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tv   The Fox News Specialists  FOX News  June 22, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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run the caucus agree with that? emanuel cleaver will be my special guest on coast-to-coast on the fox business network where he knows the intersection between your money and your life. cleaver on coast-to-coast tomorrow. be there. >> hey, everybody. i'm eboni with cat and eric. we're the fox news specialists. senate republicans debuting their long-awaited healthcare bill. it includes a repeal of obamacare taxes on high households, revamps insurance subsidies to low income users. it's hitting a major road block in the gop. ted cruz, mike lee of utah, rand paul are voicing their opposition to the bill in its current form jeopardizing the passage. senator cruz spoke about it a short time ago.
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>> i want to get to yes. the way to get to yes is fix the underlying problems. lower premiums and i'll be part of it. we can get there. a lot of other senators that feel the same as i do. >> senator paul elaborated on his opposition a few moments ago with neil cavuto. >> conservatives want a repeal bill. i want a bill that looks like, feels like and is a repeal bill. my fear is when i look at this, i keep reading it. it sounds like obamacare to me. doesn't sound obamacare light. some could be on the subsidy side. we can't have a bill that spends more than obamacare in the first couple years and call that a repeal bill. >> all right. eric, what about senator paul? >> he's my very close friend. i called him and said what about this? he said we're going to hold out. he said there's going to be four of us. i knew cruz and lee would. but ron johnson did as well. he calls this a horrible piece
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of legislation. i said what are you going to do? i said what if you can't get the deal making done? they'll have to scrap it and put it aside. they're very set on handling tax reform soon and next. >> cat, are you surprised by this much opposition from the gop? >> no. i did not speak with him on the phone, but i do agree with him. why are we giving -- >> i can give you his number. >> i will text anymore a lot. think twice about that. i know no bounds when it comes to texting. we're subsidizing insurance companies, why are we giving tax money to insurance companies? i'm not down with that. >> i agree with ted cruz. seriously, shocking. let's meet today's specialist. he served at the locate, state and federal level of government. he's a special correspondent for xtra tv.
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general caldwell is here. he a retired green bay master sergeant and part of hollywood weapons but specializes in rescuing senior dogs, terry sheppard is here. terry got into a car dent is this morning but still managed to be here to be a fox news specialist. that's what we call dedication. >> motivated. we like that. >> mr. caldwell, we'll start with you. i feel the republican party had seven years on this. i have been vocal about the obamacare mandate. the premiums, i don't see where they're coming down. so i don't know where this is such an improvement. >> this is an interesting issue. one, i must say, it's better than what we saw come out of the house. i thought that was a disastrous
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bill. next week, we'll see amendments on this legislation. >> when you say better, you mean kinder? >> president trump said -- >> it was a mean, kinder thing. >> it's a better representation of what the american people want and deserve. if i want to go through the points on this, which to be great, because we know that obamacare, the premiums in phoenix, went up about 140%. this will bring down the cost. this does something that i haven't heard anybody mention. it gives states the opportunity to impose work requirements on folks that are receiving medicaid. so those are folks that are not senior, not disabled or pregnant. that is a really good issue there. >> so you're saying it will bring down premiums. but me and ted cruz are not convinced. you say? >> let me say this first. as you can tell, i don't have a lot of hair. if i did have hair, i'd be pulling it out. these are just numbers and the back door shenaniganry.
