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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 23, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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all our foxnews specialist bill spadea and we thank you for watching. make sure you follow us on social media, twitter. "special report" is up next. >> president trump tells fox news he is bothered by the special counsel's frep by the man trump fired as fbi director and the taped conversations was meant to keep james comey honest this is "special report." >> good evening welcome to washington. i'm james rosen sitting in for basketball. in an, expressed doubt whether robert müller responsible for investigating ties to russia and related matters can possibly be impartial. president told aimsly air hart he is worried about muller and the man fired as fbi director.
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all this as the president signs a law giving more power to leaders at the v.a. to tell employees not cutting it, you're fired. john roberts has all of that for us. good evening, john. >> good evening to you. with the democrats licking their wounds from some biggie electrics losses this week, the president found some running room to go back on offense. in the east room today president trump keeping his commitment to the nation's veterans, signing a bill to dramatically increase the v.a.'s ability to hold bad employees accountable. >> our veterans have fulfilled their duty to this nation and now we must fulfill our duty to them. so to every veteran who is here with us today, i just want to say to very simple words. thank you. >> reporter: v.a. reform was a key issue with the president's campaign. >> going to fire the corrupt and incompetent v.a. executives, all of these executives that let our
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veterans down. you're fired. >> reporter: market michael vira do was the public's face today. he lost a leg from an i.e.d. and once had to wait 57 days to get his prosthesis repaired. >> i wasn't prepared to watch my wife beg, plead and make phone calls to receive basic medical care. >> the president further explain ed the thinking behind the tweet he sent 42 days ago suggesting there may be tapes of his conversations with fbi director james comey. president trump insisting the twiet may have encouraged comey faithfully recount the conversations. >> he has to truthfully tell what took place during the events. my story was the same story, straight story, always the truth but you'll have to determine for yourself whether or not his story changed. but i did not change. >> reporter: it's unclear how
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much the tweet may have influenced comey. while he did acknowledge he told the president three times he wasn't under investigation,the white house still disputed comey 's assertion the president asked for both a loyalty pledge and to drop the investigation into michael flynn. the president today revealed he has concerns about spownl robert müller. he stopped short of saying müller should recuse himself. >> i can say that the people that have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. some of them worked for hillary clinton. i mean the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to know the truth from that standpoint but robert müller is an honorable man and hopefully he'll come up with an honorable solution. >> and there were more questions about possible political interference with the hillary clinton email scandal. the leaders of the senate judiciary committee announced they want to know more about
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what role former attorney general loretta lynch may have had in shutting down the fbi probe. they sent letters to lynch and three other people wanting to know if lynch had assured clinton campaign staffer amanda that the email qtion "wouldn't go too far." that probe was sparked at least in part by the reported existence of a hacked email from the former dnc chair woman debbie wasserman shields indicating that she told the clinton campaign that the email investigation wouldn't be a problem. the authenticity of the email is dubious, the very fact that the bipartisan leadership of the committee wants to look into it adds a whole new wrinkle to this story. james. >> john roberts on the north lawn tonight thank you. the president is pushing senate republicans to pass healthcare reform. and says he will do what he can to bring around a group of hold outs in his own party, the g.o.p. but that group just got larger.
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>> a republican senator up for reelection last year just threw a wrench into his party's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> this is not the answer. it's simply not the answer. >> reporter: dean heller said medicaid spending cuts is the reason he as a no and does not appear ready to negotiate. to pass a healthcare bill in the senate there can only be two republican no votes. heller makes five. but president trump seems confident in his ability to flip four other republican senators currently opposed. cruz, lee, johnson and paul. >> they're also four good guys and friends of mine and i think they'll probably get there. >> the white house isn't just hoping for the best. they've got all hands on deck behind closed doors. >> the president's secretary tom price, the center for medicaid and medicare services and legislative affairs team has
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been providing services with the senate leadership to talk about additional changes that might be necessary. >> senate majority whip in charge of rounding up republicans to vote for this knows this is a tough sell. >> this is not a perfect sell and i understand senator paul's concerns and i share many of them but we have to deal with the art of the possible. >> reporter: and if that art is going to be a single party exercise because even red state democrats are firmly opposed. >> there is not one democrat that i know that will vote to repeal it. we're not going to throw the baby out with the bath water. >> the man obamacare is named after entered the fray. barack obama posting on facebook , if there is a chance you might get sick, get old or start a family, this bill will do you harm. small tweets over the next couple of weeks under the guise of making these bills easier to stomach cannot change the fundamental meanness at the core of this bill.
