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tv   The Fox News Specialists  FOX News  June 21, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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good night. >> hello, everyone. i'm cat along with eric. we're the fox news specialists. >> republicans scoring a big win in georgia with democrats biting the dust. the special election for georgia's sixth congressional district was billed as a referendum on president trump and his agenda. after republican karen handle's victory over jon ossoff, the gop is more than happy to agree. perhaps no single image better captured the left in mainstream's depiction than this picture from cnn's coverage last night. mailman didn't run over your dog, guys. going to be okay.
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president trump chimed in tweeting okay, well, the special elections are over and those that want to make america great again are 5-0. all the fake news, all the money spent equals zero. democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with republicans on healthcare, tax cuts, security. obstruction doesn't work. sad day to be a democrat, guys. real sad. >> the question isn't are the deplorables, are we tired of winning yet because we never get tired of winning, are the anti-trumpers tired of losing yet? they must be getting tired. one race doesn't make a referendum. four could. maybe an indication what 2018 may hold. 4 for 4 for the gop. the media had it in for trump. they said, you know, this looks bad. it's the referendum. looks like this young 30-year-old outsider will come and take it.
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it's a referendum on trump's popularity. the media sees it one way but the people see it another way. 4 for 4. the gop wins rather handily. >> cat and eric, the dem just played themselves. when you bill it as a referendum, you set the expectation so high around this political statement that will happen -- >> better be right. >> you better be right. it's not likely that they would have been right. these are longstanding republican districts. so why would you set yourself up for such failure is beyond me. >> the funny thing was, you saw the long -- >> a picture is worth a thousand words. >> i saw that. i tweeted that as it happened. that is while the results came. in it was clear that ossoff was going to lose and handle would win. i'd like today, how are they going to spin this? how did they do is that? she only won by four points. >> you only spend tens of millions to lose. let's meet today's specialist.
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he was a writer and producer on "cheers." he's the co founder of the executive producer of the cbs show "kevin can wait" and he specializes in politics and comedy. rob long is here. he started as a beat reporter for the detroit news. he is currently an opinion editor for the washington times and specializes in being a legal urban tree planter. so eboni piggybacking off of what you said, it was more of a big establishment loss. shows what you help if you connect the candidates to nancy pelosi, right, rob? >> well, yeah. this is a guy that everybody had their hopes pinned on for the democrats, for the progressive left and the media left. they forget that's not how you
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win. they thought if they put money into this and turn georgia 6, that somehow the other districts in the mid-terms would follow suit. say well, if they did it, we have to do it. that's not how it works. if the seat switched, you could make the case there was a movement. >> they already lost three -- would have been -- >> i'm saying -- >> my count 1 of 4, you still lose. >> you have to actually win the people over. >> if you don't get votes, it doesn't matter. >> protesting is not victory in any sense. i think what you just said is to me one of the most interesting things. they tried to make it a referendum about donald trump. it was a referendum on nancy pelosi. the fact that she's so toxic in so many parts of this country and has been for 14, 16 years
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now. it's staggering. i really don't understand how democrats don't throw her overboard. the other thing that is interesting, if there was a referendum on trump -- i sort of quibble with that a little bit -- not only did he hold, he improved. he won that district by one point. she won it by four. so not only is he doing fine, he's getting more popular according to the media and the democratic narrative. >> so the democrats -- rob might note, a lot of celebrities put money in that from hollywood for whatever reason. >> for whatever reason. >> $30 million. got 124,000 votes. they spend about $250 per vote, charlie. they would have been better off saying i'll give you $250 if you vote for me. >> yeah. those are jeb bush statistics there. but what you saw in the general
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election with hillary clinton. she had all of the hollywood, all of the firepower behind her and didn't do her a bit of good. >> so to your point, charlie, for once i'd like to bring up how absolutely insane it is for the democratic party to continue to put all of their eggs in the basket of nancy pelosi and old baggage including hillary clinton and that type of leadership. it's something that is steal, rejected at every turn. i don't know how many -- i don't know how many races they'll have to lose, rob, for them to get that memo and come out with a economic policy and message that resonates with people. >> that's the problem right there. they don't have that. they don't have the this is what we're all about. this is what we can't be about. it's anti-donald trump. >> didn't work in november and not working now. >> might be failing. but look at today. the home prices are at a record high. you can say i hate donald trump, he's horrible, bad for the
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economy and the country but when you look what's going on, boots on the ground, the economy is turning around in a strong manner. >> they're mean to me. that guy is mean to me is not a campaign platform. >> it's worse than not having a message. the past eight years, they were all in with barack obama but lost the state house, lost the house, the senate, the local, all the local elections. the country did turn r a lot of places. where are you going to find it? in a political cycle, the young guys come up and pop a cap in the old dude and say you're done. there's no new people in the democratic party. >> they have to have a sellable, a palatable idea before democrats say i can get behind him. that's what donald trump did. donald trump stepped in to the void of the establishment republicans, people tired of it. they saw the same people over and over. the romneys and the mccains. trump said i'm not one of them. he sold his message.