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most people don't care about it. what they do get, the republicans have the house. they have the senate. they have the president. they have the will of the people, quite frankly. that's why these elections have been handed to the republicans. why are they so afraid of doing what they said they would do, just repeal it? get rid of it? i feel like we're playing another game and it has to do with keeping power more than doing what they said they would do. it really doesn't seem different to me. i'm not an economist. i'm a retired green beret. i say what is the big -- >> i'm going to give you an opportunity here. those that feel like yes, this is a mandate by the american people for conservative leadership and all its forms. this doesn't feel that conservative. >> when the house bill came out, i was sitting there on the five. i said this is -- the day it came out, i said this is terrible. dead on arrival. i got a lot of push back. i'm very close with the trump administration. i got calls. i said guys, why have you given
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paul ryan and leadership this role? they said don't worry. ryan came back. leadership says don't worry, we have the conservative caucus, the freedom caucus on board. we'll deliver you this bill. turned out you couldn't deliver the bill because it was a bad bill from the get-go. the house bill was bad. the problem is, the senate bill is no better. it's the same bill. >> i disagree. >> it doesn't get the costs down. they don't save money. >> it could be more expensive. >> this could cost the american people more money. what i really -- i said at the time, you guys, you need to put this healthcare thing aside. i know you made a promise. repeal and replace obamacare. get to that. get your tax reform first because universally that helps everyone. >> but the job isn't complete. we have next week. we have senators that will come together and negotiate something that they feel is better. how do we pay for it? that's a large consideration.
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just like with any other bill, it all comes -- >> it's a huge consideration. to eboni's point, they've had seven years and seven years of saying, let us fix this. this is a disaster. you need us because it has to be fixed. people said, okay. here you go. fix it. they're like uh. they should have the best bill of all time ready to go already. >> but what the democrats are doing, they ran for seven years on anti-obamacare rather than developing a better option for healthcare in america. this isn't better. this doesn't do any of the things that they said. yes, obamacare is failing. unmitigated disaster. getting worse. so we have to start to defund obamacare. before you get to the replacement, get to something that works. good for the american people in general. not just a few.
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>> since the republicans blew it, wouldn't it be better to repeal it, wait a couple years while they get something that is -- >> politically, that is a problem. if you pull it back, the consequences. mid-terms around the corner. if they're going to repeal it -- i don't have a problem with replacing it but it has to be better. >> this temporary band aid on this problem. you forget health insurance prices. this is -- you have to solve the underlying problem of healthcare costs. you need to go to the hospitals and say, show us what you're charging for this procedure. show us what you're charges for this aspirin. let them compete. you get the health costs down and then the insurance. the way you do this, the way you buy time, remove the mandate from obamacare. call it whatever you want. remove the mandate, keep the infrastructure? place and start doing the rest. >> i'd like the removal -- >> that's an interesting concept in which you just mentioned.
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to your point, i'm interested. what happens to the 20 million people that are currently on obamacare? what happens -- when they expanded, medicaid expansion, there was about 14.5 million people that were added to the rolls through medicaid. what happens to those folks? >> that whole question is, like what about the children? here's -- i get -- what will happen before we had obamacare? >> here's the thing. people have obamacare that can't use it. >> i have a friend that broke his rib. he went to five different hospitals. he couldn't find anybody that took it to eric's point, we lost sight what insurance should even mean. should be insurance in case something catastrophic happens. now you can use it for weight loss training or something like that. so the prices keep rising and rising higher and higher. >> you know why? >> seven million young people entered the marketplace that didn't -- >> the prices is rising because
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of the middleman. the insurance company. >> exactly. >> what do you mean? >> we should be paying for everyday health expenses out of pocket and the costs could be lower and the doctors would be held accountable for the patients rather than the insurance company. instead, the idea is to use tax dollars to pay insurance companies more money. that's the conservative answer. i'm sorry. no. $15 billion a year? a year. exactly. >> four years. >> the american people don't think we believe that we're going to get the straight talk from anybody. people like to use the cbo numbers. who are those guys? >> they have their sources. >> i'm joking. >> what i'm saying -- everybody uses the cbo, hey, if it works for them. the cbo does not predict the future. five years, something could happen, medical break throughs, something like that. something we don't know. the cbo is not particularly a great yard stick to do this on.
