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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tuned for our friends in new york city, "the five." they are up next. ♪ >> kimberly: >> dana: , hello ei am dana perino. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." the democrats are on a losing streak to fight the near incessant accusations of presidential obstruction of justice and unconstitutional actions. they are now 0 for 4 and special elections. the democrats issues were on full display after the g.o.p. netted to go wins in georgia and south carolina. this is despite unprecedented spending by liberals. president trump brought up the
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republican victories last night at his will rally in iowa. >> they thought they were going to win last night in atlanta. they thought they were going to win. and it they have been unbelievably nasty. really nasty. >> all we do is win, win, win. we won last night. they say what is going on? what is going on? we won last night. and even the worst of them said, "that was a big win for trump. >> dana: the results have some democrats questioning whether house minority leader nancy pelosi should keep her jo job. >> do think nancy pelosi is more toxic than donald trump? >> you know what? the honest answer is, in some areas of the country, yes, she is. >> nancy pelosi is a great speaker. she is a great leader. her time has come and gone. yes, she's a great fundraiser but if the money we are raising through her leadership is not
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helping us win collections, we have to have this difficult conversation now. >> dana: michael moore echoed that sentiment, tweeting out... as for ms. pelosi herself, she is brushing off the criticism and is as confident as ever. >> do you want me to sing my praises? i am a master legislator. i am a strategic politically astute leader. my leadership is recognized by many around the country and that is why i am able to attract the support that i do. which is essential to our election, sad to say. >> dana: today, president trump tweeted he does not want pelosi out. he says i certainly hope the democrats don't force nancy out. that would be very bad for the republican party. and please, let crying chuck
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stay. this is around the beltway. all about nancy pelosi being in the hot seat. i just wonder if they're actually going to oust her. they tried and she is holding strong. a big fundraiser for them. she actually enforces party discipline. to think she stays or goes? >> jesse: i think she goes. the coup attempt, then the knives are out. then everyone knows who voted for who. you have to be sure in order to take the action. i don't think loc fundamentally understand understand america or americans. and i don't think the democratic party is self-aware enough that she cannot be the face of the party because she doesn't play outside of the state of california. she had a nice run. she took charge in 2006 after the iraq war went south and after some republican scandals. she pushed through obamacare, the stimulus disasters, miss
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read the will of the american people and then she got bounced out in 2010 when the tea party wave took over. nearly half of the country believes the democratic party has become too extreme. that's up eight points over the last year. the whole democratic message under pelosi is built on fantasy. free college. free health care. russia. i don't know how many moral victories the democrats are going to be able to stand on before it's time to actually start winning. president trump, saying we are going to win so much, you are going to be sick of winning. are the democrats sick of losing yet? we are not really sure. one of the side effects of trump derangement syndrome is short-term memory loss. the democrats have forgot about the issue. the democrats are actually competitive when they talk about medicare, college tuition, wages, think things of that nat identity politics and russia, they lose the resistance -- it
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fails. it's not a winning message. actual democrats in the heartland -- the d.c. democrats democrats -- >> dana: juan, there's a new poll saying that the majority of americans think republicans are on the right track and they would do better job in the economy and enforce change that's needed. the democrats are having this fight amongst themselves and michael moore is saying they don't have a message or a plan. is it time for them to make some change? >> juan: that's the real discussion. obviously republicans will delight in the demise of nancy pelosi. they beat her up. you and i were talking on the show a few days ago about the idea -- what is this demonization of politicians? you watch the ads played down in georgia six, they were all about nancy pelosi, ossoff taking off the mask revealing that he was really pelosi.
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displays to republicans in a big way. that's why president trump is saying don't go anywhere near nancy. we love her. >> dana: may be it's not about her personally but republicans have been able to successfully brand her at the one to fight against. i think -- i am very impressed with her career. 77 years old. she's been able to do a lot for the democrats. there's something to be said for all that she's done. i also don't think she's going anywhere. >> dana: >> kimberly: i know na, i've known her for a very long time. her family back in san francisco. she's very hard-working. she's made a lot of personal sacrifice. i give her credit for that and being a woman. believe me, but republicans are not going to delight in her demise. chuck schumer staying in place, crazy tom perez, let them stay.
