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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 24, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> martha looked unexcited. she thinks her dogs and when the ugliest dog contest, the dog is not watching, if you saw this segment if you think your dog should win, sweet us. >> good day, we begin with a fox news alert, a steeper climb when dean heller of nevada becomes the fifth republican senator to oppose the health care bill saying it would not be the way it stands right now. >> telling you right now i cannot support a piece of legislation does this. >> welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> senate majority leader mitch
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mcconnell faces a battle with little margin for error as he tries to bring the health bill up to a vote next week. conservatives and moderates at loggerheads, republicans looking for common ground that will reach the number of 50 votes needed for passage, garrett tenney tracking the latest from washington dc, what can you tell us? >> reporter: it looks like it may take magic for the bill to pass because the gop can only lose two of its own and five have said they cannot support the bill in its current form. >>s are not -- ted cruz, states have more flexibility to buy and sell insurance, rand paul and mike we want more obamacare abeles, ron johnson and dean heller they cannot support the current proposal to medicaid and more reforms to the insurance markets. senator heller did not hold back in his criticisms of the current
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bill. >> in healthcare, a second slot, this bill passes, it is going down. this piece of legislation -- >> republican senators are reading through the 140 page draft bill this weekend and waiting to find out how much the plan will cost. the congressional budget office will release its score monday and that will factor into individual senators decisions as well, the gop leadership and the white house working hard to see what changes they can make to get no votes on board but they are limited in what they can do because they are using budget reconciliation process to surpass a simple majority rather than 60 votes and prevents sweeping changes. senate leadership is still optimistic that eventually they will get this done. >> this is not a perfect bill.
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i understand senator paul's concerns and shares but we have to deal with the art of the possible. it won't be something we will like, standing alone. this is the best we have been able to do with the hand we have been dealt and we can't afford to fail. >> if republicans failed to pass the healthcare reform bill that will mean obamacare is the law of the land. the america first policy is not trying to pressure republicans
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and they could arguably say that the same thing was seven, eight years ago when former president obama introduced the obama affordable care act. if the two sides don't come together, there's no way this can be passed and so like a political quagmire. how do you get to a place where people benefit from health insurance and not be worried about losing insurance? >> a couple of things. i think we have to have a discussion about the premise of obamacare never mind that it's failing and imploding and everybody knows that. the reality is that obamacare was built on the false premise that you have to buy something that you might not want and people aren't going to lose
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health care, they may make a choice not to buy it but we are providing alternative that provides better less expensive option and we have to be more bold as republicans talking about the freedom of the american health care act versus obamacare. >> some of the criticism, sir, is the government's involvement in this and anything the government gets involved in, they can't do it inexpensively. it's always going to cost more and be burden on taxpayers. what to find out what your constituents are saying in your district, what are they saying back home? >> first of all, i think it's important that on the affordable part of it the problem wit
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-- if we as free market republicans believe that and trust that we ought to give this type of a plan a chance where we incentvise people it's going to cost a little bit to restore this individual market and that's really what obamacare destroyed we have to restore. kelly: congressman, i want to thank you for sharing your insight on all of this. republican congressman kevin kramer of north dakota, great state, by the way. >> thank you, sir. >> yes, thank you, kelly. >> president trump is slamming predecessor. president trump criticizing the obama's administration after reports claimed that president
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obama knew about moscow of cyber-attack. kristin fisher live, good afternoon, kristin. >> hey, jillian. president trump has been reluctant that russia did meddle in 2016 last night, he also placed the blame squarely on predecessor, the tweet reads like this, just out, the obama administration knew far in advance about election meddling by russia, did nothing about it, why -- what he's referring to is washington post that came out yesterday three months before election president obama received evidence of russian vladimir putin direct involvement in cyber-attacks and that they were intended to hurt hillary clinton and help mr. trump. over the next type months the obama administration went back and forth about what to do and
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how to respond, according to posts they were worried about being seen tipping the scales on such a politically charged issue in the end they settled on sanctions but president obama is now saying that it's all too little too late. listen. >> well, i just heard today for the first time that obama knew about russia a long time before the election and he did nothing about it but nobody wants to talk about that. the cia gave him information on russia along time before they even, you know, before the election and i hardly see it. it's an amazing thing. >> well, now former president trump former deputy national ben rhodes also posting on quitter, told, what did trump say when obama administration issued statements in early october on russian meddling, he spent weeks calling the election rigged, but another former senior
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administration official told the washington post that he felt like he sort of choked in the administration's response to russian meddling. julian. >> wow, thanks for that kristin. so did president obama drop the ball on his handling of russia cyber-attack during an appearance on "fox & friends" congressman jason chaffetz blasted the former president for not responding forcibly. >> the democrats keep kicking dirt and trying to create more and more smoke out there. this happened during obama's watch and astray gowdy was able to get out of homeland security, the homeland security department try today help in help democrats and guess what, the democrats refused their help. >> meanwhile obama era officials are standing by his decision. >> you know, i know that the obama white house in a very difficult situation and they made the best positions they could.
