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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 22, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> kimberly: let's see -- >> dana: we get in the middle of the lake and i say peter, can you see jasper? irresponsible parent. set your dvrs, don't ever miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is next. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. president trump is on a roll looking to push through his agenda. we are back to that, finally. newt gingrich, jay sekulow, ann coulter and lou dobbs and tom price are all here tonight with reaction. first, the trump-russia collusion conspiracy theory has not been thoroughly debunked. today, there is zero evidence. it's now time for republicans to rally around the president and get to the work of fulfilling the promises they made to you, the american people. let's move forward. that's tonight's opening monologue. for 11 months, we have been
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seeing nonstop russia-trump collusion hysteria coming from the black helicopter tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists, all who want to destroy trump, especially in the media, like rachel maddow and her friends over at msnbc and cnn. they are completely unhinged and deranged. some on the left continue to peddle this conspiracy theory. it's becoming so ridiculous that even democrats are saying, georgia six, enough is enough. >> i think robert costa is right. the fact that we have spent so much time talking about it russia has been a distraction from what should be the clear contrast between the democrats and the trump agenda. >> people in ohio are not talking about russia or michael flynn or put in. what's happening with their pension, how much it cost to send a kid to school. real bread and butter stuff. when we are talking about trump so much, we are not talking
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about them. >> sean: for those on the left who are still holding out hope and preying upon prayer upon prayer on their knees that they will somehow be proven right about trump-russia collusion, they should take a look at this exchange between congressman trey gaudi and form obama secretary jay johnson from yesterday. it's not going to help their optimism. take a look. >> you have seen no evidence that the russians were successful at changing voter tallies or voter totals. >> correct. >> at the time, had you seen any evidence that donald trump or any member of his campaign colluded, conspired, or coordinated with the russians not beyond what has been out there, open sourced and not beyond anything that i'm sure this committee has already seen and heard before directly from the intelligence community?
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>> sean: johnson is the latest in a long list of former obama officials to say the exact same thing, they have not seen any evidence whatsoever of trump-russia collusion. voter tallies were not changed in the november election. and johnson also testified that the dnc rejected help from the dhs after it was allegedly hacked last summer. why would they do that? they also blocked the fbi from having access to their servers. maybe the destroy-trump-media -- maybe they should start asking questions. what was that they didn't want the fbi and the dhs to see? earlier today, president trump said he does not have any tapes of james comey. i have to tell you, the media will spin it otherwise. this was a brilliant and important move by the president. he knows in the world of this deep state -- it's true -- anybody can be surveilled. we talked about that a lot.
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by saying what he said, the president put doubt in james comey's mind and more importantly, kept comey honest. we now know that comey is nothing more than an angry and disgruntled employee who admitted he leaked to get a special counsel. speaking of the special counsel, it's time to focus on robert mueller. he must recuse himself. and the deputy attorney general, roger rosenstein, mueller was hired to investigate but then he made it about obstruction because there was no evidence on that. he's focusing on finances. mission creep. then we have to ask the obvious question. is mueller carrying out some political witch hunt for his bff, james comey? he's had a mass of conflicts of interest. at the same goes for rosenstein. he's the guy who recommended that james comey be fired. and then appointed mueller to
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serve as a special counsel, giving him free range to engage in investigation, mission creep. both mueller and rosenstein need to recuse themselves. get out of the way. guess what? we already know the answer about trump-russia collusion. we cannot forget about loretta lynch. or hillary clinton. if the department of justice, if the fbi, if they care a little bit about it real, criminal activity, both parties should now call for an investigation into the former attorney general who influenced james comey's investigation into hillary clinton's service scandal. it's an issue, not an investigation. whatever she called it. they should do an extensive investigation into the uranium one deal. hillary clinton signs a waiver. it goes to vladimir putin.