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>> and hillary saying i'm with her and he's with you. >> i think trump had a great message that obviously connected with a lot of this country. it was also the man. people did see people. my mom, i don't didn't understand what the message is with trump for six months. she was in to donald trump, his personal narrative, his story, his success in the business space. that was important. so this guy here. this georgia guy. 30-year-old documentary film maker, congressional aide. come on. it's not really an aspirational candidate. >> he ran for congress. >> and hollywood was one of the biggest backers of jon ossoff's failed campaign. everybody from chelsea handler to rosy o'donnell threw money at it. did this turn off voters? democrats used to be doing we're the party of the people, we'll help you. now we're the party of the most famous friends. nobody cares. >> i don't think they care.
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i think that what hollywood can do really well is believe in a fantasy and live in a fantasy land and spend money. that's the two things we can do well. this is a perfect race for that. you have to believe in the fantasy that this guy will come from nowhere, from living outside the district and a fairly suburban district in georgia and then you have to believe the answer to your problems is more money. that's how you get the money and that's how you get king kong skull island and ossoff 6. >> and how the democrats have become the party of the elite. i don't know how they did this and how they're going to get out of it. >> they need a face, a end. >> and a platform that -- bernie sanders had the right message. he was just the wrong face for the right message. >> although it's interesting to look at all the people that bernie sanders has endorsed since the election. they have all lost.
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so there's some sort of kiss of death going on there. but the media loves to talk about the problems in the republican party and the dissension between trump and the republicans in congress. the same civil war that has occurred in the republican party is bubbling up in the republican party -- i mean, the democratic party. the problem is it's a coalition of special interests and they play race and gender and religion politics and stuff like that. >> it's more than that, charlie. as eric points out, i have more friends in the democratic party and i talk to the young leaders. they are thirsty and having better ideas than what we're seeing. i think they're being intimidated by the old guard leadership within the party and they are a little bit afraid to their own detriment to step up and step out and move the party forward. >> if you go back two years when the whole race was evolving, if bernie sanders' message was
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placed on a celebrity-type, that was able to deliver the message, was likeable, charlie and it wasn't hillary's turn -- remember, it's my turn -- >> if it wasn't hillary. >> if the just hillary got out of the way. nancy pelosi was in the race. just the connection to pelosi was enough. that was enough. >> and they only beat them by rigging the primary. >> you get to be a better athlete when you practice. go to practice. you get to -- >> practice? are we talking about practice? >> had to go there. >> that's right. >> is he a better politician when you run? one of the things that bill clinton could do is campaign. when he was governor of arkansas, he ran every two years. he had to get in the car, drive around and get out of the car and some guy would yell at him and yell at him. he would have to win that guy over. you learn a lot about people. you learn about what they care about, learn who they are and what their concerns are, what
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keeps them up at night. when you're not in a jet, not in an office at msmbc, you're not blogging. >> and remember when hillary clinton rides the subway and she practiced for hours for it and couldn't -- what were you practicing? the only activity required. >> go to chipotle and ride the subway. >> you have to actually interact with people. human to human. these people have been politicians instead of humans for so long. >> they ran someone that had note driven a car in 30 years. she said she hadn't filled up a car in 30 years and wanted to compete with the populous message of bernie sanders. if there was no bernie sanders, may be a different race. >> i don't drive. that's for the safety of everyone else on the road. i'm not very good at it. >> why to be a woman of the people. >> for all of you. up next, the fbi investigating the stabbing of a police officer at flint michigan's airport as a possible act of terror. we have the latest. stay tuned.
