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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  June 25, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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[cheering] five charlie, kat, tyrus, thank come back again when eric shawn is out. james: you bet. arthel: stick around. kelly wright is up next with the fox report. >> republican senators struggle for common ground on a healthcare bill, president trump is slamming its predecessor over russia's interference in the election. i'm kelly wright in for julie banderas and this is the fox report. president trump visiting his golf course in virginia after answering questions in an exclusive interview with fox news to air tomorrow. the president accuses president obama of knowing what russia was up to, and quote, doing nothing. it comes as a report from the washington post says the former president was slow and cautious in responding to russia's meddling. now, even some democrats are piling on to mr. obama saying
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his administration could have done more. meanwhile, an uphill battle gets steeper on capitol hill as a fifth republican senator has come out against the healthcare bill. nevada's dean heller saying he can't support the measure the way it is written right now. mitch mcconnell hopes to bring the bill up for a vote next week but he has a lot of work to do. in his weekly address the president says he's working with congress to push something through. >> the american people are calling out for relief and my administration is determined to provide it, and we are working with congress to get a bill to my desk so we can rescue americans from this catastrophe. as families across the nation continue to suffer under this law, i only hope that democrats in congress will have the political courage to help fix what we know to be a catastrophic situation, a total
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disaster that they have created. >> the president of the united states right there. we have fox team coverage on this. garrett tenney will have the latest on the healthcare bill debate on capitol hill. but we begin now with kristen fisher live at the white house. kristen, the question is, how is president trump responding to the washington post report? >> well, he is blasting the obama administration for not doing more about russia's meddling in the u.s. election, but in doing so, he seems to be acknowledging that that did happen, something that he's been fairly reluctant to do in the past, and he's tweeted about it three times in the last 24 hours. here's one of those tweets, quote, since the obama administration was told way before the 2016 election that russians were meddling, why no action? focus on them, not -- assuming that stands for trump. the washington post report alleges back in august three months before the election, president obama refused a highly
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classified cia report with evidence of russian president putin's direct involvement in the cyberattacks, and that they were intended to hurt hilary clinton and help mr. trump. well, over the next five months, the obama administration reportedly went back and forth about what to do in the end, they settled on sanctions and a covert cyberattack which the next administration, the trump administration would be responsible for carrying out. but president trump, he says it was all too little too late. >> well, i just heard today for the first time that obama knew about russia a long time before the election, and he did nothing about it. but nobody wants to talk about that. that the cia gave him information on russia a long time before they even, you know, before the election. and i hardly see it. it's an amazing thing. >> not only is he going after his predecessor, but he's also attacking the media as well here. kelly? >> kristen with these new
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revelations, how are former obama administration officials responding? >> well, some are saying it is simply not fair to look at their actions in 2016 and judge them based on what we now know in 2017. but others, like president obama's former deputy national security advisor ben rose, are placing the blame back on president trump. he posted on twitter quote what did president trump say when the obama administration issued statements in early october on russia meddling? he spent weeks calling the election rigged. but keep in mind, another former senior obama administration official was quoted in that washington post report as saying that i feel like we sort of choked in our response to russia. kelly? pretty stunning admission. >> it is indeed. kristen fisher reporting live from the white house. kristen, thank you. you can hear more from that exclusive interview with president trump tomorrow on fox and friends. pete explores a wide range of
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issues with him, including his support of veterans. >> when you rode down that escalator in trump tower it was the first time a presidential candidate had made veterans issues a top. where did that passion first come from? >> i've always felt the veterans weren't given a fair shake. they fight wars. they lose limbs. they lose, you know, lives. they've gone through so much, and i've always felt that they were never appreciated the way they should be appreciated. i'm not just talking about them as a block, which is a big block, but i'm talking about the voters outside of the veterans, they appreciate what the veterans have done. >> an interview you must hear. you can hear more tomorrow morning on fox and friends weekend beginning at 6:00 a.m. right here on fox news channel. the g.o.p. healthcare plan facing an uphill battle with the senate where a fifth lawmaker has now announced their opposition to the bill in its