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her foundation gets millions of dollars. a kickback. president trump is weighing in on bob mueller. he spoke to ainsley earhardt. the full interview will air tomorrow morning. he is what he told ainsley about the russian investigation. >> do you think robert mueller should recuse himself? he's good friends friends with james comey. hillary clinton's foundation, had given money to hillary clinton's campaign and obama, should he recuse himself? >> we are very good friends with comey, which is very bothersome but we are going to have to see. there has been no obstruction. there has been no collusion. there has been leaking by comey but there's been no collusion, no corruption and virtually everybody agrees with that. the people that have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. >> sean: now that the hysteria
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and hyperventilation about trump-russia collusion is dying down, it's time to refocus. that's on the president. his campaign promises, his agenda, to help those americans that are suffering. the president also reacted, and his interview with ainsley. take a look. >> you have the white house, house, and the senate. you have the senators that are not on board. >> they are for good guys. i think they will probably get there. we will have to see. you know, health care is a very difficult situation. if you look at clinton's private data and after years and years, obamacare was murdered for them to get. now it's failed. it's virtually out of business. obamacare is a disaster. we are trying to do something in a very short. lack of time. >> sean: ainsley also got a chance to speak with the first lady, melania trump. he is what she had to say about moving into the white house. >> congratulations, you moved into the white house, how is it?
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>> we are enjoying it very much. >> how about barron trump and school? >> he loves it here. >> are you missing in new york? >> i'm so busy. doing many great stuff. it's very special to me. >> sean: despite all these distractions from the left, the president has laid out a bold, aggressive agenda for the country. this is what you, the american people voted for that the media enforced and that the deep state does not want to see accomplished. it's time for republicans to get back to work. here's what needs to be done if republicans want to be successful and earn your vote in 2018. they've got to continue to work towards passing in a perfect plan to repeal and replace obamacare. it's gotta get done. it's a good first start. i placed the blame squarely on the shoulders, 100 liberal republicans in the house. they never, ever intended to relieve repeal and replace
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obamacare the right way. they still need to get this deal done and like the president said, there will be room for negotiation and improvement down the road. number two, it's so important that the men and women -- the forgotten men and women of the selection, for example, the obama administration -- look at the side of your screen. republican lawmakers need to remember that all those men and women left behind during obama's eight disastrous years, it's time to get back and focus on them. get people back to work. if people out of poverty. also government assistance and food stamps. another important thing, keeping the promise to appoint an originalist to the supreme court. neil gorsuch. that will be a big help. a massive victory for the president and another kept promised. the next most important item on the agenda, we better move towards energy independence. it will create millions of high-paying jobs for americans,
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it will lower energy prices. the lifeblood of our economy. it'll be great for national security. we are not relying on countries who hate our guts. the president and republicans have got to build this border wall. it was a key promise of the president. i would like to see at least 30y november 2018. the president is an absolute genius. he's putting solar panels on the border wall. so much for that talking point that republicans want dirty air and water and they only care about dirty energy. republicans can accomplish those five items -- they can focus solely on tax reform. middle-class tax cuts. trillions of dollars for multinational corporations at a low rate. if republicans can pass a strong reform plan, you're going to see economic growth, explosion. like what happened during the reagan administration, when they
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balance the budget, it will drown out all of the noise coming from the destroy-trump-media, the conspiracy theorist. even the deep state that are leaking selectively on the president every day. and probably all that insane talk about impeachment. it will benefit the weak, timid, republicans in the house and senate. they need to show some backbone. here with reaction, the author of the number one "new york times" best-selling book in the country, "understanding trump," newt gingrich. mr. >> greg: speaker, a numbere bestseller. >> i am very excited by it. i think we've gotten great reaction, giving out copies of this. getting a very positive reaction to the whole concept. you're basically right about the core reality. if they can pass the right kind of tax cut and if they can
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really generate the level of job creation, comparable to say, reagan, this is all going to become a tremendous victory in '18-'20. they have to focus on creating a very big, very deep tax-cut. i think one of the ways to do that is to focus on making a deficit neutral. not revenue neutral. revenue neutral bill has to pay inside the tax code. a tax built on a deficit model, which we did in 1997, actually uses savings around all the governments government. savings and reforms, getting rid of certain surplus properties. all those things are brought in. that income stream offsets -- i'm hoping republicans will go down the road with a very bold,
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very exciting and dramatically lower tax rate. >> sean: i want to go back to this issue of what the president did. remember he tweeted out james comey, i hope you don't live. there may be tapes. the media said oh, my gosh, did the president take him? we need those tapes. where are the tapes? i've known this president for over a couple decades now. i knew instantly that he didn't do it. i said to him the air, on my radio show. he was casting doubt in comey's mind. i think it had a very profound effect. as we now know from leaking, in the back of his mind, he had to think what if there are tapes? he had to be more honest. everybody can be recorded in this time and era of the deep state under surveillance.
