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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 22, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> bill: she just brought up the georgia and described it as proud, having the race to be as tight as it was. >> shannon: there were some good news and therefore democrats. >> bill: we have to run. bye-bye. the >> jon: fox news alert, we are awaiting comments from the majority leader mitch mcconnell, we expect he will address the g.o.p. health care bill on the senate floor. until he does so, we also want to listen to house minority leader, nancy pelosi. she is holding her weekly press conference and also talking about the health care bill as it comes out of the senate. let's listen in. >> single-digit five and below for some. these are opportunities for us.
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one of the prognosticators on this said that this opens the way for the democrats next election year. as far as some of the enthusiasm and my caucus, i always listen to my members. it's a part of our life, but i am proud of the unity that we have had and frankly, my leadership in terms of keeping everybody together and fighting the health care bill in the house of representatives. very proud of our success in defeating at the first time, moving them to the right to the place where i think is unsustainable, but defines who they are very clearly. i'm very proud of our unity which gave me leverage to succeed enormously in negotiations on the bill. when it comes to the issues, we are united in terms of our
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concern for americans families. that's what unifies us. when it comes to personal addition and having fun on tv, i love the arena. i thrive on competition, and i welcome discussion. every action has a reaction, every attack has a reaction with that, i'm pleased to take any questions. >> reporter: two of your fellow democrats say it's time for a fresh start. >> we always have this discussion. one is one, two is a couple, three is a few, some is some. i feel very confident in the
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support that i have in my caucu caucus. my timing is not about them, my promises about the issues that we are here to fight and we are fighting right now on the health care bill. the expansion of opportunity in our caucus has been great for people who want to take advantage and help us win. maybe they don't want to play in that arena, -- >> jon: fox news alert, today is the date republicans in the senate unveiled their proposal in the health care bill. let's listen to the majority leader of the u.s. senate, mitch mcconnell. >> it's not like obamacare. they said it would increase choice. of course, it didn't. this year, 70% of american counties have had little or no choice of insurers under
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obamacare. next year, at least 44 counties are projected to have no choice at all. meaning, yet again, americans could be thrown off their plans and states like missouri and ohio and wisconsin. it's not like obamacare is working. democrats told us it would be wrong for the senate to actually address these problems in a serious way while the law they have defended for 7 years teeters, literally teeters on the edge of total collapse. they were wrong before, they're wrong again now. because obamacare isn't working by nearly any measure, it has failed, and no amount of 11th hour reality denying or buckpassing by democrats is going to change the fact that more americans are going to get hurt unless we do something. i regret that our democratic
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friends made clear early on that they did not want to work with us any serious bipartisan way to address the obamacare status qu status quo. republicans believe we have a responsibility to act and we ar are. for our constituents, for our states, and for our country. we've long called for a better way forward and we've been engaged in intensive talks on how to get there. through dozens of meetings open to each and every member of the conference, we have had the opportunity to confront the obamacare status quo. we debated many policy proposals, we considered many different viewpoints. in the end, we found that we share many ideas about what needs to be achieved and how we can achieve it. these shared policy objectives and the solutions to help achieve them are what made us te
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health care draft. policies contained in the discussion draft will repealed the repeal the individual mandates so americans are no longer forced to buy insurance they don't need or can't afford. we will repeal the employer mandate so americans no longer see their hours of take-home pay cut by employers because of it. we agreed on the need to them prove the affordability and policies contained in the discussion draft. we will eliminate costly obamacare taxes that are passed on to consumers so we can put downward pressure on premiums, expand tax-free health savings account and employ targeted tax credits so we can help defray out-of-pocket costs and shift power from washington to the states so they have more flexibility to provide more americans with the kind of affordable insurance options they actually want. we agree on the need to
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stabilize the insurance markets that are collapsing under obamacare as well and policies contained in the discussion draft will implement stabilization policies so we can bring financial certainty to insurance markets and hope to americans can face the possibility of limited or zero options next year under obamacare. ultimately, transition away from obamacare system entirely so more americans will not be hurt. we also agree on the need to strengthen medicaid, preserve x xx2 care for patients with pre-existing conditions and allow children to stay on their parent's health insurance to the age of 26. i'm pleased that we were able to arrive at a draft that incorporates input from so many different members who represent so many different constituents who are facing so many different challenges. the draft containing the solutions i mentioned along with many others is posted online.
