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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 23, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto coming up next. flat day on wall street. the energy sector, not so good. >> the president said the house bill was mean. the senate bill may be meaner. >> meaner, heartless. >> you can put a lace collar on a pitbull and it's still a mean dog. >> so sad, mr. president. heartless. mean and heartless. >> neil: wow. how could they? not republicans, democrats. mean and heartless? folks, i'm departing from form here to say i've had a chance to examine the latest senate healthcare proposal and the democrats proposal versus the one that is law. and i have a different definition of mean, a very, very different take on heartless.
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if republicans still spending hundreds of billions on healthcare is mean, tell me what constitutes nice? it's still covering people with pre-existing conditions is heartless, what shows heart? if keeping kids on your policy longer matters when democrats do it, how about republicans? if democrats bemoaning the republicans about paying for it, makes then clueless? if barack obama calls it a massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, wasn't he the one that started this transfer in reverse exploding costs on the poor and the rich? no, this is not about a massive transfer of wealth. it's about a massive departure from reality. i'm the geek here. i've done the math. what is mean, my friends, is doubling premiums you promised would stay low. what is mean is limiting options for care when you promised they would have plenty of options for care. what is mean is saying you can
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keep your doctor when you can't keep your doctor. what is mean is forcing young people to pay up for coverage when maybe they can't afford that coverage. what is mean is saying government subsidies will help when they won't or plenty of state exchanges will have their back when they can't. what is mean, premium increases. keeps soaring. coverage that keeps shrinking. what is mean the telling folks healthcare is like money in the bank even if it means there's no money left in their pocket. that's what's mean. that is what is heartless. not republicans introducing democrats to something called math, but democrats that concocted this mess ignoring that math. it's deplorable to do things in secret. remember the closed doors? they're not pretty. but chuck schumer lecturing anybody on keeping them open? that is pretty stupid. what is heartless is when the
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same chuck schumer says this senate measure will send costs soaring while refusing to see those costs are already soaring. what is heartless is saying republicans are killing people. they actually said that. when in fact what is really heartless is year after year of obamacare lemming, lying to people, all the people, about deductibles pricier than some premiums and more than they can afford. if that is compassion, what counts for clueless? if that shows heart, how to explain this present day healthcare bill? that is what is heartless. that is over the top hypocrisy on the left. that is what is mean. it shows the cavalier disregard for facts the left chooses to ignore and a phony interest of folks for liberals couldn't care less. those republican plans are not perfect. i've said so and reported many
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times. they're out there because the law they hope to replace is not remotely close to even passable. you could argue, republicans aren't doing any favors by replaying one healthcare program with a slightly less big old healthcare programs. that does not mean that republicans are moral sinners. i just find it odd that the same folks that feared republicans would repeal healthcare have in fact gone to great lengths, those republicans to security healthcare. oddly keeping the one thing that they said they would rip apart. god knows it's not helping the grand old party, but don't you find it somehow that they're getting the blame for the disaster of obamacare? that's not party. there are facts. not president obama himself who is getting the blame who seems to have forgotten the empty promises behind obamacare. he made the promises. now they're lecturing
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republicans about breaking promises? there's enough blame to go around for program that promise too much. for democrats to call on republicans for doing too little. we need a stethoscope all right. to confirm whether democrats have any heart at all. i'm very sorry to ramble on to kickoff the show but this narrative of blaming republicans for this mess, it is way off. more than a bit much. i just gave you the facts. i just broke down the numbers. i just told you the good and bad on each. but for one party to claim the other party is all bad? that republicans are the one who concocted a mess they're trying to fix? that's a bit rich. to betsy mccoy, author of "beating obamacare", the first to seize on developments that didn't add up then, she joins us now. betsy, i heard this mainstream narrative and it was identical.
