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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 25, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the country's largest building. 1776. pretty tall. arthel: that does that for us. eric: stay with us on fox news today. leland: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell doesn't have the vote to pass the repeal in replace of obamacare. five republican senators. cenobite alabama's senator richard strange with what he needs to get to yes. >> on the russian hacking investigation. >> obama knew about russia a long time before the election. they shouldn't say something about it. >> the rulon president trump taliban executive order.
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plus the other cases left to come down. leland: welcome to "america's news hq" on a sunday. i am leland vittert. elizabeth: im elizabeth prann. thanks for joining us. by republican senators that the gop health care bill. senate leaders in the trump administration are making their case in hopes of swaying lawmakers. >> the penalties go away, but right now the governments forcing people to buy coverage but the people who were paid $3 billion. those go away, so that's not obamacare. elizabeth: jerrett tenney joins us with the very latest on the debate.
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reporter: you have republicans in the white house senate leadership saying essentially either you're with us or you're against us. this is what republicans have campaigned on. there is a lot of pressure to get him to vote yes. those campaign promises to repeal and replace obamacare are exactly why several conservatives say they can't support the current bill. one of the most outspoken as kentucky senator rand paul. he said there's no way the current republicans keeps almost all of the mandates of obamacare in place. >> obamacare made it illegal to buy expensive insurance. i'm a 27-year-old guy and i don't want coverage. i cannot buy an inexpensive policy. they priced me out of the marketplace and that leaves obamacare. and still doesn't fix the fundamental flaw of obamacare.
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reporter: they are open to changing their minds if changes are made. trying to see what changes they can make it if those are enough to get through. democrats meanwhile are all too happy with the prospect republicans may not be able to get their health care reform bill and the gop won't get a single vote for their side. senate minority leader chuck schumer today. >> we are doing everything we can because it is so devastating for the middle class. i think they have at best a 50/50 chance of passing this bill. i called the white house the next day. first, stop sabotaging obamacare. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of the final vote wednesday or thursday so there's still time to get to the thingy here to mars than we expect to see the congressional budget office and that can make things even more of a challenge depending how much the plan is expected to cost and what the impact would beat her the insurance coverage and premiums.
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>> we will see. you're a tiny current thank you so much. the land has more. leland: one of the men voting on this bill, whether wednesday, thursday friday or sometime in the future will be alabama's senator luther strange joining us from birmingham. nice to see you. appreciate it. >> great to see you. thanks her having me. leland: they say that all politics are local. montgomery, alabama publishing this quote from the vice president chief policy officer for the alabama hospital association. our initial impressions are that it's going to be devastating for alabama hospitals, medicaid, health care delivery system from diane howard. with that in mind, how can you get to yes on it? >> well, i'm cautiously up the mistake we will get yes in the senate. i like the good things in the bill and the fact we are reducing taxes by billions of dollars in premium increases and high deductibles.
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if we are giving these choices, the fact of the matter is the current system is failing. it's a house on fire. they won't come help us put it out. we had to do something with regard to my state. premiums have tripled and would go up shortly. it's a devastating status quo we can't allow to exist. we are working with local officials to make it better. >> i don't think there is a republican that would argue with you that obamacare is in a difficult state. but it comes back to what republicans can pass. can you get to yes on this bill? that republicans come at you personally. >> i share concerns with my conservative friends. i would point out this is the first step. i don't think the bill would do everything we want done. the secretary price regulatory reforms would be a component of this in the third step would be legislation introducing market reform.
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>> you are yes on this or not yet? >> i'm not yet bear. at a very good conversation with the president yesterday. >> tell us what he said to you. that's fascinating. >> we have a very good relationship. i strongly support efforts to repeal and replace. we have behind us a very attractive tax proposal that will benefit our country. >> this is what the president tweeted out. i can imagine these very fine republican senators, perhaps he was referring to you after the conversation would allow the american people do suffer broken obamacare any longer. what did he say to convince you? what did he promise to offer? >> it was a great conversation. the personal participation in dealing with not only me, but all my colleagues on how to address the problems with legitimate issues here.
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this is the legislative process. it's encouraging to have a president willing to work with us. trade for what are you working on? what are the specifics? >> well, the bottom line for me is to make sure at least we're able to afford health care in my state. trade for you don't think in this current bill they are? >> i think they are. >> in the current bill they are. although there's some details i'm working on as we all are. train for this is on the other side. we heard the president saying he's going to be very involved. he certainly was when this bill was involved in the repeal and replace plan. this is sort of the stick if you will. this is the america first policy's super pac, which you might imagine they put out this sweet about senator heller from
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nevada who's also running for reelection as you are. why did@dean heller lie? not good. #heller boat cs. the ad campaign against the senator, do you worry that if you vote no one pushed back too hard that this group or others will come after you in your election, sir? >> i really don't. the people of my state one obamacare repealed and replaced. they are getting crushed worse than any other state. the people in my state is i do support president trump very strongly and so i'm doing everything i can to support this agenda. leland: fair to say you're close to yes on this, but not quite yet. >> well, i'm strongly optimistic we will get health care.
