information act request. it is and that's great about the foundation? imagine for a second, just stand back, if republicans ever tried to pull anything like this, you know, let's hire donald trump's lawyer to investigate hillary clinton. the left rage would be unlike anything you have ever seen before. if mueller was going to investigate real crimes, real
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collusion, a real donald trump conspiracy with russia, maybe he should focus attention on other things. let's start with loretta lynch, let's start with the clintons, james comey testified that lynch influenced the investigation into hillary clinton's email server. is that not the textbook definition of obstruction of justice. and if democrats in the media want to talk about collusion, we can talk about collusion. was it wrong for loretta lynch to meet bill clinton on the tarmac or to commence james comey not to say investigation about "a matter?" was it wrong when she said that coming confronted her as having been in the tank for hillary all along and putting the kibosh on any indictment. what about when serving as secretary of state? hillary clinton handed over 20% of the uranian to who? vladimir putin. the russians prior to the corrupt deal, and while people involved in the deal donating and taking back the early manic big dollars the clinton
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foundation, her husband doubling the speaking fees in moscow. all of this manufactured turmoil from the left, the democrats, destroyed compliment trump media, is completing dysfunctional environment in washington and for the country. and you, the american people, you are the one suffering, because these forces are slowing down what you voted for, a president, and acting, the agenda he promised, and it means fewer jobs. less economic growth, no border wall, no tax reform, no replacing obamacare, no getting people off of food stamps, back in the labor force, buying homes at a 51 year low, the more that the text continues, the more it will take for the american people the benefit for what you voted for, the president's policies in the agenda. and all of this is now creating a very clear present danger to the country. the left is suffering well
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beyond trump derangement syndrome. it is completely unhinged. a look at how vile some of the rhetoric has been. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> pigs in a blanket. we like bacon. >> what do we want? when do we want it, now. >> i will put mr. burgess up against sean hannity. they will tear him up. >> the press always asks me to i wish i was debating him? no, i wish we were in high school and i could take it behind the gym. >> the more accurate would be that the g.o.p. just kicked america in the balls. thank you. >> it is a weird tension. it is a dangerous time for the first amendment and the free press in the country. at the same time we are influential with the guy that wants to kill us. >> how dare he say the things
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that he does, of course i want to punch him in the face. >> yes. >> sean: you want to punch the president in the face, madonna dreaming up blowing up the white house. and now we have severed heads, trump look-alikes in an isis pose, now we have a assassins and republicans targeted for assassination. you don't think that is insanity? you don't think this could ever be reconciled with some of the actions that are happening here? this is now reaching a point of no return. if these forces are successful, this country will not survive. if they continue with lies, propaganda, misinformation, and how to write conspiracy theories, where do the people go to get their country back? why don't they go after the people that we know committed actual crimes? why are they investigating loretta lynch, hillary clinton, the deep state, the leaks,
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although legal? why are they only going after president trump? just so you know, this is not just about president trump, not just people around the president. this is more deeply about you, the american people. it is a big middle finger right in your face. these people don't care about you, mueller, rosenstein, comey, weak republicans, they are not acting on your behalf. if they do not care how this is impacting you, your family is, those of you out of work and in property, on food stamps. those of you out of the labor force, 95 million of you. they think that they are smarter than you. they know better than you. it is not about you to them. it is not about what you want. this is about what they want. if you are sick and tired of it, you should let your congressmen and women know. you should look at the media tonight and ask if they are telling you the truth anymore. we are at a turning point. you the american people have a profound choice to make your.
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you can let this continue to happen. watch the country descend into chaos, you can sit back or you can stand up and fight for what you voted for back in november. and to the agenda that you want implemented in the country. here with a reaction, conservative commentator monica crowley, am i overstating? >> amen, brother, sean. you have laid out what he is up against. he is facing an unholy alliance between the left, the establishment on both sides, the media, the federal bureaucracy, the deep state coming in the international community. as a presidential candidate, donald trump was able to withstand the assault coming at him from all of the elements. as president, it is something completely different. i hope and pray that he is strong enough to withstand what is coming at him. the russia thing is falling apart at the seams. and when it goes away, which are well, because there is no evidence whatsoever. >> sean: it is gone. they moved on.
