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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 21, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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low hovering right around $42 a barrel. that is hurting some fracking enterprises and making their stocks go down. a lot of movement in the markets. who better to break it down than neil cavuto. i'm shepard smith. i'll see you in the news break. >> neil: all right. thank you, shepard. you're right about the oil. it's in a bear market. we'll get to that. i want to bring you up to date on what we're waiting for. an anybody news conference, bishop international airport where an officer was stabbed in the neck earlier today. the fbi who took in the assailant is not ruling out terrorism. the agency is investigating witness reports that the suspect apparently shouted out "allah akbar", god is great. the officer was in critical condition. i understand right now he's in stable condition. he's been identified as lieutenant jeff neville. his condition again deemed
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stable. we're told the white house has been alerted to this. the president now knows about this. whether he updates us or passes along a comment, we'll pass that along as well. this is the morning after. the republicans are breathing a sigh of relief. they're now 4 for 4 in the special elections. after what happened in georgia, south carolina and what happened in kansas. finally montana, they're breathing a sigh of relief that they survived in all of those and kept all of the seats. that's where it sends. because the details and the underbelly of that story quite a different picture for both parties to take note of. connell mcshane has been doing digging. connell? >> last night was a strong night for the republicans. but as we take a closer look and dig deeper into the numbers, we know neither party can relax heading into the mid-terms in 2018. pay close attention to margin of victory. karen handel on the republican side in georgia won by 3.8
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percentage points. when tom price ran, his victory had a margin of 23.2%. we saw that in the other races. south carolina was a big surprise. sure, the republican won 3.2%. but last time around, mick mulvaney with a 20-point win. as the republicans have gone 4 for 4 in the special elections, we've seen it in montana, 15.8%. down to plus 5.6%. we saw it in kansas where more than a 30-point victory for the republicans last time around last year down to 6.2% in the special election. so what does it mean? we have to look at the balance of power heading into the mid-term elections next year and know that the democrats certainly have ground to make up. they have to start turning these close but no cigar races into actual victories. they don't have to win them all. the magic number is 218. so for the democrats to flip
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that over and get control of the house, they need to net a total of 24 seats next year. neil, back to you. >> neil: thanks, connell. so closeness of these elections, particularly some of these special events and the recent ones by a couple points, is that a message to republicans? that they shouldn't get too ahead of themselves here? aaron mcpike with us here. what is the sense? relief on the part, i guess, of the people in the building behind you that they still have the seats, but it was close. >> it was close. neil, i do think we tend to read too much into special elections at some points. i think here we're seeing a number of close races, especially that south carolina race last night that was much tighter than anybody expected. should be a bit of a warning sign to republicans. i also think that we're going to see democrats roll out really strong recruits over the next six months or so that will be better than the candidates that
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have reason in the special elections so far, especially the two last night. at that point, republicans will need to start to get in gear here because when democrats have better recruits, you know candidates matter an good candidates, good campaigns can get about five percentage points over what the average night be. that means they could have some wins. >> neil: when you look at what they're trying to see or their way clear, how close it is in these races versus what it was back in november last year in the actual election. a win is a win obviously. >> correct. >> but it's narrower than it was back then. races have changed and special elections to your point are a different breed altogether. but is there a sense here that voters gave republicans just a leach to keep running but get this other stuff done? >> i think that is reading too much into it.
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what i think we know, democrats aren't running on anything. they're just running against donald trump. republicans did a better job of tying the democrat to nancy pelosi and the leadership. we heard tim ryan say, we need new leadership. the democratic brand is bad. we need it before something and democrats will have to figure out what that agenda is going to be. republicans obviously do have an agenda, but they're not pushing anything through and republicans are at odds with each other and they're at odds with the white house and that is creating friction for them. >> neil: one thing that struck me, everyone counted on the democratic passion to get out the vote. but it was perplexed saying the rain worked against them. i think republicans got wet as well. leaving that aside, this notion that republicans were just as jazzed to get out the vote. is there a sense that that saved the day? >> you know, it might.
