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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 23, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we all remember the nightmare that veterans suffered during the va scandals that were exposed a few years ago. veterans were put on circuit wait lists, given the wrong medication, given the bad treatments and ignored in moments of crisis for them. many veterans died waiting for a simple doctors appointment. what happened was a national disgrace and yet, some of the employees involved in these scandals remained on the payrolls. outdated laws cap the government from holding those who failed our veterans accountable. today we are finally changing those laws, was an easy, but we did have some fantastic help, to make sure that the scandal of
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what we suffered so recently never, ever happens again. and that our veterans can get the care they so richly deserve. so you just heard from sergeant michael. i think it to shake your hand. get up here. [applause] he gets up better than i do. thank you, michael. michael lost two limbs and defending our country and yet, he had to wait 57 days to get his prosthetic leg repaired. that's a long time, michael. and over three and a half years for modifications to make his
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house more acceptable. what happened to michael is happening too many, but it's rarely happening under our leadership and david's leadership anymore. that i can tell you. our wounded warriors have given everything they have to this nation and we owe them everything we have and return and we are taking care of it. today, we are taking a very historic action to transform the va by enacting the va accountability and whistleblower protection act. this was not easy. this was not an easy one. it's one that they've wanted to do. you know for a long time, for many years. we got it done. this is one of the largest reforms to the va and its history. it's a reform that i campaigned on and now i am thrilled to be
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able to sign that promise into law. va accountability is essential to making sure that our veterans are treated with respect. they have so richly earned through their blood, sweat, and tears. this law will finally give the va secretary who is, by the way, just doing some job and he's doing it with this and with the heart. believe me. [applause] it gives the secretary of the authority to remove federal employees who fail and endanger our veterans and to do so quickly and effectively. it's been a long time since you've heard those words. those entrusted with this sacred
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duty of serving our veterans will be held accountable for the care they provide. it's a big statement. at the same time, this bill protects whistleblowers who do the right thing. we want to reward, cherish, and promote the many dedicated employees at the va. this legislation also gives the va secretary the authority to appoint new medical directors at va hospitals, something which was almost impossible to do in the past. these are going to be talented, talented people. i applaud chairman phil rowe and the members of congress here with us today, which we have many who fought so hard for this legislation. i want them appear when i sign. i just want to thank the members of congress. they have been really dedicated
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to getting this done. it was not easy for them either. [applause] very sincere gratitude as well to the veterans service organizations who have joined us for this tremendous occasion and for everything they do for the veterans and for so long, they have been fighting for this and other things. by the way, other things are happening. we've done a lot, this is a big one. i have a lot of good ones coming. i also want to express our appreciation for second show s. i have no doubt the va will be properly implemented.
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wright, david? it better be, david. we'll never have to use those words. will never have to use those words on our david. we will never use those words on you, that's for sure. [laughter] that one never, does it? since my first day in office, we've taken one action after another to ensure our veterans and make sure that they get world-class care. and the kind of care that they've been promised. we have accountability that can empower and that has been empowered by this legislation. we've launched a new website that publishes wait times at
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every va hospital. we've delivered same day mental health services at all 168 168 medical centers. that's a big operation if you think about it. we've announced at the va will finally solve the problem that has plagued our government for decades. seamlessly transferring veterans medical records from the department of defense to the department of veteran affairs. [applause] that doesn't sound like such a big deal, it is. believe me. that was a big one. we thought this would be easy, but the people like david who have been here and understand the system, he said that's going to be a tough one. we got it done, so it was a good one. it's something we are very proud of to do at this point. i've also signed the veterans choice improvement act so that
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more veterans can see the doctors of their choice. already this year, veterans have received double the number of approvals to see the doctor of their choosing. this is only the beginning. we will not rest until the job is 100% complete for our great veterans. [applause] we can all be inspired by the story of a retired air force veteran named earl morris who served as a physician's assistant at the va centers in ohio and indiana. 15 years ago, earl began asking his patients, if they plan to
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visit new world war ii memorial which is beautiful, right here in washington, d.c.. nearly all said the plan to visit, but when he saw these patients at their next appointment, almost none of them had made the trip. one day, he had an idea. earl is a private pilot. he asked one of his patients, who was a world war ii veteran if he could fly with him. he was so honored to do it. the 80-year-old veteran wept, openly cried, he never imagined he would see that beautiful monument to his service. that is how the first honor flight was born. very beautiful thing. ever since then, over 100,000 veterans have been greeted with tears of gratitude as they arrive in our nation's capital.
