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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 25, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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talk to me and twitter. we'll be back next sunday 11:00 a.m. eastern with the latest buzz. [♪] [♪] arthel: it's shake up to be a busy week on capitol hill and the stakes could not be higher. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is determined to hold a healthcare vote before congress breaks for the 4th of july holiday before the end of the week. but rate now the senator does not have the votes to get it passed. welcome to "america's news headquarters"." eric: the democrats lashing out at the draft, criticizing the bill. but five republican senators
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also have spoken out against it. they are leaving senator mcconnell for the time being short of the necessary votes for it to pass. so five senators are coming out against it. are they any closer to potentially changing their minds if there are changes in the bill? >> gop leadership tell you this is a work in progress. mitch mcconnell would like to hold the final vote on wednesday or thursday. one of the most outspoken critics of the gop healthcare plan has been kentucky senator rand paul. he like several others argue the current bill doesn't do enough and goat far enough in repealing obamacare. he made it clear this bill has a long ways to go before he can support it. >> it promised too much. they say they are going to fix healthcare and premiums are going to go down.
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there is no way the republican plan brings down premiums. i have been in medicine for 25 years. it's a false promise to say we are keeping 10 of the 12 mandates that are forcing prices to go up but prices will go down. reporter: there are a number of republicans who are undecided and waiting to see the congressional budget office's analysis of the bill. particularly how much it's expected to cost and what the impact will be to insurance coverage and premiums. that's expected to come out tomorrow and gop leadership is bracing to see if that will cause additional senators to come over to the no column. eric: are they trying to turn the no vote into yes votes? reporter: leadership is working with those senators to see what
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changes they can make to the bill to address those concerns. senator john barrasso said it's a work in progress but he thinks they will get it done. >> we'll work with each of them. every one of them has good points they are making. >> do you have the flexibility within the framework of the bill to get it done? >> i believe we do. reporter: gop leaders are also ready to use the stick if the carrot doesn't work. they would be daring republicans for having voted against replacing obamacare. after 8 years of promising to do that, a no vote would be difficult for a lot of senators to defend when they come up for reelection. arthel: we bring in david
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hawkings, the senior editor of "roll call." is the vote hanging in the balance or does the majority leader have a 9th inning play to get him the win, and who might senator mcconnell be counting on. >> i tell people from having watched congress for a long time, those who underestimate mitch mcconnell do so at their peril. he's. >> extra able to pull coalitions together at the last minute. he's very good at this. he's not an ideologue, he's a deal maker. he can cut some deals. some of them might not be about healthcare. he might be able to cut deals with senators on issues
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unrelated to healthcare but important to their states. but he's got a long way to go. i count five more you say are undecided, i say are leaning against. that's a large number. he's got to get eight of those 10 waiving people on the same page by the end of the week. i think it's a tall order but he has been known to do those things in the past. if they are trying to save their jobs and listen to their constituents, which way do you think they will vote. and if they are trying to do what's best for the party, how would that affect the vote? >> ted cruz is a republican in a republican state. i would put ted cruz as likely to get to yes. mitch mcconnell has an amendment that will allow ted cruz to say i got the change i
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want and i will vote yet. dean heller is the only republican standing for reelection in a state that went for hillary clinton. and he has a fellow republican who is the governor who doesn't like this bill. he's in a tougher place. i'm not exactly sure what mitch mcconnell could come up with that would move mr. heller into the yes column. his rhetoric has been pretty emphatic. if you have got rand paul who is the least likely of the 10 at the conservative end and dean heller at the more moderate end, if heller thinks it's too frugal, the more you push it one way and make it more generous, you will lose the frugal folks.
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arthel: let's take a listen. >> this is still a work in progress. though the leader of the united states senate is very good at establishing coalitions to see that legislation passes. but it's still a lot of work to be done to determine whether it gets to 51 votes. maria: what is your gut? do you think it happens this week? >> my gut tells me this is very difficult. i hate to say this. i just don't know whether the votes will be there by the end of the week. maria: there is that, and also senator mcconnell is expecting to have the cbo score. so how will the congressional budget office score affect the vote on the senate healthcare bill? >> it depend on what the score is. one thing is that the score to
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oversimplify it a little bit. the score might leave some more money to be spent to be simplified where the score could say you could actually increase some of that medicaid spending that you are going to cut back. you could put more money in to help poor people. that could help. but i think what senator more ran is saying, what rear all saying. mcconnell decided it's now or never. he may think this best option is the consolation prize of sorts which is the bill fails, the boil is lanced, the pressure goes off and he said now we have a chance to recoup his loss by moving on to a tax overhaul. that's a tough sell at least as tough a sell as healthcare.