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those three kings. let them be in their place. it's not helping. she's being a little bit scapegoating. i will touch on what jessie said. the democratic party. their insane psychotic rage against the trump presidency, like of rage against the trump candidacy, there is an obsession with that, now they are a party with no platform. and kind of know where to go. at least nancy pelosi knows how to raise money. who else is going to step up? who's going to make phone calls and get the money? they don't know how to spend the money that they got. they are doing it and all the wrong ways. they turned it into a referendum for president trump instead of making it a grass roots. they were making it a nationwide thing in district six instead of getting right there in the front and back yards of the people they were talking to. >> dana: can we get greg in? >> juan: karen handel never
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mentioned trump at once. >> dana: that's why the republicans were smart. and he stayed away from her as well. i >> juan: you don't hear anyone saying get rid of trump. his numbers are like, 35%. they both are not popular. >> dana: let's get greg in. it's not just one person that's a problem. >> greg: it doesn't matter if nancy pelosi stays where she's going. michael moore is dead right. the difference between trump and the democratic party is with trump, there is promise. i'm going to help you, here is what we are going to do. with the dems, there is no promise or even more, redemption. if you agree with the democrats, it's too late. especially if you are white. if you are white, privileged, part of the patriarchy, you are doomed. they have splintered the country because they replaced life experience with identity. we talked about identity politics. america is fall for anything. you can't have a singular
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identity of being an american. that represents everything that's evil. you are faced with hundreds of defeating tribes. competing tribes. all these pronouns and identities. the democratic party is no longer a single entity. it's like sybil. they are eating themselves alive. what's happening at evergreen, they are actually going after their own. it's like taking meatballs out of a meatball sandwich, identity politics out of the democratic party. there's nothing there. the democratic party can no longer stay with their core. they can only say what they are against. they aren't just against trump. they are against people that are voting for trump. they are against gasoline. they are against meat. >> kimberly: weather. >> greg: individual liberty. right? i never thought -- you never thought you would see the day,
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they are against speech. people on campus. it is not the right, it's the left. >> kimberly: the abuse of women and sharia law, and children and gays, that's what they aren't against. >> dana: actor johnny depp at the glastonbury festival in the u.k. "pirates of the caribbean" started joking about assassinating president trump. >> i think he needs help. when was the last time an actor assassinated a president?
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to clarify, i am not an actor. >> dana: greg, what do you think of that? >> greg: he is a mess. he is an absolute mess. the guy -- this is your prominent mouthpiece, a guy who is obviously in lots of trouble. i feel sorry for him. he looks like a vintage lampshade from a thrift shop. >> kimberly: it not that good. >> greg: every time he opens his mouth, obviously he's messed up. it's kind of sad he thinks the president is messed up when he is talking and can barely focus. >> kimberly: man in the mirror. >> jesse: asked the secret service they are cool with celebrities making assassination jokes or beheading people or putting on assassination plays. at the guys that are paid to
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protect the president, they don't like these jokes. they just aren't funny. we were talking earlier, the president likes to keep nancy pelosi around because she fires up the republican base and make the democrats look bad. i say keep johnny depp around. this is the kind of guy that hollywood brings into a place like georgia sixth and just ruins it for the candidates on the left. this can't keep happening over and over and over again. >> dana: do think the democrats have a hollywood problem? >> juan: i think some of the people on the far left, especially the hollywood side, i would agree with greg, sometimes the condescension is just over leaning. like we don't like you, we don't know you, we don't care about the reality of your lives or how you think. at that kind of arrogance is very unappealing. who wants to do business with somebody who's not listening? it's wrong to think that johnny
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depp would have been in georgia six. i thought ossoff didn't emphasize the bernie sanders type thing. no, what you get is people coming in and drawing attention to ossoff but not these far left divisions that you guys delight in. >> kimberly: it's all over the mainstream media. celebrities going off, going cycle. foaming at the mouth with the mainstream media. this vitriol, the rage, enough to take everybody off and really motivate republican base to com. that's why she won. >> juan: remember, democrats are up plus 7-10 in terms of a congressional ballot. >> dana: that's true. >> juan: something going on right now, we are going to talk about something specifically in the next segment.