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we want all of american veterans, all of them, every one of them, to experience and to at least have the opportunity to experience that same gratitude every time they walk into the va. that's what today is all about. keeping our promises to those who have kept us free. kept us happy. saved our lives and saved our families. i just want to thank you, our incredible veterans. we stand with you, we salute you, and with this new legislation, we strive to better support and serve you every single day. thank you, god bless you, god bless our veterans, and god bless america. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> sandra: president trump assigning the va accountability act in the east room of the white house. the president saying it was an easy, but he is making good on a campaign promise. let's listen to the president. >> acer tremendous honor for me, a tremendous honor for everybody on stage and we are taking care of our veterans and we are taking care of them properly. thank you, congratulations.
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[applause] >> sandra: president trump assigning the va accountability act and giving the va more power ready to fire failed va employees and protect those who uncovered wrongdoing in the president's words, it will protect whistleblowers who do the right thing. the president speaking, let's listen. [applause] >> sandra: the bill won bipartisan support in both the house and senate. the bill passed in the house earlier this month. 368-55 votes.
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it passed the senate by unanimous voice vote. the president just a saying in the east room a few moments ago, for too long, the government failed to give its promise to veterans. veterans represent the very best in all of us. our veterans need to be treated with the respect they deserve. this is one of the largest reforms to the va and its history and right now, he is joined by several lawmakers during the signing ceremony, including senators john bozeman of arkansas, tom cotton of arkansas, and dan sullivan of alaska. of course, the person heading up the va right now, show shulkin. he remember on the campaign trail, all the things that the president said he witnessed. the most corrupt and most incompetently run agency in the united states during the campaign. he promised that he would do this. the president following through
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on that campaign promise today. >> meghan: a fox news alert. president trump now saying he never made and does not have any tapes of his private talks with james comey. but he tweeted there could be to keep comey honest. this is "outnumbered." i meghan mccain. here today, sandra smith, the host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. the cohost of after the bell also on fbn, melissa francis, and today's #oneluckyguy, first timer, former chief of staff, josh holmes and you're outnumbered. >> josh: great to be here. >> sandra: low are you thinking when you watch that? >> josh: i was happy covering it. when you pick up a newspaper anywhere in the english-speaking world, they're saying congress isn't doing anything, trump isn't doing anything, nothing's happening.