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i encourage everyone to carefully review it. there'll be ample time to analyze, discuss, and provide thoughts before legislation comes to the floor and i hope every senator takes that opportunity. next week, we expect the congressional budget office to release a score after that, we will proceed with a robust debate in a moment -- open amendment process, a process that i encourage you veg are senators to participate. when it does come to the floor, able present democrats with another opportunity to do it's right for the american people and can choose to keep standing by as their failing law continues to collapse and hurt more americans, but i hope they will join us instead to bring relief to the families who struggled under obamacare for far too long. either way, it's time to act. obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class and american
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families deserve better than its failing status quo. they deserve better care, that's just what we are going to continue to work to bring them. >> under the previous order, the leadership time is reserved. >> jon: there is a majority leader of the u.s. senate, mitch mcconnell on delivering open ring marks as they unveiled their proposal today to repeal and replace obamacare. it is called -- i lost the name. the senate version has a slightly different name than the house version. mike emanuel's life for us now on capitol hill. >> good morning to you. senate republicans have their
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first look at this bill and we have as well. it's 142 pages. you heard mitch mcconnell making the case that republicans need to act, that obamacare is failing and so, while some may want a more moderate plan, others may want a more conservative plan. he is saying the time to act is now because their constituents are suffering. now it's up to republican senators to see if they can support this plan. >> the status quo clearly is not working. what we've got is going to halt the bleeding. it's going to stabilize these markets. i think will bring insurance companies back into the markets because they will see a viable way forward. let's hope we get this past and start repairing the damage that's been done. speak out there are expected to be about eight or so republican senators on the fence about this. some more conservative members like rand paul, mike lee, ted cruz, somewhere moderate members. bottom line, mitch mcconnell can only afford to lose two of his republican members and
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democrats are blasting the process. >> the idea that we would vote on a bill of this significance that impacts the health of millions of americans with no public hearings, no markup, and just a week seems like a very unwise thing to do. when the american people discover what's in this bill, i suspect the republicans will wish they had gone through the process to refine the bill. >> expect protests from democrats. it's on like we may be having a protest starting up here on capitol hill as well. the bottom line, republican senators will be waiting for an analysis from the congressional budget office of this 142 page plan just out by monday. >> jon: mike emanuel on capitol hill, thank you. the name of it is the better care reconciliation act of 2017. thus the name i was looking for earlier and lost. knowledge of the answer from the democrats. chuck schumer of new york, the minority leader in the u.s.
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senate speaking now. >> more than 800 billion, the house bill already cut from the program. every senior and america should read the fine print of this bill. it looks like american seniors could be paying way more. why do this? looking at the bill, the answer is because the republicans want to give a tax break to the wealthiest americans. those making over $200,000 a year and set themselves up to give these folks another, even larger tax cut in their tax bil bill. even though much of the early reporting said the bill will keep certain protections for americans with pre-existing conditions, the truth is, it may well not guarantee them the coverage they need. by allowing states to waive essential health benefits, with the bill is saying to those americans is insurance still has
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to cover you, but it doesn't have to cover what you may actually need. it doesn't have to cover all or even most of your costs. if you need treatment for opioid addiction, your plan may no longer cover it. if you're pregnant and a maternity care, your plan may have decided that's too expensive. the coverage that americans of pre-existing conditions actually need may well become either unaffordable or even nonexistent under this bill. simply put, this bill will result, not right now with the end of my remarks. simply put, this bill will result in higher costs, less care, and millions of americans will lose their insurance, particularly through medicaid. it's every bit as bad as the house bill. in some ways, it's even worse. the president said the senate
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bill needed heart. the way this bill cuts health care, it's heartless. the president said the house bill was mean. the senate bill may be meaner. the senate republican health care bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. only this wolf has even sharper teeth than the house bill. it's clear that republicans know that cutting medicaid will help so many people in the middle class, so many in my home state of new york. republicans know that people want essential health benefits, so they created a disguise by saying these changes will occur for a year. in reality, the senate republican bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing, only this wolf has even sharper teeth in the house bill. we are potentially voting on it and a week.
