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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  June 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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week because i will be on an rv trip in california. we will see you back here in two weeks for the next revolution. g apple. next is the fox report. have a good night. >> the white house is throwing its weight behind republican health care bill whose fate is in the u.s. senate. it hangs in the balance. hello i'm gregg in for harris, watching the fox report. >> time on capital hill right now the gop health care plan is expected to head to the senate floor sometime this week with republican still searching desperately for the minimum 50 votes needed. the party leadership is looking to thread the needle and went over a handful of holdouts without losing anybody from the s column. president trump is weighing in on the delicate task.
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>> healthcare is a very complicated subject from the standpoint that you move it this way and the script doesn't like it, move it a little bit over here at a very narrow path. honestly, nobody can be totally happy, even without the votes. this has nothing to do with votes, it has to do with picking a plan that everybody is going to like. i would like to say love, but like. we have a very good plan. >> gregg: here's the latest from the white house, kristin, how confident is president trump that this bill will pass the u.s. senate? >> i think the best way to describe it as he is cautiously optimistic. he knows it's in their path. any and he thinks that senate republicans will be able to come together and pass it. >> i don't think they are that far off.
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famous last words, right. but i think we're going to get there, i can't promise, think were going to get there. >> in order to get there, only to republican senators can vote no. five have come out against it. republican leadership needs to convince three of them to get on board or three democrats. president trump says we could have the greatest bill ever and we still would knock it a vote from the democrats. >> that's called the resistance and that's terrible. their theme is resist, their theme should be, let's get together. but their theme is resist. >> in that interview he was asked how frustrating is it to have former president obama leading that so-called resistance? president trump to not blame obama for that. he even said, he is not leading it. >> gregg: the president may not have taken a swipe at his predecessor on that issue, healthcare, but he's shirt it
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over how he responded to russian meddling in the presidential election. tell us about that. >> he's accusing the obama administration of simply not doing enough after learn three months before the election it had received evidence that vladimir putin was directly involved in the cyber attacks. there was first reported by the washington post. >> the cia give them information on russia a long time before the election. and i hardly see it. it's an amazing thing to me. the question is, if he had the information why did he do something about a? you should have done something about it. but you don't read that. it's quite sad. >> the former deputy national advisor is waning. he said you can assess the obama response but it's a lie to say that he did nothing. it's also a fact that they did
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not publicly -- the obama administration did impose sanctions on russia in december. and also, according to the washington post approved a cohort cyber action or cyber war against russia, cyber attack but president trump said all of that was simply too little too late. >> gregg: thank you. president trump finding a new ally across the aisle. following a report claiming then president obama was very slow to act, despite knowledge of russia's election hacking. ranking member of the house intelligence committee, adam shift the say that he did not do enough to punish moscow. >> i think the obama administration should have done more when it became clear that natalie was russia intervening but it was being directed at the highest levels of the kremlin. i didn't think it was enough to tell them after the election,
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but rather given the seriousness of this i think the administration needed to call it russia earlier i needed to act to deter and punish russia earlier. i think that was a serious mistake. >> gregg: wasn't? joining me is adam kinsinger of illinois. congressman, good to see you. is it clear to you and your colleagues that president obama spent months actively concealing from the american people russia's interference in the election, did nothing whatsoev whatsoever, and does he deserve criticism? >> he does deserve criticism. i don't want to say conceal because i think the president has to make a decision about what intel to make public. he made this decision. where the contrast is it's in december the left-wing tried to delegitimize president trump i say this was the russians who
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did it. this is not new for president obama. in 2012 he taps somebody of any and say, just went to the selection is over, i will have a lot more flexibility in dealing with you. he never confronted russia and syria despite russian bombing you and convoys with the regime and bombing hospitals. he never confronted russia in ukraine. he never gave ukraine weapons to defend themselves. and i can probably russia is nothing new. >> gregg: the russian interference collusion probe has reportedly now morphed into abstraction investigation. do you share president trumps concern that the special counsel, robert mueller cannot be fair because of his close personal and professional relationship with james comey? how can mueller be impartial in deciding whether to believe his close friend versus the president who fired his close friend?