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this is a significant piece of legislation that did get done on a very bipartisan basis. >> meghan: is a very important issue. president trump is announcing he doesn't have any tapes of his private conversations with former fbi director james comey. the lake some speculation began when he tweeted that some may exist. the president suggests he did that to make sure comey didn't lie during his testimony before congress. >> and he found out that there may be tapes out there, whether as governmental tapes or anything else, who knows, i think his story may have changed. you'll have to take a look at that because then he has to tell what actually took place at the events. speak out that's a smart way to make sure he stayed honest. >> it wasn't very stupid, i can tell you that. if you look further back before
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he heard about that, maybe he wasn't admitting that. >> meghan: democrats are lashing out at the president's. here is eric's law well. >> it sounds like he was trying to chill or intimidate james comey. what's remarkable about that is that james comey didn't know either way whether there were tapes and came forward anyway. if there were tapes and he told a lie to congress, the risk to perjury. that goes to show just how believable and how credible james comey's testimony was which was very damaging for the president. >> meghan: i want to start with you, josh. as our president crazy like a fox or do you think this is not the move to lie about this? >> josh: we can really senses frustration. every warning he's reading the newspaper about some anonymous leak somewhere in the intelligence agency that is accusing him of some gross impropriety with respect to russia and he had to fight back one way or another. in this case, he basically wants people to say what actually
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happened. was it a short-term strategy? sure. i think discretion was probably the better part in the tweet that ultimately led to all of this actually did lead to a special counsel, which is now dealing with more headaches and more headaches. you can't blame the guy. he has to defend himself at some point because it's clear that nobody on the intelligence agency is doing it for him. >> meghan: i would say you could trust james comey as far as you could throw him, which is in very far. i'm not very strong. that being said, should our president be lying and doing this gorilla tweeting in order to intimidate him? >> kennedy: as part of the president's tactic that his supporters love and his detractors a bore. i want to point out that the feeling that james comey might have had knowing that someone
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had peered until his conversations with audio recordings and how awful that it is. that's how they make in public fields with this mass spine echoes on the james comey has backed. he has said he puts tape over the camera on his laptop. he said when he was in power because he knows that that device can be used two peer on you. it feels kind of gross, it feels shady. as the president knows, perhaps there are some surveillance techniques that even he is not privy to, perhaps we should rethink section 702. >> meghan: wasn't smart to lie about something on twitter to make sure james comey doesn't also lie in a hearing? this before i don't know that he lied. he said tapes exist. i think that's too strong of a word. it feels clever and that he's keeping him honest, but at the same time, i always think with
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the president, look at this shiny object over here and then they're off doing something else and a totally different direction. he does a fantastic job of distracting democrats and getting them yapping like dogs about something else while they're working on health care. i hope they're able to carry that over the finish line because by next year, that's all anyone will remember. >> sandra: your making the point, he has to defend himself at some point, but can he employ this type of strategy again? i'm not saying that president's credibility is lost, but he did sort of lead us to believe one thing that wasn't actually the case. could he do this again in another? >> josh: the other question is whether you do this with respect to russia. this investigation, you can make a pretty clear case that nothing would be found at all. there is no evidence that he or
9:20 am
anyone in his administration has done anything and at this investigation continues to perpetuate. the reason for that is he keeps talking about it. my advice would be stopped. i think this will go away. >> meghan: the important thing -- if i were him, i may not have admitted this and i would let everyone assume that i'm recording at all times. he has such a leaking problem. >> kennedy: that's the kind of tactic that you employ with russia. you don't know where the united states coming from. >> meghan: president trump says the senate g.o.p. health care bill will be negotiated and eventually passe passed. this is for repelling inside of us are now reposing it. what can we expect? this new battle over repealing obamacarest. ss.
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yogig-speed you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids. and these guys. him. ah. oh hello- that lady. these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh. sure. still yes! you can get it too. welcome to the party. introducing gig-speed internet from xfinity. finally, gig for your neighborhood too. >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump throwing his support behind the senate republican health care bill when he thinks it will pass. he admits it will take some work. watch. >> it's a very, very narrow path, but i think you're going to get there.
9:25 am
we have four very good people. it's not that they are opposed, they want certain changes and we'll see if we can take care of that. >> sandra: this after four republican senators are opposing the bill saying it doesn't do enough to fix obamacare's problems. senator ted cruz says they're hoping to reach a deal. >> we can get this done. we can get to yes, but the key to getting it done, to getting to yes is we need common sense reforms that lower the cost of premiums so that health insurance is more affordable for families. it's not enough just to pass a bill that has obamacare appeal in the title. we have to actually have legislation to fix the underlying problems. >> sandra: in the meantime, some moderate g.o.p. senators are also raising objections to the bill including a rollback of the medicaid expansion and cuts to planned parenthood funding. he heard ted cruz say we can get this done. can we pelicans get this done?
