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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 21, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the >> shannon: another busy. democrats came out and said don't read too much into last night's loss in georgia. we did see nancy pelosi. >> bill: and paul ryan was out. jay johnson still taking questions about the election. >> shannon: it never ends. >> bill: see you tomorrow. bye-bye. >> jon: meal ticket from here with a fox news alert. the former homeland security saying clearly that russia tried to sway the election and that vladimir putin clearly ordered it. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. that is the focus of former homeland security jay johnson's testimony. the house-senate intelligence community holds hearings into russian interference in the 2016 election. the former secretary saying there is no doubt in his mind about moscow's intention. >> the russian government for
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the purpose of influencing our election. that is a fact, plain and simple. now the key question for the president and the congress is what are we going to do to protect the american people and their democracy from this kind of thing in the future? i'm pleased that this committee has undertaken this investigation. i welcome it. my sincere hope is that in bipartisan fashion, you find answers. >> julie: catherine herridge joins us now on capitol hill. >> i'm on the senate side where we've heard witnesses this morning from the fbi's counterintelligence division as well as homeland security, cyber security division and one of the main headlines this morning has focused on the summer of 2016 when they say russian entities
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began scanning election databases in nearly two dozen states and this is really an indicator that the target was more widespread than previously recorded. >> as of right now, we have evidence of 21 states that were targeted. >> in no case were actual vote tallies altered in any way, shape, or form. >> that is correct. >> what we know publicly is that data was stolen or expo traded from at least two states, illinois and arizona. there is a lot of frustration on the senate side this morning that the other 19 states had not been publicly identified by homeland security. the fbi witness testified that the goal of the russians was to simply undermine confidence in the u.s. electoral process. when it came to the targeting of these state board of elections
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and voter registration, it was all about planning for future opportunities. >> first of all, i think they took the data to understand what it consisted of. once there, that they can better understand and plan accordingly? when i say plan accordingly, i meanç an attacking future elections and/or targeting particular individuals. >> within the last few minutes, we had testimony and questions from republican senator marco rubio who said he believes that the russians targeted 21 states because simply targeting these entities, not even stealing the information, would have the effect of undermining the outcome of the selection and leaving a cloud over however was the ultimate victor. >> julie: thank you very much. one thing we can't walk away from is clearly the investigation continues and whether or not russia had any play in the election, but again,
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still no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign in russia. >> that is correct. this is focusing this morning on the russia campaign which was described as being on a broader scale and more aggressive in nature than they've seen in previous election cycles and undermining confidence. the witnesses have testified that part of the goal for moscow was to denigrate candidate clinton and help candidate trump if they could in any way, but they did not change the voter tallies and they have not testified that there is evidence of collusion between members of the trump team and moscow. the >> julie: okay, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> jon: new information this morning on a key g.o.p. victory in another special election. when that turned into the most expensive house race in u.s. history. republican karen handel came out on top, beating democrat jon ossoff in yesterday's highly contested election to represent
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the northern suburbs of olanta. >> thank you. thank you for believing in me. [applause] tonight's victory is for you and it's for every single venison and the six district. as for every single person with a dream. >> jon: jonathan serrie life for us in atlanta right now. >> more than $50 million, a record for a u.s. house race, spent on these two campaigns, and it elevated the race to national status of the airwaves which were saturated. at times, the ads could be quite negative. now that this race has been settled, both candidates are calling for unity. listen. >> to the jon ossoff supporters, know that my commitment, they expend to everyone of you as well.
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we may have some different beliefs, but we are part of one community, the community of the sixth district. >> we showed them that we can still build coalition of people who may not see i to eye on everything, but rather than demonizing each other, we find common ground to move forward and that's only way this country will move forward. >> jon ossoff's early campaign to make trump furious attracted millions of dollars in campaign funding when he pivoted to the center with a platform of creating jobs and cutting government waste. that's funding that helped him reach out to independents in the district, but he is also finding he has some drawbacks. >> he race $23 million plus the vast majority that came from outside the state of georgia. not only does he not live in the six district, but he's 3,000 miles away. that resonated with a lot of the voters we talk to.