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current form. republicans can only afford to lose two votes if they want the bill to pass and they are hoping the bring it to a vote before they break for the 4th of july. nevada senator dean heller adding his name to the no column, along with rand paul and ted cruz. heller arguing the cuts to medicaid could be devastating to his state. >> we have 200,000 nevadans we're talking with disabilities, that today have insurance, insurance that they probably would not have had five years ago, six years ago, they have insurance today. the question is what are the changes, and will that assure us that those individuals will have insurance in the future? it doesn't do that. >> meantime the g.o.p. proposal sparking protests in arizona yesterday. demonstrators hoping to sway the two senators there. john mccain and jeff flake who are still weighing whether to support it. garrett tenney is live from
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washington and garrett, what's republican leadership going to try to do to get this passed? >> well, kelly, this really boils down to some simple math. republicans hold 52 seats in the senate and they need 50 votes for this to pass. five senators have already said they cannot support the current version of the healthcare bill. so senate majority leader mcconnell strategy here is two parts, win back most of those no votes and avoid losing any other republicans. neither of those will be an easy task though. to win back the no votes, g.o.p. leadership is seeing what changes they can make to the bill to help address some of those concerns that the senators have. >> this is a discussion draft. we're seeking input and we're having ongoing negotiations with senators. we've invited our democratic colleagues to join us. so far they have refused to participate in the process, but if they continue to refuse, we have no choice other than to do our best to try to rescue the american people from the failures of obama care. >> now the senate is somewhat limited in the changes it can
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make though thanks to the special parliamentary tool they are using called budget reconciliation. through that, the senate can pass the healthcare bill with a simple majority rather than the usual 60 votes but it also prevents them from including provisions that don't have a direct impact on the budget. there are a lot of other republicans, though, who are still undecided on the bill and waiting to see the congressional budget office's analysis which will include how much it's expected to cost and what the impact will be on both insurance coverage and premiums. key issues for a lot of these law makers. kelly? >> yes indeed. garrett, while there are those protests that we saw in arizona, republican lawmakers are also facing it would seem plenty of pressure from party leaders and the white house itself to support the bill. >> yeah, even senate majority leader mitch mcconnell does not have the 50 votes he needs, he appears determined to hold a vote sometime this next week to essentially force lawmakers to go on the record of whether or not they will vote to replace or
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keep obama care. president trump is ramping up the pressure as well. this afternoon he tweeted, i cannot imagine that these very fine republican senators would allow the american people to suffer a broken obama care any longer. yesterday after senator heller announced that he could not support the current bill, the pro trump pact america first's policies announced it was launching an ad campaign against the nevada senator essentially sending the message to all republicans if you are not with us, you're with nancy pelosi. now, at the same time, kelly, on the other side, you also have vice president joe biden who weighed in yesterday to bash the g.o.p. healthcare bill, tweeting, the senate health bill isn't about healthcare at all. it's a wealth transfer, fund tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. he then continued let's see a bill that actually tries to improve folks' healthcare and then we can have a reasonable debate about how to best do that. a lot more to come in the next few days ahead. >> yes indeed.
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an uphill battle. garrett tenney, thank you for that. for a lot more on this, be sure to tune into fox news sunday. chris wallace will be sitting down with health and human services secretary tom price. you can check your local listings for that. right now overseas, the death toll rising to more than 80 after a series of rapid fire bombings, one of them targeting a crowded marketplace. we will tell you where this was and who is taking responsibility. plus new red flags over north korea, what the regime is up to this time. and why america's patience may be running out. >> now more than ever is the time to send the message that we're going to cut off their capability of getting their
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when this bell rings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and. kelly: the death toll rising to at least 85 after a trio of devastating bombings in pakistan.