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i think republicans wants to see some things happen. they want to see repeal and replace of obamacare. they want to see tax reform. some republicans want to see infrastructure. so i think they're giving maybe paul ryan a chance and mitch mcconnell a chance to get something moving. we haven't seen that yet. if nothing gets done by the end of the year, then i think voters will be fed up with republicans because they're not getting anything done. >> neil: all right. we shall see. thanks, erin. >> thank you. >> neil: are the latest results adding a new sense of urgency to the gop agenda? if the feeling was, all right, we want to see this agenda completed, get it completed and they don't or delayed, then what? we have bob cusack, kennedy and charlie gasparino. charlie what do you think about that? this is the voter's way of saying we're with you but we want you to get this stuff down you tout. >> look at south carolina and georgia in particular.
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that's what struck me. these are very red states, so to speak and very red area districts. the republicans barely getting 50%. that's a warning sign. that means that moderates to fiscally conservative democrats can -- they can pick-off seats in person parts if they can show that the republican party has been reckless at governing. that's one of the problems here. the trump administration right now says that they're definitely going to get their tax cuts this year and going get healthcare. i'll tell you, neil, if you can't live up to those promises when you control congress, niece a pretty interesting selling point for moderates to conservative democrats in red states and red districts to try to flip the house. that is a compelling message. you have everything and you blew it. >> neil: they haven't blown it yet. kennedy, one of the things they're looking forward to -- we like by and large your agenda and we're encouraged what you're
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talking about with tax cuts. not across the board but enough of their voters to stay loyal to them and enough for republicans in power right now to stay presumably loyal to the president. so play this out for me the rest of the year and this agenda and how important it is to get it done. >> it's really critical. but i wouldn't be surprised if either party continues to blow it. that's why you're not seeing party loyalty from the voters. that's not what it's about right now. you're right. voters and the markets are intrigued by the idea of cleaning up healthcare and certainly by tax reform for businesses and individuals. that cannot be theoretical hopeful optimism. there has to be real results here. republicans can't act in total opacity. there has to be some transparency of the senate healthcare bill tomorrow that should make a big difference. if they can somehow miraculously bridge the chasm, you may see
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movement. still, the bill has to get out of the senate and go back to the house. there's so many things that can go wrong. >> neil: a lot of things that have to go right step by step. but bob, is there a sense of relief among republicans that they can hold ranks, but if things are delayed or feeling the heat from either constituents getting inpatient or financial markets getting worried, then what? >> the markets, neil, they've been patient with congress. for the first time in awhile, republicans have some momentum on their agenda. i think they're getting closer to passing this healthcare bill out of the senate. getting to it trump's desk will be difficult. this is something that democrats thought that they were going to win. they did not. didn't manage expectations very well. trump only won that district by one point. she ended up winning it by
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roughly 4. >> neil: good point. you have the full run of the table here. the expectations is that republicans will take full advantage of it. they haven't yet. tomorrow they begin the process with the senate draft on healthcare. we're getting a sense and i was getting it from a number of republican congressman and women that don't like that they have been kept out of the process as well. if they get through that and the time line sticks to september on tax cuts as outlined by paul ryan and many at the white house, then what? >> that's a good thing. i don't think -- listen, i don't think the markets will care whether it's august or september or september or november or october, whichever comes first there. but they just want to get it done this year. because they -- listen, there's an imperative to get it done this year. who knows what's going on next year. people have to run for office. next year's mid-term elections and congress gets distracted. good to get it done this year. if they do, listen, all bets are
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off in terms of the markets. you can see the markets rally tremendously if they get it done this year. you can see an interesting bump. right now pricing in may be possibly getting it done. if you do a surprise, if there's a surprise here, which getting it done this year would surprise a lot of investors -- >> neil: i think you're right. there's a point that the better late than never. kennedy, do you see it happening this year? all that stuff doesn't get done? >> if not this year, we're doomed. >> the doom part worries me. there goes my appetite, which kennedy wanted to do. bob, what do you think? >> i think healthcare has a got a better shot. tax cuts can get done but not huge tax cuts. >> kennedy gave me a reason to drink tonight. >> oh, yeah. you needed that. >> you needed that. thanks very much, guys. so what will be inside that healthcare bill?
