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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 23, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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accessible. this is a big deal. >> greg: i love a good log ride. >> dana: have a good weekend, hannity is up next. >> hannity: this is a friday fox news alert, major breaking news tonight. we have an important monologue about the fake news purveyors. we will expose tonight in a special mini monologue. and now and investigation will be opened against loretta lynch's investigation of hillary clinton email server. and now major hatred spewing from hollywood against our president. we'll cover it all in the
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special opening monologue. we have to command a group of bipartisan centers for actually doing their job announcement earlier today, they're going to investigate the former obama attorney general for potentially influencing the investigation of instruction obstructing the investigation into hillary clinton's email server. we know last summer, lynch met with bill clinton for 40 minutes just days before james comey was giving hillary clinton a free pass despite the fact that she was extremely careless with the handling of government information. it was extremely careless. the legal term is gross negligence. james comey revealed in congress
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that loretta lynch may have obstructed by telling him to call the investigation into hillary clinton a matter. which is her way of referring to the investigation. loretta lynch needs to be put under oath and she has a lot of explaining to do to the american people. we need to know if lynch was acting on her own, or from others in the obama administration. this is a massive story. we promise you, we will fall this very closely. and we have other reports that said comey had information against lynch. also tonight, hollywood deep visceral hatred can be on full
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display. actor johnny depp is the latest to make comments about the president about assassinating the president of the united states of america. >> i don't remember the last time an actor assassinated a president. i would like to clarify, i am not an actor. however, it's been a while. and maybe it's time. >> hannity: after facing black backlash, he apologized. it did not come out as i intended. he said he did not mean any
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malice. he was only trying to amuse, and not harm. the secret service is aware of johnny depp's comments. enough is enough with this and nonsense. the lefts is clearly out of control. there needs to be a serious effort to completely investigate any person in this country that make terroristic threats to the president and we must prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. i'm a champion of the first amendment. this got to be some line when it comes to threatening the life of our president. and let me remind the left that just last week, republicans were targeted by a radical left wing, steve scalise was fighting for
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his life. we can only hold people responsible for their actions, but we shouldn't be encouraging political violence. and johnny depp, he should stop attacking the president and focus on is more problems. what's so deeply disturbing is that it's only one example of the intense violent, visceral, out-of-control actions on the left. we have new video tonight about a democratic official that he was glad that congressman scalise was shot and hope he died. listen to this. >> whole job is to kick people off of health care. i'm glad he got shot. i'm glad he got shot. >> hannity: and conspiracy
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theory networks, political analysts, actually made this comment about the president. >> it's a sad day when you cannot depend on the president. it's just like hugging a suicide bomber. he'll blow you up in the process with him. also tonight, another new disturbing example. heidi clue. >> let's hope he doesn't because i won't perform if he does. because i hate him. >> hannity: is a photo that sold graphic, we have to warn you because it sold graphic. kathy griffin making the isis
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style pose about the president. featuring a donald trump look like, stabbed and murder him on a nightly basis. you have people like robert de niro who wants to punch the president in the face. and mickey rourke and marilyn manson speaking out for violence against the president. the left is suffering way beyond trump and psychosis. they are completely unhinged. take a look at how violent the rhetoric has been over the years. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white hous white house.
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>> pigs in a blanket burn like bacon. >> i would want to talk to them, i want to to argue with them and get in their face. >> i wish we were in high school, i would take him behind the gym. >> a lot of us thought that ivanka will walk into the bedroom and say daddy, daddy. don't do it daddy.
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>> is a weird tension. it's a dangerous time for the first amendment but at the same time, where comp intentional >> of course i want to punch him in the face. see one >> hannity: let me givea reminder of what i think about the need to protect our president. president obama at the top. numerous times i've said this, just a sneak peek about how i said we needed to protect america's president. >> if we are not protecting our presidents and leaders, i'm talking about protecting the
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president of the united states of america. you have to protect our president. that represents the free world. >> hannity: we have more reaction from fox news correspondence. geraldo i begin with you. this isn't funny anymore. >> johnny depp is going through a trouble. in his life. i think that's a dysfunction of that rather than in attempting to assassinate the president. i think it's sloppy, low-down. it is also illegal. it is illegal to threaten the president of the united states. previous court decisions have found that satire can be a
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threat, but a good way to stop these people like that shakespeare in the theater stabbing, have the secret service visit these people in person. there's nothing more designed and calculated that you have these great secret service agent knock at your door. and say apparently you have violated the law and you are facing prison time. >> it has to be willing in no full a true threat. bad taste is not a crime. if it were, he would already be behind bars due to his newest movie which is hard to watch.