9:26 am
>> josh: they absolutely can get it done. you don't bet against mitch mcconnell's ability to figure this out. this is a legislative equivalent of landing a 747 and a driveway. it's a big piece of legislation with a lot of different complex things. you can see based on the people, what their concerns are talking about. some things are about medicaid, there is a hold wide range. the question will be, do you think obamacare is working? are these markets stable? are these taxes work in? >> sandra: how do you address a guy like rand paul who says it looks like obamacare? >> josh: they will address the concerns specifically, but i think the larger point is if you don't have 51 votes to repeal, you've got nothing.
9:27 am
>> melissa: better is better. it's never going to be perfect. they want to get the government out of the health care business. i don't think it's going to happen. it drives me crazy when they say they're cutting medicaid. that's not a cut when you slow down the growth in spending. that's like saying next week i'm only going to gain 1 pound and set a getting 3 pounds. you're still getting bigger and bigger. that drives me nuts. they're putting so much of the onus back on the states which makes sense. if you think about the way the states of deal with their budget, it's different. the federal government can spend forever. states have to balance their budget and that the component to this. the >> meghan: we should bring kennedy into this because mike lee is one of the people who has come out saying he won't vote for it. i know you're a huge fan of his. do you think it's worth it for people like michael lee to die on this hill and not vote for
9:28 am
this out of ideological purity? do you think a little bit better is better than perfection? >> kennedy: we are still on the path to socialized medicine and this only codifies it. this only reaffirms with two parties that this is the kind of insurance and health care plan that we are going to have in the country. it's the worst thing for the economy and is the worst thing for consumers. people don't have the choices with health insurance i could do with auto insurance. there is no political bonus. republican senators have a great deal of negotiating power right now because it's such a narrow margin. hopefully the ones right now where wasting the most concern, i have the greatest faith in because they are the limited government republicans. some of the very few people out there who still champion the constitution and it is not in the constitution that health care is a right in this
9:29 am
country. >> meghan: obama screwed this up royally. >> kennedy: that it has to shifted royally. >> meghan: i love you, but i'm not going to sit here and act like he's the only constitutionalist in the senate. that's not fair. >> josh: you've got americans across the country who are paying way higher premiums. you've got 30% of the country who is now dealing with one or fewer insurance providers. >> kennedy: then open up those markets. >> josh: i bet they would do it in a heartbeat if they have the votes. here's the problem, you either have 51 votes to repeal or you have nothing. >> kennedy: it is not a repeal repeal. >> meghan: ultimately, if this turns out like kabuki theater, there will be all hell to pay. >> sandra: questions of fairness now hovering over the
9:30 am
russian investigation and focusing on special counsel robert miller. what president trump is saying about conflict of interest. plus, house minority, house minority leader nancy pelosi saying she's not going anywhere. 's she right and standing strong or are democrats doomed with her at the home? so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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on the hotel you want. lock it in. tripadvisor. >> meghan: president trump is questioning special counsel robert mueller's independence in the russian investigation. he points out to fox that mueller is friends with james comey and his team is backing from the campaign. >> he's very, very good friends with comey which is very bothersome. i can say the people who have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters, some of them worked for hillary clinton. the whole thing is ridiculous if
9:35 am
you want to know the truth from that standpoint. robert mueller is an honorable man and hopefully he'll come up with an honorable solution. >> meghan: robert mueller has put an entire team together. perfectly normal, rational reason to be an little concerned. >> josh: i think what he said at the end, mueller is an honorable man, thus the right way to handle this. the bottom line is as long as there's not anything and there's been five or six months of investigation and not a single shred of evidence that they've done anything wrong. as long as i continue to be the case, it doesn't matter if nancy pelosi is leading the investigation. they will find anything. that's basically what i think you should do is just let this thing take its course and with the chips fall where they may. >> melissa: you rev up that
9:36 am