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two of the blasts targeted a crowded market in the northwest. killing more than 60 people. extremist group claimed responsibility. the other explosion killed more than a dozen people outside a southwest police department. isis along with a taliban linked group both claiming responsibility. new indications that north korea could be on the verge of another nuclear test. this as the regime continues to ratchet up tensions with the trump administration. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the latest. >> reports of more trouble brewing from north korea. defense sources telling fox news that the regime has tested a rocket engine which could be used in a future intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the u.s. this as sources also tell fox there's been a build up of vehicles and personnel at north korea's nuclear testing site. at least one report says a blast could come as soon as the next few days. >> i'm pretty sure that north
2:15 am
korea would be ready to test a nuclear weapon almost whenever they make political decision to do so. >> this amid other accounts north korea might also be willing to at least temporarily suspend its missile and nuclear tests if the u.s. were to halt its military exercises with south korea. that so far has been a non-starter with the u.s. south korea's president said urgency is needed. >> translator: judging from the speed of north korea's advancements in nuclear and missile technologies, i believe they will acquire such capability in the near future. >> the brutality of north korea was underscored with a funeral and burial in ohio of otto warmbier. he died monday after being released by north korea last week in an unresponsive state with brain damage. he had been held for 17 months by the pyongyang regime. president trump underscored the administration's concern. >> went over there a healthy
2:16 am
wonderful boy and you see how he came back. you see how he came back. so we've been given a bad hand, but we're going to take that bad hand and it will all be good. >> congress is concerned as well. two house members introduced a bill that would ban tourist travel by americans to north korea and limit other ways the regime generates hard currency. >> people are increasingly enticed into coming to north korea to visit north korea. we've got to put an end to that. >> that was greg palkot reporting. the rhetoric coming from north korea ramping up this week. state media branding president trump as a psychopath claiming he is the one that will start a nuclear war. the former attorney general under the microscope as the senate judiciary committee announces a probe into loretta lynch all stemming after former fbi director james comey testified that lynch tried to shape the way he spoke about the investigation into hilary clinton's e-mails.
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what it could all mean and how lynch is responding. plus officials in london forcing thousands of people out of their apartments as great britain struggles to address a fire safety crisis nationwide. how long they will be out of their homes as top leaders assure all is being done to protect its citizens. >> the government working with the authorities, working with the fire and rescue service, deciding what to do on each individual case to ensure the safety of people living in those homes, absolutely our first priority is people's safety. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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this comes after last week's horrific fire at the tower, where at least 79 people died. britain's government now saying dozens of high-rise apartment blocks in 15 areas have failed fire coding and safety tests. u.k.'s prime minister may says they are working hard to maintain safety for all residents. >> we're making sure that the authority has the ability to do what is necessary to ensure that people have somewhere to stay and that the work is done so that those tower blocks will become safe for them to return to in the future. kelly: kitty logan joins us live with the latest. >> officials say that several high-rise buildings did not meet fire safety standards and that's why residents have been asked to evacuate immediately. people from at least 600 apartments were affected. local officials told them they may not be able to return home for up to four weeks, while fire
2:22 am
safety standards are improved. now, these are people on low incomes who depend on state housing and many don't have a lot of options of where to go. last night they were offered a mattress on a floor at a nearby gym. but local officials say these buildings are a fire risk. fire safety inspectors say tests prove the external on these buildings is not fire resistant. there are also problems inside with fire doors and gas pipes. local government officials have been urgency checking similar -- urgently checking similar apartment blocks. the prime minister says authorities are acting fast to avoid another tragedy like the deadly fire. 79 people died in this high-rise building in west london just ten days ago. the fire spread with horrifying speed, trapping people who had been sleeping in their apartments. it's suspected the material covering this building contributed to the intensity of the fire. police say they are considering
2:23 am
a manslaughter investigation and possible criminal charges for those responsible for installing it. if it's proved unsafe building materials were knowingly used. and today the government has announced that so far 34 similar high-rise buildings have so far failed the emergency fire safety tests. the fate of the residents living in those buildings remains unclear. kelly? kelly: kitty, thank you. also in the u.k. a massive investigation underway after a cyberattack on the british parliament. lawmakers locked out of their own e-mail accounts. it was not immediately clear how many people were affected or the extent of the damage. top officials say they need to take more precautions. >> it is not a surprise that such an attack would take place, nor is it surprising that there would be some weaknesses. people don't take basic precautions in having a complex enough pass word for their computer systems. kelly: this hack comes just a few months after the global
2:24 am
cyberattack that crippled some of the country's healthcare service by a ransomware attack. that hack is believed to be the largest ransomware hit in history. congress is looking at imposing tougher sanctions on russia after the election hacking, but the trump administration is against that. we will look at why and how some lawmakers are pointing fingers at the obama white house for not taking a stronger line with russia. and while president trump's travel ban winds its way through the courts, the state of california has expanded a travel ban of its own. we will explain what it targets. [ america by simon and garfunkel ] ♪ let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together ♪ ♪ i've got some real estate here in my bag ♪ ♪ so i looked at the scenery. ♪ she read her magazine...