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>> a possible terror attack gripping flint michigan's airport today. a suspect is in custody after
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stabbing a police officer in the neck. the officer is in stable condition. witnesses have reported hearing the suspect shouted "allah akbar" just before the stabbing. with the ongoing spike in terrorist attacks, u.s. defense officials sa officials says isis moving people from the middle east to all over asia. and now we have this battle in the islamic state, there's new places emerges. >> any time you hear "allah akbar" before a stabbing or shoot it, you have to investigate it under terror. that's is obvious, right? >> right. >> what we should make note that area of flint, dearborn michigan, has a lot of muslims.
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he was canadian born, i understand, from nbc's reporting. but nonetheless, a radicalized muslim needs to be investigated if there's any terror links. >> and yesterday we talked about what happened in brussels. again, they're having another large concentration. 100 moroccans in that area -- 100,000 moroccans there. just the lack of ability to successfully integrate them in the community leading to, as eric pointed out, this hyper radicalization ratio. >> and this word got a bad rap. used to be a week before anybody screaming "allah akbar" would get a bad wrap. and now it happens within an hour or two hours, which is progress. >> we're less hesitant to recognize what this is, with all
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the facts are leading us to conclude. >> made the motive clear when they shout that out and people are saying, i think it was toxic masculinity. i they that's what's at fault. brusselses is a cess pool for islamic terror. and belgium pays less than 1% of their gdp for nato. so there's a lot of terror there. >> and what words we're not allowed to use. i didn't know we weren't allowed to talk about assimilation. it makes it a problem for a country like ours where we cherish freedom of religion. you come as you are, do your thing and obey the laws and it's great. but -- it's why i think that
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donald trump was so -- appealed to so many people. he has a very simple solution to this. we have to make sure that we're assimilating people in our country. >> they're awaiting a press conference there. you can see it on the left side there. if they do approach the microphone, we'll go to it. but gallup poll came out today and said for the first time, the highest it polled this level in americans. 38% right now avoid large events. 46% are less likely to travel overseas. so all of these events are having an effect on americans' thought process and lives. >> it's a chilling effect. everyday americans get this. really was the success of president trump being candidate
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trump. for my taste it was a bit much. but ultimately he spoke in a way where he stood on the issue. he identified what he thought was the problem. people can work with that. people can rally confidence around some type of tactical way to move forward. >> the old rule in politics, the person that wins is the person that can act like a human being longer than the other guy. he act like a human being. we all say it wasn't to my taste. i wasn't a faine. but a plane-spoken practicality to it that we needed. >> and we do this. a lot of people say the very similar thing. let me ask you, this temporary travel ban from seven nations that have failed governments and high populations -- >> only six now. >> only six. i'm sorry. bad idea in your world? >> no. look, those are countries -- those are people that need extra screening.
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a bain may not be as effective. there's countries that we can't travel to as americans. state department says you can't go there. if it's too dangerous for us to go there, why can they come here? >> i have no problem with the travel ban. it should pass muster. make sure that the intentionality behind it. i think its outweighed -- >> and you point out, a lot of the reasons why it's being pushed back on the ninth circuit and the other circuits is what trump said as a candidate is different from what they put forward as an executive order travel ban. for some reason, everyone on the left wants to say that's what he meant was a candidate instead of what is in writing. >> but we had the same question come up with obamacare. the things that. obama had said in the political sphere. the supreme court ruled that no, that doesn't pertain to whether -- the legality of this.