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arthel: both sides of the aisle are going to spin it. how do you think that's going to play out in terms of the spin. tax reform will be just as difficult. >> the precedent for a unified government and all republican government, the one one in 10 years, they are in quite a pickle. this was suppose to be the easy one. this is the one they have been campaigning on for 8 years. if the public knows one thing that the republican congress wanted to do is repeal and replace obamacare. they voted to repeal it 35 times, but they have never as we are seeing right now couple with a plan to replace it that virtually all republicans could get on board. arthel: we'll be watching this weekday individual hawkings. thank you very much. eric: the president facing a bit of a dilemma as he works on a
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campaign promise to destroy isis and syria in iraq. over those recent u.s. military sphrieks against syrian government forces. if that were not enough, israel fired back over the syrian border. projectiles from the fighting landed in the golan heights. what steps should the trump administration take next. ambassador, i was on the syrian border in the go land heights between syria and jordan and people were optimistic. but they do have a concern about the conflict between the u.s., moscow, tehran and damascus
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could spread. >> the failure of american strategy in dealing with isis to begin with by relying on the iraqi government which is effectively a satellite of the ayatollahs in tehran. they allowed iran to set the stage to link upt with the assad regime in syria, hezbollah and other terrorist groups. and we finds russia alied with syria and iran. we are putting ourselves in the middle of this coalition effort that's being put together without really being prepared for it. so that's why these conflicts -- it's a complicated battlefield, and i don't think we thought that through when we started the strategy. eric: how can we prepare for it? >> once isis is defeated -- it will be defeated, the only question is when.
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but once it's defeated it will leave a power vacuum and iran and the asawd regime and russia ann hezbollah will move to fill it. we need to get more arab forces involved. not the iraqi forces under the influence of iran. but from he jipt, jordan, the gulf monarchies. they have not participated in this fight as much as they should have. some of them have been on the side of isis, if you believe press reports. we should try and turn it around. but we'll find after defeating isis in the post isis environment, we are seeing the foundation laid for the next war. eric: if that vacuum is not filled by allies, what then? >> it will be filled by iran, by the iran-controlled government. and hezbollah.
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all backed by russia. this required strategic thinking as we move forward in the struggle against isis. then think about what we want the region to look like after it's defeated. given these sunni areas back to a shiia-backed government is a none-starter. it will mean more conflict sooner than later. eric: do you think that's a possibility or probability? reporter: to assist the baghdad government to re-take testifying within the former borders of iraq which will simply extend iranian influence directly to the border with syria. it's not clear what we are going to do with the syrian opposition. i just don't think this was well thought out in the obama administration, and warringly
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it's not thought out in this administration. eric: the influence of tehran right on through iraq and syria to lebanon. and when you are standing on the golan heights look at the border, you see syria and you see lebanon and the threat that hezbollah is right across the border. john: on a clear day you can see damascus. and the one thing they don't want is an iranian forces on its bored at go land heights. we need a strategy to deal with the final defeat of isis and then for the middle east post isis. eric: do you think that strategy
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could come the in a camp david-type summit dealing with this? a middle eastern expert close to the white house told fax follow us the meeting being discussed would to be restore alliances weakened during the obama years. what do you thinkth that leadership could look like and do you think a camp david-type summit could potentially have success? to have the awill be leaders there and if you want to go for it, have prime minister netanyahu of israel there, too. our arab partners in the region were pulling their hair out as they watched the nuclear weapons
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push in iran. they are heartened by the direction the trump administration has taken by the words of the president. but you need more than the president's rhetoric. he needs to move his bureaucracy in the direction of reasserting american influence in the region and making it clear to iran the foundation they are trying to lay in that arc of control through their assistance to the how how think houthis. eric: ambassador john bolton thank you. arthel: the supreme court could issue an order on the president's travel ban. it's one of big cases spending action this week.