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>> when it is gone, and it will be relatively soon, they will find something else. they are not going to stop, because we are confronting something much bigger. donald trump is regarded with disgust by all of the elements i identified. he is considered unworthy of the job and unworthy of the respect that goes with that job. but more importantly, sean, he represents an existential threat to all of the elements that are just identified. therefore, he must not be allowed to succeed. because if he does, all of those elements will lose third gravy trains, their power, their influence. they will use whatever political weapon they can, and whatever legal weapon that can including the special counsel to try to not just discredit him, that we could survive and handle. if they want to destroy his presidency and destroy him personally sleep. >> sean: they do not get rid of the deep state, and you cannot control the media, they are power turbine, and
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propaganda news at this point. you can't stop what has happened in the government. when we come back, the great one, now uncovered a decade doj document which explains something that the media will never tell you. why the sitting president cannot be indicted for obstruction of justice part of the great one is here to explain. and later, an explosive new report with key documents in the obama spine scandal, you will not believe what the documents show. we have a hannity investigation. sarah carter, gregg jarrett, and much more on that busy breaking news night. stay with us.
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introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> this is a fox news alert. i am jackie ibanez in new york. republicans in georgia, karen handel has beat ossoff in the sixth congressional district. at the nationwide attention because it was seen as a test of president trump support of the 2018 midterm. most expensive house race in u.s. history, more than $50 million spent. republicans scored victories in congressional elections in south carolina. indiana, florida, getting well ready for the storm. gaining strength as a continues to move north in the gulf of mexico, sustained winds of 60 miles per hour. forecasters warned that heavy rainfall can bring floods to the
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coast. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity" for all of your headlines, log onto you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox news channel. ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," the left, the destroy trump media, trying to push the russia-trump collusion, and now they suggest we cannot get him on that, let's move to obstruction of justice. let's move into the financial issues. now the great one, mark levin recently uncovered an old doj document that suggested a sitting president cannot be indicted in criminal cases. looking up the screen, the memo reads in part in 1973, the department concluded that the indictment, criminal prosecution of a sitting president would impermissibly undermine the capacity of the executive branch to performance constitutionally assigned functions. it goes on "we believe that the conclusion reached by the department in 1973 still
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represents the best interpretation of the constitution." we believe that the constitution requires recognition of a presidential immunity from indictment in criminal prosecution while the president is in office. with reaction, the author of soon of soon-to-be best-selling book, look at her right there "rediscovering americanism, the tyranny of progressivism." i: the great one. you are going to be on next week, we will talk about the book. let's talk about what you found here. this is profound to me. >> let's talk about this, because we have had a debate the last several weeks as a result of the gym comey leak through the law professor buddy to "the new york times" ," the suggestion is that donald trump obstructed justice, you and i know, and anybody with any confidence knows that the president of the united states
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did not obstruct justice, but that he can't obstruct justice. at that aside, the debate for weeks, obstructing justice, well will mueller investigate him? that is not a question, that is media insanity. the issue is, why would mueller investigate a sitting president at all as a criminal manner? it has been the department of justice under democrats and republicans, and the october memorandum under the clinton administration, you must not, cannot indict a sitting president, not that this president would be. that is not my point. as a matter of constitutional interpretation for 44 years, that has been the decision of the department of justice. we have had law professors, homeless people, would be law professors all over tv and radio talking about obstruction of justice. we have had media types talking about it. we have had members of congress talking about it. it does not matter. the official position of the justice department is that we do not charge a sitting president
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with a crime. now, you don't have to trust me, here is part of the memo. this memo was written october october 16th, 2000, and incorporates writings from the 1973 memorandum. the office and legal counsel, which advises the president and the attorney general on constitution issues, one time headed by william rehnquist, chief justice coming and one time anthony scalia, that's how important offices. the memorandum in 1973, proceeded to this issue, examining whether criminal proceedings against a sitting president should be barred by the doctrine of separation of powers. but they conclude it is, it is barred by the separation of powers. here is the reason. there is only one person who runs the executive branch, the commander in chief, the president of the united states. it is not like congress where you have 435 members of the house, or the senate where you have 100 members of the senate. or the courts where there is one
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house and federal judges and so forth. the president is it. one national election, one president, specific duties under article one of the constitution of the united states. and what they have explained, is this, you cannot have a prosecutor who was responsible to nobody digging into the background, charging the president of the united states, debilitating the presidency, making it impossible to constitute -- follow the constitutional responsibilities, you cannot have a judge and jury determining whether an election is going to be reversed! you cannot have every citizen, yes, i said averaged citizens, trump citizens sitting as they would in an average case involving an average citizen defendant! that is not this case! it is a president of the united states! and they set up a completely separate system for him or her call the impeachment process. we are not going to get into that now.
