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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 23, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> and i will be here tomorrow. we're going to have gavin stick around after the show. >> wasn't a great? [cheers and applause] >> that's it for today! have a great weekend! see you monday, everybody! >> good morning everybody on a friday, the president says he is on board with the senate health care bill, however, some conservatives are barking already saying it's a trade in america and it promises to repeal obamacare. how do negotiations push the bill across the finish line? or do they? two big questions. i am bill hemmer and welcome to "america's newsroom." >> martha: good morning, happy friday. the senate health care plan now public but the challenge of that bill becoming law is only just beginning. president trump acknowledge this morning in an interview that aired on "fox & friends." >> health care is a very difficult situation. the clintons tried to get it and after years and years, they
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couldn't do it. obamacare was murdered for them to get. now it's failed. it's virtually out of business. obamacare is a disaster. her trying to do something in a very short period of time. we want was on twitter last night about the senate plan. remember obamacare is dead. >> shannon: they join us live from the north one. >> one of the reasons why the president is so important of the health care bill is because the white house did play a very large hand behind the scenes trying to get this done and you can bet that the president will again be burning up the phone having meetings with the four following standards. senator rand paul, mike lee, ted cruz, who also they cannot support the bill in the current form. contrary to a lot of the reporting which suggests that this really was just the thing that originated out of the
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senate was completely done by the senate. i just got off the phone with senior administration official here at the white house and he sent, the white house was very much involved in getting this bill crafted. the white house will remain very much involved in terms of trying to make some amendments and changes to the bill so that those four senators that can support it. an interview the smoke to mack this morning with ainsley earhardt the president sounded optimistic. >> very complicated and do something that's good for one group but then for another. it's a very, very narrow path. i think we are going to get there. we have four very good people -- it's not that they are opposed, it's like they look at this get certain changes. we will see if we can take care of that. >> remember also, senator cruz was had -- it was a familiar figure over here. the president knows ted cruz very well and rand paul and likes all the senators involved. it is different that when the
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white house was working to try and get a house bill passed, very publicly were inviting people over for bowling sessions and stuff like that. this is likely to be much more quiet, much more below the radar when dealing with the senators. >> shannon: john, we know the president, he does not actually have peace of his own on conversations with former fbi director colby. >> this was a question that hung out there for 41 days after the president's tweet wasn't there some quart of recording as such as other residents that john f. kennedy, richard nixon among them in the oval office as well as some areas in the white house. whether conversations over the telephone tape? the president way that to rest yesterday saying he doesn't know if other government agencies might have tapes given all the surveillance and unmasking that's been going on here, but he did not have any recording. the president didn't seem to indicate in the interview with
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ainsley earhardt on "fox & friends" that maybe james comey needed a little bit of a push if he was going to testify before congress to make sure that his story was the real story. listen here. >> i didn't tape and i don't have any tapes. when he found out that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else for who knows, i think his story may have changed. we will have to take a look at that. then he has to tell what actually took place at the events. my story didn't change, my story was always a straight story. my story was always the truth. >> there's no question that that tweet had consequences because you will remember in his testimony before the state intelligence community, james comey drew a straight line between the president issuing that tweet and the appointment of the special counsel robert moeller. andrew trump's fashion, brought in another question into the mix there was some other government
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organization surveilling him and agreeing with him on the telephone while he was talking to james comey. >> shannon: these days, anything could be possible. thank you, john. suite one direct mix we want good morning to you. got two big stores to top up go back to health care personnel. this is the haven't are you today. if. inside mcconnell's plan to repeal a prompt to mack obamacare. the senate majority leader does not have the votes yet, but if anyone can get them, it is him. talk about his next seven days because he's pretty much the man on this issue. >> i think that's exactly right. if you look at the four senators who you have just a moment ago and you answer them people like tom cotton who have also been skeptical of this approach to health care, what mcconnell has to do is keep them on board, though six plus conservatives are important while not losing lisa mark rossi, susan collins, rob portman, and other moderate
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moderates. as a go to this next negotiation. it's a difficult task. we've seen mitch mcconnell pull this kind of rabbit out of a hat before. he is very good at this kind of thing. if anyone could do it, it would be mitch mcconnell. the objections that the conservatives have our series objections. they are necessarily the kind of people who are grant standards or showboating. they genuinely believe that what's been offered does not actually repeal obamacare and that's what they've been trying to do for seven years. >> bill: we will handle this issue a lot in the coming days here. mcconnell is shrewd. what we don't know is whether or not there will be a boat, there could be, but there may not be. if it's the latter promotes the backup plan? >> i don't know if there is much a plane at this this point. mcconnell ascending every single that it will come to a vote. from a negotiating stamp what he do that. he has to push people into taking a firm position one way or another. while a lot of this has been
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done, republicans have been making it up as they go along. the process here was ugly, people are just getting a glimpse of this discussion draf draft. there's a lot that needs to be discussed in the coming days. we will see if mitch mcconnell can do this. it certainly hasn't been the kind of process that one might of hope republicans would engage in, particularly given the way that they criticized the way obama hair was crafted. >> bill: it will be high drama all weekend. now on top two, the comey matters, is it behind us now? >> i think it's behind us to a certain extent because it cleared or attempted to clear up what his tweet meant 41 days ag ago. as john roberts pointed out, this led to the appointment of the special prosecutor he believes what james comey said in his senate testimony. the president and his "fox & friends" interview did a couple different things that
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were interested. he set up both arguments about bob mueller in the future. he said he was an honorable man, but he also said that v5 has made some political picks. donald trump sending up two different arguments. >> bill: why do you suggest that? where would that lead him or what door does that lead open for him? >> he seems to be wanting to take chunks out of the credibility of bob mueller and this investigation because it doesn't go the way donald trump wants it to, but he's also not taking the ultimate staff and firing mueller that one might expect if trump really does believe that this work or it was a politically motivated witch hunt that he said in the past. he is sort of trying to have it both ways, keeping his options open for arguments no matter how it ends up. >> bill: steve, thanks. great to have you back on our show. stephen hayes, you got it. sheena, was coming up? >> shannon: we have a lot more coming up. sean spicer is going to join us
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wide later later this hour. right we will talk frank and where he stands. he was among the conservatives who signed onto the letter to the senator majority leader that they have no concerns about what you're doing in the senate. we will ask them what they thin think. >> bill: president trump meanwhile signed off on the russian matter voicing the concerns of the special counsel, bob muller that we just talked about. >> he is a very good friends with comey, which is very bothersome. there has been no obstruction, there has been no collusion, >> bill: so are bob mueller's past ties. more on this in a moment. i wonder show which is our guest to answer all of that. >> one of the master legislator, i have met a strategic clinically astute leader. >> shannon: nancy pelosi brushing off concerns about
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recent losses and her future as a democratic leader there in the house that she's not going anywhere. but could she soon face a challenge from within? >> bill: also, there has been another test from north korea. this time a rocket engine. it could one day be used to target the united states. what the pentagon is telling us about this test this morning. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. the toothpaste that helps new parodontax. prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert on north korea. u.s. officials telling reuters from regime has conducted a new test of a rocket engine. that's potentially for a long-range missile there's been no comment from south korea come up meanwhile the north giving its first reaction to the death of otto warmbier. the regime tonight it treated the american students during his year-long imprisonment. he was evacuated to the u.s. in a vegetative state. doctor say he suffered extensive brain damage. >> he is very, very good friends with comey, which is very bothersome. there has been no obstruction, there has been no collusion, there has been leaking by comey, but there's been no collusion, no obstruction, and virtually everybody agrees to that. we will have to see, i can say that the people that have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. >> bill: he set a whole lot and the answer right there. president trump firing off on the russian matter and alan
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dershowitz. great to see you. thank you for your time. you write on the here's the opinion piece. trump's a plus purposely legal. >> his bluff was to let comey not know whether he had tapes, so once the seven testifies in front of a grand jury, yes i think in the back of his hand, he has to be very, very careful about what he says. i have done that myself. i had a policeman on the witness stand of lying about what he told mike client. i let him to believe i had a tape recording of it by reading from a transcript that seem to be a tape that was actually a transcript of what my client told me he remembered. he changed his testimony, told the truth, we won the case. >> bill: that's entrapment. >> is entrapment to the interest of justice. >> bill: trump's a bluff is calculated to get comey to tell the truth, how can that be
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witness intimidation? a lot of people think it was intimidation. how do you know that? >> what else would it be? by the way, i am not sure it worked. i am not sure it helped. in the end, a special counsel was appointed. partly because comey, who didn't have the courage of his convictions, delete this information through a laundered source in order to get a special counsel appointed. he was calculating, designing to try and get a special counsel because he didn't have the courage to stand in front of the tv cameras and say i want a special counsel appointed. he did it through weeks. >> bill: is that i suggested that the tweet backfired? >> tweet is a double-edged sword and it's impossible to melt, ultimately in the long term, whether they benefit for the back for. certainly in the short term, they had it with consequences.
