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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 21, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> thank you for joining us. "america's newsroom hq" stars now. >> federal investigators looking into a stabbing, and they are not ruling out terrorism. a police officer was stabbed in the neck in an airport in flint, michigan, . we are told that one suspect is in custody. the fbi is leading the investigation. we just got a new statement from the fbi. >> we got a statement from the fbi, and readsç that local stae and federal law enforcement is investigating the incident and the nature of the motive for the attack.
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the attacker made statements immediately prior to attacking the police officer. it is too early to know the nature of these alleged statements. michigan state police officer is in stable condition. he was initially in critical condition. the suspect was arrested by police. the fbi quickly took over the investigation. we also know the identity of the officer, as well. all of this happening at the bishop international airport in flint, michigan. he is in stable condition. he was supervising the day-to-day operations at the airport. he was bleeding from his neck, and a knife nearby on the groun
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ground. the alleged attacker was arrested by police on scene. we cannot yet confirm the identity of the attacker. but he is in custody and being questioned. witnesses said that the attacker had a blank look on his face. the airport remains closed. the fbi is leading the investigation with partnership of local officers. given the recent events around the world, the concern is whether or not this is terrorist related. the fbi releasing a statement just moments ago stating that it is still too early to determine whether or not this was an act of terrorism. >> bill: thank you >> sandra: te
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update. what is going on with this unfolding situation right outside of detroit? >> this is part of a trend that we are seeing. it is not an isolated incident. even if you have one attacker, it still connected to this overall wave of jihadists in the united states and the west. particularly how the attacker went after a police officer. the attacker could've had more he went after a police officer. jihadists are egomaniacs. they want to be considered heroes, and is more that comes with attacking a police officer now than it does with attacking civilians. >> sandra: can you share more about the fbi statement that
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just came out. based on the information, we believe this to be an isolated incident. what are we to make of that? >> they're trying to say to the public that there is no co-conspirator. they are trying to reassure the public. and with that type of context, it's technically accurate. but understand that we are dealing with a multilayer network. even though they may not know every single other jihadists, is the type of war that were fighting right now. this is the overall idea neck ideological way, so it's not isolated when you look at it that way. c2 stomach >> sandra: this is ty
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to determine theç nature of the alleged statements or whether or not this wasn't an act of terrorism at this time. what does the investigation look like at this point, what are they going to try to learn with the questioning? >> they're going to look at motivation, who he was talking to. radicalization is a process. it's usually someone that you look up to or teaches you what to do. that's why the lone wolf is very misleading because there are other people in the social circle to provoke that to happe happen. i think there is an isis link, who is known to be one of the top inspires of these types of
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attacks around the world. about 50% of the foreign fighters that they call them, listen to this guy, and he's doing this for michigan. >> sandra: and knowing more about this person, having a canadian passport. what stomach where does that sed things at this point? >> it could've been completely legal, but he could've crossed through a another border. but the canadian border is just as bad if not worse than the mexican border. that something we need to be looking at, as well. it's not just people crossing over from the mexican border, we also have an issue of terrorists that historically crossed over from canada. >> sandra: what we are
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wondering if it opens up a whole another conversation regarding borders. thank you for updating us. testifying before the house intelligence committee, reported that russians did not affect any votes last election. siegel stomach we are not live n capitol hill. >> witnesses a short time ago, from homeland security cyber division as well as the fbi counter intelligence division, in july and august of last year, the russians really engaged in a broad, aggressive campaign to scan voter databases across the country in a targeted 21 states.
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no witnesses said that it was an understanding what was in the databases and how that information can be manipulated in the future. >> what are the dangers of manipulation of voter registration, and is that a parent and election day when voters show up to vote? >> if they show up on election day, that will cause problems. that can be used to conduct further attacks. >> sandra: there is states that were affected, but the 19 other states that were scanned or impacted by the russians, those names are not publicly
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addressed. over on the house side, their intelligence committee was also running a russian investigation. the former homeland security director who was at the epicenter of tracking the russian cyber threatç last yea, he was pressed on it if it could be anyone else besides moscow. >> russia has a history of cyber attacks against our country, is that true? >> yes. >> russia would be considered a career offender as it comes to undermining the foundations of our republic. their counseling trying to attack the foundation of our republic, is that fair? >> i think that's fair.
