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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 21, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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regime. it's a big event, i am proud that i was invited. >> happy birthday! >> we are going to sing when we get off the air. but for now, thank you for joining us. a "happening now" is now. >> julie: a fox news alert, breaking developments in michigan, the airport in flint evacuated after a police officer was stabbed in the neck. >> jon: a suspect now in custody, the fbi on the scene and leading the investigation. we are covering all the news, "happening now" ." >> tonight is a victory, it is for every single citizen in the sixth district. it's for every single person with a dream. >> jon: after a nail-biter in georgia and another victory in south carolina last night, republicans are now 4 for 4 it when it comes to winning congressional special elections during the trump presidency.
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will they keep the momentum for 2018? and do democrats need a new game plan? plus, former homeland security chief jay johnson on capitol hill to testify on the russia investigation. and tropical storm cindy is expected to hit the u.s. mainland in a matter of hours. it's all happening now. we begin with a fox news alert, president trump holding a rally later today in iowa the day after republicans swept the special election to fill two vacant congressional seats, welcome to "happening now," our second hour. i'm jon scott. >> julie: i am julie banderas. republicans now celebrating two victories as we mentioned. the fight for georgia was the most expensive house campaign in u.s. history. president trump offering his congratulations and a series of tweets. the president will be leaving
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for cedar rapids in just a few hours where he will be touring a community college before tonight's big rally. >> iowa is an important part of not just this process but of our country, it's one of the big agricultural producers in the country and its huge industry there. today he isç going there to tak about agriculture, talk about technology and agriculture, how we can be more efficient and more effective. and really talk about the backbone of our country which is in the heartland. >> julie: white house correspondent john roberts joins us live from the north lawn this afternoon. what's so important about the elections held last night? >> this is a very big win for president trump, this is the one that the democrats have put all the marbles on. it's the most expensive congressional race in history, upwards of $40 million was spent here. democrats were really trying to make this a national race, a referendum on the president and
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voters in georgia's assist congressional district by sending karen handel to congress. the president last night tweeted her congratulations, saying "congratulations to karen handel on her big win in georgia six, fantastic job, we are all very proud." the president also congratulated ralph moorman, the republican in south carolina who won his race. the president adding "the special elections are over and those that want to make america great again are 5-0. all the fake news, all the money spent, they are zero. joe crowley, democrat of new york acknowledged today that they got beat last night and they got beat pretty bad. >> we all know the results of last night's election. we are all a bit disappointed this morning, the great efforts that were put forth both in georgia and in south carolina,
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it's a tough day for democrats and the losses we sustained. >> tough day indeed, the president also threw down the gauntlet to republicans. "democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with republicans on tax cuts of security, obstruction does not work." the president is heading to iowa after this. another reason he is going is this will be a sendoff to the former iowa governor who takes up his duties as ambassador to china on the 26th of june, he is headed there. the president will be talking about the push to replace obamacare in the senate that is coming up as up well as jobs and agriculture. they want to know what is in that senate bill, there is some dissatisfaction in the hawkeye state in regards to what was passed in the house. they are also worried about health care, jobs and education.
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they are also worried about medical marijuana. a lot therefore the president to hear from folks in iowa when he appears there later today. >> julie: john roberts, thank you very much. >> jon: for more on what these election results mean, let's talk to the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia. look into your crystal ball, the elections are a little more than 18 months away now. what does this signify? >> it doesn't tell us much about what is going to happen in november 2018 but here is why it is an advantage for republicans. they are energized and they are recruiting candidates for not just their receipt but also some democratic seats. they are a district where donald trump one and 2016, but a democratic congressman held on. this is an advantage in a key moment in the recruiting season and i think generally, democrats were really deflated by the results last night. it was pretty sobering, they
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thought they had a great chance to pick up that seat. that may be why they spent soç much money on it. a $60 million probably total in that race. i remember presidential campaigns that cost less than $60 million. democrats threw everything they had. the republicans followed up by throwing everything they had, but in politics -- one thing i like about politics, it is so different than the grace of life and other sectors. it is black and white, you either win or lose, it does not matter the margin. republicans won the key c. >> jon: 's it's also suggested that a lot of republican members who might have been thinking of retiring are suddenly buoyed by the results there. >> absolutely. they wondered what the real test would be in a district that might be competitive. of trump's popularity ratings. they found out last night, even
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if he is relatively unpopular in our district, it doesn't matter that much. you know what that was really a contest of? it was a context between the republicans and the democrat nancy pelosi. >> jon: there is some concern about nancy pelosi's leadership of the house democrats. >> you could say that, i got a surprising number of emails and tweets from democrats who are trying to figure out how to send the message to nancy pelosi that this is definitely the time to retire. good luck with that, she doesn't seem particularly anxious to do so. >> jon: is it possible that her job might be in jeopardy in terms of leading the democrats? >> it might be but of course they don't vote on that, they already voted her in for this congress as a leader of the party. she could announce that she is going to retire.