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identical. >> that's right. >> it's appalling. >> it's divisive at its height. this bill doesn't transfer wealth from the poor to the rich. it transfers money from the government to the economy where it's intended to boost jobs and land in the pockets of working people. that's the trump agenda. rewarding work. dignifying work. so repeals the job-killing employer mandates and repeals about $600 billion in job-killing taxes including the 3.8% surcharge on investments. the republican will be a booming economy. in many ways, this repeal bill is the beginning of the economic recovery. >> we can argue over the particulars and whether this will do that and deliver the goods, but i just found it shocking in a lot of very popular newspapers today to say
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republicans are to blame for the mess that is the healthcare now as if they created this. as things stand now, the problems are with the law itself exists. when americans are asked, we don't like the republican plan, first of all, they've not been given on honest assessment. we just got this one. the point in the dissatisfaction and the frustration with healthcare coverage is what is out there and available right now. a lot of americans are very anxious about it. right now. >> also, the democrats are demagoguing the issue of putting some sort of frame work of controls and responsibility on medicaid. medicaid was intended as a safety net. now 74 million americans are enrolled in medicaid. 20 million more than in medicare, the program for the elderly. in fact, here's an astounding fact.
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half of all the women in the united states that give birth have medicaid paid for. half. that's not a safety net. >> it's an unsustainable one. you could tax the rich at 100% to keep this going and couldn't possibly keep up with this. so to acknowledge the faultiness of the math misses the bigger points that it's not a republican or democratic issue, it's a real issue. we get into this talking point nonsense and crap to go off on a tangent that has nothing to do with the reality of the numbers that are not sustainable. >> that's right. you'll hear in this divisive demagoguery, the talk of blood money -- i'm quoting elizabeth warren -- >> neil: can you believe that? >> it's astounding. everybody enrolled in medicaid is grandfathered in. so the concept of losing coverage, that's a total lie. it is true that this bill will slow down future enrollment in medicaid.
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that is desperately needed. what obamacare did is to say that the states to the governors, enroll as many people as you can and the federal government will pick up the entire tab. so of course, they irresponsibly expanded medicaid way beyond what is affordable to rake in all of those federal dollars. not only that, but they didn't even pay attention to how the money was spent. astounding, 9.8%, 10% of medicaid spending are wrong payments. any business with that record would be out of business. >> neil: the bottom line, when it's characterized as mean -- i see it in the media. there's not an attempt to balance it out. a great sense of this person will be deprived of this or this person is deprived of this. we're all stuck with the costs that have accelerated because of this. when people are sold a bill of goods, it's incumbent on us to step back, look at the numbers. i don't care if you're right or left, republican or democrat, look at the math and the math isn't sustainable.
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to fix this -- you can have plenty of problems with the way republicans are going about fixing it or now a fifth senator that is considered about this measure, is a sign that it's doomed. the fact of the matter is none of this would be attempted right now and none of this would be considered right now if it wasn't such a crappy measure in the first place and people were losing money hand over fists and costs were rising at trip italian rate they were. we wouldn't even be in this position if it was working like a charm. it wasn't and it isn't. >> obamacare is also weighing down and depressing the economy. we can't get the 1% growth to 3% growth, the president's goal, unless we repeal the parts of obamacare that are killing job creation. that's what this senate bill does. it repeals the employer mandate and the taxes repressing job growth. >> neil: thanks, betsy. i apologize for getting so
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worked up and i hope you folks at home that he see me getting worked up. i could care less. the president doesn't come on the show, doesn't flip over me. i have no agenda here. my agenda is the truth. you're being sold a bill of goods based on the notion that people are trying to make one party look heartless simply because it sees a program and an initiative and a healthcare measure that has proven clueless. the facts are there. this can't work. this cannot be sustained. it's got to stop. into this break, socialize. more after this. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country.
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>> a nebraska official fired after that rant against steve scalise. in the hospital, only taken out of intensive care. a new report this 30 republican lawmakers have been threatened or attacked since may. al alex griswold has more on that. >> i couldn't believe it either. honestly, i thought it would be one, two or three. i looked at the threats after the scalise shooting. when i realized that there were four, it was mind boggling. it's 30 total for nine or ten incidences. the scalise shooting skews things because there's 20 or so republican lawmakers targeted there. this is happening all over the nation, happening to republican congressmen everywhere. >> neil: i can understand. they don't flip over donald trump. they cannot fathom how he won
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the election. so they cling to the russia thing and everything else, the collusion thing. anything they can. whether you like him or not. and all right. i can see the hatred or -- fine. run with it. man, oh, man, they're crossing a dangerous line with this sort of talk with these kind of threats. if it were done in reverse, which was the consensus before the election that it would be the trump folks you had to worry about, nobody thought it would be these folks you'd have to worry about what do you think? >> almost had a preview of what happened in reverse. the media assumed that it happened in reverse during the gabby giffords shooting four years ago and hammered republicans. they acuesed them of fermenting this environment of hate. turns out, they weren't even responsible. here you have 30 gop congressmen that have been threatened in two months. there's no narrative about it.