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>> jesse: senate republicans released their planned it once and for all repeal and replace obamacare. president trump says he willing to negotiate over the details but democrats won't even come to the table. >> obamacare is a disaster. it's dead. we are putting in a plan today that is going to be negotiated. we would love to have some democrats support but they are obstructionists. we won't get one, no matter how good it is. we will hopefully get something done and it will be something with heart. and a very. >> jesse: president obama blasted the republican plan, hosting something on facebook that said this bill would do you harm it. no matter what changes the republicans make it, they cannot change the fundamental meanness at the core of this legislation. greg, i am not saying this bill
6:19 pm
is perfect but it reminds me of the football coach that goes 0-16, gets fired and then starts chirping from the bleachers about the game plan of the next coach. he has no credibility. >> greg: the brilliance of president obama, no matter how bad obamacare is, it will be impossible to remove. it's like gum in your hair. the thing that struck me was the democrat response especially after the scalise shooting, when we were talking about language and violent imagery. liz warren calling this blood money. you wonder why these things happen, liz. you should maybe watch yourself saying those things. after what happened. what's interesting, they are having these tie-ins because republicans kill people. that's what we do.
6:20 pm
isn't that the inflammatory language we were talking about? you are staging a die in. how are they able to plan that so immediately after reading the 142 page report? everyone they are read the report. they already knew it and just showed up for a die-in. >> kimberly: anyone who has a diane -- >> dana: there was a diane at central park. >> greg: that was at central park. >> kimberly: that was a wine in. >> jesse: a few conservative senators that have come out and said i don't like this thing. to think that's going to be a problem? >> kimberly: it's not great. it's enough to create a problem not to get through. obviously the president would like to see unanimous support. this is how we plan to address them going forward. well, let's put this in. at least that was the argument
6:21 pm
they were making before. there they are. they made some comments before, this wasn't able to get through. and then they tried to address some of those problems. you are not going to please everybody but a margin this type, they cannot afford to lose anybody. >> dana: i think it could be a strategy. >> jesse: which would be what? >> dana: senator mcconnell new they were going to be against it. and so in the next week or so, as they try to offer amendments, you have to keep this bill for republicans to vote on it and congress. mike i'm glad they are actually doing this so then they can try to keep it in a conservative direction so i can pass the house. >> jesse: interesting concept. juan, anything better than obamacare? >> juan: this is obviously not
6:22 pm
better. i love the fact that they call it better health care. okay, are more people insured? no no, no, no. premiums go down? no. what about the american hospital association? the people who provide health care, what do they think? this is going to drive the premiums and cause working people who come to the hospital. what about the elderly, jesse? the people we all have sympathy for? >> greg: they are all going to die according to the liberals. you want to say it, juan. >> juan: if i say die or push grandma off the cliff -- if you are putting a cap on medicaid ag homes -- that's how the nursing home gets paid, the fact -- >> kimberly: you forgot children dying of cancer. >> juan: we don't have enough time. the fact that you have a bill,
6:23 pm
it 8% support across the nation? that's the basis for the senate bill and the senate bill really doesn't improve. the president called the house bill mean. >> greg: of the polls are measuring what people don't like it, with the media is saying. >> juan: oh, no. people are not stupid. >> jesse: is that how you guys past obamacare? >> juan: susan collins, keller. >> jesse: we will talk to ainsley earhardt who spoke to president trump about health care. >> you have the house and the senate but you have the senators that are now on board. >> they are four friends of mine. i think they will probably get there. we will have to see. health care is a very difficult situation. after years and years, they couldn't do it. obamacare was murder for them to
6:24 pm
get. and now it has failed. obamacare is a disaster. we are trying to do something in a very short. period of time. >> jesse: the president is basically saying a huge momentum shift off the heels of this comey stuff and this bob mueller investigation. the economy starts jamming up again. this could be a turning point. what do you think? >> dana: yes, in theory. but the next two weeks, it's going to be ugly. absolutely. one thing about nancy pelosi, they could actually keep their people rigorously -- they were are all voting together. republicans are much more for individualism. everyone can have their own opinion and is just a little bit more messy but by the end of that, if they get it for the