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she is getting relatively close to 80. most of us are looking forward to retiring well before that. it's a legitimate possibility that she might decide to hang it up. i know a lot of democrats hope so. >> jon: i want to touch on that topic that only tangentially involved politics, otto warmbier, a student at the university of virginia before he was arrested in north korea. i know students at your university held a vigil last night after his death less than a week after he was released from a prison in north korea. 22 years old, supposed to graduate this year. i know you were somewhat involved in efforts to get him free. give us your thoughts on the death of that student. >> it's a horrible tragedy. this was a young man who would have made a real mark in the world. it really gets you, there is no question about it. it's not just the wonderful parents and family he has, they are certainly most affected.
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but anybody who dealt with otto and anybody at the university of virginia cares about this a great deal and is very upset about it. it wasn't so senseless, so senseless. there was no reason for this. and that vile regime in north korea i hope will one day be held accountable for this. they might as well have put a bullet through his heart, this was a murder. i agree with senator mccain and others. we don't know the details in the public is not on the details but i can tell you that if you believe the botulism and sleeping pill story, i've got a rotunda here in charlottesville i'd like to sell you. >> jon: history can turn on events like this. do you get the sense that this might be one of those tipping points? >> it ought to be. i hope it is. i hope people are paying attention and realize that acts like this cannot go unanswered. retaliate.
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i'm not proposing war, i understand the problems and we have our troops in south korea so close by. but there are things we can do that are being talked about and they should be done and we should continue to do them. >> jon: murdering an american college student, even kim jong-un may have overplayed his hand this time. >> let's hope. >> jon: thank you. >> julie: fox news alert now, new developments in that incident at an airport in flint, michigan, . a law enforcement officer as we mentioned earlier was stabbed in the neck and we also know the suspect is in custody. to the fbi is now handling this investigation, they had so far responded to the scene. joint investigations with locals are ongoing. if there are reports and of course we are at the very early stages and all of this. if this investigated as a possible terrorism incident. new reporting from the
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michigan state police, they have confirmed the stabbed officer's name has been released as a lieutenant jeff neville. he is in stable condition, he is being taken to a hospital. we are also waiting for a news conference at i'm sure will shed some light on the background of the suspect now in custody and what investigators believe they have led to this as they are pressing it possible terrorism. >> jon: earlier reports had the officer as in critical condition, that is good news. >> julie: is certainly an upgrade. another fox news alert, a new development in the russia investigation at this hour. robert mueller meeting behind closed doors with numbers of the senate judiciary committee. the former fbi director is discussing efforts to avoid any conflict between the investigation. also testifying today on russia before the house intelligence committee, former homeland
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security secretary jay johnson who in fact that russia clearly attempted to influence a presidential election. here is senator john mccain discussing in our first hour on happening "happening now," listen. >> they tried to affect the outcome of our election and i have seen no evidence that they were able to. but they tried and we have seen no action whatsoever. that sends the wrong message to people like to flip putin. >> this morning was no exception, in this room that just cleared out, jay johnson testified that russia attacked our democracy during the campaign. he could not say that russia added or subtracted votes from either candidate.