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again, like what we said, we're all acting like there's nothing before obamacare. >> but there were a lot of sick people that weren't being covered. that's what i liked about obamacare. that was about the only thing. >> you're talking about the 20 million. more than half are medicaid -- >> and health insurance and healthcare are not the same thing. because you have an insurance plan doesn't mean you get the care you need. >> if you remove this obamacare thing, you're not going to have 25 million people looking for insurance. they're still going to be taken care of. >> but also -- i agree with you eric and gianno. this senate and this house legislation is still including a medicaid expansion. looks like another entitlement program for conservative people looking for something that is cheaper and better. >> they're pulling back on it. that's the point. with the house version, it was the pull back immediately.
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not allow for new people to come in that had the coverage expansion. this is about two to four years. there's things happening. i got to tell you, we cannot discount the conversation and the discussion. this was considered a draft bill, a discussion bill. now we're having the discussion and senators are watching this program -- >> you're having a discussion. >> saying, hey, let's say rand paul, mike lee, ted cruz and ron johnson, the four senators that said they're not in favor of the bill, they figure out a way to get those votes. the way they're going to do it is to make it so up their alley, the freedom caucus that the moderate republicans are going to say i'm not for it now. then you have senator in vermont, a senator in maine, a senator in alaska saying this is too conservative. so that's why i said to the trump administration, jumping off the first major piece of
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legislation being health care, 1/6 of the economy, a trillion dollars a year may not have been the right -- >> the most complicated thing versus -- >> wasn't this the plan though? >> tax reform makes more sense. >> the whole point of working with obamacare first is to get some of those savings and push them over. >> that sounds very cart horse to me. you can't put that as the mandate -- >> but they don't know what to do. if i have a list of things to do, i generally don't start with a thing i don't know how to do yet. i make sure i know how to do it before i start it and especially before telling everybody i'm starting it. they've embarrassed themselves. >> and wasn't it part of the plan when they introduced the affordable care act? look what is going on right now. once this stuff goes in place, which they rammed down our throat, this would happen. they knew it would happen whether they lost power or not. they knew once you give people things, once you put the
2:14 pm
entitlements in place, imagine take them away. you hate grandma, hate people with diabetes. that's what's happening. they knew this would happen. >> that's fine. i don't disagree or question what you're saying. ultimately the people of the country have elected republican leadership to give them better around -- >> but the repeal is a good start. >> and they ran on this, paul ryan, others, that we need to repeal and replace obamacare. and for seven years -- >> hopefully it's opening negotiations. >> it is. >> i still don't have any hair, by the way. >> and no secret tapes with the president and james comey. more about this in a moment. (vo) gentlemen, beggin' skinny strips or beggin' black label? there's two?! now this is a delicious dilemma! introducing new beggin' strips premium edition.
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>> one of 2017's great mysteries, whether president trump had conversations with james comey finally coming to an end. the president tweeting today "with all of the recently reported electronic surveillance intercepts on masking and illegal leaking of information, i have no idea whether there are
2:19 pm
tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey. but i did not make and do not have any such recordings." what if this was just a ploy for him to find out if they were recording things in the white house? >> that is -- >> by the way, probably nothing -- >> this is a brilliant tweet. look at that tweet again. if you can put it up. it's amazing how he covered every base. he said maybe there are, maybe there aren't. i didn't do it and i don't have them. maybe there are tapes. maybe somebody else has them. i don't know. what he did is limited his liability and kept openings for the possibility there are still tapes. >> it was very strategic that way. i'm too much in my feelings. i'm very sad.
2:20 pm
i was looking forward to the tapes. where are the tapes! >> what is interesting, i've been reading the articles all day today. the media headline has been that trump said there were tapes. he said you better hope there aren't tapes. this is another media story blown out of proportion with anything to do with donald trump. in december, there was an article by "the washington post," forgive me if it wasn't, that said trump is a lawyer. he's 6'3." his driver license said he's 6'2." he can't say i'm walking down the street and there's gum on my shoe. and think are you too royal to have gun on your shoe? this has to stop. >> to said he lied here is a lie. he never said i have tapes. maybe he thought he was potentially being recorded. compactly what he said in the tweets. all of these intercepts and the surveillance going on.