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i think when the security does take this up, i think they're going to rule in favor of donald trump. the constitution is very clear. the president, the executive branch has the authority to make these decisions. >> agreed. >> my issue, i don't think it's religious discrimination. if it was a muslim, it would be a bad one. you're letting a lot of muslims in. i have questions about it being a temporary ban. let's say he's saying 90 days. they're also saying that, you know, these countries, there's no -- is it changed in 90 days? i have a lot of questions about it as a policy. >> the temporary ban is so that. charlie, weigh-in on this, so they can reassess their vetting process and beef up the vetting process so they're not seeing terrorists that can slip through the cracks. >> that's what is so bad about what the courts have done. the courts have said we're not going to talk about the details. you're saying you don't have a right to do this. that's completely wrong. >> what you said as a candidate.
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not even what you said as a president. >> here's the thing. we're talking about something that needs to be bifurcated here. you can have questions what he meant as a candidate. what we dough -- what we do no constitutionally -- >> donald trump is very clear about where he stood on this. people voted for him. courts may not like that. but it's the facts. you can't -- to deny that is to undermine our self-government. >> one other thought here. a lot of what -- our refugee program is a completely separate program. our refugee program, we've said after a vetting process, we accepted refugees in the country. here's a part of the problem. you can weigh-in. i think you talked about this in the past. once we let the refugees in, we follow them for a while and then we don't track them anymore.
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they're free to go where they want. that is my concern, could be dangerous. >> if you're connecting this -- we got on this talking about michigan, this is a canadian guy. >> we have to break in quick here. the fbi holding a press conference on the stabbing of a police officer in flint michigan's airport. we're going live. >> i'd like to introduce the special agent in charge of the detroit division which covers the entire state of michigan. special agent in charge, david gellios. >> good afternoon. i think you for your patience throughout the day. excuse me to defer to a few notes here. i want to give you as accurate information as i can. we have had a very busy day. i know we've kept you waiting and we wanted to wait until we had a point to come out here and provide you more information than we might have been able to do had we done this an hour or two ago. so before i start though, i want to say that you all are aware of
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the incident out here today where lieutenant jeff neville was stabbed. before we get to details of the investigation and what happened here today, i'd like to turn this over to chief chris miller of the bishop international airport public safety department to give you information on what is most important. that's the current health condition of lieutenant neville. chief? >> good evening, everyone. lieutenant neville is in satisfactory condition as you heard what happened to him. he's doing fine. he's residing at a local hospital right now. he's resting comfortably. we would just like to thank everybody that came out to support us here in this trying time. that's all i have.
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>> we'll introduce others of the partners here today. as you can imagine, this is a great joint local state and federal operation since early this morning. we couldn't have done it without all of the partners here. we'll give them each an opportunity to introduce themselves. but i just go into the facts of what we've been investigating today. i'll tell you, we're investigating this incident today that happened at 9:45 a.m. as an act of terrorism. we have just filed a complaint charging an individual . he's a 50-year-old resident of canada who legally entered the united states in lake champlain, new york on june 16th. made his way to flint. today arrived at the flint international airport. obviously i know a lot more
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about this. we're at zero investigation right now. since it's pending, i'm not going to great detail. the man entered the airport and spent time on the first level. he went upstairs. spent time in the restaurant there. he came out, carrying baggage. he went into a rest room. he spent time in the rest room. dropped both bags and came out. pulled out a knife. yelled "allah akbar" and stabbed lieutenant neville in the neck. the chief says he's in stable condition and is expected to fully recover. that's the most blessed thing we can say. it's a good outcome. we had some incredible acts of heroism up there today. we can perhaps talk about the efforts to take our suspect into
2:29 pm
custody. the complaint filed is violence at an international airport. just to give more background on the that, that is when someone unlawfully using a device to commit an act of violence at an international airport that could have or did cause serious injury, which we had in this instance. a 20-year penalty associated with that. this as i said is very early in the investigation. as we progress and take this matter to grand jury for indictment, other charges could be pending later on. its an ongoing investigation. joint operations in canada as we speak. we want to thank our canadian partners who are helping us further investigate this attack. with that, i would like to defer to some of my partners here to make brief statements as well.