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>> is that your opinion with respect to the '16 election, that the intrusions were attempted did not affect the actual voting itself? >> based on everything i know, that is correct. i know of no evidence that through cyber intrusions, votes were altered or suppressed in some way. >> johnson also reminded lawmakers today, he tried to warn about russian attempts to undermine the election with a statement on october 7th, a statement he said came below the news because that was the date the infamous access hollywood ublic.famous access hollywood any fbi investigation into possible collusion with russia would not be an fbi priority without reason. >> do you believe that director comey would have investigated an
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investigation into a presidential campaign lightly? >> no. >> it would be an evidentiary area information bases to do so. >> based on everything i know about james comey and the fbi, yes. >> johnson was here as a private citizen, i asked him what he thinks watching the action on the hill, if he thinks people are missing the point and he said he thinks it's all right as long as lawmakers keep in mind of the big picture. they just want to protect the electoral process from intruders. >> julie: thank you so much. >> jon: a fox news alert, we are awaiting the news conference from authorities at bishop international airport in flint, michigan, where an officer was stabbed in the neck earlier today. that officer said to be in fair condition now. authorities are saying that this could be a case of terrorism,
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they don't know yet. we may get some answers when this news conference begins. it is expected any minute now. one suspect in custody, that person is being questioned. more ass we get it here on "happening now" ." our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. it actually helped to know that somebody else cared and wanted make sure that i was okay. that was really great. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. call today to talk about your insurance needs.
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>> jon: of fox news alert, they are saying it is a possible terrorism incident flint, michigan, where a police officer was stabbed in the neck at the bishop international airport there earlier this morning. joining us on phone, former michigan state security director. >> the suspect has been arrested by police and the fbi is now leading the investigation into whether or not this was a possible terror attack. this attack happened this morning at bishop international airport in flint, michigan. we now know the identity of that officer as well, michigan state
10:19 am
police are telling fox news his name is lieutenant jeff neville. he was an officer at the bishop airport since 2001, he was also at the county sheriff's office is before that. witnesses report seeing lieutenant neville bleeding from his neck and a knife nearby on the ground. the alleged attacker was arrested by police on scene. the police said the man in custody it looked "blank, totally blank." passengers at the airport were evacuated and let's go back to flint where it appears we are going to get an update. >> jon: the news conference about to get underway, it has been to significantly delayed, let's listen in now. as often happens during these live events, we seem to have caught them during a low in their preparations.
10:20 am
again, an officer stabbed in the neck at the airport in flint, michigan, bishop international. authorities are saying it could be an act of terrorism. >> julie: it turns out they are going to be coming back in just a moment. the fact that they are coming out and holding this briefing just moments after we got word that they were investigating a possible terrorism incident speaks volumes, it means they have gotten plenty of information in order to come up to the public and tell us exactly what went on. let's listen to what they are talking about. >> you want to send me an email to that? i'll make sure i respond. >> jon: talking to local reporters. >> i'm going to narrow down the time a little better for you so we have that. i am hoping within the next two hours or less. >> jon: the fbi is involved in this investigation and obviously that does not happen unless there are serious international
10:21 am
or political -- >> i want to let you know this is an fbi lead is seen at the moment and we are working together with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to ensure the safety of all. that is where i am going to leave it at this point in time. make sure that you have the statement, get that out to your viewers and we will be back and provide some more information.ç i want to make sure i get that information out, thank you. >> jon: not a lot of information there from the fbi. again, we were led to believe that this news conference will take place -- it was scheduled for almost two hours ago, it has been held off until now. once again, police officer stabbed in the neck, he is expected to be okay. originally he was listed as being in critical condition. bishop airport closed down for now.
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>> bishop international airport, you can check that out on facebook. for now, avoid this area especially with some traffic congestion. >> jon: they are continuing to investigate the incident. the police officer okay, the suspect is in custody. sid is it terrorism? more ahead. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> jon: a fox news alert and back to that incident we were telling you about just before the break. it is considered possible terrorism in flint, michigan, at the international bishop airport. joining us on the phone, former new york state homeland security director. as these things go, it is fairly small. one police officer stabbed in the neck. we are relieved that he is going to be okay.