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we call the 5149 decisions. >> we use to call them crumby and crumbier. >> joining me now retired four-star general jack keane, chairman of the institute for the study of war and also fox news military analyst. good afternoon, general, great to have you with us. jack: hey, julian, great to see you on that side of the camera. >> thank you, likewise. the obama administration including the president himself considered dozens of retaliating against the russia cybers interference and presenting future attacks of the same nature, cyber attacks and even releasing epl basis asking cia information about president putin but ultimately as you know, they didn't decide to go with any of these options and decided to pursue a much more moderate response. why would they do that? >> well, it's interesting, i don't buy the excuses that obama's staff is currently
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going. there's a clear pattern of obama behavior when confronted with national security challenges, time and time again he always selects an option where he does nothing or it's modest, case and point. just dealing with russia, russia annexes crimea, pushes in to ukraine, we do nothing of consequence against them. some sanctions and it does not deter them at all. ukrainians come to obama, give us arms, give us training, we fight ourselves, we don't need your soldiers and we don't need airplanes, russia intervenes in syria and kerry sends a warning to russia, do not bomb the syrian moderate who is we are assisting and they bomb them as one of the first ones that they attack and our response, nothing. we should have leveled one of the syrian airfields and traded the russian runway and a pattern beyond that, not helping the syrian moderates in 2012 when they could possibly made a
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difference. chemical red line, no action, not helping the libyans when they post gadhafi, when they needed assistance, those same radicals burned our consulate and killed embassador and great americans and forced the evacuation of embassy, julian, there's a clear pattern and what is that pattern? the simply this, this president more than anyone that i've observed in my lifetime when he's confronted with this kind of a challenge, he is paralyzed by his fear of adverse consequence. he gives into that fear and the reality is is that presidents at times have to be one tough minded and two, they have to reach inside themselves and find the moral courage to overcome their fear. this is, i believe, at the heart of this problem. putin wouldn't be in syria today if he -- if obama had stood up to him in ukraine. i don't think he would have been meddling in the election to the
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degree he is. he knew that obama would probably do nothing. putin knew he was going to get caught. he knows we have good forensics and knows that obama would likely do nothing. that's exactly what happened here. >> thank you for the strategic picture, general, it's helpful for viewers with u.s.-russia relationship is for-fing to the media on a daily basis. according to the washington post, to be believed, we have confidence that putin regime interfered in u.s. election in tangible covert way. can you tell us a little bit about -- politics aside. we will get to that in a moment, what does this mean for u.s. national security interests? >> well, put i has a history of meddling in elections since he's been in office. so this goes all the way back to 2000, he's meddling in every election that's taken place in eastern europe. i think it was leaked in london after brexit probably out of one
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of the intelligent services that through a third party he was meddling in the brexit election. so it is not unusual for the former soviet union and for russia to try to influence their adversaries politically. it's not unusual for the united states to do very much the same. let's be frank about it. but the fact, the fact is he is going to be so encouraged by this, julian, because look -- i think what he accomplishes beyond his expectations, we have two congressional investigations taking place. we have special counsel investigations and we have both parties at each other's throat and we have the media fueling the power and political instability as a result of it and we have a new administration that's struggling to get going because this is a distraction to them. this is victory putin. he's going to come back and spades and we have got to get tough with him. i think this administration, julian, is going to step up and put together a comprehensive
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strategy to, one, deter putin, two, be willing to confront him to avoid conflict. but you're absolutely right, we are exposed and he's coming back. >> general, thanks so much for laying out the ground work here giving us a little bit of a strategic picture on this. we really appreciate it. we hope you join us again soon. >> good talking to you, julian. >> likewise, you can hear more from president trump on this topic. president trump is sitting with an exclusive interview, you can catch that right here on the fox news channel starting 6:00 a.m. eastern time. kelly: scary moments at an airport in ohio when a u.s. military jet flips over on the runway. a massive evacuation in london, what forced residents in more than 600 homes to leave apartment buildings immediately?