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nobody knows. democrats don't know. only a few republicans and that has a lot of other republicans saying hey, what gives? tomorrow we'll know. shortly after that, we'll have the congressional budget office scoring it. and we will have its debut hours earlier on fbn will crunch the numbers for you. who needs a cbo when you have fbn at noon? two hours to put it together for you. welcome, america. do it because i love you. a lot going on here. look at this market. down 57 points here. we'll have the latest on the press conference and a possible terror attack that didn't turn out that way. so much more. you're watching "your world." stay with us. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this
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hey. pass please. i'm here to fix the elevator. nothing's wrong with the elevator. right. but you want to fix it. right. so who sent you? new guy. what new guy? watson. my analysis of sensor and maintenance data indicates elevator 3 will malfunction in 2 days. there you go. you still need a pass. >> neil: it's been about a week now since that shooting on a virginia field. that has a lot of people wondering, what was going on here? what was going on in the shooter's mind? we're finding out new and
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disturbing things. ed henry in washington with more. hey, ed. >> neil, good to see you. the fbi on top of another case still developing this hour in flint, michigan. we're told president trump has been briefed on the incident at the airport. the fbi looking at the possibility of terror after an unknown assailant yelled "allah akbar" before stabbing an airport officer in the neck. that left the officer in critical condition. he's been upgraded to state. the airport was evacuated and closed. meanwhile, as you noted, the detail revealing new details where james hodgkinson targeted several lawmakers. it could have been far worse based on the details. officials telling us that hodgkinson had more than 200 rounds of ammunition at a local storage unit. he fired 60 shots.
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50 from a rifle. the other from a 9 millimeter handgun. they found he was searching online for possible gathering of republican lawmakers and a list of gop members of congress. there's no indication they were under direct threat. fbi official timothy slater saying hodgkinson acted alone and this appears to be a spontaneous shooting at the ball field. >> while the shooter was not known to have a history of diagnosed mental illness, he is known or was known to have an anger management problem. i think he was struggling in a lot of aspects of his life. i think he's by his posts on social media, he spoke a lot about anti-republican rhetoric. >> thankfully we have good news to report. congressman scalise has been ungreated from serious to fair condition. kevin mccarthy joking today the first clue to him that scalise is improving, he started to give
1:18 pm
gop leaders grief about what they're doing with legislation on the house floor. the second guessing from scalise, a sure sign that maybe he's on the mend. >> neil: very good to hear. ed henry. on the phone with us, james pelstrum on both of these stories. first, the scalise situation and the sheeter and the details about the anger here. apparently a few ways to track that down. but we do know that that was boiling for a long time. what do you think? >> yeah, sure sounds like it. you know, surprising to me, they didn't talk about motive at all other than the mention that the guy had some, i guess, facebook rantings. seems like from press reports, goes further than that. >> neil: you know, i want to switch gears, if you don't mind,
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about this incident in michigan at the airport where an officer was stabbed in the neck. it was the first critical condition, now stable. we keep seeing this play out in different locals across the country, the world. authorities are going to be speaking to the press shortly on this. this was at an airport. this was with no warning. there you go. that's what you know. that's what we have. what do you think? >> neil, unfortunately we'll continue to see things like this. the motive is sort of global. it's broadcast over the internet. the public media. so there are going to be peopled that are conspiratorial that react to this and will be lone
1:20 pm
lunatics that -- i have no idea if this person at the airport was by himself or not, but i think it's irrelevant to a large extend other than a conspiracy usually involves that they will kill more people than just one person. that's not necessarily the case depending on what type of weapon they use. yeah, neil, we'll see more and more of this throughout the west. >> you know, you think about it, james. talk about it on incidents that, you know, on airlines, but now increasingly, the attack about 1 1/2 years ago at an airport, you also wonder, where do you put up the defense shields or the security and the public and the screening to prevent harm to the public? it does sort of twist around? the old adage we have our planes