2:30 pm
>> can you spell the suspect's name? >> the name is amor ftouhi. as i mentioned, he's approximately a 50-year-old canadian. >> how did he enter the country? >> he entered the country on june 16th. as i mentioned, it's a pending investigation. we know he came to the airport this morning. that's as far as we're going. we're trying to develop further information as to the timeline and where he went after he entered the united states in lake champagne, new york. we'll take questions at the end. i'll describe the weapon. >> just to let everybody know, we're going to do a question and answer segment towards the end. right now introductions of our state and local and federal partners here with us.
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>> special first lieutenant david kaiser with the michigan state police. michigan state police would like to extend their thoughts and prayers to lieutenant neville and his family during this difficult time. the michigan state police has supplied many different resources to our state and local partners. some of the resources include officers, detectives, bomb-sniffing k-9s and the michigan state police crime lab. they were all involved and worked well with the partners in this. i'd also like to mention that governor rick snyder has been in frequent contact with the headquarters inquiring about the police officer's status and the police department is appreciative of this contact. thank you. >> good evening. i'm timothy johnson, city of
2:32 pm
police chief. just thank you for your concerns. we have a multiple jurisdiction police here trying to get to the bottom of this. we have the mayor of flint here. she will make some comments. thank you for your concerns. we appreciate everybody coming out to be concerned about what happened here. tragedy, but thank got the officer is alive and doing well now. he's out of critical condition. so he's recovering right now. thank you for your concerns. mayor? . >> good afternoon. >> i wanted to say what happened here at bishop airport is a tragedy. i think it's absolutely awful and that a police officer was injured like this. every day we know our law enforcement gets up and prepared to protect us. don't know if they're going to come home to their families or
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not or the condition they're going to return to their families in. i need to have an opportunity to commend chief miller and his staff and thank my own chief of police, tim johnson, the flint township, the state police, the federal agents that are here. shows that we came together at a time like this. this is what we need the community to see. i hope this gives the people in flint and the surrounding areas the confidence to know that this was not taken lightly and people came together quickly to make sure that we were protected. so i want us to continue to keep officer neville listed in prayer and his family. again, this is just a sad day, but it's -- could have been worse. could have been worse. thanks to the quick response of all of the law enforcement out
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here today. things weren't any worse. we also need to thank the other person. there was an unsung hero that saw what happened. she came to his aid to help. had she not been in the place she was at the time, could have been worse. could have been worse. need to keep her in prayer and the rest of the staff at the airport. when you go through things like this, it impacts you and impacts them and makes it more difficult for them to do their jobs. so this was a day where we showed unity and everybody came out here and responded. so i hope that just shows the community that we're working together to make things better. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm airport director craig williams. on behalf of the airport authority, i want to thank you for coming out here. it's been a traumatic day for
2:35 pm
us. one of our own was stabbed. that is really touching, hurts on me personally, hurts on our staff. first and foremost for us, making sure our safety is paramount here. even though we had some disruptions this afternoon, we're working to get back to normal operations. we'll answer questions during q&a time. thank you. >> good evening. i'm nick, the assistant special agent in charge of the detroit atf field division. first and foremost, our prayer goes out to the officer as he recovers from his wounds. today the atf deployed assets is from the flint field office as well as from the detroit division. we will continue to support this investigation throughout its entirety and support the fbi in any way it needs. thank you.
