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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 25, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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[applause] >> thank you. [applause] we begin with president trump gearing up for a pivotal week. speaking out this week on fox and friends with senate republicans plan to vote on their health care bill before the fourth of july holiday. mr. trump is saying he has faith the gop can pass the bill and do away with obamacare once and for all. hello everyone.
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>> hello, it's good to be back. i'm eric shawn. the battle lines are drawn. also taking aims at the democrats, including his predecessor in the white house, kristin fisher is live on the north lawn with the latest. >> today on fox and friends we got a lot of insight on how confident president trump is that he can get through this bill. he was very optimistic but left plenty of room for error. listen. >> i don't think they're that far off. famous last words, right, but i think were going to get there. i can't promise. i think were going to get there. >> in order for the bill to pass, only two republican senators can't vote no but five have already come out and said they're against it. republican leadership in the senate needs to convince three of them or three democrats but president trump acknowledged that last scenario, getting democrats on board is not going to happen. >> we won't get one democrat vote. not one.
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if it was the greatest bill ever proposed in mankind, we wouldn't get a vote. that's a terrible thing. there seem is resist. i've never heard of anything like this. >> one of the leaders of this resistance is democratic senator elizabeth warren. she accused the senate republican health care plan of being paid for with blood money. it appears president trump didn't appreciate that. >> i actually think she is a hopeless case. i call her pocahontas. that's an insult to pocahontas. i think she has a lot of hatred and anger. >> in that interview president trump was also asked if he was frustrated that former president barack obama was out there leading the resistance. president trump said he doesn't think he's leading it but he did steal the term he used to
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describe the house healthcare plan, meaning. before we will have more on this throughout the hour. arthel: with senate gop leadership pushing for a vote on the healthcare bill ahead of the summer recess, mitch mcconnell will try to pass it through reconciliation meeting only 50 votes to pass. even that looks difficult with several republican senators coming out against the bill, which may not have conservative support in the house. for more, garrett is live from washington. some say it's not conservative enough and some say it takes it too far. several states doesn't do enough to repeal obamacare. somewhere in there, mitch mcconnell is hoping to find some middle ground, enough of one to get the 50 votes he needs to pass the health care reform bill. five senators have said they can't support the bill without
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changes and others such as bill cassidy say if the changes don't include better funding for medicaid, they will vote no as well. >> right now i'm undecided. there are things in this bill that adversely affect my state. if those can be addressed, i will. if they can't be i won't. reporter: rand paul has been an outspoken critic in both the house and senate. he argues the bills don't do what they been promising over the last eight years which is to appeal obamacare and address the problems in the healthcare system. here he is on abc this week. >> they say they're going to fix healthcare in premiums will go down, there's no way this bill brings down premium. i've been in medicine for 24 years in premiums have never gone down. they're not going to go down.
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even if the senate is able to pass its version of the bill, it will have a lot of differences from what was passed in the house. first, tax credits are determined by a person's age while in the senate the tax cut is based on a person's income. if you have a pre-existing condition, under the house bill, certain states will be allowed to increase your premium but under the senate bill that would be illegal. as for the medicaid expansion that took place under obamacare, the house plan would cut off funding for the new enrollees as the senate bill would phase out funding over four years starting in 2020. both the house and the senate bill includes cuts to medicaid spread the house bill would give states funding based on the current spending levels. the senate bill would allow funding to grow at a slower pace after 2025. those are expected to be some tough differences for them to work out before final bill can go to the president's desk but there's still a long road ahead. >> thank you so much.
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>> meanwhile there's some big headlines coming out of the supreme court including word that several high profile decisions may come down tomorrow. that's ahead of the court summer recess. one of them is on president trump's travel ban. we are told that decision could come down anytime tomorrow. we are also following reports that justice anthony kennedy could announce he's retiring. if that comes to pass that would give the president a second pick for the high court. allison barber is here with more. reporter: the supreme court could issue an order regarding the travel ban. there also expected to make a decision about the playground and state money.
