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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 22, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> jon: 185 pages in that senate bill. >> julie: pretty short if you compare it to obamacare. >> jon: the devil is in the details. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> julie: "outnumbered" stars now. >> sandra: senate democrats getting a first look at the bill to repeal in place obamacare. they aren't happy, calling it even worse than the house bill. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith, here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, former japanese spokesperson for the state staf parma a memory harve, and today's #oneluckyguy, host of the david webb show on sirius xm, david webb is here and he is outnumbered and i cannot wait to hear what you have to say on this moment right now. >> david: i've had three hours on what to say on this moment. join me right here on "outnumbered" ."
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>> harris: what your new show is rocking on xm right across the street. >> david: i have three hours to set everybody up and they're looking at this health care discussion right before i came here. i played the senate floor and between patty murray, chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell, it's 185 pages, nobody is ready. it is fun to watch. >> sandra: save it, because we need a report first. a142 page discussion draft of their health care bill. the measure would cut and revamp medicaid and repeal tax increases under obamacare. president trump weighing in a short time ago calling obamacare a disaster and saying hopefully we'll get something with heart. senate minority leader chuck schumer says this bill is even worse than the one passed in the house. >> it's every bit as bad as the house bill. in some ways, it's even worse. the president said the senate bill needed heart.
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the way this bill cuts health care is heartless. the president said the house bill was mean. the senate bill may be meaner. the senate republican health care bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. only this wolf has even sharper teeth than the house bill. >> sandra: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says democrats are wrong. >> it's not like obamacare is working. democrats told us it would be wrong for the senate to actually address these problems in a serious way while the law they have defended for 7 years teeters, literally teeters on the edge of total collapse. they were wrong before, they are wrong again now. >> sandra: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel and the middle of it all come alive from capitol hill.
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what's the latest? >> it's hot off the presses and republican senators are reading at this hour to see if they can support it. senate republican leaders say this new health care proposal would stabilize lapsing insurance markets, it would not contain a requirement to purchase insurance, would improve affordability of health insurance, would preserve access to care for pre-existing conditions, and when strength and medicaid by giving states more flexibility. mitch mcconnell says lawmakers have an obligation to address this problem. >> we agree on the need to stabilize the insurance markets that are collapsing under obamacare as well, and policies contained in the discussion draft will implement stabilization policies so we can bring financial certainty to insurance markets and hope to americans who face the possibility of limited or zero options next year under obamacare. >> health care is of course all the buzz here today on capitol hill. mcconnell is in a tight spot,
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needing almost all of his 52 republicans to support this plan. g.o.p. leaders hope to get the analysis from the congressional budget office in terms of price and impact as soon as tomorrow or perhaps monday. chuck schumer was quick to attack the new bill. >> we know that the republicans and democrats have differences when we debated the affordable care act. at least we had a debate. at least we had committee hearings and a process. more broadly than that, at least we democrats are trying to pass a health care bill that helped more americans afford insurance and try to bring costs down. >> mcconnell fired back that schumer had not even read the bill since it was just posted on the senate website. here's a something that will get the attention of republican leaders. a very good source tells me that in about an hour, a statement is due out from at least three republican senators a saying they cannot support the bill.
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if that holds, that will be enough to stop this bill from passing in the united states senate. >> sandra: mike emanuel, thank you. discussion of accounts already. >> harris: that was interesting. >> sandra: it sets things up. can we go first to chuck schumer's comments? mcconnell went after him saying, hold on a second. this just posted, but you're already saying this is heartles heartless. this is very confusing. >> david: the timing actually shows chuck schumer for what he is which is a partisan act. i have this on my show and we were watching the senate floor. you didn't have time to read it after was posted, but he was ready with a prepared statement, but this is the problem. democrats are not interested in even reading the bill, debating the bill, they certainly want to go out and attack it. they say only democrats, that's what chuck schumer says, only democrats want to do someday to help the american people, but in
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a listening session yesterday on obamacare, secretary price and others sat in the white house with americans who are harmed, they were the victims of obamacare. what about helping them? >> sandra: it does seem like they're sticking on that message. >> marie: we had hundreds of hours of committee hearings about obamacare. we are not going to have any committee hearings about this, they're only going to be at most 20 hours of debate on the senate floor for summing a touch is one-sixth of our economy. no democrats were asked to be a part of the drafting process, most republicans weren't asked to be a part of it. i agree, we should read the bill, we should get a cbo score, which hopefully will come later this week or early next week, and then we should about it. if it cuts medicaid like we see it well, one for the americans get their coverage for medicaid, two-thirds of americans in nursing homes. if they lose that coverage because of the deep cuts to medicaid that will likely come from this, people like john kay sik, a republican who runs my home state of ohio, they don't like that.