2:21 pm
makes sense to me. >> if he's been watching scandal, they're taping everything. >> exactly. >> it's clever. you have to give him credit. clever in a high schooly way. maybe i do, maybe i don't. you don't know, do you? like you said, it was not clear. he never said i got tapes. good for him. i don't know if donald trump does it intentionally all the time but he's crushing the media every dang day. when he says something, they attack him for whether it's correct or not. even when the media may have tapes -- >> i agree -- >> they always look bad on this guy. >> they take the bait every time. there's some -- i don't know. i don't want to be too cynical. they're obsessed with the ratings draw that comes from that trump bait. >> totally. >> can i be more cynical? >> yes. >> the general media hates him so much, they'll take any bait and blow it out of proportion. a good example is how they were sure that georgia six was a
2:22 pm
referendum on trump, the disappointment among the mainstream media when the gop won was palpatable. >> it was a referendum. >> they set this themselves up. they hyped it to be this big statement about what america thinks about donald trump and obviously they weren't ready for that. >> it's what they think about donald trump. that's what they're doing. >> projecting. >> projecting their own opinion of donald trump on the vast majority of americans and the americans are rejecting that soundly. did you see the speech last night? granted it was -- >> he was having a good time. >> that's the trump that people love. >> he was back in his element. >> the more they get frustrated, the better it gets.
2:23 pm
whether donald trump is intentionally or with malice or forethought having them trip up, they trip up. like you said, they're so blinded with hate for this cat that they will do anything. by the way, the american people that don't read these bills, that have to work and tired of the politician stuff and they say, else that like my drunk uncle on thanksgiving. he's right. >> he looks like elliot stabler. >> he and olivia would have been so good together. up next, president trump lets it rip in iowa. debuting bold proposals on border immigration and the wall. stay with us. quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home,
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>> president trump serving up a big slice of red meat to supporters on immigration while in iowa last night. >> the time has come for new immigration rules which say that those seeking admission to our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years. >> that proposal would reportedly expand on a law in place since the clinton administration and make more categories off limits to i'm legal immigrants. the president revealed details about his planned border wall. >> we're talking about the southern border. lots of sun, lots of heat. we're thinking about building the wall as a solar wall. so it creates energy and pays for itself.
2:29 pm
you're the first group i've told that to, a solar wall. makes sense. let's see. we're working it out. panels, beautiful. actually, think of it. the higher it goes-the more valuable it is. >> i love this idea. it's the best idea. >> in the middle of that, my idea. good idea, huh? we're working on. just start working on >> wow! gold. >> a way to get mexico to pay for it. they'll buy the electricity. >> it's the funniest thing ever. he's saying we're going to build the wall. the libs will never go for it. and it's made out of solar panels. to have that happen in your brain is an amazing thing. >> and say -- >> democrats, you don't like solar power?
2:30 pm
>> you have them. like leonardo dicaprio and george clooney advocating for it. >> and it's like cool, where's the wall? he had to come back to this. this is pretty funny way to do it. >> gianno, this wall is getting built. >> a strong possibility it will be built. >> i can't imagine when democrats are so against it when the clintons supported it in the 90s. if i give a quick personal narrative, my father, he had a plumbing business. they did well. illegal immigrants, people started using illegal labor, driving down the cost that they could build something. it changed. >> can i tweet trumped proposal on solar panels on the border wall? >> go ahead. >> have companies sponsor a mile of solar. they'll even pay for the solar panel. put their name on it. >> i think i gave him the idea. >> wait a minute!
2:31 pm
>> i said company and he's like oh, yeah! >> i can't imagine google sponsoring a couple miles. maybe not google. >> reenter the paris climate agreement saying we're going to have a solar border wall. >> i hear what you're saying about your grand father's story. my mother is a small business owner. has that concern as well. this is the thing about hillary and bill clinton. they evolved. so no one is paying any attention to what they used to be and for against. that's irrelevant. people are not necessarily against the wall. it's the intentionality that they think behind it. i use that word a lot. if this was a wall against the canadian border, i don't think you would have this emotional response to it. what people are responding to is a feeling that they get, eric, they feel the wall is to keep certain people out of our country. that's -- >> it's true though.