10:26 am
at this early, it surprises me that they are already saying that this could be terrorism. what is your sense of what's going on? >> some of the sources i have been talking to about this, have indicated that the suspect said something during the attack that triggered the need to contact the fbi which is the lead agency to basically the lead agency to process terrorism incidents. if you step back and take a look at the facts as we know them, here is an officer and an individual that right now, unless there is a relationship between the two of them, reason will say it is unprovoked. it is consistent with the knife attacks we have seen throughout europe and we know that part of the isis and al qaeda mantra is to attack soldiers or law enforcement. the significance of this is
10:27 am
broader than just the incident itself. if the random attacks we have seen in europe using knives, cars, anything they can get their hands on and going to a smaller airport like flint, michigan, it could be a game changer, certainly in terms of what are the threat parameters we need to consider in this nation. >> jon: it does fit the pattern of the kind of attacks that you have mentioned that we've seen recently in places like britain where fairly small groups of attackers or even loan attackers have gone after individual law enforcement officers. >> that's right. it's so incredibly difficult to prevent, how do you stop somebody from picking up a knif knife? particularly in the public spaces, this is the concern. that curbside to the air side, don't have that kind of
10:28 am
protection. we sought in brussels, we've is the place where a lot of people assemble. they are still the opportunity to get in. a lot of people -- very troubling aspects of this. >> jon: i never want to let these things get away without pointing out what it is that terrorism is all about. they are trying to scare us, they are trying to get us to change our way of life in some way. if an officer who has been a longtime fixture at the airport the airport all of a sudden goes to work on a wednesday morning and gets stabbed in the neck, what do you say to americans right now?ç >> on a statistical basis with hundreds of millions of people in this nation, the chances of
10:29 am
an individual personally being involved in one of these attacks is so remote. it should not change your life. what it should do is force us to re-examine our strategy. everything from how we do policing, i'll leave view folks from the security perspective in terms of interaction with law enforcement and also what is our message back? how is it getting to these people. we have to study that radicalization. we need to really engage, say this is not the way. >> jon: former homeland security director for the state of new york, thank you once again. the officer it appears is going to be okay, stabbed in the neck this morning at a relatively small airport in flint, michigan. the investigation continues, we expect to hear more in from the fbi in the next couple of hours. >> julie: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell set to unveil his new health care bill tomorrow.
10:30 am
complaints come from not just the democrats, but both sides of the aisle on the process. on the big question remains and it is this. the republicans have the vote to get it passed? >> he says there is going to be a bill available thursday. to whom? who is going to be able to see the bill on thursday? >> a particularly laughable complaint about process for anybody who was around here in december of 2009. of the senate went into session on the monday after thanksgiving and was tenuously seven days a week. the pain can really be a distraction.
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>> republicans should not take any comfort from the results. either in georgia or in south carolina. here we've got jon ossoff losing by 3.8% and in south carolina, the former congressman won by 21 points and the democrats lost by only three points. >> they are winning by less but they are still winning. you've got to get something new in there. >> they are winning in districts that are overwhelmingly republican. >> that was democratic senator chris van hollen on the results of the special elections in georgia and south carolina. what do these two republican victories mean for the 2018
10:35 am
midterms? let's first talk about turnout. while the republicans are seeing this as a big win, i had spoken with the democratic congresswoman last hour who in fact talk to me about turnout and how close this race was. first of all, was turn out the reason it was so close? >> turnout is always the reason why, you've got to get your voters to the ballot box. the thing to keep in mind is both sides spent millions and millions of dollars. the georgia house race was the most expensive house race ever. democrats are not going to be able to spend that kind of money around the country in november. these are republican districts, yes democrats kept a close. this is not terribly indicative of what will happen in november of 28 team which is more than a year away. to keep this in perspective, this was a very big money race
10:36 am
and it can't be replicated on a larger scale. if democrats want to take back the house which is certainly possible if you listen to republican and democratic insiders, the mood in the country needs to change and there needs to be a shift in the political dynamic. >> julie: that is something that we discussed in the first hour of "happening now" ." loss in georgia sending to the democratic party. >> what i hear is that they want us to focus on jobs and the economy. i get almost no questions about i support impeachment, nothing like that. what have i focused on since i first ran for office? i focus on jobs and the economy nonstop. what i share with my fellow democrats is that's what we have to focus on.