10:25 pm
what they have said is that it is quite clear that if a president of the united states has to spend time defending himself, if a president has to spend time going to trial, being deposed. if a president has to spend time protecting himself, then it damages, it handicaps one of the branches of the federal government, and destroys separation of powers. this is the position of the department of justice, no why does that matter? because mr. mueller is not an independent agent. they can call them independent, special prosecutor. they can call him egg kumquat, it does not matter, but the fact of the matter is that at the department of justice for all prosecutors, apply to mr. mueller. the fact that comey lead to the memo and tried to push and obstruction of justice scenario, and pressed for a special
10:26 pm
department of justice, which he god, mueller -- >> sean: can i get a one question? i don't want to interrupt your thought. this is what you are great at, and rediscovering americanism, we will get into that monday, this is important constitutionally, but i keep talking about the five forces against the president, what i call a soft coup, you have the deep state, the nonstop leaking, and you see all of the people appointed by mueller. you have a media with 11 months of nonstop lying, and democrats that never accepted the election results. and they want some relevancy to say i told you so. but i have never seen the forces a line under a banner of conspiracy, lies, hiring clinton attorneys to be part of mueller's team, is this a real danger? last question. >> yes, and i have been calling
10:27 pm
it a silent coup for a long tim time. >> sean: great minds think alike. >> yes, they do. i have been calling at the criminalization of politics. this has been going on for some time with the democrats. they try it against every single republican president. how is it that after eight years, or during eight years of obama, we have the irs, we have fast and furious, so many issues going on, not once was there a special counsel. in three months into the presidency, four months into the presidency on bogus issue after bogus issue after bogus issue, special counsel. >> sean: no rush russia collusion, no we will move onto obstruction. >> i want to be clear, we need to get off of obstruction in the issue should be mr. mueller! what is their authority investigating the president of the united states as a criminal matter? right now if that is your intention, i'm not saying he is doing it, we don't know, but you are violating the department of justice policy! 44 years in place. for the liberal lawyers and
10:28 pm
media that are going to debate the memo, they can debate all they want to! that is a department of justice policy whether they like it or not. >> sean: mark, very revealing. monday night, one week from yesterday you were going to be on the program and talk about the new book. great find, i hope people are paying attention. yes, sir. coming up, russia continues to test the united states of america. today a armed fighter jet flew within 5 feet of an american judge. sebastian will weigh in with the real russian threat that the media is not talking about. but first a bomb show report, and the location of key documents in the obama unmasking scandal. you will never guess the latest stonewalling attempt, joining us with the details, sarah carter, gregg jarrett, much more. reactions straight ahead. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident.
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documents in the obama administration and the unmasking scandal, titled obama, and is he, susan rice has unmasking material is at obama library, or to explain, tom fenton, sarah carter, fox news anchor, explaining how she gets access to unmasking in the first place? how did she get to that level? >> i'm sure that mueller is investigating it, right, sean? so we the national security council which advises the president on national security matters, about the involvement in the unmasking about the dnc hacking, russia collusion, everything you think you would want from susan rice's files over at the national security council, and we got a letter back from the national security council saying all documents from the obama administration have been turned over to the presidential library, and they helpfully gave us the address of the library. >> sean: really? you want to go over, mr. obama,
10:34 pm
can i please has -- have those? >> now we can get the records for the presidential library, under the presidential records act, the freedom of information act which is what we typically use to get documents, does not apply until five years after obama leaves office. but something can be done in the meantime. to the president can get the documents. president trump can bring them back in. subpoenas can be issued to get them, and certainly there are other litigations as well. >> sean: sarah, you and sullivan investigated that there was in this last 2016 election season, a 350% -- 350% increase in unmasking, which unless we have greater security threats that they never told us about, that seems to be weapon icing the intelligence agencies to go after political opponents. >> that certainly is what our
10:35 pm
sources were concerned about. and we have the documents to prove it. it was not just relying on unnamed sources, we were actually able to get the documents to show that. and i think the concern here is back in march, we reported this. it was not just susan rice, it was cia director, and john brennan, attorney general loretta lynch, very interesting, and to the question that i have, i want to know when did they send all of these documents over to the library? that's what i am concerned about. a day trying to hide this from the american people? these are actual federal documents, i assume that there is a lot of concern here. >> sean: tom just told us why. >> what about the intelligence committee? >> sean: shipped them out quick, right? so much investigative work on all of these issues, mueller, rosenstein, comey, investigative creek. i agree with you, mueller needs
10:36 pm
to be recused, comey needs to be looked into for crimes, hillary clinton investigated, rosenstein recused, it never happens. they dig deeper because they cannot get russia-trump collusion. >> because they are not losing themselves, you have to wonder why? is there reason other than the law and the statutes, so forth? is this a vendetta? is it retribution or revenge for the firing of james comey? because comey and mueller are best friends, are they now acting in collusion to bring down the president? the problem is that a special counsel has unfettered, unchecked latitude and discretion to make a false accusation of obstruction of justice, because he does not have to prove it in the court. all he has to do is handed over to congress in hopes of triggering -- >> sean: do you agree you cannot get a president on this?