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comey did acknowledge that the president had asked him to announce publicly that he was not under investigation and comey didn't do that, which may have contributed to the reason he was fired. on the other hand, it made the decision of rosenstein to appoint the special counsel. >> bill: let me come back to the tweet from mid-may in a moment here. let's get back to the sound but just heard from the president. he's very, very good friends with comey mueller. would you be bothered by that? >> if part of the investigation is how the president treated comey by firing him and firing him and the way that he did, mueller has a potential conflict of interest. i knew them both when they were u.s. attorneys in boston, they are right. , are close colleagues, they come from very similar backgrounds. the law presumes everybody will be there. i hope everyone will be fair, but when you have a criminal
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prosecution that's political, you have to be caesar's wife. you can't get the other side any opportunity to accuse you of political partisanship, which is why i think it was a mistake for mueller to hire essentially people who have been -- >> bill: you are a little bothered by this. the other thing he sent, the people who have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. it is not a concern? >> it is a concern. remember that one of the reasons that senator liebman did not get the job, people didn't want anybody who had a political background to be had at the fbi. and here we have people with political interests and backgrounds doing the investigation. the other problem that concerns me is where is the crime? special counsel shouldn't just be looking for virtue or lack of virtue, i don't see what statutes have been violated.
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here's the worst-case scenario. let's assume that the russians collaborated with the trump administration. that would be horrible. not only is there no evidence of it, it wouldn't be a crime, it shouldn't be a crime. there is no federal statute today prohibiting that, that's why we should have congressional hearings to try and change the wall. there's a lot of things that should be changed. president should be able to fire the fbi. president shouldn't be allowed to not have investigation. but under a current law, death permitted. thomas jefferson did it go back to 18 hundreds. there's nothing against the law. that we might be critical of the president for having done and we disagree about that and what is criminal. >> bill: you are not changing your mind that there's been no collusion or obstruction. >> there is no evidence. >> bill: johnson is a former governor of new hampshire and
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this past monday i asked him that same question about democratic allies been called into mueller team essentially. he said almost the exact same thing you did. why would mueller do this? he thinks mueller is using them for cover when he comes out to state there is nothing there. you see that it's possible? >> i think it's a strong possibility. mueller is a very good lawyer. he will understand that the president by simply engaging in constitutional conduct firing the director of the fbi. he can help stop an investigation for coordinating with the russians. you have to find a crime and be fed in the end will say there may been some questionable conduct here, but there's nothing that buy violates the criminal code. >> bill: thank you for coming on. shannon, what's next? >> shannon: after suffering a string of election losses, democrats are bringing a familiar face to help with some upcoming races. former president obama heading back to the campaign trouble he will be stopping in what it
6:21 am
means for the future of the party. >> bill: the senator publicans are not satisfied with this health care bill but if and when it clears the senate, what you can in the house think of that, arizona republican trent franks is up next, but first rand paul on why he is pulling out for no now. >> the intention is not to take down the bill, the intention is to make the bill better. and i believe the leverage and the account of four people is enough. today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill
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6:25 am
va act which will rights protections for whistleblowers and make it easier to fire bad apples. stay tuned. >> we cannot support the current bill. we are open to negotiations, but we want the bill to look more like a repeal. >> i want to get ts, and the way to get to yes is to fix the underlying problems, lower premiums and i will happily be part of this. >> shannon: take cruz reacting to this bill for republican senators think they will hold out for now. the moniker say they are still reading it. the g.o.p. can only use two members and still get the 50 votes they need for passage. try to me now, trent franks. good to happy with with us this morning sir. i know the days before the vote in the house, you're in much of the same position of these senator speaking out and you are not on board, last-minute
6:26 am
negotiations, that got to your vote. do you feel confident they will be able to get things done in the senate? >> shannon, the great challenge in the senate is that they have the 60 vote rule that almost at this point that we are in such polarization rules out any reasonable legislation of people coming to the floor. they're having to do this the reconciliation as you know. not to be too esoteric, but it is a very constrained legislation and that you have to do everything through the group and that leads almost no lateral ability to negotiate. i think a lot of this bill ultimately is going to be negotiated in the conference committee. i know that that sounds like a lot of jargon, but the senate rules have left us in place in this country where we almost have no ability to have a senate anything but dysfunctional. i am hoping it works out all right. obamacare is completely disintegrating all over the country. now of course it's falling on republicans with them to find
6:27 am
something better. we are trying to deal with an almost infinite need for finite resources and if we don't bring innovation and market forces to bear, we can't solve the equation. >> shannon: they are very specific things he wanted in the house bill that got you on board. some of those things may not show up what we get from the senate. you mention the conference committee. is it possible your vote is lost along the way? as you mentioned, obamacare, republicans say, it is basically going to be in shambles. is it something you really don't want and sticking with obamacare? >> there are so many of those binary choices that you mentioned, and ultimately, i want to do the right thing for the american people and for this country in general. everything in my observation in the last 50 years is that simply throwing a socialist government approach and it nearly always makes it worse. we tried that with the telephone system and it was a disaster and
6:28 am
when we deregulated it and put it back to private sector you have homeless people carry cell phones now. it's innovation that is our hope, and my hope is that somehow this legislation will allow states to the private sector to have what they need to create innovation and be competitive and have opportunities that will drive down the cost. and retain the dignity of the patient. that's the goal. >> shannon: is you believe that's what you see in the senate framework we we had no? if it came to you in this form, could you vote for it? >> shannon, i will have to say to you that i don't know what form it will come to us in, but i am not sure that i can vote for, but i want to be able to. i want to do the best possible but you understand we are and where we started. the bird group does not allow for repeal of the obamacare. it is not for tobacco offer a full replacement. we are having to do something constrained by artificial, weird rules and it's a stupid debate
6:29 am
and most people don't understand. i hope somehow we can overcome that. >> shannon: do you agree with the conservative group, they called is not a repeal or replace but it's an amendment to obamacare? >> i'm afraid that's a highly accurate description. the challenge is if we can do something better than that, there's no one who was more committed to doing something better than that than i am, but we have to deal with the senate rules, and i understand that i have become a broken record on that front, but it's because it's one of the most significant impediments to us doing anything significant. the democrats have promised to change the senate safety vote rule as soon as they are in charge. if the republicans are going to allow the american people to have a glance of this policy, we better hurry. >> shannon: it's what you do in washington. congressman, thank you for your time. have a great weekend. >> thank you, my lady.