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the president's personal involvement will get us there. leland: do you feel that majority leader left room to negotiate a new that folks like senator cruz, senator jonathan, tenderly, senator paul, your friends on the conservative side when it's a mexican family doctor to negotiate? >> i think so. every states a little bit different. we just can't ignore it. i know there will be a lot of dealing going on this week. i'm looking forward to result. trade to the next time the president calls you come and give us a call among us know. >> i will. thank you very much. >> thank you. appreciate you being here. on "fox news sunday," breaking them here for chris wallace full city with health and human services secretary tom price, longtime advocate for repealing obamacare at 2:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel and "fox
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and friends" tomorrow morning. one-on-one with ivanka trump starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. right after she did this interview is fascinating, really in depth and at times a personal look at the first daughter. transferring "fox and friends" this morning, donald trump told pete hegseth is a very narrow path. he thinks republican senators aren't that far off. kristin fisher report the very latest in the white house. >> for the second day in a row, president trump is in virginia, buddies interviewed gave us a lot of insight into how confident he is the health care bill can get through the senate. he remains very optimistic but he also is plenty of room for errors. let's listen. >> famous last words, but i think we are going to get there. i can't promise.
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i think we are going to get there. reporter: only two republican senators can vote outcome of the five have come out and said they are against it. they either need to convince three of them to get onboard or three democrats. president trump acknowledged today the last scenario will never happen. >> we will get one democrat vote. and if over the greatest bill ever proposed in mankind, we wouldn't get a vote. and that's a terrible thing. there seem to resist. i've never heard about. elizabeth: one of the leaders of the so-called resistance democratic senator elizabeth warren. the republican health care plan being paid for with blood money. president trump didn't appreciate that. >> she's a hopeless case. i call her pocahontas and that's an insult to pocahontas.
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i actually think she's someone that's got a lot of hatred, a lot of anger. president trump is also has to do was frustrated that former president barack obama was now leading the resistance. he said no, i no, i don't think he's leading it, but he accused the former president of stealing his term to describe the house republican health care plan. president trump -- former president barack obama called it mean as well and accused them of stealing his term. elizabeth: kristin fisher with the very latest. thank you so much. >> supreme court will issue its final rulings tomorrow on summer break. the court has six cases waiting decision and this is an important one. the bid to revive his travel ban. ellison barber here. i come allison. >> the supreme court could issue an order this week in regards to
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the president's controversial travel ban. also expected to make a decision about a missouri churches playground and state money. the latter focuses on church of columbia, adding about separation of church and state. trying to decide whether or not it's legal for the missouri department of natural resources to exclude the program that reimburses the cost of a playground. another big decision is the so-called travel bed executive order restricts travel from six predominantly muslim nations. the justice department asking the supreme court for permission to enforce the second version of the executive order while they appeal for the lower court. they expected to issue a quarter but the larger question could be litigated down the road. if they decide to take up the larger case from a oral arguments could start as early as the sober.
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there were six opinions that have not yet been released. three of those were argued before justice neil were such took the bench. there is a rumor that could overshadow at all. justice anthony kennedy. the 80-year-old could be considered retirement. according to "the associated press," kennedy and some of his former law clerks met for a reunion and believed he was considering stepping down. >> i will never reveal the justice -- we are paying close attention to these last are the decisions and i can tell you one thing. just as the president did that justice neil gorsuch, whenever there's vacancies come whenever that happens, he will look to somebody. >> at the retirement rumors are true would be a big deal for the makeup of the core because it opens the door for president
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trump to appoint another justice and of the court to the right. can this not said anything about retiring. took office in 1988. the tie-breaking votes on big cases. >> springboro spirit are important. appreciate it. for more insight, let's bring in our panelists, the constitutional accountability center. ladies, we are right on the verge of a big week for both of you. i want to see which are both looking for. are you curious how this court could rule? >> absolutely prove the travel ban is what a lot of us are listening very closely for. the key part of that is the decision whether or not to allow the band to go into effect or to keep it on hold as litigation continues.