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no committee hearings, no amendments and committee, no debate on the floor. one of the most important bills we are dealing with in decades. that brings shame on this body. we won't even know the full cost of consequences of the bill until cbo scores it. that could take a few days more. how can my friend, the majority leader, expect this body to fairly consider this legislatio legislation, prepare amendments and debate it in one week with only ten hours of debate? how can he expect his own members to do the same? many of them on the republican side are learning the details of the bill the same way we democrats are. they're reading it today. now listen to the majority leader had to say and 2009 when we were debating health care.
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his words, "this is a very important issue. we shouldn't try to do it in the dark. whatever final bill is produced should be available to the american public and to members of the senate certainly for enough time to come to grips with it. we are going to insist and the american people are going to insist that it be done in a transparent, fair, and open way." it is five or six days and of time for the american people and members of the senate to come to grips with a bill that affects one-sixth of the economy in the lives of every american in this country? i don't think so. neither do the american people and neither do a whole bunch of republican senators. senator cassidy, what i have preferred a more open process? the answer is yes. senator collins, i don't think
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it gives enough time to analyze the bill, but we'll see when it comes out. there is member after member, rand paul, lindsey graham, jerry moran, marco rubio, bob corker, who repeatedly have said this process in their words, and now in mine, is unfair, is rushed. for my dear friend, the majority leader, to say we are going to have an open amendment process is turning truth upside down. i would ask our leader rhetorically, i know the answer, can we allow at least one hour on each amendment, not 2 minute 2 minutes? will we have more time than ten hours to debate the bill? i hope so. if not, please don't call this
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an open and fair process. you want to rush it through, admit the consequences. now, mr. president, the debate over health care has been fierc fierce. we know that the republicans and democrats have differences when we debated the affordable care act. at least we had a debate, at least had committee hearings and a process. more broadly than that, at least we democrats were trying to pass a health care bill that helped more americans afford insurance and try to bring costs down an end some of the most egregious practices of the health care industry. what is this bill, trump care, trying to achieve? it seems designed to slash support for health care programs in order to give tax breaks to the very wealthy. when the cbo score comes out, i believe it will verify that
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millions of americans in this great country will be unable to afford insurance or the insurance they can afford won't cover the services they need. somewhere in america, mr. president, there's a family who takes a trip each friday to visit grandma or grandpa at a nursing home. who sacrificed all of their savings to pay for their health care until they had no more savings. and now relies on medicaid to help pay the cost of long-term care in a nursing home. somewhere in america, there is a father who is eaten up inside watching his son struggle with opioid addiction. who knows in his heart that his son would be able to go on and live a healthy and fulfilling
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life if he could only afford treatment to get him out from under his devastating addiction. somewhere in america, there's a parent whose child has cancer, mother and father who stay up late at night, worried that their insurance will either not be available or run out in the family needs it most. the america that my republican friends and vision with this health care bill, those americans and many more beside might not get the coverage and care they need. we live in the wealthiest country on earth. surely, surely, we can do better than what the republican health care bill promises. now i have a unanimous consent request. i have to delay my friend from asking questions until we finish
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our consent request. i ask unanimous consent that any substitute for perfecting amendments offered to calendar numbered 120 hr 1628 not be an order at the text of the amendment has not been filed at the desk and made available on a public website for at least 72 hours, along with an analysis. the >> jon: as chuck schumer delves into some of the arcane details of senate procedure, you can hear the protests from democrats who don't like the details of the republican bill, the health care bill that has been taken out from wraps this morning. we're going to hear from chad program, a guy who knows capitol hill better than just about anybody including some of those who serve in those offices there. also, republican senator john thune who helped craft the bill. his take on it coming up
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so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> julie: fox news alerted nancy her just now from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, basically laying out a draft of this bill of the senate plan to repeal and replace obamacare. joining me now, chad pergram. to help us break this down, there were leaks of the associated press earlier today, sort of outlining what we expected to hear. some are arguing that the senate plan is not that much different from what has been called the main house plan. let's talk about the differences beginning with affordability. more than anything, people in a health care system that not only works, but is affordable. there's this plan do that?