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right? >> sure. for that matter, in an age where people have iphones and smartphones, they can simply tape on their own phone. one of the things i describe in my book is this is a guy who automatically pushes back. one of the reasons he does so well with blue-collar workers is because they identify with that kind of toughness. comey was showing his immediate instinct is to shove back. you better be very careful. after all, what if you are on tape? i agree with you, all of a sudden, comey had to take a deep breath and think i better not exaggerate as much as i plan to. i never thought he taped it either. the press went crazy, of course. i'm going to go crazy about something trump did today. i wonder what it is. they are constantly looking for junk.
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as we saw in the special elections, trump was actually right. he went back to pompeo seat in california. we are 5-0, competing with the democrats and special elections. all this washington noise. the american people just reject it. they don't pay attention to it. they refuse to believe in it. i do want to say as a former member of the house, i know there are some democrats -- after having lost five in a row, they are thinking of dumping nancy pelosi. i hope she stays for another decade. she is so help helpful for us. we would have to develop a new campaign plan. >> sean: we agree on a lot of things. i totally agree with you. i don't want to see chuck schumer and levi either. they need to stay exactly where they are. why do i believe that the left would probably even find somebody more extreme than her?
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we have to be careful with what we wish for here. i want to stay on these revelations that came out with jeh johnson. there is no evidence of collusion, he goes into that. then he talks about no votes were impacted. then he testified about on the issue -- why didn't the democrats take the offer from the dhs? why didn't they turn the computers over to the fbi? they had to be something they were hiding. why did the fbi allow them to get away with that? doesn't that raise a lot of questions in your mind? >> jeh johnson is a very smart, very confident person. i sent him an email after his testimony is saying very impressive testimony. he came in there. back in january, when this first came up, wait a second, does anybody really believe that the obama intelligence system -- the
7:17 pm
obama homeland security system and the obama fbi system were so stupid that for six months, the russians were doing something and they didn't notice? jeh johnson said i was in charge. none of this happened. it really punctures the russian balloon and makes it trivial. here's the problem. >> sean: by the way, mr. speaker, if i worked for president trump and his campaign and i thought the russians had information that would expose hillary for being a liar, and i said can you release that, is that a crime? >> it's not a crime but you wouldn't have said it directly with the russians. >> sean: i don't have contact with them. you are absolutely right. >> if they have anything, feel free to let it go. you have to assume the russian ambassadors watch tv. here's the deeper point. you watch.
7:18 pm
as the russian stuff collapses, mueller will shift to other topics. supposedly, he was appointed precisely to go after the russian question. what we are going to discover is oh, no, they are now going to go after other people. >> sean: they already are. >> i hope the house and senate judiciary committees are going to ask mueller to come in and explain who he is hiring. why he is hiring professional democrats. why he is hiring headhunters. they don't have to get into the details of the investigation, just who he is hiring. >> sean: we have to go, mr. speaker. i want to say one last thing. number one, "new york times." congratulation. you deserve it. the book is phenomenal. more reactions to the president's tweet about the alleged comey tweets. genius. and later, liberal morning joe
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criticizing president's comments he made at a rally last night. i have a price for this unhinged couple before they have an emotional breakdown. ann coulter is here. set your alarm. you don't want to wake up early -- you want to wake up early. ainsley earhardt and her interview with president trump and the first lady, melania trump. [ indistinct chatter ]
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the president took to twitter to answer one of the propaganda media's most pressing concerns, writing... i have no idea whether there were tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey. but i did not make and do not have any such recordings. joining us now with reaction, an attorney for the president, jay sekulow. i am sorry, this was one of the most brilliant strategic doubt inducing mind messing tweets in the history of mankind. he basically said to comey, the tapes, you are in trouble. with the deep state, it was a nice shot at that. >> there's nothing in that tweet, it's 100% accurate.