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>> essentially the supreme court could issue that order any minute in regards to the president's controversial travel ban. if they don't it won't be final, but the justices would issue an order and the larger questions could be litigated down the road. the president's executive order re-stricts travel from six predominantly muslim nations. the justice department is asking for permission to enforce the second version of the so-called ban. they are expected to make a decision on that and also decide if they will take up the larger case. if they do, oral arguments could start as early as october. there are six opinions they have not yet released. they are expected to be released monday morning. three of those were argued before justice neil gorsuch took
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the bench. the judges are trying to decide whether it's legal for the government to exclude the church from a program that reimburses the cost of rubberizing a playground. justice kennedy could be considering retirement. if true it could be a big makeup for if the court and moist solidly to the right. kennedy has not said anything about this, the reports first surfaced in the associated press. arthel: thanks. eric: there is a new twist in the investigation into the deadly high-rise fire in london. former attorney general loretta lynch is back in the spotlight amid questions the investigators
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arthel: we have an update on the deadly london high-rise fire
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that killed 79 people earlier this month. government officials say all 34 samples of the ex tearer of the building failed safety tests. they are asking officials to submit cladding samples asap. other apartments have been evacuated and deemed unsafe by inspectors. eric: there was a horrible tragedy in texas. two toddlers were found dead in a hot car. the mother told investigators she left her son and daughter in that vehicle to quote teach them a lesson. reporter: a tragic story. cynthia randolph said her 2-year-old daughter and
9:24 am
16-month-old son locked themselves in the hot car. it turn out the 24-year-old lied to police. according to the police she admitted she left her kid in the car on may 26 as a term of punishment. she went back in the house, smoked marijuana and took a nap for 2 or 3 hours while her little boy and girl were inside the swellerring vehicle. when she went to check on them, they were unresponsive. police say she broke the car window to make it seem like her children had locked themselves inside. according to the complaint she told officers they were exposed to the heat in the car for no more than an hour. randolph said she punished her kid after they were caught
9:25 am
playing in the car. when her 2-year-old little girl refused to get out, she shut the car to teach them a lesson. she said she thought they would get out of the vehicle on their own when they were ready. cynthia randolph is facing two counts of causing serious bodily injury to a child. eric: there are sometimes are just no word. thank you, brian. arthel: the senate judiciary committee opening a new investigation into the clinton email scandal. a former assistant f.b.i. director joins us next to discuss.
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train to the senate judiciary committee opened an investigation into loretto lynch. lawmakers looking into whether lynch interfered in the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail@secretary of state. rob cosco, former fbi director. thank you for joining us. what questions does far need to be answered by former attorney general lynch? how germane if ms. lynch's testimony and what resolution might provide? >> my hope is that provides a resolution greater than just the conversation about calling the clinton administration a matter appeared early on in the investigation, and there were references to the fda that committee being a security review. the arnett reports and we don't know what is true, but e-mails
9:31 am
between ms. lynch or a friend and somebody else at the dn t. suggesting that ms. lynch was going to not let the fbi investigation go too far. i think it's important that she resolved that, she'd tell us every year more testimony about who received the e-mail and was she ever in contact, what communications did she have with them. was that her intent? did she ever say that? arthel: from a public and democrats documents and other details as well as others. the former fbi assistant director claimed that would sacrifice national security. >> i don't know that it would've sacrifice national security, but the prevailing concern as she
9:32 am
obstructed the logical progress of the investigation in the investigation's ability to reach a natural conclusion. [inaudible] >> at this rate. we are talking about an accusation. there may be no substance to it. one of the questions i would have is did this with the body of evidence the fbi had come out with a loud to proceed with normal investigative techniques that when you have substantive allegations, where they benefit the tools in the tool chest? we've heard conversations. we heard there were no grand jury subpoenas or no grand jury. that's a typical investigative tool so i'd want to know. >> who would call for that? >> typically the fbi needs subpoena, they asked the prosecutor, i want to subpoena these 10 companies for records.
9:33 am
>> and they would have to ask that of ms. lynch? >> they would have to last item in this case that would be prosecutors at doj. the fbi can't -- that is right. typically for not talking about a drug case, the fbi does not issue grand jury subpoena on its own. you need a prosecutor to engage in certain steps. in a prosecutor to arrange witnesses in the grand jury, tell them to testify falsely and to use the leverage against them. i think i have questions and so do a lot of other folks about whether those techniques were available to the investigation or were they denied. >> ms. lynch has until july 6 to comply with the request that we will see the former attorney general testify or could she go to the hill and meet with senators? >> that's going to be up to the committee. today the standpoint where she comes and gives testimony in a
9:34 am
private setting? do they allow her to give a written response or is there some sort of public opportunity. it would be important for us to hear not just her, but perhaps the leading fbi folks to have the investigation to see if all the answers why not. did the fbi have ready access to the techniques they thought they needed, or if happens in this highly charged political cases, did it turn out to be the fbi asking 10 reasons given why we shouldn't bring the person at this time. you ultimately slow the progress of the investigation down without being the ultimate desired end result that you exploded so far now we are in the of the election season and we can't proceed further. arthel: so is this a thing or is it just more of a political distraction emanating from d.c.?