6:30 am
>> shannon: >> bill: house repun leadership meeting behind closed doors on the senate health care bill. doug collins is going to join us live to talk about what they are talking about. >> shannon: reports that have democrats wanting nancy pelosi out of power. by some of the party are saying they are ready for someone new in their role. but first, he really hope she stays. >> i hope nancy stays for at least a decade. i think that she is so helpful to us. i really think it would be sad. we have to develop a whole new campaign plan. we can't stay here! why? terrible toilet paper! i'll never get clean! way ahead of you. charmin ultra strong. it cleans better. it's four times stronger...
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>> first i want to hope she doesn't step down. i think it would be a very, very sad day for republicans if she steps down. i would be very, very disappointed if she did. i'd like to keep her right where she is because our record is extraordinary against her. but we will see what happens.
6:34 am
>> shannon: president trump says house minority leader will stay in power as some democrats question whether it's time to put someone else in the child. nancy pelosi said she's not going anywhere. >> i'm a not a master legislator, i'm a strategic leader. have your fun. i love the arena. i thrive on competition, and i welcome discussion. >> shannon: getting set for another discussion, mercedes schlapp and doug collins. >> part about the house minority leader said, basically i am super effective and that's why there are million dollars going after me. do you think they will go after any other top democrats. mercedes is that true or there things about things that are impressive for the g.o.p.? >> the mere fact that she said she loves the arena, she uses the word "in every sentence.
6:35 am
it should be troubling for the democrats. what nancy pelosi has become, the main time-tested tactic that republicans have used in terms of developing ads, commercials, tying whoever the democratic candidate is to nancy pelosi, to the progressive agenda, to the resistant movement turns off independence, turns up potential republicans that may not like donald trump, but they are not comfortable voting with a democrat who will support nancy pelosi. for the democrats keeping nancy pelosi, that's a liability for them. she's out of touch with american voters, and obviously, the democratic party has lost their focus in terms of what their economic messages and what they are offering to the working class in america. >> shannon: we do not have members of the democratic caucus publicly speaking out and saying, they had a meeting in a bunch of people came and said
6:36 am
one if you have to be "an idiot" to think we could take back the house as long as pelosi is in charge. pulling off a coup is not easy but there is deftly growing dissension in the ranks. >> i wish i could disagreed with what mercedes schwab said. sadly, i have to agree because she is a target, she talks process as we heard inside her game. her negative is on a very high on a san francisco democrat. i don't think they have the votes. they try to get rid of her last year and it didn't work. as a democrat, if she is out front and center as we saw in georgia, kansas, and montana, it only hurts the party and it seems she is not going anywhere. the democrats really only have one -- and that's a republican. when you look at this health care bill and how ciccone and it is, that's really going to give them a target.
6:37 am
that really is going to get them off effect. it was we had a positive agenda, we don't. >> shannon: trump weighed in on this talking about exactly where the party is. it's in two factions. here's his description. >> one wing of the party, really the base, has a message because it has an ideology. that's the bernie sanders way. he has a set of ideas. the rest of the party, the clinton way, they supported her and who are the regulars? they do not have a message and that's a problem. >> shannon: it has been for them is to resist. they definitely closed the gas we saw and a lot of these districts any special elections. mercedes, do you think that they are gaining momentum with that resist message going into 2018? >> the resistant message is meant to energize the base, and that's how far it goes. when you are looking at these 23 swings, what hillary clinton did want and that's where i think is democrats are holding and in
6:38 am
these races, what you are finding is that if they put in these bernie sanders types democrats, progressive democrats, that are dealing with these whether it be going and getting closer to socialism day in and day out, it's going to turn these voters off. independent voters, moderate republicans, it becomes quite challenging for the democrats if they can't find these moderate democrats. even congressman tim ryan has basically said that democrats come every time you talk to grant, if they are only resisting in not providing solutions, i don't see where the american voter or that swing voter is going to say, you know what, that democrats are a better option than the republicans especially if we see an economy that is booming and starting to see republicans covering congress. >> shannon: final work for you, doug. >> advice is that we need to do a message that does more than resist. he also tried to move to the center and he failed miserably in family the democratic brand
6:39 am
is too far left or incoherence. we need to send this message, i did it for bill clinton, it works. the democratic party needs to come back there. >> shannon: maybe doug will be heading things out. doug and mercedes good to see you both. have a friday. >> bill: and hot water for making some heated remarks about the president. watch. >> one was the last time an actor assassinated a president? it's been a while. and maybe it's time. not cool. >> bill: the actor speaking at a movie screening in england comes a week after the shooting. he's trying to be cute and funny but at some point you got to know there's a line you can't cross. >> shannon: especially out of a country and a foreign audience. everything about that was not good. they beat an extensive check from tsa will be needed. president trump not ending weeks
6:40 am
of speculation admitting he did not taped conversations with former fbi director james comey. why did he float that possibility in the first place? >> bill: shannon, they're looking to diffuse tensions overseas in a big way while seeking a big domestic victory on health care here at home. these are very important topics. white house press secretary sean spicer will join us to address all that live in a matter of moments. stay tuned for that right after this. >> people would love to see two parties knitting together and coming up with the perfect health care plan because obamacare has failed now, it's dead. the insurance companies are all flocking and weeping. it's real problem. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no.