2:32 pm
illegals. >> certain people are brown people -- >> granted that would be the case because it's a southern border wall. but the fact remain is somewhere around 80 plus of till legals in the country come from the southern border. that's where they're coming from. through south america and mexico and planting here and taking jobs. >> some of them taking jobs that we won't do. >> no doubt. absolutely no doubt. i'm more open minded about legal immigration that most conservatives would be. the point being the cost of the wall. it's 20, 30, 40 billion. the savings of not having those illegal immigrants planted here, getting healthcare, getting subsidies, benefits, getting food stamps would pay for the wall itself. >> the welfare thing is pitched as a libertarian solution to not leading the wall. makes you sound like a jerk. don't say don't come here. but if you do, you get stuff, it won't work. >> i'm not sure i agree with you about the brown people thing.
2:33 pm
this is again why a lot of people are upset in the united states. we're being told constantly we're racist. >> that is not my position. it's the feel like -- >> the southern border because of ecology, people blind hair and blue-eyed people pouring over the border that didn't speak our language and drawing off of our money and welfare system, i think people -- >> you think so? >> yeah. >> okay. >> and him mentioning a wall has driven down illegal immigration by 64%. but what you mentioned about the evolution. we can talk about other politicians like rahm emanuel that is for sanctuary cities. why? because he needs the hispanic vote. so when they decided they need more hispanics to vote for them versus the white, middle class, they said oh, we're going to come off the border wall. >> can you explain why a softer
2:34 pm
border policy is pro hispanic? >> no. >> the ones that vote are the ones that are here legally. >> i'm not opposed to the wall. i think we should have two. >> two walls? >> yeah. >> okay. >> that's interesting. the problem isn't from the northern border. >> that was sarcastic. >> anti-canadian? >> i thought she was being serious. >> i don't know what's going on anymore in this show. >> we're going to leave it there. nancy pelosi, one of my favorites. melts down? are her leadership days numbers? we can only hope so. we'll be right back. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no.
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>> welcome back to the fox news
2:39 pm
specialists. our specialists are gianno caldwell and jack shepherd. and nancy pelosi is taking heat about the recent flop in the election. >> you think nancy pelosi is more toxic than donald trump? you know what? the honest answer is in some areas of the country, yes, she is. >> i'm not going to pretend this is an easy conversation to have. it's not easy speaking truth to power. nancy pelosi was a great speaker. she is a great leader. her time has come and gone. >> for now, leader pelosi is disagreeing with that. >> i feel very confident in the support that i have in my caucus. i'm a master legislator. i'm a strategic politically astute leader. i'm -- my leadership is recognized by many around the
2:40 pm
country and that's why i'm able to attract the support that i do, which is essential to our election, sad to say. >> someone certainly thinks highly of herself. president trump couldn't help rubbing some salt in the wound today tweeting "i certainly hope democrats do not force nancy p. out. that would be very bad for the republican party. please let cryin' chuck stay." >> i'd take that a step further. >> go for it. >> so nancy pelosi calls herself a master legislator, astute leader. we did some brain room chickening. the 2010, 14 and 16 elections, she lost 63 house seats. so i agree with trump and i say i'm all for pelosi. >> very nice. very nice. >> have these bumper stickers made. send me an envelope --
2:41 pm
>> i saw 66 seats. >> either way, she's losing. i didn't do any analysis because i'm lazy. and we all know the reason that she's -- the knives are out is not because she's a far left nut job. that's where the dems are these days. it's because she's losing. they come on every day. well, this is a georgia thing. no, you lost. over and over again. >> you're right. okay. i have a special message for the dnc. fire all of your consultants because they have you on a winning losing streak. >> yeah. get rid of them. >> go out to the woods and hang out with hillary. >> yeah. they should do that. absolutely. the truth of the matter is, the democrats have not been honest. they say oh, it's all good. we're going to do the resistance campaign. that is working. they're resisting democrats, republicans, independents are resisting their strategy. >> and it's not being honest.