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>> sandra: he was also pressed on why the outgoing administration didn't do more on the russian interference. they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. they did not want to be seen tipping the balance in favor of one candidate or another. thank you. c2 stomach >> sandra: another ht for the democrats and went for the republicans. a political analyst at virginia for politics, what is the future for nancy pelosi? >> i think your future is fine for now. the record for the democrats in the house, has been quite poor. since that time, they've only netted one additional seat.
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and have been fairly deeply in a minority. when the democratic house caucus met in the starting year, they had a boat to see who the leader would be. and i think there is some grumbling about nancy pelosi because the electoral record is poor, and the republicans can continue to attacker. attack her. >> sandra: since 2010, 63 seats have been lost for democrats and a net of one seat gained. democrats have to look at this, and say what is our future, and what do we need to change particularly before 2018. >> part of it is that whenever the president of one party, the
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democrats were working in a handicap in the obama years. and now we have a republican president and donald trump appeared in the. and some democrats may be worried that they are not positioned to perform as well as they shared next year. >> sandra: let's take a look at some of those numbers. the president's approval rating stands at 37%. disapproval at 57%. there is no indication here that republicans can just sit tight and think everything is going to be okay. because they need to make some changes, as well. legal >> the democrats will picp some seats in the house, maybe not the senate because the senate map is really bad for
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democrats next year. historically speaking, trumps numbers look a lot like george w. bush. and in other midterm elections where the party has fared poorly. i think the republicans have a lot to be happy about with the results from last night. i don't think they should just think that were going to be totally fine in the midterms next year because this suggests that the presidents is >> sandra: not too happy with the democrats and we will tell you why next.
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attacks for the purpose of influencing our election. that is a fact plain and simple. now the key question the president and the congress is, what are we going to do to protect the american people and their democracy from this kind of thing in the future. >> sandra: that was earlier today talking about russian interference in the 2016 election. maybe you can help congress in an answer that question for us. what is there that needs to be done to protect the american people in the future? >> as i madeç the point earlie, i think we've been diverted with these accusations and obstruction. i think the more important question is that recognizing that russian set out to interfere, they were successful at it, and they broke down the trust of the institutions of
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democracy and free elections. one thing to ask, we can secure databases and voting systems, we can keep people for not having their emails hacked, but how do you protect against propaganda. how do you protect against all of the russians putting out false information? >> sandra: you have to listen about how they are not happy with the democrats because they didn't go to the fbi right after they learned of the hack. it did not come. he basically said that he had a prepared statement and the first time he heard about the hack, months before that and the dnc was not very happy learning about it months later, he said.
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>> i spelled out in my opening statement, my prepared statement the first time i recall hearing about the hack into the dnc, and i recalled that it was some months before i was learning of this, the fbi and dnc have been in contact with each other about this. i was not very happy to be learning about it several months later. >> is not just the department of homeland security that was late, it was fbi as well. the dnc was not as helpful or forthright as they should have been if they considered themselves victims of crime, which they were, and wanted to address that. you're going to have to talk with the people at the dnc, but it didn't help them in the investigation, that was
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concerned about russian hacking or russian interference. >> sandra: the american people want answers, as well. as the entire investigation runs out and continues on, what concerns you the most at this point? >> from what i said a little earlier, we've learned lessons from protecting the email. individual states can protect their voter databases and voter machines. democracy are vulnerable to propaganda, and divided democracies as we are right now are even more vulnerable. the people who are responsible for this, are celebrating. how do we protect ourselves against propaganda which is just relentless.