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that to me, is enough to keep going. kelly: i'm kelly wright and this is the fox report. it is the bottom of the hour. if you are just joining us, senator dean heller of nevada is now the fifth republican declaring his opposition to the senate g.o.p. healthcare plan. this comes a day after senators ted cruz, ron johnson, mike lee, and rand paul said they would not vote for the bill in its current form. but vice president mike pence available to cast a tie breaking vote. republicans need at least 50 of its 52 senators to embrace the bill in order for it to pass. president trump spends part of the day at his golf resorts in virginia before attending the wedding of treasury secretary steve mnuchin tonight. in an exclusive interview set to air tomorrow morning right here on the fox news channel, president trump accuses his
2:29 am
predecessor of knowing what russia was up to and, quote, doing nothing. he also tweeted since the obama administration was told way before the 2016 election that the russians were meddling? why no action? focus on them. not t. that's on the heels of a new report accusing the obama white house of being slow to take action against russia for its meddling into the election. meanwhile, the trump administration is planning to boost its lobbying against a bipartisan plan in congress, to slap new sanctions on russia. ellison barber has more on lawmakers' reaction to that pushback and the latest on their russia investigation. reporter: congress is considering imposing sanctions on russia in response to alleged meddling in the 2016 election. and as they do that, lawmakers are talking about a report from the washington post claiming the obama administration knew about the meddling months before americans head to the polls.
2:30 am
representative, a democrat from california, told the publication the hill the obama administration's response to russian meddling was inadequate in the months leading up to the election, saying, quote, i think they could have done a better job informing the american people of the extent of the attack. republican senator john mccain had even stronger words for more than one administration. the arizona senator released a statement saying the story in the washington post shows that the obama administration, quote, failed to deter russian aggression. mccain then writes the obama administration failed to impose any meaningful cost on russia for its attack on american democracy last year, a failure sadly that has not been rectified yet by the current administration or by the congress. mccain went on to push for legislation that would sanction russia. the senate overwhelmingly passed legislation to strengthen current sanctions against moscow and add new ones on individuals who are allegedly engaged in corruption.
2:31 am
>> the united states should not be afraid to engage with russia. but we can't look the other way or worse yet, reward putin after he directed an assault on our democratic institutions, responding to russia's assault on our democracy should be a bipartisan issue that unites both democrats and republicans in the house and in the senate. the house republicans need to pass this bill as quickly as possible. >> the bill is in the house right now, and that's where the trump administration is reportedly lobbying against parts of the bill, arguing it could preempt presidential authority. kelly? kelly: ellison barber, thank you. senators are launching an investigation of president obama's attorney general. the judiciary committee has formally asked loretta lynch and others to respond to accusations of interfering in the fbi's probe of hilary clinton's e-mail practices. they are looking into her tarmac meeting with bill clinton. plus james comey's testimony that ms. lynch tried to down play the investigation.