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>> meghan: it's a phase down which is in a compromise for moderates. when you're talking with the statement is going to come out, it's being reported that its rand paul. this is no surprise. the main problems in congress are manifesting them selves in the senate. fs is able to get through because the compromise, we knew one way or another there would be one. it looks like they hedged towards more moderates. i think that we are edging ourselves in a way that is a little tenuous right now with these timelines and again, orrin hatch just said there are a lot of different points of view on health care which is a real problem and pushing it through. >> david: can address ohio? sorry. >> harris: we know they had a working group. it was conservatives. that's how we got to the language. 142 pages of this discussion draft, it drops the mandate and eliminates taxes on the wealthy
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with regard to their health care, so just a couple of things that people were talking about in terms of loosening up the market. you may not get rand paul, but you may peel off a ted cruz because this rolls back almost all of obamacare. ted cruz and rand paul want to see a repeal and you may get them. if cruz is language can come in about the across state competition. they may be able to get back two or three of those republicans. i don't know what rand paul is after. >> marie: you may lose people like jeff flake, people who have tough races. do you think you will pass the senate? >> meghan: we had seven years to get this right and i don't understand what we can get some come a compromise. anything is better than obamacare. if you're looking for absolute purity and perfection, it's
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never going to pass. the republican party has different perspectives. i'm really fascinated to see what rand paul has to say. >> sandra: which mcconnell just a set i think we will vote next week, but i don't know that will have 50 votes next week. can he get can serve as moderates on board? >> david: we don't know. this is the thing back to megan's point. they didn't read a bell when nancy pelosi said pass it before you know it senate and they went ahead and put this on the american people. by the way, back to ohio for a moment, it is about -- our tax payer dollars would not go to fit for it he is not a big fiscal republican and in ohio, he is
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leaving in 20 counties which will lose their access. they left wisconsin and indiana. >> marie: at one of the reasons they left, the uncertainty that's been created by the congressional process. it's also about my care. other things i'm not totally blaming it on that, but the uncertainty around this process. the deadline saying vote by a july 4th or move on to tax reform. that is adding to the uncertainty in the health care market. when you talk about things like the opioid crisis, i was home in ohio last week, i talked to a lot of people about this. a huge majority in some places, getting treatment in the opioid crisis, get it through medicaid. if we are willing to face that outcome i bring that down, i think a lot of voters are going to be uncomfortable. >> david: by the numbers, i get it, it's a great headline on the opioid crisis and i've covered those from day one.
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that is not the big number. bringing it to the headline doesn't reflect the fact that over 70% of americans get their health care through private employers. how the market place really works, rather than selling down and trying to basically destroy the broader system to fix it for a few, go to the problem of fixing it for the few that need it, rather than destroy the marketplace. obamacare destroyed the marketplace. >> sandra: i want to jump in here with some video. we have video of the protesters that are outside senator mitch mcconnell's office, being carried and removed, we are told that the video is coming in. they say it cuts the medicaid bill. we are keeping an eye on mitch mcconnell's office outside. there have been protesters outside of there, but now we are being told that they are being carried and removed from there. just to give you an idea of the climate that we are in.
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>> harris: the passion around this issue is huge. we so that playing out on the tom hall and i have got it literally in a hallway outside of mitch mcconnell's office. i know they were interviewing senators john thune on happening now about an hour ago. he could barely hear him. it's called the "better care reconciliation act of 2017". repugnance have to show how it would be better care. the message on this has to be really strong. you've seen a couple of things recently that were impressive in terms of a consistency message from the republicans who have been tweeting about it, talking about it. the president again this morning talking about it after talking last night. he said people to the white house to talk about the flaws in the disruption in the lives and obamacare has caused from small businesses and families. that better care reconciliation act part, that title has to be walked out. it hit me when you are talk about nancy pelosi.
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she might have been talking to her own people, telling them not to read it so would pass. a lot of us interpreted that, no one's reading it, just pass it. that may be one of the ways that democrats avoid dissension within their party. if you're not reading it, then you can't fight about it. >> david: this is a discussion draft. they made a big deal out of this, but what is a discussion do question market opens up the table. by the way, the president has asked democrats repeatedly from the campaign trail to now to come to the table, let's try to solve the problems. if the cbc want me with the president over their own reasons and democrats won't recognize his presidency, how do you expect to work with democrats? >> meghan: i'm curious from a political spectator to see all president trump is going to take his twitter account against rand paul and people that aren't going to vote on this bill. he threatened to go to the primaries were people who did and congress.