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against trolls were paid by the thousands to manipulate and put forth false stories and threaten democracy. that's a much bigger challenge for us. we don't have an answer for that right now. >> sandra: that changes a lot of things. thank you comfort coming on. the fbi giving new information on the shooting targeting g.o.p. lawmakers. what we know about the shooter, the final moments and what we know of the assault. >> a receipt for gun purchases and ammunition. you don't let anything
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>> sandra: it's a big day in the senate tomorrow. republican leaders are going to pull back a version of the draft of the health care bill. we have a correspondent on capitol hill. can they afford the votes? >> eight or so republican senators seem to be on the fence on this g.o.p. health care package. they can only afford to lose two votes as the vice president is the tie-breaking vote. many republicans are saying this is time for action. >> premiums more than doubled on the exchange. more than doubled. in some states, premiums tripled. >> we expect republican senators
11:26 am
to take a look at that bill í morning. and the rest of us will take a look at it later in the the dan it goes online. >> sandra: just how fierce is the opposition from democrats? >> elizabeth warren tweeted the following, it's mean, heartless, scary. others are expected to take cuts in the growth of medicaid. >> these are not welfare recipients, these are your friends and neighbors. almost two-thirds of the nursing home residents are a medicaid. were not going to be able to cut medicaid in the dramatic way that's been proposed without affecting those people. >> democrats are on the attack, noting that there has not been any hearings on this bill and there's going to be limited to bait.
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>> sandra: thank you. we do have an update on house majority steve scalise. also more updates on the loss of the special elections for the democrats that took place last night. the pain can really be a distraction.
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>> sandra: the fbi releasing new details on james hodgkinson the shooter who open fired at a congressional baseball practice last week. house majority whip steve scalise was shot in the hip during that attack. we have an update from washington. >> that update on congressman scalise condition was upgraded from serious to fair. he's made good progress in an extended period of healing and rehabilitation. now the fbi painted a picture of hodgkinson as a lone gunman appeared he shot multiple shots from a 9mm handgun and rifle. he was struggling in his marriage and with prescription drugs. the fbi has learned more in the
11:32 am
weeks before the shooting. >> the fbi have photographs and video taken between april 11th and april 26 of the shooter in various sites in the the washington, d.c., area. >> during that period, he visited the office of bernie sanders. he had a list of six members of congress but there's no indication that he intended to target them. >> sandra: right now we understand that steve scalise is upgraded to fair condition. >> that's right. he's in fair condition. speaker ryan is saying that he's on the road to recovery. number two kevin mccarthy said
11:33 am
that he knows steve is improving and beginning to question what we have on the house floor. that's certainly a good sign. >> sandra: happy to hear that. thank you. after zero wins and four straight losses and special election, more and more analysts are saying the democrats need to rethink their strategy, or even get one. >> the democrat agenda is to resist trump and fight trauma. even a lot of people who are not crazy about donald trump, it's old and negative. and it's not an agenda. >> sandra: he says that the challenges are to put forth a strong and clear agenda for the american people might and would rather have a congress in the hands of democrats.
11:34 am
i will start with you first, leslie. what is the strategy? in the wake of last night's big loss or losses i should say, what is the strategy for the democrats and do they need to do some soul-searching? >> knows are extremely red districts, and if i was a republican and i went the otherç way -- when you look at a democrat even getting to that point, and 37 years, you had more than 24% margin that a republican had over a democrat candidate in those districts. i would say that is closing the gap appeared but the overall message it shouldn't be, we are not trump.