2:42 pm
the democrats are delusion against. i'm very serious. they're living in an eco chamber, a tunnel vision. when you see the president of the united states who is a republican saying please let nancy stay, i don't know how much clearer it can be that you're on the wrong side of it. >> you're like the coach of the team that plays every day -- >> that's my point. >> she's still standing there, going i am the best, i'm the master. i would love that delusional self-esteem. it's not great for the democratic party. >> it's horrible. >> and representative tim ryan, a democrat, called nancy pelosi more toxic than donald trump. think about that. >> heavy. >> calling his leader -- >> so this becomes the question, eric. if they feel this way and this congresswoman wants to get up here and talking about speaking truth to power, it's easy to do on a cable news program. what is more important in thorship meeting of the dnc --
2:43 pm
they had an opportunity to put in new leadership to be responsive to the wipeout they got in november. instead, they doubled down on the stale old baggage leadership that has gotten them nowhere. >> we've had many discussions off camera, off air. the truth of the matter is -- i go back to the part about not being honest or delusional. the truth of the matter is, in 2008 when the republicans took the shellacking because president obama won and they won everything else, they said the republican brand the dog food. the republican activists said we need to retool and we did. we won the senate and the white house. we were honest with ourselves. >> you want to be honest, gianno? this healthcare bill, you think it's going to be okay for republicans in 2018? >> we'll further the discussion
2:44 pm
into next week. >> and now we're offering a similar healthcare bill. you think the republicans are going to repeat in 2018? >> no. i think the republicans will win in 2018. we have no choice. we have no party to repeat as. >> that's not the point. >> be careful with that, gianno. if you expect to win by default, you could set yourself up -- >> you remember the down halls? you remember how effective those town halls were where grand roots organizations, the tea parties, going to town halls the summer before the 2018 election and just dismantling the democrats? you don't think the republican congress people that are all up in 2018 will feel the same heat from democrats? >> i consider obamacare a repeal. we'll continue the conversation next week. it's not perfect. don't get me wrong. >> so who do you guys think --
2:45 pm
this is what they pay you dudes the big bucks for. >> you're elliot stabler. they pay you the really big bucks. >> and you're welcome for your freedom. >> who do you think is a good candidate to replace miss nancy pelosi? do they have one? >> you think they'll -- have they -- are they seeing the light now? >> he's got to be it. >> has to. all right. straight ahead, the mainstream media freaking out over president trump and his comments last night about the poor and the economy. stay tuned.
2:46 pm
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>> the main street media is overwhelmingly bias against president trump and not slipping out against many americans. a new rasmussen poll shows 50% of likely reporters are biassed against the president and 4% think most reporters are biassed in trump's favor. case in point, the mainstream media is losing its mind after his remarks about who he is hiring in his administration. >> we can't have the world
2:50 pm
taking advantage of us anymore. i love all people. rich, poor. but in those particular positions, i just don't want a poor person. does that make sense? >> all right. so -- [laughter] apparently our producer slipped that sound bite in there. let me start with you, gianno. we talk about this. a harvard study out last month. 93% of the stories are negative. cbs negative. "new york times" 87% negative about donald trump. that is a liberal harvard study. >> so interesting. the 4% they mentioned, biassed in favor of trump. were you in that 4%? i've been drinking the trump vodka. the media has something out about him. in the election in the primary, they wanted him on.