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>> sandra: to reiterate, mike emanuel is reporting that at least three senators are going to say there are against this bill. president trump is making a big policy announcement last night in iowa. why he says immigrants coming to the u.s. should be prepared to pull their own weight. plus, good news for democrats, including hillary clinton. the new polls and fundraising totals showing the party heading in the wrong direction. the pain can really be a distraction.
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and the most wi-fi hotspots. call or click to take advantage of a limited time offer. xfinity mobile. ♪ >> harris: this was a hot topic in the commercial break. president trump made a big policy announcement last night in cedar rapids, iowa. he told reporters that immigrants coming to the united states should be ready to support themselves on day one. >> that's why i believe the time has come for new immigration rules, which say that those seeking admission into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years. we'll be putting legislation to that effect very shortly. >> harris: the legislation would presumably build on president clinton's 1996 welfare
9:19 am
overhaul. that was the discussion point during the break on that particular thing. first of all, i want to go to your first and ask to 1996, what happened? the >> marie: i don't have all the details on this, but i do know when i've read but there was basically the same bill that passed in 1996 signed by president clinton that said immigrants could not get federally based benefits for 5 years. there were a few exceptions like kids getting immunizations which is a public health good. emergency disaster relief. the discussion here was hasn't been enforced and working and could get better? i'm not an expert on that. if i could get better, i'm open to ways that might happen, but the concept that president trump announced last night is on the books. >> harris: i was kidding when i said has it been working? what happens next? >> david: what happens is we need to have it codified and congress needs to get involved. a lot of times when laws are passed, you get into the
9:20 am
regulatory period where they were to get this process in place. workfare worked in a general principle. this started a process where democrats began to roll back. giving benefits to people, we should be means testing immigrants. if you want to come to this country, you should be able to provide -- a job, a skill. we can't condone poverty. we are importing poverty on the economic scale. >> harris: at republicans where this a lot. you know it's true. will that make you seem heartless when you say you don't want to import people? >> david: i have the perfect answer. what happens economically when america becomes the place that is no longer capable of welcoming those people to this country because we are economically unsound. we are $20 trillion in debt.
9:21 am
have an issue taking care of our own problems and our own people and we have supports to import poverty. >> sandra: before we address how democrats are responding to this, i'll ask, does this play well with chum space? >> meghan: i'm sorry, but this is red meat rhetoric for his base. he won on immigration and jobs. whether this is the number one issue he's talking about, this is completely tribal. his base loves it, he loves nothing more. i haven't seen any legislation put up to amend legislation is in place. let's not pretend he is not campaigning right now. he did a big rally last night and i think this is completely red meat politics. >> david: i'll tell you -- >> marie: >> meghan: nothing ras them. >> david: when you go to michigan or chicago and you talk
9:22 am
to these workers, you have a quarter million people in uaw ford alone. you look at them, they don't want their jobs and communities brought down economically. they're talking about kitchen table economics. once someone takes a benefit that they work to pay taxes for, that offends them and that's only left or right issue, that's a kitchen table issue. >> harris: also, it's very intriguing what's happening with ford right now and where those jobs are going. democrats, disappointed that their special election loss in georgia are lashing out at party leadership with some calling for nancy pelosi's ouster. whether it's time for her to step aside. seven months after the election, hillary clinton is still as unpopular today as she was right after 2016. that's rare for a losing candidate. you usually see a boost in their support after the election. what's behind the continued slight for hillary?
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>> sandra: in the next half-hour or so, we could get some big news in the way of possibly three, at least three g.o.p. senators planning to release announcements in opposition of the new senate g.o.p. health care proposal. that could be crucial as he read from mike emanuel on capitol hill just a little while ago, that would be enough to change things here. we are expecting announcements on behalf of those three g.o.p. senators sometime in the next half hour or so. it will bring the tea when we get it. the >> meghan: democrats are lashing out at their own party after that loss in the georgia special election. when democratic operative is quoted by politico saying we know longer have a party caucus capable of writing this wave. we have 80-year-old leaders and 90-year-old ranking members. this is in a party, it's a giant assisted living center complete with field trips, dining rooms,
9:28 am
and attendance. many of the ranking filer blaming nancy pelosi for georgia and a lot of their losses. kathleen rice is saying it's time for her to go. >> nancy pelosi was a great speaker, she is a great leader, but her time has come and gone. yes, she's a great fundraiser, but the money we are raising with her leadership is not helping us win elections. we have to have this difficult conversation now. >> meghan: president trump tweeting about pelosi and chuck schumer "i certainly hope the democrats do not force nancy pelosi out. that would be very bad for the republican party, and please let crying chuck stay!" >> one is one, two as a couple, a few is a few, and some as some. i'm very confident in the support i have in my caucus.