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elizabeth warren posted: i've read the republican healthcare bill. this is blood money. they're paying for tax cuts with american lives. and today, another democrat who is also a doctor said the republican written healthcare draft will kill people. >> trumpcare isn't just mean. it's cruel. and deadly. >> if this healthcare bill fails on the floor next week, that could be it because republican leaders are using a process known as reconciliation to move it through the senate. that's the only way to do it with 51 votes instead of 60 but you can only do that once a year so if republicans cannot pass it like that, obamacare remains the law of the land. >> in that interview with foxnews mr. trump made clear that he wants nancy pelosi to stay right where she is because he believes republicans are benefiting from her continued leadership of the house
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democrats. we get more from that side of the aisle. >> the house democratic caucus unease with nancy pelosi shows no signs of waning after she defended her leadership follow ing four straight democratic losses in special elections. >> master legislator. i am a strategic politically astute leader. i am, my leadership is recogniz ed by many around the country. >> reporter: one member told fox she did hersdz no favors. another said i've never seen people so torqued. she would be out if there was a clear plan in place. another defender say she would never do anything to hurt the caucus. >> nancy pelosi has been through this before. this is not her first time at the rodeo. and just like paul ryan had to deal with the house freedom caucus and boehner did, there are going to be divisions.
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>> fox has learned that representative kathleen rice, and tim ryan met with nine other democrats to discuss new leadership. central to her fate is whether her fundraising skills are out weighed on how she is uniting republicans. >> it would be a very sad day for republicans if she steps down. i would be very, very disappoint ed if she did. i would like to keep her right where she is because her record is extraordinary against her. >> one long time trump critic offered begrudging praise after a string of victories. >> after being critical of donald trump on so many occasion s this is one occasion where he ought to say he deserves to take a victory lap. >> a lack of clear agenda for the party and lack of bench strength. pelosi is 77. one possible replacement minority whip hoyer is 78. arguably the most popular democrat senator bernie sanders
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is 75 and is pulling the party far to the left. >> the democratic brand is pretty bad. i don't... i think the trump brand is also pretty bad. as is the republican brand. that's why so many people are giving up on politics. >> reporter: among other possible pelosi replacements, linda sanchez and richard senator richmond. they may not appeal to the one group the democrats most need, white middle-class working class voters who deserted the party in 2016 for donald trump. >> thank you. johnny depend is apologizing for suggesting president trump should be assassinated. here is one the oscar nominated actor told a crowd at a performing arts festival in england. >> this was the last time an act or assassinated a president. [ cheering ] >> i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. i lie for a living.
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however, it's been a while. and maybe it's time. >> depp tells people magazine today "i apologize for the bad joke i attempted last night in poor taste about president trump it did not come out as intended and i intended no malice. i was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone." the white house has called depp 's initial remarks sad and troubling. house minority whip is in out of intensive care and in fair condition ach being wounded when a gunman opened fire at a baseball practice in northern virginia. a nebraska party official has been removed from his post after he was reported saying hooey was glad he was shot and wished he died. phil montag was co-chair of the
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technologies committee. his whole job is to convince republicans...... >> montag said his comments were taken out of context. the fbi says it found no biological threat in letters sent to the neighborhood of then candidate now georgia congress woman elect karen handel. the finding confirms the original field tests the discovery of the letters prompt ed police to block off her street days before the election. stocks were mixed, dow lost two and a half, the dow was up by less than a percentage point. s&p 500 gained.2. nasdaq gained a little less than two.