6:25 pm
president to sign, it will be better legislation. it won't be what everybody wants but it will hopefully increase competition. will hopefully reduce cost. >> juan: no repeal. it's what greg said. >> kimberly: president obama illegally transferred fronds from the treasury department in order to pay for obamacare. it was not even self sustaining. >> juan: it's been sabotaged by republicans. >> jesse: maybe you can reach across the aisle -- >> greg: you know what obamacare is? a huge awful tattoo you got in your 20s. on your back. and it's like really hard to remove. it will take a long time to remove it. >> juan: they are talking about medicaid, greg. >> jesse: saving and stretching medicaid. you can see ainsley earhardt's full interview with
6:26 pm
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6:31 pm
i said because that's the kind of thinking we want. really, they are representing the country. they don't want the money. they love all people. rich or poor. but in those particular positions, i just don't want a poor person. does that make sense? does that make sense? if you insist, i will do it. but i like it better this way. >> kimberly: how many people know what he meant by that, raise your hand? i've seen four hands so far. juan seems to be confused. wilbur ross has been very successful. brilliant. in charge of commerce. you have steven mnuchin, gary cohen advising on the economy as well. these people have been very successful, because they've been able to figure out the economic puzzle and how to succeed in the country. president trump said i wanted to get the best and brightest out there. >> juan: can i interrupt?
6:32 pm
>> kimberly: yes. >> juan: he the richest. >> kimberly: i said when he ran for office. >> juan: last night he said the richest. >> kimberly: he saying it makes sense. >> juan: if he said what you said, i might buy back into it. >> kimberly: would you vote for me, juan? >> juan: i can't help myself. i would. >> greg: i don't want someone with poor upper body strength to help me lift my couch. he is talking about the people that we know in our lives who are poor, no matter what they do with their money. no matter how much money they make it, they are just not good with their finances. somebody who is great with their finances, in charge of our finances, you want a great accountant who is good with money. it's amazing how pathetic the critics are. they know what he meant but --
6:33 pm
>> kimberly: johnny depp is a very good actor but he is very bad with finances. he really is. >> juan: the rich are better than you and me and the rich are going to be looking out for themselves. not looking out for the working man in america. >> greg: you should kill them, juan. for the working man in america. >> jesse: you are rich, juan. >> kimberly: juan, you are the richest man at this table. [laughter] >> jesse: juan is wearing a white pants right now. [laughter] >> juan: you guys, i'm giving testimonials -- >> jesse: you are the wilbur ross of "the five" ." >> jesse: trump gives a speech for 90 minutes and this is what the media is latching onto? >> juan: poor defense, jesse.
6:34 pm
>> dana: a couple weeks ago, ben carson -- >> jesse: he's worth millions of dollars. >> dana: he was ridiculed. there is a really great op-ed about "the wall street journal"" you listen to ben carson explain what he meant by that. he grew up poor. now he's trying to help poor people. i think that's what the president was saying. it reminded me of your book, "unspeakable truths." what a president trump said is an unspeakable truth. usually politicians don't say things like that. >> kimberly: 100%. that is why ben carson is trying to elevate people out of poverty. you want the best and brightest to work for the government because the top jobs, you have no personal lives, you get ridiculed, investigated.
6:35 pm
there you go, juan. >> juan: goldman sachs for everything. just let them take over. >> greg: we are draining the swamp. >> kimberly: all of us here at "the five" aspire us to be as successful as juan. otto warmbier, the american student who died after being released from north korea was laid to rest today. the monologue on the pariah nation is next. with kettle chips. or new, over-the-top lobster and shrimp overboard. but it can't last, so hurry in. it's just a burst pipe, i co(laugh) it. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it.
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♪ >> greg: as everyone tries to figure out what to do with north korea, we reveal the key facts. up to 100,000 north koreans are sent abroad is essentially slave labor to build stadiums for the 2022 world cup in qatar.