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that's incredibly important. right now we have people from muslim majority countries who are not being treated to this extreme vetting of those of us like myself involved in the case in support of all of those people who want to come to this country as refugees and believed the ban is a violation of the religious protections against discrimination. we think that the ban should continue to be placed on hold and will ultimately be determined. the administration really put it into effect. that's a really important ruling we will see this week, probably overshadowed some of the cases. >> i want to go over to you. there's a couple ways the court could rule. not necessarily a black or white. >> the challenges because the this case, if they kicked the can down the road. either they love god into effect been completed with a lifetime to do the announcements.
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they been held up by the lower courts in trying to assess the danger of allowing people in from these countries. they really just underlined the importance of all the judges. not just the supreme court, but because of some decisions driven a lot more by politics than by the law. those decisions really came through. >> even if they kicked the can down the road, that could still be a victory for the administration. >> i think they've had the opportunity to do that in that had the language they are comfortable with. the problem is just the timing coming at the end of the supreme court term. monday, tomorrow is the last day. so they could have an expedited hearing and it could happen any other time in the attack might be the best option.
10:18 am
it's challenging to do so in coming right at the end of the term. >> the three of them went judge gorsuch was seated on the bench. the separation of church and state is one a the other block busters we are talking about this week. what type of consequences come out of that case depending on the way they rule? >> if we are looking at justice gorsuch, how he decides on the travel ban will be the first test of fitness trumps justice whether he rubberstamped that executive order or not. the other important cases people thought he would be influential has to do with a missouri program that would help to resurface playgrounds. so whether or not this church playground could get that same funding. missouri had a strong role between church and state, so they are denying that funding for the playground.
10:19 am
after argument, it seems there might be a broader majority in favor of the church. we'll see whether it turns out to be one of these. >> if we have time i definitely want to get to kennedy's retirement. first your response on that particular case. >> that is right. six or seven justices when there's a public program available to everyone, you can just include religious groups. a kind of fits in a pattern we've seen so far. almost all of them are unanimous in its turning out it's not as divisive as people sometimes worry about. >> i'm not sure if there's a leak that is quite vault like if you will. any prediction. that would be a big headline.
10:20 am
>> you would be huge. it would be a seismic shift. justice kennedy has been the swing vote in favor of marriage equality. recently in favor of racial justice, whether through housing or education through affirmative action programs. a strong shift to the right. they always seem the supreme court, those who talk don't know and those who know don't talk. >> i have to say at this point, he's probably going to hate on for the big year. it's likely eventually they will step down during trumps presidency. glad to hear the administration is really ready. a great list they are working with. >> ladies come in thank you so much. coming up, more than 150 people from an overturned tanker. we will tell you where this all
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elizabeth: a series of wildfires
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blazing across the west and the deadly heat wave. 18 large fires burning right now across arizona, utah, california, new mexico, nevada and oregon. they scorched about a thousand square miles of land, forcing more than 1500 people to evacuate their homes. >> villagers trying to steal fuel from an overturned tanker got caught in a firewall that killed 150 of them. kenny logan live in london with this as they are still claiming the mess up. >> i come aside the are seizing the death toll is raising higher. people have very severe burns indeed good all this came about shortly after hundreds of local people rushed to a fuel tanker with containers to take some of that leaking fuel that spilled from the truck on the road in
10:26 am
all around it. this is not surprising that she might think. still very valuable in his rural areas. but it's also highly risky and is always people are gathered around the fuel around the track caught fire. you can see a massive fireball in the area all around the track which is why so many people were hurt. one rescue worker claims the blaze was stopped by a bit cigarette. that is yet to be officially confirmed. rescue workers were at the scene pretty quick, but it was too late in that it pushed in. at least 18 people were injured. many of those in a critical condition. doctors say the patients had extensive burns on most of their bodies. it is thought he was driving, but lost control on a bad on the main highway.