9:29 am
my promises about the issues that we are here to fight. >> meghan: have to start with you, you are laughing at tim rice. the >> david: the leadership is. i've met him, i've interviewed him, he's a very accomplished guy. he falls in the line of more of a centrist democrat. he will never be allowed to rise in the democratic party because the progressive leadership and tim ryan, who is from ohio who has good potential to lead that party in a new direction, really will never be given that chance. nancy pelosi, you hurt her. that's power. that's a saying you're not pushing me anywhere. they weren't going anywhere in baltimore and pelosi is not going anywhere. us before i do not think we are
9:30 am
turning the party over to keith ellison. i think were looking at people like joe crowley, it may be time for new leadership. i agree. people out there, it's not the keith ellison's or elizabeth warrens or bernie sanders. >> david: he is the deputy. the party leadership is a leadership and you have perez and allison who are very much in line and this fight between the clinton wing of old and the progressive wing of new does not include the tim ryans of the world. >> sandra: we need to go to some sound from tim ryan who is talk about nancy pelosi. >> it's going to be more challenging, certainly. you see these commercials that tie these candidates to leader pelosi, so we are asking candidates and these deep red
9:31 am
districts to battle the republican party. we have a lot of energy and our base which is very exciting for a lot of us to see that on the ground, but you have to be the republican and you have to carry this very toxic democratic brand on your back. that's a tough thing to ask a candidate running for congress. the >> meghan: someone in your own party is calling or brand toxic. >> sandra: i spoke with debbie dingell yesterday. i pressed her. as much as he did not want to be critical of nancy pelosi, she would not support her. those were not publicly speaking out saying it is time for leadership change, like you pretty much just saw there, others are remaining silent and not supporting her. it's a huge problem. are you going to openly acknowledge it? >> marie: we focus on nancy pelosi. the bigger issue is getting the message in the policies right. i just said, we should change
9:32 am
our leadership. we can't just focus on that, we have to look at all of it. i don't think anyone should be freaking out about losing a house seat that is plus nine. >> harris: that's why you should be freaking out. you know why? if you look at the total number over the last two years, it's over 1,000 seats across the country. >> marie: i don't disagree with you. going to the 2018, dozens of seats of people who are much closer in terms of democrat or republican, house seats that went district wise, house republicans are going to have to defend voting for a bill that president trump called mean. there's a lot more there politically and had to figure out the message. >> sandra: do you think tim ryan can get more acknowledgment from his own party? >> david: you're a perfect example. john dingell takes a seat from his father who dies young at 27. debbie dingell, his wife gets the seat. if she serves what is the average term in congress, that district will be represented by the dingell's for one century,
9:33 am
100 years. think about that. the leadership in the democrat party is that example. >> meghan: we have to move on. seven months after the election, hillary clinton remains as unpopular as she was after the race. a new gallup poll has the same number that out that way and december about her. meanwhile, the democratic national committee raised $4 million last month making it their worst may on record for fundraising since 2003. compare that to a republican national committee which raised nearly $11 million during that same period, setting a new polish presidential record. i'm going to start with you, marie. close to him on a fundraising since i was in high school. the problem with hillary clinton right now is that she hasn't gone away. she's a still campaigning, she's still doing interviews. in order for people to miss you and be nostalgic, you have to leave. you have to do something else. she is still in the campaign trail. her daughter is tweeting in a way she didn't do when her
9:34 am
mother was running for president. i think it's bizarre. i've said that many times on air and i think it's hurting her party. >> marie: i think, and i've said this many times on air, i do not think hillary clinton as a future of our party and i would like her to be much less vocal. i'm not sure she would take my calls right now. i think that our party -- speaking about what we are just talking about, nancy pelosi building on that, we need to figure out who the leaders are. one of the excuses pelosi supporters have used is that she is a great fundraiser. we are not hitting our fundraiser mark. we need leadership. that comes from people like joe crowley, tim ryan. >> harris: look at the example of georgia. it's not about the fundraising and the money, it's about the content of the message. and the ability for the messenger to reach the public without cussing at them. don't pretend like that's not offensive because it really is.