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6:44 am
congressman steve scalise. the outpouring of support for steve and his family has been truly inspiring. >> shannon: the president giving house majority children a tour of the white house. he said it was a good one. not to get the heck out of here tour. scalise has been updated to fair condition. he's got a long recovery from that gunshot wound to the hip. the president also thinking that officers lastly who faced on the shooter saying he saved lives. what an amazing night there. beautiful carousel and everything. it's me when you get a tour. not the b or c or even the f tour. >> shannon: good. >> i've been here for only five months. people are saying where is the health care, mercy health care? i've done it five months went other people haven't done in years and it's been people who have wanted health care for many years. it is a very complicated situation from the standpoint.
6:45 am
you do something this good for one group but that for another. it's a very, very narrow path. >> bill: president trump now making news expressing his support for his republican senate bill but they are saying confident it will work out. white house press secretary, sean spicer. how are you doing? thank you for your time today and welcome back to our program here. how would you characterize the possibility of success for this health care bill today? >> very high. the senate is taking over a remarkably positive step forward and senator mcconnell continues to work with his members to make sure we improve the bill. i think we will move forward and get this done as both a president in the majority leader of the senate. >> bill: i would ask you to put a number on it, i would say 50/50, but that answer -- -- >> i would say higher than that. >> bill: give me a number, sean. >> when president trump want something done, no one knows the
6:46 am
senate better than senate mcconnell the leader over there. with that combination, i think we will get this thing done, put it in conference, and hopefully by the august recess really have her obama here repealed and replaced and be on the path to affordable and accessible health care is the president promised. >> bill: is the process? are you leaving it to him for now? >> the president's secretary tom price, seema verma, medicaid services in our legislative affairs team has been providing assistance in working with members and senate leadership to talk about additional changes. we feel it we are written a really good place now and we look forward to what senator mcconnell talking about a vote next week. >> bill: former president obama does not like this. he wrote this on facebook on the screen.
6:47 am
what's the president's response to that? >> the real meanness is along the american people to believe they -- let obamacare is still alive. obamacare has failed, county after county are left with no choices, rising premiums, skyrocketing deductibles. obamacare is dead. what people want to compare this ability obamacare which is an unfair comparison because obamacare is not doing what it's supposed to do. it is failed the american people, most people who still have access to it can't afford it. this appeal deals with the reality. if you look at the rest of the majority of where the democrats, especially at the house have done, they have signed onto a trillion dollar, multitrillion dollar they are bernie sanders government fits all single-payer health care system. that's the alternative way to talk about. the reality is that this bill
6:48 am
provides accessibility and affordability to the american people that they were originally promised and president trump is finally delivering on. that's the real alternative. >> bill: the fundamental meanness from president obama is what democrats are going to point to. there is a report back report that the president thought -- bill ran the other day said that was a misinterpretation. the fundamental meanness, react to that for each. >> i don't how it's made to provide people health care and that's what we're doing here. the president made it very clear not only assessable but affordable. to give someone a card that it's useless because you can't afford to get care, you can't get into see a doctor doesn't really mean anything and with the president has been doing is to make sure the people have health care, that he understands how crucial it is to people and their families when they get sick to have the care that they need and in a way that they can't afford that doesn't cripple them with skyrocketing bills. >> bill: does this president actually deliver on it? i understand that some democrats that fought so hard for her
6:49 am
obamacare are clinging to it, but the reality is it's an unfair comparison because obamacare has died. it is over. we are coming to the rescue on that. >> bill: let me move move on to another topic. comey tapes, we know they don't exist now. democrats say the president was trying to intimidate james comey, was at the intent a month ago? >> quite the opposite. i think the president made it very clear that he wanted the truth to come out. he wanted to be more honest about this and want to get to the bottom of it. the reality is that he wanted to make sure that the truth came out in by talking about something on the tape, it may people and made it comey have to think to himself that i better be honest, i better tell the truth about circumstances regarding the situation. as you heard, the president said on the director's watch three times, that turned out to be true. it said comey was going to do. he came and testified under oath that in fact he did did as
6:50 am
exactly the president had done so. he told the president on three separate occasions that he was under investigation and what we know now is that there was no collusion and that the only person actually leaked was in fact director comey. >> bill: sean, i'm out of time but thank you. by the way, your new job, when does that start and the briefings and few? >> we are continuing to proceed in following, everything that you see in these posts and publications, but we are continuing to fight hard for the president's message, agenda, and priority and will continue to do the everyday. >> bill: what was in the cooler last night? >> the cooler, the president and the first lady had phenomenal congressional picnic with page tribute to new york city and i want to make sure some of the folks in the press corps had to enjoy some of it. >> bill: a lot of miller lite, sean thank you for your time. sean spicer. >> shannon: still had still ahw
6:51 am
revelations in the london high-rise fire that the charges are now being brought by police. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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6:54 am
>> bill: cut off sized to baptize to cut her because it was restore relations if the government. all cutting it off over accusations that qatar supplies terrorism. they have given qatar ten days to comply. >> shannon: the london police are now considering manslaughter charges in the investigation into a deadly apartment fire. karen felt tower killing at least 79 people last week
6:55 am
leaving thousands more homeless. the fire started in a refrigerator freezer and some of the buildings materials failed. benjamin hall is tracking the story live in london from the very latest. >> good morning. as you can imagine, still an awful lot of anger here in the u.k. about the fire. now the folks have had redevelopment of that the the took place last year. one of the companies involved and that could be held accountable for negligence and it might be with manslaughter. the building itself is still standing but is considered dangerously unsafe. rescue services can't reach much of the apartment. while something i'd have died, they also fear they may never know the true total. now up to 600 buildings around the u.k. are being urgently tested with the aluminum composite cladding and insulation core, which is blamed for the fire. 11 building so far have been identified as at risk. this material is restricted in the u.s. authorities now believe the nighttime fire was started by a
6:56 am
fridge or freezer catching fire on the fourth floor, but at the next fella ready quickly upwards using siding on the outside. prime minister theresa may has apologized for the government's slow response in the immediate aftermath. >> that was a failure of the state, local, and national to help people when they needed it most. as prime minister, i apologize for that failure. and as prime minister, i have taken responsibility for doing what we can to put things right. >> this is also termed political over here with them accusing the left of politicizing the tragedy, saying that they called for this week and just making the situation worse. back to you. >> shannon: adjuvant hall in london keeping an eye on that. >> bill: i just heard from sean spicer talking about how this bill will get done. will it be enough now to get over the finish line? we will have a closer look at that in a moment. there was a test in north korea yet again. illinois congressman adam can figure on what the u.s. and its
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> shannon: several new developments in the rush investigation that president trump pushes back hard against the entire probe and the man leading it i'm a special counsel robert mueller, welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" on this friday. i am shannon bream. i am glad it's friday. >> bill: good morning, shannon. i am bill hemmer. we are now hillary clinton's former campaign chairman john podesta is expected to be testifying before the house intelligence committee next week. coming only days after special counsel bob mueller met with community leaders behind closed doors. >> shannon: the president suggesting that someone may have taped conversations with former fbi director james comey, but it wasn't him. >> but i didn't tape and i don't have any tapes, and i didn't see. but when he found out that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or
7:01 am
anything else, who knows, i think his story may have changed. we will have to take a look at that because then he has to tell what actually took place at the events and my story didn't change. my story was always a straight story. my story was always the truth. >> shannon: catherine herridge is live in washington for us today. >> the relationship between special counsel robert mueller and the fired fbi director james comey has been under the microscope since may when mueller took over the rest investigation in this video from 2017 shows him when he was nominated for fbi director taking over from mueller who had held the job for 12 years, more than the 10-year term at the request of president obama. president trump told fox he is taking away the added boost whether mueller should recuse himself from the current investigation. >> he is very, very good friends with comey, which is very bothersome. robert mueller is an honorable
7:02 am
man and hopefully he will come up with an honorable solution. >> shannon: to mexico the president has disputed comey's conversations over mike flynn. >> shannon: it seemed like we are learning about closed-door testimony in the nation's intelligence. should we be? >> that's correct. the director of national intelligence dan coats testified behind closed doors on thursday. it's running its own investigation into russia's elected interference in 2016. the senior republican on the committee ranking democrat assured dni coats there would be no leaks or the testimony. within hours, one media outlets told coats that lawmakers was "obsessed with the russian pro." >> i can't tell you who it is, but i can tell you this. you have a chilling effect on other witnesses who want to share classified, sensitive information when it makes its
7:03 am
way to the headlines before the transcripts even drive. >> the president's frustration has really bent over james comey who assured him he was not under investigation, but publicly testified in mark that there was a federal probe between russian officials in the campaign team and in fact leaving a crowd over the administration. >> shannon: much more to come on that. catherine herridge thank you. speak one another story today white house press secretary sound sean spicer staying here on "america's newsroom" that health care will get done. even the four senators now are saying they cannot support the senate subversion. cruz, lee, johnson, and apollo against it. here they earlier on the same thought. >> the senate rules have left us in a place on this country where we almost have no ability to have a senate that is anything but dysfunctional. i am hoping that it works out all right.