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it focuses on a playground in columbia. it's a case about the separation of church and state. the justices are trying to decide whether or not it's legal for the missouri department of natural resources to exclude the church from a state program that reimburses the cost of changing the playground. president's executive order restricts travel from six predominantly muslim nations. they are asking the supreme court their permission to enforce the second version of the order while they appeal rulings against it from the lower court. they are expected to issue an order on that this week but the larger question, it could be litigated down the road. in all, there are six opinions that have not yet been released. three were argued before justice course which took the bench. there's a rumor that could overshadow it. he could be considering retirement. according to the associated press, he and some of his law clerks meant for a reunion and several of those law clerks believe he is considering stepping down in the next year or so. >> i will never read review the
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conversation between a sitting judge and the white house. whenever there are vacancies, whenever that happens, he will look with someone with fidelity to the constitution. if true would be a big deal for the makeup of the court because it opens the door for president trump to appoint another justice and move the court to the right. he has not said anything about retiring publicly. he will be 81 next month. he took office in 1988 and is known for casting tie-breaking votes on some very big cases. they're giving us a year to decide so we will see what happens. arthel: pakistan is coping with a tragic, a tragedy of epic proportions. at least 153 men, women and children are dead after a fuel truck flipped over and exploded. villagers iran to scoop up the spilled oil when the tanker burst into flames. the number of fatalities could rise, as many of critically
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injured that are fighting for their life. kitty has more from london. reporter: hundreds of people have gathered around this truck when the explosion happened, and most had no chance to escape. fuel leaked all around the truck as people try to salvage what they could. people are poor in this region. many were desperate to quickly fill up containers, but over 100 were killed instantly when the truck exploded. one theory is a lit cigarette may have sparked the fire. the truck was surrounded by spilled fuel and within seconds there was a massive fireball all around it. rescue workers rushed to the scene but for many it was too late. at least 18 people were badly injured. doctors say many patients are in a critical condition. the fuel tanker was lost control
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and blew a tire. the pakistan roads are extremely dangerous. the driver survived and is said to be in police custody. to make this even harder for those who lost loved ones, this tragedy happened at the start of a holiday. arthel: very sad. thank you very much. eric: bernie sanders is outspoken and firing back. coming up we will tell you how the independent is working to try to derail the republicans plan. arthel: president trump is optimistic about the health care bill. our next guest will tell us how the outcome could impact the rest of his legislative agenda. eric: and airliner started violently shaking in mid air. what force that plane to turn back after 90 minutes in the s sky. >> it was like and ask lotion from the left wing and the plane
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now for a quick check of the
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headlines. air asia passenger jet from australia to malaysia was forced to land an hour after airport. they heard an explosion from the left engine and had to land. they blame it on a technical issue that is now under investigation. for months, bernie sanders opposed the gop health care bill. he calls it a horrific and immoral piece of legislation. hundreds of thousands of people gathered in cities across the globe to celebrate pride. they held their 48th annual pride parade. he began in 1970 as a civil rights protest. it was a key moment in lgbt history. parades were also held in seattle, san francisco, minneapolis and many other cities.
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>> i have great relationships with most of the people in the senate, as you know, most of the people in the house. i think i work very hard. i made a lot of great friendship with the people in house. same thing in the senate. there are good people. they are friends of mine and i don't think they're that far o off. famous last words, right, but i think were going to get there. i can't promise but i think were going to get there. eric: that was president trump on fox and friends. he can make any promises about the living healthcare vote but he does say he is optimistic. he remains confident republicans will compromise and get a bill that everyone can live with. as we await that outcome, the stakes could be high for the rest of the president's agenda. jeff mason joins us. he's the white house correspondent. good to see you. it's a squeaker.