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>> take a look at this tweet from overnight. the president taken to twitter saying welcome of the special elections are over and those that want to make america great again are 5-0. all the fake news, all the money sent to equals zero. many people were looking at this georgia election as an early referendum on the trump administration. >> jon: jonathan serrie in atlanta. thank you. >> julie: fox news weather alert,ç the governor of louisia declaring a state of emergency. tropical storm cindy bears down on the gulf coast. sunday is expected to hit louisiana later tonight bring an dangerous amounts of rainfall two states along the gulf coast. one texas business owner in fact taking steps to prepare for the coming storm. >> getting ready for some wind. right now, it's just the wind, so we're trying to get everything off the ground. you just have to be prepared.
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>> julie: casey stegall is live in the path of the storm. >> good to see you. not expected to make landfall until the overnight hours. right now, projections are around 1:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. central time. still, we are already seeing and feeling her effects. i'm going to hop out of the way and let you take a live look at the gulf of mexico back here. this is holly beach, louisiana. the cajun riviera as it's known, not terribly far from the texas border. you can see the waves out there, pretty choppy and the both as the storm makes its way to us. storm surge, not so much a worry with this particular system, about 3 feet or so. instead, it is the intense rain that has people worried. folks all along the gulf coast from texas all the way to the florida panhandle are getting ready. those sandbags are being put out an residence and coastal areas of texas, louisiana, mississippi, and alabama are
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moving some of their belongings to higher ground, something all-too-familiar with people who call this region home. >> is a part of life. >> we are going to write it out. i think will be all right. >> no evacuations to tell you about, but the state of emergency has been declared by the governors of alabama and louisiana. much of this state is currently under a flash flood watches with forecasters predicting anywhere from 6-9 inches of rain and some isolated areas could see more than a foot, the heaviest being in the south parts of mississippi and alabama. you can see that this is being viewed by meteorologists and forecasters as mostly a flooding event. cindy's winds, not terribly strong, about 50-60 miles per
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hour. the national hurricane center, not expecting her to strengthen before coming ashore tonight. >> julie: you'll be there for it. thank you. >> jon: fox news alert. can one suspect is in custody after a law enforcement officer was stabbed in the neck at the airport in flint, michigan. bishop airport is the name of it. the suspect apparently stabbed this off-duty officer and was taken into custody. the officer said to be in critical condition after being stabbed in the neck. no more information on what caused this incident. we'll get more information, but the bishop airport in flint, which has some service to other commercial airports on the eastern part of the country. that airport is closed for now as the investigation into the stabbing of this officer continues. a young american dies after
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being imprisoned in north korea, now the u.s. is considering its response. what kind of response is warranted for the death of otto warmbier? after more than a year in captivity in north korea. also, a handful of republicans writing a health care bill that will affect millions of americans, should it be taking place behind closed doors or on in the open? senator john mccain will join us with his reaction to these issues and a whole lot more. >> if you're frustrated by the lack of transparency in this process, i share your frustration
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liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> jon: satellites detecting activity at an north korean nuclear test sites as tenants with the u.s. remain very high over the death of otto warmbier. the president saying on twitter, while i greatly appreciate the experts of president she and
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china to help with north korea, it is not worked out. at least i know china tried. i am jordan gordon chang past tense and the president's tweet there, i know china tried, what do you make of that? >> this is a little bit ominous, because we are to read this in connection with his april 11th tweet in which he said china can't solve north korea, united states will do so alone. if he still believes that and we are looking at yesterday's tweet saying china help, that means there is going to be american action on north korea and presumably, that would be soon.ç >> jon: if there is action, i support it could run the gamut, do you have any suspicions as to what might be in the works? >> we are thinking of taking the state department's travel advisor in north korea and turning it into a travel ban which is something that we should do, but there are also a
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lot of things that we should shanks and -- sanction which we haven't and we should enforce the sanctions that are in place. we don't do that and we don't impose crosses on countries like china. >> jon: we don't enforce the sanctions already in place? >> there are so many things that we know is going on between china and north korea where we have chinese banks laundering money for the north koreans and we do not impose any cross on those banks. we impose $300 million fines on banks were busting in the iran sanctions, but here we have chinese banks involved in much more complicit conduct and with regard to north korea and we are not doing anything. there is a lot of room for us to talk enforcement. a >> jon: here you have a young man, an american college student who is flat out murdered by north korean regime and there doesn't, to this point, there
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doesn't seem to be any response. if kim jong-un can continue to do that, is there anything that stops them? >> that's an important point because we have given a lot of warnings to the north koreans, but at the same time, we have told them to ignore what we say because we never impose those cross for behavior which is dangerous and only to the united states, but to the international community. we created this course of conduct, this expectation in the minds of north koreans. we need to stop that and although it will be unpleasant, we need to impose those on north korea and its enablers. until we do that, we know we are going to get. the north koreans are going to count on our currency, they're going to launched ballistic missiles, they'll use americans as hostages, they'll do all sorts of things and we've just been watching this. >> jon: if they were to respond militarily, launch an
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attack on south korea in response to us tightening the screws, do you save it a possibility? >> it's possible, but very unlikely. kim jong-un knows that. they are not going to do something like that unless they're at the point where they have no other choice. i know north koreans will help and a chinese. nonetheless, if we don't do anything, we know north koreans, maybe three years or sooner would put a nuclear warhead on top of a missile. they have been making very fast progress, not only are north korean technicians were on their own, they're getting a lot of help from beijing at this point and we see this, we know all about this. this is an open source and yet, we don't impose anything on the north koreans are chinese.