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>> i don't share the president sentiment on this. of what i know of robert mueller, i don't know him personally, but he is a very honorable person. it's not uncommon for people to make friendships, especially one outgoing fbi director to a new one. plus, washington, d.c. is a small town. most people know each other. i want to see what the results are to be able to judge. the credits ahead of this doesn't do it for anybody. >> gregg: honest people can be influenced in ways they don't recognize which is precisely why there are ethical rules and indeed it's in the special counsel statute that demand recusal even if there's the appearance or partiality and prejudice. >> that is true. i don't think somebody being friends with somebody like jim kelly who is frankly a part of this investigation, the investigation is focused on the administration of people around the election. i don't think that rises to the point of recusal. it's interesting because a few weeks ago, a month ago people
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were talking about how good of a person robert mueller is. that something has changed. >> gregg: people woke up and realize that he has a long time close personal relationship with the star witness, partner and ally, a mentor, protége. that doesn't look good, does it? >> i don't know how it looks. i just know when it comes to somebody investigating you cannot necessarily discredit them because their friends with someone. if there's an issue and if robert mueller sees that james comey has done run things and tries to cover up that we will see that and hopefully we will know. to just jump on this and say these two guys are friends and therefore less get robert mueller out of here, i don't share that sentiment. i'm a supporter of president trump. >> he says if you have a personal relationship with someone central to the case you may not serve, let me move on if
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i may, the former attorney general, little beretta lynch is now being investigated by the judiciary committee for potential political interference in the hillary clinton e-mail case. there's a report that she assured the clinton campaign that she would not let the fbi investigation go too far. should lynch be held to answer for this? >> absolutely. anytime if you are in government you violate the trust of the people, no matter what party it is, if loretta lynch was a republican i would say the same thing. for the sake of the democracy and believe in the system, that have to be pursued. if in fact attorney general lynch did what is being accused and if in fact we find that out through this investigation through the committee's investigation, she should 100% be held to account. you cannot say from a position of the justice department that
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you're going to try to slowdown something or limit the scope because a political implications. that's a violation. >> gregg: is called obstruction of justice it. >> absolutely. >> gregg: thank you very much for being here. senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell is making his final push for support as five republican senators are publicly rejecting the current healthcare bill. it comes as health and human services secretary, tom price also looks to court some votes. now making one less plea for democratic help. >> it will be wonderful to have democrats come along and recognize that neither nearly 40% of our counties that will have one issue or insurance company providing coverage. they'll be counties across the country that won't have any insurance company providing coverage. your premiums going up and deductibles going up. spewing garrett is live in washington with more. are any democrats at all willing
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to support the gop healthcare bill? >> a lot of democrats will agree that there are problems with obama care that need to be fixed. some would like to work to get those changes may. west virginia senator, joe on face the nation. >> there's a lot that can be done to improve it. thus it down, but we can even get in the room. if mitch would expand to bipartisan working group to repair and could talk about repealing that we have a path to go forward. >> that last part about repealing as a crutch to this divide. for the last eight years they've wanted to repeal and replace it and they are determined to make that happen. but obama care is also a democrats have worked to create over the last eight years. voting to do that is something no democrat is willing to be a part of. today and abc's this week, chuck schumer said that his party's doing everything it can to fight the gop's current plan so republicans will be forced to
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bring democrats on board to fix it. >> i called the white house the next day and i said first stop sabotaging obama care and two, sit down and work with us. we have ideas, you have ideas. we can't repeal obama care, that was proven if they lost, we'll work with you to make it better. >> mitch mcconnell's goal is to repeal and replace and to do that he will have to have at least 50 votes from his own party. >> gregg: a lot of undecided republicans on sunday talk shows today. i know you been following. where exactly do they stand? >> we know their five republicans is that they will not support the current bill but are open to change their minds if changes are made. today we heard that same thing from several other senators who have concerns with the plan and are currently undecided. there could be others as well and the days ahead that joint. a lot of senators are still working their way through the