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the president needs reporting tonight. fifty-two republicans, he can only lose two. he down five who are against the bill. how can he convince the majority to potentially back this? what type of persuasion could the president use. >> for starters he will probably have to start picking up the phone. he did that last week. he made some calls on thursday and friday. i understand he will probably continue to do that and lean on some of the more conservative lawmakers who are still skeptical of the bill. you can certainly imagine he will be pushing the five lawmakers who have so far said they can't vote for it. a lot of it has to do with dealmaking. the president is known for that and he is proud of that. he did try to do the same thing with the house bill and no doubt he will do the same thing now. eric: is it realistic to get any of the five to change their mi mind? how does that work, can this
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work in this case? i'm sure he's working on that strategy and he and the rest of the white house. it's hard to say exactly what he will employ, if it involves bringing people to the white house that will be part of it. all of those are areas are ways in which he can do dealmaking in employ the trump strategy that he has been proud of and he's written about and he hopes to use as president of the united states. >> and he addressed the opposition, which senators are against it, cbo said 23 million people potentially could lose healthcare, premiums going up 20%, the reduction in medicaid as well as older people being impacted, is that part of the discussion. >> that's a good question. he will have to get down into the weeds on some of those issues. those are things that impact
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people in those states. he will have to weigh in on that. the white house has weighed in on it so far, but it will be up to the president in the end to close the deal. eric: how close do you think this could be? his five-year economic plan, 5150, al gore was the tie. tax-cut for george bush, 22000 sometimes all you need is a bond to score one run and get in and get this thing passed. what you think will happen. >> i think the fact that it's so close means it will be close in the end. the fact that mitch mcconnell has set a deadline trying to get this done before the holiday means the pressure is on to really wrap up in the next week so i think it will be very close. the stakes are high. let me read what the "washington journal" said. specifically in dealing with the republicans, they have
3:20 pm
campaigned across four elections against obamacare and now americans will see if they have the courage of the professed convictions. conservatives attacked the gop for having failed and the democrats attacking the gop for having tried. the stakes are high. how does this impact the rest of the president's agenda. >> it has a huge impact. it was one of his major campaign promises and it was something that republicans have been professing they want to do for years. they have the opportunity and it's also a big moment for democrats to show how far they can be successful in their own ability to prevent something that was such a key part of obama's legacy from being gotten rid of on capitol hill. in terms of the impact on the rest of president trump's legislative agenda, people see what he can do with this and
3:21 pm
that will impact whether they believe he can do the same thing on tax reform and other legislative priorities that he's laid out. >> you talk about tax reform, that's coming up next. it's energy wreak. >> it is energy week. that's another themed week that the white house is proposing which is in part to focus on something that the president sees as a strength, but also to show that the white house is focusing on policy and not getting wrapped up in the issues surrounding the rush investigation and the other crises and scandals that have gotten so much attention the last few weeks before finally, there is a lot of controversy about barring cameras from the briefings which has been traditional. here's what john spicer said about that. >> you look at the number of questions i get asked over and over just so a supporter can get a clip of themselves saying something or yelling. i think it not only makes it
3:22 pm
repetitive but there's a mix. i think cameras are fine and there's an opportunity for that but you can equally, on days when the president is speaking, have an off-camera briefing with an engagement on policy issue. to suggest that it's not on television is nonsensical. many of these reporters use anonymous sources and write up things and yet i can make an equal argument that that doesn't sound like news to me. we engage with the press corps very robustly from early in the morning to late at night. it's one small part of what this staff does to engage the media. eric: what's the position in the white house? you want transparency, you want accountability, we pay the salaries. does he have a point. >> putting my white house correspondent association hat on, it is our view and what we are advocating for that briefings need to be televised because it's in the interest of transparency and in the interest of giving the american people the right and the ability to see the administration that they have elected interact with reporters. it's also important for our
3:23 pm
members, particularly in the television and radio world to be able to do their job so they can have sound and audio in the television packages and be able to report the news in that medium. sean is right, the white house has the right to set its own media strategy and they do indeed engage with reporters and lots of different ways, but that briefing is a very important way in which they engage and we are advocating for it to be televised as often as possible. >> his boss who is fond of the ratings is boasting that sean is doing better than the soap operas. >> i think he does get readings. my interest is not figure out if he gets ratings or not, it's our interest in the interest of the association just to push for transparency and give the american public the ability to watch that back and forth. eric: that's what we are here for. look it up folks, it's about american democracy. >> good to see you.