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we permitted this. >> jon: one gets the impression that strategic patience is over and this administration might be inclined to do something, we'll see. it will be watching. gordon chang, thank you. >> julie: she vanished more than one decade ago and now, new gruesome details. plus, election reflection. we are looking at the national implications of last nights republican republican victory in georgia and what it could mean for the 2018 midterms and the president's agenda. all this is republicans on capitol hill continue to work to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the president clearly onceça bill to have heart in it. he believes that health care is something that is near and dear to some of these families and individuals. he made it clear from the beginning that that was one of his priorities as moms,
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combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> jon: right now, some new information on crime stories. gruesome new details and the murder of a former beauty queen that disappeared 12 years ago in georgia. a grand jury indicting bo duke in the case. he's accused of tampering with evidence and burning her body. a wild scene in an indiana courthouse after the judge issued a warrant for anthony williams and williams ran out of the courtroom. the judge chasing him while still wearing his black robe, but an officer caught up with williams using a taser to and that chase. closing arguments and$e baby doe murder trial in boston. michael mccarthy stands accused of killing his girlfriends daughter. he dumped the body and boston
8:24 am
harbor. attorneys say mccarthy's girlfriend is really to blame. she pointed the finger at mccarthy to cover up her own role and her daughters killing. >> julie: right now, belgium on edge and beefing up security after a failed terror attack at a train station. this was a scary scene where a man tried to blow up a nail bomb shouting a la akbar before he was killed by a soldier. >> he grabbed his suitcase. fortunately, nobody was hurt. his suitcase immediately caught fire. the man left his luggage burning and left in pursuit of a station officer. meanwhile, the bag exploded a second time. this bag contained nails and small-cap bottles. the man then returned and to the
8:25 am
arresting soldier shot him. >> julie: greg palkot is following the story live from london. >> here we go again. police staged a raid earlier this morning in the capital of belgium following that failed bombing attack right in the center of the city. the police action happened at -- it is a hotbed of terror activity. and as a springboard for terror attacks. we spent some time there in the past. this after the 36-year-old moroccan man tried to set up that nail bomb in the main train station of the city last night. he apparently walked in with a group of people who are standing and looking at a departure or arrival board, then apparently tried to trigger the bomb, that's when there were two small explosions and a fire. a soldier at the scene took apsley no chances.
8:26 am
luckily, no one was hurt, but that very busy train station was closed until this morning causing a lot of disruption. also the center of the city was sealed off also causing disruptions. last year, we saw a string of deadly attacks in brussels and just in the last couple of days, we've seen a deadly terror attack in london and an attempted terror attack at the shop believes a in france. >> jon: the house and senate intelligence committees are holding hearings today.