9:35 am
>> that is a great question, a fair question to ask the former attorney general the former attorney general what if the former attorney general would've been a communications did she have about this matter? it should make available the techniques the fbi requested? if not, why not and which techniques are we talking about? would we have reached the same result anyway with all the support doj could have had? is it a republican diversion to say local way and let's go back and reinvigorate the clinton investigation when there is no good cause. arthel: before i let you go, your point assistant fbi terror under robert moeller. how would you grade his integrity? >> top-notch. i think there are fair question now being asked about his team and about their political meetings. i certainly wish that
9:36 am
mr. moeller would add people to that team that had republican leaning, so there seem to be balance. but i think the man himself has questioned the integrity. there is an appearance issue in that appearance issue is something that i was concerned every fbi agent. the imperative impropriety. it seems that he's created an opportunity for people criticize and i wish he could correct that. arthel: thank you very much, sir. take care. >> the death toll climbing to at least 10250 men in pakistan. after a crash caused the tanker truck to explode. officials say the tinker overturned and when people ran to scoop up the oil, the tanker burst into flames. right now dozens of people are still fighting for life after suffering severe burns and his horrible accident. live in london with the very
9:37 am
latest. >> hi, eric. that high death toll may yet rise further. many are in critical condition and may not have their injuries. this all happened when hundreds of local people rushed to an overturned fuel truck leaking fuel from the. this is a valuable commodity and impoverished area of pakistan. but it suddenly exploded in one rescue worker has reported the place a lit cigarette. the vocals tried to fight it, it turned out to be too intense and when the blaze dies down, rescue workers also rushed to the scene, but it was too late to help many who died in that explosion. 18 people were injured as well said were taken to hospitals have very severe burns.
9:38 am
it is thought the tanker was driving from karachi to the horror -- lahore. the local officials said the vehicle blew a tire. the driver did survive and is being questioned by police. all of this comes during that eat holiday which is irony underway. eric: just so sad paid katie, thank you so much. >> the senate to vote on the health care bill. even if it does pass him it could face a major hurdles in the house. we'll explain next. first, senate minority whip dick durbin. >> we are going to vote this week on changing the health care system in america without any public hearings come without publication of the bill come
9:39 am
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train to the national weather service confirming two tornadoes touched down in eastern new jersey town of kabul. police say there was wind damage throughout town. most of it centered around one shopping center. the tornadoes ripped it trees, tore the front off of a home depot and he then lifted to occupy cars and crash them into each other. fortunately, no listener. eric: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has promised to vote by the end of the week. the senate republicans are able to get the bill passed. the conservative freedom caucus with house speaker paul bryant to make a number of concessions to get enough votes to pass the house version.
9:44 am
the senate bill is not enough to garner their support and without their votes of course, the bill will likely fail. to look at change when it has come a congressman joins us with predictions. good to see you. it hasn't been voted out of the senate yet. we don't know exactly what will be in it at the end of the day. what do you think could be changed to get the freedom caucus to support it? >> there's a lot of media attention from the centers that may not be with it. of course i believe i'm optimistic that they would get their. i actually agree with the members that once he comes over and put it in conference and negotiate. there's a couple things in their we're still going over it. for example, we have to make sure they do what they believe
9:45 am
is the right thing in not expanding medicaid gets treated just as good as the ones that did it and medicaid. but the legislative process that will negotiate it here >> the website you wrote last march. millions of people have a plan they want to keep. health care premiums skyrocketed. costing as much as mortgage payment with deductibles they can afford. not a simplistic one. how can you reassure american that they by and large will lose health insurance? premiums going up 20% and medicaid reductions basically kicking people off their roles. they would lose their health care.
9:46 am
>> i wrote back then i said many times i have no problem with the cbo. the reality when i the reality was elected that they were looking at the totality of the data. the legislation liberty passing legislation. it's important that we communicate that obviously the democrats on one side of a lot of rhetoric. some of it is legitimate, some of it is not. we saw the same thing. people are going to die. we saw the same thing in the medicaid expansion debate in virginia. virginia we did what we thought was the responsible thing to medicaid with the start of the 5% of our budget battle over 22% and unsustainable as hard as the responsible thing to do. you do have a philosophical difference here. you have what they were first talking about.