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>> this is a fox news alert. a rescue operation underway after a tourist vote with 150 people on board sank in a reservoir in columbia over the long course of the holiday weekend in that country. firefighters and scuba divers are heading to the scene. authorities have not yet made clear how many people have been rescued and how many are still missing. we will continue to follow the story and bring you developments as we get them. meanwhile, a massive wildfire out west destroyed more than a dozen homes. will the weather help firefighters put out the flames. plus, mitch mcconnell making one final push for support. is five senators enough to sink the bill? the congressman will be here to tell us how health care reform could shape the upcoming midteri
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arthel: time for the top of the news. in st. peter's square, pope francis praying for the victims in that devastating landslide in china. as well as those injured and left homeless. the holy father saying i am very close to you. arthel.eric: search teams have recovered five bodies and are looking for 93 others were missing. they are now looking for signs of life amid all the rubble. arthel: a forest fire in spain is forcing the evacuation of more than a thousand people. the flames moving quickly and threatening a famous national park which is at a world heritage site. eric: a thousand firefighters in utah have been fighting the
3:30 pm
largest wildfire in the country. it has burned more than 66 square miles of land so far since it was sparked one week ago. so far it has destroyed 13 homes and the process the weather has cooperated with firefighters today. the winds are expected to pick up again tomorrow and that's not good news. will has more from the west coast bureau. >> there are currently nine large wildfires burning across utah. the biggest by far is in utah in the southeastern part of the state. as crews continue to work they are getting help from 11 helicopters and dozens of fire engines. the fire started last saturday. doubled in size several times leading up to this weekend. it's now burned more than 42000 acres. 1500 people have evacuated the area which is a popular ski town that includes bill johnson. >> okay, locked up so the bad guys can't get in. hopefully we keep the fire out.
3:31 pm
>> it's nice to see that it still here. it's family here. we've been coming up here on vacation since 58. the folks bought the cabin in 76 so we grew up here. fire crews say they've had good conditions, low winds and temperatures in the 70s. they are hoping containment numbers jump before tomorrow which will be a red flag wind warning day. as for the cause, we've learned someone was using a blowtorch to burn weed. it's unclear if that person has been identified or if they will face charges. eric: not a good idea to have a blowtorch in the weeds. ericarthel: back to politics, fe republican senators openly rejecting the gop healthcare bill. that is three more than they can afford to lose.
3:32 pm
this is setting up a final blitz for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who is hoping to court additional support ahead of his end of june deadline. joining me now is republican congressman doug collins of georgia, vice chair of the republican conference, good to have you here. let's start here, can the majority leader pull it off? how will he do it, and are you optimistic. >> i am optimistic. i believe the majority leader and i don't underestimate his appeal. he shown that he knows how to get votes. i think the one thing we have to remember is most of these senators when they came out, there were a few that just said no way, but many of them said how can we get to yes. we heard the same thing in the house. this is about legislating. i think that's what you're gonna see this week. we look at ideas, compromise and how to get more votes. when were dealing with a product such as obamacare that's completely broken, it makes it imperative for them to come together and find a way to get this thing started and turned
3:33 pm
around. arthel: if it fails, what's the political fallout for the gop and president trump. >> at this point i'm not willing to accept that it's going to fail. this is something we iran on. this is something the republicans iran on and pushed for. he will work behind the scenes to find solutions so these members can get comfortable with what were trying to do and make the case to the american people that the system they currently have has failed them. when you look at this, this is not only a republican problem, but a democrat problem. when you have 160% premium increases and when missouri has over 140% increases, utah, 80 some and when you just go down the line, this is something we all need to come together for. when reality hits and we start looking whether we want to move forward and help the people.