2:36 pm
>> good evening. i'm juan sanchez. the federal security director for tsa out of detroit, flint, lansing and saginaw airports. i just want to say thanks to all of our federal state and local partners for ensuring the safety of not only the tsa employees but those at the flint airport. >> good afternoon. we responded as soon as the call for help went out. we rendered first aid to our officers and we maintained a fire presence and safety of the airport throughout the whole incident. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm dershon king. i'm the assistant federal security director, tsa. my main role here is to support the federal, state and local law
2:37 pm
enforcement in this matter. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm peggy franklin with homeland security investigation. homeland security investigations would like to wish a full, quick and speedy recovery to lieutenant neville. our thoughts and prayers with him and his family. we want to command everybody with their work here today. thank you. >> all right. before i take a few questions, the question i heard earlier was about the knife. the knife was about a 12-inch knife with an 8-inch serrated blade. as you'll see in the complaint, when the subject stabbed the officer, he continued to exclaim "allah" and said you killed people in syria, iraq and afghanistan. we're all going to die.
2:38 pm
thus our determining that we're going to investigate it as a terrorist of course. based on the information we have presently, we don't believe that anyone was involved with this individual. we have no information to suggest a wider plot. but it's certainly very, very early in the investigation. we're seeking search warrants for electronic media for his vehicle. much of that work is going on right now. so time will tell over the next several days whether anyone had any knowledge of this. but at this time we view him as alone wolf attacker. >> i know it's early, but any indication this was a self-radicalized individual or he received training somewhere? >> we have no information to suggest training. we interviewed the subject for a good period of time. he was cooperative. he has talked to us about what
2:39 pm
his motivations were. i think it's suffice to say, he has a hatred for the united states and a variety of other things that motivated him to coming to the airport today to conduct this act of violence. >> who brought him down? >> can you explain -- how was the gentleman able to bring a 12-inch knife? was it through the airport security? did he come through a plane? that's not within tsa guidelines. >> he entered the public area, nonsecure area of the airport. he spent a little time. he went up just outside the tsa screening area, spent some time in the restaurant. open to the public rest room and came out and attacked lieutenant neville prior to the screening area. so there wouldn't have been any screening at that point. >> how long was the attack? how long did it take to stop him? >> my understanding is they
2:40 pm
brought him into -- took control of him within about a minute. i'll defer to the chief. but it's my understanding that the chief personally, one of the members of fire department here with us right now. actually a nonsworn public safety officer, someone who is involved in that assisted in taking this individual down and restraining him and thus my comment earlier that there were some acts of heroism here. had he gotten free and tried to talk about additional people, we could have been talking about greater harm that occurred. >> the officer and the suspect, was there any sort of argument or just go up and start stabbing him? >> we have no indication there was any sort of dialogue between this officer. we're recovering all videos and that sort of thing. we'll know that. no indication whatsoever he had any dialogue with anybody prior
2:41 pm
to this attack. >> [question inaudible] >> chief? >> lieutenant neville -- >> we're coming out of the press conference getting the update on the terror attack which we can say is a terror attack with the officer left stabbed in the neck at the flint michigan airport. >> very disturbing. we saw a whole parade of law enforsment come to the podium and state what they knew and saw. my concern is the fbi director in charge of the case there who admitted that this amor ftouhi yelled "allah akbar" and mention syria and afghan a stan and said we're all going to die, sounds like something a terrorist would say. but this sounds like a lone
2:42 pm
wolf. and the patriot act will allow them to investigate this. they'll take his phone. expedited warrants -- >> relax as lot of the fourth amendment requirements -- >> and they use the patriot act to investigate things that have nothing to do with terrorism, which is unconstitutional. >> and it's dangerous to declare this lone wolf. >> rob, eric is right. we're two hours out of this event. seems preliminary to have these conclusions coming already. >> yeah. this is what we talked about before. who comes in the country and how do we vet them and what do we know about them. i'm not sure the patriot act should relate to this guy. he's not an american citizen. he's a tourist. >> he's a maniac. >> it's done on american soil. >> but there's not like there's a lot of rights. he's a visitor here.