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>> neil: even after this scalise incident, it was taken, depending on the channel you watch, enough strong language there, but it's fair to say that sense the president's inauguration, a lot of that anger and fermenting hostility has been on the left, not too pleased with him and expressing in all sorts of ways, including protesting the day of his inauguration and continuing nonstop ever since. now it's extended hollywood types including johnny depp saying it's time for an actor to take down a president. it's nuts. >> it is nuts. probably the worst that we've seen since the civil war. politization of this factor. it's been fermenting for years. this is the first time it's gotten as violent as it has. we have 30 people being threatened, a republican congressman in tennessee almost driven off the road by someone because they didn't like his
1:18 pm
stance on the healthcare bill. it's nuts. >> neil: there is sort of -- in the dna to have a tolerance for all points of view, all sorts of issues, races and creed, which is fine, then practice it, believe it, illustrate it. show it. >> that's what almost hurts me the most. this is not a left wing way of thinking. i know most liberals are better than this. so we talk about the media calling this behavior out. liberals, it's on you, too. you should be calling it out. it's not part of your tradition. this is nothing -- it's not liberal at all. it's not even american. >> neil: i guarantee you, if someone add a trump rally punched someone, that would get crazy coverage. this sort of thing, not so much. man, oh, man. really is affecting my appetite today, by the way. that's just me. alex, thanks very much. very good seeing you. >> thanks for having me.
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>> neil: get a load of this trump supporter in texas that got so fed up with the media coverage, he built a billboard calling out abc. wait till you hear this after this. usaa gives me the peace of mind and the security just like the marines did. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington.
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i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
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>> neil: let's say you don't like the way the media is covering president trump. would you make a billboard about
1:23 pm
it? this guy did. he made this billboard in response to something that he saw. kyle, good to have you. thanks for coming. >> thanks, neil. i'm a big fan. >> neil: very good to have you. what happened? what got you to do this? >> neil, like i said, i had a press release that went along with the billboard. i've been watching abc news since i was a little kid. the only channel on tv. my parents watched it. it's just what we did when we ate dinner, that's what was on. you know, they're part of the family. i believed what they said. they used to be news. they used to be journalists. unfortunately 18 years ago, that started to change. started to look like a little bit of something else was going on. in the last three or four years, it started look like propaganda.
1:24 pm
it hurt. those people were part of my family. i don't have somewhere to go to news anymore, so we're through. it's as simple as that. >> neil: what is it particularly about abc that your goat? you could make an argument, it's part of the mainstream media, they sing for the same choir. >> you're right. i don't watch them either. i singled out abc news because they were my friends. they were the point i believed in. did not watched cnn, nbc. >> neil: was there a tipping point? to put a billboard. they're not cheap to do. the president trump coverage, the russian collusion coverage? what? >> neil: it started when they started telling us to hate george bush.
1:25 pm
i didn't hate george bush. i started back then but i continued to watch. you know, just didn't turn the channel. i read the newspaper every day and i watch the news. i want to be an informed citizen. as an american, as a human being, you need to be informed. so i watched. >> neil: when did abc say, kyle, to hate george bush? was it the criticism of him or. >> that you got tired of the coverage -- >> it was the day-to-day thing. looked systematic to me. then they handed us barack obama on a silver platter. i don't have anything against barack obama. i believe in the two-party system, in the proper change of power in our country. but it went from george bush was the anti-christ and barack obama was the savior.
1:26 pm
that's the way they portrayed it. night after night, that's how they handed it to us. i kept watching. and then when they started this trump is a russian thing, it was too much for me. just too much. >> neil: what kind of reaction have you gotten to the billboard? >> unbelievable reaction. it's been overwhelmingly supportive. >> neil: has the abc affiliate or anybody at the abc network called you? >> they have not. they have not. i have probably gotten 40 or 50 different interview requests from different media sources. and my e-mail is blown up. i'm net a facebook game. what facebook page i do have is off the charts. my daughter is handling that for me. >> neil: she's handling the social media stuff. >> she's good at it. i'm 58 years old. i'm not that social.