10:27 am
it ended up blocking the road. local officials are notoriously dangerous. the driver survived and is now being questioned by police picked by police but to put this into perspective, this tragedy happened at a time when families eating together to celebrate that sadly all the relatives died a time of mourning. >> kitty logan in london. thank you. liz has more. reporter: majority leader mitch mcconnell house republicans senators unified. kenny have the right number of votes in the right amount of time? they will weigh in next. remembered one of the bloodiest wars in the 20th century. ♪ in the cool mockery of korea
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it's free for everyone? do hawks use the stars to navigate? i don't know. aw, i thought you did. i don't know either. either way it's free for everyone. cool. what's in your wallet? >> i've been in medicine 20 years. i'm 54 years old. premiums are not going to go down in the default sort of overpromising twos day yeah, jurisprudence having gone down but we are keeping 10 of the 12 mandate. it's a foolish notion to promise something you can provide. >> republican senator rand paul, one of the five senators currently opposed to the health care bill. now comes the challenge for majority leader mitch mcconnell appealing without losing an equal or greater number of moderate republicans
10:33 am
concerned. he said it would be easy. brian mcguire to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was the chief staff legislative director byron dorgan. nice to see you both. thank you so much. first to you, mrs. mitch mcconnell's wheelhouse. can he do that? >> i predict he will. there's literally nobody better. i work for him for more than 10 years and time and time again i saw him pull a rabbit out of the hat. and if nothing else the american people are getting a sense right now how difficult a job he has 2a all the concerns of its members. he's quite literally the best person there is added. what look at terms of what he has to do. the moderates who are potential male and one right now who is paired rakowski, capito, gardner and heller out of nevada has
10:34 am
already said no. conservatives who said no have said no. cruz, jonathan lee and paul. how do you get to 50 when you or do you have that many? where is the rabbit in the hat? >> i would clarify nobody has said definitively. leland: definitively as it does now. >> it's a very common process where you start out with an author when you have time and work on it. that's the process we are at right now. leland: elizabeth, how are democrats plan? we are from chuck schumer lambasting this bill. what if the democrats do now? do they kick up some of these moderates? >> the republicans are doing a pretty good job of imploding. they don't need a lot of help from democrats. mitch mcconnell will get the bill passed. he's the majority leader in the senate. he's got all the institutional and political tools at his disposal.
10:35 am
he has the ability to change the bill until the last minute. i presume they'll be able to get it done. he's well-known for being a good legislator and it would be the height of ineffectiveness that is not able -- >> paul ryan was unable to get it done. >> republicans have really struggled. all nature, has to do is bring his own party along. i assume it's going to get that done. >> why has this proven so much for republicans? the president having to personally call the junior of all junior senators. >> with respect, i would disagree. this is shocking. this is extremely difficult to do. the democrats to destroy the health care system with obamacare aren't lifting a finger to do anything to fix it. mcconnell starts with 52 and
10:36 am
that's a very difficult number if you're trying to get to safety. >> democrat or getting. they are fighting my kayak to stop a bad bill and bad policy. >> to that point, you do get the sense that democrats are more than half on the sidelines and watch the republican inciting rather than try to have negotiated compromise you don't see chuck schumer down pennsylvania avenue and seen on here. >> it's a great point. there's broad consensus on how you can improve the existing law. >> where democrat offering now? >> republicans never wanted to do that. leland: hold on commanders a difference between mcconnell and paul ryan. if the democrats want to talk, i'm ready to make a deal with them. why are democrats going? >> there's never policy
10:37 am
democrats have been forthcoming with about ways that they can change the underlying bill without cutting coverage, without raising premiums, without cutting taxes for the wealthy. this doesn't make sense for the american people. trade to very quickly, do they run the risk of having the present flip and say fine, i'm going to make a deal with the democrats and moderate republicans. >> the president is fully supportive of what he will do right now and he will do everything he can. leland: we erred here is making phone calls. rand paul made a joke about that a couple days ago. thank you, both. great conversation. >> 67 years ago today coming june 25th, 1950. the korean war started when they launch a surprise attack across the 38th parallel in south korea. the u.s. and the nation join the fight to push back over the line.
10:38 am
the three-year war was brutal. 45,000 americans died in the fight and whether x thousand north and south koreans. despite a cease-fire in 1853 comment aco has never been signed intentions today show just how dangerous the korean peninsula remain. thousands of north koreans marked the occasion with the massive parade in pyongyang under the watchful eye that can jump circle et cetera message of peace come officials try to flex their military muscles. [speaking in native tongue] the line dividing north and
10:39 am
south korea remains on earth including thousands of u.s. troops at bases in south korea. the prime minister had a message today. [speaking in native tongue] >> north korea should come on the path towards denuclearization. north korea should respect human rights. the community was outraged over the u.s. citizens. north korea should release our old and u.s. citizens come to the country. >> north korea took no responsibility for the treatment of otto warmbier are saying it is the greatest existence. there is still three americans in captivity in north korea and the 600,000 have perished in that conflict. tranter retired army ranger with bravery on the battlefield earned him the medal of honor.
10:40 am
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10:45 am
returning home and need help now more than ever. the process for returning can take anywhere from nine months to almost two years. where you're sending housing and transitional options for themselves and their families. the troops first foundation just completed a transitional housing program located not far from walter reid and they are doing just that. >> that kerry doesn't end when you leave the hospital. elizabeth: survive the unthinkable. he threw a live grenade away from wounded comrades as they came under attack during a raid in afghanistan. it was his seventh tour. sergeant leroy petry reenlisted but not after a long road to recovery suffered the loss of his hand in severe damage to both of his legs. it taught him the rehabilitation journey needs special attention.