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the justice department is lining up behind a controversial texas state law signed by republican governor greg abbott last month, the measure aims to punish local governments in so called sanctuary cities whenever they bar local police from complying with federal immigration law say by not honoring requests from the feds for the detention of individuals suspected of being eligible for deportation. d.o.j. brief argue the texas law does not as critics claim, violate constitutional search and seizure rights. a federal judge in san antonio which is a sanctuary city will hold a hearing monday. a bitter disappointment for a pennsylvania community hoping to ride the medical marijuana wave to prosperity. correspondent reports on the burgeoning cannabis industry might mean for the broad swaths of america we call the rust belt >> really kind of hit the bottom in terms of 90% of its population was gone. it was considered a violent place that you avoided.
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>> once a booming steel town has been a bankrupt or act 47 municipality since 1988. mayor john fedderman believes opening a medical marijuana fa facility would bring back jobs and help revive the troubled town. >> medical marijuana could provide enough financial assistance to pull us out of act 47 and create a magnet business that would bring in other support businesses. >> pennsylvania awarded its first dozen medical marijuana permits this week while braddoc was not picked he hopes his town will be next. >> what i hope our community shows is that no place is too far gone to begin the process. >> a process that worked in smith falls canada. >> we recognize that we had to be new and innovative and open to new ideas this we are going to transform the future of the community. >> smith falls population 9,000 lost 600 jobs when the hershey factory moved to mexico.
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>> today the abandoned factory is home to canada's largest medical marijuana producer. the facility employs about 300 people and business could triple next summer when canada is said to legalize recreational marijuana. the mayor admits there were sceptics initially. >> we are going to be the pot capitol of canada and there are going to be people using the marijuana on every street corner >> tweed's president said they added windows to the old chocolate factory for transparency. >> there are rules to make sure no smell is coming from the facility and no sales happening here and that you are a responsible business. >> u.s. medical marijuana sales are projected to triple to $ 13 billion in 2020. rust belt communities like brad dock are hoping to capital ize. >> the remnants of tropical depression cindy can be felt in the form of heavy rainfall in tennessee, kentucky and west
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virginia. forecasts predict to to four inches in many places and up to six inches in rain in many spots analysts in alabama are counting how many tornadoes from cindy touched down in that state yesterday. several businesses were damaged and four people were hurt outside birmingham. they could use some of the rain out west where extreme heat and dry conditions are fanning the flames of wildfires. correspondent anita vogel has the latest. >> an inferno in utah as the fire continues to burn in the southwest corner of the state with temperatures soaring over 100° and 55 miles per hour wind gusts. >> a fire with this much magnitude and energy out there does what it wants and it's very susceptible to the winds. >> reporter: so far it has destroyed 13 homes, charred 28 ,000 acres and forced the evacuation of nearly 500 people from a popular camping area; including relatives of former governor mitt romney who heeded the firefighters warnings.