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>> that's going to be one of the things that they have to wait to find out when they get a score from the congressional budget office. those are the official scorekeepers of this piece of legislation and you can't go to the cbo until you get this into legislative form, which we've seen some of that in the past few minutes. we are told that could be next week. i thought it was interesting in the remarks by mitch mcconnell that he did not put any firm timetable on when they may consider this piece of legislation. we have long known here on capitol hill that they want to do it next week, he wants to clear the decks. they have to pass a budget in the house to get on tax reform. you start to get gummed up if you don't do those things and get this off the floor. looking through the details, i think it's going to be very interesting. i talked to three senators just a couple moments ago and they came out of this closed-door meeting. one was luther strange, a republican from alabama. he was appointed to the senate
8:27 am
to succeed jeff sessions who is now the attorney general. he might have the most to win or lose from this bill because he is up first. he faces a primary and august and my talk to senator strange, he said i don't know what to think about this. he said we have a lot of work to do. that might be the first marker coming up in early august as to what people think about this bill and how senators strange votes. generally, he is not considered to be someone and play because he's pretty conservative. i would like more the moderates. >> julie: let's talk real quick about obamacare. one of the big problems people have is that it was forced down american's throats, whether they wanted it or not. they were forced to actually sign up for it. the senate bill actually does free the american people from that obamacare mandate, requiring them to purchase insurance that they don't want or can't afford. highlight the difference they are. >> that's one of the positions there. if it is a business of a certain
8:28 am
sides, you have to provide coverage for your employees. you are forcing someone to buy a product. that's been a big republican issue with obamacare since they put this up. people are starting to look through the details. one thing that struck me was the stabilization fund number which runs for 4 years, $15 billion for 2018 and 2019 and $10 billion for 2020 and 2021. you have individual providers pulling out of entire states, pulling out of entire counties. you have people who can't go anywhere to get coverage because there is no provider. this would subsidize that to get through the next three or four years. >> julie: thank you very much. it will be going back to you as the story continues to develop throughout the afternoon. thank you so much. >> jon: i am joined now by senator john thune, the chairman of the senate republican and the group working on the health care bill.
8:29 am
julie just mentioned that many republicans, especially felt that obamacare was essentially ramped down the country's collective throat. it didn't get a single republican vote, no democrats are squawking that this bill is being rushed without their advice or consent, how do you answer that? >> it's not been rushed. we've had seven years of obamacare now, we've had plenty of time to examine the failures of obamacare and they are very clear. you have skyrocketing premiums, you have fewer options, people out there across the country today are experiencing literally a doubling of premiums in the last four years on the obamacare exchanges. this is a failed system, it needs to be rescued, and it's not sustainable, and it's up to us to try to fix this mess. we've come up with 142 pages of a bill. the obamacare bill was 127 page pages. this shifts power, distributes
8:30 am
power back to the states, allows them to design plans, options that gives people and their states more choices, more competition to drive down premiums. ultimately, we have two address affordability. these premium increases in deductibles and co-pays and out-of-pocket costs are killing american families and that's what this is all about in addition to stabilizing the insurance marketplace out there, which it is collapsing. you have fewer and fewer carriers who are willing to offer policies to people across the country. >> jon: i know the acoustics in that marble rotunda are not the best i know we have a protest underway behind you, so thanks very much for sticking with us. medicaid, are these proclamations or claims that republicans want to cut medicaid, answer that? >> medicaid will increase under this plan every year. it will increase every year at the rate of inflation. what we do is allow states to design plans, again to give them
8:31 am
more flexibility because too often, these programs are driven out of washington, d.c., and a one-size-fits-all approach. what this does is it allows states to design programs and a lot of kids are doing that. there's a lot of innovation going on out there already with respect to medicaid. this builds on that success and gives states flexibility, but in terms of medicaid spending, federal funding for medicaid, medicaid spending will continue to go up every single year. there's a lot of misinformation that's being put out there, of course by democrats. the fact of the matter is, the medicaid program is being made sustainable whereas before, at its current rate, it certainly is one of the top three entitlement programs that have not reformed, it's going to bankrupt the country. >> jon: we have a couple of more questions about this very important legislation. if you would be good enough to stick with us after a commercial break, i went to ask you about some of the complaints that have come from members of your own caucus about the secrecy that
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when you book direct at book now. >> jon: fox news laird, speaker of the house paul ryan is holding his weekly new conference, let's hear what he has to say. >> i saw steve this morning. his spirits are up, he's talking, he's doing well. he sends his regards and his thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers. this has been a busy week, delivering on our agenda for the country. for those of you who may have missed it, yesterday republic is a democrats came together to send important veterans and administration reform legislation to the president's desk. we've all seen the scandals of the last few years.