1:21 pm
to worry about. >> neil, i think we need to do a much better job, you know, without changing the constitution but, you know, the attorney general guidelines, the political correct training that is absent, the motive for this jihad. these are things that have to change. just like the prime minister of great britain said the other day. we have to do things differently. we're sitting back and taking this. it's just a matter of time before something kill as lot of people. i'm not saying we need a police state but we need more sensibility about -- and good strategy, a lot of which president trump wants to do about vetting. heretofore, we don't have a clue who these people were, whether they're sharia people, which is
1:22 pm
totally inconsistent with our constitution, totally inconsistent with the -- >> neil: we have to do more of this. thank you. >> just a lot more things that have to be done, including -- >> neil: more after this. oh, hello! lucky for me, there's some great golf here in the carolinas. whether you golf or not, geico could help score you some great savings on car insurance. maybe even hundreds of dollars. whoa!
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>> neil: all right. yesterday a thumb up after winning the special election in south carolina's fifth direct. now getting to work for the republicans. a w is a w and he's the congress-man elect on his way to washington. great to have you. >> my pleasure, neil. great to be here. >> neil: i like when you said let's get to work. voters in the special election and yours was the fourth. republicans have won them all by by narrower margins than last fall. i'm wondering whether voters are saying yeah, we're still with you, republicans, but you better get the job done. what do you think? >> that's right. conservatives control the house, the senate and executive branch. they want meaningful healthcare. they want regulations cut. they don't want to hear
1:27 pm
gridlock. the down side, if nothing gets done, we all go out. we've get to sell our story. tell the voter what's we're doing and why it matters. i look forward to doing that. >> neil: do you worry many in the senate -- maybe there's good reasons for this -- the healthcare draft, only a few republicans know about it. i talked to your future colleagues in the house today who said they don't like that. these are coming from republicans who didn't like the way that this has been crafted. what do you say? >> that's what we're going to have to get into. the devil is in the details. we'll have to look at it and make sure it's meaningful legislation. as long as it's meaningful and people -- it's real when people can get lower deductibles, it's affordable, the physicians buy into it, i think it will sell. i think the thing that is not on
1:28 pm
the table is if we don't get anything. that's not an option. so we've got to produce. as i mentioned, we have to go to work. i hope we can work the month of august and get something passed. >> you'd be for that, to work through the month of august to get this done? >> yes. the country -- look what happened in tennessee when humana left and the 20,000 to 30,000 people were stranded. we can't let that happen to americans regardless of the state. so i think they're looking for something. they don't really -- they don't get that the house passed it and the senate is bogged down. they want to see something that is real, something that they can identify with than that is meaningful. >> the timetable or getting this thing out before the public tomorrow morning and debate, not long and put it up for a vote. get it settled within a matter of weeks, i understand, to set the stage for tax cuts in september. all of that done this year.
1:29 pm
is that doable? are you afraid if it isn't done, then there could be trouble? >> it's doable, if we can put it a priority and go to work. no, it's not going to sell well. it's not going to sell well to my voters in the fifth district if we don't come away with anything. deadlock cannot continue to be an option. the last eight years has been deadlock. a lot of the legislation that president obama had was bad. >> neil: i'm -- i want to be clear on the tax cut thing. that is this notion that some in your party think that tax cuts should be paid for, deficit neutral, you know the drill. do you subscribe to that opinion? do you think that they should be big, get the bang for the buck, even with short term deficits or you think you have to be cognizant of that?