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>> they're trying to protect everyone's homes, our lives. it would be foolish for us to stay and risk our lives and their lives. >> reporter: in big bear, california, just northeast of los angeles, firefighters are finally gaining ground on the fire which has been burning for nearly a week. nasa images so the smoke from all the fires blowing into other states causing breathing problems and other health relat ed issues. meanwhile in northern california , the issue is extreme heelt. the health department is most concerned about seniors and the homeless. >> we are just looking for however we can help. sometimes it's a needle in a haystack kind of thing. we are just looking to see what the need is. >> and in arizona where temperatures are still hovering around 115°, burn centers are reporting people and animals suffering from contact burns just from stepping on the sidewalk or touching a car. so far more than a dozen people
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have died in the southwest. health officials are asking people to stay inside if they can. triple digit temperatures are expected to continue through most of next week. >> thank you. bill cosby plans to host a series of town halls with the idea a spokesman said of informing young people, especially young athletes about the changing laws on sexual harassment. cosby's own trial on sexual assault charges ended with a hung jury. cosby spokesman said people need to know the consequences of hanging out and doing things they shouldn't. critics say the plan aims at helping potential offenders escape account bill. up next, north korea said it is the biggest victim in the saga of warm beer. here is what some of our affiliates are covering tonight. dayton ohio with an incident involving the air force thunderbirds before dayton's big air show. an f-16 encountered a problem
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and wound up upid down. it took two hours to extract both of the crew members who have been rorpted in good conditions. fox 9 in the twin cities, a shooting in the storage facilit ies have left one person dead. multiple police agencies were called to the scene before the suspect surrendered. police said the shooting was not random. and this is a live look at st. louis from fox 2, the big story there, a settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of michael brown. he was the african-american man shot to death by a white police officer in ferguson, massachusetts-- ferguson, missouri but the incident was met with riots and protests. the city paid a $1.5 million settlement. that's tonight's live look outside the belt way from sproar we'll be right back. ♪
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north korea says it is the biggest victim in the death of that american student who had been held captive there. the statement comes as tensions grow across the korean peninsula >> south korea getting into the missile whrawmping act today. test firing a medium-ranged missile capable of targets in north korea. south korean president monitored the launch. >> i believe in dialogue but dialogue is possible when it's backed by strong defense and engaged from policies only possible when we have security means that can stand up to the north. >> according to fox news reporting there is a buildup the resources at north korea's nuclear test site as well as a test firing of an engine that could be used in an icbm that could be used in targeting the u.s. even beijing is becoming consern
3:24 pm
ed. >> the u.s. security council resolutions have concerns. china opposes any actions that the violate the resolutions of the u.n. >> capitol hill is speaking out about the kim junk-- jong un threat as well. >> if there is a threat of the nuclear weapon we have to have a military capable. >> and breaking the silence of the 22-year-old american college student who was released last week after being held by north korea for 18 months in an un responsive state suffering from brain damage. a north korean government spokes man claimed reports he was tortured were groundless. that north korea was targeted about i a smear campaign and that he was the victim of policies of the add administration of former president obama. a spokesman said there was no
3:25 pm
higher priority of release of americans held in north korea discussions of what should be the current policy to rein in an aggressive north korea will be front and center. >> police in london say they're considering filing manslaughter charges in that devastating apartment tower fire that killed at least 79 people earlier this month. detective superintendent confirmed resident suspicions that a refrigerator sparked the fire and said that paneling placed on the exterior of the building failed safety test. it is used in many buildings in the ub. russia is once again firing missiles at isis targets in syria and rhetorical shots at the u.s. croarpt connor powell is track ing the action from our mideast newsroom. >> russia launched a flurries of strikes against isis in syria on
3:26 pm
friday firing six long range long range cruise missile. ms.'s latest show of force as tensions mount after an american jet shot down a searing government plane that dropped bombs near u.s. backed rebel forces. the syrian jet was targeting terrorists and in response, russia's military cut direct communications with the pentagon and threatened to target american planes west of the euphrates river in a statement about today's strikes on isis, russia's defense ministry said it provided a warning to israel and turkey but made no mention of the u.s. >> it remains in place. if russia or any other actor want to target isis, that is very welcome and something that we are okay with. >> the potential for a direct conflict with russia is only one of the challenges facing the
3:27 pm
trump administration. there is still no international consensus on syria. yesterday france, which once called for assad to be removed, acknowledged his regime is likely to win the war. which french president macron saying the focus should now only be on isis. >> with others of course to reach a negotiated solution. >> reporter: as a candidate, president trump said assad could remain in power but saudi arabia continues to call for the syrian strong man to be removed. >> connor powell in jerusalem. saudi arabia, the united arab emirates and other gulf states are demanding qatar close down the al-jazeera network. in a list of demands. the gulf states insist that qatar cut diplomatic ties with iran and close turkey air base in their country. implementing a blockade against