2:32 am
>> that's really what evidently sparked a whole lot of -- a whole series of events that mr. comey engaged in that he probably wouldn't have done otherwise because he was very concerned about this. i would also point out that the inspector general michael horowitz at the department of justice has also been diving into that. i would expect that the first part of next year you will actually see a comprehensive report on that, but to have senator grassley and the senate judiciary committee also going after this, it really is a pivotal moment, and if the democrats are going to be fair and balanced about this, they should be equally concerned about what loretta lynch did or didn't do in her role as attorney general. kelly: the request for information are the start of what judiciary chairman senator chuck grassley said would be separate investigations into the firing of comey and whether the obama administration tried to influence fbi investigations. lynch has until july 6th to comply with the request. a spokesman says the former attorney general will cooperate
2:33 am
fully. the administration cutting the flow of refugees into the u.s. by nearly 50%. this according to new statistics from the department of homeland security. they show the u.s. admitted 13,000 refugees over the past three months. now that's roughly half as many as president obama allowed during the end of his term. the state department says the u.s. is resettling about 900 refugees every week. this as the president's revised travel ban remains tied up in the courts. meanwhile, california expanding its own travel ban, targeting states for alleged discrimination against the lgbtq community. casey clayburn has the story. >> something as silly as this will have no impact on our state. >> texas attorney general communications director says when they heard the news about the california state sponsored
2:34 am
travel ban, they just rolled their eyes and kept going. >> it is most interesting to me that the attorney general of california supports a travel ban against texas and yet at the same time he's against keeping terrorists out of the united states, another travel ban. >> california attorney general announced on thursday he's prohibiting state funded and state sponsored travel to alabama, kentucky, south dakota and texas, k -- joining others are already on the prohibition list. he says each of those states have laws that discriminate against the lgbtq community. in a press release he wrote while the california doj works to protect the rights of all our people discriminatory laws in any part of our country send all of us several steps back. that's why when california said we won't tolerate discrimination we meant it. john whitman spokesperson for texas governor abbott told fox 7 california may be able to stop their state employees but they can't stop all the businesses that are fleeing over taxation
2:35 am
and regulation and relocating to texas. the texas legislation california is taking issue with is hb 3859, recently signed by governor abbott relating to child welfare service providers. >> agencies are permitted now to discriminate against lgbt couples who may want to adopt or lgbt families or children in our care -- children in our care. it is definitely tragic. it can cause real harm to kids in the child welfare system. >> kathy miller is the executive director of texas freedom network, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that advocates for public education, religious civil liberties. she says the travel ban is not a surprise. >> i think that texans should demand that our state be open to everyone in adoption, in employment, in housing, in education. we should be the most welcoming, not one of the least welcoming states. >> he feels the ban is just california politicians grandstanding. >> we see this stuff on the left coast all the time.
2:36 am
and the reality is this travel ban means nothing. it means nothing to texas. and we're going to continue to do business in the most thriving and vibrant economy and times that this state has ever seen. >> casey clayburn reporting there. be sure to tune into fox report sunday night texas attorney general scheduled to join us. we will get more of his thoughts on this and other issues -- issues, sunday night on the fox news channel. stay tuned after fox report for an all new watters world as we sit down with white house press secretary sean spicer. here's a clip. >> you have a few looks like very conservative senators now taking a stand against this senate healthcare bill. are they going to torpedo this and what's your message to those senators? >> well, i think if you look at each one of those individuals they are committed to repealing and replacing obama care, that's
2:37 am
what all four have campaigned on for over seven years now and i feel confident we will be able to work with them to get at least two of them to join us to get the over 50 votes and get it back to the conference committee so we can finally end obama care. let's be clear what's happening. i mean, i saw the leader -- leader pelosi's comments. the reality is obama care is dead. this is not a choice between obama care and american healthcare act this is a choice on whether or not we realize what's really happening. obama care is not a functioning option anymore. kelly: be sure to check out the full interview on watters world tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here after the fox report. more than 100 dead and dozens still trapped under a huge landslide. what caused the side of a mountain to collapse burying a small village? a deadly crime wave has engulfed parts of mexico the worst in decades. what's fuelling the violence? it is probably not a big surprise as the trump administration uses the stats to