1:27 pm
on the media side. >> neil: it shows what an individual can do on his or her own part to play a role and just let their grief and angst be known. kyle courtney, thanks very much. i appreciate it. >> you're very welcome. thanks for having me. >> neil: speaking of things about the media, more about this story that loretta lynch may have tried to interfere with this clinton e-mail information. we know that for a fact and now the senate judiciary committee is asking for answer. i'm waiting for a lot of coverage of this tomorrow. a lot. really? after this. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. finding the best hotel price is now a safe bet.
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>> neil: you know, there's another little investigation going on, senate judiciary committee is looking for answers from former attorney general loretta lynch. remember the big dust-up there where she tried to sway the fbi investigation into hillary clinton and director comey told him to refer to what was going on there as a matter, not an investigation. you know where that went. to catherine herridge on where it's going now. >> the chairman and ranking member of the senate judiciary committee, chuck grassley and dianne feinstein sent this letter to loretta lynch asking for relevant documents and to answer questions about media reporting that she would not allow the fbi probe into hillary clinton's mishandling of classified information to go too far and those assurances were sent to debbie wasserman schultz that sent a letter on her position. comey said he went public about the clinton e-mail case because he lost confidence in lynch's
1:33 pm
independence. he appeared to reference a specific e-mail or record. >> there were other things that contributed to that. one significant item i can't. i know the committee has briefed on. there's some public accounts that are nonsense. >> another factor in comey's decision making is loretta lynch's tarmac meeting with bill clinton. lynch was rebecaused by the house judiciary committee for refusing to answer questions about the e-mail case more than 70 times. >> general lynch, we're about halfway through the members of this committee asking questions. your refusal to answer questions regarding one of the most important investigations of someone who seeks to serve in the highest office in this land is an abdication of your responsibility.
1:34 pm
>> today there was no immediate response or comment from lynch or her associates now. >> neil: thanks, catherine. >> you're welcome. >> neil: president trump making good on signing the accountability bill aimed at protecting whistle-blowers like this next guy. seemed to be late for him. he's just got enormous guts. scott davis. you're grateful that now they're going to be looking after guys like you that dare speak out about the horrific treatment of our veterans. but i guess better late than never. what do you think? >> thanks for having me on the show and thanks for standing up for veterans. the new legislation signed by the congress is an opportunity for the v.a. to move forward and change the history on how they treated whistle-blowers in the past. in fairness to the secretary, i met with his new management team for that office.
1:35 pm
they share their thoughts about how the office will help whistle-blowers. i was candidate about my thoughts where the v.a. has failed whistle-blowers in the past and i said i would keep our mindset. >> neil: you talk to people and the mood of people and there's some promising developments here, like the sinking health department records, those with the v.a. a lot of promising stuff going on. what do you think? >> you make a good point, neil. we see advancement in certain aspects of the v.a. as far as technology. what a lot of people at v.a. are saying, whistle-blowers, we hear the good rhetoric but we can't we better track systems so when v.a. managers submit false reports about how they're serving veterans, the secretary for health can go in the system
1:36 pm
and see the real wait time from a centralized system, see how the calls are being on hold from the veterans crisis line. things like that. >> neil: are things improving there? are you getting that the wait times are less or there does seem to be a smoother process? i know it's a gigantic institution. i can appreciate that. what is the latest? >> i think we get the impression that managers are starting to ask better questions. i was able to meet with a senior v.a. official this week. it was a productive conversation. there's still things that obviously need to be fixed. i think at least now under the president's direction, senior leaders are now starting to question the reports that they're getting from mid level managers and hospital directors. if they continue down that route and they create the appropriate systems to track performance measures, that can lead to real progress at the v.a.
1:37 pm
>> knowing your story, a lot of the changes owed to the nuisance, and i mean that in a good way. you became a pain in the butt and wanted to stay that way. how is it now? >> well, recently they said they were going to get rid of my department. they notified everybody in the department but me. still will not meet with me to discuss it. there's plans to change my work assignments. already went through there. started assigning my work to other people. i spoke with senior leadership. they put the reorganizational plans on hold. we'll see what happens. if my department continues to seek or if i have to seek another role in government or find another job. >> neil: that better not happen. you come back here the moment it does. thanks, scott david. did a lot for veterans and for this country.