3:28 pm
kasar one of the most serious rifts in the arab world in decades. >> who better to ask about all of this upheaval in the middle east than the ambassador to the united states, yousef al otaiba. a personal friend. good to have you in this program what is going on in this great rift between the gcc nation and qatar. >> this is a consistent pattern of behavior. let me start by telling you what it is not. it is not an overreaction, it's not a hasty decision. it's not something that we came to in a rush. >> why at this point? why what is being done now not undertaken a year ago? >> to point out context three years ago we had a meeting in riyadh under the leadership of king of saudi arabia. in that meeting we had a confrontation essentially and the leadership of qatar, signed the document that pledged that he will stop and retrain from doing all the things that we have been complaining about. >> has that document ever been
3:29 pm
released. >> it has been released to the member countries. i don't think it has been released to the public. >> the same things that we have said he has violated are the same things we are complaining about now which are support for terrorist and extremists, meddl ing in our internal affairs and using their media to attack us and incite. >> why not release the documents you described a few moments ago in which according to you, the qatari leadership signed the documents saying it would renounce these activities which amounts also, i would imagine, implicitly to an acknowledgment of participation in the these disl. these are things we do privately. we don't try to air the dirty laundry of our friends and neighbors. this document was signed. we had every reason to believe it was going to be followed up on and even the current list of demands we have right now, they won't be shared publicly because we don't want this litigated in public. what do you think the most vagues for qatar in pursuing those activities in their own
3:30 pm
minds. what is their motivation? >> if you could answer that question, you would solve all our problems. >> is it possible it is a theological or philosophical well spring? >> it's either ideological proximity to extremism, terrorism, groups like hamas and the islamic brotherhood who live openly in qatar or its hedging, opportunism, perhaps seeking to play a larger role in a region where qatar is not allowed to play a larger role because of their size. >> what do you make of what we heard out of the state department this week, extraordinary statement from the spokesperson, well familiar to viewers of this network, let's listen to what heather said. >> now that it has been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qataris the details about the claims that they are making toward qatar. the more the time goes by, the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by san diego and the uae.
3:31 pm
at this point we are left with one simple question. were the actions really about their concerns regarding qatar's alleged support for terrorism or were they about the long simmer ing grievances between and among the gcc countries. >> didn't it seem to reflect sharp divergence from what the administration's position had been not that long before when president trump was tweeting in support of this embargo owe? >> i think, yes, i think it's not the first time there have been mixed messages. it's not the first time different parts of the u.s. government have had different view points. but is it more marked under this administration, that sort of thing? >> hard for me to judge on that. >> you have been here a long time. >> i think what we have serd consistently from our friends is this is a problem. it needs to be resolved. we want to resolve it but at the same time we want to resolve it in a way that protects our national interests we recently came up with a list of 59 people we've designated as terrorists and 12 entities in qatar.
3:32 pm
now some of those already are on the u.s. and u.n. lists as designated terrorists. one of them is a gentleman hafes e who has been designated since 2008. he lives openly and freely in qatar, not only is he, he is not under house arrest, not under arrest. he has a company passport and starring in his own youtube video raising money for terrorists. he is living open ily as he raises money for terrorists. there is another gentleman ra man has a company passport hold er and is known to give money to jihadiist groups all over the region including somalia. these are the types of people living openly in qatar. this is the type of behavior that has led us to believe that qatar cannot have it both ways in more. they have become a national security risk to us and that's why this decision has been made.
3:33 pm
>> i want to ask about our president, donald trump. it seems to me just seeing on the basis of what is publicly reported but also from my conversations with leaders from your region, that there is pro found relief and i don't use those words lightly that barack obama is no longer president. and in fact, there seems to be a real admiration personally for donald trump on the part of arab and muslim leaders. >> i think what the excitement we see in president trump is really because he addresses our two core problems in a very, very straightforward way: our two problems in the region are two threats. iran and extremism. and on both of those situations, i think president trump has indicated that he wants to tackle those head on. you can look at the cabinet around president trump and you would feel very relieved. i think for any president of the united states, this foreign policy team could be considered the dream team. i mean these are very, very
3:34 pm
serious people. >> we hope you'll come back and discuss all of this with us more ambassador yousef al otaiba. >> when asked about such charges , qatari diplomats denies the country supports terrorism saying they're only trying to drive a wedge between the u.s. and qatar. we have invited the qatari foreign minister to have equal time on "special report." a six-month delay before transgender people can be allowed to enlist. the defense will go to defense secretary mat advertise. the army and air force wanted two year wait. transgender have been able to serve openly in the military since last year. the president suggests a special counsel may be less than fully impartial and gives a big vote of confidence to former friend nancy pelosi. the panel tackles all that and more when we come back.