3:34 pm
arthel: were at that point right now. the rubber is hitting the road. >> it is. i think we saw the same thing in the house. i think this is what a breath of fresh air with this president and administration, we are back to legislating and handling tough questions and moving forward. instead of continually resisting and obstructing everything, republican said we will do what we promised. arthel: to republican senators like dean heller of nevada or ted cruz really have to worry come 2018 midterm elections even if obamacare repeal and replace is not achieved? >> you think what we saw across the nation is these candidates iran on the fact that were going to repeal and replace. there's not been a theme change. i think the senators understand that and represent their state. they understand the political environment and i think at this time it's good news but in the
3:35 pm
next week or so you will see the senators have to come down to make a decision. do they want to keep the promise and work together and then work with the house to make something we can send to the senate and the president or we just want to sit there and do nothing. i don't think that will be there answer. i think special elections will show this president is still popular among his base and they expect us to keep his promise. then president trump said who knew healthcare was so difficult. did you know? >> yes. this is something we been working on, i've been in the house for just a few terms, but this affects people's lives. the stories that we get and basically some of the lies that have been told especially about the house plan not protecting pre-existing conditions or being concerned, the issue of medicaid is something we've needed to look at for a long time. i put able body adults into a program. [inaudible] i don't think that's a very kind
3:36 pm
portrayal of obamacare. what were going to have to do is find affordable access to healthcare that men and women can afford a news instead of just saying i have insurance, they can have healthcare. that's what were working for why has it gotten down to the 11th hour? >> i think in washington most everything comes down to the 11th hour. goes back to the premise of most americans who work better on a deadline and when it's time to make that decision. this is not new in washington. it may even push into the next week but i know that mitch mcconnell will get it done and the senators will see that this is the best thing, adding their input to make it even better. arthel: are you okay with your colleagues going home if nothing is settled before the fourth of july weekend.
3:37 pm
>> i think that's within the senate capability but they will have that choice. the main pushes to get it done this week. i think majority leader wants to get done, we are supportive of that. arthel: i just asked what you think if nothing is settled this week. you and everyone else have to go home and face your constituents with no answers or solutions. >> we been going home for a couple months and explaining our bill. i've been talking to constituents on a weekly basis and daily basis about the sprint i think the senators are doing the same thing. i remember doing interviews a couple weeks to say is the senate even going to take up the bill. now we know they are and are working toward it. i think let's watch what happens and i think the american people will be pleased, especially those who supported the idea that obamacare is broken. there are many people suffering and it's time to do something. the american people are counting on congress to get it done. doug collins, thank you very much for your time. >> it's great to be with you. eric: rex tillerson was on the
3:38 pm
troubleshooting mission trying to lower tensions between qatar and other allies in the middle east. up next have the stakes gotten even higher in the fight against islamic terrorism. iwhat is president trump considering to do to try to end the crisis baa baa black sheep,
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everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance. spacex falcon nine rocket is set to launch. >> five, four, three, 21 lift off. look at those weather conditions. they launched ten rockets. the nexgen communication satellites will help our data systems work even better. this follows another successful launch two days ago.
3:43 pm
that one used one that was originally flown in january. arthel: with several u.s. alli allies, moving this month to do some isolate qatar over backing terrorism, trump is considering holding a camp david style summit to address the diplomatic crisis. meanwhile secretary of state rex tillerson called for a lowering of tensions in a statement saying a productive next step would be for each of the countries to sit together and continue this conversation. we believe they are stronger when they are working toward one goal that is stopping terrorism and countering extremism. each country involved has something to contribute. a lowering of rhetoric would also ease the tension. qatar is a hub in the middle
3:44 pm
east. it's huge airbase houses thousands of u.s. personnel. ceo of meridian international. welcome they were at the peace treaty between israel and egypt. the modern-day version set in d.c. it's not on the books yet, but what's the likelihood of that happening and can such a summit tone down the rhetoric? >> right now kuwait gulf state in the region is acting as a go-between. that's probably not going to be enough. the president's visit to the region really set the stage for this commitment to double down on fighting islamic extremism and the saudi's and the egyptians sort of took that
3:45 pm
opportunity to basically deal with what they see as a long simmering dispute with qatar which has been financing a variety of groups including the muslim brotherhood. i do think we have strong interest in maintaining good relations with qatar. you mention the airbase and we have major commercial ties with them. we also want to keep unity with them, the gulf peninsula, especially when we look at issues like iran and fighting terrorism. arthel: so once the temperature is lowered and the dust settles, is the obvious task at hand to make sure qatar is not funding terrorism groups like the muslim brotherhood. >> i do. i think there were 13 demands that were put forward by the uae, saudi arabia and egypt, these demands range from things that deal of terrorism to other things that have to do with al