1:38 pm
scott davis, the v.a. whistle-blower that got the ball rolling. back to this argument that the gop healthcare bill is a middle finger to america. that guy coming up. >> call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. that was critical to get anything to pass. i- [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues] ♪
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looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. and get medical help right away. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock. . >> neil: it was like it was yesterday. remember how jonathan grubar said obamacare was written? >> the .
1:42 pm
>> neil: wait a minute! i'm not stupid. now he was asked about the way that senate republicans just crafted their own held care plan. >> this is a middle finger to representative democracy. >> neil: carrie sheffield. what did you think of that? >> well, representative democracy would not embrace a man like jonathan gruber who said the lack of transparency was instrumental in passing obamacare. this is par for course for liberal elitism. totally out of touch. if you want to keep losing elections, keep talking that way. keep going on. >> carrie, it's not as if -- we're not stupid in this. we have tape. or digital -- what is it? digital. something on digital. anyway, we have it. we can retrieve it. it comes back to haunt people because on the right and left when we -- they don't like it. but this is easy to pick apart. this same guy bragged about the
1:43 pm
very things that he's condemning republicans for now. by the way, that was chuck schumer and nancy pelosi yesterday. completely forgetting about the way this whole thing was cooked up. >> oh, absolutely. this is utter hypocrisy. and it's just false. republicans have been debating these principles for a decade now. phil kline at the examiner has a book on conservatisconservatism. this has been out in the open so long. jonathan gruber, keep doing it and keep running candidates like jon ossoff that are out of touch. that's what obamacare is about, rejection of common sense. people like m.i.t. professors like jon gruber know better.
1:44 pm
>> neil: the one thing i notice here, there's a sudden case of amnesia on the part of those that created this to forget how it was created and the dare criticize republicans. i'm not forgiving one side for the other. but communication is communication. if you did things in secret, don't be surprised if republicans return the favor. nobody creates what is an ideal situation. you cannot forget that this whole thing they're cooking up, that is republicans, is in response to the affairs after what you did. >> that's what representative democracy is. republicans swept the house, senate and the white house that is the power of the people. jonathan gruber is ignores the fact that they reject the bill that he wrote. so i don't know -- i have personal experience with -- i have an obamacare plan. when i shifted from my cushy wall street job, i lost my doctor period.
1:45 pm
jonathan gruber, you did that to me and i'm so glad republicans will make it right. >> neil: thanks, carrie. >> good to see you. school is out. a lot of teens are not getting summer jobs. they can't be bothered. not all but a lot. better not be mine. after this. ♪ all across america more people are choosing nissan. ♪
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>> neil: there was this was described by one viewer as an old fart with young people. fewer teens are working over summer vacation. why that is? i have no idea. my audio wing man joining us from fox news headlines.
1:49 pm
carlie is a big start here. and mike gunzelman. what is going on here, guns? not work something. >> a combination of two things. one, there's lesser jobs because shopping malls are all by falling apart and nonexistent anymore. i used to work at the malls. i was a lifeguard. got help us. >> neil: oh, my god. >> and i used to put sunglasses on and fall asleep. and for kids these days, there's the entitlement mentality. the parents are babying them so much they don't have to go to work. >> i agree. there's a work ethic going on. people -- when i was young, i wanted the job. i was 15. i got my first job. i remember getting the work papers and going out. that was the big thing. make your own money. now they live with their parents
1:50 pm
over the summer and they don't have to pay rent or bills. >> i disagree. i think that work ethic and being able to communicate with other people is obviously very important. so is being a kid. sleep in. read a book. volunteer somewhere. >> neil: where would you do that? 15 or 16 you can start working. >> yeah. lasts so long. perpetuated adolescence. that's why we so so many kids in college that are whining rather than actually able to engage -- >> neil: right here. right here. this guy. >> and not that -- they may not have the traditional job scooping ice cream, lifeguarding but taking internships -- >> neil: nothing wrong with scooping ice cream. loved it. >> we baby them so much, kids these days, everybody gets a participation trophy. >> and i think that you also have like some of those jobs aren't there because you have older people staying in those low-paying jobs.
1:51 pm
>> there's not a lot of jobs these days. >> neil: you can't be bothered. meantime, more millennial men are going under the knife to improve looks. one of the main reasons they want to please their partners. what's going on? >> it's insane. almost like -- there's the theme with younger people i sometimes see as impulsiveness spontaneity. i would question the relationship where the girl asks him to change, that's how i read it. this guy was insecure and he wants to change himself for that. >> i'm all for it. >> i'm a heart throb natural. >> i really want to know how many women are asking their men -- >> that's what i'm saying. >> or a perceived thing that oh, i don't look good in this selfie. social media has a lot to do with it, which is a feminine thing. women only compare themselves. it's extending to males.