2:38 am
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kelly: police in texas ramping up the investigation into the death of a 14-year-old girl who went missing while walking her dog. kaitlyn cargill was last seen on monday in bedford not far from her home. her body was found in a land fill in nearby arlington two days later. police working around the clock to uncover what led to her mysterious death. >> we are working diligently and tirelessly on a resolution to this senseless loss. there is not a suspect or a person of interest. we are in fact following every lead that comes in and we are investigating everything that we
2:42 am
currently have right now, but we don't have a singular suspect. kelly: the cause of her death is still unknown. her dog was found tied to a fence at the dog park where she was last seen. it's a race against time to save many still trapped under mud and debris after a massive landslide in china. authorities say the disaster was caused by heavy rain in the region, and now forecasters say more wet weather is on the way, which could hinder the search. we have more from our west coast newsroom. when did the landslide actually hit? >> well, kelly, it was early saturday morning, and right now at least 15 are dead and 120 are missing after that landslide hit around 6:00 a.m. the disaster hit in the sichuan province, a mountainous and remote part of china about 1200 miles to the southwest of beijing. rocks smothered dozens of homes and one hotel. authorities estimate there was enough debris to fill 3,000
2:43 am
olympic-sized swimming pools. more than 1,000 rescuers have raced to the area. a family of three was pulled alive from the rubble. the couple and their baby are being treated at the local hospital. the husband says he heard his 1 month old crying. he got out of bed. felt a strong wind and saw water rushing into their home. a second landslide caused huge bolders to fall on to the village making it difficult to get heavy machinery in to lel p -- to help. they are having an all out search effort to find any remaining survivors. they are expecting rain for the next three days that won't help the emergency crews. kelly: are these areas prone to disasters? >> sadly, it is. there was a devastating 7.9 earthquake back in 2008 that killed around 90,000 people. there's a landslide in 2013 that bury around 40. another in 2014 that killed at least 11 people. again, at least 15 people killed in this landslide, kelly, but
2:44 am
that number could jump dramatically in the coming 24 hours. kelly: very tough coming 24 hours. will carr reporting for us. thank you. a deadly crime wave is sweeping across mexico making the murder rate there last month the worst on record in decades. but the deadliest areas are in the south and west hot spots for mexico's war on drugs. and the drug cartel's wars on each other. william la jeunesse has more from our west coast newsroom. >> elected in 2012, president nieto promised to bring peace to mexico instead violence there is worse than over. -- than ever. it is the second deadliest country in the world after syria. while syria is a war zone, experts attribute mexico's violence to one thing, drugs. >> most of the heroin, fentanyl and other drugs that kill our
2:45 am
citizens enter america through the poorest southern border, almost all of it is coming from mexico. >> america's drug epidemic and the violence that it breeds helps mexico record a record 2186 homicides in may. 30% more than last year and the highest in 20 years. >> most of these violent cases are gangs fighting each other over turf. or fighting -- or trying to edge out another gang and civilians getting caught in the cross fire >> that turf war intensified after the capture of druglord guzman last year. since then new leaders emerged fighting over the booming opioid business. of mexico's 31 states violence is the worse in guerrero where cartels can turn an acre of poppies into a million dollars of heroin. mexico's pot capital ranks second with almost 200 homicides in may. the biggest jump in killings almost 400% occurred in baja
2:46 am
california where a cartel is fighting for the lucrative drug route into california. >> it behooves mexico because of this critically important relationship to watch america's back. >> mexico has tried eradicating the poppy fields and the military remains committed but the drug war is fuelling extortion and kidnapping and spilling into tourist areas like cancun and cabo. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> thank you. hundreds forced to evacuate as wildfires scorched parts of utah. miles of acres already burned. how it all started. plus a town facing financial disstress is turning into a new industry for economic boost. the natural remedy they are turning to next. >> no community deserves to be left behind. these places are important and they made an extraordinary contribution to our country and help make america what it is look closely. hidden in every swing,
2:47 am
every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing. the microsoft cloud helps the pga tour turn countless points of data into insights that transform their business and will enhance the game for players and fans. the microsoft cloud turns information into insight.