6:40 pm
when the workers return, nearly all their money is taken by the government which i doubt is spent on eldercare or prenatal nutrition. we must pressure banks from handling north korea's money by punishing everyone involved, we also need countries to stop using these laborers and lean on fifa, after translation, it stands for international federation of association football and buy football, we mean soccer. it's a soccer organization that benefits from this gross export. north korea exports bodies, extracts their value and tosses them aside. i know no one is going to cancel the world cup. especially if the world doesn't exist in 2022. north korea got its nuke and they got nuked because people pay them to build stadiums. the money goes straight to those maniacs who don't use it to feed their citizens but to build missiles. what if you started writing to
6:41 pm
fifa and demand that the games not be played on a field created by tormented souls? it may not amount to anything but it sure beats watching soccer. i like playing soccer but i don't like watching it. not enough stuff is going on for me. i do like playing it. i want to point out that this morning, it was otto warmbier's funeral. it was open to the public but closed for the press. north korea, was testing weapons. do you think donald trump is planning something? >> jesse: i think it was yesterday, he tweeted, you know what, china tried, too bad it didn't work. it shows that trump is the unpredictable one. the last thing that china wants is some sort of destabilizing strike on the north to create downward migration pressure on their borders. they don't want that at all. that will motivate the chinese to do something.
6:42 pm
general mattis and secretary tillerson, i think there are some things you can do. some import tariffs we can do. china has to crackdown on some cyber situations, money laundering. we were in the green room, dana and i, listening to something on television. china still has a dog meat festival. >> dana: i want the president to tweet about that. >> jesse: if he tweeted about that, how embarrassing would that be for the chinese? to bring that much attention? >> greg: they aren't embarrassed. it would be like india going, look at america eating cows. >> jesse: i think it would be a little bit embarrassing. >> juan: i thought you made a really great point. i want to stop this. when you go after -- we go after the actions of the cubans, and the iranians, everybody's actions but i don't think going
6:43 pm
after -- even russians -- we don't go after the actions of the rich, at the upper level of benefiting a north korean life. >> dana: i think president trumka do some outside of the box thinking. his containment policy isn't working. what if he led a worldwide sanction, that take these north korean workers? punish them. there are no real labor productions and other countries either. cheap labor. they live terrible lives. you can get other countries do not hire them or accept these north korean workers that might actually need help. >> greg: i know fifa is not involved in hiring these people, they are behind the world cup. but let them know that they are playing, you can go to >> kimberly: you ruined their night. there's a history history and north korea, they are really quite afraid of any kind of
6:44 pm
regime collapse. they are worried about a refugee fallout if the regime collapses. what will they do with all the people coming across the borders and the problems? much like we have been skiing. in syria, what's happening there with refugees. people displaced, this tumultuous activity. there is a tremendous amount of fallout. it happens in these bordering countries, physically and financially. economically. that type of thing. i think sanctions are hugely important, part of the overall scheme to put pressure on north korea. the united states or the world shouldn't stand by and allow this for a second longer. >> greg: president trump says he has an idea for how to reduce buckets of mexico's bill for te wall. more after the break.
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for mo the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. ♪ >> juan: president trump still has a grand plan to build that wall at the mexican border. it just got a whole lot more interesting. >> we are thinking of something that's unique. we are talking about the
6:49 pm
southern border. lots of sun. it lots of heat. we are thinking about building the wall as a solar wall. so it creates energy. and pays for itself. and this way, mexico will have to pay much less money. and that's good. right? >> juan: wow. what do you think? >> greg: it would be hilarious if the wall is better for the environment than the paris accords. they did zero for the earth, juan. the wall at least generates some alternative energy. >> kimberly: grad, that was evil. >> greg: make it the longest strip mall, handball court. make it a drive-in movie theater where everybody can park their cars and they can watch movies on the wall. do all of these things. >> juan: i was looking at the
6:50 pm