1:30 pm
mitch mcconnell says no, they should be paid for and revenue neutral. you say what? >> the fact is we're 20 trillion in the hole. the fact is we can't continue to kick the can down the road to raise the debt ceiling without any cuts anywhere or -- they call them cuts. as former congressman mick mulvaney mentioned, it's cuts to the increases that were built in. >> neil: very true. >> we have to have some meaningful cuts that are not just in word. it has to be in deed. >> neil: in other words, you're open to big tax cuts but offsetting them with spending cuts? >> exactly. look at the bloated budget as it is. i don't think i can tell to our voters in our district that there's nothing to cut in the federal budget. nobody i think sees that or would agree with that. >> neil: how instrumental do you think or -- how much of an issue do you think president trump was in your election? >> as i -- i just talked to the
1:31 pm
president before i came on here. i think we have to sell what he's done. you know, the laws that if you compare the bomb administration and president trump's, the laws that were signed into statute, he had 30 in the first 100 days. obama had 15. if you look at the legislation that the house passed in the first 100 days, 104 to 94. we've got to publicize and tell the voters this is what he's done. if you listen -- other than fox news, if you listen to the media, he doesn't done anything, stalemated, russia has done this, russia has done that. we have to sell the story of the good things president trump has done. as i mentioned in my talk last night, the appointment of neil gorsuch to the u.s. supreme court is one of the greatest things he's done. we have to leadoff with that. >> thanks, ralph, on your big victory. look forward to seeing you in the house soon. thank you, sir.
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>> neil: markets don't like when oil is collapsing. it's in a bear market, which means it's more than 20% after of highs. but you as drivers for the summer, could be perfect news. cheap gas in 60 seconds.
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>> what you're seeing is the american people's frustration with a regime that provokes and provokes and provokes. basically plays outside the rules. plays fast and loose with the truth, that sort of thing. >> neil: all right. this is the position the chinese don't want to be in. mad dog is mad. secretary of defense, james mattis adding his frustration to that, rex tillerson, that the chinese are not doing enough to reign in the north koreans. retired four star general jack keane here on that. what do you think the message that we send to this pow-wow with top officials from china. we're frustrated not only on the missile tests and now then letting die american citizens like this young man from ohio?
1:37 pm
what do you think? >> yeah, largely this pow-wow that took place today dealt with the centerpiece being the united states' frustration that china isn't doing enough. after all, they committed to do a number of things. i think our folks don't believe that they have done much of anything. >> neil: what do you through? >> i totally agree with them. they gave them four or five things to do and they were not accomplished. this press conference made some news. tillerson said something that has never been said before. that china agrees with the united states that north korea should denuclearize. that is a new statement. now, based on the frustration that we have with evidence that china has not moved on the initial things that we asked them to do, if they agree in principle with denuclearization, it remains to be seen what actions will they take in support of that. they really have more cards to
1:38 pm
play than we do here for all the reasons that we have stated before. 90% of economic dependency of north korea is on china. china is holding these cards. so going forward here, i think in administration, tillerson, as you said, mad dog mattis and h.r. mcmasters will have china on a tight string from here on out. >> neil: i always get the impression that china just strings us along. obviously much of this was inspired after the president was innothi in nnothin noaugurat inaugurated. he was going to hold off on calling them a currency manipulator. it's been months and nothing has happened. if anything, it's gotten worse. we obviously have to attach something to this or a metric by which we can track what the chinese or doing or a timetable to do it.