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>> time for a quick check of the headlines now. a number of residents rescued from a large apartment fire in
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washington, d.c. this morning. about 200 people have been displaced from the four-story complex, at least ten of them suffering minor injuries including five firefighters. at this time it's still unclear what caused the fire, though. an air force thunderbird jet flipping over after landing in ohio. the f-16 was preparing for air show when the pilot and a technical sergeant was injured but they're expected to be okay thankfully. and actor johnny depp apologizing for joking about donald trump in uk. a statement the 54-year-old actress says i was only trying to amuse. kelly: officials order evacuation of four public housing powers. unsafe and citing problems with
11:23 am
insulation and fire doors. more than 30 buildings around the country have failed tests all of this coming after the fire at apartment high-rise building that killed 79 people. kitty logan has more from our london bureau. kitty. >> well, residents in north london were told suddenly yesterday evening that their home does not pass safety standards and advised to leave immediately. now, people from around 600 apartments were affected by the decision, they were told to leave as a precaution. many people are quite understandably confused and angry and decision that was made late in the evening but fire safety inspectors say the main concern is that the plotting on the building may not be fire resistant and found problems with fire doors and local
11:24 am
government officials have been urgently checking similar apartment lofts, the prime minister says authorities are acting to avoid another tragedy. >> we have samples of plotting and materials on tower blocks. many found not to be fire safety standards as required and that is why action is being taken. >> now, it was ten days ago that at least 79 people died in a blaze at a high-rise apartment in a building in west london. that fire spread with horrifying speed trapping people in their apartments. it's suspected the material covering the building was contributing fire to intensity of that fire. as a result police say they are now considering a manslaughter investigation and possible criminal charges for those responsible for installing it if it turns out to be a banned material. there are, of course, serious
11:25 am
concerns that many more people living in these type of buildings face a very real risk. the people evacuated yesterday were offered some kind of emergency accommodation in a local gym but basically that was just mattress on the floor and many people say they would rather stay in the homes but local authorities in london insist that those buildings are no longer safe to sleep in, kelly. kelly: kitty logan from london bureau, thanks, kitty. >> dozens of homes being swept away by a powerful landslide in china. the latest on the intense search and rescue efforts is coming up next. kelly: president trump bluffs on possible tapes was meant to keep former fbi director james comey honest during congressional testimony. good plan or could that put him in new legal trouble? >> when he found out that i -- that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else, who
11:26 am
knows, i think his story may have changed. you'll have to take a look at that because then he has to tell what actually took place at the events
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>> desperate search and rescue operation underway is in underway in south western china right now after massive landslide crashed into about 60 homes in a village there. more than 100 people are feared to be buried under the rubble. good afternoon, will. >> imagine a 6:00 a.m. on a saturday morning and pretty much everyone in your village is a sleep when mud slide crashes in an entire area, province, remote part of china about 1200 miles southwest of beijing. rock smothered dozens of home
11:31 am
and one hotel. authorities estimate there was enough debris to fill 3,000 olympic swimming pools. at least five people are dead but that number could still spike as the search continues, more than 1,000 rescuers are braced to the area. there were reports oh villagers who are awake and letter under the rocks and some have been using cell phones to call for help and some are tapping stones so emergency crews can hear them. this is an area that's prone to disaster, devastating 7.9 earthquake in 2008 killed around 90,000 people, a land shape in 2013 bury around 40. the search continues, more rain is in the forecast that could significantly hamper the rescue effort, julian. >> thanks, will. kelly: president trump admits he does not have any tapes of private conversations with former fbi director james comey. a prospect that he himself
11:32 am