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what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. >> julie: new information on the national implications of g.o.p. victories in recent special elections. sarah huckabee sanders weighing in on last nights win in georgia on "fox & friends" ." >> they thought the elections last night were going to be a referendum on this president and once again, he proved to never underestimate him in the american people put him in other republicans in place for a reason. >> julie: joining us now, a democrat from illinois. thank you very much for taking the time, as it is a very busy
8:31 am
week. you just heard sarah huckabee sanders they're talking about the referendum on donald trump's presidency. i believe a lot of republicans are rejoicing on that today. i want your reaction to both of the republican wins in georgia and south carolina last night. >> it depends on what perspective you're looking at i it. you look at just about half a year ago, representative price when the star struck by 23 points. last night, it was only a four-point victory for the republicans. i see that as momentum from a democratic perspective. i'll draw this analogy. i'm a former college athlete and if you play a really tough team and you lose by a little bit, then there's always the next game and may be a win the next time or you come a little bit closer and finally win. we are moving the bolt on the line. weç were unable to cross -- get into the end zone in the way we
8:32 am
would have liked, but we are making progress. i'm not discouraged. i would have liked to have one, i don't feel discouraged. >> julie: what message do you think this might send for the democratic party as many had hoped the russian investigation involving president trump's campaign might turn voters from voting republican? >> i know in a tough district, and i happen to represent a district and in illinois the donald trump one, but i won by 20 points. when i go home on weekends, we do supermarket saturdays. i'm walking the aisles and talking to grandpa's when they are picking out tangerines and grandmas when they're picking out there oatmeal. when i hear is they want us to focus on jobs and the economy. i'm of no question about russia. what am i focused on?
8:33 am
i'm focused on jobs and economy nonstop. what i share with my fellow democrats, that's what we need to focus on. people need to fight for their jobs. their sideshows are not what are focused on. >> julie: people want the sideshows to go away so they can focus on the issue. and one of the biggest issues right now and washington is going to the fight over health care. this will play a big role in the midterm elections. i want your take. yesterday, mitch mcconnell announced there is going to be a discussion draft unveiled tomorrow on health care. democratic senators have been trying to stall process, demand a public hearing on the bill, but those tactics unlikely to stop mcconnell. you leave democrats are running out of options when it comes to health care? >> we should focus on two things
8:34 am
appear in my professional background was in health care. but before, during, and after the act passed. it is a bill and it is a law that we needed some adjustments on, but let's focus on two areas and that is the cost of prescription drugs because they're too high for too many families, they're unaffordable for too many families and let's look at the cost of co-pays and premiums and deductibles. i think if we could focus on those two things, come together as democrats and republicans, the country and our families would be the winners. i wish we would divert this attention and focus on these two areas. people back home would be very pleased if we could focus on most two areas. >> julie: they have come together, not necessarily in supporting the g.o.p. senate health care bill.
8:35 am
mcconnell can only lose two republican senators. means it's only going to take three republican senators. could it be that democrats might actually try to unify with these republicans and formalize with them? >> i think it's always a good idea to formalize across the aisle. i came from the private sector. i was a journalist for about 17 years before i worked in health care. if you work in the private sector and that's your entire background before coming to elected office, you know you cannot be successful without working with people who you may not see exactly i to why, but there is usually a common denominator where you can start. i hope that we see more of that. we had aç nice unifying message last week as a result of a
8:36 am
terrible, terrible tragedy and i hope we can continue that role. we'll play in the congressional women's softball game, which is tonight. a real quick aside, our team, we played democrats and republicans house and senators. we already planned bipartisan fashion. our opponent is the women's leftist press corps. >> julie: maybe they should build a baseball field on capitol hill. >> that's a genius idea, you should pitch that. >> julie: thank you very much for taking the time, we appreciate it. >> jon: >> at the direction of vladimir putin himself orchestrated cyber attacks on our nation for the purpose of influencing our election. that is a fact, plain and simple. now the key question for the president and the congress is,
8:37 am
what are we going to do to protect the american people and their democracy from this kind of thing in the future? the >> jon: us the big question from jay johnson testifying before the house intelligence committee on the safety of our elections, just one of the many serious issues right now, including the sanctity of our vote, the sacred drafting of a health care bill, and how to respond to north korea after the death of a young american student who had been imprisoned there for 17 months. joining me now, senator john mccain chairman of the armed services committee. jay johnson says what are we going to do about russian meddling? would be your answer? >> i would be examining a series of options in order to make sure that the north koreans have a price to pay for this. i was very disappointed to hear some parliamentary problem over and the house representatives. we passed a very strong bill by
8:38 am
a vote of 98-2. i hope we can get that issue resolved. here's the facts. the facts are, since they tried to affect the outcome of our election, and i have seen no evidence that they were able to, but they tried. we have seen no action whatsoever. then sends the wrong message to the people like vladimir putin. we need to, i hope, take it from the house, overwhelming vote, send it to the president and i hope he would sign it, but if he didn't, his veto would be overridden. >> jon: to remember during the 2012 election when president obama sort of try of chided mitt romney for suggesting that the russians might be our greatest geopolitical flow, it was as if the russians problem had gone away. have people on capitol hill rediscovered that the russians are not our friends? >> i think that's part of it.