1:39 pm
what do you think? >> i think -- listen, i believe the administration -- i haven't spoken to some of them -- are very clear-eyed with what they're dealing with china and their track record of gaming the united states to their own advantage. i believe they have in their hip pocket a comprehensive strategy that gets tough on china. it would start with sanctions on china for the first time by the united states ever and a get-tough dealing with north korea and a get-tough strategy dealing with the south china see and china's determination to dominate the pacific and asia at the u.s. expenses. >> neil: at least rein that in. the president is speaking right now at andrews ascending air force one on his way to iowa. it's a campaign event largely but one in which he might bring up the subjects about the threats in the world, the north koreans chief among them right now. there's been talk of the north koreans releasing the three
1:40 pm
remaining american hostages that they have. i talked to former ambassador richardson on this subject who told me that would be a good gesture. he wasn't confident on it. are you? >> no, i don't but it's job 1 to get the three out of there and certainly china could assist with that. the other thing is, the state department once and for all has to slap a travel ban on going to north korea. it's ridiculous that we have these youngsters going to north korea for some kind of adventure -- >> and they get in trouble and they're on their own essentially. >> we can assist them by slapping a travel ban down as opposed to some travel restriction, which is more of a warning than anything else. maybe we can get the attention of these youngsters that -- you know what the age group is. we understand that. >> neil: many, many decades ago i could relate. thanks general. >> good talking to you.
1:41 pm
>> neil: the first day of summer and we've got soaring heat throughout the southwest. and now a tropical storm bearing down on the gulf after this.
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>> neil: wow! we're starting summer with a bang here. we have a tropical storm cindy bearing down on the gulf, a heat wave. so much going on in the southwest. emergency officials already repairing a again for what could be a very wet, very nasty storm along louisiana. casey stegall live in louisiana with an update. what do you have, casey? >> neil, good to see you. the rain started coming down in the last few minutes as we waited to go on with this live report. it's been on again, off again. the storm itself about ten hours or so from making landfall somewhere near this spot. right along the texas and louisiana border. that's what the models out of
1:45 pm
the national hurricane center center seem to show. everybody in agreement on that. a state of emergency has been declared here in louisiana. over in alabama as well. cindy's impacts could likely be felt from southeast texas to the florida panhandle. the system packing winds of 50 miles per hour. not strong enough, we know, to be classified as a hurricane. but forecasters say the primary threat extremely heavy rainfall. 6 to 9 inches of rain could come down. more than a foot in some isolated areas course to the advisories. so the sandbags are making an appearance. folks doing anything they can to keep the water out. meantime, this tropical system has been lingering in the gulf now for days and apparently pose add problem for a united airlines flight yesterday. listen to this. 14 people hurt, seven taken to the hospital after the plane hit
1:46 pm
severe turbulence as it cruised near cancun, mexico, close to the outskirts of tropical storm cindy. the flight landed safely in houston with about 160 people on board. they were coming in from panama city. passengers say the bumpy ride lasted about 20 minutes or so. the condition of those that were heard unknown at this time. so by the air and by the land, tropical storm cindy causing some big problems for folks in this part of the country. neil? >> neil: casey, be safe yourself, my friend. a heat wave scorching the southwest. you know the problems with that. power outages, flights that take off or down. adam klutz on the latest there. >> the bad news, this is not going in i where too quickly. heat advisories across the
1:47 pm
desert southwest and stretching to california as well. you're looking to tucson, phoenix, up to las vegas and running all the i what to central california. sacramento to northern california. fresno, temperatures around 100 degrees 3. again, they still have a little time for the temperatures to climb throughout the afternoon hours. you're already looking am impressive numbers from 117, 111 in phoenix. vegas getting up to 110 with a couple more hours of this extreme heat, these numbers will climb only higher. we're going to be talking about getting up close to the 120-range again in phoenix. topping off at 118. we'll cool off a little the next couple days. from 118 to 115 is tough to tell. you can see the extreme heat stretching to the middle of the country. if you're in the desert southwest, it's going to be hard to escape this. you go from 118 today to 118
1:48 pm