7:04 am
>> bill: we see life from the hill now and peter do we know yet what is going to take for the skeptics to get to a "yes"? >> there is not much mystery as to what these skeptical senators want to. senator ted cruz is handing his colleagues note cards with his past es printed on it. it's a four-point path calling for assistance with allowing them a variety of insurance plans, let states create medicated plans. lets people buy insurance across state lines and puts some entitlement reforms in place to control years from now. senator cruz also signed on to that letter with senator mike lee, senator rand paul, and senator ron johnson expanding their hesitation about back in the senate bill and none of them sound like hard no votes as of right now, their joint statement reason. there are provisions in in the strap that represent an improvement to our current health care system, but it doesn't appear this draft is written will occur accomplish
7:05 am
the most important to reveal obamacare. the big thing this g.o.p. leadership bill does is to slow down the schedule to trust the medicaid and tie the tax credit to people that it income is that of age. tweets to this are now on the table ahead of an expected vote sometime next week. >> bill: you know that these democratic leaders are trying to crank up pressure on republicans. what is their strategy now? >> their strategy is to say that anybody who will back the senate plan as written with compassion for people who can't afford insurance. >> the president said the senate bill needed hard. this bill is heartless. the president said the hospital was mean. the senate bill may be meaner. >> senator elizabeth warren good
7:06 am
democrat from massachusetts is using even sharper language and says the republican health bill is blood money and that is paying for tax cuts with american lives. >> bill: thank you, peter. >> shannon: let's stick with this topic and bring in byron york, . do you think there's any small part of the democrats, even as they are railing on this bill right now as it stands, that want to see the g.o.p. passed something and own this because if not, what we are left with is the prediction that obamacare simply will fall apart on its own? >> there is no doubt that obamacare is, that's kind of happening. hillary clinton when she ran for president had a plan for fixing obamacare. yes, i think -- excuse me republicans are happy that republicans are blaming everything going on with obamacare right now. they are blaming it on
7:07 am
republicans even though that structure was put in place by democrats. by the way, there may be a few conservatives who sort of agree with them and are criticizing this new bill as simply a tweak of obamacare and not an actual repeal. >> shannon: nothing gets done because there are significant hurdles about the senate and house and coming together. if nothing gets done, who benefits, who loses going into the 2018 midterm? >> i think the party in power almost always loses when bad things happen. they have a hard time blaming the guys were there before, even if those guys share a lot of the blame. right now, we have a republican president and republican house and senate. i think they would certainly take the blame for not being able to do this. on the other hand, is a certain amount of optimism that this will be done. these four republican hold out senators that peter was talking about, he's right. this does not sound like they are dead set in their opposition. it sounds like differences that can be worked out.
7:08 am
>> shannon: but those four getting on for mate sway a couple of others. they have separate different concerns and portman -- there's a hole in the launch of things that can happen here. you got to get. do you think anyway appeasing these four will get votes elsewhere? >> it depends on how hard their actual desires are here. when senator cruz talked about getting rid of some of these mandates and allowing a company to offer one plant that offers all the essential health benefits but other plans that don't, so they could cause less, i think that something a lot of them could probably agree on. >> shannon: i want to turn to the other basic cap frank harris are just off with. reports that they may go to the head and talk about what they know. we talked just moments ago about sean spicer from the white house on this full issue of comey and
7:09 am
mueller and this is what he sai said. >> the president said that director comey's watch three times he was under investigation. that turned out to be true despite the false reporting that had come out and said comey was going to do it. he came in testified under oath and did and did exactly as the president said so. he told the president on three separate occasions that he was under investigation, and what we know now is that there was no collusion and that the only person who actually leak was in fact director comey. >> shannon: where we go with all of these various ink investigations now coming up a special election for the democrats have been hammering this issue so hard, not talking about jobs and other things. it didn't work from them and now it seems like what the president alleged all along has been proven correct. >> that's true, and i think we have seen some democrats in the last couple days with six elections say maybe we are going and talking too much about
7:10 am
russia. maybe the voters actually want to hear something different from us like how we might improve the economy. politically, it's a shifting of little bit on the other hand. the mueller investigation is there. he's hired 13 lawyers and said he will hire more. he has an unlimited budget, he has it almost unlimited mandate. that's not going away. what you saw today, the president was kind of playing both sides on this, raising questions about it conflict with mueller because he is personal friends with james coming it on the other hand saying that bob mueller is a good man and hopefully he can come to the right conclusion. the president is trying to find some middle ground to strike publicly. >> shannon: in the meantime, you saw the fire there from saying dni codes that this material would not go anywhere and within hours there were three separate leaks of will continue. byron, always good to see you. have a great weekend.