number and a still, 60% of americans think don't build it. >> dana: of all the things he keeps talking about, that consistently has about 60% of people saying we don't need that. i think he is recognizing the fact there are some other issues of immigration he will have to deal with. allowing dreamers to stay but their parents could be deported. that continues to be messy. there's a whole thing with the congressional hispanic caucus talking about some immigrants serving in the military but then after they get back, they get deported. they tried to reach out to the president on that. the window for immigration reform its closing pretty quickly. they move on to tax reform. probably won't solve any of these problems for a while. >> juan: is this like donald trump environmentalist, oh, yeah, alternative energy, really great stuff? >> jesse: he's triangulating. he's playing test in my chest
6:51 pm
and you guys are playing checkers. he's slapping some solar panels on the wall. to take that, liberals. it's working. you could put pot dispensaries on the wall. student loans on the wall. there is no way democrats are ever coming across. and support it. >> juan: immediately your mind went to pot. >> kimberly: i could try. i like the idea, what can they say? we want to tear down the wall, the lawsuits in california -- they were going to sue on environmental grounds. >> jesse: the salamanders. >> kimberly: but actually, there might be some solar panels and windows on top. whatever else it takes. if that would get people on board, i am all for it. you better have a backed up energy because solar panels --
6:52 pm
they don't always work. personal experience. >> juan: here we go. >> dana: even a carrier wall. we will talk about it tomorrow. >> juan: "one more thing" is up next. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia having mplaque psoriasise is not always easy. it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for nearly 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear
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6:56 pm
dog. and his former marine corps handler, they had seen each other in many years and he heard the dog was blind. look, the dog remembered him after six years. they worked together in afghanistan. i thought that was very sweet. and belated by one day, happy 13th birthday to my good friend in savannah, georgia. >> kimberly: happy birthday, macy. >> dana: there is my little dance partner. >> kimberly: thank you so much. i have a remarkable video going around right now. i retired u.s. special forces operative, he saved a little rocky girl in mosul, iraq. they provide aid to civilians that have been targeted by isis. she was taken to the clinic and it's part of their work running
6:57 pm
the organization. he wanted to send the message and not focus on himself. our hearts go out to the people of iraq and syria, suffering under isis. this is why we care and this is why we fight. >> jesse: great video. >> kimberly: god bless him and his wife for the work we do. >> juan: ryan holt and murphy just got married to maria packer. what's the big deal? she's giving up his last name and taking her last name because it turns out he's a green bay packers fan. yes, the couple met at a karaoke bar in madison, wisconsin, where upon hearing her last name, ryan asked for three forms of i.d. apparently that was enough to seal the deal, congratulations to the packer family. his last name is holton murphy. now he is a packer. >> kimberly: holton packer. >> dana: all right, juan. >> greg: if you go to
6:58 pm, i have an article in the opinion page. with tom shillue. you can check that out. it was get to the real business at hand. greg's man bun news. a new ken doll has a man bun. why don't you just kill him? why don't you just kill ken? >> kimberly: oh, my god. >> greg: you could have given him a cool scar or a tattoo. why don't you give barbie a rat tail? you are disgusting, mattel. i've been fighting for years to get this trend to stop. i am almost there. i almost got it done but you know what you do? you start feeding it to the kids. you are indoctrinating the children in this sick practice. what is wrong with you, mattel? go to hell, mattel! >> dana: somebody asked, is greg going to do the can-barbie
6:59 pm
man bun adds "one more thing"? >> greg: i'm doing it as a segment on the show because i feel strongly about man bun's. >> jesse: i am antiman bun. i am sure the audience is sick of dana's silly dog videos. [laughter] i have a good dog video that i want to show you. let's see this. this is action-packed. it's not a lame dog video. this is an escaped dog running through the streets. a cyclist, it takes like ours to get this poor pooch to safety. finally the cyclist with a little go pro rescues at this poor pop. gets the dog. it brings it to safety. the dog it's okay. that's what i call a riveting dog video. not some boring put you to sleep video. [laughter]
7:00 pm
>> kimberly: let's see -- >> dana: we get in the middle of the lake and i say peter, can you see jasper? irresponsible parent. set your dvrs, don't ever miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is next. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. president trump is on a roll looking to push through his agenda. we are back to that, finally. newt gingrich, jay sekulow, ann coulter and lou dobbs and tom price are all here tonight with reaction. first, the trump-russia collusion conspiracy theory has not been thoroughly debunked. today, there is zero evidence. it's now time for republicans to rally around the president and get to the work of fulfilling the promises they made to you, the american people. let's move forward. that's tonight's opening monologue. for 11 months, we


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