7:24 pm
he's been able to utilize a social media platform in ways that are going down in history books. it's interesting, i'm hearing the left say this to be james comey to tell the truth. well, why is that a bad thing? james comey, the only thing we know about him is that he is a leaker and he did tell the truth. we know that about the situation. it was the president under investigation? no, he wasn't. >> sean: we didn't know at the time that he was so bitter. with a stroke of genius, even if it was only 1% doubt in the mind of comey, comey had to talk about trump encouraged the investigation. nobody tried to obstruct the investigation. he wanted to know the people around him, if the name may have colluded with the russians. >> if you look at that nbc
7:25 pm
interview with lester holt, the president states in the full context of that interview that if, in fact, -- by removing the fbi director, he knew that was going to extend the russian investigation. >> sean: this is important. it would extend it. he knew it would likely go longer but he did it anyway because it was the right thing to do. >> i want to go back to the tweet for a moment. the reaction i've seen today from those on the left is saying what was really at stake here? what was really at play? this compelled james comey to tell the truth. he told the truth. that's not an illegal act, getting someone to tell the truth. it wasn't interfering with anything. it was the president stating what everybody knows. with all of the intercepts and all of the intelligence unmasking and leaking in chief is james comey. james comey leaked a private conversation he had with the president of the united states
7:26 pm
to a friend who leaked it to "the new york times." that's the only evidence we have of everything. that's what the crime is. >> sean: this is now a witch hunt. listen, mueller it needs get out. conflicts of interests are massive. he needs to go. rosenstein, go. the investigation, ended. i will be hitting this harder. >> there's a process upon which you engage in as any good lawyer would do. >> sean: he is hiring hillary's lawyer. obama and hillary donors. what is this? >> everyone of these issues you raise are legitimate issues that have to be raised with the special counsel. the very fundamental aspect of this, what is the violation of the law upon which a special counsel is implemented in the first place? that's what everybody should
7:27 pm
asking. the reality is, at the end of the day, what did we find out today? what do we find out today? james comey with the leaker. that's what we know. >> sean: jay sekulow. when we come back, liberal morning joe and his fiancee attacking the president in another unhinged moment. they seem to be having emotional breakdowns on air. i am offering free advice and free help. ann coulter is with us. time for nancy pelosi to step down. i will tell you why that's a very bad idea. stand with nancy. lou dobbs joins us again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. i'm lumy bargain detergent shifcouldn't keep up.ter.
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7:32 pm
it comes after the shooting of house majority whip steve scalise. five others were injured after a gunman opened fired at the g.o.p. baseball practice. he continues to improve, we are told. the president called for unity across party lines. >> i am hopeful that the spirit of cooperation that we have seen in recent days will deepen as we move forward. i really believe that something that can happen. maybe it's too early. maybe the wounds are too deep. hopefully those wounds can heal. and heal quickly. because we owe it to the american people. >> i am jackie ibanez, now, back to "hannity" ." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." liberal morning joe and his fiancee are at it again. the morning hosts are now bashing president trump over something he said at his rally last night in iowa.
7:33 pm
tonight, we are going to examine their latest emotional breakdown and give the newly engaged post, joe and mika, some very important help and advice. that is our many monologue tonight. during last night's rally, president trump touted the abilities of his chief economic advisor, gary: and wilbur ross. these are two men who have garnered tremendous success before leaving millions of dollars serve the public. >> why did you appoint the rich person? to be in charge of the economy? i said -- no, it's true -- because, really, they are representing the country. these are people that are great, brilliant business minds and that's what we need. that's what we have to have. i love all people. it rich or poor. but in those particular
7:34 pm
positions, i just don't want a poor person. it does that make sense? >> dana: >> sean: the liberals t liberal joe, they didn't agree with the comments. watch this. >> 2017, blessed are the poor. >> any other person in politics saying something like that, their career would be crushed. donald trump's won't be skates to buy it. oh, my god. >> are you speechless? >> i am. >> there's just something a little bit twisted about that. twisted in a way that's hard to dissect. >> sean: they didn't call him a schmuck today. that's progress. i never got a job from a poor person. not one time. in fact, successful entrepreneurs and economic units geniuses know how to make it thrive and that's how -- if a man or a woman aren't willing to
7:35 pm
forgo millions and millions of dollars they've put in their pocket to serve their country, to help create jobs for people out of work, and poverty, on food stamps, i think that's a good service for the country. sadly, it's only the latest example of liberal joe and mika melting down over president trump. take a look at the wide range of emotions that they show on a regular basis. >> donald trump, again, being a schmuck. he looked like a thug. he looked like a goon. you look at the handshake. look at this. what a thug. >> you've got to stop putting kellyanne conway on the air. it's politics porn. and possibly unfit, mentally. sorry. >> it would be like somebody pooping their pants and saying oh, that's modern art.