10:37 pm
the doj 40 year policy? >> i'm sorry. >> sean: do you agree with mark live in? this is a department of justice policy and want to be uncovered tonight? >> he is partially right, here is why. the rule under the doj specific physically -- specifically says you cannot indict a president, that would happen after an impeachment, after he leaves office, but you can investigate a president for perjury, the articles of impeachment after ken starr investigated bill clinton. so the investigation can be done, you are not violating doj rules. >> sean: i don't know how they don't recuse themselves. we have to roll here, but thank you all for being with us. every night we are going to stay on it until we get to the truth, because the american people are not being served here. coming up, the u.s. shut down the syrian government jet near rocca, and today a russian armed fighter jet flew within 5 feet of an american aircraft.
10:38 pm
weighing in with the real russia threat. and then later tonight... >> do you really want to be swarming the state of a william shakespeare play to shut it down? it does not make any sense could it does not make sense in the minds of people like sean hannity. >> sean: you don't know about shakespeare, caviar, and your blanket and central park. you talk about the true meaning as the artistic expression of the assassinating president knightly, because you do not appreciate the arts. my reaction to the idiotic comment he made a comment, i will explain why the arrogant media lists are out of touch. won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> this is a fox news alert. i am jackie ibanez a in new yo. handel beating ossoff, special points, the sixth district seat. the two party spending more than $50 million, and republican ralph norman winning the special election for the south carolina district seat by a little bit more than three percentage points. triple digits in the forecast again for the southwest on wednesday. tuesday the mercury hit 119 degrees in phoenix, the fourth hottest day on record. california and nevada are also seen triple digits as well. officials say that the attack at the central train system will stop tuesday.
10:43 pm
if the suspect was shot after a small device exploded, died on the scene, no one else was hurt. police on the street near the train station. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity" ." ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," the left continues to obsess over the phone you tromp collusion lie, and they failed to see the real russian threats. president trump is not messing around with russia, and the u.s. shut down a syrian government jet near rocco, today an armed russian fighter jet literally flew within 5 feet of an american aircraft, and russian jets, by the way, the actions are being described as provocative in the flight maneuvers, today was also confirmed that the u.s. aircraft was shot down an armed iranian drone in syria, with reaction, deputy assistant, you mean there really is issues with russia and the president is confronting them? russia has all the bad
10:44 pm
information, how could he dare stand up to the russians? >> it kind of blows their fake news out of the water, wanted to say, sean? >> sean: yes, sir. this is provocative, dangerous, how do we respond saying we will shoot your plans are lists of guy >> we respond just as general mcmaster, secretary teller's and have stated, we have no interest in a conflict with russia, we are there for one purpose alone, to destroy isis forces. and to end the conflict in syria, we have successfully fluent excess expertly finished russia, but now it's ready to go to war with syria or russia, we are there to crush isis, sean. >> sean: what about the acceleration? what was the need yesterday to take out the syrian jet? >> i'm not going to second-guess the commanders on the ground, but they have been given very
10:45 pm
clear rules of engagement under unlike the obama administration. at the president whether it is syria has have been cleared, he is allowing the military to do their job and unshackle them. we have invested only as a dollars per individual. we trust them to make the split-second decision. and that fighter was at bret. >> sean: i will move on if i can while i have you in the chair to talk about north korea. i sat with a really good smart friend of mine the other day, and he kept saying, how do you deal with the baroque regime with somebody unstable that has nuclear weapons that threatens to use them that can kill how many hundreds of thousands of people and south korea, japan, how do you deal with that as he pursues intercontinental ballistic -- missiles? >> you speak true about the regime. you don't have a fantasy land
10:46 pm
expectation that you can negotiate because they are just another country. that is the kind of policy that the obama white house would follow. political correctness. second, let's be realistic. this is not a giant, this is not the soviet union, so let's not make it out to be more powerful than it is. it has a limited capability. it is destabilizing. it is a threat to the region into our partners, but it is not something that we cannot deal with, we will manage this threat to prejudice is a threat management issue, sean. >> sean: thank you for what you're doing. we will monitor all of the situations, it is precarious out there. another reason why we cannot have investigative mission creep in the ongoing conspiracy theories advanced by the media. this is my point. thanks, write here tonight on the busy breaking news night on "hannity"... >> you want to be storming the stage of a william shakespeare play to shut it down, does this make any sense? this may make sense in the
10:47 pm
people of sean hannity. >> sean: shakespeare in the park, let's kill a president trump look alike every night. i should not even comments, i should be appreciating the arts of shakespeare and central park. really, i will explain why these arrogant out of touch for new york elitist over there at nbc are so off-the-wall and don't even carry a bow to you ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that. then do that. can we do that? we can do that.