9:35 am
>> meghan: it's also historically unprecedented to not be able to channel the momentum into votes, especially in special elections like this. normally there are referendums on presidents who are recently elected. and every special election except under president bush and 9/11, that should be a big warning sign to democrats right now that being anti-trump is not translating to votes. >> marie: i don't think the glass is totally full or empty in georgia. it is a plus nine district. you can't by nine percentage points with $25 million. that's not how it works. you need a message and that's a lot of republicans to turn. karen handel never had to vote on trumped care of. it would be very different in 2018 when there are incumbents coming home, let's say they haven't accomplished every thing they promised they would accomplish. let's say there so saddled with a strong carrabelle and premiums to go up. karen handel isn't a good representative to what republic ends will base in 2018's >> sandra: going back to
9:36 am
hillary clinton, she's taken a lot of long strolls in the woods with bill. i've had a lot of time and i don't understand why they don't look and acknowledge the mistakes and failures, why not look back on those entrails with the party? help guide the party. the >> david: us out with the clintons are about. let's call it what it is. the foundation was designed to be the moneymaking arm for the clintons. peter schweitzer wrote about it. harris at the point earlier that democrats need to pay attention to. you've lost over 1,000 seats. you're losing governorships. we got younger governors, the youngest governor in the nation. we continue to grow that base.
9:37 am
that will control the future of either party, who wins the lower levels. >> meghan: stay tuned. vintage trunk, that is how people are describing his iowa rally last night. he's bringing back some of his greatest hits. from border security the economy. he also blasted the media, whether it will really rally his supporters and stick to his agenda. >> our country is getting stronger, it's getting better. we are going to be setting records and so me different ways. we are going to straighten out all of the mess that's happened over the last long period of time soway and i'm being told it'll be another 15, maybe 20 minutes, and we will have you on your way. ♪ runway models on the runway? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money evan saved by switching to geico. i would not wear that lace.
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>> sandra: chuck schumer making comments on health care right now. they are discussing the obamacare repeal bill that was just released. let's listen in. >> medicaid which helps middle-class families with loved ones in a nursing home and sends those dollars to the very
9:42 am
richest people in america. the senate democrats have been pouring over the bill. now that it's come out from behind closed doors, here are just a few of the things that this bill will do. first, it will cause health care costs for middle class and working families to go up. by cutting back on tax credits and making americans pay even a bigger percentage of their income for their premiums, they're going to send costs soaring. second, the bill will kick millions of medicaid by making even deeper cuts than the house bill. if you are a middle-class family with loved ones in a nursing home, the cost for that care is going to go up. third, it abandons people with pre-existing conditions. putting at dire risk maternity care, mental health coverage by allowing states more latitude to
9:43 am
get out of covering essential health benefits. fourth, if the funds planned parenthood, making it harder for millions of women to obtain the health care they need and deserve. why are they doing all this? to provide a giant tax break for the wealthiest americans. simply put, the bill will result in higher costs, less care, millions of americans will lose their health insurance, particularly through medicaid. it's every bit as bad as the house bill and in some ways, even worse. the deming stomach the president has said this bill needs heart. the way this bill cuts health care is heartless. the president said the hospital was mean. the senate bill will be meaner. the senate reap public and health care bill is a wolf in
9:44 am
sheep's clothing, only this wolf's teeth are even sharper than in the house bill. somewhere in america, mr. president, there's a family who takes a trip each friday to visit grandma or grandpa at a nursing home. who sacrificed all of their savings to pay for their health care until they had no more savings and now they rely on medicaid to help pay the cost of long-term care in the nursing home. somewhere in america, there is a father who is eaten up inside watching his son struggle with opioid addiction who knows in his heart that his son will be able to go on with a healthy and fulfilling life if he could only afford treatment to get out from under the devastating addiction. somewhere in america, there is a parent whose child has cancer.
9:45 am
a mother and father who stay up late at night worried that their insurance will not be available or run out before their family needs it most. that america that my republican friends and vision with this health care bill, those americans and many more aside may not get the coverage they need. we live in the wealthiest country on earth, we are proud of it as we should be, but surely, we can do better then with the republican health care bill promises. every american should be asking their republican senators one simple question this weekend. why do the wealthy deserve a tax cut? more than we deserve health car health care? >> sandra: that was chuck schumer responding to the release of the senate g.o.p.