thursday to 112 friday. that's not horribly cool. you jump back up another five degrees or so for saturday and sunday. so unfortunately what they're battling right now, neil, they'll be battling through the weekend. >> neil: it's amazing where 112 is cool. >> yeah. it's still hot. >> neil: amazing. thanks, adam. all right. i told you last week, amazon taking over your kitchen, right? by purchasing whole foods. now department stores are feeling the pinch as well. amazon now wants to make sure you get your clothes from amazon and only amazon. wait tell you tell you how easy they're going to make it after this. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands). lobster and shrimp are teaming up in so many new dishes.fest,
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>> neil: do you order stuff from
1:52 pm
amazon? generally people hold the line on clothes that they have to try on and fit. amazon is making that easier with a new plan. it's on the heels of the whole foods purchase, which proves that amazon is sort of conquering the entire world here in this latest leg of the journey. hillary vaughn with more. what is this about, hillary? >> hey, neil. this year analysts think that amazon will pass macy's to become the top fashion retailer in the united states. amazon's latest launch, called prime wardrobe, could make the retail dreams of department store domination a reality. it's a new service that lets you try clothes on before you buy them. it brings the store to your front door. here's how it works. prime wardrobe lets you order up to 15 items at a time. they will only charge you for what you want to keep. they offer freeshiping both ways
1:53 pm
and will pick up the returns. this concept is not new. a number of companies offer the similar options. nordstrom's has their own version called trunk club. amazon gives opportunities to keep more and return less. the you buy five or more, you can get 20% off. shoppers will choose from clothing, accessories and shoes from brands like calvin klein, adidas and levi's. amazon's clothing and accessory sales are expected to go to $28 billion by next year. amazon has convincing to do. shoppers are not ready to switch from instore to online. 40% of consumers still prefer to shop in department stores. neil? >> neil: bottom line, if i wanted to order a bowling shirt and i wasn't sure the size, all of a sudden it doesn't fit, i can send it back in a box that they provide and boom, right?
1:54 pm
>> that's right. they pick it up for you. goes back. you never were never charged in the first place. >> neil: i don't know. they're taking over the world. be careful. hillary vaughn, fox business network. a lot of retail stocks are down on this news today. if that isn't proof that it's dangerous, it's dangerous. more after this. she's nationally recognized
1:55 pm
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>> neil: so it's the day after the georgia special election and republicans are in a peachy state. happy, relieved, excited. democrats, not so peachy. none of those things. down, depressed, not all excited. let democrats talk about spending $30 million trying to flip a district and could have targeted so many more potentially promising districts. this isn't about lecturing the left. maybe more just reminding the right. you won. so go ahead and pat yourselves
1:58 pm
on back. voters can just easily kick you below the back. let's review. you're 4-0, republicans, but all the sweating to get you there. you survived the fourth special election. since donald trump's election. that is a relief. that's all it is, a relief. don't go crazy here. you won, but you won seats you already had. by margins that were a fraction of what they were. take georgia. republican karen handle's four-point victory in that race against an unprecedented democratic money onslaught. and ditto ralph norman's win in south carolina for mick mulvaney's old seat. he won it by three points. but november, mulvaney won by 20 points. there's kansas. special election to fill cia director mike pompeo's set.
1:59 pm
turned out to be closer on the ron estes. keep in mind, donald trump beat hillary clinton by 27 points in the same district. same in montana. a state that donald trump won by 20 points. republicans greg gianforte could manage a 6-point victory. so messages to the grand old party. don't by thinking you're all that grand. that doesn't mean you shouldn't be content. just don't get too cocky. so maybe just get to work. because you don't own these seats. voters lease them out. republicans were convinced that they couldn't lose the white house in 1996. let's say things didn't go as planned for either party. maybe because each got caught up enjoying the party. until the party ended. so did the lease. funny thing, history.
2:00 pm
funnier thing, forgetting it. good night. >> hello, everyone. i'm cat along with eric. we're the fox news specialists. >> republicans scoring a big win in georgia with democrats biting the dust. the special election for georgia's sixth congressional district was billed as a referendum on president trump and his agenda. after republican karen handle's victory over jon ossoff, the gop is more than happy to agree. perhaps no single image better captured the left in mainstream's depiction than this picture from cnn's coverage last night. mailman didn't run over your dog,


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