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," and liberal joe in the morning, he went after yours truly, i am so upset for not condemning the protesters who quote rush the stage to express what was happening in julius caesar, shakespeare and the park, depicting a tromp look alike being viciously murdered. i don't understand shakespeare, he says. >> first of all, you have the dumb extremism there. my advice is people, you need to read a book once in a while. it is william shakespeare. do you really want to now be storming the stage of a william shakespeare play to shut it down? it does not make any sense. it it may sense to the people
10:52 pm
like sean hannity. >> sean: do they even know what century shakespeare was anna? have they read "julius here's -- caesar? they can talk down all they want, but they are arrogant, they are new york, they are out of touch, elitist, average americans, charlie, joe, liberal joe, mika, they really do not give a rip if they do not have a job, and poverty, out of the labor force and they cannot buy a house. they are suffering, and i have watch this go on for months and months, and watched a little bit of unhedged moments at nbc news. let's take a look. >> donald trump again being eschenbach. he looked like a thug. he looked like a goon. this is so unbalanced. he is not unwell. >> he is vladimir putin's hostage. not prepared to know what he does not know.
10:53 pm
>> impossibly. unfit to mentally. sorry. >> it would be like somebody their pants and keep on looking at it, that is modern art. i am making a statement against russian aggression. >> this is not funny. this is really bad, just for the record, we are all really nervous. >> sean: oh, mika, i am sorry. it is almost a daily unhinged emotional breakdown over there. from the hill, joad concho. he called the president a schmuck and then the week after he goes on, we have to stop all the hostility. that's what struck me, when joe said we have to calm down the rhetoric. doing a little bit of research out of the package you just played in february you called the president of fake president, and in may he said that trump had the dementia. he called him up online, bumbling dope. and after talking about the
10:54 pm
president pooping his pants, then you have mika taking it seriously, you cannot go from "gossip girl" and tried to do the next version of "meet the press." i used to like that show a lot. it has become "gossip girl." >> sean: i've never liked it. joe is a chameleon. now he is a big lib. it gets a lot of press, because they bring impress people, i'm not impressed. but when you look at "julius caesar," shakespeare and the park, i am thinking we have isis poses with a severed head of the president, then we have a nightly assassination of trump, and he just had targeted assassination of republicans in alexandria, virginia. i'm not thinking it is funny anymore. it is serious. >> but your position is to not call for boycotts, correct? >> sean: they can do what they want, but so can the woman who was peaceful and said, stop what you're doing here.
10:55 pm
if that's all she did. she did not resist arrest, she got arrested, we had her on the show. >> i do not understand charlie sykes' argument, that this is a shakespearean play and we do not understand it. i have studied caesar, i get the book. he marched into rome illegally and took over and was declared what was it, a dictator for purity? trump was in the play, but at last check trump was elected and are free and fair election. so to put trump as caesar does not make sense in the first place. >> sean: very well said. all right, joe, very important question of the day. we need your help, "hannity" continue straight ahead. smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online.
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11:00 pm
that puts america at a turning point. we want to hear from you at @seanhannity on twitter, let us know what you think. all the time we have this evening. always fair, always balanced. we will see you back here tomorrow night.