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142 page draft of the bill. louisiana's and sue collins are both on the fence and would like senate leadership to give lawmakers more time to work things out. >> i don't what the russia's i think we like more days to consider it. >> it's hard for me to see the bill passing this week. that's up to the majority leader. we could well be in all night a couple of nights working through what will be an open amendment process. i think that at least is good. >> mitch mcconnell has said he wants to hold a vote on the health care plan this week. he appears ready to do that even if he doesn't have the votes he needs for it to pass. >> gregg: thank you. right now what was thought to be a minor accident turns out to be a horrific fire killing more than 150 people. an oil tanker crashes and erupts in a massive fireball. locals were rushing to the scene right before it happened. an update on this devastating
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>> crews have now recovered ten bodies from a devastating landslide in china where more than 90 people are still missing. rescues are using heavy machines, dogs and devices to try to dig through the rubble and debris to look through any signs of life. only three people have been found alive so far. a couple of in the three -month-old baby. in the southwestern area experts say it may have been triggered by rain. an unbelievable scene in pakistan. 153 people after oil tank suddenly flips over on the highway. people nearby russian to the
10:18 pm
crash site when the leaking fuel suddenly exploded into flames. >> people had no chance whatsoever to escape, it's thought that hundreds are close enough to that truck to be caught up in the blaze. if you will leaked all around the truck as people try to salvage what they could. people are poor in this region and fuel is costly. many were desperate to quickly fill up containers but over 100 were killed instantly with a tropic exploded. one theory is a lit cigarette may have sparked the fire. the truck was surrounded by spilled fuel and within seconds there is a massive fireball all around it. rescue workers rushed to the scene but for many it was too late. at least 80 people were badly injured, doctor say many patients are in critical condition. the fuel tanker will was headed
10:19 pm
-- when the driver lost control on a bend on the main highway. pakistan roads are also extremely dangerous. the driver survived the accident and is set to be in police custody. this happened just as a muslim holiday eve was starting making it that much harder for those who lost loved ones. >> gregg: thank you. the legal battle over a texas law that banned sanctuary cities now head to court. >> bill: is nonconstitutional attempt to make the fear of the harm done under the ice raids be the daily life of people in texas. >> gregg: is it really? the trump administration already throwing support behind the state. the cities, counties, and local officials fight back. can will be joining us in just a couple of minutes on that.
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live-streat the airport.e sport, binge dvr'd shows,
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10:24 pm
shelter some undocumented immigrants from deportation. it allows for the removal of public officials who do not comply. several cities are threatening to block the same it is unconstitutional. the u.s. department of justice is supporting the state of texas. joining us as texas attorney general. it's always a pleasure to have you here. doesn't your sanctuary city law simply enforce existing federal law that dates back to 1996 which says, and i will quote, the state or local government official may not prohibit or in any way restrict sending to her receiving from ice the immigration status of any individual. isn't that precisely what your law does? >> you have it right. the other thing you didn't mention is there was a supreme court case from arizona that address this issue. arizona's was more stringent. it required that law-enforcement
10:25 pm
ask about immigration status. in this case our telling cities, counties and others is they cannot prevent law-enforcement from asking that question. >> gregg: those that are suing you are claiming that local police are being commandeered to do the work of federal officials. are they in fact being commandeered? or are they being asked to comply with federal law which under the constitution, has supremacy. it's a supremacy clause. it gives the federal government all rights of privacy to immigration. >> everything i've ever seen has given supremacy to the feds. all were asking local officials to do is, they are sworn to follow the law. rescue them to follow the law. in addition when dealing with the immigration status, this is not even a requirement. it's a provision that lets local law enforcement to their job.
10:26 pm
let local law enforcement to their job. >> gregg: also under federal l law, it is a crime, a felony to shield somebody who is here illegally. i will quote that law. any person who conceals, harbors or shields an alien who has come to the united states by violation of the law should be imprisoned not more than five years. so, is that allow witches just been ignored? and to some extent your status trying to remedy that. >> that is right. it is something we're trying to remedy. that is why we have the provisions. we have civil penalties, removal from office, somebody like the sheriff of austin who will not help us. she is now subject to those particular provisions. the state of texas is getting serious.