10:37 am
>> there you have a democrat who is basically saying so much for democrats shot at the referendum on donald trump's presidency. the issues are what matters to the voters. lately they have spent so much time criticizing this president, it almost seems like the issues have been lost in the mix. this is sort of a regroup for the democratic party heading into the mid turn. >> jobs and economy are always kind of a winning message. to be sure, jon ossoff did not run a campaign against donald trump. he barely mentions donald trump, he ran a different kind of campaign. donald trump's approval ratings are in the 30s, it's you have to be seen if they stay in the 30s until 2018 and if a candidate runs against donald trump. i will say, republicans did a very good job of tying jon ossoff to nancy pelosi and that has worked across the country for many years.
10:38 am
>> julie: moving on to the health care plans to release discussions on the health care bill. senate democrats are working their hardest in order to not only delay, they want transparency, they want to be able to open it up to public hearings, they want to debate. it it seems democrats are running out of options. >> the same thing republican said back in 2009 and 2010 when democrats were passing the health care bill. i was here in 2009, democratic process was far more open and yes, there were changes made behind closed doors but this was somewhat unprecedented, the secrecy going on behind the republican health care bill. there is not an impact score just yet, this is a very strained for a republican congress that hammered away at democrats about transparency. there are serious problems on
10:39 am
the senate side, there are going to be big problems when it comes back to the house if we believe this bill is what it's being talked about. the story is far from over. >> julie: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i want to work with this president, i want to work with the new secretary of defense, i happened to be one of his most ardent admirers. if they don't give us a strategy from the people i admire the most, we are going to put a strategy in. we are losing in afghanistan, we just had three americans killed in the last couple of days. this is not an academic exercis exercise. >> julie: growing criticism from capitol hill. the pentagon considering a possible surge that could number in the thousands. what should the strategy be? joining me now is our u.s. army
10:40 am
special forces veteran. before we get to afghanistan and the troops there, we want to ask what the suspected terror attack in flint, michigan. first of all, we heard about an officer who was stabbed in the neck at bishop international airport, then we got word not much later that the fbi is now leading this investigpion which clearly raises many red flags. there is word now that they are indeed investigating a possible terrorism incident. what do you know? >> i don't know anything other than the facts you just laid out. it's late for us to know exactly what has happened because it just started to occur. it would be indicative of the type of technique that we have seen in recent months and certainly over recent years. in our airport certainly is a target that will get a lot of attention, if it's just a guy
10:41 am
that came in with a knife and attacked the police officer, it's very hard for airports to keep a ring of security in that outside the gate area. it's what we -- where we saw a terrorist strike in brussels, it's very hard to actually secure and area before you get into that ring and security. >> julie: we are going to stay on top of the story, the fbi was supposed to be holding a news conference. they will not confirm anything at this point. they want to get their information out. just getting back to afghanistan and the need for more troops, this is someone that has been out there since president obama was in office. he made it a mission of his to be completely pulled out of afghanistan by the end of his term. he sort of changed his mind on that. it seems we are playing catch
10:42 am
up. thousands of troops are pulled out. 4,000 or so we'll go back in but is that enough? it doesn't necessarily get the volume of u.s. soldiers back in afghanistan in order to fight the growing threat there. >> i think the question is a little bit less than how many we are sending and more so how will they be utilized? obama essentially just kicked the can for years on afghanistan and wanted to pull out, we have about 9800 troops there. the reality is under obama, those troops had a very strict rule of engagement. they couldn't engage the enemy the way they were trained to do in a way that could be more effective. lisa that they have pushed the decision-making back down to the battlefield commanders. the battlefield commanders have the best sense of what is
10:43 am
necessary and they've taken the decision where it used to be some committee of lawyers sitting in tampa somewhere and allowed these commanders to have that call. that is going to be a big difference, we are going to let the soldiers fight and take the lawyers out of the battlefield. >> jon: ben collins, we know this. it is nowhere near over in afghanistan. thank you so much. >> jon: the g.o.p. has its house majority after two special election wins in georgia. republican karen handel defeated democrat robert mueller. coming up, our political panel weighs in on what these victories could mean for next year's midterms. >> i think americans have seen that and it's one of the reasons why republicans and this president continue to win time and time again.