raised with the tweet following comey's ouster. president trump explaining on "fox & friends" he made the remark as a way to keep comey honest about their interactions. >> when he found out that i -- you know, that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else, who knows, i think his story may have changed. you'll have to take a look at that because then he has to tell what actually took place of the events. >> a smart way to make sure he stays on it. >> well, it wasn't very stupid, i can tell you that. he did admit that what i said is right and if you look further back before he heard about that, i think maybe he wasn't admitting that. >> but democrats say president trump's tweet is amount to witness intimidation. >> it sounds like he was trying to chill or intimidate james comey and what's remarkable
11:33 am
about that is that james comey didn't know either way whether there were tapes and came forward anyway. so if there were tapes and he told a lie to congress, he risked perjury, so i think that goes to show just how believable and how credible james comey's testimony was which is very damaging for the presidentment kelly: a lot of people talking about this. joining me now john hopkins, democratic strategists. noel, let's begin with you, your take on this and what the president told our own ainsley earhart. >> you have to understand donald trump as businessman and not politician and he's coming from a background of new york city business tactics and what this was is a tactic. he's like a new york city businessman hustler, so to speak. anyone who has done business in
11:34 am
new york city knows that it's a different game altogether. it's a different sphere, not -- atmosphere, not only it's a businessman tactic, it's also a detective tactic. a lot of times detectives will use this and act like they have more information than they do to try to get, you know, a criminal to confess or to give away, you know, what he knows. i don't think this is anything. i don't think it's witness intimidation, i don't think it's anything i legal. i think this is trump, you know, because the press has been out to get him, the democrats have been out to get him, everyone has been out to get him, i think this is nothing more than a tactic which is not illegal. >> michael, to noel's point the president also tweeted whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey but i did not make and do not have any such recordings, he went onto tweet with all the recently reported electric
11:35 am
surveillance and illegal leaking of information, i have no idea. with these kinds of tweet that is the president is making, this particular situation that he told us how are democrats, look, they are saying it's a lie, it's not a bluff, it's not a tactic as noel says and they're accusing the president of lying? >> look, the president may think that he's having fun in playing games with the media but what he is doing is borderline criminal. what he did was tampering with the witness by telling he may or may not have tapes and trying to influence his testimony. to a breader point, we need to talk about donald trump as the president of the united states. he's not a businessman anymore. it's not about new york politics and how he's going to conduct himself. donald trump represents all of america and all the united states and needs to start acting
11:36 am
like it. kelly: noel, point well taken by the way. he is the president of the united states. he's no longer a tough-minded businessman although he deals business very well but now he's dealing with the business of the american people so as he moves forward with this and tries to get all of this stuff out of the way so he can go ahead and effectively govern so these distractions are no longer there, what does he have to do now? >> well, you have to realize the scrutiny that donald trump has been under just because he is donald trump. they are looking for anything they can, they've been very upset about the outcome of the election, yes, donald trump is now everyone's president. i think a lot of people, you know, do not like his tactics when it comes to tweeting and the way he tweets and, you know, his personality as a whole but in order for everybody to come together and everybody to get along, we have to do just that. we have got to lay down some of the differences that are absolutely absurd. kelly: i hear you loud and clear, to your point -- not to
11:37 am
interrupt you, bow hear your point as well as michael's point, there seems to be common ground that both of you are saying, be presidential and move forward with lifting all votes and all american people, am i hearing you right? i don't want to put words in your mouth. >> well, i think -- kelly: that was for noel, michael. >> the only reason donald trump has to resort to twitter because the mainstream media has betrayed him and put words in his mouth in assumption and so he's actually head to do this. do i like the way or do a lot of republicans -- do a lot of people like the way in which he tweets, maybe not. but you can blame that more on twitter because of the characters that allows you to do these. he has to sum up what he has to say in a certain amount of characters. i'm not making excuses. kelly: michael, to her point, she's saying that the president is presidential and can move forward and you're saying the same thing. i guess the point is, tapes or