1:52 pm
>> neil: this is not a sexist rap but a lot of this has been associated with women. now men are doing it. >> depends on how bad your face is. if there's something really wrong and maybe -- >> it is a weird thing that -- >> neil: i thought it was involving other things. apparently -- >> younger people going for -- i've known people for a graduation where they get breast implants instead of a car. >> it's a social media aspect though. the pressure -- >> neil: why do you go there? >> a 20-year-old getting -- >> it's all the kardshian's fault. >> neil: absolutely. and wedding season is in full swing and costs are on the rise. but guests could spend close to $900 per wedding. that's before you get to the gift. >> that's totally true. just from my own experience -- >> destination weddings. >> neil: not all the time. >> not necessarily. part of it is that people are getting married older.
1:53 pm
so when you have more income than you did when 20, 22 -- >> if it's not a destination wedding, what are you spending it on? >> bachelorette weekends. gifts. so many pressures -- >> peer pressure. >> yes. >> i was in chicago for a gay wedding this weekend. >> you must have been a hit. >> yeah. they loved me. a hell of a party. still recovering. >> neil: how did it get this way? a lot of these are before gifts are factored in. >> definitely the cost of a flight, the hotel room. if you want a new dress, suit. >> neil: are you invited to a lot of weddings? i never had any friends. >> i was on both sides of that.
1:54 pm
my wife is from england. we had to have people come here. i was on a destination wedding. you feel bad when you force your friends. they have to go here, pay for a flight. >> neil: if i have to fly to you, it's coming out -- >> here's my receipt for the delta flight. >> i love that. >> i'm here. that's enough. >> damn right. >> neil: by the way, amazon, as you heard, buying whole foods. launching prime wardrobe. it's going to be streamlining football games. are they taking over the world? >> i think they are. i'm afraid when companies get bigger before better, it's their eventual demise. i'm wondering if that's what's going to happen with amazon. they're really good right now. how big can you get before you start sacrificing things like customer service and convenience? >> neil: now they're doing it with clothing. virtually every part -- >> look at 75 or 100 years ago,
1:55 pm
you had like macy's and sears replacing the mom and pop stops. >> and they're going dry. >> amazon is like the digital walmart. how walmart was 10 or 15 years ago. the thing is, will it hit a breaking point? possibly. probably. now they're going to try to roll out drones. how well is that going to work? >> amazon's success is based on american laziness or their desire for convenience. nobody is going to malls anymore. they want things but they want them sent to them. >> nobody has summer jobs. >> and the stock has soared. think of the markets wiped out. grocery store competitors and -- just because amazon uttered -- >> that happened 15 years ago with the department stores -- >> neil: you worry about amazon that they will take over the world? >> not necessarily. i do worry that more automation will take jobs.
1:56 pm
i don't think it will take over the world. >> i'm not sure if i have stock in amazon right now. if i have stock -- >> whole foods and -- bezos owns "the washington post" as well. they can -- >> trader joe's is better than whole foods. >> trader joe's all the way. >> cheaper. >> neil: hickory farms. >> neil cavuto brought to you by -- >> love when we end on food. >> on that note -- >> neil: how do they put up with you? >> it's like a gift. >> neil: it is a gift. >> for him or you? >> both of us. >> neil: guys, thank you. have a good fun weekend. obviously they all work this kid. more coming up including latest on the markets this week that seem to be focused or more good news than bad news. why is that? more after this. looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that
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>> neil: all right. don't forget monday, fox business, we're going to handicap these duel
2:00 pm
investigations going on. one on loretta lynch and then one on the whole collusion stuff. back and forth. do they cancel each other out? where is this going? 12:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business. we mean business. have a great weekend. >> hello. i'm eric and eboni and cat. we are "the fox news specialists." >> threats in america? it's getting serious and lately much of it has been directed against president trump and the gop. earlier this months, karen handel received letters containing a suspicious white powder. after a thorough fbi investigation, it was a newsed to be none hazardous. the feel is real and worrisome. the washington beacon reports that 30 gop congressman have been attack o


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