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it has to be a legitimate threa threat. it can't be just being on a stage talking crazy. >> hannity: what about dreaming about blowing up the obama white house. and the numerous times i said protect president obama. >> provocative language and images inevitably provoke acts of violence. i've never seen such a venomous political climate. it's poisonous and something bad will happen. >> hannity: and that's chilling. and something bad happened. we had congressman targeted for assassination. what's going on on college campuses?
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>> completely out of control. on that day when scalise was shot, one example was john griffin who is a professor on washington, and said that g.o.p. congressmen should be lined up and shot. this is a pattern and a new normal. they actually don't want him politically dead, they want him dead. they no longer just want him to be impeached, they want him dea dead. >> hannity: i agree with you. especially in light of the assassination attempt. i don't know whether to believe them. they are talking about blowing up the white house and assassinating a president, we
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have to take that to be real. >> with the town halls, we need airport type security for our elected officials and the president of the united states. we have to err on the side of caution. it just takes one nut job to create a threat. >> hannity: thank you all for being with us. scary times were living in. when we come back, we will have more on the senate judiciary who opened up an investigation into loretta lynch. also tonight, president trump's daughter reacts to the comments made by johnny depp.
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and also all of the fake news and conspiracy theories are being reported. we will talk about that and our exclusive interview with president trump. more breaking news on this friday night. there's rocket more by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> hannity: welcome back to hannity, this is explosive news. loretta lynn has been investigated about allegations of interference of hillary clinton's private use of a email server. hillary clinton tweeted earlier tonight, if republicans pass this bill, they are the death party. jay is with us. i've been saying that this is all been a boring back. no evidence, and 11 months of media lying and conspiracy theories. now it opened up the door saying, we need to look at loretta and hillary. your thoughts.
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>> this was a significant event. that whole incident at the tarmac with the then attorney general. he was being interviewed not under oath. the email scandal. it was an illegal enterprise i was going on. now you have senate intelligence committee that want answers to questions. those questions focus on a significant development. where they are memorandums or statements made by the attorney general or members of the democratic committee, we will not let this investigation of hillary clinton go too far. if that proves to be true, and there's a lot of evidence starting to swirl, both republicans and democrats sign
7:21 pm
this letter saying they want answers to these questions. this is how investigations start, it needs to and it goes a step further than that. there's a lot more play than just this. >> hannity: i've been saying that mueller needs to recuse himself and get out. and now there are numerous relationships. he even sees this as bothersome. listen to what the president said. >> he's a very good friends with cold meat which is bothersome. we'll have to see the people evan hired are all hillary clinton supporters. some of them worked for hillary. the whole thing is ridiculous. >> hannity: this is the most extreme conflict of interest. this is the biggest case of
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investigative mission creeping i've ever seen in my life. it's a witch hunt yet it keeps going on. and the people that are needing to be investigated, hillary and loretta, it's just the beginning. >> the president said it exactly right. how does this all play out hashtag this leaking of information that is continuing to happen, that is where the most significant issue is here. why are we okay with leaks coming out? on information like this. why is that okay? they need to look and make sure these leaks stop immediately. they have no choice. >> hannity: loretta lynch needs to be investigated. hillary clinton we know committed a felony.
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this must be cleaned up if this country is going to move forwar forward. and if a president is able to do his job, to me that is the big issue. >> this is what i call the unelected bureaucrats. that has to be put to a stop now. there's no time to waste. that's not the way the constitution works. >> hannity: i want hillary prosecuted because she committed felonies. that's just a fact. thank you. what does the president's family think about johnny depp assassination comments in all of the other things said. also our exclusive interview with president trump. also an interview with ivanka. also have you wondered who is
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>> in london, fire hazards are forcing thousands from their homes. fire inspectors say they cannot guarantee safety of residents of five high-rise apartment buildings. this is attributed to a fire that killed 80 people ten days ago. there is no word tonight that that play started because of a refrigerator fire. he's the fifth republican deck come out against the health care bill. the bill makes deep cuts to medicaid funding.
7:29 pm
he did not rule out supporting a revised version. now back to hannity here on fox. >> hannity: the siegel when was the last time an actor assassinating a president. it's been a while. and maybe it's time. >> hannity: johnny depp last night talking about the assassination of president trump. he supposedly apologized for the remarks. what does president trump's family think about the vile attacks. eric trumps wife, laura.