2:43 pm
we should hope he's alone wolf. i don't think that's a good thing. people will support terrorism by isis and the middle east and people are nuts like the guy in san bernardino. all of those problems will have different solutions. a swarm kind of offense for us. >> charlie? >> the fact that this happened in a place like the flint airport, it's not a big airport. it's about 20 miles from the canadian border. it's undercores the hate-filled wackos are likely to strike anywhere. >> we're going to take a quick break. more on the fox news specialists ahead. so stay with us.
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[hissing] uh- i- [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues] >> jim mattis and rex tillerson sitting down with top chinese military officials figuring out
2:48 pm
ways to ratchet up tension on north korea. this comes a day after trump shaming china for not stopping north korea. there's no activity at north korea's test site for nuclear weapons. they tested five times. do we wait for them to test another one or do something preempti preemptively? >> i don't know. but this open twitter diplomacy that we're getting from donald trump is the one of the most appealing from president trump. he has a fine way of putting a point on things. clearly the area of strategic patience is definitely over. that's a good thing. >> cat, what do you think? just to give the people a perspective. in 2006 under bush, that first test was less than one kilo ton.
2:49 pm
under obama, it went all the way up to 10 kilo tons. we don't know what they have planned under the ground there. >> no. but we need to do all we can focusing on beefing of missile defense. you don't want to be the country responsible for the rage. >> and the biggest explanation, i don't know that we don't take a cue from israel who went into iraq and took out their nuclear program. >> i like that can you a lot, eric. i think there's something to be said. i'm not trying to be alarmist here or overly hawkish. i don't want to start world war iii but i'm not comfortable sitting around and waiting to see what kim jong-un thinks of a good idea on any particular day. >> rob, you thoughts on what's
2:50 pm
going on? >> this is one of donald trump's actual whips. to focus it on china. it's china's problem. 23 million north koreans. when that place collapses, they're going north. they're not going south. they're going that way. it's china's problem to solve. >> you're right. it can be. what if they don't move? what if they continue to play check? >> we let them for eight years. our president called their bluff. they said you're going to suffer. the chinese like to make it everybody else's problem. >> i agree with. trump on that. >> it's their problem. >> this here's one of the ways to do it. 10 seconds. really ratcheted up sanctions on chinese banks. >> absolutely. if we make a strike, it has to be devastating. a lot of lives will be lost. >> we have to leave it there. we'll be right back.
2:51 pm
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>> time to circle back with our specialists, rob long and charlie. charlie, you spent a few years in detroit. what is your favorite place in detroit? >> the whole city. it's a magnificent -- probably all of the different locations
2:55 pm
where eight mile was filmed. it was filmed in every alleyway, the parking garage that used to be an opera. all of the things in that movie are parts of detroit. >> absolutely. >> cat, the show got cut because of the press conference. charlie, weigh-in on this. jay johnson said you want to know something? we tried to make sure that the dnc wasn't hacked. in fact, they pushed us back and got hacked. democrats are blamed. blame up from for the hacking. they could have solved all their own problems. >> i don't understand why they spent so much time on the obama administration's culpability in that scandal. >> rob, your favorite cocktail? >> has to be old fashioned. the best -- >> makers mark?
2:56 pm
>> yeah. makers is great. i'll take whatever. >> i have to go fancy. i'll go down if i go down. >> all right. thank you to our fox news specialists. rob long and charlie hurt. thanks for watching. make sure to follow us on social media at twitter and facebook. 5:00 will never be the same. "special report" coming up.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier. what's being handled by the fbi, an act of terrorism. in our homeland. a police officer was stabbed in the neck this morning at an airport in flint, michigan. witnesses say the attacker shouted allahu akbar, arabic for god is the greatest. a canadian resident, who entered the country legally. look at the correspondence latest. >> confirming just minutes ago, investigating this incident as an act of terrorism. the


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