10:27 pm
if you look at what donald trump has done over the past five and half months i can make the argument that he has done more to impact illegal immigration than any president in history. >> one can argue that kate steinle in san francisco would be alive today if the sheriff had not ignored the ice request to detain sanchez, who was let go, opened the jailhouse store, you are free and he goes out and promptly kills kate. do you worry that there are more potential victims out there because local police, sheriffs, city council, mayor's are refusing to enforce federal law and now texas state law. >> i don't just worry. i know it's true. our department of public safety, state police issued these reports. over the last five years we have
10:28 pm
over 212,000 illegals arrested who have committed over 570,000 crimes including sex offenders, murders, theft, drugs, the list goes on. we know we have an issue here. it's a real issue that needs to be addressed. there's no reason not to address it now. >> gregg: thank you for being with us. >> thinks for have any. have a great day. >> gregg: the supreme court is such a rule on high-stakes cases this week including president trumps controversial travel ban on six mostly muslim nations. just ahead, how soon we can expect that decision to come down. plus, republican senators hoping to vote on the health care draft by the end of this month. now some members of their own party say we need more time to weigh this bill. our political panel is here to help break it all down. it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone.
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>> gregg: the u.s. supreme coure high-profile decisions on monday including one on president trumps travel ban which could come at any time. we are also following rumors that justice anthony kennedy is mulling his retirement. >> hi gregg. the supreme court could issue an order this weekend in regards to
10:33 pm
the presidents controversial travel ban. they're expected to make a decision about a missouri churches playground and state money. the latter focuses on a playground at trinity lutheran church in columbia. it's a case about the church and state. the justices are trying to decide whether or not it is legal for them is there department of natural resources to exclude the church from a state program that reimburses the cost of reprising the surface of a playground. another big decision, the so-called travel ban. it restricts travel from six predominantly muslim nations. the justice department is asking the supreme court for permission in enforcing the second version. the justices are expected to issue an order and that this week. the larger question could be litigated on the road. there are six opinions that have not yet been released, three argued before justice neil gorsuch took the bench.
10:34 pm
there is a rumor that could over shadow it all. justice anthony kennedy seen the 80-year-old could be considering retirement. according to the associated press some of his former law clerks met for a reunion and some believe he is considering stepping down quote in the next year or so. >> i would never reveal a conversation with a sitting justice or the white house just as they did with justice neil gorsuch. whenever there are vacancies, he will look for somebody who is fidelity to the constitution. >> it would make be a big deal for the court because it opens the opportunity for president trump to appoint a new justice and move it soundly to the right. the justice will be 81 month. he took office in 1988 and is known for casting tie-breaking votes. >> gregg: with the healthcare bill on the senate floor in a number of days a number of gop lawmakers are calling on leadership to pump the brakes. >> i don't know whether why the
10:35 pm
rush. i would like more days to consider it. be a discussion coming back. i think a few more days to consider would be helpful. >> it's hard for me to see the bill passing this week. but that is up to the majority leader. >> i will get to yes if they change their approach. and will they change approach if they don't get 50? i think they are too. we don't have enough information, i don't have the feedback from constituencies who will not have time to review the senate bill. we should not be voting on this next week. >> gregg: let's talk about it. with the former advisor of the 2008 cling campaign. lawrence joan joins us ablaze tv, radio host of the lawrence joan show. it's good to have you both here. senator rand paul you heard him there, he opposes the bill, he argues it is not conservative enough and doesn't repeal obama
10:36 pm
care to begin with. it does nothing to lower premiums. he keeps ten of the 12 mandates/regulations intact. is he right? >> there is a lot to criticize when it comes to this bill. it didn't bring the cost down quite as much and i said there would be conservative members in the house and freedom caucus as well as the senate who'll criticize it. it does get rid of the two individual mandates which is bankrupting businesses. when you people who are force because of the 30 hour rule to get to part-time jobs. it keeps people with pre-existing conditions. but we still have work to do. >> gregg: not good enough. so, would health insurers they are bailing every week and we reported every week. according to hhs, the average premiums nationwide have doubled.