11:38 am
no tapes, he's still the president of the united states, he has to move forward and get over distractions with comey and other investigations, what do you -- what's your advice to the president of the united states? >> my advice to the president of the united states is stop talking, stop tweeting and do your job because we need to know what hacking there was by the russians and i hope there was no collusion but the further elections for 2018, 2020, we need answers so it doesn't happen again. kelly: we will end it there, michael and noel, let's remember to this date there has been no evidence of any collusion or obstruction of justice. we continue to follow developments as we unfold. thank you both. take care. >> promising update coming up on the victim of last week's congressional practice, what doctors are saying about congressman steve scalise condition and the senate panel opening investigation into former attorney general loretta lynch and whether she influenced
11:39 am
investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. >> we said this a year ago that this was a significant event. the whole incident in the tarmac with the former attorney general and wife being interviewed by the fbi
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11:44 am
the spot slight. the senate judiciary committee now calling for a probe into loretta lynch and others about allegations of interference in the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. on hannity, a member of president obama's legal team said that opening this part of the investigation has been a long time and coming. >> we said this a year ago that this was a significant event, the whole incident at the tarmac with the then attorney general of the united states and the former president bill clinton on the weekend that the wife was being interviewed not under oath for issues of mishandling of classified information, the so-called e-mail scandal. much more than e-mail scandal, illegal enterprise that was going on. >> joining me now is john, columnist for national review magazine. good afternoon, john, thanks for being here. >> pleasure. >> what do you make of this letter in a nutshell. does the fact that this letter was sent indicate that is the
11:45 am
senate judiciary committee believes former attorney general loretta lynch try today -- tried to stifle the investigation or is this a protocol matter, crossing the i's or -- >> it's neither. russia interfered with our election, they tried to. that's very serious. there's another question, did the obama justice department try to interfere with our election because the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail was riddled with all kinds of lapses, evasions, former fbi director jim comey saying that he felt a former pressure not to be really serious about the investigation, discussions with former president clinton, secret discussion that is were only revealed by accident about, well, golf and grandchildren, i don't believe that for a second. so it's time that we investigate both and this is a welcome bipartisan step towards that. >> on the on the matter of
11:46 am
bipartisan it's signed by both sides of the aisle, what do you make of that? it's so rare in washington, d.c. coming out of hill these days seeing anything that's bipartisan. anything that can drum up support from both sides, what do you make of that here? >> it's just a letter and invites to testify and others, i hope, look the republicans have always said there needs to be an investigation of what russia did or tried to do. there should be an information as to how the clinton scandal were handled, very unusually and lots of sources say in fbi said it was handled with kid gloves and as you know, there was no indictment not just of mrs. clinton but none of her aides who clearly handled classified material. >> so critics on the left here accused president trump of sort of interfering on the ongoing russian investigations and critics on the right are saying, this is really just a punchback. folks from the left are pushing
11:47 am
back to try to raise the specter of the loretta lynch inappropriate communications and potential stifling of this, do you think it's a tit for tat? >> no, mr. comey, the former fbi director has not been accused for being partisan of republicans is the ones who raised at the hearing of russia. donald trump's whole behavior in this has been a hot mess. every time he wants to look for a land mine he steps on it. i don't think he handled the case well. he's been the only scandal in washington where there's a cover-up without a crime. obviously donald trump has mishandled this, but the clinton administration, eric holder and loretta lynch refuse today indict anyone for the irs scandal which was one of the worst scandals, i think, of government abuse ever. private citizens being punished for political views. >> as usual, when it comes to politics in washington, nobody