10:46 am
>> the work is amazing and it's great for the spouse, the children, everyone involved. you have neighbors who can rely on and trust. >> search of petras referring to a new village named in his honor. seven homes built for words transitioning back to civilian life with their families. 30 minutes east of walter reed medical center which provides care and services to more than 1 million families a year. boot foundation. >> to understand why so many go through, the need for housing, which smacks you in the face. the requirement is they are engaged in the next step of their life going forward. school, job. it's not a homesteading opportunity. >> the first image got the key to their new homes this week. they will move into the village in july, but this gift is just as much for the caregivers says
10:47 am
about the patient. right now upwards of 5.5 million military caregivers. many care for the men and women hurt in post-9/11 conflict. these are not just homes the sanctuaries. >> they deserve this housing as much as the patient needs it. and hopefully makes it accessible. >> while the paint dries in riverdale, maryland, sergeant petri are already reaching for the next goal. they want to replicate the village in texas and california or other military officers. the mac we providing an opportunity. that is all we are doing. when the last houses penciled for occupancy, the reality is we run for the next >> if you want more information about, go to the website at the bottom of your screen.
10:48 am
leland: when we come back, this is not possibility, but could a national state go bankrupt? the money problems in illinois and what it means or so many peoples pensions. you don't let anything
10:49 am
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train to illinois on the verge of downgrading to junk status while lawmakers hold a special session to get their first budget in well over two years past. so what is new? and if they file a a bankruptcy or to federal taxpayers need to bail out? gianna caldwell previously worked for the office of illinois street treasure. thank you for joining us. any budget shortfalls? i appreciate it. i was really unique as of this month. for $.7 billion worth of unpaid bills or that's unheard of in it doesn't look like there's light at the end of the tunnel. >> you're absolutely right. i can direct the back to one man who worked with the republican governor who's been in for a little over three years now. bruce browner had a turnaround agenda, which the people of illinois voted for.
10:53 am
he refuses to negotiate. he's the speaker in american history and at the end of the day, the only thing he wants is power. it's become very problematic. >> the governor had a business background. what was his plan was elected the unfunded pensions? that is one of the biggest issues here than almost $200 billion of unfunded pensions? >> that is one of the biggest issues. about $130 billion of unfunded pension liabilities. 20 billion in just one year. that's not the only issue that exists in chicago. but in chicago rather illinois. from the manual is also somebody who needs to be voted out like speaker michael jay madigan. this is an individual who actually only cares about illegal immigrants at this point i'm pretty much no one else. they speak to that that impact
10:54 am
in my little brother, my younger brother was in the car with three of his friends when it was riddled with bullets. elizabeth: we need the police to stay on the payroll. we need everything up and running. i'm curious about the fact our viewers at home all over the country say why should i care? they should care because who's going to pay for this? >> the citizens of chicago in illinois are looking to get bills about the federal government. the leadership refuses to sit down and say look, we are going to work something out. we are going to make sure our pensions are funded and raise taxes but reform the system of governing in illinois. that isn't going to happen. i don't think the special session will change much of
10:55 am
anything. going back to chicago and this is something i know that it's a little different in the conversation initially. but rahm emanuel has to go. he started the issue the same with speaker madigan. this is an individual who refuses to capitulate what the people of chicago in illinois want. elizabeth: i wish we had more time. we're up against the heartbreak. filing chapter nine for the city of detroit is a lot different. i'm not sure the state of illinois has the legal grounds do so. we hope to have you back and tell us how the story develops your thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thinks. -- thanks. trade to a memorial for the utah man killed in the westminster bridge attack in london. 54-year-old curt cochran before new york city to commemorate his life, local musicians performed
10:56 am
at a memorial concert. he was in london this march when his wife melissa was celebrating their 25th anniversary when they were run over by an suv and attack ices later and credit for. what size your member suffered a broken leg. elizabeth: be sure to tune in next weekend. a special roadshow edition. i'll be heading to the country music capital of the world. leland: national would not be nashville without you. we are going to be live on the national mall and also joined faye sanders at the air force to keep you -- show you how to keep the skies over washington days. elizabeth: it's going to be a great weekend. trade you safe travels. trade you safe travels. we'll see you next week in back here. in the meantime, stay here. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about!
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but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia >> i am bright in for chris wallace. all eyes on the senate. as a rebel he planned to replace obamacare. what do they have the votes? quest they believe we have that ability to -- >> will break down what is in this bill and can this bill actually passed? >> the intention is not to take it out is to make a bill better. >> we want to get


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