10:37 pm
they did not go down $2500 is president obama promised repeatedly. is it fair to say that obama care is both flawed and failing? why are you laughing? it's not funny to people who have lost their doctors and their policies. >> if you would let me answer your question, i was chuckling because i disagree with your premise. there were democrats for years who are asking senate republicans and house republicans to work on repairing obama care. they refuse to do so. well, now you have reset it republican same what is the rush to kick millions of americans off of their healthcare. what is the rush to increase out-of-pocket expenses? what is the rush to potentially kick 400,000 veterans off of their healthcare it's cruel.
10:38 pm
>> gregg: are using president obama strong arms a horrible bill and now you expect republicans to fix his mistake? >> he did not strong-arm it. there was participation by republicans. there were hundreds of amendments by republican members, they ended up not voting for a check the facts -- >> gregg: you know that. >> checked the process you have now. senate republican same this exact same thing. what is the rush? we need input from our constituency. we need input -- this is not productive to anyone, democrats or republicans -- >> gregg: let me switch to this, president trump is accusing his predecessor of concealing russian interference in the election. here's what he said. >> it is very good friends with comey.
10:39 pm
which is very bothersome. but we'll just have to see in terms -- look, there has been no obstruction, there has been no collusion, there has been leaking by comey but there has been no collusion, no obstruction and virtually everybody agrees to that. >> gregg: the other point the president makes his his predecessor hid vital information from the american people about russian interference in the election. is he writes, and do voters have the right to know that before the election? >> it's a fact. they did hire from the american people and the question is, why are they bringing it up now? is it to say that because of russia donald trump became president of the united states? i know a lot of people are saying there not doing that.
10:40 pm
but they didn't say it before the race because they thought all the polls would say clinton would win. now that you have trump now they're blaming russia for. why did he hide it from the american people? >> gregg: forget the fact that collusion in a campaign is not actually crime it is an antitrust law but maybe it should be in a campaign but it's not, is the whole collusion hysteria if i can call it that, is that now effectively over? or will democrats continue to allege wrongdoing and cooperation between trump in russia? >> i know you want to focus on collusion, the most important thing that we all need to be worried about is the interference in and of itself. i do think president obama should have shared with the american people what russia was attempting to do prior to the
10:41 pm
election. i think president trump should get in front of the podium and say to the american people, russia interfered with our election and i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that never happens again. he should do that let me finish -- he finally admitted that russia interfered in the election and now it's time for all of us to come together figure how to make sure. >> gregg: should robert mueller disqualify himself as a special counsel statute demands whenever the special counsel has a personal relationship with the central witness, according to the statute, and comey is a star, central witness. the special prosecutor must recuse himself. should you do so? >> yes. some shady businesses happening. him himself saying that him and
10:42 pm
james comey are friends. i think that's a violation right there. just based on the law itself, yes he should recuse himself. >> gregg: where do you fall on that? it's indisputable that there are longtime personal and professional friends. there are mentor, protége and worked a number of cases together. put yourself or moment a president trumps shoes. mueller supposed to decide the credibility of his good friend versus the president to fired his good friend? how is that fair to the president or to the american people who expect impartiality? >> i think that public service is a noble calling. we have to get the passes point where somebody is great so respectable until they say something you disagree with. james comey had accolades set about him by republicans and drop until he didn't want
10:43 pm
another saying the same thing about robert mueller. that's not fair. robert mueller is not investigating james comey. he's investigating the president of the united states -- [inaudible] >> comey said himself that he licked leaked information to get the special prosecutor. did comey know that it was going to be robert mueller the entire time? we don't know. but we know their buddies and friends. >> gregg: it's good to see you both. we tackle three different subjects. thank you. more evacuations ordered overnight as hundreds of firefighters battled the country's largest wildfire. the flames wreaking havoc on a population destination for vacationers. will residents be able to return home anytime soon?