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>> we're getting word now that some democrats even want nancy pelosi to step down. >> first of all i hope she doesn't step down. i think that it would be a very, very sad day for republicans if she steps down. i would be very, very disappoint ed if she did. i would like to keep her right where she is because her record is extraordinary against her. they are right now obstruction ists. they just want to try to object instruct. i honestly think they do better at the polls. i think the american public is tired of obstructionists. >> president trump in conversation with our own answer ly airhart of fox and friends. with us is olivier knox, lisa boothe and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. owe live olivier, you spend a lot of time on the hill.
3:39 pm
is the american public tired of obstructionists and are the republicans better off with nancy pelosi where she is. >> they keep electing them, right. they send the same people back to congress. they tend to be very happy with their own member of congress and unhappy with congress the institution. so i don't know that it's especially convincing to say the american people... they don't want the other party to be obstructionist. that's the main point would i take. >> is pelosi good for the republicans where she cancers they have run a lot of races successfully by bringing her in, nationalizing the race and say ing this local candidate represents nancy pelosi. it is effective. democrats under her leadership have lost a lot. >> i want to move to the scandal industrial complex, the cease less parade of charges and allegations and investigations, relating to whether there was alleged collusion between the trump campaign and the creme lin , unmasking activity by obama era officials and that stuff. the president commented about that infa infamous-- tweet of
3:40 pm
his in which he suggested there might be tapes. >> you never know what is out there but i didn't tape. and i don't have any tape and i didn't tape. but when he found out that i, you know, that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else and who knows, i think his story may have changed. i mean you will vee to take a look at that. >> lisa boothe, what do you make of that comment? >> well look, to some degree he is right in the sense of the fact that we have sort of seen a shift in the narrative a little bit about the russia collusion story. that is both due to the fact of senator sessions and i think he did a good job pushing back on some of the notions and articles out there. i think it helped that the former fbi director came forward and said that trump, he did indeed tell trump he was not, or the president that he was not under investigation. i also think that handel's victory as well this week senator chris murphy, democratic
3:41 pm
senator said maybe the whole russia talk is hurting the democratic party. warm front' seen them back off a little bit on that narrative. to some degree it has helped them. we'll see what happens with the special counsel vetion. >> some analysts have said that the democrats in all of this are shifting from a focus on alleged collusion of which there has been none proved after a year of investigation, to the case of obstruction of justice by president trump and they're now even possible iting-- pos iting those remarks in so far as he did what he did with that tweet in order to impact james comey whom he had just fired. here is one such suggestion from a democratic senator. robert müller has to investigate the tape incident as to whether or not it was an attempt to
3:42 pm
intimidate a witness and that it was part of a total pattern of behavior by the president. >> the idea that this is intimidation of a witness is pure rubbish. if you say to somebody, i mean you've got a great family, hate to see anything happen to your kids, watch what you say. that's intimidation of a witness if you say there may be ape way to actually to figure out exactly what was said, there could be a mechanism, thus you ought to watch what you say, that's not intimidation at all. that's just... i mean as you say , we are now at the tertiary level of accusation. you can't get anywhere occlusion we have yet in almost a year to have any evidence of collusion so there is no obstruction. obstruction is shaky.