7:11 am
>> it's nice to have a conversation for the time thing, but next tuesday and wednesday and thursday, there will be troubled by the hour to figure out what they will bring into a boat and then actually came to pass. >> shannon: those are very big questions. >> bill: in the meantime, north korea is back at it. yet again conducting another weapons test, sparking a new sense of urgency on the hill. >> now more than ever is to send a message that we are going to cut off their capability of getting their hands on the currency they need. >> bill: what is being done to prevent pyongyang from developing a missile that could reach the united states? adam kinzinger weighs in on that next. >> shannon: wildfires nearly doubling in size threatening homes and byes and one part of the country. you will hear from evacuees forced to leave everything behind and go. and then there's this. >> bill: are the days of isis and iraq and syria it and outnumbered? what russia has just done to
7:12 am
target the terror army. but when family members forget, trust angie's list to help. [ barks ] visit today. you on a perfect car,rch then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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looking for a hotel that fits... ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over 200 sites to find you the hotel you want at the lowest price. grazie, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor. >> bill: russian military striking isis positions in syria. watch here. wow. that video showing six cruise missiles destroying command centers and ammunition depots. the missiles were lost from two warships in the mediterranean. they were later killed by way of
7:16 am
follow on air strikes. >> shannon: meanwhile, in a defiant move, north korea carrying out yet another test of a rocket engine. officials believe it could be part of the program development intercontinental capable of reaching u.s. soil. it comes a day after washington pushed china to put more diplomatic pressure on the regime. foreign affairs committee and highlight the international guard, good to see this morning. >> what do we do with north korea? is china a reliable partner in this? they said it didn't try it it didn't work. we can't give up that easily. >> they are not our arrival partner you and you need to be. when a meeting yesterday mcmaster and this administration, everybody has their grass to at what needs to be done. it's not easy. we have to force china to
7:17 am
engage. we try to do that. it's not working. there has to be a stick. ultimately, there's going to have to be sanctions with chinese companies that do business with north korea to force pressure that way. secondly, we have to be forced to have the right military. not just executing a war in north korea which god prepared may have to happen and hopefully not. but in terms of missile defense here at home and the ability to destroy the intercontinental ballistic's and its boost phase or even before he off. that's the kind of investments we talk about the need to invest more than the military and that's what we are doing with out here. we can do this right but we need china to engage. >> shannon: we know there has been a detection of activity around the potential newscast of north korea. they like universities and on the 25th they have an anniversary coming up. if they do, dated six nuclear tests point to verify, what should our response be?
7:18 am
>> it is probably the anniversary of kim jong-un on floated up to heaven or something like that. the response to nuclear necessities continues to be stronger pressure and posturing in our region. if it gets to a redline, where we believe there is a real threat of north korea delivering a nuclear weapon, which they have nuclear weapons to our allies or to us, we have to have a military posture capable of destroying the infrastructure which i have confidence we do. ratcheting pressure up on china, the stick may have to work, china is a key partner here. their analysis is better to have kim jong-un on the border than america on the border. then we have to turn that analysis on its head. >> shannon: let's talk afghanistan as we now await word on how many troops may be added to the efforts over there. some critics don't like that the president's delegating that with secretary mattis. other state give the military more control over what they are doing. there also pushing the president
7:19 am
to have a clear strategy moving forward. "wall street journal" saying america's leader should not lose sight of why the u.s. went to afghanistan. it's our national interest to ensure that countries not once again transactional extremist and it was when the attacks were planned. talking about 9/11. we've been talking about this mission since it began in 2001. here we are 16 years later still not officially a mission accomplished by any means. >> it's going to take a long time. we have to put the clear mission out there. we also have to be realistic. this is not just in afghanistan. it's going to take a lot as it we won the cold war. at it we fight them their fight them here. there's no in between are no other choice. the american people are ready for that but we finally have a commander in chief who will make that statement. for eight years, i can't even remember once, maybe one time, i heard president obama talk about the need to be in afghanistan.
7:20 am
otherwise he ignored it and avoided it. now to have a clear leadership is a right thing. i believe they will put forward it will take time and patience and probably weather if afghanistan or the warfare the rest of my life. >> shannon: what about the issue with pakistan? we know that the taliban and keeps coming very comfortable presence there. it doesn't deem to be under real pressure. they still fit in to get to the know she negotiating table. what do we do with pakistan, north korea and china? >> the administration has a clear eyed policy of this. what we need to do, we've been offering them sticks. we give them foreign aid, we need to make that a threat. the leadership of pakistan is good, is the intelligence service that isn't. i also think that we need to reopen pakistan to air strikes. if you have a sworn enemy in a country, they should be destroyed regardless of national boundaries. i think implementing this will be putting pressure on pakistan and make it clear we are not giving afghanistan to india
7:21 am
which is their chief concern. >> shannon: to sum up on all these fronts, you say fewer carrots, time for more 62 back sticks. >> we have treaded of carrots for a while. congressmen have a great weeken weekend. >> bill: former state department official charged with buying or given out top-secret documents to beijing. details on that story in a moment. >> shannon: lead story of the day, senate health care bill right now. we will speak to one of the men that are in that meeting, it congressman doug collins next. some republicans think they can't support it. >> we cannot support the bill. we are open to negotiations, but we want the bill to look more like a repeal. we are afraid that when we read the bill it actually looks like a reiteration or a keeping of obamacare. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love.
7:22 am
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>> shannon: a tornado carved a path of destruction near burlington alabama. the remnants of a tropical storm worked a twister and was caught on camera before touching down yesterday. businesses were ripped to shreds. homes damaged as well. at least four people injured, but the national weather service confirmed this wasn't es to tornado capable of 120-mile win wins. >> bill: is a positive step forward and senator mcconnell will continue to work with his numbers to make sure that we ime the bill that the house passed over to it. and i think we are going to move forward to get this done. >> bill: that is sean spicer 40 minutes ago here on our program. he predicts a victory on the new health care plan. to matt cruz, lee, johnson, and paul cannot support this bill. the new measure faced strong opposition before the senate yesterday but the trump administration as optimistic as we heard were there. republican out of georgia, doug
7:26 am
collins, thank you for your time. good morning to you there on the hill. >> good morning, bill. >> bill: you just came out of a meeting with republican leadership on the house. what did that say about the senate revealed yesterday? >> i think the overall plan is the senate is doing their job and at the end of the day, it will be very similar to the house plant in a lot of ways. there's ways that they needed to do to get them building. we are very pleased with the result even the ones who are opposed our thing how can we get to yes. that's an important piece of legislating up here is how to get to yes. at this point we are pleased with the progress and we will go from there we can into the next week with the senate. >> bill: you pose the most appropriate question of all. how do you get the yes based on the conversations you just had? concerns, how do you meet them? >> from a health perspective, we got the yes. we will continue to focus on the
7:27 am
area of people that the obamacare is a failure. people are seeing rising premiums. in iowa and other places, you have little to no providers available or nothing available in those places. with the senate is saying we want to make sure we are lowering health care premiums. but they are also making sure we still do what we promise, taking carefree consisting conditions. let's don't get distracted. the others that will get distracted on things that they don't want. they once were complaining the most to put together a failed system. we are putting something that will work. >> bill: ted cruz is a colleague and he's in the senate clearly, but this is his immediate reaction yesterday afternoon. >> we can get this done. we can get to yes, but the key to getting to getting it done and getting to yes is it we need common sense reforms that that lower the cost of premiums that health insurance is more affordable for families who are struggling. it's not enough to just pass a
7:28 am
bill that has obamacare repeal as a title. we got to actually have legislation that fixes the underlying problems. >> bill: he said to go things that will be significant in this debate. the cost of premiums and whether or not it is a true repeal. how do you trust that? >> from the true repeal perspective, what he is talking about, inside their version and our version to repeal the mandate, repeal the taxes, the things that were burdensome and the mandate for businesses to start with. and the other part is cost perspective. lowering cost means you are giving more choices into letting insurance companies coming into the market and offering different plans to people that can actually afford it. one of the heartbreaking stories that we talk about this as i remember folks who were so excited about the affordable care act and yet when they found out there subsidize premiums was all they could pay that they had a high deductible, a lady in chicago told us when she saw that she might as will not be able to use it. but we are willing to do is give
7:29 am
people real hope, not false hope. what we are doing is lowering the cost and we do that by going to the building. the people in the house we were able to overcome those, senator cruz is one that will be able a part of making it happen. we look forward to seeing it. >> bill: i curious to sissy with a more conservative members say is we go forward on that. have you been in contact with the president on this? >> we just came out of a meeting with the white house staff. they are letting the senate do their work, they are supportive of a plan to get to it. it's a major premise of the president. he's been very active and i think he's going to continue to make that push forward because he understands the devastating effect that obama obamacare is. you probably heard that interview is sean spicer. he did not even say this was 50/50. it will get done. do you get the same sense of confidence across the board among the republican congress? >> at the end of the day, i believe it will get them. there's still a lot left to go.