9:47 am
we believe and we know that health care is consume at the local level. we believe states and localities have a much better idea than the one-size-fits-all, which is that the other side believes. and that's fine. could be the best thing for americans if we all came to the table and figure out what we're going to do. >> realistically think that's going to happen? >> at the moment realistically deliver the democrats will join in and do what i believe is the responsible thing? admittedly themselves they said many times the aca is flawed here you haven't seen anything. you see no plan to change it. at the same time, many folks in my district and across america are hurting bad. they are having 14 families having to make very tough choices. they have less care and so people have to lead. this is why we are here. this is why the gop was put into
9:48 am
place to deal with this issue amongst others of course. i didn't come to washington not to lead. i do believe we can get everybody together. leaders must act. [inaudible] >> atmos domestic that it will. arthel: congressman scott taylor. arthel: utah couples marriage torn apart on the utah bridge. how a community celebrated one-man life and now his widow is now speaking out. qualifiers out of control out west as many people are scored from their homes. others have been allowed back and are thankful they haven't lost that they never could have replaced. >> it's nice to see that it's still here. we have been coming up here on vacation and the folks at the cabin and 76.
9:49 am
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organizers sent me on a concert for curt cochran. 54 years old he was thrown from the westminster bridge into a group of pedestrians. he suffered a broken leg but says they were celebrating when the horrible attack happened. [inaudible] trained to melissa's husband was one of eight people killed in a terrorist attack. 48 other people were injured. arthel: wildfires raging out west amid extreme heat and wind. the fire in southern utah continues to grow and so does the number of those evacuated. authorities say only 8% of it had been contained.
9:54 am
will carr is live on the west coast. reporter: there are currently nine wildfires burning across utah this week. the biggest is in the southeastern part of the state. the 42,000 acres that forced more than 1500 people to evacuate the area. the fire that started last saturday doubled in size several times leading up to this weekend. authorities tell us today that they had the right conditions. the wind and temperatures in the 70s are really hope they can jump on the part of fire that's currently burning out of control. that is good news for residents on the thousand right now working. >> firewall that has her children's growth height on the wall. they are not replaceable. it's just memories.
9:55 am
>> as crews continue to work, 11 helicopters and dozens of fire engines helping make progress today because tomorrow is another red flag wind warning. that will cause the fire that destroyed more than a dozen homes which were started by a person who, why or how all still under investigation. >> firefighters have such a tough handle -- tough battle on their hands. including their homes and all those precious memories. thank you very much. true entry that is for sure. we've been reporting today the battle of the senate among the republican majority leader mitch mcconnell says the health care boat is this week. right now he appears to have another go. will he cobble up enough support to finally push it through? trad
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even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. you all the time.ories am i going to pass away like my mom did? and so you know this is something that's important. losing my mom to heart disease and then being diagnosed myself. it's like a war we're trying to fight against these diseases. resilience is in my dna. i won't die like my mom. it's a big challenge, but the challenge in itself is what keeps me going. i could really make a difference in these people's lives. that would be my dream.
9:58 am
we rbut we are not victims.ack. we are survivors. we are survivors. we are survivors. and now we take brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. we take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams... it affects how well brilinta works. brilinta helps keep platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. in a clinical study brilinta worked better than plavix®. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor,... ...since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent,... ...heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily,... ...or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding,
9:59 am
like stomach ulcers,... ...a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. slow heart rhythm has been reported. tell your doctor about bleeding,... or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. if you recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor about brilinta. my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca... ...may be able to help. eric: open its doors for the first time in los angeles at the wilshire grand center 17 stories tall. brexit type 21100 feet. the building features a sail shaped crown of reprogrammable led light system that will house a hotel, office space, shopping mall, restaurant and observation deck though we still have in new york city trade center.
10:00 am
the country's largest building. 1776. pretty tall. arthel: that does that for us. eric: stay with us on fox news today. leland: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell doesn't have the vote to pass the repeal in replace of obamacare. five republican senators. cenobite alabama's senator richard strange with what he needs to get to yes. >> on the russian hacking investigation. >> obama knew about russia a long time before the election. they shouldn't say something about it. >> the rulon president trump taliban executive


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