8:34 am
we saw the waiting list, we saw the scandals, things clearly need to change and the veterans administration and this bill is going to help deliver the kind of fundamental reform that is needed to solve those problems. they will help our veterans get the world-class care and treatment that they deserve and they have earned. we still have a lot of work to do, but we're going to keep at it until we, as a country, can say that we are really keeping our promises that we have made to our veterans. then later today, we expect a big part of partisan vote for glenn thompson's bill to improve career and technical education. this initiative are going to make it is or for people to get the skills they need to fill better, higher quality paint jobs. a good technical skills job can mean everything. it can be a foundation of a successful career and a great future. i see this everywhere i look in my home state of wisconsin. this bill could make a real difference for american workers, so bottom line, every day here,
8:35 am
we are working to address the problems that people face in their daily lives. this is just two more examples us coming together and delivering on our agenda. questions? >> reporter: have you seen the -- >> i have not, i've been briefed on the senate version. reporter matt can you give us your reaction? >> i know how hard this process is from personal experience. from what i understand, to build tracts in many ways along the lines of the house bill, i think that's very good. i'm not going to speak on their process. they gave us our space, the last thing i want to do is be disrespectful of their process. they have a lengthy process ahead of them. i think the bottom line is, i want them to pass the bills will be can all get on with keeping our promise. you have to remember, the system is collapsing. anthem blue cross yesterday pulled out of wisconsin.
8:36 am
that's one of the most flagship health insurers we've had in our state for many, many years. this system is in a tailspin. we made a promise that we will repeal and replace this law. i'm very happy that the senate has gone through the work of putting together a bill to keep that promise and so i'm eager for them to pass it, but i won't opine on the details as they go along. [indistinct question] >> what you read legislation after you draft it, not you draft it. this is a talking point in search of a problem. you don't release a bill before you finish writing the bill. you write the bill, then you release the bill, that's what the senate has done. [indistinct question]
8:37 am
>> if you are asking whether we have a cap adjustment, should we have our sense and mandatory, the answer is yes. the question is quality and quantity. >> reporter: do you anticipate the house -- >> it's premature to say. i haven't made that decision yet. they're just beating their process. >> reporter: can you address the bill? >> how many of you know what the blue slip problem is? this is a very technical issue. it's the constitution so he took that very seriously. my understanding is ways and means is giving the technical assistance needs. ed royce, chairman of the foreign affairs committee has indicated that he is very eager to move this bill, so we want to
8:38 am
get it cleaned up. we need foreign affairs to their scrub of this legislation which is what we do on every time a bell comes over from a senate, but chairman rice wants to get this moving quickly. i don't know the answer to that. want to get moving on it. we have 2 out of the blue slip which is a constitutional issue. that's why we ask ways and means which is in charge of this to make sure they give foreign relations the technical work that they need so they can get this right. i support sanctions, i've always supported sanctions. i'm going to let hvac foreign affairs to their scrub to make sure that the bill is written the right way. ed wants to get moving on this bill and i support doing that. who are you with? >> reporter: i'm cnf news.