7:30 am
people have to understand that legislating on the hill is not easy. sometimes you have to go and you got to find the ways to get those pieces and developed. when you get there, you get those folks. i'm a big believer in including on the floor and including people on record and that's what we did in the house. this and it's got to do the same thing. we owe it to the american peopl people. >> bill: to get a sense that this is more important for congress to get it done within this president? after all, were the ones have been talking about repealing and replacing it for years now. >> i think it's a deal and a promise. this is a promise from republicans in the house, especially as you just said for seven years, something that the president can spell on anti-american people have seen as we go forward as affecting communities. you want to go back to something that people talk about and businesses talk about, this is the issue they talk about where i buy small business who has four employees who had to go into the individual market and they only had to go plans to
7:31 am
choose from and talking to this employer $64 a year to cover was 70,000 deductible. i think this is important for a president who is doing a good job of helping the american people bring out their concerns while we are flexible and always have. moms and dads to get up every morning and just simply want to do what they do in life and help their families get ready and we are helping them. >> bill: i think we are going ta victory. >> bill: doug collins, thank you. the republican from georgia on the house i. thank you for your time. speak to an army veteran accused of selling u.s. secrets to china. the information you shared and how the feds busted him. >> this was no accident. this was a road rage caught on camera that smart this dramatic
7:32 am
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>> bill: a former u.s. special agent with a now facing charges for selling highly classified information to chinese spies. 60-year-old kevin mallory previously served in the u.s. army was a self-employed. most of us on the story out of washington. how were the feds picked off with this? >> largely through kevin mallory's own carelessness. back in april he returned to chicago's o'hare airport from shanghai during $16,500 in cash and two carry on bags. that resuspension of u.s. customs because he did not declare the cash. he was interviewed by the fbi in may and in the interview admitted that he met with two officials from a chinese big bank who he thought were indeed chinese spies.
7:36 am
yesterday the fbi raided his house in virginia. he told the fbi that his chinese contacts had given him a secure communications device which he said to go documents. later analysis revealed that those two documents were classified as secret and another document classified as top secret. in the communications device, u.s. investigators also found handwritten from malory, "your object is to gain information, my object is to be paid for close direct] he faces up to life in prison. >> bill: i would imagine there some explanation for him. does he have an alibi asked go >> he told the fbi and that may interview that he was simply stringing these chinese agents along and had nothing of significance. in another text message the federal government that he intended to supply other classified info for money. one says, "i am taking a real
7:37 am
risk is you entire up boxes nope. when you get the okay place my prior payment i will send more. i won't tighten my next note. in the future, i will destroy all electronic records after you confirm receipt. i also already destroyed the paper records. i cannot keep these around, too dangerous. "he is worked for many u.s. agencies and is fluent in mandarin. he lost his top-secret clearance in 2012 after leaving the government but recently has been seeking new government employment. >> bill: thank you. >> shannon: i wildfire in utah forcing hundreds of people to inaccurate in doubling in size overnight threatening 400 additional homes. they say they are doing everything they can to try and keep up. >> they arriving at all times of the day and we are just going from anywhere we can, really unprecedented extreme fire that we have seen out here.
7:38 am
>> shannon: live at our l.a. bureau to tell us more. can you bring us up-to-date with where we are now? >> good morning. it is scorching out here in the west. a series of fires causing widespread evacuation and some pretty well-known names among those forced to flee. and you talk about members of the romney family were told to get out. they were staying at their grandma's cabin and southwestern utah near where the headquarter. 20,000 acres there. it was pretty scary for some of the younger kids in the family, but they are doing their best to listen to the firefighters. >> they know what they're doing. we need to stay out of their way. they are trying to protect everyone's homes, our lives. it would be foolish for us to stay and risk our lives and their lives. >> i've seen the winds picking up and we are hoping that they can keep the fire out of the cabins. >> and a big bear california
7:39 am
that's just northeast of los angeles, the hulk of a fire has been burning for nearly a week now. firefighters from all over the state are attacking it including four air tankers and nine helicopters. after that fire in utah, it was apparently human started. some this using a torch to kill weeds. that person has been identified and charged. >> shannon: how about the other states out west? they are old dealing with triple digit temperatures these days. >> it's actually a very dangerous situation. he is not to blame for at least four test in las vegas. temperatures they are getting as high as 117 degrees. in utah, in arizona, burn centers are reporting people and animals are suffering contact burns just from stepping on the sidewalk or even touching their cars about hundred 14 degrees in phoenix today. for people in the southwest, probably best to stay indoors,
7:40 am
maybe use these temperatures as an excuse to go see your favorite movie. >> shannon: thank you very much. >> bill: former president barack obama about to go on the campaign trail again. >> he is still the leader of the democratic party and the only notable face, he's the only one that has the energy of the democratic party but he can't run again. >> bill: where he plans to stop at a moment and what it shows about that next election. >> gravity girls get down. >> shannon: on the longest day of the year, a world-renowned base jumper breaks a world record. details next. it's not where we start,
7:41 am
it's where we end up. expedia. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better.