7:30 pm
sorry to have you back again to talk about a lot of hatred that is focused right on your father-in-law and your family. i intended no malice. when you talk about assassination how do you not intend malice? >> we are talking about it again. at least he apologized, i guess. i was in iowa with my father-in-law at the rally. the people in this country is tired of this sort of thing. johnny depp is not doing this any favors. it really does speak to a bigger problem. this thing has become normalized. we see what happened to shakespeare in the park, kathy griffin, madonna, it's out of control and it's really sad.
7:31 pm
as a family member and american, it's disappointing. >> hannity: i don't hear nancy pelosi saying, everybody on my side of the aisle stop. i don't hear any democratic leaders saying, why is there voices so quiet in all this? it was them, they would be very outspoken. >> this has never happened in this capacity to any other president. it is happening to donald trump because he's donald trump. because their candidate failed. if they have nothing else to say, no platform, no real message. the only thing they can do is pile on to the president. unfortunately is to the detriment of this country. instead of trying to be proactive and help pass legislation, it's all anti-trum anti-trump.
7:32 pm
>> hannity: i think the real reason behind this is that he is a threat. there are so many swamp creatures. they are all over the map. when i see what happened in alexandria, virginia, with targeted and assassinations. and a nebraska democrat praising the shooting of scalise fighting for his life, and numerous congressmen targeted for supporting the president. this is now leading to real violence and real assassination attempts. i don't know how the left continue to get away with it. >> your exactly right. i had a chance to speak to the people in iowa. i said the exact same thing. the only reason why you see all
7:33 pm
of the hate, is broadcasting because they are scared because they know what donald trump is going to do. they artie see the great thing that he's doing. they understand that donald trump is here to clean up washington, d.c. that threatens their livelihood, the way things have been going, and it's about to change. >> hannity: what specifically do you make of it? conservatives are labeled racist, sexist, zero four zeroe importantly attacks against women. mitt romney had binders of wome women, and that became sexist of women. but specifically targeting a view and ivanka and melania.
7:34 pm
can you leave a 11-year-old kid alone. >> it's really sick. what we're seeing is that the republicans are becoming the only party of tolerance. that's what the democrats like to label insults. we see it every day. we see it with baron, the first lady, ivanka, it's really sad to see these things happening. the party of tolerance, the left, i don't think they can claim that anymore. >> hannity: thank you for being with us. congratulations on your baby on the way. on this busy, breaking news night. >> he's very good friends with
7:35 pm
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>> hannity: welcome back. an exclusive interview with president trump in the first lady melania trump. also we sat down with ivanka trump. here's a preview of what they discussed. >> what you think in regards to his tweeting? >> i think that's his political instincts which are phenomenal. there were very few who saw it early on. i think that's just part of the ride since day one. he did something pretty remarkable. >> hannity: the full interview will be on monday at 6:00 p.m. you have the president, the first lady and the first
7:40 pm
daughter. i'm not doing my job. you're killing everybody here at the network. you have a good rapport with ivanka. >> i feel extremely blessed. i said ivanka, i've been invited to the white house, and i remember visiting the white house as a child. she said that, i feel the same way. i grew up in new york city. she was always impressed with her dad success. and now he's the president of the united states of america. we talked about what we agree on or disagree on. she said her children are still privileged and feel that it's an honor. she talked about cooking with her children. who does the cooking and cleaning. >> hannity: we keep hearing that ivanka is more liberal than her dad.
7:41 pm
but you asked her about these disagreements. >> naturally there are areas where there are disagreement. i think is normal. to not have 100% agreement on every issue. i don't think everyone operates like that. i think we need all different viewpoints, which is a positive thing. i think in this country, we don't have enough dialogue. >> hannity: what she is saying is true based on my experience with the president. we used to have late night conversations about the iraq war, and he would tell me all the time that i'm wrong. >> absolutely, because in the primaries she couldn't vote for
7:42 pm
her father because she registered as an independent. so there is a whole article about their disagreement. they wrote the articles in first person. she said that they never asked me those questions. she said that it is okay to have disagreement and feel strongly -- differently than dad does. >> hannity: i knew the minute that when he tweeted james call comey, i knew that wasn't true. you asked a good question about this, i want to show our audience. >> when he found out that there may be tapes out there, whether government tapes or who knows, i think his story may have
7:43 pm
changed. we will have to take a look at that. because then you will have to tell what actually took place. my story didn't change. my story was always the truth. but you will have to determine for yourself whether his story change. >> hannity: it was a really brilliant strategy. he knew how disgruntled james comey was. who knows if any one of us is being spied upon. i think that went in a good way. >> even putting it out there that he taped conversations, think about that. he has a reputation to protect. you want to protect your reputation. imagine the president and the
7:44 pm
fbi director not telling the rest of the country what is telling the president. he told the president on three different occasions that he's not under investigation. he did say it after questioned by the president. he said he may or may not have been taped. he had to do what he had to do. i thought i was brilliant. >> hannity: great interview. so you have ivanka, melania, and president trump. you're making all of us look very bad. but congratulations. the most important many monologue i will give. the two men responsible for fake news and conspiracy theories. you probably don't know them,
7:45 pm
but i will tell you who they are, coming up next. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> hannity: welcome back, to you remember back when i said journalism in america is that? every segment we cover more and more examples of bias.