8:39 am
do you support that proposal and ending elimination? >> i'll have to refer you to the appropriators. they're just getting started on their bills. i don't get too deep in the micro details like that, i just refer you to the appropriators. [indistinct question] >> deja vu all over again. i served as budget chair and ranking member for eight years. i've had these conversations each and every year with the other authorizing chairs. she is doing a fantastic job of getting consensus on the kinds of instructions we need to make
8:40 am
sure we get some savings out of the budget. every budget should have savings and diane black is doing that, just like any other budget chair should come associate is basically going through and talking to each authorizer. that's why the budget process works. i'm confident she will get that done, that you will find consensus with our other chairs and as we put a budget together. [indistinct question] >> i'm not going to comment on what they're doing. >> reporter: i was going to ask you, was there any red flags that came to your attention and you thought -- >> i haven't seen any of that yet, i know how hard it is to pass a bill like this. what was helpful to us --
8:41 am
>> jon: he tells us he is not releasing the language of the senate bill reforming and perhaps replacing obamacare. that is one of the criticisms that has been made of the senate process that it was handled in secret. you may have heard speaker ryan say, you draft a bill and then you presented for public inspection and that's with the senate has done. we had hoped to continue our conversation with senator john thune, he was unable to continue with us because of his senate schedule. what you see on your screen there is protesters being dragged out of the capitol building. they are protesting the republican bill, which none of them has read yet. protesting that bill, we'll continue to cover the goings-on at capitol hill and let you know what is in this republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. coming up. many of my patients
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>> julie: fox news alert. just moments ago, we heard from mitch mcconnell on the efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. president trump's team is stressing how important this legislation is for the american people. listen. >> this is imperative. it's imperative to the millions of americans who thought they would get better health care through obamacare and have been left behind. >> julie: democrats are blasting the way the g.o.p. controlled senate when about this. >> ten days, start to finish, to rewrite the health care system of america. ten days on a major that has not been disclosed through public and senators, not all of them, let only democrat senators. the >> julie: us now, and martin. and don calloway, strategist and
8:46 am
former state representative. give her talking to us. there is a lot to lay out here. about this senate health plan. the legislation repeals the vast majority of what republicans are calling harmful provisions of obamacare, replacements with better ones. i want to go to the reported improvements of this bill. it apparently helps stabilizing blasting insurance markets. it frees the american people from the obamacare mandate that requires them to purchase insurance. at supposed to improve the affordability of health care insurance. ed, let me start with you first of all. let's separate fact from fiction. according to the democrats, millions of americans will lose and medicaid costs will skyrocket. republicans say that's not true. can you tell us? >> i'm not here in middle
8:47 am
america. when you look across the river in illinois, it's going bankrupt because of bad spending. and missouri, people can get health care because insurance companies left. the president of the united states, instead of dodging a failing system, the description was higher cost and lack of insurance, that's obamacare. we have to do something about i it. what we are doing is breaking the system that requires conduct, whether it was having to buy certain insurance mandates or having to act in certain ways that are clearly failing and trying to create a system where people can operate and get better access, better choices. here's the thing that trump has said. when he's talking about heart and meanness, he means we have to have a better system for everybody, not just for certain winners and losers of obamacare. >> julie: i understand your satellite window is about to close. can you please stand by? we have breaking news. >> jon: fox news alert, the president famously said that he
8:48 am
wanted the senate bill to have some part in it, that was one of the criticisms he had of the house bill. he's holding a roundtable on innovation with ceos from some top american countries and venture capitalists as well. we understand that he made a remark about the health care bill, let's listen. >> how do you like the health care, folks? a little negotiation, but it's going to be great. >> jon: a little negotiation, but it's going to be good. that's the president's remark on the senate health care bill. more on that in just a moment. >> julie: rejoining me now, don calloway, we are talking about mitch mcconnell's senate health care plans a draft
8:49 am
essentially that had been happening behind closed doors with a selected few, 13 republicans, putting this together. i want to talk about the democrats and how they have come out against it so firmly, including charles schumer who came out moments ago. we broadcast that life saying basically this bill is meaner than the house bill and also, you had house minority leader nancy pelosi who came out and basically accuse the republicans of trying to sneak in their tax reform under the guise of health care. how are they making these accusations before actually reading the bill? >> ultimately, they are relying upon intelligence from a few people who had seen the bill, if you staffers who have been involved. those senate republicans have hundreds of staffers who work for them and people they relying on. ultimately, when you consider the overall substance procedure
8:50 am