3:43 pm
there really isn't that much there. so now you want to go to intimidation of a witness. they're getting a bit separate desperate. this is going to happen. it could go on for months and years but it is getting more absurd. it's tail chasing and if the democrats want to spend the next year, year and a half in a rabbit hole, be our guest. >> lisa might the continual perpetuation of all of these charges regardless what is found at the end of the day be smart politics for the democrats simply to keep the white house on the defensive and just keep airing the word scandal as we head into the mid terms. >> that's obviously what they're going to do because they've done that even though you have senators like diane fine stein and even adam shift admitting they have no evidence of collusion yet they've continued that narrative and the media has happily carried the water for him but look i think in regard to comey, it is a joke for him to put out this allegation, the suggestion that there was
3:44 pm
obstruction of justice that took place particularly from the fact that he admitted that he took loretta lynch's instruction to call the investigation a matter instead of an investigation. the fact that loretta lynch sat on a plane with bill clinton but that doesn't rise to the level of obstruction of justice and then you also look at his same, comey had said one effort reasons why he wasn't going to recommend indictment for hillary clinton was because no reasonable prosecutor would take the case. but yet he listed out a litany of things hillary clinton did wrong and her actions. if you take that same line of logic pointed out in the senate intelligence committee, a former prosecutor he has never seen anyone prosecutorred for using the word. there doesn't seem to be a case against president trump at all in regards to obstruction of justice. >> the discreet act taken here and direct admitted effort to shape the course of this investigation was james comey's admission that he leaked the contents of his memo hoping to
3:45 pm
catalyze the appointment of a special prurkt.-- special prosecutor. here is the white house press secretary sean shieser. >> the reality is that he wanted to make sure that the truth came out and by talking about something like tapes made comey in particular think to himself, i better be honest. i better tell the truth about the circumstances regarding the situation. >> olivier knox. >> one problem for the white house is that it implies they viewed his testimony as truthful which is something the spokespeople have not agreed to in the past. they've taken issue with every specific parts of the testimony. if you are go for example to argue that this comment about the tapes was designed to influence comey to make him honest and that it worked then logical conclusion is that he spoke truthfully. >> and perhaps helped the investigation. stay where you are panel, coming up, the friday lightning care,
3:46 pm
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>> i'm announcing today that in this forumly not support... >> i promised people i would repeal it. i didn't promise people that i was going to replace it with a federal program of daling out insurance companies. >> it's not that they're opposed they like to get certain changes and we'll see if we can take care of that. >> i would not worry about a handful of senators trying to get this from the republican leadership. it's to make it clear to the american people that this is not what our country is about. >> despite the vigorous piling on by senator sanders, this
3:50 pm
right now essentially is a story of intraparty skirmishing within the g.o.p. and we have these now group of five, a gang of five as they like to say on capitol hill g.o.p. senators right now who say they cannot support the healthcare bill. you see them on their screen. olivier knox is going to try to take care of the changes the people are demanding. will he be able to do that? >> for some of them he will. the expectation is when they say in its current form. they are saying make me an offer for others it will be more difficult. in this next cycle like only eight of the seats that are up are republican hands and of those only senator heller is in a state won by democrats rel iably in presidential elections. i think it is going to be tough er to get senator heller on board. >> here is what the senate majority whip whose job it is to count votes on the senate floor had to say. >> what we have to deal with the art of the possible here. i think this is the best we've been able do with the hand we've
3:51 pm
been dealt and we can't, we can't afford to fail. >> lisa. >> they can't afford to fail because republicans really do need to be able to go to mid term voters in 2018 and say these are the things we've accomplished for you and healthcare and reforming or at least changing healthcare is absolutely something that was promised. i feel pretty confident they're going to get to 51 or 50 with pens being the... >> by when? >> i don't have that answer for you. i do feel confident. i think just like in the house sheer going to end up getting where they can find extra action s from the freedom caucus, tuesday group. both will be able to say thee got something from it. the same thing will happen in the senate. just tougher you have a little less margin of error. >> charles. >> i think the best political outcome for the republicans is that this never emerges from the senate and the issue will then be behind them. yes, they will suffer from not having delivered on a promise but if they pass anything like this, you will have endless