washington investigation machine, it gets bigger and bigger and goes farther and never turns itself off. i heard professor alan dershowitz earlier saying he knows both comey and mueller were good friends. whether or not there's anything wrong wrong and that, it's just the appearance of it, it should have been avoided. now i don't know you can do about it. when it starts rubbing up and moving, it's going to find something. >> kennedy: you have to assume that this was robert mueller's protege and you have to assume that his methodology is superior to anything of the president and anyone else in the administration will employ. this is going to be a natural level of protection that no one else will be afforded. it makes it more difficult to be completely objective. you hope that some of these have objectivity. a lot of these big, high-powered law firms in l.a. and new york
9:37 am
and d.c., lawyers are pressured to make political donations to both parties. i have yet to see if some of these people also donated to republicans. the >> meghan: hell problematic to think his relationship with comey is this before going back to your point, is the same point that david west made on the scout yesterday. if you decide you have a big issue with any of those angles of this, then you're keeping the light on those issues. that's what they want. it's interesting to hear that you agree with him on that, but doesn't the president have to stick up? >> josh: there's two things. there's a political aspect on a legal aspect. you have to remember, the legal aspect is what hurts. the political aspect is repairable. the legal aspect, when they say anything you say can and will be used against you, they mean it. they really mean it. that's why discretion often is
9:38 am
the better part when it comes to dealing with special councils and congressional investigations. >> meghan: i still think it's very difficult for me to think that if these two people have a close relationship, comey's' protege, that there would not be a reason to try and make comey look innocent. i think that's how it's going to play out. we have to move on. more democrats are calling for nancy pelosi to step aside after a slew of election losses, but she says she's not going anywhere and she is the trouble. is she putting herself before the party? we'll be right back.
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>> kennedy: house minority leader nancy pelosi standing strong despite growing calls by some of her colleagues to step aside. this after a slew of losses were
9:43 am
democrats including this week's georgia special election. pelosi warning critics, she is not going anywhere. watch. >> i love the arena. i thrive on competition. i feel very confident in the support that i have in my caucus. i respect any opinion that my members have, but my decision about how long i stay is not up to them. i think i'm worth the trouble quite frankly. >> kennedy: delusional. some democrats saying pelosi is not worth the trouble including one texas congressman who says the party needs to regroup heading into the midterm. >> what i really think is that leader pelosi, looking to the 2018 election has to ask yourself this question. do i help democrats win district and 2018 or do i not? and have an honest dialogue with
9:44 am
herself. i think the answer is obvious. >> she should go? >> i think if we are going to regain the majority and 2018, we have to have new leadership. >> kennedy: president obama also weighing in >> first of all, i hope she doesn't step down. it would be a very, very sad day for republicans if she does. i would like to keep your right where she is because our record is extraordinary against her, but we'll see what happens. >> kennedy: we will see what happens. what do you think? is she sticking around? the press as galvanizing anti-nancy. >> josh: it's because she is such a gift to republicans. don't go anywhere, nancy. please, i'm begging you. the president is absolutely right. i thought when i was watching
9:45 am
her justify her own existent it was like watching frito in the godfather. >> kennedy: she waves like the queen. >> melissa: that poor congressman. when he was done, he ripped out his earpiece. i felt terrible. >> kennedy: this is not a group of republicans complaining, this is a growing chorus of members of her caucus who were saying that she has to be deposed. >> meghan: a progressive person from san francisco i want to talk about climate change. that's not winning over the rest of the country. her track record is getting worse. as a republican, i would like her to stay and i would like her to be propped up like we can at bernie's when she dies. if you're a democrat and he care about the future of the party, she should have been gone a long time ago and she's going to keep her in grip and stay there
9:46 am
forever because it's about her, it's on about the party. >> kennedy: and nancy pelosi was talking yesterday that press conference, you heard about nancy pelosi, not about the party. >> sandra: for the president is a hope she stays, there is another way to look at that. he's calling the party obstructionists, wouldn't help to see different leadership on the democrat side so there isn't more of an effort to work together? >> josh: if you look at the democrats in congress, they're more responsible to their base constituency. whether it's nancy pelosi, tim ryan or anyone else, i don't think there's a lot of cooperation out there. there's a lot more that they could be doing. >> kennedy: we'll see. nancy, i will miss you.