11:48 am
gets off scot-free, nobody was perfect. nobody did the right thing a 100% of the time, sort of a macro level take away we can get from this, is that what you're telling me? >> lots of failure but we need to let the questions be asked and then answered because as you know the famous cliché, if you forget what happened historically, you're doom to repeat nit the future. the only way we are going get clean on the government is to realize what happened when we didn't have it. >> well, thanks so much for your time today, we appreciate it and we appreciate the bipartisan perspective that you have offered us. >> sure. >> kelly, over to you. kelly: all right, thanks, julian, it's time to turn the rust belt green, one pennsylvania major thinks that marijuana could be the solution to his town's job's crisis. ♪ you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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>> welcome back, thanks for being with us. a wild fire in utah doubling in size for second night in a row and forcing more people to evacuate. bryan head fire in the south western part of the state burned more than 37,000 acres so far and destroyed 13 houses, thankfully no reports of any injuries to date.
11:53 am
fire crews facing serious challenges from record heat and gusty winds fueling fueling the flames. the wild fire started by someone using a torch to remove weeds. kelly: a burning question for you, can medical marijuana be the next big job's producer, that's the bet being taken by the town of raddick, pennsylvania. >> struggling communities looking for innovative ways to bounce back after decades of outsourcing in job loss. they point to canada as marijuana would be the answer. >> braddock has hit the bottom in terms of 90% of the populations were gone and it was
11:54 am
considered a violent place that you avoided. >> braddock, pennsylvania, once a booming steel town, mayor john believes opening a medical marijuana facility would bring back jobs and help revive the troubled town. >> medical marijuana can provide enough financial assistance to pull us out of x47 around could create a mag innocent kind of business that would bring in other support businesses. it would put us on the map. >> it's a formula that's worth in canada. >> we recognize that we have to be knew and innovative and open to new ideas if we are going to try to transform the future of the community. >> this is the cannabis flower, a couple of weeks away from being harvested. >> today the factory is one largest marijuana producer.
11:55 am
the facility employs 300 people and business could triple next summer when canada is set to legalize recreational marijuana. >> we have hope that we didn't have before. now back here in the states pennsylvania awarded first medical marijuana permit this is week to about a dozen communities, braddock was not chosen this time around they hope that they will be next, kelly. kelly: brian reporting from new york, thank you, brian. >> it's a dog show like no other, the 29th annual world's ugliest dog contest just wrapped. find out which affordable eyesore walked away with the title coming up next.
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>> a new world champion has been crowned, drum roll, please, the 29th annual world's ugliest dog, meet martha, beat out 13 other dogs to take the title, most of the opponents were the smaller older type dog that is mostly win competition. they were judged on first presentation, unusual attributes and crowd reaction. >> oh, martha. don't forget to set your dvr's tomorrow "fox & friends" at pete hegseth sits down with president trump to talk health care, russia and resistance to this
12:00 pm
administration but exclusive interview airs tomorrow beginning at 6:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. kelly: we will be watching, we will be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern for more news. >> the journal editorial report is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i want to also extend our congratulations this evening to karen handel of georgia and we can't forget ralph norman in south carolina. if karen handel had lost, they would have blamed it on me, if she had lost, they would have been there for weeks talking about this, this would have been the greatest defeat of american politics. [laughter] paul: hello, everybody, welcome to the editorial journal report, i'm in here for paul gigot, that was president trump taking a victory lap on wednesday


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