2:51 pm
i just used to watch his interviews because it was entertaining. they loved him. they didn't think he was going to win. when he won the primary, they turned the alarm bells on. so now they're asleep at the wheel and they think americans will buy it. they're trying to angle as much as they can against trump. >> and what say you, eb? >> i didn't vote for president trump but even i, the updates come through my phone. the petty never stop. they undermine their credibility as an organization. it's silly and short-sided. i'll finish with this. i think there's some things the president says are outrageous. that made total sense to me. why would we put someone that has not demonstrated somebody in charge of the economic well-being of our country? >> sometimes rich people are not good with money. m.c. hammer was rich. not so much. >> fair enough. but if you're consistently poor, it's fair to say you're not going to do well with america's
2:52 pm
money either. >> talking specifically about wilbur ross whose specialty is restructuring failed companies. so in that case, yeah, a guy is good with money is rich because he's good with money. >> and i spent the morning the oral surgeons office. bone grafts, stitches. here's the thing. you go to a dentist and you show up and a guy has bad teeth, do you turn around and walk out? >> i'm covered with tattoos. a woman wouldn't want me to be their ob-gyn. >> i'm saying m.c. hammer wouldn't be good for the job. >> this isn't about trump in a way. america, america, right here. the media hates you and you know it. the media -- the big media outlets loathe, they just disdain and they hate most middle americans. so that's why they're so
2:53 pm
reflexsive, why so many people defend trump. when he's a bafoon or not, did you just insult my friend? that's what this is about. they have been exposed as people that do not like -- >> are you calling me your friend? >> was i wrong? >> no. >> if i can take a quick step further. we talked about during the primary. trump would say things. people say they're supporting trump. 42% of americans, white americans specifically, that are living under the poverty line. his issues spoke to them. they've been left out by democrats and republicans. >> people don't understand why someone who is so rich himself can connect and be the voice because he wasn't pretending to tell them better. that's the -- >> and he comes from humble beginning. he got the small $1 million loan -- >> yeah. >> #teamteddy. >> in the same harvard study, fox was the most fair and
2:54 pm
balanced. 52-48 negative and positive. >> when we come back, gianno and terry, will still be with us. don't go away. t i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one.
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hey katy, i'm going to go ahead and invade your personal space to run some things by you. it's going to look like i'm listening but i'm actually just paying attention to nugget. cool. i'll pretend you're answering the questions i have. i'll scroll through my feed and avoid making eye contact. i'm just going to keep hovering. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? hovering away. boo boo boo [making noise at nugget] the citi® double cash card does. only citi lets you earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi® double cash card. double means double. >> all right, it's time to circle back with our specialist today. gianno caldwell and terry
2:58 pm
sheppard. elliott stabler look-alike, i believe. there we go. seriously, is that not dead on or what? [laughter] >> i think so. it's a compliment. >> i will give you another complement. circle back with our specialists all the rescue dogs. the greatest, greatest thing. someone's got to love them. >> hold it to the camera. >> this is awesome, by the way. good luck, it's going to work out really well. >> how many dogs do you have? >> i lost one a couple months ago. i may get another one. i always go and volunteer. if another one comes into my life, you have to take the old
2:59 pm
ones because nobody wants them. >> once a week i come home, she's gotta picture of a 11-year-old dog. >> got to get them. >> we have a 13-year-old dog. >> quick question, gianno. you covered the white house correspondents dinner. what was your favorite part? >> don lemon was probably the most interesting. he took my mike. i interviewed, i was covering the dinner for extra tv. extra. at the tell you something about the show. i am a big fan. the first shell was probably the most exciting. >> thank you to our fox news specialists today. gianno caldwell and terry sheppard. thank you all for watching. make sure you follow us on social media. on both twitter and facebook.
3:00 pm
our facebook page is getting all kinds of comments and commentary from the show. "special report" is up next. ♪ >> bret: senate republicans unveiled their plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the measure may already be on life support. this is "special report" ." ♪ >> good evening, i am john roberts and for bret baier tonight. we are getting our first look at the long-awaited health care reform plan from senate republicans. according to many on both sides of the aisle, the prognosis is not good. democrats are against the bill, that's a given but republicans have erased their same margin of error and there are many indications to scaffold the measure


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