of the bill, it's an unfortunate day in the history of the united states congress. from what's inside the bill, we can predict from a democratic perspective that would be objectionable and procedurally, there is very little justification for the way the procedure has been carried thus far. i agree with paul ryan who says you have to draft a bill before you release into the public. he's right about that. the problem is that the draft should be more collaborative, it should have a more transparent fashion and it should include both sides of the aisle. much in the way that the affordable -- excuse me, obamacare did in 2009. it had 79 hearings which went through a variety of committees and had so many different iterations and we talked about all the different things in the public eye. >> julie: republicans were pushed out of those at the very beginning, the same way republicans are now -- you could draw a parallel. >> not really because it went through the proper committee process in which we had both
8:51 am
sides participating. >> julie: i'm sorry, we have so much breaking news going on. thank you so much. of course, we are going to take a quick break and continuous coverage for you right after this [boy] cannonball! [girl] don't... [man] not again! [burke] swan drive. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ looking for a hotel that fits... ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over 200 sites to find you the hotel you want at the lowest price. grazie, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor. ykeep you
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>> jon: and of the senate republicans have unveiled their health care plan, there is still a long road ahead. republicans hope they can hold a vote in the senate next week, some senators remain on the fence, complaining about the secretive process, what about the house side of things? i'm joined by doug collins, vice chairman of the house republican conference. sir, how confident are you that senate and house republicans can get together and unite behind the senate bill? >> we're going to unite behind the fact that the senate has
8:55 am
gone through the process. we went through a long process over here, they're working there process now. then they'll bring it over and we look forward to them passing it. i think that's still to be determined, but we are excited. we're keeping the promise we made to the american people. 106% increase in 2013 in my home state of georgia and having insurance that is unusable in many of my rural counties. this is a moral imperative. now they need to bring it home and finish it. >> jon: one criticism of obamacare is that it stifled the growth of small businesses, can you tell small business owners out there that relief might be on the way? >> i think so. small business owners are wanting to provide insurance and help to their employees. we have an individual market that has been destroyed.
8:56 am
i talked to small businesses just the other day would have for employees, the they have the same amount as the individual market. they were down to two choices. there is still paying over $64,000 a year in premiums. this is unaffordable for small business. this is why the president has been rolling back regulations in the health care pieces a big part of that. >> jon: you're a big supporter of karen handel who won that election in georgia, your home state. what do you say to democrats who are now 0 for for? the biggest thing is that the president still has a message that resonates with the public. we are on the side of american people of rolling back government, rolling back regulations, making -- and keeping our promises. this was a very clear choice for the district.
8:57 am
i think that's been a cliche thrown out for years. >> jon: doug collins, republican of georgia, thanks very much. >> julie: fox news alert, getting more information from president trump meeting with business leaders in the east room of the white house just moments ago, calling obamacare a disaster, addressing the senate health plan now. let's listen. >> folks around me in this room, and we want them to create new properties and create lots of jobs. your industry has been incredible. your representation is the reason something that has greeted so many millions of new american jobs and probably jobs and many other countries also. we are interested right now. we are on the verge of new technological revolutions that could improve virtually every aspect of our lives, create vast
8:58 am
new wealth for american workers and families and open a bold new frontier in science, medicine, and communication. today's conversation will move america one step closer to that bright future that we are all talking about and are longing for. i would love to hear about the discussions you've had this morning with our team, the white house, and get your thoughts on the ways government can help unleash the next generation of technological breakthroughs that will transform our lives and transform our country and make us number one in this field. it's a very, very competitive field. you see what's going on with china and so many other countries and we want to remain number one. we want to go to number one in certain areas where we are not number one, and we are going to give you the competitive advantage that you need, so thank you all very much for being here. on behalf of myself and my great
8:59 am
vice president, it's been a meeting that we both look very much forward to attending and may be, i could, i'm going to ask for the media to estate your company name and yourself and a brief remark, we have a lot of people. i will start on my left. >> good morning. >> jon: we elected a businessman, president of the united states and he's on the east room of the white house right now meeting with ceos and venture capitalists, but also some remarks on health care. >> julie: that the top story of the hour of the day and the next couple of weeks because republicans are running out of time. mitch mcconnell showed us all that draft, now maybe the democrats will actually read it and then we'll know more about it. so far, they're not liking it.
9:00 am
>> jon: 185 pages in that senate bill. >> julie: pretty short if you compare it to obamacare. >> jon: the devil is in the details. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> julie: "outnumbered" stars now. >> sandra: senate democrats getting a first look at the bill to repeal in place obamacare. they aren't happy, calling it even worse than the house bill. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith, here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, former japanese spokesperson for the state staf parma a memory harve, and today's #oneluckyguy, host of the david webb show on sirius xm, david webb is here and he is outnumbered and i cannot wait to hear what you have to say on this moment right now. >> david: i've had three hours on what to say on this moment. join me right here on


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