8:39 am
there are some pretty graphic evidence that that is the case. of course, for 8 years, there was no strategy, therefore no policy, therefore no way of responding to these constant attacks by the russians, whether it be in the united states or any place in the world. we need a strategy, we need a policy and very frankly, i've been very disappointed that general mattis who i admire and general mcmaster who i greatly admire, they haven't come forward with a strategy and yet, they're asking us in the armed services committee and marking up the bill that's going to be eventually signed by the president and has been for the last 53 years, i've been telling them, i want a strategy. i'm not about to send more americans into harm's way without a strategy for victory. what we have had for the last eight years was aç strategy for not losing. by the way, we are losing.
8:40 am
>> jon: let's talk about another big bill that is under wraps right now, the health care bill that's being drafted in the senate behind closed doors. you have expressed frustration with that, is this going to be another case like obamacare were nancy pelosi famously said, we have to pass this bill before we can find out what's in it? >> i'm hopeful that they will report it out. i hope we can have debate and discussion on the floor and the senate. i do not the the dash i do note the way the thing is being put together. i think it's wrong and the american people are more and more leaning towards what is a failed policy and that is obamacare. we need to come out with what we stand for and what we believe in and how we are going to implement it. that's the way democracy is supposed to work and i'm very disappointed that we haven't. we still have time to do so, but i'm not prepared to just go to the floor and have a bunch of us
8:41 am
we took care of what is basically one fifth of american's gdp. the >> jon: if we could have a couple more minutes of your time, i would like to ask you on the outside of a break about the north korean -- i'm sorry, the student who died in north korea north korean -- after north korean mistreatment and get your thoughts. senator john mccain with his back and just a moment
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>> jon: beckman to senator john mccain, republican of arizona, member of the armed services committee. do you and know enough about the health care bill to tell us whether you would vote for it or against? >> no, i don't. sorry. >> jon: how much time i need to make the determination? >> i would like to see a vigorous debate and amendments on the floor of the senate, i would like to have been more
8:45 am
involved in shaping it. i think we need to have vigorous debate and amendments on the floor of the senate. that's what we're supposed to be all about. >> jon: obviously, you spent a lot of time in a north vietnamese prison. otto warmbier was imprisoned in north korea for 17 months, came back in a coma and recently died. what should be the u.s. respons response? >> we need to examine all of our options. this inhumane treatment is obviously something that cannot go and responded to. i think we have to be careful, i think we have to be calibrated, and i think we also have to keep in mind that within market range of the dmz, the boundary between north and south korea as a whole bunch of rockets that could hit
8:46 am
a city of 26 million people, i.e. seal. we need to approach it very carefully. it's going to need to be responded to. to not do that is not something the american public or frankly, should be the case because it was sad to see, obviously. tragic. >> jon: i want to touch on syria as well, things seem to be heating up there. the u.s. shot down what appears to be an iranian drone. also, the close pass of russian jets, threatening to shoot down american forces. what are your concerns about the status of the battle in syria right now? >> my concerns are we still don't have an overall strategy and that is paramount in importance obviously. we've been in this conflict for
8:47 am
years and years. second of all, we have to make clear to the russians, we are not going to let them attack american trained and equipped troops. that's what caused the shootdown of that russian airplane is and was attacking american trained and equipped troops. we're not going to let that happen. we have to have deconflict in zones. we have to have conversations with the russians, but we also have to make it clear that if they're going to attack people, we have two protect them if that means shooting down a russian airplane, i don't think we will, but we made, obviously, that's what they're going to have to d do. the >> jon: are you fearful they would try to shoot on an american plane?ç >> i don't think so unless we were in violation of the deconfliction rules that are well-established.