7:36 pm
i'm making a statement against russian aggression. >> this is not funny. this is really bad. just for the record, we are all really nervous. >> sean: with all these emotional breakdowns, all this anger towards the president, i am actually getting worried about mika and liberal joe. america's favorite couple that nobody watches, they are starting out their lives together and i want them to be successful. i even tweeted out congratulations on their engagement. it seems the stress of the trump presidency is really beginning to drag them down and i am beginning to seem way too many emotional breakdowns every day. i even heard a rumor that they've been very distraught and that they weren't even able to see president trump look alike get killed during the shakespeare in the park with their blinking and there picnic in the basket and their champagne and their caviar. if you're watching tonight, i want you to know, i am willing
7:37 pm
to pay out of my pocket, out of love and sympathy, for therapy, for a year so your new, beautiful relationship can thrive in the trump era and that emotionally you will be stronger and able to cope in these difficult times for you. joining us now, author of the bestseller "in trump we trust," ann coulter. you are the only conservative friend i have that actually watches that garbage. i don't know why, but you do. >> actually, i don't get up early enough to watch morning joe but give for showing that to me. that was really helpful for trump. the smirking, ireland. really kind of -- attacks. it warms your heart towards the president. >> sean: i watched the rally like you did. he goes out of the d.c. bubble and goes to the american people. they support his agenda.
7:38 pm
>> the one he ran on. >> sean: and what i supported from day one. you wrote a great column. you said "the left has one more argument in them. kill them." i thought that was a very powerful, strong piece. >> i had to cut it down by about two-thirds because they were so many examples of the leftist over the years. it has stepped up massively since donald trump came on the scene. i've been stunned after the second bernie sanders supporter in the last month to either commit mass murder or attempt to commit mass murder. the response through the media is well, donald trump -- he shares some of the blame. he called hillary cricket hillary. for one thing, give me a break. you can't call a rival politician he crook and a liar? go back to the things
7:39 pm
harry truman said. go back to colonial times and what politicians accuse each other of. look at the audiences who are listening to this. you can go back -- violence in this country has always come from the political left. political violence has. some presidential assassinations, the guy thought he was the king of england. william mckinley had taken or cheated him or something. of the political assassination or political impact presidential assassinations, it comes from the political left. al sharpton in the 1990s, he gives a speech outside freddy's. a guy runs into the store and kills seven people. al sharpton speaks at a funeral in crown heights. there are mobs reaching through. the anti-donald trump hate map, it's stunning. it's a map of the united states. you get police reports.
7:40 pm
i have a link to it. we are talking about blood and violence against trump supporters. they have one thing in common. >> sean: obama, hillary, the isis pose. a severed head. not a peep out of them. >> fascists, to get white supremacist. some segment of the liberal audience is mentally unbalanced and do have homicidal rages. the respectable left is intentionally getting this psychotic left. that's what we are seeing. >> sean: ann coulter. great column. we love having you on. when we come back, the democrats -- nancy pelosi to step down as the house minority leader. i think we should stand with nancy tonight. we don't want to let her leave.