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>> shannon: former president barack obama making a return to the campaign trail following two democratic losses in high profile special elections like the one we covered in georgia
7:44 am
earlier this week. obama has agreed to his bid to become virginia's next governor. that's just one of two. this year under a new trump administration. joining us now, david avella and leslie marshall. good to see you both. leslie, there are all these challenges now about the leadership in the house and within the party saying they don't have a real leader. what you make of them going back in time? a lot of people saying that former president obama is still the guy who really is the best leader for the democrats. >> i don't think the president -- the former president would be the best leader for the democrats, but one thing he was able to do quite frankly, was unite before the partition between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. if that remains quite large. there are still burning or bust people. if you look on twitter on a
7:45 am
daily basis. the former president has very high approval ratings and he had historical numbers and getting out african-americans and millennials to vote. millennial voting is key, not just in the general election but even more so in the midterm as you know historically democrats come at my side of the team, stays home during that and we definitely need somebody to fan the flames and get them out in the midterms. i think former president obama is one of those of individual to do that. >> shannon: he has a lot of fans. they are very nostalgic for him when they had hillary clinton as their nominee. they weren't super thrilled about that. he's a great speaker, communicator, charismatic. his record on campaigning for people not actually on paper is that good. >> no president can match president obama's ability to campaign for candidates who ultimately go on to lose. he lost over a thousand straight legislative suites alone, not counting both chambers of congress as he went out and
7:46 am
stopped for democrats. what we learned during his presidency is that he was able to get elected, that popularity never transferred and never could turn out millennials to put a coalition together that could help get him elected. with that all said, this makes perfect sense. the democrats, particularly the regressive wing, or any motive only talking to one another. nancy pelosi and barack obama are the best messengers for what democrats believe right now. while democrats want to talk to each other, americans continue as they have done the last eight years, continue to elect more and more republicans. >> shannon: he's not just getting back on the campaign trail. he's weighing in on the fate of his signature legislative achievement, obamacare. here's what he posted on facebook. i recognize it appealing to make repealing the affordable care act is point of the republican party. they measure with and consider
7:47 am
that the rationale for action on health care and any other issue may be something more than simply undoing something that democrats did. that's the nice part of what he said. he went on to blast this whole thing and said it's the worst thing to happen to anyone out there who is going to exist and live in this country. with that in mind, here's what sean spicer told bill last hour. >> the real meanness is along the american people to believe that obamacare is actually alive. obamacare has failed. county after county, they are left with no choices, rising premiums, and skyrocketing deductibles. obamacare is dead. it isn't an option. >> shannon: it's named after him. he's got a lot of stick. >> clearly, but to say it's a dead, that's quite frankly dramatic. you could say that about the replacements built on the senate right now with four g.o.p. senators think they will not go for it. the reality is that the majority of the american people are going in a sense the sentiment of the president, not be more me to it,
7:48 am
but fixing what is wrong to the plan. it don't replace, you don't even need to repeal. fix the problems that are in it. by the way, hillary clinton spoke about that during the second debate. she said that clearly we need to fix one of the problems and one of the problems is the rising premiums. to undo everything that has been done so far, especially when the polls show a lot of trump supporters are really starting to like their plans now because premiums are rising for everyone, you don't throw out babies with the bathwater and, by the way, the polls show that and some republicans whose seats are up are going to see that maybe they favor this it may hurt them and the midterm election. >> shannon: we will see. democrats wanted to get past because then republicans would be responsible for whatever comes next. we got to leave it there. thank you both. >> bill: if you are looking for something to do this weekend, here's an idea. he now has a world record,
7:49 am
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's be what it is all the rage now and this is the man that does at the best. >> gravity girls get down! gravity girls. oh, yeah! i am feeling, in full today. >> shannon: that is the voice of miles -- dasher, daredevil setting record for race jumping in a 24-hour period. he jumped out that bridge 63 times in one day. i spoke to him about his record-setting event.
7:53 am
michael daisher is my guess now from tucson, arizona. miles, congratulations. how do you come up with this? >> base jumping is a great new sport. parachuting. it's basically skydiving on steroids and it just kind of fell into the sport. i love it. it's so much fun. >> bill: the video is extraordinary. what is the challenge here. explain to us the danger because it's tough stuff. >> its human performance and the test of human performance of what a human is capable of doing. it's not just the jumping in the parachuting, as the test of endurance. what can you achieve? what is humanly possible? i once did this in 2005, 57 jumps and 24 hours. it got winded out the last three and a half hour so this is kind of a repeat of that.
7:54 am
>> bill: i am reading that your 24th of jump was the most challenging. temperatures were in the 90s, you will port in idaho. you are saying stamina is the biggest challenge to make this happen, but what's the bigger danger? you don't have a backup plan, do you? >> you have one single parachute system but i've been practicing this my whole life and have over 4000-5,000 base jumps. i am pretty versed on parachuting skills. the biggest challenge, biggest danger was staying awake at night while climbing the rocks. sometimes i would find myself climbing and i forgot the last two moves i did and pay a textured to keep it together. >> bill: you have to have a check list every time you go. which tells me you have to keep your mind focused. it's all on you. >> it is. it's actually on my team. i had a tremendously awesome team supporting me and i couldn't have done it without them. he was doing the checklist every
7:55 am
time like a pilot who gets in the airplane. you kick the tires before you light the fires and we went through checklist and the whole thing. pins, risers connected, and then i climb over the rail and do my thing. >> bill: one of your colleagues describe you as lightning and a bottle. man, you are 48, what are you going to do next? >> i'm going to continue on, keep on keeping on, living the dream and having a ball. >> bill: any ideas? >> i would like to do this. i have a few irons in the fire and don't want to come out with it quite yet. i would like to parachute jumping record in a day as well and see what we can do when we put some machines behind it. >> bill: 63 times in 24 hours, congratulations. miles daisher, setting new records and going to new heights, thank you, buddy. stay safe. >> pleasure, take care. be excellent. >> shannon: wow. you have done some of this. >> bill: a little bit but not
7:56 am
that. you don't get a second chance. >> shannon: maybe. the president trying to make good on another campaign progress. campaigning for veterans. he said to sign the va accountability act soon. we will take a lot to the white house next. own eyes to s. ahh! ow. or you could just trust duracell. ykeep you ow. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> shannon: the white house responding to johnny depp's comments over the weekend. the statement reads, president trump has condemned violence in all forms and is sad that others like johnny depp have not followed his lead. hopefully mr. deb's colleagues will speak out against this rhetoric. >> bill: before we go, we want to send a very special happy birthday wish to elizabeth.
8:00 am
happy birthday olivia. have a great weekend everybody, enjoy the weather out there and we'll see you monday. ♪ the >> julie: the long quest by republicans to repeal in a place obamacare, taking another step forward with the rollout of a senate bill. president trump on their side, but can the leadership find the votes? hello, good afternoon and morning to you. this is the "happening now," i'm julie banderas. >> leland: the senate plan would cut funding for medicaid as well as cutting obamacare's taxes on the wealthy. changes favored could end up losing some moderates. the white house insists re


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