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>> jon: a fox news alert and a
10:47 am
new reaction from democrats after disappointing losses for their party and their candidates in georgia and south carolina house elections. in a new memo, the democratic congressional committee chairman says "we have a new opportunity to flip control of the house of representatives in 2018. this is about more than one rac race. this leaves no doubt that democrats can take back the house next fall." "i don't make the statement lately, i've never said it before. i know the road back to a majority will be long and hard." can democrats expect to win.control of the house next year? joe, is all of that wishful thinking or is there a road back to the majority for democrats? >> i think there is a road back
10:48 am
to a majority. first of all, it was a big win for the republicans last night. the most expensive race in the country's history and the republicans won the seat. it doesn't matter that there were stronger, closer -- horseshoes and other things, it doesn't matter how close itç w. we lost. on the other hand, i would point out that in 2009, democrats won the first five special elections under obama just as the g.o.p. is doing with trauma. several months later, we lost 53 seats in the house. the one thing i point out, all special elections are different than other elections because there is no incumbent member in congress. what's going to happen in november of 2008, and they are
10:49 am
going to be on both sides, incumbent from washington members of congress, they are going to have to do a lot of explaining on both sides. why they voted for the things they voted court, that's a different kind of election then we had last night. >> jon: europe party is for in a zero in special elections in the trump administration. can you keep that up? >> i think so. the reason is, i think special elections do matter. it doesn't make that much difference in the math. what matters about these elections and the election will have going forward is that there is a real disconnect between grassroots republican and conservative activists and what they see happening up on the hill. these activists are concerned that republicans don't have their shoulder to the wheel to get the trump agenda passed. that's not fair and every case,
10:50 am
but i think there is this uneasiness out there saying republicans have everything, the white house, the majority in the house, a slender majority in the senate, let's get these things done. if we don't pass health care and tax reform before the end of the year, i think the consequences politically are terrible. >> health care is the issue, we are going to talk about the prospect of getting some kind of obamacare reform bill out of the u.s. senate, it is expected to be presented tomorrow. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands). manait's a series of is nsmart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it.
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>> hello everyone, i am sandra smith and we have new details on the officer who was stabbed in a possible a terror attack right here on u.s. soil. the fbi says it will be holding
10:54 am
a news conference soon, we will bring that to you when it happens live. plus, some said the democrats should dump a minority leader nancy pelosi. but will that happen? and the former head of the department of homeland security is upset with the democrats. why? we will tell you on america's news headquarters in a moment. >> jon: senate republicans appear ready to unveil their health care bill tomorrow morning, this after criticism from both sides of the aisle because the whole thing was drafted in secret sessions. republicans want to bring the bill to a vote on the floor next year. back with us, our republicans in danger of hearing the same kind of criticism the democrats did about the secrecy under which obamacare was prepared? >> they should expect all criticism to be leveled at them. that's part of the nature of the job. it's really quite unfair because the big difference between obamacare and this version of
10:55 am
health care as obamacare was a lightning bolt out of the sky that they wrote in nancy pelosi's office, threw on the house floor, they had to get through all these wrangling's in the senate, we talked about obamacare for all eight years of the obama administration. we have had for nationwide elections on obamacare and nobody is surprised to know that we can get rid of the taxes, get rid of that mandates, some type of bypass from the current system to the new system. try to do something to equalize what is happening around the country. we've talked about this a long time, it's all unveiled tomorrow. of the senate will spend at least a week or two on debating it. get ready. >> jon: some republicans aren't happy, listen to john mccain here. >> i'd like to see vigorous
10:56 am
debate and amendments on the floor of the senate. i would like to have been more involved and frankly what almost none of us have been involved i in. obviously the outlines of it are pretty clear, but i think we need to have vigorous debate and amendments on the floor. >> jon: what's your take on what the republicans are about to unveil? >> i don't know what to make of it. they've been talking about this a long time but it is clear even within the republican caucus in the senateç, how they come to agreement, how they do this, i don't see how it's going to happen. but i am willing to be surprised. >> jon: we'll see. thank you both. we are awaiting a news conference right now on the possible terror attack at an airport in flint, michigan. of that for live coming up.
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>> thank you for joining us. "america's newsroom hq" stars now. >> federal investigators looking into a stabbing, and they are not ruling out terrorism. a police officer was stabbed in the neck in an airport in flint, michigan, . we are told that one suspect is in custody. the fbi is leading the investigation. we just got a new statement from the fbi. >> we got a statement from the fbi, and readsç that local stae and federal law enforcement is investigating the incident and the nature of the motive for the


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