11:35 am
republicans actually use that successfully with obama, saying we are not obama. so how can democrats combine that message, saying we are not trump, this is where he is failing, in that is where we think we can succeed. >> sandra: i'm not sure what the message will be, based on that answer. >> they are admitting that they don't have anything to offer the american people except for demonization and a horror show. and scream in each other's faces and call each other names. and turning us against one another, because that's what the democrats had been doing for years, and its work for them for a longtime. it's not just anti-trump, it's anti-everybody. it's anti-republicans that don't support trump. his calling everybody racists,
11:36 am
misogynists, and bigots. >> sandra: he saying that democrats moved too far to the left, they're lacking an agenda, and last week he went on to say, look for the leaders of the party are. he points to bernie sanders and elizabeth warner. it's unbelievable that they're not coming up with some new blood. what's the future of nancy pelosi at this point? >> first of all, bernie sanders is not a democrat. he's an independent. and i feel that a lot of the bernie sander supporters are helping the presidents agenda further by dividing the party. if you look back, republicans have been very successful being anti-obama and anti-obamacare. >> sandra: so should they keep
11:37 am
that as their message, the anti-trump movement? >> you can't just do that. you have to have a balance. this is what the president promised, this is what he has done and hasn't done, and this is what we plan on doing. >> sandra: republicans have their challenges, as well. let's listen to senator mccain. >> i'm hopeful that they can work it out, and have debate and discussion on the floor of the senate. i do not like the way this thing is being put together. i think it's wrong and i think the american people by not knowing what's in our bill, are more and more swing towards what's clearly a failed policy, and that is obamacare. >> sandra: john mccain doesn't like the way this thing is being put together.
11:38 am
>> senator mccain likes to disagree with his own party. that's what he does. and burning sanders ran his eight democrat, even though he's a socialist. the republicans have to produce on capitol hill. the repeal of obamacare which is imploding, and my rates have tripled, more than tripled. they also need tax reform. which speaker paul ryan talked about doing. i would like to see them accomplish some things but honestly, a lot of people are dealing with the fight that is ongoing, and it's us versus them, and we are theç enemy because we draw attention to it for $820 trillion debt. how long are we going to play
11:39 am
this ridiculous game? and hope that they're going to win elections. >> sandra: two democrats need to stop, take a moment, do some soul-searching, and rethink their strategy going forward. >> the democrats are on different sides of the democratic aisle, if you will. they need to figure out where we can unite, the message moving forward and what to unite on. there are 13 men secretly making decisions regarding health care for the nation, and a number of those legislations affect women. >> the democrats changed the locks on your room door to keep the republicans out while they put obamacare out. it wasn't done in public. >> sandra: i have to leave it
11:40 am
there guys. thanks for coming on. president trump coming back to america's heartland in iowa. he will speak at a community college where he will highlight new advances in high-tech agriculture. we are live in cedar rapids, iowa, . is he doing a victory lap after the winds last night? >> yes, of course. the president very excited by the job the g.o.p. did last night. he took two social media right away. the president saying the democrats would do much better in the party if they got together with the republicans on health care, and security. obstruction doesn't work. he also added that the special elections are over, and those who want to make america great again are 5-0.
11:41 am
>> is this a referendum on the trump presidency? paul ryan and mitch mcconnell get together to try and hash out the agenda. they don't read too much into last nights win for the g.o.p. >> we will read and enormous amount into those results. some of those will be justified, most probably won't be. a month and will be talking with something else. >> no question about that. this is the kind of thing that in a couple days it will be a big headline. but the g.o.p. needs to be focused on the agenda because that's what the american people expect. >> sandra: thank you. one of its founders, major
11:42 am
investors demand him out after major scandals. the car sharing ride continues to pick up passengers despite the accusations. february 19th, the company hired former attorney general or to investigate. a video services with arguing and swearing at a uber driver. >> you raised the prices on certain pastors. some people don't like to take responsibility.ç >> good luck.
11:43 am
>> sandra: after that video, he had made it something. he needed to grow up. but the scandals kept coming. he should lose at least some of his authority. republicans in georgia and around the country celebrating yet another special election victory. president trump tweeted out strong support for his party's candidate. >> for president to come out and be involved in a race like this, it's really big. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi... ...include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d with viberzi. >> much more head on the stabbing of a police officer at airport in michigan. the fbi is now looking at terrorism as a possible motive. will talk to a military analyst on more about that.
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coming up at the top of the hour, shepard smith reporting.ç >> sandra: republican chalking up their third and fourth straight special election victory yesterday. telling us earlier that he thinks that house democrats may consider dumping nancy pelosi. >> the record for democrats in the house, they lost 63 seats since 2010. i think there's some grumbling about nancy pelosi. also because republicans continued to be able to attack her with a lot of success in republican leading districts. >> sandra: a democrat from michigan, thank you for joining us. so first of all, do you consider this a wake-up call for democrats? >> i considered last november's election a wake-up call.