7:49 pm
tonight i want to expose two men who are largely responsible for peddling all of this political propaganda. this is important revealing. each and every day, cnn and msnbc gives you that healthy dose of liberal spin and conspiracy theory. who is behind this anti-trump media strategy? look no further than fake news chiefs themselves. the chairman of nbc news and msnbc. what do we know about these two people? jeff zucker, a harvard educated elitist. finally moving to cnn in 2013. and caught in a variety of things. and because of the nature of
7:50 pm
what is going on. let's pause for a minute. let's take a look of what these so-called renaissance of journalists are. >> it's like we are covering bad reality television. it's a bad abuse of power in the united states. this is the kind of thing that goes on in nondemocracies. >> for dessert, he gets two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a single scoop for everybody else. >> he doesn't trust people around him. he's withdrawing. >> he's now living with himself, with is a dangerous place to be. >> the only people who have to
7:51 pm
be happy tonight are sitting in the kremlin. >> there means to me, and they don't like me. >> this was a white lash against a changing country, a white lash against a black president. >> hannity: jeff zucker, are you really proud? he actually said, he helped get zucker his job with cnn. now this take a look at andy lackey, the nbc chairman. he started his career at cbs and becoming the president of nbc news. then he bounced around to a few other corporations before returning to nbc news as
7:52 pm
president. it was reported that he returns to nbc as news chief. so has andy succeeded in restoring credibility over it nbc? you decide. >> donald trump being a thug and a goon. >> just what a thug. this is so unbalanced. he is not well. >> he is vladimir putin's hostage. >> and possibly, unfit mentally. >> when the president asked the fbi director for loyalty, hitler
7:53 pm
in 1934 demanded loyalty. >> it's you have a deranged president, a pathological lying president. >> when you look at a president, and wonder if he is a gateway drug. >> hannity: you call the president a thug and a goon, unhinged. if you think that's bad, nbc has been known to float bizarre tinfoil hats russian conspiracy theories night after night. their flagship program on cable, rachel maddow. >> just last week, it was reported on 18 previously
7:54 pm
undisclosed contacts between russia. they are looking into a russian citizen on the trump campaign last year. maybe is not as terrible as he says, all those little things might be true. what would change the world's of russia was interfering in the election. and they weren't doing it on their own. the fbi director being fired by the president to try and change or stop an fbi investigation into the president campaign, that is a big deal. >> hannity: if it wasn't so sad, it's actually funny. so are you proud of that? are you proud megan? are you proud matt?
7:55 pm
these two fake news chiefs you don't have to look further than their campaign contributions. they gave a whopping couple thousand dollars to the dnc. and andrew contributed over $50,000 to president obama, hillary clinton. and his wife betsy has contributed over $100,000 to the democrats. coming up, we need your help for a very important question of the day straight ahead. no. at lendingtree, shop and compare loan offers from top lenders and in just 5 minutes, you could save thousands. lendingtree, when banks compete, you win.
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>> hannity: time for our friday question of the day. do you think they need to be a little bit more responsible regarding the coverage of their networks and anti-trump media?
8:00 pm
go to hannity. that's all of the time we have left this week. hope you have a great weekend appeared fair and balanced always on hannity. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," you would think the near assassination of republican congressman steve scalise by a democratic activist last week would have set up some soul-searching on the left about the growing strain of violent extremism in its midst. you fantasize about hurting people long enough, somebody is going to get hurt and now somebody has. but no, in fact the opposite is happening. throughout the progressive world and politics and entertainment on msnbc and in higher education, talk if violence has grown louder since those shootings. here's the latest, it comes from nebraska. phil montag a longtime liberal activist and official with the state's democratic party caught on tape applauding the shooting.