3:52 pm
stories about, sob stories about people who have been hurt by the inevitable changes and the republicans are going to bear the albatross of healthcare that the democrats bore for eight years and it really damaged them >> we'll go back to paul ryan with the grandma in the wheelchair and over the cliff. let me stay with charles because this is the lightning round. i'm blinded by lightning right now. charles, on this rift between the arab states and qatar, where is the u.s. interest in this and how should we be playing it? >> the real story right now is the rift between the state department and the president. the president is completely behind the boycott embargo and the pressure. state department, as you showed earlier in the show, gave the conciliatory statement that was questioning the saudi policy. if this were nixon and kissinger , i would say this is a strategic clever good cop-bad
3:53 pm
cop but it looks like disarray in the administration and they ought to line up their ducks to mix metaphors. >> olivier. the largest american military base is in qatar, the heart and soul of the campaign against isis. qatar is friends with turkey, an important nato ally. this is really worrisome rift beyond the white house and the state department. >> lisa there appears to be a rift between the white house and the state department on this in that soundbite we played earlier in the show. how do you see the president reconciling this? >> i don't know but i look to tillerson obviously as the former c.e.o. of exxon, he is very familiar with the gulf states and the leaders there. so i think he is a good person to be at the helm in trying to fix this but this is indeed a family squabble. we have interests in qatar with the military base, you know, so it's probably more of a wait and see now and sort of see how this plays out. >> all right. let's proceed to the grim
3:54 pm
judgment we call the week's win ners and loser. >> winner emam mahmoud when the crazed englishman went and attacked the parishioners leaving the mosque, attacked them with a car. a crowd gather add round him would probably have killed him. the i imam stepped in and protected him until the police arrived. loser of the week, self explanatory, nancy pelosi. >> lisa. >> charles obviously stole the one we were all looking for. but winner is actually president trump. he had a good week of republicans moving forward on healthcare, democrats calling for pelosi's firing. chris murphy backing off russia, signing the legislation v.a. legislation into law. all good things for the president. losers are political prognosticators everywhere who seem to be getting a lot of these races wrong particularly
3:55 pm
georgia 6. a tweet saying if, he said there is a 70% that map is dead. i didn't deliver that right. saying ossoff doesn't win... >> nate silver formerly of "the new york times" is a well respected stakian and political analyst who uses data and correctly predicted 2012. maybe his star is dimming a bit. olivier winners and losers. >> dip into lisa's winners and say with the v.a. bill, the department of veterans affair bill that was signed, his biggest accomplishment. struggling veterans to get healthcare in the v.a. system, this is a rather serious glimmer of hope and big accomplishment. my losers with the 8-0 by the supreme court to strike down the
3:56 pm
disparagement clause, the patent trademark office. the washington nfl team, the people who hate the name washington and a half team are big losers. they hoped the disparagement clause would be upheld and legal to strike down a patent if it were offensive to a group of people. they can't do that anymore. >> so are you one effort people that refuses to say the name. >> the chesapeake watershed region indigenous persons in. >> he is talking about the red skins. i'll say it because i route for the teams. >> go reds. >> take your dog to work day capitol style.
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
>> finally tonight it does take your dog to workday including on capitol hill. republican congressmen tweeted speaker ryan told us no photos on the house floor and is a stickler for rules. next best thing. close examination of the photo
4:00 pm
suggested some corroborating evidence for the proposition that dog owners can after a certain period of time resemble their pets. thank you for watching special report, i'm james rosen. the story with martha maccallum is up next. >> breaking tonight, the obama white house was deeply concerned with evidence that russia tried to pull levers in the 2016 election and yet they let them go with a slap on the rest. the question now is why. that is one of two very big stories this friday night as the russia investigation now swings the spotlight onto the obama administration. good evening everybody, i martha maccallum. the other parallel story is this. did loretta lynch provide assurances that hurt justice department would not lift the investigation go too far. new letters from