7:41 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the democrats have lost all four special elections and in the wake of these devastating defeats, some democrats are saying it's time for congresswoman nancy pelosi to step down. i am saying stand with nancy. the president tweeted that. he said i certainly hope the democrats do not force nancy pelosi out. that would be very bad for the republican party. by the way, please let crying
7:45 pm
chuck's day as well. here's something that may shock some people. i don't want nancy to leave. or chuck. stay right where you are. joining us now, fox business host, lou dobbs. our friend. how are you doing? >> i am great. how are you doing? >> sean: i think i make you laugh more than any other person in this building. >> when you talk about pelosi and keeping her, we really are caught in a conundrum here. >> sean: there is no conundrum, keep her. >> stand with nancy! stand with her. >> here are a few thoughts about nancy, we all remember pass it, we will let you read it. listen to this. i am a master legislator. i am a strategic, politically astute leader. said the woman that has lost more than 60 democratic seats in
7:46 pm
the house since she has been leader. it's extraordinary. she says i have respect -- this is my favorite -- i respect any opinion that my members have, but my decision is not up to them, doggone it. you've got to admire her humility. >> sean: [laughs] that's what i do. do you think releasing the trump tweeting out as he did, do you think when he said hey, james, better not live. there might be some taping. it's not him -- i knew it wasn't him. what a shot at the deep state. any of us can be surveilled, unmasked. the espionage act violated. raw intelligence leaks. i thought it was a double hit by the president. very smart and strategic. >> absolutely. he kept the deep state off
7:47 pm
balance throughout those weeks. it was quite ambiguous as to whether he had or did not have those tapes in the white house. can i give you one more pelosi quote? non sequitur or in this discussion? may i, sean? >> sean: like i have any control over you. >> [laughs] well, you do, indeed. she said how long i stay is not up to them. i think i'm worth the trouble, quite frankly. i think that sums up her entire career in the leadership in the house. she thinks she's worth the trouble. >> sean: lou dobbs. on our sister network, up next, in this busy news night tonight, here on "hannity"... >> we will hopefully get something done and it will be something with heart. and a very meaningful. >> sean: the president earlier
7:48 pm
today talking about the gop's health care plan that was unveiled before the president. we get reaction from tom price asy we continue. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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>> we have a thing called health care, it may be circulating on the outside as we discussed. i think it will come out --
7:52 pm
obamacare is a disaster. dead. we will hopefully get something done and it will be something with heart. and very meaningful. >> sean: that was the president earlier today promising a health care bill with heart, to replace obamacare. here now with reaction. secretary tom price. good to see you. rand paul, ted cruz, mike lee and senator ron johnson of wisconsin. is this a new entitlement as it relates to the expansion of medicare? >> medicaid. i don't believe so it all. what you are seeing is a movement toward a system that will allow patients and families and doctors to make decisions. the set up the medicaid program as they deem to be most appropriate which is much more responsive to those folks in their states. greater choices to patients, what kind of coverage do they want for themselves, we will
7:53 pm
make certain that everything all american has the opportunity to purchase that kind of coverage and we will provide a transition to this system, the president is absolutely adamant makes it so individuals are able to prepare for whatever the new plan is and whatever the more responsive plan is. >> sean: at least for the first few years, the subsidies continue -- i know rand was saying why not stop that now? it would go on in perpetuity, i know states would be playing of larger percentage. repeals funding for abortion and the employer and individual mandates. those are good things in my opinion. >> everything that everybody wants, absolutely not. we have 52 senators. we are working to try to make certain it's able to pass the senate. and have the house supported. it moved us in such a better direction then where we are right now. remember where we are. over a third of the counties in these nations were not going to
7:54 pm
have any choice for obamacare. >> sean: there's no choice. it has to be done. >> we have prices, premiums, deductibles going up. where we are right now is in a terrible place in the individual and small group market. that is what we are trying to fix. >> sean: will this allow for the health care cooperatives, like my friend in wichita, kansas? will this allow for health savings accounts and do you have discussion to make this bill better as the president suggested? you would be able to make a lot of moves you neurotically unil? >> the bill is not the only pla plan. what we are able to do and try to do as we speak at the department, to give states greater flexibility and make it so folks are able to purchase that kind of cooperative coverage that they desire for themselves. to make it so the medicaid
7:55 pm
system is responsive to individuals and states because the states are designing it. not having washington dictate the folks on what program they must have. the entire holistic constellation of activities, we are moving in such a better direction. at the american people are going to be appreciated of of the fact that they will be the ones in charge. not washington, d.c. >> sean: secretary price, we look forward to making that better. we appreciate you being with us. a very important question of the day when we come back. it has to do with the mental health and well-being of two of my colleagues in this industry.
7:56 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for the question of the day. do you any the liberal joe scarborough and his fiancée mica are becoming emotionally
8:00 pm
unhinged? let us know what you think. that is all the time we have less this evening on this program. always fair, always balanced. thank you for being with us. see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." they learned nothing after 2010, of 2014 or even after this past presidential election in 2016. but now after losing four straight house special elections, just this spring, some democrats are finally realizing what has been obvious for a while. you can't win elections unless you are running on something. normal people don't seem to care for nancy pelosi. after the party's shocking defeat in tuesday's race in georgia, several prominent democrats conceded it might be time to find an actual message. maybe even a new leader in congress. wasn't who doesn't embody t