3:46 pm
jazeera. >> closing a military base and closing down ties with iran. >> exactly. some of those will be hard to do. they infringe on some of the foreign policy issues. the terrorism finance peace and looking at this billion-dollar ransom that was paid relatively recently to get some citizens out of iraq, there is concern over the amount of funds that are available to groups, and i think that's where their focus will be. i think they will have some sort of gathering if they think a deal can be cut. that's why rex tillerson's job is so important. he knows the players in the region, he is perfectly suited for this, but if he thanks there can be a deal and an outcome, perhaps on those areas of agreement they will move forwa forward. >> secretary tillerson said some of those demands cannot be met and now qatar has only ten days
3:47 pm
to comply. the other question, naturally one other question coming to the minds of americans, many of these players mentioned at the table, can they all be trusted to work on one accord? >> i think it's in their interest. this is not a new dispute heard obviously, they have influence in the media. it's a very wealthy, treat, but they have more in common than they do that sets them apart. it's in the interest of the united states to say come to an agreement. i think this is actually right for some diplomatic outcome. i think the saudi's and the uae have made a statement that they've reasserted their leadership position in the peninsula and in the gulf, but i think ultimately there will have to be a deal they think the united states is critical to that. >> you mention president trump strip, he was very pleased with his first trip overseas which
3:48 pm
included saudi arabia. then he returned home, appeared very optimistic, calling it a home run and a major success so how do we get here just a few weeks later. >> it's very logical because the saudi's who hosted him have decided even though there has been issues with them as far as also funding groups that are contrary to our counterterrorism strategy, they made a commitment to align with the united states on the subject. that's what triggered the opportunity for the saudi's to feel that they have a space to make the move that they did at the time, but i think now we are at a point where we need to simmer tensions and get the parties back to a normal relationship, focused on
3:49 pm
cooperation on these critical areas. who is likely to be the obstinate egg in the basket, and why. >> i think qatar, as long as they feel they are being held to a different standard as far as their role in the region, they will be difficult to deal with, but again they're being squeezed right now and they want to get this behind them as well. there's got to be a middle ground. focusing on terrorism financing and transparency, and that's really the most important set of issues. arthel: so you feel confident that secretary tillerson can get this together and get the guys over there. what happened over there or will they have to come to the u.s. >> i think i'll try to get it done over there. if they need to do it over here they will. it's going to be a short-term fix.
3:50 pm
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dramatic video of a teenage girl dangling from a sky ride at six flags in upstate new york. she was hanging on for life as fellow partygoers quickly assembled below. brian has the details. reporter: this all happened saturday night on what's called the sky ride at the great escape six flag park in new york. an unidentified 14-year-old girl from delaware found herself dangling from the ride about 25 feet near. she was on the gondola style car with relatives. the operator stop the ride and listened as horrified visitors watch from below. >> her neck is stuck. seconds later the crowd gathers directly underneath the girl, preparing to catch her before she hits the ground below. >> they will catch you. go ahead. incredible.
3:55 pm
the crowd cheers, you'll notice the teenager hits a tree as she fell into the arms of about a half-dozen guests and security personnel. they carried her to a golf cart where she eventually was transported to the hospital. she is in stable conditions with no serious injuries. in a statement to fox news, they said safety is the park's top priority. this morning the new york state department of labor had cleared the ride for operation. out of an abundance of caution the ride will remain closed while we conduct a thorough internal review. an unidentified 47-year-old new york man was also treated and released for a back injury he suffered for attempting to catch the girl. it's not clear how she slipped under the safety bar before she is lucky. kudos to the bystanders. arthel: a historic 3000-mile voyage now underway on the open seas. it started in france and it ends right here. beyond is a natural pet food
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>> historic 3000-mile race from france to new york hittin pinnig and strong versus small and fast.
4:00 pm
>> it will mark 100 years since u.s. troops arrived in france to fight in world war i. it's expected to be in the big apple. next is the fox report. have a good night. >> the white house is throwing its weight behind republican health care bill whose fate is in the u.s. senate. it hangs in the balance. hello i'm gregg in for harris, watching the fox report. >> time on capital hill right now the gop health care plan is expected to head to the senate floor sometime this week with republican still searching desperately for the minimum 50 votes needed. the party leadership is looking to thread the needle and went over a handful of holdouts without losing anybody from the s column. president trump is weighing in on the delicate


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