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welcome back. a wildfire tearing through a ut ski town and fishing lake. the fire near brian head has been growing in size for the second straight day. now covering over 40 square miles. this forcing officials to evacuate 400 additional homes. more than 700 have already been evacuated. the fire started when someone used a torch to burn weeds. meantime, arizona's governor is trying to get more funding to combat wildfires in that state. governor doug doocy has declared a state of emergency there. wildfires are decimating arizona. the state suffering a dozen in the past two months alone. a western pennsylvania town previously known for its thriving steel economy now faces financial distress.
2:51 am
but city leaders believe they found a way to revive the region and looking into medical marijuana as the key to their revitalization. we are live in new york city with the details. this is a fascinating story. >> it really is. and, you know, medical marijuana was passed or made legal in pennsylvania last year and towns like braddock are looking to capitalize on that very fact and they point to canada as an example of how marijuana is bringing back struggling towns. >> -- really kind of hit the bottom in terms of 90% of its population were gone and it was considered a violent place that you avoided. >> braddock pennsylvania once a booming steel town has been a bankrupt or act 47 municipality since 1988. the mayor believes opening a medical marijuana facility would bring back jobs and help revive the troubled town. >> medical marijuana could provide enough financial assistance to pull us out of 47.
2:52 am
it could create a magnet kind of business that would bring in other support businesses. >> pennsylvania awarded its first dozen medical marijuana permits this week while braddock was not picked. he hopes his town will be next. >> we have a lot of work to go, but what i hope what our community shows is that no place is too far gone to begin that process. >> it's a process that worked in smith falls canada. >> we recognize that we have to be new and innovative and open to new ideas if we want to transform the future of this community. >> population 9,000 lost 600 jobs when hershey chocolate moved its factory to mexico a new industry moved in. >> this is the cannabis flower that's a couple weeks away from being harvested. >> today the abandoned factory is home to canada's largest medical marijuana producer, the facility employs about 300 people and business could triple next summer when canada is set to legalize recreational marijuana.
2:53 am
the mayor admits there were skeptics initially. >> we're going to be the pot capital of canada and there are going to be people using the marijuana on every street corner. >> they added windows to the old chocolate factory for transparency. >> there are rules to make sure that there is no smell coming from the facility and there's no sales happening here and that, you know, you're a responsible business. >> kelly, and here back in the u.s., medical marijuana sales are expected to triple by 2020, 13 billion dollars, and in pennsylvania, of the first dozen permits given to the communities there, ten were in counties that voted for president trump. so look, president trump had talked about bringing back jobs in these hard hit communities and people like the mayor are saying look medical marijuana is an industry that could help. kelly: how are they dealing with perhaps criticism that's coming against them? >> well there is criticism. i think they are looking at towns like canada who say look there's going to be pot sold on the streets there's going to be, you know, people in crime
2:54 am
because of this. they are looking at these communities as examples and they think that honestly a regulated system in the state will prove that it's not going to bring all this crime and causing the entire city to be high essentially. >> also shows the desperation of the city to reach out and do something for its citizens. also the aspect of opioid epidemic that's going on how might this impact that? >> many of these communities, in the rust belt community are dealing with the opioid crisis. it is the heart and center of the crises there. they believe that medical marijuana is a perfect substitute for pain management that cannot lead to these deaths. if they get off the pills, and go to marijuana, it will lead to actually save lives. so a lot of these communities are saying it's a win-win, economically as well as saving the lives of people who are really struggling, a -- addicted to opioids. >> quite a story, brian. more to come. thank you. >> thank you. well, they say to dance like
2:55 am
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>> this is a very, very testing again. >> the gop health care pan placing an up hill battle. >> facing the strategy in two parts babbling two parts. when two parts. when backed into votes and avoid losing any other republican votes. >> took a single democratic vote to matter which are willing to do. >> this bill is a coral, outrage. they make they become obstructionist. it's a terrible thing for the people to resist obstruction. it's not what they want. chat mac


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