9:47 am
she thrives on competition. i'm so worth it america. you can count johnny depp is the latest hollywood celebrity to suggest violence against donald trump. what the white house and others are saying after the actor said this. >> one was the last time an actor assassinated a president?
9:48 am
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>> meghan: liberal entertainers are back at it bashing president trump after johnny depp is now entering with these controversial comments just last night. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. i live for a living. however, it's been a while. maybe it's time. >> meghan: that comes one month after kathy griffin appeared in gruesome photos showing her holding up a fake severed head represented
9:52 am
president trump and after a production of julius caesar that featured a trump look-alike big knife to death. when hospital persons at present of us condemned violence in all forms and it said that others like johnny depp have not followed his lead. i hope that mr. deb's colleagues will step out against this type of rhetoric and strong as they would if the comments were directed at a democratic elected official. we reached out to johnny depp's representative or comment, but surprisingly, have not received a response. let's start with you, josh. johnny depp is a wife beater who is having serious financial problems. i'm going to take his life advice, but in all seriousness, obviously had a terrible tragedy with the congressman sitting in the hospital recovering from a bullet wound. it is not funny to talk about things like this. why is it accepted in hollywood? >> josh: that's horrible. it so interesting that both parties have crazy people, democrats, we have to hear from them. it's completely ridiculous.
9:53 am
we are two weeks are removed from an assassination attempt on united his congressman. it's not dawned at all that this rhetoric is totally and completely responsible. frankly, you think people should be so disgusted by it, but i don't know to do about it because it never stops. >> meghan: i don't care how good it is. >> kennedy: he's in the middle of a lawsuit with his former managers and that he reported they spent $30,000 a month on wine which he appears to consume. he sounded hammered. i love political comedy. i think it's fantastic, but if your punchline is assassination, you have failed. it wasn't funny, it wasn't thoughtful, it wasn't entertaining. there are a lot of things you could say about this administration.
9:54 am
>> meghan: what if a crazy person made an assassination attempt against our president, god forbid, but said johnny depp inspired me? >> melissa: they don't think about any of those things. somebody this week was going through a tirade everything they don't like about president trump and i said that's nice, guess what? i think your taxes will go down this year and your health care will improve. when things get better for you, are you going to give that back? this was a small business owner. you are exactly the person you focused on helping. when your life gets better, are you going to send that money back? are you going to deny that your life is better? >> josh: it's become rigidly
9:55 am
partisan. regardless of whether the country is in a better place fundamentally. >> sandra: i want to know who his agency is. i know it's out there, but what is their comments? are they going to stand by him and keep representing him? by the way, i want to point out where he was speaking because did you have the crowd laugh? that was a festival in the english county of somerset. >> meghan: luckily for them, celebrity's have no pole when it comes to how elections turn out. back in just a moment
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aleve. all day strong. >> breaking news, fox news over right now. of the senate judiciary committee has asked for information regarding attorney general loretta lynch's role in the ellery clinton email server investigation. this is very important information looking into loretta lynch during the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's use of that private email server. they asked for information this week on this. our own katherine harris is saying this is a big deal, this reflects how the russia probe effectively spilled over into the previous administration. josh, your comments on that? >> this is extremely significan significant. it's one of the things, the most significant thing that came out of the call comey testimonw
10:00 am
weeks back. this is interesting to see going forward. >> we are back on tv on monday, "happening now" starts right no now. >> leland: fox news alert, busy friday. president trump backing the republican senate health care bill while at the same time acknowledging that there is a very tough fight ahead. >> julie: also, president trump turning up the heat on the russia investigation. we are covering all the news happening now. >> i promised you i would repeal it, i did not promise i was going to replace it with a federal program or bail out insurance companies. >> julie: resistance to the republican health care bill coming from within the gop's own ranks. it is the legislation really in jeopardy or is this just political posturing? plus -- >> he's very good fe


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