8:48 am
i i don't think they would strike because their actions with a stomach -- were clearly in violation of the rules that were established. the >> jon: as good of you to spend time with us this morning. we appreciate your insight. thank you. >> julie: another scorcher in the southwest with triple digit temperatures gripping california, nevada, and arizona where the extreme heat is making it even too hot to fly. >> the plane literally cannot take off, it that's a legitimate reason and we don't want to be on it. way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. i'm micah with safelite. customer: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care. kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> jon: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" ."
8:52 am
>> harris: hump day says it will be served up. republican's are racking up big wins. for straight races going their way since president trump's victory in november. what does this tell us about next years midterms? is it time for us democrats to do some soul searching? the speaker on top of that, a brand-new pole shows the president's approval rating are studying. >> harris: all that plus rsp 22, he is a little outspoken, isn't he? that will be cool. >> jon: thanks. >> julie: fox news alert. another day of record-breaking heat of his parts of california, arizona, and nevada. phoenix was 119 degrees yesterday. so hot, many flights had to be canceled because apparently, small or just cannot take off and i kind of heat. one stranded traveler, deborah dominic desperate.
8:53 am
>> i call my husband and he said i know how to tell you this, but you might be staying another day and i said no, take me home. i've had enough of this heat. >> julie: william la jeunesse's life. are you sweating? >> i am. 119 was the record for the day, but not the all time. that was 122 in june of 1990. i lived here at the time and that temperature literally shut down all of sky harbor airport. it was too hot for planes to fly, it was time for me to go. american airlines did cancel 50 flights of the smaller regional type jets, about 50 seats, that type of thing. the hot air means thinner air and they can't attain the lift they need to take off. the bigger jets, the boeing, airbus, they were unaffected.
8:54 am
>> each make and model aircraft have performance criteria. if any variable exceeds that, as essentially grounds the airplan airplane. >> yes, you can fry an egg in his temperature and you can bake cookies because your car will reach about 158 degrees in about 30 minutes. the biggest concern is health. last year, both 2,000 people visited the emergency room. >> right about 110 is when the units will start to fail if they're on their last leg. >> the average temperature in phoenix is 103 in june, 105 in july. triple digit heat is not uncommon, but when it hits around 108, 110, that's when problems begin for people and
8:55 am
mechanics. we are supposed to have this heat wave until sunday. at supposed to break at that point in time, but first responders, border patrol, ems, fire crews, wildfires, all that stuff is a real concern when temps go over about 110 degrees. >> julie: i hope you're wearing shorts and flip-flops. not that it's appropriate for me to come in and what you're wearing, but just a suggestion. william la jeunesse, thank you. >> i will tell you this one thing, if you haven't been here for a while, it's very hot. >> julie: william, thank you. >> jon: i have a sister in mesa, she is not a happy camper. new next hour of "happening now," planning the next stq in president trump's effort to kick-start middle east peace talks, senior white house advisor and son-in-law, jared kushner is sitting down with palestinian president. plus, as the death toll soars across the country, another state joins the list of places
8:56 am
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the >> jon: bishop international airport, flint, michigan, still closed at this hour after a law enforcement officer was stabbed there in the neck earlier this morning. we are told the suspect is in custody. the fbi is responding to that seen as well as local law enforcement officers. a news conference expected to be underway any minute now. in the meantime, the city hall is also under a heightened security measures, the mayor, issuing a statementç saying tht we are still awaiting more information about the situation. my thoughts and prayers are with all of our law enforcement officers who work to service sed
9:00 am
protect us. at this time, you're taking extra precautions just to be safe. we will have more in the second hour of "happening now," see you back here then. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: a big win for president trump and the g.o.p. republican, karen handel defeated jon ossoff and george is a special election last night. it is now the democrats fifth straight loss since november. how much trouble are they end? this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith, meghan mccain, repo begin strategist and former spokesperson for president george w. bush, mercedes schlapp in today's #oneluckyguy, he does not hold back, fox news contributor and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, kevin jackson is outnumbered. good to have you. the >> meghan: birthday! >> kevin: thank you. what better way to spend


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