11:48 am
it was not thought that donald trump could win this election. there's a lot of things that working men and women care about. i think yesterday election was far closer than i would've ever predicted four months ago. i never thought we were going to win, in that district was won by 23 points. i think we need to keep our eye on next november and talk what the issues. >> sandra: one of your colleagues, a democrat from massachusetts, says that this race better be a wake-up call for democrats. time to stop rehashing 2016 and talk about the future. we need a generally new message, focus on the future.
11:49 am
what will that message be? >> we need to talk about issues that will take care of people. we are talking about working men and women in our district. the people that are worried about their health care, that want to make enough money to buy a house in a safe neighborhood. their pension needs to be safe. we are about to have a economic jobs message. i think whoever talks about it will win next november. another issue i feel strongly about his trade. when donald trump became president, he understood the anxiety and many workers hearts. when jobs are shipped overseas. >> sandra: leadership for democrats, are their rumblings nancy pelosi? the track record isn't too good under her.
11:50 am
is there a discussion changing leadership? >> there are always rumblings about leadership. i remember people rumbling in the 80s about chip o'neill. and they're going to grumble about nancy pelosi and paul rya paul ryan. they're going talk about social security and medicare. that's the reality of the elections. i think whoever is our leader will have shots taken at them. it's going to happen to all of us. i don't think is one person, i think we need to learn about what it means to be we. if were going to win this election, we all have to get in the game and start talking about what it means to be a we. we are a community, and if we don't do that, we are not going to win. >> sandra: if it's not working for you, should that remain? >> i'm focused on representing the working men and women of my
11:51 am
district. >> sandra: on the local level, thank you very much. on a collision course with the gulf coast, how texas and louisiana are breparing right now.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
>> all right. the gulf coast getting ready for the a rival of tropical storm cindy. she's threatening to unleash major flooding. casey stegall is reporting from southwest louisiana. we're learning the storm has turned deadly. >> yeah, sandra, the word just coming in from officials in alabama who say a 10-year-old
11:55 am
was killed when a log washed ashore in the storm surge. the boy apparently from missouri and was vacationing in alabama with his family. here in louisiana, where we are, the winds are starting to pick up. it's not raining at the moment. it's been on again off again the water levels have been steadily rising. my photographerç pans out, looking over the gulf of mexico. the area we started our day in is now under water. we've had to move our live reporting location twice now. this is the spot where the national hurricane center anticipates cindy will make land fall overnight close to the texas-louisiana border. the things we worry about, high winds and extreme storm surges. not so much of a concern with cindy, rather the extreme rainfall she could produce. 6-9 inches, over a foot in some places, not to mention impacting
11:56 am
multiple states from texas to the florida panhandle. >> i did sign a statewide declaration of emergency. right now, 20 parrishes have done like-wise. 6 more are working on parrish declarations as we speak. this will affect all of louisiana. >> we've seen sand bags put out. talk to a lot of people in holly beach, louisiana, who have been working this morning to move valuables out to higher ground. we can tell you the louisiana national guard is also at work placing high water vehicles and air assets in flood prone areas should any rescues have to be carried out as we sit and await the arrival of tropical storm cindy. >> casey stegall. thanks. we'll be right back. you don't let anything
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>> sarah: all right. another busy day. the president will be holding that rally in iowa tonight. stay tuned for that on the fox news channel. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in flint, michigan where there is word the fbi is looking at terrorism as a possible motive for the stabbing of a police officer at the airport. a live update straight ahead. also, the former homeland security secretary says the russian president vladimir putin ordered the hacking of the u.s. election calling the interference unprecedented. a current homeland security official revealed how many states the russians targeted. the white house still will not say whether president true even believes moscow's meddling happened. we can soon see the senate healthcare plan. some republicans still say they don't know what is in it. can gop leaders pass a bill before the july 4


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