10:44 pm
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>> gregg: welcome back.a massivh flaring yet again. nearly a thousand firefighters are tackling the fire. there is new hope the cooler weather conditions will give some needed relief to the scorching flames that started more than a week ago. will is live joining us from the west coast. any idea what started this fire?
10:48 pm
>> we learned today that someone was using a blowtorch to burn weeds. the fire got out of control and now more than a dozen homes have burned. it's unclear if that person will be charge. the fire they started continues to burn tonight in southeast utah. it's only 8% contain. it's the biggest of nine large 12 fighters burning across the state. as crews continue their getting help from helicopters and dozens of fire engines. it has course 42000 acres, destroyed 13 homes and forced more than 1300 residents evacuate which is a popular ski town. >> we bought it to leave a legacy for our kids and my son was raised here. most of his life lessons were learned on that mound. >> many residents are taken the time to thank the men and women on the front lines. it comes as we learned the navajo nation, the largest american indian reservation has imposed strict firework restrictions across three states. >> gregg: how is the weather looking for tomorrow? that obviously would be
10:49 pm
critical. >> good weather today, calm winds and temperatures in the 70s. tomorrow is the opposite. winds expected to pick up and monday will be a red flag wind warning day. not good for the cruise on the ground. another reason why they hope the containment numbers will jump significantly overnight. >> gregg: thank you very much. a girl on a gondola ride clinging for dear life. >> some heroic people below stepped in, that brave rescue stepped in, that brave rescue just ahead.[hissing] uh- i-
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>> gregg: thousands of people across the country taken part in gave pride parades. it took on a political tone on both coasts. in new york, some people are protesting possible healthcare cuts, other wearing black lies matter shirts and holding signs. in san francisco you can see hundreds caring a sign saying gay rights are human rights. that parade kicked off with the groups protesting president trumps administration. have you seen this? a terrifying moment you can see this here. a girl dangling from a gondola ride as people below encourage her to let go. so that they could catch her. and they did.
10:54 pm
brian reports from art new york newsroom. >> gregg, this all happen saturday night on what's called the sky right at the great escape six flags amusement park. when suddenly an unidentified 14 yoko from delaware founders untangling from the right but 2. she was on the gondola car with a child relative. the operator stop the right and listen as park visitors wash from below. >> her not get stuck. >> seconds later, they crowd gathered directly underneath preparing to catch her before she hit the ground below. >> they'll catch you. go ahead incredible, the crowd cheers and you'll notice the teenager hit the tree as she fell in the arms of about half a dozen guests and security
10:55 pm
personnel. they carried her to a golf cart where she was transported to the hospital. she's in stable condition with no serious injuries. the greatest escape said safety is the parks greatest priority. the new york state department of labor has cleared the ride for operation. out of an abundance of caution the ride will remain closed as we conduct a thorough internal review. and unidentified man was treated and released from a back injury he suffered from attempted to catch the girl. it's not clear how she slipped under the right safety bar. >> gregg: thank you. strip down and pedaling around, i'm not kidding. why thousands of people are riding naked this weekend. has to hurt, don't you think? new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one.
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>> gregg: there motto is a bear as you dare. people are riding bikes without close in portland, oregon. all part of the annual world bacon bike ride. event organizers say instead of dependency on fossil fuels. please do not give out citations for in dissent exposure if they stick to the route. that has to her. finally, the small town of rabbit hash is electing its new mayor. >> is she's really outgoing. she has the best smile i've ever seen. >> there is always an appropriate looking going on. >> licking, because she is a dog. her political opposition, cats and a chicken. they never stood a chance. this pup is the fourth dog to be sworn into office. the election is a fundraiser
11:00 pm
used for town improvements. no sign of puppy monkey baby. >> i am bright in for chris wallace. all eyes on the senate. as a rebel he planned to replace obamacare. what do they have the votes? quest they believe we have that ability to -- >> will break down what is in this bill and can this bill actually passed? >> the intention is not to take it out is to make a bill better. >> we wa


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