9:46 am
health care bill just a little while ago. we had already heard from him. he was criticized earlier by mitch mcconnell for saying that he reacted before he had seen it. now he said time to look at it. in that moment, he said this bill abandons those with pre-existing conditions, d funds planned parenthood. he said nursing home care will go up and it will cause health care cost to go up overall. i feel like opening to meghan mccain first. the >> meghan: it's lot of fearmongering. in arizona, premiums are up over 100%. there is only one health care provider and every civil county except one. he's saying that this is a tax break for millionaires? i don't understand the correlation in this fantasy land of democrats where this is going well, where obamacare hasn't been a complete disaster and by the way, a complete bottom line -- i'm so angry right now,
9:47 am
i can't speak. it's not fair for him to fearmonger. >> sandra: next to him was an easel with that poster board that said mean and he had written with pen meaner because the president had called it mean. >> harris: the president called the house bill mean. >> meghan: what are we, and fifth grade? mean? >> harris: i have a question for you, marie. we were talking and said why is he using the exact same message he used not long ago earlier today? is this working better than coming up with ideas to fix the problem? this before those are two separate, but related things. to megan's point, we need a cbo score, we need experts to look at this. if some of what he says is true, it's not fearmongering, it's what's in the bill. we don't have those experts weighing in. >> sandra: "outnumbered" will
9:48 am
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♪ >> harris: president trump returning to the battleground state of iowa for the first time since the 2016 race an end a speech was echoed his campaign. a white house official told "the daily caller" it was vintage drum. >> after spending billions of
9:52 am
dollars defending other people's borders, we are finally going to defend our borders and yes, we will build the wall we've already started planning. it will be built. if we wind and got the single greatest health care plan and the history of the world, we would not get one democratic vote. we will never be intimidated by the dishonest media corporation corporations. they have phony witch hunts going against me. we are making such incredible progress. we are making progress like nobody can believe. these people are being driven
9:53 am
crazy. [laughter] >> harris: ed could have said 2016. those were the winning lines. the president already touted some of his accomplishments including getting neil gorsuch confirmed to the supreme court. before we get to the harder news part of this, i have to get to sandra. >> sandra: there were three young women standing behind him. they were chewing gum, one had a make america great again hat on. they're having a good time. behaving themselves most the time, you could tell that they were getting messages from their friends. >> harris: there was a lot of swagger and that. you just won georgia. marie, you want to downplay that, but there are a lot of things going on. there -- all of a sudden, the
9:54 am
administer ration is cooking along. >> meghan: all of the press corps is being forced to go to iowa right now. nothing makes them more angry than the fact they have to actually be around real americans, so that aspect i love 100% because nothing irritates them more. it's good for morale and his base. i think it's good for him specifically because he is not a traditional politician to get out of washington and be reminded of all the people who love him, why he was elected, and it's also a good tee off for when he will run for president again. >> harris: how nervous is like democrats? >> david: make some very nervous because this is how he won. presidents go out and go to the people. they go beyond the media. ronald reagan, the great communicator, he reached the people. those people who do that effectively, they normally carry the base, they bring new people and because they open their eyes to what they're doing. it's the nonthings of the trump
9:55 am
administration is doing that may win in 2018. doing things that the conservative base, the libertarian base, the centrist base has been asked about, scott pruitt, attrition.1,000 people at the epa. these are things that people will pay -- >> sandra: to me, it's the same reason he uses twitter because he can't get his message out or at least clearly, so he tweets it. in this case, he took this campaign style rally straight to the people to get his message out and to say he is winning. >> marie: i know it's where he's most comfortable, but it's not a substitute for governing. >> david: governing doesn't stop when you're on the campaign trail? it didn't stop for obama. >> sandra: let her finish. >> marie: i don't think he's substantially adding to his base, and makes them feel good, it gives them confidence.
9:56 am
with every policy step he takes, he doesn't get many new supporters. >> harris: you make a change for the better and they'll have that constant reminder of the marketers that we've seen in the open area. we are coming right back you don't let anything
9:57 am
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10:00 am
president trump just tweeted this moments ago -- "happening now" no. >> julie: are fox news alert, at least three republican senators are expected to announce any minute now that they do not support the senate health care bill in its current form. we expect to have that announcement any minute now. >> jon: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell can only lose two corepublicans in the expectation that no democrat would vote for the bill. how much does this put it in jeopardy? we are covering all the news, "happening now" ." what could our cybersecurity leader look for in former security leader secretary johnson's testimony? >>


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